How much pain can your little balls endure

How much pain can your little balls endure
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Hi I was pushing deep filling her. She was coating my cock "daddy, im gonna cum.

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Im gonna cum all over your hard cock." "daddy wants you to cum, cum all over that hard cock." "oh,daddy it feels so good, oh, fuck." She moaned biting her lip. I reached around her picking her up with my cock inside her and turned over so she could ride me.

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miley may enjoys her interracial footjob scene at dogfart "be a good slut and ride daddys cock." I said grabbing her ass and pushing her down on me. I held her ass as she rode me. "i want to be your slut daddy." She said fucking me.

"will you teach me?" She asked dangling her breasts in my face. My fingers were moving up and down the cum coated crack of the little girls ass as she rode me deep fucking me. "ill be a nasty little slut for you,daddy." "i want you to be nasty for me." I said grunting as we grinded together. Her clit was hard. "i love slutty little girls, they turn me on so much." "do I turn you on daddy?" She said licking my neck as her fingernails grazed my back.

"yes, you turn daddy on so much." "do I turn you on enough to cum for me, daddy, only a good little slut would make her daddy cum?" She asked grinding into me as she moved her slippery slit up and down my shaft.

I pulled her face to mine.and grabbed her ass spreading I pushrd up into her and we started to kiss as she braced herself with her hands clenching the sheets on the bed. She started moaning as the thirteen year old lolita started to approach another orgasm. My sac was tightening up and I was close myself.

Fucking this nasty little girl made my balls boil, and I would play her dad as long it got her off. "oh, yes, daddy is going to cum for his nasty little slut. Cum all up inside that young tight pink pussy." I said running my index finger over the little girls bung hole. She looked at me biting her bottom lip.

"go ahead daddy, stick your finger up your sluts ass." Her asshole was well lubricated from our hot fucking and I slowly pushed the tip of my watchme 247 real life cam story tony bedrom finger inside her, sodomizing the little nymphs asshole. "oooh," she said looking at me. "that feels so good in my ass." She cried bucking me faster, grinding her cockhungry pussy up and down my shaft. "oh, fuck, daddy! Oh, fuck, daddy!

That feels so.fucking good my little clit is going to squirt all over your big hard cock, daddy." She said as she gushed all over me as I pushed my finger deeper inside the little girls bowels. "thats a good little slut baby, keep fucking me, baby!" we were sweating as she after riding her orgasm out collapsed on top of me, exhausted.

I kissed her on the mouth gently as she kept my cock inside her moving slowly with it inside her. I could tell as we slowed I was drenched with our sex, my cock was well lubed with the tight little pussy it was buried in, my pubic hair was drenched from our fucking and she had dripped all over my sac. The room smelled like sex, I had only hoped her mother wouldnt notice. "know what I want you to do, baby?" I asked licking down her cleavage.

"anything for you, daddy." She said as we moved sideways. "i want you to get on your hands and knees get that pretty little ass of yours up in the air, so I can fuck you doggie style." I pulled out of her and stroked her cream down my cock and I stood at the end of the bed as she moved her body down while she was getting up on her hands and knees spreading her legs.

Her freshly fucked pussy was open and dripping. "that pussy looks so good." I said stroking my cock trying not to cum.

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I grabbed her ass and got on my haunches and pushed my tongue inbetween the bubblegum pink lips of Kellys pussy. "oh,fuck,daddy!" She yelped as my tongue dug deeper tasting her insides. "this is my pussy!" I said pulling lips apart, tasting deeper. "yes, daddy, your pussy, anytime you want it." She said as my tongue moved up and down her slit. I moved up to her ass licking the little girls bung as her fingers moved to her slit.

I stood up grabbing my cock. And started to guide it towards her cock hungry pink. "oh,yeah, fuck me daddy." She said wiggling her tiny ass to take me. "fuck me hard, daddy, use my pussy." I pushed all the way in filling her, her pussy was well lubed and cream was coating my cock as I fucked the little girl. "oh, baby, daddy loves that young little pussy. Oh, its so fucking tight!" I moaned reaching under her to grab her hanging breast as she met my thrusts.

Her ass was slapping up against me. She was moaning as my cock filled her underaged pink, The hoerse and woman porn six scandal felt her fingernails scrape my cock as she masterbated her clit.

"oh, daddy, i'm gonna cum for you.oh fuck, oh fuck daddy.ohhh fuck." She turned her head to look at me as I was banging her hard. I was fucking her fast, my sac was filling with jizz close to nutting up inside the tight underaged pussy.

"cum for me daddy, I feel it, you're gonna cum all up inside this tight little hole arent you, I feel it in your nuts! Cum for me,daddy!" She screamed as I pumped my cock in and out of her.

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"oh, baby im so close." Her hand reached down and cupped my sac as I blew my load inside her filling her womb with my jizz. It exploded deep inside.

"oh,thats it, daddy, cum for your little slut." I pumped and,pumped,as she moaned to orgasm and once I emtpied my sac I collapsed over the little girl sideways. she moved beside me sideways and,placing my hand on her breast. I kissed her neck and was looking at us,in the mirror, she had a sexy little body. "i love you,daddy." She said as my janine lindemulder and dyanna lauren moved down her body, molesting her girlish curves.

My cock was still hard. " daddy loves his little girl, too." I said as she,lifted her leg giving me access to her well fucked slit. Her mound and inner pink was hot and I could feel the heat coming from it. "your a good little slut, but you need more lessons." "are you going to teach me, daddy?" "is that what you want daddy to do?" I asked as my hand continued to explore her body.

"you want daddy to teach you how to take care of a man." "oh,yes, daddy that sounds so good, I want you to teach me everything about being a good slut." "my little slut." I said "yes of course daddy, your young little slut." She said turning over and grabbing my cock. The head was sensitive but I was still rock hard.

I turned over on my back as our tongues met, and her tiny hand moved up and down the shaft of my cock. I kissed her deeply and licked down her little body, sucking her nipples.

I was in love with her already.

"daddy, will you teach me how to suck your cock?" She,asked looking at me. "it did such a good job fucking me, I just feel it needs a little more attention." I gently.pushed her by her shoulders down the bed as she looked up at me with pure lust in her baby blue eyes from my cock in front of her face. She stuck her tongue out and licked up my shaft. Her eyes were glued to mine as the nasty little girl covered my shaft with her saliva. When she reached the head her tongue licked in the prick hole tasting the precum that was drooling out the tip.

"are you ready daddy?" She lowered her head taking me in her mouth. Sucking and drooling down my shaft as her head was bobbing up and down my shaft. I gently grabbed the back of her head and gently started thrusting in her mouth, she opened her.mouth wider taking me and pretty soon I was fucking her face. I was grunting as she sucked my cock hard. Her hand was inbetween her legs stroking her clit and she was moaning with my cock in her mouth.

She let go me and it flapped up slapping my stomach. Her tongue was on my sac. She took her time.tonguing each nut gently. "do you like this,daddy?" She.asked grabbing my cock and stroking it. "i'll show you swing has a lot of smoking hot sex going on much daddy likes it." I said.pushing myself up on my knee as I guided it into her mouth.

I was pushing in and out of her mouth as I approached orgasm. "Youre going to be a good little slut and swallow everything. I squirt into your mouth." "ooh, daddy I want you to cum in my mouth." She said slurping. I was pumping deep in her mouth. "take me.deeper, baby, I want you

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