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Angelica heart and black angelika anal lesbians
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This is the second installment in the story of Heidi. Please let me know if this one is good, and if the comments are good, I'll publish Chapter 3. Once again, please be nice. Heidi's All Grown Up: Ch 2 Lily heard Peter come into the small house they shared. She smiled at her handsome, strapping son, thinking that he was nothing like the cruel lord who had beaten her unconscious and then made her have a baby.

She had no idea what he had done to her while she lay at his mercy, only that when she awoke, she was bleeding from between her legs, too. She was already bleeding from several cuts and scratches he had inflicted, as well as very sore from the large number of deep and painful bruises he had given her. She had been only fourteen when he did this, and had only just begun to get her moon cycles. Her mother had not even had the chance to give her the talk every mother must give her daughter, telling her how to care for herself.

So when she found blood between her legs too, she had simply assumed he had beaten her there as well as everywhere else. Lily's mother, Janelle, had realized what the bastard had done to her tender young daughter, and they had fled that same night. For six months Janelle kept them moving, ever afraid that the lord would pursue them.

When it became too dangerous for Lily to travel any more, they came upon a small village at the foot of the Alps. Janelle knew well the stigma that she and her daughter faced in such a small village, but they were out of the reach of the lord, and that was all that mattered. Indeed, the village people were less than kind to the mother and daughter that had fetched up on their doors.

They were small-town people, with stranger that paid tons of cash girlfriend homemade views. The townspeople told Janelle that Lily was damned for leaving her husband, and the child would be damned and a bastard as well. This view was only encouraged by the local priest, who was a venomous old snake, more eager to spit at the poor ladies than pray for their souls.

After a few days, Janelle had been surprised to receive a visitor at the room they were staying in. The man who came calling introduced himself as John. He did not give a surname, saying that the townspeople simply knew him as the man of the mountain, despite the fact that he had only moved in about five years ago, having son and mom massge sex discharged from the king's service.

John told Janelle that he had heard of Janelle and Lily from the goatherd, who was also the town gossip.

He said that he had come to her with a proposition. If she and Lily would cook his meals and wash his clothing, he would see to it that they would have a warm place to stay.

Thinking that John had wanted them to stay with him, and also thinking that he probably wanted more than hot meals and clean clothing, Janelle was understandably wary. Had they just escaped the clutches of one bastard, only to run into the grasp of another? Nevertheless, she had agreed, realizing that she and Lily had nowhere else to go. As soon as she had agreed, John moved into action. He arranged a room with one of the nicer ladies of the town and helped Janelle move her and Lily's things in.

He then began to get to work, building a small cabin for the two women, with a little extra room for the coming baby. He had not told Janelle that theres only one thing this blonde wants was building a house, just that he needed to make further arrangements. He had also hired a couple of young men to help him with the construction from the money he had saved from when he was in the king's army.

While Janelle and Lily made sure that John had hot meals and clean clothing every night, he worked hard every day for two months, constructing a snug home for them. When he was finished, John brought Janelle and Lily up to their new home on the mountain.

By now, Lily was very far along in her pregnancy, and she grew tired very quickly, so John had carried her most of the way. He had arranged for one of the young men who had been helping him build the cabin to take their things up in a wagon later in the day. When Janelle saw the beautiful cabin, and John told her that it was for her and her daughter, Janelle had broken down in tears.

She threw herself into John's arms and kissed him fiercely. Fortunately, he had put Lily down some minutes before. He had returned her kiss eagerly, feeling paid in full for all of the hard work he had put into making sure that the destitute women had a place of their own.

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He didn't know what had prompted their flight, but he knew it had to be desperate to cause two women, one of them fifteen and pregnant, to undertake a journey alone off to parts unknown. Hearing of Janelle and Lily's plight had aroused his pity, as well as his admiration for their bravery.

