Fantastic five busty blonde sucks down hot loads

Fantastic five busty blonde sucks down hot loads
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I'm a self-made man. I'm a successful International Industrilist and Real Estate Developer . Pham walked purposefully into the hotel lobby and crossed it quickly to the elevators, fearful that the reception desk might challenge her, ask if she was a guest. Safely inside the elevator, she pressed the floor button and looked in the unmerciful fuck for a horny mother id like to fuck to check her appearance one last time.

She feels as she looks -- incredibly sexy. It opens wide and a man, very tidy, suit and tie, possibly early fifties, stood there, a curious expression on my face. Pham threw her arms out wide in a welcoming gesture, " I am your surprise, John Malone, are you ready for this?" I looked her up and down and the smile on my face told Pham that I certainly liked what I saw in front of me. " I guess Jerry sent you," I said. " You better come in," and I stood back, holding the door, allowing her to enter my suite.

" I don't understand why you asked me here Mr. Malone. My manager handles the business. He spoke to you about the loan he needs. I don't see how I can help." Pham smiled at me as she sat down in the living room. She and her manager had come to New York four years before. Her manager, Jerry, started a small business that had been very successful. They were well liked in the community and the fashion industry with many friends.

I was not one of them. I saw them frequently when I was in New York in the garment district. I was always making passes at Pham. She was very beautiful Vietnamese fashion model, with short black hair, small firm breasts, nice long legs and a small waist with a tight stomach and small tight ass.

I was hot for her. Pham wanted nothing to do with me and told me so on several occasions. She thought about telling her manager but she didn't want to start any trouble. Now she was sitting in my suite.

Pham was wearing a blouse and mid thigh skirt. She was very uncomfortable. I had called her that morning and said I had to get some more information for the loan. Her manager was out of town for the day. She had explained that to me, but I insisted that she meet with me. " I asked you to come here this morning Pham because I want you to suck my cock," I said straight faced.

" No.No!!" Pham exclaimes as she got up to leave. " Fuck you! You son of a bitch! You're an asshole!!" " Pham, if you leave now, and don't blow me, I'll deny your manager the loan he needs. He'll be out of business in a week. Now sit down." I said calmly.

Pham glared at me, then sat back down. " How can you do that!" Pham cried. " Jerry's never done anything to you. He's hard working and a credit to fashion!" " He, and you, are yuppie trash. You come to New York thinking you're better than the local designers. Well he wants some of my money and I want you. I think its a fair trade." " I'll never do it! I'll tell your wife, I'll tell your business associates! You're crazy if you think I'm going to suck your cock!!" She glares at me with hate in her eyes.

" Oh! You'll do a lot more then suck my cock. That's just to start with. Leah gotti fucking with valentina nappi the course of the loan, six months I believe, I'll have you wherever and whenever I want. If you refuse at anytime, I'll call the loan. As for telling my wife, she does not care who I fuck.

As you telling my business associates.

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This loan is iffy. I think your manager will do O.K. with it, but its close. Prudent banking would deny the loan. My associates will understand that. Then I'll get you black balled from modeling and for defamation of character. I'll own you! So Pham, you little asian cunt, get over here, stop talking and start sucking!" I laughed. Pham was stunned. I had it all figured out. She wanted so much to get out of there, but she wanted her manager to get that loan. They needed the money.

She sat there thinking and thinking. As her predicament sunk into her she whimpers. " If, I suck your cock now, you'll give Jerry the loan?" " Yes, then as added interest for this risky loan, you'll put out for me whenever I want it. Now close and lock the door and get over here and suck me off!" Pham sat there with shock in her eyes. Slowly, she realizes she had no choice.

She was going to do it. She was going to do this for the manager she loved. Reluctantly she got up, locked the door and turned to face me. I was smiling triumphantly. As she slowly walked towards me I said, " Take your blouse off." Pham grimaces. She despises me and what she was about to do.

Her manager was despirate for that loan. Slowly, she unbuttoned her blouse, glaring at me with unconcealed hatred. As the buttons became undone, she held her blouse closed, hoping against hope for some escape from the lecherous man before her. " Quit stalling Pham, or I won't fuck you, I'll fuck your manager!" I sneered. Resigned to the inevitable, Pham silently slips her blouse from her shoulders.

She stands before me in her sexy, lacy, skimpy black bra, her small firm breasts barely concealed by the flimsy garment. Her tits pushing against her bra, seeming to be trying to break free. " Get over here!" I ordered. Her heart was beating rapidly as she approached me. When she black girls watch me flash behind the desk, I slid my chair back away from the desk. My pants were undone and my cock and hairy balls were exposed.

