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Woman with fire hair gets fucked hard
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Alice was so excited that she couldn't sleep, the entertainments arranged for today occupied her mind. The early morning sunlight streamed through her window enticing her to rise and walk bare foot to look outside. She was able to see all the intertwining buildings that made up her beloved St Saviour's and the long tree-lined drive that was now showing signs of wear due to the increased number of visitors.

"Today, we are going to have so much fun!" she told herself. The newly built dungeon will at last come alive with the sound of children's screams, as they struggle to entertain the lusting audience.

Alice had to pinch herself to be reminded that this wasn't a dream. The very thought of this sent a thrill through her slender body, her hands slipping to her cunt, pinching, prodding and masturbating herself almost painfully, until the feelings that were developing inside her loins, rose to a crescendo.

Who would have thought that in such a short space of time, Alice Marchant could have achieved so much, with so many wealthy individuals willing to help turn around the once struggling St Saviour's. Realising her good fortune, Alice cast aside her excitement and concentrated on getting dressed. She needed to find the right children to impress her guests at the opening of the dungeon tonight, the final group of individuals who were yet to decide whether or not to become patrons.

Alice strapped herself into one of her tightest corsets, declining to wear any undergarments beneath her best black dress and choose to wear a silver brooch to emphasise her bust. Then it was down the back stairs to the kitchen to check on the preparations for the party this afternoon.

Alice had decided to have the party as a chance for the governors and patrons to get to know the children better. This would also act as an appetiser to the main entertainments later that evening.

In the kitchen, Rachel Jones was busy preparing breakfast; the refreshments for the party lay on a huge table. James, her son sat a table in the corner watching a rat in a cage, no doubt gauging the results of some new concoction of his. Smiling her approval, Alice hurried along to the infirmary to check Dr Steven's readiness for the casualties from tonight's entertainments. Pausing briefly to speak to matron about the arrangements son caught sniffing mom panties the day's events, she then retreated to her parlour, locking the door behind her for privacy.

As was her habit to relive her pent up sexual tensions, she now masturbated as she read the children's journals and looked very closely at all the revealing and intimate photographs that had been taken on their arrival. Every child at St Saviour's orphanage had a journal, which was used to entice potential patrons. Photographs were also taken when they were being examined by Doctor Stevens, which accurately detailed their sexual and physical responses to being roughly handled.

Alice needed to find an exceptional child for her own entertainment later that evening, so she studied all the journals and photographs very carefully. Doctor Stevens and Nurse Bishop big breasted milf julia rides a cock in thigh highs recommended Sally Mildrew as one of the many little entertainers for the dungeon that evening.

Alice stared mesmerised at the photograph of this adorable little girl, imagining all the pleasures that she would make the child give her.

Sally Mildrew, an orphan of the parish of Lewisham, was born in 1886, which made her eleven years old. A very attractive but nervous child, she would be made to entertain the audience in the dungeon and then later Alice herself, privately in her bedroom. The child stood five feet tall and was of slender build.

Her breasts were just starting to grow and her bottom was attractively round and pronounced for her age. From her journal, Alice was able to gather that she was of a warm temperament, had pale skin that marked easily, was no longer a virgin and had recently had her anus stretched open without much fuss. Also worth noting Alice thought, was the fact that during her examination the girl was able take a full five inches of a number one gauge clyster deep in her bottom without causing much fuss.

The very thought of this made Alice swoon as she fingered herself to a much-needed orgasm. Alice smiled, loving the mix of professional medical terms and the very direct language of the street that Jeremy sometimes reverted to in his dialogue.

The contrast excited her, as was the thought of this lovely child in the middle of the dungeon, looking about in horror as she finally came to understand what was required of her. "Yes she will do," Alice decided. Alice made out a note for the matron, instructing her to make sure the girl was ready when needed and that she was properly prepared, fed sparingly and given plenty of the special lemonade to drink. The party began at two-o-clock that afternoon.

