Adorable czech model lexi dona pleasures and orgasms

Adorable czech model lexi dona pleasures and orgasms
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My husband and I had been married 16 years, we had no children, we enjoyed our lifestyle and didn't have time for children. I'm 5'9" medium build, dark hair, large tits and long legs. My husband was 6'3" well built with large hands and a large cock. We had an okay sex life, we were both very busy with our careers and by the time we got to bed we were both too knackered for sex. We both had our fantasies, my husband enjoyed watching porn particularly girl on girl action. Me, while I scolded him for watching the stuff, if I had time when he was out I would put one of his DVDs in (I had my favourites) and would lay on the bed and watch.

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Initially I would play with myself, I easily got very wet watching these girls eat each other out, I particularly enjoyed watching a real orgasm, particular when the girl squirts and the other sex swellow my com com drinks it in. Then my fingers didn't seem enough, so I tried holding an electric tooth brush head to my clitty, my climaxes were unbelievable and sent me into juddering spasms as my cunt twitched as if grabbing an imaginery cock and massaging it with my cunt muscles.

In the end the toothbrush wasn't enough and one day when in town I ventured into a sex shop and purchase a little throbbing bullet like vibrator which I used to hold on my clit while fucking my cunt with a hairbrush which seemed to do the trick and left my body tingling when I came. Anyway back to my story, it sauna small anal porn amator turk liseli zorla anal my birthday and my husband had decided I deserved a weekend away so he had booked us into a swanky hotel in London.

We travelled down in the morning, checking in at the hotel, he had booked us into a lovely suite with ensuite bathroom, a small living area and a huge bedroom with a four poster bed. We spent the afternoon sight seeing and returned to our room early evening to shower and change for dinner.

After showering we both sat on the bed in our robes, my husband got up and came to sit beside me and asking me to turn my back to him started to massage my neck and shoulders.

He knows this turns me on and I soon realised we wouldn't be going out to dinner so soon! He rubbed the back of my neck and jenni lee awesome brunette sit in a big cock and got a facial my robe down from my shoulders and stroked my bare skin, his hands then moved to my chest and he softly stroked my nipples causing them both to harden.

The aureoles became tight and wrinkled and my nipples became distended. The soft caresses soon turned to pleasurable/painful pinches and I pushed my head back and moaned at the exquisite pleasure I was feeling. He got up from the bed and turned to face me asking me to stand up.

As I did so his head dropped to my erect nipples and licked and nipped at each one. The heat in my groin started to build as the familiar tingling sensations started to fester in my snatch. He then asked me to lay on the bed on my back, the tingling in my cunt started to become an itch I wanted to scratch as it was a long time since we had the time and energy to pleasure ourselves.

He flicked his tongue across each of my nipples teasing them to once again become hard, he rewarded each nipple with several bites and rolled the tooth clenched nipple with his tongue. By now I had started to clench my legs together as it was the only way I could massage my pussy as I was starting to become very wet and in need of some attention.

I heard a knock at the door of the suite and instantly became rigid with fear as to who could be at the door as we were both by now naked, my husband with a raging stalk of a hard on!

My husband immediately put me at ease saying it would be room service as he'd ordered some champagne for us, he grabbed his robe to cover himself, closed the bedroom door leaving me naked on the bed and as he went out to answer the door little did I realise he had arranged my birthday surprise&hellip., I sat up on the bed waiting for him to return, as the bedroom door opened in walked my husband together with a very petite young girl.

My eyes widened in embarrassment as I lay naked on the bed and hurriedly went to grab my robe. He immediately put his hand out to remove the robe from my reach and said, "Darling, this is Elaine she is my special birthday present for you." With that Elaine unbuttoned her coat and slipped it to the floor revealing her nakedness.

She was about 5'4", very slim, short dark hair, very small tits, a petite but pert arse and a very bald compact pussy. I got up from the bed and went to look at her more closely, as I walked around her examining her young body. "How old are you?" I asked softly. "I am 18, I know I look very innocent, but I am fully experienced in pleasing people." With that she reached out with her tiny hands and stroked my tits, softly caressing each breast and nipple.

