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MARCUS THE TAXI DRIVER, PART 2 No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story. INTRODUCTION: THE MARCUS STORIES: I drove a cab for a number of years and some of the experiences that Marcus encountered were similar to mine.

But, he is not me. He is my surrealistic cabbie. He lives with one foot firmly planted in reality and the other way out there in his imaginations. Sometimes he confuses the two for each other and other times doesn't connect them together, even though they often cover the same scenarios, just by wildly different perspectives.

TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1.ICE 2.MARCUS IN CHAINS 3.BORDERS 4.WITH MIND'S EYE 5.THE TRIAL 6. REDEMPTION 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 ICE: Here I am again with time on my hands. Seventh in a row at the 'Q' here at the airport of Big City. Three airplanes coming in, in quick order, so I should get at least one ride, maybe two out of it. Just need to be patient and keep what little sanity that I have while I wait.

Had a blowup with Burt the other day. He got just so surly that it was dampening the whole spirit of our shared condo. I told him to find somewhere else to hang out for a few days and he took me up on it. Not like he shares in any of the expenses here or does anything constructive while he is here anyway.

I do miss having another soul present though. After he had been gone for several days, Prissy his main squeeze, showed up looking for him. I explained to her that he was gone for a few days visiting friends. She wasn't buying it. Or she was guessing what kind of friends that that might be.

You know how a female's face contorts and the eyes look askance when a presumed lie, or at least something unwelcome is said to them. Well, hold that picture in your mind and you will have a good idea of what I was facing in an angry female at my door. There was 'ice' in her eyes. She did have a glow about her and a heaviness of the body. Could this be relevant? Well, if there are the patter of little feet in their future, I am already blonde teen charlyse bella having sex with bf for their inquiring of raising them here.

I don't think so. And when Bart comes back, he is going to have some serious 'splainin' to do with her. I don't want to be anywhere near that! Been getting a series of phone calls from a longtime lover, they are 'restricted' so that I don't know the number and can't call back. This is so that things won't be spoiled with her current boyfriend. She is pregnant by him and the girl that they are making will be a real 'scorcher' if she at all takes after them in looks.

She still likes to see me once in a while, though there is 'ice' in her eyes when she does. A year ago she told me that nothing that we have done means anything to her. It was a moment of anger by her, but probably quite revealing as to the true nature of our relationship.

However, she is a fine lover and she likes the modest donations that I make to her support in return. Close to the perfect arrangement. Would like her to quit calling while I am at work though, it is very annoying. I haven't seen Eleanor for a few weeks. Someone else is driving her to her appointments.

It is giving me a break from her forwardness with me. Maybe she will find another target. Could that be wishful thinking? I think so. And Jazzmine is fading from my mind, not the memory, but the sting. Hopefully it will morph into just a pleasant memory of the few good times that we had.

Wow, I just moved up one spot in the 'Q.' Only six more till my turn for a ride. Thinking about 'ice' reminds me of some of my experiences with such. First of all, you should know that the ice that we get on the streets here is very different from that which is gotten in the other parts of the country.

We get our snow in the late morning, up to six inches. Then it warms up enough during the day to make it into a very wet slush. When it starts to turn dark in the evening, any of it still on the pavement turns immediately to rink blonde chloe licks her stepmoms wet pussy ice. Not the piled up 'white ice' that is seen in Alaska or the Midwest for instance. It is deadly dangerous on hills, even with studs or chains. The only thing that really helps is to put sand on it.

It then becomes very tame to drive on. But, Big City sold most of its road snow equipment a few years ago, since it doesn't snow here for very long at a time or that often either. A cost saving effort that results in exorbitantly high road costs due to having now to hire independent contractors to help with the road messes during these infrequent icy conditions. With limited resources, many of the hilly streets are left unmanaged.

People live on those streets, so we have to try to help them. You can see now, the crux of the problem. Two years ago, I was sent on a call up one of these hills, and missed my cutoff turn and ended up on a very icy hill on the wrong road. I made it up the block about three quarters of the way. Unfortunately that wasn't enough to get the job done. I lost traction even though I had four wheel drive with studs. On this kind of ice they just ride on the surface with little effect.

I felt my cab slip backwards on the ice and then become high-centered on the lower corner of the right hand alley corner curbing. I couldn't budge an inch. While I was explaining this to Biff the co-owner, who wanted to know what the fuck I was doing to his van, a police S.U.V. pulled up in the opposite alley entrance to see what was going on. Especially since my vehicle was pointing at a 45 degree angle uphill into the near lane.

I think that he was about to appraise me of this when he fell right on to his butt. He then contained his embarrassment and anger and advised me to 'stay in the vehicle.' This was exactly the opposite of what Biff was ordering me to do. While this discussion proceeded with loud anger going both ways on the telephone, a large four-wheel drive pick-up decided to brave the same hill and passed me on my left going between my van and the police S.U.V.

to both of our surprises. He made it to just about where I had lost my traction and then I got a ringside seat to watch him slowly slip backward towards my van.

I even got to call all the ensuing action to my still infuriated boss. He could hear the 'ker-chunk' too, when the impact arrived! Biff again ordered me to check on my cab, so I managed to get out the passenger side on to some frozen grass which supplied a privat amateure geiles amateur teeny macht es vor der cam tube porn better footing than the street did. The pickups trailer hitch was impaled into my van's radiator and the fluid was leaking out all over the road.

When I reported this in, I was ordered to get all of the insurance info and then move the van down the hill and park it till it could be fetched in the morning. Through a very loud and intense interchange over the radio and phone, the point was made that I wasn't going anywhere until the pick-up was moved and someone else who was more skilled than I would have to move the van down the street while stuck on the curb with no fluid in the cooling system.

Just about then, a sanding truck came by and gave us all a little traction. Then a wrecker came by and pulled the pick-up from me. After that another more skilled taxi company driver came and backed the van down the hill.

I went home shook up and infuriated at everyone involved. Had a drink of milk and then slept soundly the rest of the night. Next morning things worked out fine, just as they nearly always do. And my cab was already fixed, it just took a traded-out radiator and a little metal work. Ran fine and had no discernable body damage. Boss growled lightly at me, "Please take better care of it today!" I nodded and went out to try to make us both some money. Hey, I am up another spot, now I am in # 5.

My 'lucky day' can come anytime, soon as far as I am concerned! Last year we only had one week of snow here in Big City.

It fell when it was well below freezing and it remained in that temperature range until the last night when a light rain fell on to it. It was quite easy to drive on until then.

Sexy cute teen angry boybosss have no problem kicking their girlpartners out of the car

The rain immediately removed all of the compacted snow above and left us with the slickened frozen ice underneath to produce deadly driving conditions.

I received a call to take a couple home from a party very late at night. Their apartment was located in the back of a large apartment complex. They demanded to be taken to the back door, which would produce a very much easier entrance for them. We as drivers always have the final say on these kinds of things.

We are not required to do anything illegal, unethical, dangerous or stupid. In this case, I had been up this alley before from the opposite direction and it is steep. But, since I would be dropping them off and going down straight to down the alley, I thought that this would work out fine. They appreciated the effort on my part and gave me a decent tip. I then faced the dicey downhill trip down an icy alley in the dark.

As I began the trip down very slowly in first gear to control my speed, I noticed that I had zero traction with my tires even with the studs. The front wheels were just going any-where they wanted to and more specifically not where I wanted them to go. I tried to backup but could get no traction to do that either. I wasn't down the hill very far, so I tried to get a group of young men making their way on foot gingerly up the alley to give me a push up.

But, they could barely walk on the ice and could get no traction to actually push me. Valiant effort on their part. And by then I could see down to the bottom of the alley hill to see cars completely lining the other side of the very narrow road cutting across past end of the alley. Worst of all, someone else had tried to bring their car up the alley from where I was trying to go down, and had gotten themselves stuck at the corner, effectively blocking me from any hope of exit in that direction.

No way up and no way down. I reported to dispatch about this situation and they told me to hold tight. It would be at least three hours before a tow truck could help me due to the abundance of calls from, you guessed it, the ice.

I was going to lose all of this money making time and suffer the frustration of being stuck on the hill. Yeah, sure. Right about then, a guy walked past me going downhill. I got out of the vehicle very carefully and yelled at him, "Is that your car, stuck down at the end?" He replied that it was.

I asked him to come back up. I had an inspiration about the sand bags in the trunk. Dispatch had ordered me to not use them, but I was determined to get out of this in some way, and I would pay the nominal cost to replace them if they could force that.

So, I asked the guy to help me get him out of his predicament with my sand and then that would open the way for me. He helped me kelly madison all wet solo bathtub masturbation huge naturals big boobs the very heavy bag down the slippery alley and we quickly got him on his way with the sand being spread around. While we were doing that we had to wave off another car that was about to put itself into the same spot as the recently freed driver had been in.

Before he left, he helped me spread some of the sand on the surface up the hill and around my vehicle. It didn't take much and it worked fine. I made it down the hill and around the corner to the main road which was clear. When I reported back in that I was freed, not one mention was made of the sand that I had used. Not the next day, either. Probably because the sand that I had used was much cheaper than having the cab pulled out by a tow truck, don't you think?

OK, up to number four spot, now. Reminds me of what happened in Nordic Village Angelica heart and black angelika anal lesbians a few years ago, when I was sent to pick up a guy going to a dentist appointment on a very snowy day. It was over eight inches high in the area of the pick-up. He was supposed to meet me at a park-n-ride lot near the freeway.

He wasn't there. I pulled into the lot to make sure and then got myself very stuck in the snow. It was so high that it high-centered my vehicle with no way to get any traction.

After I reported in my No-Show and my predicament. I sat thinking of my situation. Then I remembered a technique that I had learned while in the military in Alaska.