There was cake, freshly made biscuits and real fruit cut into chunks covered in sugar, washed down by James's special lemonade. Helping the staff, the governors and patrons rotated every fifteen minutes, in order to be closer to the children as they partied.

The children didn't seem to notice. They were all enjoying being the centre of attention and having such nice things to eat. Looking splendid in their little white sailor suits, the helpers took teen friends step daughter anal pale cutie banging on the border opportunity to fondle them as they helped Alice with the special games.

Drugged, by the lemonade the children viewed everything that was happening to them as pleasant, doxy with boobs enjoys sex to max naturaltits and hardcore and laughing as they were roughly mauled. "Game time!" Alice cried. She asked for four volunteers to step forward to be blindfolded for the first game that she called "Touch".

Eager children, desperate to be chosen put their hands up as Alice walked up and down between the rows of tables, a smile on her face, a cruel whip in her hand, eventually choosing two boys and two girls for this first game. Alice chose Jimmy first, a handsome boy whose little shorts already sported a fine bulge thanks to the drugged lemonade. Attaching a blindfold over his eyes she then turned him around twice before releasing him with a swipe of her whip across his bottom.

The girls taboo game and sexy brunette hardcore anal associates sisterly love and ran from his probing hands, then watched as he caught hold of one of the male patrons.

"And the forfeit is," Alice announced, taking a folded piece of paper from a hat and reading its contents out aloud to the waiting audience. "You must masturbate the gentleman until he spurts," she told the boy. David Vine pulled the boy towards him, guiding the boy's hands to his waiting cock. "That's a good boy, nice and gently," he breathed, oblivious to all those who were watching as he pulled the boy's blindfold off so he could look directly into his frightened and pleading eyes.

"Go on, have a good feel," he grinned. The girls looked about them, confused and uncertain, wondering why Jimmy hadn't been punished for being so rude. David then took the boy off to one side so that the party games could continue and watched with mounting enjoyment.

A little girl called Jenny was blindfolded next. Alice turned the child around and around to make sure that she had lost all sense of direction, then realised her with a sharp swipe of the whip across her little bottom. More squeals and giggles, more evading of outstretched hands perused until she caught the hand of Mr Worthington, the young man grinning as he looked across at Alice, anxious to find out what the forfeit was going to be.

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The little girl took off her blindfold and blushed to find she'd been captured by such a pleasant young man, waistcoat and trousers speaking of wealth, long fingered hands talking of strength and art. "The forfeit is," Alice announced, hesitating just long enough for everyone to glance at the boy as he continued to masturbate the man's handsome cock, sliding his fingers up and down its length, all the time learning what the man liked.

"The forfeit is, the man must lick the girl's bottom!" Squeals and screeches accompanied her as she was swept off her feet and carried to a large armchair. Jeremy pushed her over it's back, her head pushed down into the seat, her little bottom high up in the air. "No, no!" she cried, excitement soaring through him as he lifted her kilt clear of her already bared bottom. Hardly able to breathe, her legs were quickly parted to expose her cute little anus and cunt to everyone's view, as she felt the man's tongue lick her bottom and invade her most intimate parts.

At her old orphanage, matron would have thrashed her for being so rude. The others pushed Jeremy forward, a sea of grinning faces staring at the child's cute alabaster bottom, the rounded curves of her little slit opening and closing and smelling of a sweet scent as he licked.

As he tongued the mark from the recent strike of Alice's whip, she continued to struggle and wriggle her bottom erotically, which only served to inflame his passions all the more. "Next!" Alice called. Another boy was then blindfolded and turned around until he was unsteady.

He was sent on his way with a sharp flick of Alice's whip across his bottom, which sent him staggering about, missing many who had stepped forward hoping to be caught. This time it was the turn of Lady Jessica, the daughter of Lord James one the patrons to catch hold of the boy. Crying out with delight, her face mirroring her pleasure, she took his blindfold off and smiled at his shyness as he stared at her amble bust, that bulged over her low cut gown.

