White girl groped in bus

White girl groped in bus
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I got up early the next morning and went to the eating area, sitting alone for awhile. I was still thinking about what happened last night, how I was no longer a virgin.

I wasn't sure if I was going to tell anyone, if it was really important. Well, of course it was important, but was it the type of thing you tell anyone?

Would Keenan want me to tell anyone? Then again, who would I tell besides Kristy? Unless I wanted to scar the ten year old girls we were camping with, and get killed by the leaders, there was no one to tell.

I wanted to see him again, but I didn't know what I could do. Peter and Kristy had tonight, so that was out of question. And I couldn't ask the leaders for another day with the scouts, even if I wanted to then they would get suspicious.

I didn't want to see all the scouts again, I wanted to avoid Rob like the plague. I'm sure he would want the same thing.

Slowly, girls start to come into the area, all talking among themselves. None of them talked to me, which I was pretty happy about. I wanted to be alone, not really talk to anyone. I knew that wouldn't last though, eventually someone was going to come over to me.

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I wanted to try and clear my head though. Now that Keenan and I had actually done it, my mind was swimming with images of him every second of the day. I still felt. Something for him. But I really didn't know what anymore. The feeling was so much weaker now, as much as I hated to admit it. Kristy walked over to me after a few minutes and smiled brightly. I wasn't going to tell her what happened, didn't feel like it. Didn't feel like she needed to know.

"Hey!" She says and sits down. "Hey." I smile. "Sleep well?" She nods. "Yup." She says happily. "How was it last night?" I shrug. "Fine. Nothing happened." I lie and she shrugs. "Maybe next time." She says and then gets a bottle of water from the front. "So we're doing that stupid scavenger hunt thing today, right?" I look at her. "I don't know. Maybe?" She rolls her eyes. "You're so responsible." She laughs. "We all get three girls to go with, look after." I nod.

"Alright." I smile lightly. Maybe a day off without seeing Keenan was good for me. It was probably just what I needed to think things through. * * * * * I walked with my three girls, Sophia, Morgan and Brooke. They were talking among themselves, Chinese teen fucked by big asian dick carried most of the supplies. I actually managed to go a couple of minutes without thinking about Keenan.

I was getting over it, not that I wanted to get over him. But I was just coming to terms with the fact that I was no longer a virgin. As we walked, collecting all the small nature items on our list, we got further and further from our camp.

It didn't mandy muse and danny d, we had another two hours of the scavenger hunt, and I knew my way of going back. But I didn't want to run into another group, not just us and the scouts were camping there.

Usually, on a given week, there were five to ten groups. "Eliza, where are we going?" I look at Sophia and shrug. "I don't know, just look for the stuff on your list." I say. She nods and then looks ahead. "Are the scouts doing the scavenger hunt too?" I look ahead and my heart drops into my stomach.

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Rob was with two of the younger sweet chick amy wants to fuck large massive hard dick smalltits and hardcore scouts. I didn't know what they were doing, probably something totally different from us. "Probably not." She nods and he looks over and smiles lightly. I smile back, not sure what to do. Brooke looks at me and smiles. "Can we go say hi?" She asks. I sigh lightly and nod.

"Sure." I say and walk over with them. "Hey." The kids start to talk right away, leaving Rob and I alone. I smile at him awkwardly, just keeping an eye on the kids. "So you met with Keenan last night?" He asks quietly and I glance at him. "Yeah. Why do you care?" I ask and he shrugs. "Curious really." He shrugs.

"I don't get it though. Meeting with a guy you barely know to screw in a forest?" I roll my eyes. "Again, why do you care? What's your problem with him?" "Maybe it has nothing to do with him." He says.

"Maybe, I am actually into you." "You don't know me." I tell him and he laughs. "That's funny coming from the girl who got some guy off in a forest." He says and I start to talk but he cuts me off.

"Don't worry, he didn't tell me anything. But from witnessing yesterday with Kristy and Peter, I can make an assumption." "Why are you being such a douche?" I growl and he rolls his eyes.

"How is it douchey to point out the obvious? You act like me liking you is wrong, then you do the exact same thing with Keenan." He sighs. "Whatever. You two seem very happy together." I sigh, thinking of what to say.

He was right in a way, I was doing the exact same thing with Keenan that he wanted to do with me. "Look, Rob." I sigh. "I'm sorry about what happened. It was just. You kissed me, and I was in the moment. I didn't mean to lead you on." He nods slowly. "Well thanks Eliza." He says, looking back at the kids. "Just know, your making a fantasy in your head of what will happen, just like I'm doing.

Whatever you expect will happen with Keenan. I wouldn't bet on it." I look at him. "What aren't you telling me about him?" He groans. "I wish I could tell you some horrible shit about Keenan, but he really is a golden boy.

But that's as far as I know. Then again, I don't know any flawless people who mess around with girls they just met." "You mean like you?" I ask and he shrugs. "Hey, I'm not perfect. But with my flaws you see them. Personally, I would rather play with a devil who wears his problems on his sleeves, then one who tucks them away. With me you know what you would get into, I can tell you literally everything wrong with me because I have nothing to hide, and I'm a horrible liar.

With him. No one is that perfect Eliza." I sigh, not wanting to think about it. I knew that if I thought about it enough, he would luscious teenie becomes lewd during sex hardcore massage to make sense.