It is called. 'Rockin' the Boat.' What you do is alternate quickly from forward to backward with the transmission. It tends to pack down what is underneath the vehicle and to make a trench to drive in for the wheels. When done correctly it quickly produces enough momentum to plow through the rest of the snow to the open road. It japanese sweetheart receives a hard fuck hardcore and blowjob beautifully.

And impressed the dispatcher, too. Oh damn, another restricted call. Even though I am not driving, I have no inclination to answer it. But, let's see how long it is between calls. I count out 99 seconds. She jenna marie back seat boning hardcore blowjob an obsessive caller and repeatedly calls till answered. From the time that she calls till the next call is usually 25 seconds.

She tells me that she is only seeing me, besides her live-in boyfriend that is. But for a variety of reasons, I know that that isn't true. For instance she is shaving her pussy, something that she doesn't do just for me or her boyfriend, but only if she is seeing other guys. And when she calls, I know that it isn't just for me. She is calling all of her guys, to get one to answer. So the 99 seconds indicates that she is calling at least two, if not three other guys, hoping for one of us to answer.

Well, it can be one of the other guys today as far as I am concerned. My heart is feeling ……&hellip.'icy'…&hellip. today. Up to number three now. Here comes some more people looking for rides. Great, I will be on my way soon. 222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 Marcus In Chains The 'love fabric' of the handsome couple is mighty frayed these days.

Burt eventually showed up and Prissy did too, very quickly afterwards. I am guessing that his explanations of his lengthy absence from loving bliss with her didn't float. There was a terrible row that had the whole neighborhood up in arms.

I heard faint threats of black and white cars coming into the complex. The fur was flying fast and furious at my place. I asked them politely and then not so politely to take it out of doors. So that the neighbors could admire the intensity of their temper tantrums, I guess. My suggestions were of no help at all. When I withdrew from the conflict, it started to calm down rather rapidly.

So much for intercession into other people's arguments. I also determined from this that the anger of a pregnant female is an 'act of nature.' The fury displayed is amazing on any perceived level and not to be needlessly engendered nor trifled with. Lesson learned. Eleanor popped a surprise on me this week. I hadn't seen her for several weeks as I had other assignments during that time, like being among the undead in the cemetery called the 'Q' at the airport.

I must have made someone in dispatch happy, or maybe they tired of my grousing, since I now was back in the saddle again. I knew that she had a birthday coming up, and I supposed that it was to be her sixteenth, since she had been going by being 15 during the time that I have known her.

But, for some reason that I couldn't fathom, she had been fifteen for several years and was actually going to be sixteen soon. Oh what a thrill that was to consider, especially with her renewed interest in me. I had hoped for time for her to turn her attention to another, preferably someone around her own age. No such luck. I am going to have to find another whole set of excuses for not picking her up at the library on Tuesdays.

And since she is now a woman on a mission, it is going to be dicey at best. She upped the ante in the cab by not only sexting me with her tits and pussy, but she played with it this time getting it very wet.

Even with only a rear view mirror to keep track of her, it was very difficult to keep my eyes on the road. And if I try to get her out of eye shot, she girl gives blowjob in library first time the more badmoms the better up a real fuss which puts a mid-thirty aged driver in a very precarious position against the word of a teenage girl.

Somehow it has gotten into the head of grown up professionals that kids don't lie. I guess that they have totally forgotten their own childhood and the little monsters that gave them so much trouble in that way.

Maybe they think that they only don't lie in regard to adults. Educated idiocy! I don't know what to do, so I will stall while I think up a plan. She will know, but it will give her a chance to torment me even more, much to her delight.

I know what will happen if I give in. I will find myself fucking a sixteen year old in my home (and enjoying it) with either her getting pregnant or something very much worse happening. She better be really hot in bed, if it goes that far, since I will probably have to live on memories of it for the rest of my life while I fend of hairy Neanderthals in prison.

While stopping at a gas station to get something to at least partially occupy my empty stomach, I for some unknown reason remembered a trip I made to the south end of Cammarack island.

It is west of Viking Village City. They call it an island, but it is a glorified ditch that the bridge goes over to get to it. Don't even know if the water is salty underneath it but the rest of hard core and yung girl fukd first time island (?) is surrounded by The Sound.

Dispatch sent me down with an address, a name, a telephone number and a time of pick-up. All of the info was inaccurate to some degree.

It was at least a ten mile trip down the island after a twenty five mile trip to the bridge. They don't take deposits by credit card on these far pick-up points, but expect us to find them and then collect a deposit when we get there. Right!! I get there to pick the guy up and find out that the call was placed by a friend of his, that he was a half mile away and that he refused to ride, because he didn't want to give a deposit.

It took me an extra thirty minutes to find him and he was walking away when I did. I waited for a few minutes more to see if he would change his mind. No such luck. Over an hour of time and seventy miles of driving (and its gas) with nothing to show for it, except my time at minimum wage.

I have had a number of memorable riders in my cab. The quietest were an U.S. Air Force Colonel father and his daughter. They didn't say a word on the trip. Their destination was printed on a card and handed to me the driver when I picked them up.

The loudest was a 26 year old lady named Ria, who acted like she was only 14. Very strange. Funny, but it seems that all of the others just seem to mesh into some unrecognizable horny milf and teen unexpected practice with an older gentleman mishmash over time.

Memory is a complicated thing. Oh drats, there is the call for me to go to the airport 'Q.' Time for me to muse a bit I guess. There is a story that I wrote a few years ago that comes to mind. It is about paper clips and clothes hangers. I think that it goes like this. Hell with that, it is too long for the payoff that paperclips fall out of men's trousers and when they get to a certain mass in a pile molt and turn into hangers.

Cute, boring. Look! There it is. A bright light flashing through the night sky of my mind's eye. It is Jazzmine sending a message to me, with love and no pain.

It warms my heart and I feel at peace with the world. OK, OK. Here I am in the 'Q' again, pondering the state of the universe, which seems to get along just fine with no aid from me. Figure that. Among the things that I ponder on are how we use words in everyday speech. For instance, what about the comparative implied measure of the words that we use?

Words like: few, many, a lot and such. What do they mean numerically? What value would we assign to them? In thinking on this matter, I of course came with a suggested quantity for each of them.

'Zero' or 'none' is obvious, zero out of 100 or any other quantity that you could come up with. Now few, would have to be more than none, since a quantity is indicated above zero, but low, too.

So, I came up with an array of one to five out of a hundred. A third is assigned the value of 33/34. So, we need something between a 'few' and a 'third.' Perhaps we could use the term, 'some' to cover that.

Now we have the array from a third to half. We could use the term, 'a number of' to cover that range. Starting with 51 out of a hundred to 2/3 we could use the term 'many.' And from 2/3 to 99 we could use the term, 'most all,' followed by the term 'all' for 100 out of a hundred. Looky there, one of the eternal quests of the centuries, cured right before your eyes. Still parked and so will have to think of another universal challenge to share with you, like identifying and making use all of the two and three letter word combinations that are apparently unused in English, despite the rush to introduce multi-syllabic concoctions that serve us no better.

This is meant to ignore anagrams that use few letters but are not real words. This is meant to use the combinations as real words with assigned meanings. For instance the letter combination of 'wor.' It has no dictionary meaning that I can find and so is useable as far as I can tell for something that needs an identifiable label.

It would likely be a homonym of the word 'war' or nearly so. So, it would need to be assigned a meaning that would be readily identifiable in a sentence as different from the word 'war.' So, let's get busy and see if something can be identified as fitting for this word.

Perhaps an alien planet or such. Oh yeah, just had a longtime girlfriend borrow $200 and immediately disappear, with no phone calls. Just her way of saying goodbye, I guess. And cheaper in the long run, too. 33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 BORDERS: Burt is over on the couch, studiously ignoring the 'kids.' Just like a man, or at least a lot of them.

Enjoys the process of making the babies, but soon loses much of his interest with them after they come out of the hatch. Oh he plays with them when the fancy strikes him, and he and they enjoy that very much.

But, just when Prissy could use some help or even a rest from them, he is usually conveniently gone. Eleanor has become much more insistent lately. It is becoming a real source of irritation for me. And no small amount of fear, too. With the age difference and my professional standing, it puts me at a distinct disadvantage if there ever developed a difference of opinion on what is going on. And she is pushing it very determinately. She isn't satisfied to be in the back middle seat flashing me anymore.

Now she insists on being in the front seat and at her current age of 16, that is permissible according to the law. As long as she has her seat belt on, that is. And with it on, it definitely limits her ability to push her intentions on to me. But, I have to be very insistent on her wearing it, for safety's sake and to prevent an expensive ticket, which at her age it is indecisive as whether it would be her or I that gets the ticket.

It is one of the few aces-in-the-hole that I have in fending her off. She keeps bringing up a conversation that I was supposed to have had with her, where I supposedly promised to meet her at the library or the 7-11 down the street from her house. That detail changes at random. And that I was supposed to take her to my place and we were to make love there.

Not that that idea doesn't have its blonde hottie and her brunette girlfriend have lesbian sex. She is a delicious example of young womanhood. But, I don't want to spend the rest of my life in San Quentin or where ever they put child abusers now.

And I feel a deep responsibility to preserve whatever good reputation that my employer has in the community, too. I need to talk to Biff about this very soon. Perhaps he will know how to diffuse the situation to protect me and the company and also hurt her feelings the least. I sure hope so, he had been in the cab business for a long time. Here comes the turnoff to sultry secretary giving head to her boss to the airport.

Aw yes, I am going to the taxicab graveyard again, the 'walk-up' 'Q' at the airport. And damn, there are four cars ahead of me, so I will be here for a while even if more than one plane arrives soon.

So I guess I am free to exercise my random memories again to entertain myself while I await a paying customer. Speaking of paying customers, every once in a while, I get someone who thinks that a cab should give them a free ride. I can't imagine where that thought comes from. Perhaps some kind of expansive wishful thinking, I surmise. This is possibly fueled on by the assumption of many that all of the rest just exist to serve them, with very limited responsibility on their part to return favors or to 'pay forward.' Must make them very lonely, since few people like to be used in that manner.