"And the forfeit is," Alice announced, her voice stopping all other discussion. "The boy must lick your bottom," Alice proclaimed, throwing away the note before it could be seen and challenged. Jessica blushed and smiled, her elegant hands sliding up the boy's chest to curl around his neck and draw him towards a nearby armchair. The forfeit still echoing in his mind, the thirteen year old was confused, his world turned upside down, his darkest secrets were about to come alive in front of him, all without any ridicule or punishment.

People were patting him on the back and urging him on. Lady Jessica grinned as she gathered her blue silk skirts up her long and slender legs, to reveal smooth pale thighs and a beautifully round and wholesome bottom. She dipped her slender waist and parted her thighs to reveal to the gaze of the young lad her anus and a cunt that was covered with blond curls.

"Do it hard lad," an older man urged him, winking at the boy knowingly. "Daddy!" Jessica cried grinning as she reached back to part her bottom further to show the boy just what a prize he had won. At his old orphanage matron would have thrashed him, yet there he was licking a lady's bottom without punishment and with people applauding him. "One last to play!" Alice announced. The little girl squealed and panted, blonde teen gets a creeper in her place and up her pussy with colour and excitement as the blindfold was put on her.

She was spun around twice and then released with the customary stripe of the whip across her bottom and then everyone waited for her to touch a participant.

The last forfeit was in Alice's hands and she smiled as she watched this little girl play the game. Jeremy Worthington continued to lick the upturned girl's bottom, Lady Jessica softly urged the young boy to lick her more forcefully and David Vine panted as Jimmy continued to masturbate him.

A cry went up, the little girl had caught her prey. It was the slender Judith Richards, a woman that Greta Foulds had taught Sapphic delights to as a child and who now had a passion for little girls.

Alice sensed the woman's excitement as she stroked the child's hair and removed her blindfold. "Your forfeit Miss Richards is to suffer five minutes of this child sitting astride your face!" Alice announced with a smile.

The young girl's face was a picture of confusion as her eyes and mouth widened in amazement and disbelief, while Judith's gleamed with pleasure. "Here," she murmured, drawing the child over to where a special chair stood, its padded seat at a suitable height for Judith to rest her head on. Other patrons lifted the child to sit her astride the chair forcing her thighs wide apart and her bottom open, fully exposing her anus and hairless cunt to Miss Richards's view.

"Don't be frightened, don't be nervous," they urged her as they lowered her down.

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"Squash her face," they said, parting her thighs with their eager hands until the child was sitting with her legs held off the ground and her full weight on the woman's face.

The child panted and squirmed as the patrons encouraged her, no one stopping her, no one telling her this was dirty or thrashing her for her rudeness. "Remember a full five minutes!" Alice said. Judith Richards smiled, breathless, as the little girl's cunt was brought down firmly onto her face, gasping as she slipped her tongue into the little slit. Chewing softly on the fleshy cunt, sometimes sucking, sometimes liking and then sometimes biting she made the child scream and writhe, which served to force her more firmly down onto her face.

Her squirming sent her clitoris bumping over Judith's nose, back and forth in succession as hands continued to maul her, parting her bottom even further so that Judith's tongue could lick her cunt and anus and bite into her bottom. "Time!" Alice called. The room was alive to the sound of the partygoers when Alice announced to those patrons who hadn't had a turn yet, that there would be many more entertainments later that evening.

The games continued until four-o-clock, when Alice sent the children for a much-needed rest and the guests retired for refreshments and a chance to discuss the entertainments so far. Alice decided to make her way down to the dungeon for one final check, to make sure that all was in place for later that evening.

The dungeon was large enough to seat a sizable audience in comfort, with the seats forming an arc around a large raised stage.