Janelle had found John's house the next few evenings, and had made sure that he knew just how grateful she was for his oiled up euro anal whore lucy love. John helped them get settled into their new home before winter arrived. He had also shared some of his produce from his garden and regularly gave them half of whatever he hunted, just keeping the hides to cure and sell for money.

In return, all he had asked was that they continued to wash his clothing and cook the occasional meal. Janelle had eagerly agreed, occasionally visiting John to deliver his evening meal and make sure it was hot enough.

Shortly before winter settled in, Slutty latina fucks a pawn dude for the payment difference went into labor. Knowing nothing about babies, John had run down the mountain to fetch the elderly midwife and help her up to the house. When the midwife asked him to build a fire to warm cloths in, he had built a roaring fire, just as nervous as if it was his own child being birthed.

When Lily had gotten to the final stages of her labor, it had been John's hand she nearly crushed. And when Peter had made his entrance into the world, John had had tears in his own eyes, too.

At the same time, the midwife had some bad news for Lily. The beating and rape that she had suffered had left her barren. She would bear no more children. John had done his best to take care of Janelle, Lily and Peter, always keeping his relationship with Janelle discreet, as she had wished. He had never let Peter know just how proud he was of the boy, but Lily knew, and had tried to cultivate a friendship, if not a real father-son relationship with him.

He had taught Peter how to hunt and track, as well as introducing him to tending at least the couple of goats that he had.

When Peter had turned six, John had arranged for the old goatherd, that gossipy old man, to take Peter on as an apprentice. Lily had been grateful that John had done his best to secure a future for her son, despite the fact that they were in no way related. Peter had looked up to John as a father figure, and she was glad. When Heidi had come to live with John, he had been terrified. He had no experience with raising girls. His wife had divorced him when she had decided that he was more married to the army life than he was to her.

His daughters had been twins, and were just babies when his wife left. As a result, he had had no hand in raising his two daughters. When Nikki had shown up and informed him of his daughters' marriage, and her and her husbands' death in an accident, it had been the first word he had had of either of his daughters since his wife had divorced him twenty-five years ago.

This time, John had turned to Lily and Janelle for help, needing the advice of the two women, one because she had raised a girl successfully, and the other because it had not been all that long since she had been a girl herself. Lily had come to see Heidi as a daughter, and had been thrilled when she and Peter had hit it off so well. When Nikki had taken Heidi away, Lily had seen how despondent Peter was. She had thought it was just a boy missing his best friend, and had assumed that he would snap out of it soon.

As the months had passed zrazzers milf office full storys Peter continued to mope about, Lily had been beside herself with worry. She hadn't known how to reach her depressed son. Then, when Heidi had come back a year later and Peter had been so happy, she knew that everything was alright.

When Heidi had begun to have her moon cycles, John had asked Lily to give her the mother's talk, since Janelle had been ill. Lily had done her best, but her mother had never given her the full talk, assuming that Lily knew very well how she had come to be pregnant. She certainly couldn't tell Heidi what it meant to mate with a man, since she had been unconscious the only time she had! Three months later, despite John's best efforts, Janelle's illness got worse, and she lost her battle with it.

John had been devastated. He had come to love Janelle very much, and losing her had hurt him more than anyone else knew. He hid his pain behind his stern shield, never letting anyone see the depth of his sorrow at losing his lover. Peter came through the door of his home and saw his very pretty mother at their table, preparing amateur pullout cumshot wife wont. As he walked in the door, he took a moment to really see just how attractive his mother was.

She stood at 5'6", only a little taller than his beloved Heidi. Chestnut hair topped her crystal blue eyes. She had a lovely, porcelain complexion, and a ready smile. Having birthed and nursed a baby, her breasts were a little larger than Heidi's, but still firm with all the work she did to keep them fed and comfortable. A slim waist flowed into curvy hips that seemed to naturally draw a man's gaze. Her legs were slim but strong and well-defined. She had always lavished him with love.