I gasped as the electrical feelings this attention created in my body. With that unwritten invitation I softly caressed her face as she stared into my eyes. "You can do what you want to me" she said "whatever your fantasy I am happy to do whatever you ask." I continued to stroke her soft warm skin, my hands tentatively stroked her neck, across her shoulders and down to those little budding breasts. As my hands grazed her nipples, she bit down on her lip and gazed knowingly into my eyes.

Her nipples became hard almost instantly and as I increased the pressure and rolled them between my finger and thumb, her breathing quickened.

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My hands loathing to stop caressing her tits but curiosity wanting to explore further continued down over her belly down towards that special woman's place that I'd fantasised so many times about investigating on another. My hand reached her pussy lips, they were small, tiny even, no puffiness, without even asking she moved her feet further apart to allow me freer access. I teasingly traced past her pussy lips and down onto the inside of her thigh and then because I could not delay a moment longer changed direction up into the folds of her sexiness.

Her cunt lips were wet, so wet, my exploring fingers slipped between them and I rubbed them back and forth between her anus and her clit button. Bringing my moistened fingers out, I brought them to my nose and smelt her muskiness then putting them in my mouth I tasted her. She tasted of sex, of cream, a beautiful taste of nothing I had ever tasted before. Her big eyes watched me licking her sex off my fingers, her lips moist and wanting more.

"Oh my god, you have no idea how sexy that looks!" gasped my husband. In my oblivion that was wholly consumed by having my fantasy in front of me, I had completely forgotten he was still there. He was sitting in one of the arm chairs softly stroking his hard cock watching his wife exploring another woman.

"No, no! Don't stop for me! I'm enjoying the floor show, do carry on!" skinny teen bondage punish my nineteen yearold arse and mouth said hurriedly. I kissed her, my mouth opened into hers, allowing my tongue to roam her mouth and lick hers, she moaned softly as my arms wrapped around her and stroked her buttocks.

My tits pushed into her, our nipples rubbing and touching each other. "I want you to eat me, please." I gasped feeling my cunt becoming more and more aroused. I desperately wanted to enjoy this more than anything, although wanting to explore everything immediately, I wanted to slow it down feeling this to be a dream and wanting it to last as long as possible.

We moved to the bed, she sat me down at the foot of the bed and gently pushed me back. My husband got up and followed us, standing a little away from us but so he could see all that was happening.

She knelt down. "Open your legs for me, show me what you have." she instructed. I straightaway obliged opening myself as wide as I could.

She knelt up on her knees and looked down at me. Each hand lay on my thighs and slid teasingly towards my opening. "My you're wet, I can see globs of your juices oozing from your cunt." she said quietly. Her hands moved into my folds of wetness and she ran both index fingers up and around my clit.

"Oh my god." I groaned. The feelings coursing through my body were electric, tiny shocks rippled through me. She continued to stroke me, opening my pussy folds and revealing my clit button which she massaged in tiny circular motions. I gasped again, willing her in my mind to do more. She then brought her mouth to my pussy and making her tongue pointy she probed my wetness, wiggling it on my clit, causing me to arch my self towards her mouth begging for more.

Her spikey tongue moved up and down my pussy teasing me to the point of overload. Then she flattened her tongue and greedily slurped and lapped up my juices, licking my like a dog cleans itself. It was taking all my strength not to allow my body to orgasm, I had never experienced such attentions before and it was blowing my mind! Her mouth latched onto my clit and making very loud slurping and sucking noises she drew my clit into her mouth.

As she sucked on my button her lips vibrated against it pushing me further and further over the edge. Just as I thought I was going to orgasm she stopped.

She brought her fingers two hot stunners have some naughty fun her mouth and inserted them, licking and lubricating them, making it quite clear to me what she intended to do. Slowly she inserted one in my cunt, she hadn't needed to wet them, my cunt was flooding with juices. She buried her finger into me, feeling my insides, stroking me.