Hanging on the wall behind the stage was an arsenal of flagellation and torture implements and off to the side of the stage, apparatus and equipment waiting to be moved into place. Alongside the main dungeon, there were many smaller cells where patrons could take selected children. These cells were also fitted with stout oak doors to silence the children's screams and keep their activities private.

Alice moved on, her excitement rising as she came across the smell of burning coals. Elizabeth Sedgwick was tending to the fire as Alice walked in and smiled at her across the flickering flames.

The rest of the main dungeon was in darkness as Alice smiled back, both women knowing how evil their smiles would look to the drugged children, as the only light would be coming from the flickering flames. "I hear that you have chosen the nibble Sally Mildrew," Elizabeth remarked.

Elizabeth liked to watch the children as they danced, enjoying the play of their muscles under their smooth flesh, their delicate genitals being squashed between acrobatic limbs. It was nearly as good as watching them dance and struggle when they are bound and being whipped. "Make her scream!" Elizabeth requested. Alice teen blonde fucked like a slut in the sex bus her eyes alight with the very thought.

Satisfied with the preparations, she left word for the children to be brought down to the dungeon and prepared, then Alice joined her waiting guests for some much-needed refreshment. Tomorrow, Jonathan Brown MP would be bringing his wife Elizabeth to St Saviour's and Alice had planned a special entertainment to entice her to become a patron.

Eight guests had turned up for the party that afternoon, one more than had been anticipated as Lord James arrived with his eldest daughter, Lady Jessica. As they mingled, Lady Jessica stood out the most amongst the guests. Alice had heard rumours about Lady Jessica, that the girl cared only for her own amusement and would discard her followers on a whim if she so chose. Alice vowed to teach this haughty young lady a lesson and invited her guests to follow her down the stone stairs that led to the dungeons.

They followed her, listening politely as she explained the purpose of the thick doors they passed, stopping momentarily to glance into the smaller dungeons as they walked towards the main dungeon, imagining all the opportunities that these private dungeons could bring them. Arriving at the main dungeon, they looked about them impressed by the wealth of equipment, restraints and implements.

Elizabeth had lit the braziers all around the room, oyeloca big tits blonde latina teresa carvajal fucked really showed off its size.

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Stepping up onto the stage, Alice addressed the assembled audience. "Ladies and Gentlemen, please be seated!" Alice shouted over their excitement. "There are twenty seven orphans resident at St Saviours, with the capacity for thirty more," she told them. Alice then nodded and Miss Sedgwick appeared, holding the hand of a little girl helping her up onto the raised stage.

She looked very pretty in her costume, but was dwarfed by the woman as she pushed her forward into the centre of the stage. "This is Sally Mildrew," Alice told the small gathering, ignoring them as she smiled at the nervous girl. The child whimpered, looking around her with rising fear as she began to see things in the shadows, the dancing flames making them appear more frightening than they really were.

"You will notice that Sally is wearing a blue badge," Alice told the audience as she took hold of Sally's hand. "This badge is to tell everyone that she's one of mine, for my pleasure only," she smiled, looking into Sally's eyes and thinking of all the enjoyment she would have with her later that evening.

Before Sally understood what was happening, Alice attached her wrists into cuffs suspended from the ceiling and then used a pulley to stretch her arms high above her head, making her stand on the tips of her toes.

"This costume is very special," Alice explained as she calmly walked around the suspended child, letting her pant and struggle for a few more moments. "It was made like all the costumes you will see tonight, by our seamstress Miss Appleyard," Alice said as she took hold of the hem of the fabric and with very little effort ripped it straight off, leaving the child naked.

Once more the child whimpered, her eyes begging Alice for forgiveness against any sin that she might have committed, while all around her they feasted their eyes on the smooth pale flesh of this little angel. Alice looked at the child, satisfied that she'd chosen the right little girl to use for her pleasures. Her skin was perfect; it was pale without an ounce of fat to spoil the way her muscles moved under the taut skin.

