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Xnxx com sunny leone sex stories
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There's more than one way to skin a cat, I've heard it said. It's also true that there's more than one way to break someone's will. Normally I like to do it up close and personal, so that I can feel the moment when they give in. But it can be fun to do it from a distance.

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While I was spending the two days breaking one slave, there was another slave I decided to break without even laying a hand on. I left her in the main room of my house, in clear sight of the door. Ebony secretary aaliyah hadid services bbc of boss was just one catch: the closer she got to the door, the harder the device inside of her vibrated.

The mechanism was wonderful. Blackened metal provided strength and structural support, while leather provided padding against chaffing. It was open at the back, for cleanliness and to leave a hole open if I desired one.

Some plumbing took care of any mess that could come from the other side. Then there was an induction coil that powered a rabbit vibrator, pressed up against her G-spot and her clit. The design was beautiful in its simplicity. The induction coil was right beneath the front door of the house (with other ones under all the other doors out of the room). The closer she got to it, the more power the vibrator could draw. I had calibrated it so that the pleasure overwhelmed her about three steps in front of any of the doors.

This meant that she was effectively trapped in the antechamber of my house, naked except for the device tormenting her, reduced to begging for food and drink from my passing staff and never having hairy babe with big wet pussy lips bates privacy for the washroom.

But she could see freedom (and be seen by anyone approaching the house) through my glass front door. I'd watched her first escape attempt, just before I'd gone down to the dungeon to break my other slave.

She'd run for the door, for about three steps. Then the pleasure really sunk in and she had to fight against it, with firm, deliberate steps. As the pleasure mounted, even that became impossible. She feel to her knees, then began to crawl. Just as I planned, she had a body shaking orgasm about three paces from the door. There were a few staff members in the room, just to see her humiliation. She sobbed even as she came, embarrassed to be so powerless before so many people.

It had put a real bounce in my step when I made my way down to the dungeon. I'd later heard (and watched the recordings) that she'd been unable to move from that spot for an hour.

She was hit by orgasm after orgasm and they'd sapped her of all ability to think, let alone move. When they started to become painful, she'd begged the staff (a few of whom were still watching) to drag her away from the door. One of the men eventually did drag her away, but not before making her suck him off.

On my instructions, they were to stay away from her asshole (that was for me to take), but the servants did know they were allowed to make deals with her for blowjobs. Did I say she'd begged for food and water? I neglected to mention the part where she'd done it on her knees with a dick in her gagrap rap sister all free rate. How forgetful of me.

Speaking of begging, she was currently begging me. I was in a good mood from the breaking and branding of one slave today, so I was inclined to be generous. My generosity had manifested by helping this slave get closer and closer to the door, so that she could go on her way. She'd already fallen to her knees and her begging had become increasingly frantic.

"Please, don't bring me any closer! Please, it's too much." I was dragging her by her hair, but it wasn't the pain she was fighting against. Two days of constant stimulation had her always on the brink of orgasm. Even as she fought against me and begged me to stop, I saw the characteristic shake of an orgasm wracking her body.

"You don't want to be freed?" I jerk her hair again, and she sprawled forward a bit more. The shaking became more intense and she had to bite out her words around involuntary moans. "No! Please don't bring me any closer to the door!

I never want to leave!" "Even if staying means being my slave?" "Please I'll do anything!" I smiled at the sweet taste of success. She was already almost broken and I hadn't even had to do most of the work. "Will you prove to me you want to be my slave?" "Yes, please, ooooooh, anything!" The orgasms were making it hard to talk. I let go of her hair.

"If you want to be my slave and move away from the door, young jerks old tube porn going to have to satisfy me first." I motioned to the slave I'd brought with me and she walked over and began to lube up the asshole of the girl in front of me. "I'm going to stand with my cock in front of your asshole.

You're going to have to force it inside and get me off if you want to be allowed to move away from the door." Another orgasm shook her and I had to repeat myself to get her to understand. Once she understood, she was eager to please.

I positioned my cock and gave her the go ahead. She moved back quickly into my cock, thrusting her hips into me. I used one hand to guide my dick, which the other guided her hips.

There was a moment of resistance, but she didn't seem to care. She ignored any pain that the sudden entry could bring and pushed me all the way in. I sighed in delight. Her asshole was incredibly tight.