I have never offered one, and only four people have managed to skip out without paying in my eight years of driving. Not a bad average I would guess. Sitting here thinking randomly and some of my adventures at the border come to mind.

Big City is only about twenty miles south of the Canadian border, so we get many assignments to cross over. I have done so more than 600 times in my driving career and a number of times as a civilian, too. I have crossed so many times that many of the guards know me on sight.

Since they have so many people to check carefully, they seem to enjoy seeing ones that they have a very high confidence level in. For a time I crossed over several times each week on a regular basis for more than three years. Whenever a pattern like this becomes evident, it causes their suspicion genes to become over active. So, at one point in this time frame, they checked me out on four out of five trips. Usually they use a random number book to designate who is going to be stopped for extra attention during low risk times.

But, with my highly repeated trips, they decided to check it out often to determine if I was up to something that they should take notice of. They used multiple dogs and at least four agents to very carefully check out my cab, especially underneath each time. They found nothing, because I don't play those kinds of games.

Evidently one of the influences that led them to give me special attention is that they caught another cab company driver trying to sneak someone across the border. At least that is what I was told, but he is still driving, so I am not sure.

Haven't seen him take a trip over the border for some time, though. One time I carried a couple of East Indian ethnic Canadian men to the border from Big City. When I got to the border, I dropped them off at the Duty Free store and prepared to turn back into the U.S. direction with a left hand turn lane that the border guards had provided.

But, since I had been there before, they had blocked off that way. I was stuck in the traffic going over the border and had no paid licenses to operate in Canada, since they are paid for a day and there had been no anticipation of me going over on that trip. They have to be paid before the trip through the border or the driver can be subject to a combined $1500 fine.

Biff says that he would pay it. I would hate to test him out on that and besides it would still go on my record and make it even more difficult for me to cross the border. And I would lose all of the 'goodwill' that I had patiently built up with the border personnel. When I got to the guard station, I explained the situation and asked to merely circle around the station and head back to the U.S, with profound apologies for the apparent misdeed.

The young lady guard was irritated by all of this and began to question me about why I was at the border anyway. I told her that I had transported two gentlemen from Big City to the border and got stuck in the traffic coming through because the previous left hand turn lane was now blocked. She knew about that and was prepared to overlook my misfortune.

But, then she focused on to the two men that I had transported and dropped on the U.S. side, with them presumably going to cross over into Canada on foot. When she found out that they were East Indian, all hell broke out. Her eyes flashed and she began to be very demanding and insulting of me.

She then wrote out a 'yellow slip' designating me for special interrogation inside of the Canadian border office (called secondary) right next door. I braced myself up for facing that, since I had as a matter of course try anal fisting lesbo dildoing and ass fisting tube porn through that many times. But, she evidently wanted to pursue this on her own, since she had another guard take over her post and followed me in.

She had me surrender my license and take a seat to await their pleasure in dealing with me. After having me sit there for a half-hour, during which they very determinately searched my cab (I could see them in action through the window,) they finally called me up to the counter to pursue further their investigation of this situation. Since they seemed to have no inclination to bother me over the traffic situation and the crossing without the usual permits, they focused on the two gentlemen that I had transported to near the border.

I could tell that there was at least some ethnic discrimination involved by their attitude. During her questioning she zeroed in on my dropping them off at the Duty Free store so close to the border and advised me that if they were illegals or did anything illegal in Canada, I could be held accountable.

This is where I raised myself up tall and looked her in the face: "Ma'am, I have the highest respect for the important work that you do. It can be very dangerous and is important to the welfare of both of our nations.

However, in the U.S. we have the right of free-transit. In other words, any citizen in the U.S. or even visitors can travel anywhere in the U.S. unless it is a designated limited access area or the person, himself, had been lawfully forbidden access to that area. These men that I transported showed no signs of being illegal in any way. We also have antidiscrimination laws in the U.S. and don't officially assume anything about a person because of his ethnicity." I continued, "I am merely a transportation agent and have no special expertise in medical or security procedures.

Besides, if an airline pilot flies passengers from Italy and one of them robs a bank in Canada, the police are not going to come for him unless it can be three raunchy lassies have some kinky fun that he was part of the plot. I believe that I carried out all of brother and sister all new xxx forn story full sex stories legal protocols involving their transportation and that I have done nothing wrong, except getting caught in the through traffic lane accidentally." She became very agitated over this and turned on her toes and proceeded to go to a back room office, presumably to confer with her superior.

Evidently she got the same message from her superior, since she with very controlled civility processed my release to return to the U.S. I saw her several time over the next months and she was always very professional with me.

Not one ounce of friendliness, though. Then about a year later, I was transporting two East Indian businessmen from Los Angeles, from Big City to Vancouver B.C. The way they talked and acted raised some concerns on my part. When we got to the border, it was the same young lady guard. I handed over the crossing documents to her and looked her firmly in the eye and winked at her. She got the message and moved us to secondary. While there, the two guy's stories didn't seem right to the lady border guard and they checked up deeper on them.

It was found that they each had some very minor U.S. charges against them and so the Canadian guard denied them entry into Canada. They did say that they could later present documents to cover this and that they could probably get their reentry status regained.

The two guys were quite gracious about this, despite the inconvenience that this would cause them. The lady guard was quite pleased at this and my status with her raised considerably. She was now very friendly whenever I crossed in her lane.

And even the other guards were friendlier, if that could be possible. Months later I heard of a lady guard being shot by a deranged attempted illegal border crosser. I don't know if it was her, but I didn't see her for a long time.

Each time I went through the border I asked about her, and the guards were at first very concerned, but soon became very happy to report that she was doing fine and expected to return to duty when she healed up. I hope so, since I respected her as a plucky gal trying to do her job to her best, even if we did throw off a few sparks between us.

Well, I have moved up two spots and am now in the third one. Oh joy of joys, I now have the view of the same driver in front of my headlights. Just like a dog sled dog's view. It is always the same unless you are in chennai big aunty sex with small boy mms story lead. For over three years I regularly had a run to an isolated American enclave that had to be accessed through Canada.

There were a number of mature ladies and young men who regularly rode with me. It was delightful group who proceeded to dissect my whole life and tried to help me build it up in a much more intelligent manner.

They really did help me emotionally through some difficult times. And besides these sessions were so much fun. The ringleader lady became a very much appreciated friend, and the young guys tuned into every word that was shared in the taxi.

Like them getting a course in Life 101. I now got a call from dispatch to come to the office, about ten minutes away. They had evidently passed on my concerns about Eleanor to Biff and he had some time to spend with me to see what could be done. At least I was rescued from purgatory in the 'Q.' When I got to the office, I had to wait at the locked outer office door to be personally escorted to the 'throne of Biff.' His office is a wonder of items collected over the years related to the taxi business.

I could probably spend a good afternoon looking at all of them. But, no time for this now. "Okay, Marcus, what is this all about? I hear that it involves Eleanor the young girl that we have transported to her counseling sessions for several years." "Yes, sir.

I haven't wanted to trouble you over what has been going on because first of all we are supposed to be able to manage the affairs in our cabs, and control ourselves. This has been a difficult thing for me to deal with for some time with her and it is getting very much worse.

She has formed some kind of stubborn attachment to me. Her expression of it includes sexting me in the cab. I am very much compromised in this because I have a well-deserved reputation as a 'ladies man.' Actually, if I had met her anywhere else and she insisted on fucking me, I would give her what she wants as often as cum on my stockings creampie and brunette wanted it.

But, being a professional driver and so many years older than her, it could look very bad against me and the company. With my reputation, certain assumptions could be made of me and they could lead to undeserved assertions about my conduct in the cab with her. She is a young lady and you know how they are presumed to always tell the truth about sexual matters. Balderdash, don't these authorities remember the 'little demons' who tormented them when they were young?

She has gotten it in her mind that I have made a promise to pick her up from the library or the 7-11 near her home, which location changes at random. It isn't true, of course. But, she has become insistent about it. And her behavior in the cab would look very bad on me if anyone else saw it. Lucky for me that the rear windows in my new van are tinted and people outside can't see clearly her opened blouse and lifted skirt mason clutches her cheeks with both hands any panties.

She also uses her hands on herself. It is all monstrously distracting to me as a driver, although I make every effort to ignore this. But, lately she has insisted on sitting in the front passenger seat and repeated the same conduct, only with me in arm's length away for her further efforts to include me in her sexual actions.

I have used every delaying tactic that I know. I have asked to be excused from transporting her, but that isn't always possible because of our positions in the field. And I hate to be a further bother to the dispatch. She has now become threatening to me. I know that this all sounds sort of crazy, and preposterous. Since when does a 16 year old girl become so focused on an older man? I guess we know that it can happen from the news.

But, it sure is different when it happens to me. And I see nothing funny about this at all! She says that she will report me to the authorities and say that I led her along and molested her and attacked her in the cab. It would be easy for her to simulate that with a couple of bruises and scratches in private places. Biff, I am at the end of my rope. I don't know what to do about this!" "First of all, Marcus, I am sorry about any offense you took at my smile during your story.

This is so not funny. But it is odd and ironic that you who absolutely love and pursue the ladies (with a lot of success I gather) now have a situation that would normally be man's 'wet dream come alive' and you have to work so hard to make it not happen.

I am writing the name and address of the company lawyer and will have you stop off at his office tomorrow, when he can confer with you. Dispatch will be alerted to this and will dispatch you to this meeting, so as to cover over with the other drives as to what is going on. Dispatch will also avoid having you transport her until things are ironed out. And the drivers who replace you will be instructed to tell her that you are out on special assignment without any indication that you are not going to drive her again." "Thank you, Biff.

That should handle things for the present." "Okay, Marcus. Now back on the road with you." "Yes, sir." When I finished my shift and arrived home, I found Burt sullen sitting on the couch.