She was slender, with a prominent hairless cunt and nipples that stuck out like bullets from her budding little breasts. Her sobbing and shaking endeared her to her audience, as she hung swaying from the ceiling of the dungeon, her toes only just touching the stage.

Alice then turned Sally around. She whimpered even more as she lost sight of the audience, fear making her clench her bottom, which increased the curves of her delectable cheeks. This made more than one of the audience groan with the image of kneeling down behind this pretty child to part those tight little spheres.

"Would you like a child like this one, to help you fulfil your pleasures?" Alice asked the audience as a whole, her high heels clicking as she strode over to the wall to select a carriage whip from the huge arsenal. She smiled as she stoked it, watching the faces of her guests as they eyed up the five-foot length of whipping cord normally found on the stirrup of a single horse buggy.

Alice strode up to Sally once again and pulled her hair back so their eyes met. "You want to please me, don't you?" she whispered lovingly. Her eyes round and dilated, the little girl panted nervously as she nodded. "You'll be my favourite after this," Xxx xxx big booty poran murmured, kissing her brow. Sally whimpered, her little sounds growing as Alice stood back and drew the long whip out to one side.

"No, no! Please!" she began to wail. Alice breathed in, her bust expanding with her mood as much as the air that she needed. Then, with the skill of a coachman, Alice flicked the whip back bringing the cord down again and again across her breasts, hairless cunt and the front of her thighs. With each strike placed just below the previous one, Alice had created a mass of vivid of welts causing the girl's screams to echo throughout pija muy flácida para un culo muy duro tube porn dungeon leaving the child breathless and exhausted.

"My God," someone muttered. Alice smiled, walking calmly around tasteful one eyed monster sucking delight blowjob and amateur, waiting until she'd partially recovered before repeating the vicious cutting motion, this time down her back and across her sweet little bottom and the back of her thighs.

There is an art in landing the tip of the cord across a struggling target, but Alice was well practiced in judging the right moment to strike.

Alice moved to the front of the child to wipe away her tears and ask if she still loved her. Sobbing and shaking, Sally nodded and looked lovingly up at wild milf getting hardcore sex blowjob mature mistress, begging her not to hurt her any more.

xnxx mom son 1980 movie poor child," Alice crooned, stroking the girl with one gloved hand whilst discarding the whip with the other. Sally looked relieved, but it was a short relief, because Elizabeth handed Alice a tightly bound bunch of twigs to her employer, smiling as Alice held them up so the child could see them and know what they were for.

"Oh, no, please no," Sally, whimpered, her eyes large and moist as she looked pleadingly up at her mistress. "You'll look so lovely, striped with these," Alice told her. She wiped a fresh tear from Sally's eye and then stood away as she gauged the distance needed to swing the birch. Sally began to sob and shake desperately trying to move in her bonds. The audience found a new level of excitement as they watched Alice thrash the birch repeatedly across Sally's little body.

Men adjusted their trousers and the women squeezed their thighs together, none of them blinking lest they missed any of the action. Sally's thighs flailed madly as the birch caught her little cunt and adorned it with its first red marks.

Unable to use her hands, Sally started to perform an amusing little dance as she tried desperately to fend off the blows and absorb the sharp sting of the birch. Elizabeth Sedgwick watched spellbound from the side of the stage as Sally's dancing thighs parted widely exposing her genitals. The girl squealed again, bursting into fresh tears as Alice whipped her breasts cutting painfully into her tender nipples.

The audience leant closer now, their eyes searching for the first sign of blood. A soft sigh announced it, followed by other sighs, as a delicate drop of blood slid slowly down Sally's tiny left breast.

With no sign of emotion, Alice walked behind the now crying and squirming child to admire her beautiful little bottom. As expected, Sally lifted her head up to scream her agony as Alice commenced the whipping, her thighs dancing and doxy gets fucked from behind indoors homemade and hardcore widely apart in front of the spectators as the pain soared in her bottom.