He knew she had given birth to him at a very young age, but did not know anything about the exact circumstances. He had no idea who his father was, nor did he wish to. The one time he had asked his grandmother, he had been five. She had turned white, and whispered that that was not a discussion for young ears. He had never gotten up the nerve to ask again.

Lily turned and smiled at her son, welcoming him home. "Good evening, Peter. How was your day today? Did Heidi go with you?" she asked innocently. At the thought of just how his day had gone earlier, Peter's manhood began to thicken just a little. "Yes, Mother. Heidi did go with me today, and we really enjoyed each other's company." he replied. He walked over and kissed his mother hello. As he did, he found himself noticing just how soft and sweet his mother's lips were.

He drew back, not sure what to do with this feeling. She was his mother, after all. He rested his hands on her shoulders. "Mother, you seem to have a lot of tight spots in your neck and shoulders. Would you like me to rub your shoulders, try to work some of them out?" he asked. She replied, "Oh Peter, that would be nice." Peter began to gently massage his mother's neck and shoulders, just trying to work some of the tension out of her tightly knotted muscles.

He knew that washing clothes sometimes left her very tense. As he worked, Lily began to flex her shoulders and moan with contentment, enjoying her son's gentle touch. When he finished, she stood and gave her son a hug. Peter wrapped his arms around his petit mother, enjoying the feeling of his mother's warm, soft body against his. Drawing back from the embrace, Peter smiled down at his mother. "How would you like if I continued what I've just started?" he asked. Lily returned his smile. "What do you mean?" "If you'd like, I could massage your whole back, really relaxing you." "But Peter, I have to finish dinner." she replied.

Peter smiled softly at his mother and gently kissed her again. "Dinner can wait." he murmured. Leading his mother into her room by the hand, he paused to get a bottle of oil he had been saving. It had a light floral fragrance that he really liked. He turned to his mother. "You know, for this to really work, you should take your clothes off." He said.

"Why?" she asked. He guestured toward her dress. "Your dress gets in the way of my hands. I'll be able to do a better job if you take it off." He replied. He truly had no intention of doing anything else than making his lovely mother feel more relaxed.

Lily thought about it for a moment, and agreed. She made Peter leave the room so she could disrobe, then covered herself entirely. Then she told him he could come back in. When Peter came into the room he had undressed too, so that he wouldn't get oil on his clothing.

He smiled at the sight of his mother, wrapped in all her blankets. "Mother, if I'm to massage your back, perhaps you should be on your stomach, and maybe with less blankets?" he suggested. She lovely vanessa enjoys fingering her twat outdoors a little at that and flipped onto her stomach, adjusting the blankets as she did so that they were at waist level.

When she did, she accidentally gave Peter a glimpse of her creamy breasts. Peter struggled to make no sign of what he had just seen, and instead concentrated on pulling the blankets down the rest of the way until they were bunched at the foot of her bed.

Then he knelt next to her on the bed, reaching for the oil. He poured a little of the lotion into his palm and worked it into his hands, wanting to soften them a little.

Then he reached for her shoulders, continued what he had started earlier. Peter began to really enjoy the massage he was giving his mother. He loved hearing her moan and sigh her contentment. He worked down her back, just looking to relax and comfort her.

As he did so, he began to notice how soft her skin was, and how it so readily responded to his touch. As Peter worked on her back, Lily began to get a strange feeling. She felt warm and tingly, but not just where Peter was touching. She felt a slight warmth between her legs. She had only felt this way once before, when she was a child and had watched two of the lord's horses mate. She had started to feel her secret place tingle and tighten, and had felt the strangest trickle of wetness.

At first, she had thought it was her moon cycle, but when she had gotten home, there was no telltale red on her panties, just dampness. Lily didn't know what the warm sensation was, but she didn't want it to stop. When Peter reached her waist, Lily hesitantly asked, "Peter, would you mind massaging my legs next? They're a little sore tonight." Peter smiled and readily assented.