My cock was long, thick and rock hard. I smiled up at her with contempt. " Get down on your knees in front of me and suck my cock.

Suck it good and your manager gets his loan. Suck it bad and you're bankrupt." Pham looks down at the hard monster cock. My pubic hair was black and gray like the hair on my head. She sank to her knees before me. I put a hand on one of Pham's bra encased tits. She was shocked.

Involuntarily, she backs away. " NO no no!" I laugh, " no titties, no loanie!" Almost crying, Pham moves back to me. I put my hand back on her breast. I squeeze it hard, feeling her nipple become erect. I slip my hand inside of her bra, touching her bare soft tit. First, my palm presses against Pham's hard nipple. Then, I tweak it between my thumb and forefinger. I knead her soft tit as the stunned gorgeous nina elle licking and sucking large hard meat interracial pornstars woman kneels before me obediently.

I push her skimpy bra cup down, exposing Pham's milky white soft breast. I squeeze and pinch her naked tit. Pham remains on her knees before me, half dressed and in shock as my hand works on her breast. As I move over to her other tit, pushing her bra cup down, she starts to cry. I chuckle as I continue to feel her up. Then I said, " ahh poor little asian flower Pham. She needs a pacifier, something to suck on. Come here baby, suck on this!" I move my hand to the back of her head and push it down towards my hard cock.

" Please no!" She pleades as my broad cockhead touchs her lips, " Please don't make me do this!" " Shut up Pham and start sucking! Do it now or your manager's fashion house is history!" I laugh. Still crying, Pham reaches up and takes my long hard thick shaft in her soft small hand and begins stroking it. Pham runs her fingers up and down my hard shaft. She thought if she strokes it enough, I would cum before she had to suck me. She moves her hand to my hairy balls and gently caresses them.

" Quit stalling and suck my cock!" I command. Ashamed knowing she had no old guy big tits first time unexpected experience with an older gentleman, Pham moved her face to my cock- head. She was revolted and her heart was beating rapidly as her silky tongue tentatively emerges from between her soft lips.

Then, ever so slowly, her tongue touchs the underside of my cock. Pham tastes my cock. Unsure of herself, she licks cautiously at my hard shaft, then, her lips caresses my cock.

She licks my cock from my cockhead to its root and back to my cockhead. Still sobbing, she opens her mouth wide, moves her lips to my cockhead and sucks my hard glamorous looker flashes huge arse and gets anus poked asstomouth and pornstars into her warm, watery mouth.

Pham's soft, perfectly painted red lips closes around the my long cock. She feels my cock begin to grow as her tongue moves along the shaft. Pham moves her head back and forth sucking as much of the growing shaft into her throat as possible. Her moist, watery mouth covers my cock shaft with hot saliva. My mushroom shaped cockhead grows larger and more resilient with each passing second.

The rhythmic sucking and milking of her soft velvety mouth makes my cock continue to grow bigger. I was moving my hips back and forth as her cocksucking mouth arouses me further. Her eyes were open and she sees my pubic hair inches from her cocksucking lips. Finally, my huge cock was fully erect. Pham has long since stopped crying. " Oh yeah Pham," I panted, " Suck on that cock." Pham found my words strangely exciting.

When Pham started to blow me, I had taken my hand from her breast. Now, as she continued to suck my cock, I slid my hand onto her chest and explore her breasts. As she blew me, my fingers traced her tit flesh, my fingers were rubbing and kneading the proud erect nobs of her nipples. Then I palmed her nipple. Pham sucked harder, driven by my hands on her flesh, pursing her lips tightly around my thick cock.

I was groaning as she continued to stroke the base of my cock and suck on my cockhead. " aaaah.aaaah." " Its time to eat my cum A nice massage is just a bait for a quickie fuck I panted as I feel my balls swell in anticipation of bursting forth with a heavy load of sticky white cum.

Pham sucks harder. I knew it was nearly beyond my control, that any second now it would be over. Only a few seconds more. just as Pham's lovely young lips tightly pursed around my aching cock, sucking voraciously, trying to milk my cum from me.

My body straining to hold back the inevitable. A gasp broke from my parched throat. " NOW Pham, NOW!!" I screamed. My hands grab her head and I shove her hungrily sucking mouth down hard onto my manically jerking cock. Finally, my cock explodes in her mouth, filling it with my sperm.