"You've been very good," Alice murmured, stroking her hair with one hand and her cunt with the other. The child sobbed and shook, yet pushed her clitoris against Alice's fingers, her expression begging her mistress to go further. "Still love me?" Alice asked, admiring the trail left by the single drop of blood down the slope of Sally's budding breast. "Yes Miss," Sally answered. Despite the aches and pains she felt, she edged her legs apart, basking in the warm glow of Alice's smile as she felt herself flood with excitement.

"One more little test, then darling," Alice told her. "Just one more test," she said, her dampened fingers rising to caress the welts from her recent whipping. "No, Please," Sally whined, beginning to cry, even before she saw the green leafed plant that Elizabeth passed to Alice with a gloved hand. "Nettles!" someone gasped.

"Oh good!" Alice heard Lady Jessica say. She smiled and let Sally see the long green plant with its many leaves, a plant harvested from the garden while the children were having their party this afternoon. "Please no Miss. Not those, please!" Sally begged, beginning to shake again. "Your legs wide apart please Sally." "Oh Miss. Not there, please!" Sally begged, crying uncontrollably while her legs began to move further and further apart and she tried desperately to seek some measure of comfort from her mistress's smile.

"Push your bottom right out, Sally. I want to see that pretty little cunt of yours," Alice told her. Sally sobbed and wept, yet slowly obeyed and held her herself still, watching with a terrible dread as Alice placed the leafy plant onto her cunt and then swept it up slowly but firmly between her widely parted thighs.

There was short silence as Sally felt nothing, then she screamed, a long scream as the leaves were drawn along her hairless cunt and then the tender insides of her thighs and bottom. The nettles brought agony to her genitals and anus as she pushed her bottom harder onto her mistress's hand to find some sexual relief. Sally almost lost her breath with all the screaming, quickie suggest for delightsome beauty hardcore european she hung there by her wrists quivering and whimpering, while Alice completed her terror by caressing the child's tender little breasts with the last of the nettles.

Finished with the plant, Alice threw them on the coals. "You're mine, aren't you?" Alice asked the struggling child. "Yes Miss," Sally answered, spreading her thighs further in the hope of being dana dearmond and brooke scott interracial foursome to take away the pain. Alice hid her excitement behind a bland expression, deciding to make the child wait, until they met again in private.

"You're done well," Alice told the disappointed child. "Release her and take her to the infirmary," Alice instructed Miss Bolton the matron and prepare her for later. Matron knew just what she had to do. Turning to the audience, Alice looked at each one to gauge by their faces what their reaction had been. "Before we continue the fee is twenty five guineas and the offer is only open to you today." She told them blandly.

Broken from their trance, the spectators reached for their wallets, Lady Jessica tugging on her father's arm as she urged him urgently to pay. "Ladies and Gentlemen, for your pleasure, I have asked each of my senior staff to give you a demonstration of what they will be teaching the children here at St Saviour's," she announced.

The audience applauded, with a new excitement in their faces and a new passion in their loins. In the changing room next to the main dungeon Patricia Appleyard the seamstress enjoyed herself, as she roughly fondled the children under the pretence of fitting them with her specially designed costumes.

Elizabeth Sedgwick was the first up on the stage and curtsied to the audience looking very fetching in her Little Bo Peep outfit, her skirts showing off her dimpled knees.

Then, with a nod, the first of her models climbed up onto the stage. A little girl, perhaps little more than seven or eight, approached her in a costume that resembled a little lamb. Smiling at the audience, Elizabeth turned the little girl around to show that her cunt protruded through a missing gusset and her bottom through a fold in the back of her costume. "And how do little lambs play?" she asked the child. With a timid glance at the audience, the little girl lay down and brought her legs up to either side of her head, her arms around her knees, which left her little pink cunt and widely parted bottom fully exposed for all to enjoy.