That I would totally regret my decision. "I trust Keenan." He looks at me. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said any of that." He says and then sighs.

"I barely know him too, I just met him three months ago. I just don't like seeing people get used. He could be a great guy." I nod and then look at the girls. "We should go." I say and he nods. "Alright. Can we meet tomorrow morning? By the water pipe?" He asks. "It's just to talk." I nod slowly.

"Yeah, sure." I say and then look at the girls. "Time to go guys!" Sweet sweetie opens up juicy slit and gets devirginized say, putting on a fake smile as we walk away. I way versus pmv video game edit final xvideoscom pawg ass no idea what I was doing anymore.

* * * * * The rest of the day was fine, our group finished second last, coming only behind Kristy's group that got lost and was half an hour late coming back to camp. Either way everyone got a prize, some candy to make sure the girls are extra energized. I wanted to talk to Kristy during the night, but she had left as soon as everyone else was asleep to go meet Peter.

I wanted to just back out of meeting Rob. It felt weird being with him, I didn't know how I felt around him. With Keenan it was easy, I felt so happy around him. With Rob, it was a different kind of happy.

I couldn't get his words out of my head. Maybe Keenan wasn't as great as I thought, maybe I was ignoring huge signs that he was just lying to me for sex. I didn't want to believe it, and there was no real reason to. Rob had no reason to tell me the truth, he could spin his own web of lies to japan futanari dickgirls weird upright missionary sex me to leave Keenan and go lustful babe marilyn greedily sucks his hunk bf with a huge boner him.

I did get up early the next morning, slipping out of the tent so no one would see. I walked the small trail for ten minutes before arriving at the water pipe that we shared with the scouts. Rob leaned against the fence, not seeing me yet. I walk over to him.

"Hey." I say quietly and he looks over to me. "Hey." He sighs lightly. "I need to tell you something." I look at him. "What?" I was expecting something bad. That he had found out something horrible about Keenan, like he slept with hundreds of girls and he was just lying to me.

"I told Keenan that I kissed you." He says and sighs as I walk over next to him. "Why?" I ask and he shrugs. "I don't know." He sighs. "Look, now almost everything is out in the open, I like you, he knows I like you.

I know he likes you. The only variable, is who you like. I'm guessing it's Keenan, but if you didn't like me you wouldn't meet with me. You would flip out when I suggested he was a douche." I sigh hard. "I like Keenan, Rob." "Are you sure?" He asks. "Yes!" I snap and glare at him. "Then why did you come here?" He asks and I pause. "I don't fucking know anymore." I mutter. "Look. If you want, just say the word and I'm gone. We can go back to being people who don't know each other, spend the rest of the week avoiding each other.

The last time I counted, there are two days left. Including today, that won't be difficult." I nod. "Or.?" "Or you could give me a chance, the same chance you gave him. You spend hours with him, we've had collectively, maybe forty five minutes. Give me some time. I swear, I would not be this pushy if I didn't care so much about what you thought." I look at him.

"Why do you care so much?" He shrugs. "Because you're probably the first person I've been totally comfortable with. Basically the first girl I've been able to talk to without totally freaking out." I look at him, then lean in and kiss him softly. I wasn't thinking about Keenan in that very moment, as far as I was concerned, he didn't exist. I knew I would feel horrible after, that I would feel like I betrayed Keenan.

But the thought kept popping back into my mind, what Kristy said. Was I attached to Keenan just because we had sex? Would being with Rob be cheating on Keenan. I wasn't thinking straight. I was kissing Rob deeper now, him holding me close. He was slower than Keenan. Keenan was gentle, loving, but still different than Rob.

Rob seemed to want to savour every moment he had with me because he knew this could be the one moment we had together. I took Rob's hand and lead him deeper into the forest, somewhere no one could see us. I didn't know what we were going to do, how far we were going to go. I lay down with him as he hovered over me, kissing me deeply. My breathing got heavy, I started to get wet from his touch.

He leaned down and began to kiss my neck lightly, making me moan. I couldn't hold back, wanting to get release. He looked at me, then kissed me on the lips one more time before slipping his hand down into my sweat pants.

He began to rub the fabric of my panties. I groaned as he pressed down, then lipped his hand under my panties, touching my bare pussy.

His fingers worked my clitoris, swirling little circles around it as he kissed me. I moaned into his mouth as his fingers went from working my clitoris to invading my opening. In that moment, nothing in the world existed except for Rob and I. He inserted one finger inside of me to start, my juices making it easy to go in. He then put in a second one as he began to pump them in and out, his thumb rubbing my clit.

As he increased speed I felt my climax coming. I wanted to hold off, but he didn't make it easy. My legs began to shake as I let out one last moan, trying to keep my voice down. I finish on his fingers as he looks at me.

I pant as we lay in silence for awhile. He sighs and then looks at me. "You should go back to your camp." He says and I nod and stand. I look at him. "Bye Rob." I say as we walk back to the water pipe. I look at him and then lean in and kiss him softly. "What the fuck?" We both turn around to see Keenan, staring at us. * * * * * * I know this chapter was kind of weird, but I am still unsure of what I am going to do with the story, so I want to keep both options of Keenan and Rob going.

This was a Rob centric chapter, so. Yeah. Anyways, as I said up top, REVIEW! Please, I love reading your input, it is so much fun, you guys are what keep me inspired. So post your opinions, or whatever you want.

Thanks for reading!