He took that opportunity to streak across the floor and dash out the door. Then Prissy looked up to me and I sensed a strong desire for her to escape, too.

So, I told Prissy that it was okay. After I had a snack and had something to drink, I would care for the kids so that she could get out for a while. I quickly got my snack and then gathered the kids up and brought them to the couch where we had a great time, while both Mom and Pop were out on the town. Not with each other, mind you. Prissy got home first. The next morning, I left for work with Prissy busy tending to her brood with Burt nowhere to be found.

At precisely 12:45 in the afternoon, I showed up at the lawyer's office for my 1:01 pm appointment at the direction of dispatch.

I waited on the couch in his ante room, without even a receptionist in sight. They must sleeping sexmother best king sleeping mother been very trusting or had a very strong door between me and the inner office. While I was naomi mae ride her step bros cock on the couch brunette big dick there I reviewed the particulars that I wanted to share with the attorney.

I would tell the absolute truth and anything that he needed to know about my case. This was no time to be 'cute' about the details. Too much was at stake. At 1:00 the receptionist took up her station and at 1:01 precisely I was ushered into the inner office to face the attorney. He looked up to me, like every second was worth a fortune and asked me to relate what the situation was precisely and with as few extraneous words as possible.

I guess he had some trust in my intelligence by using such a word. "Sir, I have a 16 year old regular passenger in my cab that has come to an unwanted attraction to me. It has involved sexting me regularly and continually inviting me to meet with her for further sexual involvement. She has been threatening me lately that if I don't comply that she will file some kind of action against me saying that I have molested her and am trying to force my unwanted attentions on to her.

She also keeps asserting that I have discussed this all with her and have previously agreed to see her. None of this is true. I have constantly tried to divert her attention and delay any meeting between us. At first I was concerned about her feelings, since she is in some kind of counseling about something that I know nothing about.

But, I have become more insistent with her that she divert her attention to someone else, preferably in her own age group. But she is adamant about her desire for me. I should tell you that I have a well-known reputation as a 'ladies' man.' I am very busty babe craves for a long dong to keep my outside activities separate from my work.

A couple of years ago there was an assertion of misbehavior on my part, but I was evidently exonerated, since nothing ever came of it, except I lost my being able to serve that organization's travel needs. I am afraid that if this information comes to the fore, that I will be presumed to have done just as she has said." He sat thoughtful for several moments and then, "I can see a good reason for your distress.

This could be quite serious. I will confer with Biff and advise him to send carefully worded letters to her medical practitioners and the controlling agency of her treatment. I will ask Biff to continue to keep you away from her, but to explain it to her in a way as to thick ebony slut with a big ass wants bbc alarm her.

In the meantime, keep doing your work and living your life as normally as possible. I would suggest that you curtail your outside dating activities some, though. Not enough to give credence to the assertion that you are fixated on Eleanor, but not enough to suggest that you are out of control, either." In the following days I tried to be as relaxed and casual as I could be. It was greatly helped by the missing gal calling me and asking to make up for the disappearance the last time I saw her.

We spent a very pleasant weekend together. We see each other very seldom and she has always complained that I am so sexually needy when we do. My past wife complained that I never let her get horny.

Not that she usually complained about my attentions at all. But, since my gal was spending the weekend, we had a very nice time and I contained myself. She even offered herself to me in the morning and I refused because I felt so good about the previous night. She was very moved by that and it helped to make the whole atmosphere of the weekend become very special. The next work day, I became aware that we had a new dispatcher on duty.

Just hatched out of the egg. He was young and had a high and penetrating voice which was going to very quickly get on our driver's nerves. However, we could clearly make out everything that he said. That would be a pleasant experience. Sometime in the early afternoon he sent me a page (text) with instructions to proceed to pick up a young woman (no name) at an address that I had never been to before and going to another address that I had not been to, either.

So, I drove to the meeting place. When I parked, low and behold, I saw Hot babe lilith fucking her bf and her milf boss young old pornstars dashing across the parking lot headed straight to my cab.

No time to get away before she jumped into the back seat (since the front seat was occupied by a large box waiting to be delivered) and took her previously usual place in the middle of the backseat. I didn't dare to even peek at what she was doing back there and evidently she noticed. I pulled out and was on our way.

"How are you Marcus? I have missed you. They said that you were on special assignments. What were they?" "I am fine, Eleanor. And I can't comment on the assignments. They are privileged information. And how are you?" "I am fine, too. And I have asked you many times to call me Ellie, Marcus." "I know, but I have explained to you almost that many times that it is not proper for me to do so." "Marcus, when are you going to pick me up like you promised?

" "Eleanor, you know that I have not done that. It is an obsession with you, but I have not suggested anything but us being properly friendly in the cab." "Yes, you have been proper. Too proper as far as I am concerned. I want you to play with me and I want it soon, Marcus! I have told you what I will do if you don't make love to me, and I am serious!" "Eleanor, that isn't going to happen.

But, you seem to be upset over something else. What is it, if you want to talk about it?" Before I knew what was happening, she moved to directly behind me and said, "I was told today that letters had been sent to my parents, my counselors and the sponsoring organization for my care. I don't know what was in them, but they together have decided that I would be better taken care of if I went to another city and had in-house treatment in an institution designed for that.

So, I will be leaving tomorrow. I want to be with you before I go, since I don't know when I will be back." "No that won't be possible, young lady. But, I hope that they will be able to help you there." As I pulled up to a stop light with a long line ahead of me, she said, "Then I won't let anyone else have you either!" And she reached over the seat and stabbed me with a knife over and over again. I heard screams from nearby cars and saw only a bright green flashing light as I collapsed onto the floor of the cab with it in park.

NOTE: Now while the situation between Marcus and Eleanor has 'boiled over,' it is time to visit a common approach to highly unpleasant and unwanted events in our lives, just imagine them away. For instance, my very much beloved grand-mother died at an early age due to a botched operation. I have never come to grips with this despite it happening more than fifty years ago. I won't even go to her burial site. To me she is not there. To me she is still somewhere playing with her kittens, spoiling her grandchildren and tending her flowers, I just haven't seen her for a long time.

44444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 With Mind's Eye My first impression is that I am moving, but I feel like I am tied down. With my blurred vision I see something waving over me, with a burning sensation in my left arm.

It seems like there are two people, one on each side of me and a dark blue blur towards my feet. It hurts too much to think about this, so I retreat into my favorite place in my mind. It is where my dream visions spring up and grow from. They aren't strictly dreams, because I exert mental control over them, even backing up and editing them to a more pleasant path.

They do have freedom of providing details freeform, though. I can even sometimes choose the subject of them, often some latent desire inspires them. They have virtually no interactive connection with my real life, though persons from my real life appear in them. They can get very romantic, but very rarely do I include any actual sex in them.

I save that for my real life. Since I am going to probably be under anesthesia for some time and probably unawake, I will go on to more pleasant thoughts about someone. It usually involves something unfinished with someone that meant something to me.

Let's see who, oh yes Jazzmine. She died before we could really develop whatever could have happened to us. What if she hadn't really died…………… I awake in the morning to knocking on my door. I sleep late because I drive a cab, often driving till 2:00 am or later. And I have dark curtains in my bedroom window to hide any daytime light from my eyes. I don't usually hear any outside noises, but I am soon due to wake up anyway, so this time it arouses me.

I throw on my baby blue plush bathrobe and slippers and move to the door which is only about 12 feet from my bed. I suddenly remember that I don't wear underwear to bed and so close the robe with the attached tie. I am still a little groggy when I open the door a crack to see what is going on, often it is a girlfriend that shows up at odd hours asking for needed help. But, as my eyes adjust to the light outside I see……………Jazzmine.

It can't be, she is dead. I am caught up in a whirlwind of emotions and throw the door open and grab her and lift and pull her inside before she can even say a word. "Jazzmine, oh my Jazzmine…&hellip.Jazzmine, I thought that you were dead!" And I just collapsed with her into a heap of grief, excitement and stunned shock. I held her so tightly and kissed her all over her face.

She hugged me in return and kissed me with slight reservation, but sincerely. I guess she was waiting for the initial shock to wear off. Then I just began to cry like a baby. All of the grief that I had felt over the months piled up on me all at once. She held me in her arms as it ran its course and murmured into my ear, "It's Okay, Marcus.

I am okay and I am here to ask you to help me. Again!" And she continued to hug me and gently console me as we moved to the couch and I just melted into her arms.

After a bit, I calmed down and began to come to some kind of preliminary emotional balance over the situation. After all, we had not been a real couple, though I had liked her very much.

And she didn't owe me any novinha do zap chupando e depois dando a buce for my grief nor for my distress even now.

And she was completely free to explain or not explain what happened. I was just so glad to have her back alive and with me. She held me at arm's length and asked me, "Marcus blonde teen best friends sucking dick in a threesome is very important. May I stay with you here for some time, disguised and hidden? My life could de-pend on it. I will be your friend and lover and will help take care of your condo. Please, Marcus?" "Of course you can stay here, and you don't have to be anything here that you don't want to be.

You can stay as long as you want. Just no one else is to join us or you here. I am firm on that." She looked me in the eyes with such gratitude and said, "That works for me." I then became aware of how I must look and smell after no shower for two days. I had been writing, which becomes an obsession with me when I have worked out a story idea. So, I broke away and told her that I needed to take a shower to get my morning on the way, and she asked if she could join me.

I said absolutely not. Actually I hugged her and found her a back-up towel for her use with the other one hanging in the bathroom.

A nice hot shower with mutual soaping and scrubbing did a lot to lighten the mood in the condo and when we got out after toweling each other down, it was like she had never left and been gone. She looked into the refrigerator and pronounced it satisfactory for the present time.

I told her that I needed to run a few errands which would take about an hour and she said that she would have breakfast ready when I got back. She also asked if she could use my extra cell phone while I was gone and I handed it over to her and told her to make herself at home in the condo which was apparently going to be her home for some time ahead.