My cum filled balls spurts three or four large loads of their precious fluid in her mouth, Pham continues sucking greedily as every drop emptied down her throat. Pham wobbled a little getting up off the floor, I stood up grabbing her elbow helping her up.

" Careful," I said solicitously. " Th-thanks," She mumbled, peeling away from my touch. Pham was in a hurry to leave, she tried to turn towards the door. She heard my footsteps and feels my presence at her back, and she suddenly wished she hadn't worn a skirt and heels. " Yes, gorgeous," I murmured. Pham turned, she swallowed suddenly aware of the bedroom. Her eyes flickered over to it and I caught her looking. I smiled. I motioned for her to walk to the bedroom, as she entered the room she turned and seen me standing next to the door.

I casually reached out and nudged it, it swung serenely closed. Pham blinked, stunned she glances from it to me. " I think I've seen enough." " But there's—I--what--what are you doing, Mr. Malone?" I was coming toward her, pulling something out of my pocket.

She was to shocked to react; it feels like she was moving through molasses as she stumbled back and put a hand up to hold me off. In my hands was a piece of rope. My fingers clamp around her wrist and I start winding the rope around it with the other; deftly, precisely." Oh god!" She cried, and she starts to struggle.

Pham tried yanking her hand free but I was too strong. Instinct took over and she whipped her other hand around to strike me, I let go of the rope and grabbing her wrist. I was taller than her, she feels like she is caught in a vise. Suddenly I spun her around, and I now had both her hands behind her back, she feels me twining the rope around her wrists.

She tries to fight, bucking against me, tries kicking me, then I shove her forward and she stumbles a few steps before falling face-first into the mattress, with me on top of her. " That's better," I oozed in that oily voice, then she feels me thrust my crotch into her. She finally realizes where this was going. She flared with anger and starts squirming and writhing on the bed, trying to throw me off.

It didn't do any good. Her hands were tied and I was pinning them against her back. She was shocked, she thought once she did the blow job she could leave. Deep down, she didn't know if she was more afraid of what I was going to do, or more afraid of her reaction to it. I was holding her down, she feels my long thick cock was hard again and pressing against the cleft of her ass. Her skirt was thin; she feels my heat through it. She was horrified to realize that her pussy was pulsing, and when I snaked one hand around to grope for her breasts, pressing her harder against the bed, her pussy aching.

" Let's see what we've got here." I grab her breast roughly, squeezing the soft flesh while grinding into her. She let out a strangled moan. " aaaah.aaaah." She hears me chuckle, then I left my weight off of her.

Pham no longer feels that heated length nestled against her ass. I grab her shoulder and flip her over, " Oh, so luscious." I said. Pham feels her nipples harden as I seize one, squeezing it tight. She makes some startled yelping sound, then I angle my head down and she feels the slick slide of my tongue against an extremely horny pregnant ebony lesbians gives each other magnificent oral pleasuring sensitive skin.

Then the pinch of my teeth. Then the hot wetness of my mouth as I close it around her breast, suckling hard at her nipple. Moist heat drips between her legs.

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She tries to protest, but all that comes out was a mewing moan. I sucked harder, she was pinned awkwardly on her back, her skirt hiked halfway up her legs from our struggles.

Her hands were pinned beneath her, and she couldn't move—couldn't do much other than squirm beneath me. My mouth ravaging her nipple; I moved from one breast, to the other, than back again.

She squirms in vain. The feel of my teeth and tongue on her was driving her wild; She had never been this aroused. I noticed that her struggles gradually slacked off. " What's this, Pham?" I asked, lifting my head. Her breast was slick with my saliva. " Not really putting up much of a fight, are we?" I skimmed a hand down, from her tits to her thighs, and then start sliding it up underneath her skirt. " I knew you wanted to be here." " No!" She protested, but it was too late. Her struggles only threw her legs open wider, and she feels me worm my fingers beneath the silky fabric of her panties.

I feel the wetness, she knew I could. She was wet with arousal, panting and flushed from her exertions. I chuckled as I stroked her. " Yesss," I hissed.

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" Just like I thought. You like that, don't you?

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Probably wanted it the second we met. But you'd never admit it." I was lying partway atop her—now she feels my hard cock against her thigh, and I kept probing with my fingers. " You're so delightfully wet, Pham. Just like a good little slut." Then I started sucking on her tits again as I roughly finger-fucked her, sliding two fingers down between her slippery cleft and into her cunt. She groaned " ooooh.aaaah.aaaah " and writhed, and I quickened my rhythm, gliding those digits in and a date from sugar daddy sex chat natural tits and cunnilingus. She whimpered " please.please.stop," appalled at how turned on she was.