It felt amazing. She was frantically pumping her hips, trying to make me come as soon as possible. It seemed to be rough on her; there were whimpers of pain mixed in with the moans from her frequent vibrator induced orgasms. But she didn't slacken the pace. Unfortunately for her, I'd come within the last hour. It wasn't nearly as easy to get me off as she thought it would be. After several minutes, she began to whimper out of hopelessness.

I decided to make her even more worried. "If you don't get me off soon, I guess I'll have to throw you out. You know it will be even worse outside the door, don't you?" She was crying now, large ugly tears. "If you beg me to punish you whenever you pace slacks, I might let you keep trying. Beg to be my slave and be punished!" I emphasized my point with a sharp smack on blonde driver and anal mom fist hd threesome with the stepmom unprotected ass.

"Please punish me! Please make your me your slave and punish me whenever I'm bad!" I began to slap her ass furiously. Whenever I was buried in her, I'd relent for a split second. But I punished her for incessantly whenever I wasn't she quickly realized what was going on and unconsciously began to pick up her pace. I was finally getting near to coming.

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Almost against my own will, I began to thrust into her, matching my timing to hers. The occasional slap served to remind her of her pace and she didn't slow, even when her body was shook by an orgasm.

"Beg me to blow my load in your tight ass. Beg! Me!" Two more slaps accentuated my point. "Please master, please come in my ass!" She added a little twist and grind at the end of each thrust backwards and it proved to be enough. I rained down blow after blow as I came and she responded perfectly, picking up her pace as much as she could.

It milked every last rope of cum out of me. After a few seconds I stopped, contented. "You have one last task, slave. Clean off my cock and make me believe that you like it!" I went to stand in front of her and grabbed mom and son night sleping hair, but I barely had to pull to get her to suck me. She sprung to her task with an alacrity born of desperation.

She licked the shit and cum off of me with abandon and I rewarded her by roughly dragging her away from the doorway. She cried out from the pain of being yanked by her hair, but she didn't fight against me. All the fight had gone out of her. Being in her mouth had made me hard again and I was eager to take her in another way. She was whimpering, quietly savouring the ending of the savage pleasure I'd subjected her to.

"Do you still want to be my slave?" She looked up at me, looming over her, with my cock straight as an arrow. I saw hope die in her eyes as she looked around and realized she had no other option.

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"Yes." The word had a deep solemn weight to it. I bent down next to her and drew her into my arms. I stroked her hair gently. She started crying. "Shhh. It's okay. You'll enjoy being a slave." Her tears became tears of relief as I opened the contraption that had tormented her for days.

It had been keyed to my biometrics; only I could take it off. It came out of her with a soft sucking sound. It was still covered in the lube I'd put it in with to avoid chaffing when her own body ran out. That was good. I didn't want her to be dry when I fucked her. I gently lay her down on the ground and crouched over her. "Do you want me inside of you?" She knew the answer she was supposed to give. Her head nodded, a silent yes. I gently pushed my way inside of her.

I wrapped my arms protectively around her, holding her face against my chest as I rocked inside of her. I was far kinder than the vibrators had been, but she was still over-stimulated.

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She began moaning and clutching me. Her fingers began to dig into my back. I relished the feeling as another indication of her total surrender. She was still tight, even after the torture of the past two days and I enjoyed the gentle sensation of her walls gripping me. Sometimes tighter, as I forced her through another orgasm, sometimes more gently as she recovered.

I fucked her gently for fifteen minutes, before I felt my need begin to grow. I quickened my strokes, but kept them gentle. She'd given herself up to me. This was her reward.

Soon enough, the quickened pace brought me right to the edge and I felt the burning satisfaction of shooting my load inside of her. I held her even more tightly as I came.

"You're a good slave," I told her, "and good slaves get rewarded." She cried in relief. I saw the change in her then, from a lack of hope to a new purpose. Now she'd be the perfect slave. This had been a good day. I'd broken in two new slaves and found two new reliable methods. I hummed to myself as I got this one bundled up to be taken for a hot bath.

Maybe I should get them to pleasure me at the same time. Or perhaps I'd have one torture the other. With resources like mine, there were simply so many options!