Turning around so he faced her feet, he started at her soles and worked his way up, adjusting his position when he needed to. He gently worked the muscles of her calves and moved to her strong thighs.

As he did so, he noticed that he could see directly up to his mother's womanhood.

He blushed and looked away quickly, his manhood growing hard again, but his curiosity got the better of him, and he found himself peeking back furtively. When Peter reached the apex of her thigh, he exerted just a little pressure, asking her to open her legs a little more for him. When she complied, he continued to massage her, but this time just an inch from his mother's beckoning womanhood.

Peter moved smoothly to his smol boy and big gil xxxxom behind, massaging the large muscles there also. When he finished massaging her bottom, he hesitantly asked his mother, "Would you like me to massage your front as well?" "Mmm, that would feel nice," his mother mumbled, almost asleep due to her son's tender ministrations.

Moving aside so she could turn over, Peter gasped as his mother's body was revealed to him.

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Misunderstanding the cause of his swift intake of breath, Lily's eyes snapped open. "Are you alright, Peter?" she asked. "Oh, Mother. I'm more than alright.

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You're beautiful!" he whispered. Lily blushed. "Oh, Peter, I'm not beautiful. There are many women out there who make me look like the plain sparrow Dark slut climbs on a hard pounder am." Peter couldn't believe his ears.

"Mother, the only woman I know who can hold a candle to you is Heidi. You know how I feel about her, and that I want to marry her, but if it were not for the fact that you are my mother, I would ask for your hand." he replied earnestly. "I love you, and I wish you could truly see how beautiful I think you are." Lily smiled.

"That's very nice of you Peter." Peter could see that he was not going to convince her, so he left off. Starting at her shoulders again, he wwe superstar trish stratus unlock xnxx his strong hands down his mother's arms and hands, massaging each one until they were relaxed and pliant against the sheets.

Next, he placed his hands just above the swell of her bountiful breasts, holding his breath as he did so. When her only response was a smile and a moan, he boldly slid his hands down until they rested fully upon his mother's breasts.

His innocent mother didn't react, so he began to fondle and massage his mother's creamy breasts. He gently rolled her nipples in his fingers, remembering how much Heidi had enjoyed this earlier. Lily began to really moan and gasp now, nearly overwhelmed at the pleasureable sensations her son was causing in her. Suddenly, she felt warmth and wetness engulf her sensitive nipple.

Opening her eyes, she was shocked to see Peter nursing at her breast, as he had done years ago! "Peter, what are you doing?" the shocked woman moaned. Peter lifted up and smiled. "Does this feel good?" he asked.

"Yes," his mother replied. "Then that's what I'm doing." he smiled. And with that, he returned to suckling at her sweet nipples. He tongued and nibbled at her sensitive peaks, relishing her moans and cries of pleasure. He had no idea that there was anything wrong or sinful about what he was doing, since he had never set foot in the village church.

Lily was lost in a world of new sensations. She had never felt such pleasure. She hadn't even known that such feelings were possible! While Peter licked and sucked at his mother's breasts, he moved his thigh a little further up from where it lay between her thighs. When he did, his strong thigh came into contact with his the apex of her thighs. Peter was shocked to feel the wetness there. Drawing away from her soft breasts, he looked down to where his thigh now pressed to his mother's womanhood.

He could see that the lips of her sex were drawn back, and the inner lips were visible. He moved down his mother's body until he could look at her womanhood more closely. Upon looking closely, he was amazed to see that her womanhood was wet, glistening with her juices.

Curious at what her juice would taste like, he licked from the bottom of her womanhood all the way to the top, unknowingly licking over her engorged button.

As he passed his tongue over her sensitive sex, Lily arched her back and cried out the loudest yet! "Ah, Peter! That feels so good!" Encouraged by her cries, Peter again licked her from bottom to top, and was again rewarded with a pleasured cry. So he continued to lick at her soft, wet flesh. He worked to discover what made her moan and what made her writhe. He soon realized that there was a small button, no larger than the tip of his pinky, that she seemed to really react to when he touched it.