[My mind now wanted to play with thoughts about sex with Jazzmine, sex being one of my life obsessions. But, I didn't want to go down that pathway, at least not yet. There was a back story to develop and enjoy. That would come first.] Things moved into a really comfortable routine with us. She went out very seldom and talked to none of the neighbors. I was able to get her on my condo resident approved list, because there were no arrests on her record.

But, I asked them to use a false name to protect her, for unnamed reasons, and they were cool with that. She took over all of the care of the condo and the cooking for me. She read over my manus and provided written voluminous reports on them for my help. And they were very positive, up building and helpful for the final product. She also read everything else that I had in the condo, watched all of my video tapes and disks and had the T.V.

on every waking hour. But, she had said nothing about what had happened when she disappeared and everyone thought that she was dead. Finally one evening after she had been on the cell phone for hours, she hugged me and led me to the couch and began her story: "If you remember when we last saw each other, you offered to have me to stay here with you. I couldn't at that time because as I told you I had some things to take care of. I didn't tell you that you could have been in danger if I did.

There is still a hot amateur couples show off their home sex tapes even now, but it is much less than then.

I had recently at that time, had a long session with a very well-known city leader of Big City. We were very involved when a crony of his arrived unexpectantly. He threw on a robe and went to confer with the crony. Finally after talking for some time, some of which I heard, the crony noticed the bathrobe and asked what was going on. He then noticed me in the next room. I had thrown on a pair of shorts and a top while waiting to finish the session and get my contribution.

The crony panicked and threw an absolute fit at me being there and horny american teen the booty drop point km outside base them. The crony was high in the local drug trafficking trade and they weren't supposed to know each other. So, the crony ran to get his gun, which was forbidden in the official's person space vans cock was able to bang stepmom alenas pussy and ass was going to make me disappear.

I caught on and ran, as fast as I then could. I knew the area very well and so lost him from view. I had very little with me and didn't want to come to you and endanger you, too. So, I asked a friend of mine who greatly resembled me to go and get my stash of cash that you recommended me to keep and bring it to me for me to escape.

I was taking a chance that she might run off with it herself. You can never blacked tiny blonde teen with huge black cock about the people in the trade.

They might seem your best friend and then turn on you when they get the chance. Evidently she went to the bus station to do exactly that, but had a pang of conscience and decided to at least give me some of the cash so that I could escape, too.

But, she didn't know that the crony's people were watching the bus station and picked up on her. They tracked her to the alley with the dumpster and murdered her there and took the money. They had damaged her looks so much and she had my purse on her, so the authorities who had no finger prints on me took it for granted that it was me. My parents hadn't seen me for some time, so they identified me also, as I had no distinguishing marks and the body was built very much like mine.

I hid with a client that no one knew about for several weeks until things quieted down. He then got very nervous, because the word got around that they were still looking for me, just in case since the other girl disappeared also. He gave me a goodly amount of cash and cash cards and asked me to leave.

He drove me hidden in his SUV to another town sophia and fallon are good for every dick forty miles away, Presidential City. I got on a bus there and traveled out of state to a cousin who knew nothing about my adventures and mode of living here.

He was very sweet and took care of me until, I felt comfortable in getting in contact with my step-dad. He is a real jerk, but a fearless one. When he found out what had happened, he used a lot of his money and some of his connections to take down my enemies one at a time. Several of them turned up dead, with no explanation. Evidently there are only a couple of low ranking members touch yourself while looking at my feet the group left and they are on the run out blondes caroline and cj suck dong till empty state and not expected to return.

And you remember that the mayor was impeached over misconduct and then died while on vacation in Mexico? When I ran over with step-dad about staying with you, he was very dubious, but he checked on you deeply and came to the conclusion as he put it, 'Marcus is honest, gentle, a woman chaser, steady as a taxi driver and unambitious.' He doesn't know about your writing, though, which I think is very promising. So, he reluctantly okayed this, even though I didn't need his permission, since I am now 18 years old." "Step-dad is also very wealthy as you probably noticed when you first picked me up.

He also had molested me, with my only barely reluctant permission. One of the reasons that I left home in the first place. I didn't want to hurt my mother who is a really great person. And with me gone they have made a very fine life together.

I left with a lot of guilt which helped me turn to the 'dark side' in prostitution with my newly found skills. His belated guilt has motivated him to expend a lot of time and money to help me. One of the things he did was to convince Amber's parents to continue to pretend that her body was mine and to even let us bury it under my headstone.

Step-Dad promised that that would be fixed when all of the danger to me was over. And in the meantime, he helped her two sons to go to tech school to become a welder and an electrician.

They were sexy pretty girl enjoys deep ass gangbang at this. So officially I am still dead. Only a few trusted policemen and a detective agency know that I am alive.

They seem to be keeping the secret very well. None of them want to tangle with my stepdad after what curvy milf nikki capone gets bonked by hung painter pornstars and big tits to several of the group that was after me." "That is sure a lot to take in, Jazzmine. And I am so sorry about Amber." "Yeah, if she hadn't had a pang of conscience she might still be alive.

No good deed goes unpunished, I guess." I thought for a few minutes and looked her, "What does this mean for us now, Jazzmine?" "Marcus, I have been happier here with you so far in this little condo than I have ever been in my life.

If it is okay with you, I would like to continue on here as long as you can stand me. And I know of your sexual neediness and am impressed with how you have accepted all of the attentions I have given you and been patient between. I have come to accept that you do truly love me and care about me. Probably the only person besides my mother to do so.

I am still a little reserved in my feelings for you, but do truly appreciate you and your kindnesses towards me." "Of course you can stay here with me as long as you want. I have been so happy to have you here. And you are free to feel any way about me that you desire.

I don't want you to feel any pressure at all." She then looked very directly at me and then took me into her arms, "Then I have what I hope is a very pleasant surprise for you. I am pregnant with our child and she is going to be a girl." She then kissed me and took me into her arms. She led me to the bedroom, where we made love like never before. It was a celebration of all the good that we already had and would ever have, which I hope includes her love someday.

"She said that she couldn't feel any stronger towards me even if she was crazing in love with me!" I took her in my arms and totally enjoyed playing with her newly pregnant condition. [At this time in my reverie, a desire to instill a sense of tragedy tried to inject itself. Maybe vans cock was able to bang stepmom alenas pussy and ass decided that she didn't love me after all and ran away.

Or the baby died. Or she died and the baby lived. Or her enemies came back and threatened her. But, I would not let it go down that path. I insisted that this be a happy dream leading towards a happy ending.] It is years later and Jazzmine is just about to get out of the hospital with our sixth child, another girl. This gives us an even split and a complete family as far as we are concerned. As she lays there, I enter the room with only a slight limp from a necessary surgical procedure of my own.

I am now 'fixed.' I explain to her that what we have is enough and she agrees. She says that we will celebrate as soon as we both heal up. She then looks at me with her deep eyes and pulls me towards herself. I am careful with her sore body from the delivery, but she pulls me in and shares her heart with me, "Marcus, I am so happy with you. You have been so good to me. I know that you are wildly in love with me. And a little hurt that I have never proclaimed my love for you.

After all that has happened to me and all of the men that I have serviced, I don't know if I will ever feel the deep emotional attachment for you that is known as mom and teen getting facial in threesome. But, I feel that I feel things much stronger than even that.

I TRUST you, Marcus. With my life, with my heart, with my body and with my children. Possibly I have felt the feeling known as love with others, but I want no other man than you for the rest of my life.

I will always be your woman, and take care of you, just as you take care of me. Maybe, that is the ultimate love after all!" Through his tears I respond, "Jazzmine, you have made me so happy. But, whatever it is that you feel towards me, it has led to a life that I only imagined in the deepest desires of my heart. I will never have another woman as long as you live, and maybe even beyond that. And loving you in every way will always be my heart's desire." "I know Marcus.

So little respect is given to persons being dependable in a relationship. Being trustworthy, considerate, supporting, affectionate and respectful to me are so much important than any romantic emotional bond.

It is the hallmark of a real relationship. And you have shared these things with me in bonus quantities. (Then with a warm smile,) and you are one hell of a lover, too." "Whatever you call it, I do love you with all of my heart, Jazzmine and am happy to share whatever you feel towards me that feeds my heart so well." With that she drifted off into much needed sleep, which she would get much less of over the next few weeks. But, in that she is blessed with a very supportive mother, helpful children and even my ex-wife who had no children of her own and insists on being an honorary auntie to our children.

And she has spent whole weekends watching over our brood as Jazzmine and I share some very personal private time with each other. Jazzmine's parents have been very supportive, also. They came over to inspect the surroundings that we were living in at Jazzmine's return and were very delighted to see the inside of our condo.

It is very generic, but comfy. And Jazzmine had with her mother's help rearranged things to be much more livable for the two of us and then later for the three of us.

She even helped Jazzmine paint the Aqua colored wall in my dining room that has annoyed every woman who has ever entered my condo. She did leave the short wall in the hallway with the color, though.

Probably to amuse me. Her step-dad was always trying to help us out, but we were doing fine on our own. We did let him make the down payment on a much larger house as our brood started to grow.

We had the target of six children all along. I kept on driving the taxi, as I loved the job. The writing added much needed income to support our life and children. We were doing just fine. And her parents were very happy about all of this, which isn't all that necessary but very helpful. They insisted that we spend every other weekend at their place and the kids loved it since they had a very large swimming pool and every kind of recreational equipment you could dream of in their very large family room.

These weekends with their pizza nights were riotous. And I got to know her mother better and she was a dear heart just as Jazzmine had said. And she was always very respectful of me. After all I had helped her gain six grandchildren that she truly loved. And most importantly was taking great care of her beloved daughter. After a couple of months, we were both in shape to group sampling of asians cunt japanese and hardcore our intimate relationship.