Even the smack of my lips on her tits was a turn-on. She put up token resistances, but all she wanted was the feel of my mouth on her nipples and the thrust of my fingers in her sopping pussy. When I finally scooted downward kissing and licking my way down her belly, she didn't even try to fight back.

I roughly jerked her panties off her legs, then grabbing her thighs and pushing them open wide. When she feels my tongue against her pussy, she outright moaned with pleasure. " omg.ooooh.ooooh.ooooh.mmmmmmmm." I start licking and sucking with as much vigor as I had shown her tits, and she went wild.

She ground her hips against me, splaying her legs as wide as they could go while I tongue-fucked her. " Yes. yes," She breathed, delirious with need. I continued plundering her pussy with my agile tongue, then employing my fingers again, thrusting them in and out of her until she blonde girlfriend takes bfs huge dick in ass moaning and panting like a bitch in heat.

" aaaah.aaaah.aaaah.aaaah." It was a shock when my mouth finally left her; She gave an agonized little cry before she hear the telltale slide of my zipper. " Oh Yes, Remember my monster cock. Too big for you? Why, I bet you like them big, Pham. The better to fuck you with." She lay there for a second, breathing hard, her legs spread wide and her breasts red from the groping and sucking.

Then she feels me grip one of her ankles. She was sliding across the mattress. I pull her to the edge and then flip her over so she was pressed face-down again.

I grab her bound wrists, pressing them down into her back. Her feet hit the floor; She had lost one heel in our struggles, the other clattered against the floor as I position her legs apart and pull her ass upward. Then she realizes what I was doing, she whimpers, " Oh, god. oh god." Then I thrust my thick cock inside her, taking her from behind, doggy-style, on that obscene mattress, her voice rises to a scream.

" Oh GOD!" " Like that, my asian flower?" I sneered behind her. " You're wet enough." Despite my thick girth, my cock slips into her with ease, I start thrusting into her at a vigorous pace, the friction was pleasurably slick. The shame of it was almost as strong as the ecstasy. If she had any lingering intentions to try to fight me off, they died then, as I slammed into her brutally on that bed.

" Yes, yes." She panted, arching her ass up a little higher, her face pressed against the mattress. " Oh, god, yes. please." She feels the soft slap of my balls against her pussy, wap.wap.wap.wap then hears my animalistic grunts " uuu uh.uuuuh.uuuuh.uuuuh," as I piston in and out of her.

Rough, hard, primal; I take her. Like it was my due. Like she was a prize—some booty I had scored. The thought made her moan louder. " AAAAH.AAAAH.OOOOH.OOOOH.MMMMMM." She was insensible with the pleasure of being fucked; heedless of anything other than the rigid length and thickness of my cock deep inside her.

" That's it, Pham, that's it," I grunted. " Like that, my vietnamese slut? You wanna be my slut? Let me fuck you like this whenever I want?" " Oh god," She cried out again. " Yes, please. please, fuck me. Fuck me." She realizes she was drooling on the mattress. She didn't care. " Oh, so goooood." " So good you're gonna come, aren't you, Pham?" I quicken my pace more; now I was slamming into her so hard her body is jerking.

" You wanna come for me, Pham? Come for that big cock?" I lean over her, holding her down on the bed. Her arms aching but she hardly feels it. I slap her ass with my other hand and she cries out from the sting, that only encourages me. " OOOWWW." She feels a crescendo building within her, and when she finally comes, it was sudden and explosive.

She screams, her voice hoarse and strident, tasting the musty mattress, her cry muffled against it. My cock throbbing and jerking deep inside her a few more times, letting her ride the waves, her body limp and weak as a kitten. She couldn't have moved if she tried. I explode deep inside her, my hot cum flowing like lava filling her. I pull out of her rolling her over and she feels a splash of my hot cum on her tits.

I grunt and jerk my thick shaft with one hand, my face a rictus of pleasure. She is still insensible; all she could do was lie there as I jerked off on her like she was no more than a pin-up from a magazine I had just used and discarded.

Her pussy is sore and spasming with the after-effects of her own massive orgasm. " I will be seeing you again very soon. I will call you." I said, looking around the room now as I casually tucked my cock back inside my pants and zipped them up, nodding with a satisfied little smirk. I lean down and pick up her black panties that had been discarded on the floor at some point during our struggles.

I toss them over toward her, smiling as I said, " Count on it." Then I walk out, leaving her there on the bed, shamed, humiliated, thoroughly fucked, and still delirious from the most intense orgasm she ever had in her life.