"There's another way too, isn't there?" Elizabeth said. The child grinned and turned over, pushing her bottom high into the air and dropping her head to the floor. With her little legs parted wide, the audience had a perfect view of the open valley of her bottom, her little anus waiting to be defiled and the folds of her cute little cunt pouting most appealingly.

Elizabeth praised her as she was escorted off the stage, the audience female solo masturbation multiple orgasm by cdm masturbate brunette pussy s her act.

Next on the stage was a boy of about nine or ten, the upper part of his head obscured by a dog's mask. His costume was made in the form of a dog's coat, the gusset also missing, which left his cock and balls exposed and vulnerable. "You like wearing your doggy outfit, don't you Horace?" Elizabeth asked, as she tenderly took him in hand, drawing the foreskin of his cock back and forth and massaging his balls.

"And what do doggies like doing?" Elizabeth asked. "Liking privates Miss," Horace shouted. "Come on then Horace. Show us how doggies do it," she urged. With a bright grin the boy scampered onto his hands and knees to ferret under Elizabeth's skirts. She laughed and let him pry her legs apart, then her giggle stopped as she gasped, her eyes losing their focus as the contoured mask rubbed against her crotch, his ardent licking deep within her aching cunt. "Oh, you wicked doggie!" she gasped, swivelling her hips in pleasure.

For long moments the audience could only guess what the boy was doing, his head pressed to his teacher's crotch, then Elizabeth obligingly lifted her skirts, to let the audience watch and appreciate the boy's efforts.

His darting tongue lapped the tight crease of her bottom from her puckered anus to the study hood of her clitoris. "Enough!" she told him and then pulled away, the agony of doing so clearly showing in her expression. "Good boy. Where's your tail?" Elizabeth asked. The boy ran off the stage and returned carrying a tail of horsehair, which was attached to a dildo. Smiling at the audience, Elizabeth slowly eased the tail into Horace's bottom and then made him walk around on all floors before being led away.

Elizabeth then stepped aside, so that a small team of assistants could lead a boy and girl onto the stage, fastening them both to ladders that were angled back against the wall. They were both naked, the girl attractive and the boy handsome, yet neither seemed to mind their lack of clothes, but stared about them in wonder and awe, often smiling at something only they could see. "They've been heavily drugged," Alice explained as she wheeled a trolley over next to them. "As well as clothes, our talented seamstress makes items of restraint, such as chastity belts and items of excitement like this one," she told the audience, lifting a small tool up from the tray, so the spectators could see the feather embedded in its wooden handle.

Approaching the girl, Alice drew the feather from her neck down to her nipples smiling, as they instantly grew erect. The boy was next as she ran the feather over his chest and then down to his navel, grinning at first anal quest teen and amateur russian big tits hot sexy buddies playing with a audience as his cock began to slowly harden and then stand to attention.

Putting this tool aside, Alice picked up what looked like a short bladed leather whip, which she used on the girl's budding breasts, yet rather than scream and draw away, the young girl gasped and thrust her chest further out, the pale orbs taking on a new glow as blood rushed to the surface.

Alice then turned her attention to the boy again and whipped his rampant cock vigorously. Those in the audience who hoped for a howl of agony from the boy were disappointed, as all that happened was that he thrust his loins out even further, his cock becoming virile and his balls tightening in their sack.

"The leather thongs are actually made mature and girl xxx 5 minute hardcore soft suede," Alice explained. Sweeping the whip up between their thighs, she alternated between the boy and the girl, sending them both into a parody of delight, their cries of pleasure thrilling the audience.

"And Miss Appleyard makes harnesses too," Alice told the audience. Two young female assistants came onto the stage, naked and wearing harnesses of leather attached to their loins. Stout India rubber phalluses were attached around their waists, each slightly curved upwards with a bulbous crown at the end. Without a word they approached the bound children parting their thighs in preparation.

The audience fell silent and watched spellbound, as one of the assistants position her phallus against the panting girl in front of her, then with one thrust entered her cunt, her own bottom tightening with her thrusting loins.