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She brought her finger back out, licked it again, tasting me, letting me see how much she was enjoying herself. She inserted her finger again, then added another, until she had all four fingers into me, massaging my cunt walls back and forward. By now she was pumping her hand back and forth into my cunt.

I figured it must be almost fisting as I tattooed guy bangs a girl on the couch seen on my husband's films but her hands were so small, she had easily stretched my cunt lips to accommodate her, her hand almost felt like a cock.

Her fingers were stroking my insides and pleasuring my g spot. She suddenly clamped her mouth again on my clit and reassumed sucking and massaging my clit. The feelings coursing through my body were blowing me away, my pelvis tipped my clit further into her mouth as my orgasm train started to rumble into town!

"Oh" I gasped "I'm going to come, don't stop, do it, do it there, don't change what you're doing. Pump me, fuck me harder, faster, suck, suck, suck!" "Fuck her, faster, chew on her clit, make her come, eat her!" my husband encouraged, as he watched trying not to squeeze his cock and make himself come. "I'm there, oh, oh, steady, steady not so hard now, gently, suck it gently!" I panted as my orgasm rushed through me, my clit was on fire, I could not let her touch it, so she removed her hand and gently stroked me with her tongue lapping up my cum juices as they pumped out of my gaping cunt.

I lay there gasping for air, eventually my breathing subsided as I came back to earth. "I have never seen anything so fantastic!" my husband enthused. "You were both awesome." Once again I was suddenly reminded that my husband was still in the room. I was instantly feeling guilty that I had sucked up all the attention and he'd just sat there watching.

"Your turn now, Elaine suck my husband's cock." I asked. Elaine went to him and knelt between his legs, taking his cock in petite blonde rubbing pussy and masturbate anal live webcam hands.

Now I know he has a rather large cock but being held by her tiny hands made it look enormous. She stroked his shaft, bring her hand to the tip and squeezing a bead of pre cum juice to the top. She bent forward and licked it off, he groaned in appreciation.

She licked his cock all over, kissed his balls and licked them, sucking little pockets of skin into her mouth. He looked down at her, what she was doing and then over to me, watching them together.

She took him in her mouth, drawing him deeper and deeper into her. I had never been able to give him deep throat so I watched in awe as she took the full length of him into her mouth and down her throat. My husband's head lolled back as he enjoyed the sensations coursing through his body as she sucked greedily on his member. "What do you want to do?" I asked him huskily. "I want her in a 69 position over you, so you can watch my big cock teen michelle can gets her pussy wrecked by jock into her tiny bald pussy." he replied excitedly.

I turned around on the bed so my head was hanging over the foot of the bed and Elaine came and knelt over my face tucking the backs of her legs under my arms. I immediately had a beautiful view of her glistening pussy. My husband came over spreading her lips with his big hands and slid one of his large fingers into her cunt, he slowly slid it in and out right in front of my eyes!

He then slid a second finger in stretching her cunt walls ready to take big tit teen amateur hairy desert rose aka prostitute big, thick cock. "Are you ready?" he asked Elaine, "I'm going to stretch your little cunny with my fat cock, I hope you can take it!" "I'm ready!" she cried, "Give me your cock, let her see it stretching me." He placed the tip of his cock against her opening. This size of it against her tiny cunt hole made me gasp.

"Be careful!" I said, "Don't hurt her, she's tiny." "It's too late to be careful." he said "I'm too far gone not to!" With that he pushed his end into her a little way and withdrew it, his thick bell end glistened covered in her juices, he pushed it back in a little further this time. "Oh god, it is big, you're stretching me. Yeeooww!" she cried as he drew his big member out again and grasping her hips plunged his cock deep into her. From where I lay, I could see her cunt lips stretching beyond words around my husband's truncheon like cock, as he pulled back her skin around his cock stretched and sucked onto his member as he pulled back and bucked back into her.

They were both grunting, him from the effort of fucking her tight hole and her from taking such a big member into her tiny form. I tried to lick her clit but my husband's balls kept banging against me preventing me from latching my mouth onto her.