He also soon discovered that there was an opening, from which all of her juices seemed to flow. When he licked at that engorged tip and pushed his finger into the opening, Lily suddenly felt the forces within her reach a crest. She cried out: "Peter! What's happening?" And recognizing his mother's reaction for the same thing that he and Heidi had experienced earlier that day, he raised his head to watch his mother moan and writhe her way through her first orgasm.

When Lily finally came down from the wave she had been riding, she looked down her body to see her son smiling, a truly pleased expression on his drenched face. Then Peter got up and crawled his way up his mother's body to kiss her deeply. Lily returned his kiss eagerly, wrapping her legs around his trim waist. When she did, her womanhood suddenly came into contact with Peter's rock-hard manhood, and the head sank into her warmth a little.

Peter groaned and his hips unconsciously pushed forward slightly. At feeling the pleasurable invasion, Lily cried out and lifted her hips to meet Peter's slight push. In this way, Peter penetrated a woman for the first time. Each slight thrust of his hips was met with one of his mother's. Lily groaned at the feeling of her son's thick manhood penetrating her. She had never experienced such mind-blowing guy assists with hymen checkup and pounding of virgin girl Peter lifted his hips, moaning again at the feelings coursing through him.

Her sheath pulsed and gripped him tightly, surrounding his manhood completely. He pushed forward again, lost in the pleasure they were both experiencing. With that, Peter made sweet love to his mother. He could hear her pleasured cries as well as his own.

Grasping her hips, he began to slide slowly into and out of her soft womanhood, moaning again at the incredible sensations. With a few strokes, Peter began to feel the surge building within him. He moved faster, wanting to feel that exhilarating rush again.

Lily was meeting each of his powerful thrusts with one of her own. Her body knew what it was doing, even if she didn't! Suddenly, Lily felt a wave of pleasure wash over her again. Her already tight sheath clenched around her son's thick manhood, engulfing him in the same wave.

Lily screamed her pleasure, crying out: "Peter! Oh, Peter!" Peter met her sudden increase in intensity, feeling the surge rising even more.

"Mother! It's happening! Here it comes!" he cried. And with that, his manhood erupted, filling his mother with his thick, creamy come. He thrust a few more times into her, wanting to feel her sweet warmth, drawing the sensations out. Then, overcome, he collapsed, but landed on his elbows, not wanting to crush his delicate mother below him.

He lifted up a little, and smiled at the beautiful woman under him. She returned his smile with a shaky one of her own. Then he gingerly lifted his hips and withdrew his deflated manhood from his mother's still-twitching sheath. Lily moaned a little at the loss. Peter fully pulled out, and then collapsed onto his side on the bed, putting his arm around his mother's waist. "Mother, that was incredible. I don't have the words to tell you just how wonderful that was." he whispered.

Lily smiled at Peter. "I've never felt like that before, either. I didn't even know it was possible." Peter was confused. He knew how life started, having seen the goats he tended mating, and the results later.

His mother had given birth to him, shouldn't she know how it had happened? "Mother, I don't understand. Didn't you experience something like this with my father?" he asked innocently.

Lily dropped her blue eyes from her son's grey ones. "I'm sorry, Peter. I should have told you this much sooner." Peter was shocked to see tears fill his mother's crystal eyes. He got worried, thinking perhaps it was best he didn't know. Lily sat up and turned away from her son's gaze, using her chestnut hair as a shield. Peter sat up too, and, taking his mother into his strong arms, he whispered into her hair.

"It's alright, Mother. You don't have to tell me if you don't want to." Lily sighed. "No, I need to tell you this. You should at least know who your father is." With that, Lily told Peter of who his father was, and the events that had precipitated his birth.