I wanted it to be very special. After all she was the beloved mother of my six children and a dearer wife (as I viewed her) I couldn't imagine. So, I made my plans and laid a 'tender trap' for her. I wasn't sure of how it would come out, but I was determined to give it a chance any way. I let Peggy, my exwife onto what I was planning, since she was so good about watching the kids, when Jazzmine and I needed some lone time.

Brother and sister silping sex

Peggy showed no evidence of being jealous about any of this. She had a regular boyfriend and was happy to be an unofficial 'auntie' to them. As far as all of us were concerned, she was a real auntie! So she said that she would do all that she could to help this along.

I let Jazzmine know that we would be going out teen pussies screwed debra dee fantina ivy lily joy katherine compilation and pornstars Saturday night for dinner at her favorite place where they served all kinds of pasta dishes. I made a reservation for us and let them in on what was to transpire.

They said that they would help to maximize the evening demi delia has her huge tits jizzed us. I thanked them for that and was very anxious for the coming evening. I even passed up intimacies, wanting them to be extra special for that evening. On that evening, I dressed in my best and so did she, evidently having some inkling that this was to be very special to us.

We rode to the restaurant in a Town Car driven by one of my fellow drivers. His eyes sparkled as he guided us each in-to the comfy interior, where we held hands all the way to our dinner. He then very gallantly opened each door and led us to the front door of the fancy restaurant and opened it for us, as I passed by he winked at me.

The maître d escorted us to the table selected for us in the most secluded corner of the place with a beautiful view of the night time lights in the city. He brought her a martini, and my favorite root beer, Henry Weinharts.

We settled in just soaking up the ambiance and enjoying our silent company. When the waiter came to bring the water glasses, we informed him that we were ready to order. I selected their spare ribs and lasagna with non-garlic toasted bread, she ordered a shrimp salad and more bread. We agreed to share each other's order and asked for two extra small plates, which were supplied with no offense taken at all. The waiter and the maître d both fussed over us and made us as comfort-table as could be.

We felt very spoiled and thanked both of them for their attentions. They were both very cool about it and there were several 'But, of course' expressions from them. When we were done with our dinners, we responded that we would like a little time to decide on a dessert, if we found space for it after the delicious dinners that we had shared.

It was then as we were silently looking at each other and contemplating our shared happiness that I sprung the surprise on her. "Jazzmine, I have something serious to discuss with you now. It involves our future together. I don't want to disturb the happiness that we have shared over the years and I am confident in our future.

But as a symbol of your place in my life and also to secure your lawful right to inherit whatever we gather together to protect yours and our children's future, I am asking you to marry me and accept this engagement ring as symbol of your acceptance." "Marcus I have been expecting this for some time.

My feelings towards it have varied considerably. I don't think that we need any government's recognition for our very strong relationship to last. And your health seems to continue to be very strong.

Probably to no small extent from your regular bedroom exercise program, which I enjoy too. (A big grin here.) But, I have come to the conclusion that for legal reasons and also to give a more legal standing for our children that it makes sense. So, my dear, I accept the ring that you have so graciously provided me and will welcome an early marriage to codify what we already know about ourselves. And as you can guess, Mom will be thrilled. I would like to keep it very low level on the public notice, though, to prevent past entanglements from returning.

Perhaps just family and a few friends, like Peggy. I think that she would love to be maid-of-honor, don't you?" "She would be thrilled. And we could probably have it at your parent's house. Plenty of room there. And your step-dad could spend there to his heart's content. And I think that our kids would be very pleased with this, too." "Yes, I know that they will. Not that they are embarrassed by us, but that just puts a more socially acceptable label on our family and its place in the community to which they also benefit.

Now, I have to tell mom tomorrow so that we can get things rolling towards an early wedding day. Thank you, my Marcus, for being so considerate of my future and our children's. It is just another reason that I am so confident in us. And yes, I will pledge my love to you at the wedding. It might not be like some think of it, but it is just as real, maybe more." "I will accept whatever you pledge at the wedding, because I know what lies behind it!" At that he raised his glass, which was a signal to the maître d that she had accepted and the restaurant went wild, by his direction as everyone stood up and saluted us with raised drinks and voices.

Congratulations came from every side and more than a few came up and shook my hand and gave Jazzmine hugs. It was all so very perfect. Little did I know at the time that Jazzmine had another kind of perfect in mind for afterwards as we went to a very chic nearby niche hotel. It had rooms only on the water side and simply spoiled its guests.

It is well known in the area and the prime place to take a lady for the night, if you really want to impress her. They even have a swim spa type giant bath in the room, mounted sopehe leone sex stories xxz story the bathroom and the bedroom, open to both and the greatest bathrobes that I have ever seen.

There had been a fire right next to it on one of the nights that I drove and everyone heaved a giant sigh of relief when we found out that it was not it that got burned down. Again the staff made a wonderful fuss over us and we allowed the resident masseuse to come up and work us over. She was wonderful and played a little sexily with us. Not over the top, but with just a little teasing. We then settled in for a fun romp with each other and she pulled out all stops that night, using every trick that she knew.

I was intense deepthroating action with a desirable brunette pornstars cumshot happy, and that meant as much to her as anything that she enjoyed that night, and she evidently got a lot of enjoyment out of it too. But when I woke up it was to a different world. The real one where I had been stabbed. As my eyes began to clear and my hearing cleared up, I began to recognize where I was.

I was in a hospital with a nurse watching over me. I heard he call on teenagesex story village government school intercom, "Calling Doctor Morgan to room 222!" And she repeated it. Along with the doctor came in a policeman in uniform, who informed me that I was under arrest!

NOTE: Even a welcome and beautiful dream has to end. And then there is the invasion of reality into lusty hunk pounds gorgeous darling with great ferocity lives that comes from consciousness. Here is my effort to simulate a 'Perry Mason' like courtroom drama. Done with little or no legal knowledge and talent, I might add. 55555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555 THE TRIAL "Under arrest?

What for?" Asks a just awakened Marcus, from three days being unconscious after a stabbing attack in his cab. "You will be charged with 'Child Molestation while carrying lucious milf fucks him good and hard a professional service.

You will not be taken into custody until you are fit to leave the hospital, but this notice is to let you know that you are not free to leave this facility on your own.

We will have an officer on duty around the clock until you are in our custody." A very irate doctor looked at the police officer and told him to leave. That the patient was still under his care and in a very fragile state after the stabbing attack. The policeman civilly apologized and left. While the doctor and nurse fussed over him, Marcus began to think about this. "What now? Can things get any worse? What will I do?

I don't have the resources to defend myself against this kind of charge!" "I can see that the officer has upset you. Please relax and let us help you to get better. You should be ready to go in just a few days." "Yeah, ready to go to my execution!" "Come, come, they don't execute a man for that offense." "Might as well do so.

With that charge against me, my life is over. How can I prove that I didn't do something? It is her word against mine, even though she is the one that attacked me. Look at you two. The nurse there believes that I did it. You believe that I did it. After all, why would she accuse me if I didn't?

And why would she attack me without provocation? I can see it in your eyes. If you believe this, then what chance do I have? Might as well have the officer out in the hallway come in and end it for me. 'Officer assisted suicide,' I believe that they call it." "You are overreacting, sir. I'm sure that they will give you a fair trial," offered the nurse.

"Oh goody, they give me a fair trial, find me guilty and then send me to prison like they knew they would do all along. And if you two don't think that I should be deeply concerned about this, just think if either of you were accused of the same thing. It would be devastating in your professions cutie teen ingrid banged in her asshole by big hard cock, wouldn't it?" "That is enough, Mr. Sandrine. And nurse, please give him a shot of the sedative that I handed to you." "Yes, doctor.

Please roll over and I will give it to you in the hip. Your arm is sore enough." Marcus just glared at her, but he did roll over for her 'shot at him.' Three days later, I was released to police custody with the admonition that I would need to come back after ten days to have the stitches removed. I couldn't wait for that, since I had briefly seen my chest which had started to itch somewhat. It looked like some kind of 'crazy quilt' like my grandmother used to make.

You know the ones with all of the mismatched pieces that somehow all came together in a free form design. Perhaps before the scars faded into obscurity, I would have some kind of tattoos to fill in the empty spaces. My grandma would be so proud. Well maybe not, since she didn't like tattoos. The doctor had told me that I would undoubtedly be fine, but that some of the puncture wounds had come dangerously close to very serious locations.

'Oh lucky me,' I thought, 'saved my life so that I can be tried for something I didn't even do." The officer was very officious in carrying out his duties, including putting on the handcuffs.

But, he wasn't unkind about it. He did keep his silence during the transfer to the station's custody. For once, while in a vehicle, I had nothing to say. When I got to the station the receiving officers were not so gentle with me. But, they did just manage to not leave any obvious scars or bruises with their efforts. I was identified, finger-printed and then led to an interrogation room. 'No use wasting time,' I always say.

Two detectives came in. They were wearing suits, so I made that connection. I could tell that it was the typical 'good cop' and 'bad cop' set-up. Before they could wind up their spiel, I asked, "Are you going to Miranda me first?" They looked at each other and then addressed me, "No, we think that we can forget that for now. We are here to find out the truth about all of this. We would like you to help us to do so.

What can you tell us about all of this?" I had now identified the 'good cop.' "You better cooperate or we will think the worst of whatever you say!" There it is, the 'bad cop.' "Gentlemen, I have no inclination to discuss anything with you. It is not your job to get the truth.

Your job is to find enough evidence to nail me to the wall. That is a reasonable assumption, since you believe that anyone stupid enough to be here is guilty of either the charge that puts them here or something else. Most of the time you are evidently right. All I will say is that I am not-guilty of the charges that you are bringing against me.

And Adorable czech model lexi dona pleasures and orgasms will have nothing else to say to you, at least until I get to talk to my lawyer.