Instead I fingered her button, massaging her harder and harder as he his cock fucked her harder and faster. I could hear the sticky wet base of his cock slapping against her wet fanny. "Please." she grunted "Diddle my clit faster, make me cum please!" I could see my husband's balls tightening, so I quickly increased the circular motions and pressure on her love button.

"I'm gonna cum!" my husband grunted. "Wait!" I shouted "Just slow down a minute." I was flicking her clit so fast I was getting cramp in my hand. She started to pant faster "I'm cumming, fuck me, fuck me, flick my bean harder, harder!" My husband started to pump so hard into her I thought he was going to break her in half! As she started to cum, I could see her cunt muscles gripping and stroking his cock as he came too, shooting rafts of rafts of cum into her tiny little waiting cunt.

"Uh, uh!!" he panted as the last of his sperm left his cock and he slowly slid his exhausted member in and out of her slippery hole. I licked her clit gently as she lay on top of me panting, I could feel her heart thudding as she lay against my stomach. My husband held himself in her for some time until his erection had shrunk and plopped out of it's own accord.

As it uncorked her hole, she dripped some fluid onto my top lip. I stuck my tongue out to taste it and tasted my husband's cum and her juices too. "Sit up!" I hissed urgently, arousing her from her prone state "I want to taste both your cum juices." She pushed herself upright and squatted over my face as the first glob of white cum juice travelled down her cunt hole and as it started to drip down, I stuck my tongue out and caught it and sucked the stringy blob of juice into my mouth.

I could taste him and her, their juices mingled together in a cocktail of sex. I brought my mouth closer to her and sucked some more of their juices into my mouth, I sucked and sucked until I could not siphon any more out of her. I looked across to my husband, who was now sat back in a chair watching me eat his and Elaine's juices. He grinned at me, his cock was already hard again, he must have been wanking his cock as he watched his wife eating their fuck buddy out.

"What do you want now my love?" he asked, "Do you want to be fucked this time?" "Yes please." I whispered "but I want her to flick my clit at the same time." I laid on the bed, he grabbed a pillow and shoved it under my arse to lift me up so he could penetrate me better. I brought my knees up to my sides and grasped my ankles so I was completely open for him. Without hesitation he rammed his cock straight into my cunt causing me to gasp. "Elaine, please come and love my clitty." I asked throatily.

She scrambled across the bed and lay with her head and shoulders down by my hips so she could reach my pussy. My husband started to pump his delicious cock into me and Elaine started to massage my clit with her fingers. As he fucked me harder, he looked into my eyes as I looked back at him and at Elaine ebony hoe jazzi gets bent over by her lawyer me.

I had never experienced such highs, I could never have believed that sex could be so good with another girl involved.

As his orgasm started to mount, Elaine expertly stroked my clit harder and harder until I felt my own climax start to come to the boil. I reached over and inserting three of my fingers in her wet cunt, I started to pump at her in the same rhythm as my husband was fucking me. He grasped my hips and fucked me harder and harder, as I finger fucked her cunt as hard as I could. "Faster, faster!

Fuck me harder, faster don't stop!" Elaine screamed. "I'm cumming, keeping diddling my clitty, fuck me, fuck me harder, faster, that's it I'm there don't stop, oh, oh, slow down, don't touch my clit!" I screamed. As for my husband, not a word as he watched us both racked to a climax our bodies spasming and writhing around as we came. He grunted into my cunt as his cock shot another load of cum out of him. I could feel his hot sperm shooting into the back of my cunt, wad after wad until he finally stopped pumping into me.

He withdrew his now limp and exhausted cock out of me and collapsed into the chair not even feeling like he could stand. My husband and I were exhausted but still Elaine seemed to keep going. She got off the bed and went over to my husband and gently licked his cock clean of our juices although he wanted to desperately, he did not have the strength to become hard again.

She then came to me and sucked and licked our juices leaving my pussy sore but clean. Elaine put her coat back on and said her goodbyes. "Happy birthday my love" my husband said. "Don't worry I have her number, we can see her again if you want to!"