At hearing of the brutal beating and rape of his mother, Peter felt a powerful rage come over him. When she told him of John's kindness, and the close relationship he and his grandmother Janelle had had, pretty woman pounded by large penis black dude interracial and hardcore was overcome with wonder.

Why had a perfect stranger taken pity on two desperate women, even going to the extent of building and giving them a house! Although he looked up to the man of the mountain, and saw him as a father figure, he had never before realized just how kind and loving he really was.

He was also incredibly proud, that his mother would have the bravery to flee her home and everything she knew to try at a new life away from her abuser. When Lily finished telling him of his origin, and how they had come to live where they were, she simply stayed silent.

She had no idea what to do, now that her terrible secret was out. Peter touched her shoulder softly, turning her to face him.

When Lily raised her blue eyes to his grey ones, he was surprised to see the apprehension there. Wanting to comfort her, he pulled his mother into his arms, embracing her tightly. "Why are you afraid?" he asked. Lily softly replied, "I could not bear to see the hate you must feel for me." Peter was confused. "Why should I hate you?" he asked. Lily sighed and dropped her gaze. "When the lord I served beat me, he told me that it was my fault. He said that I had driven him to it, that I had given him cheek," she whispered.

Peter tipped her chin up until he could look into her eyes again. "Never blame yourself for being a victim," he said firmly. Then leaning down, he kissed her tenderly, trying to put all he felt, all his admiration for the woman in his arms, into the kiss. Lily leaned into the kiss, feeling the intense emotion Peter had put into it.

She was so grateful that her son had not repudiated her for her past. Peter drew back from the kiss, shaking a little. He desperately wanted to show his mother how much he loved her. Seeing the soft smile on her face, he smiled too, then bent down and kissed her again, this time gently seeking entrance into her sweet mouth. Lily sighed softly and allowed him the entrance he sought. Turning more fully into his arms, she pulled him close, running her fingers through his black hair and loving the soft texture.

Peter moaned at the feeling of his mother's fingers running over his scalp and caressing his ears, causing shivers to run down his spine. He slid a hand over her breast, seeking her tender nipple. When he found it, he began to gently roll and tug on it with his strong fingers.

Lily moaned and shifted so he had better access to her soft flesh, her own fingers seeking his nipples almost hidden in the muscle and rich tan of his chest. She shyly ran her fingers over the flat button, glancing up at him as she did so. Encouraged by his smile, she leaned in and ran her tongue over it. Peter sucked in her breath at the sensual touch. Lily heard his soft gasp and it encouraged her even more.

Smiling up at him, she pushed at his chest gently, wanting to explore a man's body for the first time. Peter returned her smile and obliged, lying back on the sheets to give her full access to his body. Lily leaned over her son's chest, marveling at the strong muscles their life had given her son.

He had worked hard most of his young life, and it showed in the muscled strength of his body. He was not overly large, but had well-defined muscles without a hint of spare flesh.

She ran her fingers over his chest, marveling that this strong body before her had once come from hers. She trailed her fingers over his rippling stomach and small waist. Then she leaned over and ran her tongue over his manly nipple again. Peter gasped and moaned a little. Lily smiled at his reaction, and then moved lower, wanting to see what else made him moan.

She kissed her way over his flat stomach and reached the forest of black pubic hair just a little below. Lifting up a little, she looked at her son's uncut manhood for the first time since he was a toddler. She touched it gently, marveling at the soft skin that covered his shaft.

As his manhood stiffened, it gradually emerged from its protective foreskin. Lily gazed at the soft, spongy head. As she watched, a drop of pearly fluid emerged from the slit at the tip. Curious, she leaned in and licked the drop off, tasting a man's cream for the first time. Peter moaned at the feel of her mouth at it came into contact with his erection. Encouraged by his moans, she then licked around his head and slid her mouth over his hard shaft.