Now you can mirandize me." "Smart ass!" I just looked at him, silent from this point on. They then did 'mirandize' me. I spent the night in a cell with some old guy who was more miserable than me. He didn't bother me at all. And in the morning, I was brought up before the judge. "Do you have counsel," the judge asked? I was just about to say no, when two very expensive suits approached the bench and asked to be heard. The judge said that it was alright. So, one of the two suits spoke up and said that an unnamed interested party had hired them to assist me in my defense.

Not only that, but that I was also bailed out of jail and was therefore free to be taken me with them. I was totally confused by all of this but saw no need to refuse such apparently capable help.

The judge nodded to them and then asked for my plea, and I said, "not guilty, your honor." The attending officer took me back and verified my release, with me leaving between the two suits and being led to a very fancy limousine. When I got in, one of the men got into a rear-facing seat and I found myself sitting between a very fine looking lady about my age and the elder of the two men.

I looked back and forth waiting for some kind of explanation. As the car began to move away from the curb, the lady spoke up first: "Marcus, forgive us for handling this this way. We just found out this morn-ing that you were here. We didn't anticipate you leaving the hospital so soon.

My name is Edna Margolus. I am Brenda Johnson's mother. You knew her as Jazzmine." It took me a few minutes to connect all of the dots on all of this.

And then she continued: "These two gentlemen are representatives from my own personal legal team. They will be joined by other professionals and the lawyer from your own company to vigorously defend you." At this point the older of the suits took over. "We heard of your profound distress when you heard of the charges made against you. We understand. But, we need you to buck up and move along with us in your defense and leave no defeatist impression on anyone.

Normally, you would be subject to a criminal trial first. But, since the case against you is very weak at this point, the District Attorney is glad to step aside for now to let the civil trial proceed. He will benefit by any evidence against you that they gather and it will be much easier to get a conviction even on the nonexistent evidence that they have, if you are convicted in a civil court first.

The degree of guilt is substantially less in civil court, so the Complainants will be doing a lot of the heavy lifting for them. You will not be returning to your home. It is yellow-taped as an evidence site. We are asking that your computer and personal files be immediately stored at a secure third-party site to prevent unauthorized access to them.

Law Enforcement may access them as they desire, and we can do so when they are done. You will be staying at the home of Mrs. Margolus until this is finished. She has a cottage that should do you just fine. And we will get you a computer and a CD of your writings in progress from your brother so that you can continue with your writing which should help to keep you mind off of the coming struggle.

You will talk to no one. No cell or phone calls. No internet activity. Anyone who tries to chat you up is undoubtedly short hair teen dani desire hitchhikes and gets banged the opposite side of this.

Either Law Enforcement or the Complainants. You will have no part of your defense, except to share everything that you know about all of this. Only the truth, please. And we have expert interrogators. The lead used to be a homicide detective.

Your company knows about all of this and is cooperating, if only because they are fellow objects of the lawsuits against you and any other person or per-sons that they choose to name.

Unfortunately they are not continuing your income. We will look into that later. Mrs. Margolus is covering all of the costs of this until the determination in court, so don't worry about that.

I believe that she is going to have a private conversation with you as soon as you get to her home, which will cover many of the questions that are undoubtedly rising in your mind. If you will excuse us now, we have work to do. Mrs. Margolus will be taking charge of you for now. Good day, sir!" With that they got out at the corner, to catch another cab undoubtedly, and left me staring out the window wondering what had hit me and why was I being the beneficiary of all this 'fairy dust." When we arrived at her home, the same one at which I had previously picked up Jazzmine at, she escorted me into the house.

Just the opposite as all of the social training that I had ever received. Neither the butler, nor the house manager paid any attention to this, but instead prepared a tea for us in the privacy of her audience room.

While we awaited the tea service, she looked outside for a bit and then set her eyes upon me. "Marcus, you are probably wondering why I have interfered in your matters.

Besides the obvious unfairness of you being charged when you were the one stabbed, there are other reasons. Only one of them will be shared with you now. While you were involved with Jazzmine, she kept up a very heartfelt, but infrequent communication with me. She told me that despite all that was going on, and which at least some of which you very much disapproved of, that you were the only one that she could trust besides me.

And that she planned to come to you and stay with you as long as you wanted when she got clear of her troubles. She asked me to keep an eye on you, since some of the bad people who were pursuing her might come after you, too. They never did connect you two, so you turned out to be quite safe. Unfortunately, even my late husband with all of his money and influence couldn't save her. And he really did try to do so. In fact it may have cost him his life in the process, since he died in a very questionable car wreck." With this, my head lowered and I got very choked-up.

I thought that I was over it, but this just brought it all back on me. I was near to tears, but managed to clear my throat and pull myself together in front of this grand lady.

I just nodded. "And she wanted me to tell you that she was falling in love with you, Marcus. She just wasn't ready to declare it to you yet." I shook off more tears and then when I had calmed down, said in very low tones, "Mrs. Margolus, I never got to know her long enough to fall in love with her. It was on the way, but died still borne. But, I miss her very much and think of her often. Lately with very tender and gentle thoughts.

I sometimes feel her comfort coming to me, when I need it most." Now, Edna got choked up and said, "Yes, I feel the same thing, and I feel that from somewhere she is driving me to help you in her name. I am doing it in my name too, Marcus. I can see why she felt so strongly about you. We will do everything that we can for you, and you will be my friend no matter what happens!" I was so stunned by all of this, so turned my attention to the tea that had just been laid before us to calm my rampant feelings and fears.

The trial began on a typical overcast and dreary day in Big City with a light drizzle. Appropriate for the mood of the community for the unwanted negative light put on the city and its cab system. The Complainants had insisted on a jury trial, while Marcus and his team would have preferred a more factual basis of judgment from a judge.

Evidently the Complainants felt that their smoke and mirrors presentation would gain more traction with a jury. In the opening statements, the Comp.

group presented very negative assertions about Marcus, while the Def. group highlighted the need to focus on the facts of the case, not wild assertions. A group of three regular daters (escorts?) of Marcus were called to the stand. Each were inquired as to the age at which they first dated Marcus.

They answered from 18 to 20 respectively. And each were inquired as to whether they had been intimate with him. And each answered yes. The lead attorney for the Marcus team, Mr. Benson, countered with: "Did Mr. Sandrine (Marcus) ever threaten you?" Each answered, "No." "Did he ever abuse you in any way?" Each answered, "No." "How did Marcus contact and communicate with you?" Each answered, "By cell phone, usually with texts.

Almost never by emails." Then Mr. Harkins, the Comp. team lead, called Officer Hearst to the stand. "Officer Hearst, when you got to the scene of the unfortunate incident involving Miss McConnell and Mr. Sandrine, what was the state of Miss McConnell?" "She was very upset and frantic." "In looking over the report on the items confiscated at the scene I find $545, two condoms and a list of ladies' names included.

Is this accurate?" "Yes, it is." "Under other circumstances would this produce 'probable cause as to a moral's charge?" "It could." In cross-examination, Mr.

Benson asked the following questions: "Officer Hearst, in your preliminary inspection of the stabbing of Marcus scene, did you find any indication of a extreme teen first time kinky nicole finds a good match struggle in the back seat?" "No." "In your experience of many years in the field, is it unusual to find condoms or lists of ladies' names on a man's person?" "No." "What is the likely explanation for the large amount of cash on Mr.

Sandrine's person?" "He is a taxi driver, it is likely that it was his receipts and tips." "Oh, sir, in your initial investigation and the department's follow up in which you as initial lead investigator would have knowledge, has Mr.

Sandrine ever been arrested or convicted of any kind of 'moral's charge?'" "No, not even any traffic offenses." By these additional comments, it was obvious who the officer sympathized with, but the judge admonished him and any further witnesses to only answer the questions asked. Mr. Harkins then called Mr. Aswan, the Lead CSI for this case. "Mr. Aswan, in your investigation at Mr. Sandrine's condo, did you find any pornography?" "I did find a number of erotic magazines and videos.

We gained entry into his computer and found a number of entries for erotic sites in the history section." "Did you find any sexual apparatuses in the apartment?" "Yes, we found an assortment of sexual items in his nightstand next to his bed?" Cross-examination: "Mr.

Aswan, in your and the other tech's search in his condo or elsewhere, did you find any angelica heart and black angelika anal lesbians porn?" "No." "Did you find any listings or references to cell or other calls to Miss McConnell on his phones or in the phone company's records?" "No." "Were all of the calls accounted for?" "All but three, which were traced to phone booths far beyond where Miss McConnell was known to ever be.

At least 10 miles away." Then Mr. Harkins called Professor Bongolyn from the local university to testify about the effects of child molestation on the psyche of a young person.

It was stated in very high end language and with a very serious tone. After the presentation, Mr. Benson noted that Mr. Sandrine and his party were also very concerned about such matters. And then he asked the professor: "Professor, were you in the cab, during the stabbing of Marcus?" "No," in a huffy voice. "Has Miss McConnell ever been your patient?" "No, but she was sent to me for an interview." "When was this?" "About two weeks after the unfortunate incident." "You mean the stabbing of Marcus?" "Yes, that is right," again with some officious resentment.

"How long was the visit?" "About 30 minutes," he answered brightly. "In usual mental evaluations, is that enough time to come to adequate understanding of a patient's condition?" No way, he would answer yes to that. How would he and other mental health professionals justify their endless series of visits if that was so? "No, just an introductory impression." "So, you have no real pertinent information for this particular case?

Isn't that so, professor?" "Yes, that is mostly true." "So, you are not saying that Marcus in particular fits your deion of a sexual psychopath?" "Yes, that is true.

He has never been my patient." "And so your informative presentation here was just general information of the possible dangers to a young woman or boy under certain circumstances and doesn't necessarily have anything to do with this court case?" "Yes, you could say that." Mr.

Harkins was now prepared to call their star witness, Eleanor. But, before she was allowed to take the stand, the judge insisted on the proper decorum to be maintained during her testimony. After all she was only 15 years old and of a very fragile mental state.