The other assistant had lifted the boy's knees and exposed his anus. She kissed him, his cock against her flat belly, then she too thrust the phallus deep into his bottom, stifling his cries with her mouth. In moments both assistants were thrusting back and forth in a slow rhythm, the bound children responding, their eyes rolling and misting over, their bodies rocking in time to their thrusts.

Alice walked amongst them, stroking them and smiling at the audience as she teased them. Cries filled the dungeon as the rhythm started to pick up and the thrusts of the phalluses became more violent. "Finish now," Alice instructed the two assistants, who withdrew and left the stage leaving the staff to untie the children older bitch still fucks like a whore the applause of the delighted spectators. "Next, Miss Sedgwick is going show us how we train our ponies," Alice said as Elizabeth climbed onto the stage and smiled at the audience, sensing that they wanted something a little more erotic.

"Take a young girl," she said. As if on queue, a young girl in her early teens stepped onto the stage. She was wearing a pretty dress, pale pink stockings and had bows in her hair. Elizabeth embraced the child who now had a sparkle in her eyes and turned her towards the hungry audience. "Educate her properly," Elizabeth said. The child curtsied and smiled, standing primly in her pretty frock. "Then undress her," Elizabeth said in a bland voice. The girl's smile never faltered as she reached for the bow of her frock.

Hooks and eyes came undone under her nimble fingers and the whole frock slipped from her form, to reveal her naked but for her stockings. Her breasts were starting to swell out from her chest and her pubis was slender and stood proud above her athletic thighs.

You would have thought that the audience would have grown used to the policy at St Saviour's to remove all the hair from the children's genitals. Yet this was not the case; patrons still stared with devout interest at the smooth hairless cunt that nestled between her thighs. "Stockings too," Elizabeth urged. The child's grin now faltered, as she followed her training and turned her back on the audience before bending to roll her stockings off.

Men and women groaned as they admired her compact bottom, their eyes exploring its crease, hoping to catch a glimpse of her anus. Naked now, she faced them again holding her thighs together coyly. "Now increase her fitness," Elizabeth said, her voice carrying over the heavy breathing of her audience.

The young girl giggled as she showed off her muscular arms, then tensed her tummy muscles until they were ridged, the split lips of her young cunt now taking on a new prominence between her muscular thighs. Grinning at her audience, the girl let her legs slide apart, sliding down until her cunt touched the floor of the stage, one leg in front of her, the other one behind.

She then rose again with the same slowness, looking at her audience with a new knowledge, watching them gaze at her open cunt, her clitoris standing out proudly. "Give her the right clothes," Elizabeth suggested, taking them from an assistant to then stand behind the child to help her step into them. They weren't clothes as such, more straps that went around her chest and belly, circling her breasts and then fastening about her neck.

Narrow straps slid between her legs on either side of her vulva and helped pull her bottom cheeks apart before joining at her waist. High heels were added and a mask with a wooden bar was placed between her teeth and blinkers either side of her eyes. "Not forgetting the tail," Elizabeth told the audience. A well-combed horses tail was handed to her that was fitted with a metal plug.

The plug was smooth and polished; swelling into a bulge whose only purpose was to retain it within the young girl's anus. "Prepare!" Elizabeth told the girl. The child turned and bent forward, her knees bending to better push her bottom out, her hands coming around behind to help. Elizabeth knelt behind the girl and smoothly pushed the greased tail deep into her rectum, then stood up to present the pony girl to the audience.

"There we have it," she told them, smacking the girl's bottom hard to make her quickly trot around the stage, her head held high, her tail bobbing in time to her gait.

The audience was mesmerized, tongues extended to lick their lips as the girl trotted passed them and applauded the entertainment as she was escorted off the stage.

"There will now be a short interval for refreshments," Alice announced. The guests left the dungeon and made their way back to the boardroom. Whilst the guests were having refreshments upstairs, the assistants in the dungeon busied themselves preparing for more entertainments.