She gently fondled his big balls and ran her hands over the thick shaft that sprouted above them. Peter looked down his body and groaned at the sight of his mother working his manhood. He loved that she had decided she wanted to explore his body, but at the same time, he wanted to explore hers too!

He had so enjoyed the taste of her sweet womanhood! Smiling, he realized that maybe they could both get what they wanted. Stroking a hand tenderly through her hair, he very gently pulled her off his erection and told her: "I want to taste you, now." Lily frowned, reluctant to give up her pleasurable explorations. Seeing her frown, Peter smiled. "Don't worry, I'm not asking you to stop. I just want you to move a little." And he then pulled her into a position so her womanhood was positioned over his face and her own face was facing his hard shaft.

"See? Now we can both get at what we want." And with that, he pulled her hips down just a little more and licked her from top to bottom. Lily moaned, her back arching with the new pleasure, and then turned her attention back to the pleasure looking her in the eye.

She slid her mouth back over him, swirling and fluttering her tongue as she did. Peter moaned too, and then concentrated on tasting and pleasing his mother. Using his hands and tongue, he then set out to find out what made her moan and what made her writhe. Lily began trying to see just how much of her son's large manhood she could fit in her mouth.

She slid him to the back of her mouth and tried to see if she could swallow him, but he hit her gag reflex and she had to back off, coughing a little. She decided to not try that again, but concentrate on working her tongue over him.

At every drop of pearly come that emerged from his winking eye, she felt her womanhood tense a little, and release just a little of her own juice. Meanwhile, Peter was doing a little tasting of his own. He had found that very sensitive tip again and discovered that his mother reacted most favorably to having him gently run his tongue and nibble on it.

Concentrating on the small nub, he began kayden kross and sadie west hot lesbian acti really work that wonderful, small spot. Suddenly, his mother pulled her mouth off his manhood and cried out loudly and her womanhood released a flood of sweet cream. When she stopped coming, Lily pulled her hips away and sat up.

Still shaking a little, she moved so that she was straddling Peter's hips. She smiled down at her son and, taking him in hand, placed his head at her entrance. Peter moaned at the warmth that began to engulf his shaft and tried to lay very still, allowing his mother to take the lead and pleasure herself.

Lily closed her eyes as she sank down on her son's engorged manhood, the thick shaft filling her depths. Seating herself fully, she just sat there for a moment, allowing herself to enjoy the sensation of the thick erection impaling her. Peter couldn't resist reaching up and placing his hands over his mother's large, creamy breasts. At his touch, she opened her eyes and smiled into Peter's.

Then she began to lift up again, not wanting to wait to make her son reach his peak. As she moved over his manhood, Peter let go of her breasts and grasped her hips, guiding her as she slid over his erection. Their cries and moaned mingled, creating a sweet harmony as they made love to each other. Peter moved his hips faster as he felt himself reaching his peak for the fourth time that day. He had never experienced so much pleasure in one day! This time, he could feel japan nude school uncensored fc2 tension as his eruption drew closer and closer.

Then, feeling like a cup that had just been filled to overflowing, he suddenly pulled her mother close and drove his tongue into her mouth in a deep kiss. At the same time, he began really moving her hips, pulling her in incredibly tight as his manhood swelled even thicker and began pulsing with his ejaculation.

Lily pulled away from the kiss to scream her pleasure as her son came inside her for the second time, his eruption causing her own to happen. Her sheath tightened incredibly with the force of her orgasm, causing Peter to cry out too. Then he moved her just a few strokes more and she collapsed onto his chest, panting and trembling. Peter pulled her close and stroked his hand over her hair, enjoying the feeling of each and every tremor as it coursed through her body.

At the same time, he felt just the smallest stab of regret that this precious moment hadn't been shared with his beloved Heidi. Would she be upset at the events that had just taken place?

Lily slipped herself off of her son and curled up beside him. He cuddled in behind her, and pulled her in close as they drifted off to sleep.