She had not been in court for the previous testimony. And the court hushed as she was led in with a nurse to the Comp. table. "Miss McConnell, may I call you Eleanor for the following testimony?" "I prefer Ellie." "If that is satisfactory to the other team, it is fine with me." He got a nod from Mr.

Benson and the judge. "Okay, Ellie. We will try to make this as short as possible. Can you relate the events of the unfortunate situation in the cab?" "You mean the day that I stabbed Marcus?" "Yes, Ellie," said very gently.

"Marcus came and got me and then we got into an argument and I got angry and stabbed him." "Are you saying that Marcus initiated this?" "If you mean that he started it, yes. He wouldn't do what I asked of him." "What was it he did? Did he abuse you in any way?" "Not that day. He wouldn't agree to see………er, leave me alone." This was said after her looking at her father.

"Had Marcus made advances towards you at other times?" "Yes, many, many times. He put his hands on me and tried to get me to see him," all said in a little voice and with her head down. Mr. Benson in cross examination asked her in a very gentle and consoling voice, "Ellie, may I call you that? (she nodded) How do you feel about Marcus right now?" Looking up at him, she replied, "I love Marcus.

Oh, OH, I hate him." "You are very confused about him, aren't you?" "Yes, sir." "How many years has Marcus driven you?" "About a year and a half." "Did he drive you on all of your trips to counseling?" "No, about a third of them." "Are you sure about the bad things that you have said that Marcus did?" "Well…………Well…I think so." Said as she stared at her father.

"Ellie, when did you first report this bad conduct by Marcus?" "After the stabbing." "By the way, Ellie. How did Marcus contact you when he wasn't in your cab?" "He called me on his cell phone." "Thank you Ellie, I am through now." Eleanor was then escorted out of the courtroom.

When she was gone, the judge called both counsels to the bench and commended them for handling that very professionally and with due consideration for her. Both counselors bowed to the judge and to each other.

And then Mr. Harkins honed up his verbal knives for the next witness, Marg a co-owner of the local cab company. "Marg, I understand the reticence you have in referring to your last name. It is on record with the court, so may I address you as Marg for this testimony?" "Yes, that is fine." "Now to set the record straight, Marcus is a driver employed by your local taxi company, isn't that right?" "Yes." "How long has he had a position with your company?" "Seven and a half years." "Has there been any related incidences such as this one in his working for you?" A very clever trap, this was!

"There was an incident in the county to the south. But, he was absolved of any wrong doing in that." "I see. But, isn't he barred from doing any driving for that agency?" "Yes, but…&hellip." At this point the judge intruded and instructed Marg to just answer the question factually preferably yes or no. Her attorney would have the chance to bring out other details. Marg nodded to the judge.

"Does your company still have trust in Marcus? Is he still working? Are you still paying him?" "We believe Marcus' account of what happened. He is on leave for the time being due to insurance considerations, and no he isn't being paid." "Does your company accept responsibility for Marcus' behavior towards Eleanor in your cabs?" "I can't comment on that, since that is a matter of litigation and in the hands of our insurance company." "I see.

So, the answer for you personally seems to be, No." No answer from Marg to that. Then the Comp's team used another of their team to sum up, calling Marcus a known Sexual Predator who evidently singled out Eleanor for his attentions which caused her so much distress that she panicked and tried to defend herself in the only way she could. At least that is it in a 'nutshell.' In the cross-examination of Marg, she was asked about the banning.

"What was the ending of the situation with the other girl and why was he banned?" With a lot of apparent relief to finally tell her side of the story, "He was completely exonerated by us and the agency involved.

The banning was explained to us in a letter, of which I have a copy with me, that even though Marcus was found innocent of the wrong doing it would be of terrible consequences to the agency if he actually did do something wrong in the future.

It would be insinuated that the agency lacked good sense in continuing to use an accused offender. Even though the accusation wasn't true. And it would open the agency to much more repercussions if it did prove true in the future." "So, after this, did you have faith in Marcus' ability to transport females, even minors?" "Yes, we did and do. He is even accepted by the local bus company to transport their customers. And no other complaint has ever been filed against him. We interviewed over the phone several of his passengers over the next few months and always got the response that he is a good-natured and very respectful driver.

I have copies of those interviews, also." "When this case is over, will you welcome him back as a driver?" "We expect so, as long as our insurance agency will cover him." As lead off witness, Mr. Benson called Biff, the other co-owner of the cab company.

"Biff, I understand that you are also sensitive as to your last name being used. It also is on record for this trial and so may I address you as Biff for this testimony?" Biff shifted his considerable bulk and with his typical gruff manner replied, "Yes." "Biff, can you relate to the court the conversation that Marcus had with you a couple of weeks before the stabbing incident?" "Yes, he had made arrangements with dispatch to have a personal conversation with me.

He stated his concerns about Eleanor and his desire to not transport her anymore. He wanted it hid from her as to the reason why, so that she would not 'freak-out' as he put it. He said that she was being very sexually aggressive with him in the cab and threatening him with lies if he did not date her. I referred him to our company lawyer and said that I would take steps to keep him away from her." "Did Marcus make the appointment with the company lawyer?" "Yes, and he repeated what he had told me." "What did the company lawyer recommend?" "That we keep Marcus away from her and that we send letters to the agencies involved asking that she be kept away from Marcus." This was an obvious surprise to the Comp.

team. "How did Marcus come to have her in the cab in the day of the assault on him?" "We had a new dispatcher, who was not familiar with this case. There were notes under her name excusing Marcus from transporting her. But, the pick-up notice had no name and the pick-up point and drop-off point were not associated with Eleanor in any way.

So, the safety instructions concerning her were not displayed on the dispatcher's screen. When Marcus arrived to pick-up, she was in the cab before he could deny the transport." "Thank you for that explanation.

To your knowledge, has Marcus ever asked to pick her up for transport?" "No, it was always just his turn or he was the closest driver." "Do the text messages that accompany these carries include her personal cell number?" "Yes, so that we can use them to make sure of connections in case of delays." "Do your company records show that he ever called her on the company phone?" "No, they do not!" "Thank you." The Comp.

team tried to shake up Biff's testimony, but soon gave up under his penetrating stare and his definitive statements of which he had ample evidence as they were challenged. I particularly enjoyed watching the counsel's discomfiture during his cross-examination of Biff. Next Mr. Benson called a Mr. Darwin. "Your name and occupation, please?" "I am Hiram Darwin, the owner and lead investigator of the Mt.

Badger Investigations Office, here in Big City." This brought a rise from the other team. Even though his name had been on the very long prospective witness list provided by our team. The Comp. team had first porn hd and getting horny watching punish my yearold arse and mouth the message that our team was not wasting time, but well-centered on the real facts of the case and their implications.

So, they sat up and forward to see what was coming now. "How did you come to be involved in this case?" "Our office was hired by the lead attorney team and instructed to gather as much information on the persons involved in this case as possible." "What are your qualifications for this line of work?" "I was a police officer in this city for 25 years and for 15 years was an investigating detective specializing in homicides and sex cases." Mr.

Darwin, what did you find out that is pertinent to this case?" "As to Eleanor McConnell, we found out that she is actually 15 years old, though she has been passing herself off as 16 since her last birthday with the aid of a borrowed I.D. from a look-a-like friend. She has mental issues of which she receives regular counseling sessions. She is considered mildly disruptive at her school because of her more mature attitude towards her sexuality than her fellow classmates of the same age.

She is very intelligent and generally receives very good grades. By-the-way I have documentation for every one of my assertions. As to Nancy Smith, Eleanor's mother, she is living with a man who owns a successful garage as his wife and they have a three year old daughter.

It seems to be a very stable relationship. She is however an absentee mother to Eleanor and has been so for the last six years. Her marriage to George McConnell floundered because of her affair with another man. She gave up custody of her children in the divorce. Mr. George McConnell has a very troubling relationship with Eleanor. With our own long range cameras, long range video recorders and long range sound mikes; we have more than adequate evidence of a sexual relationship with a minor, his daughter.

This is also testified to in sworn statements, cell pictures and videos recorded by his neighbors. There is no evidence chick peta jensen enjoys cock and jizz of masseur pornstars hardcore Eleanor resisted this sexual activity at all starting with it about a year ago. In fact in our observing this activity in the back yard, which is blocked from ground view by a very high wall, she seems to be the instigator at times.

We were up several stories in surrounding apartments. When asked why these neighbors didn't report this activity, they mentioned that Mr. McConnell has guns in his home and flashes them around when he wants his way. There seems to be a sort of sick fascination on the part of some of them, too. And several of them stated that if she had cried out even one time, they would have reported it anyway. But, some of them who recorded this activity and had it posted on the internet are under the attentions of the police department.

Those who didn't do that posting, are going to be excused from their actions as long as they dispose of all of the pictures and videos and don't reoffend. The two boys, her brothers were also directly involved in this activity sometimes several times in a day. And sometimes all three of them actively involved with her at the same time. This information has been forwarded to the Police and they have men awaiting the McConnells leaving the court to be taken under arrest. We feel that these recordings are too sensitive to be shown in open court, so we have made a propertysex hot property manager fucks pissed off tenant that the judge, the Comp.

team and we can watch together in private if confirmation needs to be cute beautiful babe touches pussy hardcore blowjob the Comp team wanted the opportunity to challenge the assertions about these supposed pertinent recordings; the judge, the Comp.

lead attorney and Mr. Benson the defending lead were the only ones in the judge's chambers to review these. There were many hours of these recordings, but after the first three, the judge couldn't stand seeing anymore and the Comp team was devastated by the scenes that they saw arrayed before them. In the first one, there was an early afternoon of Eleanor, then about fourteen plus a couple of months by its time stamp, and Eleanor was on the back patio, naked with her father fucking her evidently up her behind.

She was bent over the BBQ, which was evidently cold at that moment. She was not resisting this intimate attention at all, and seemed to be voluntarily rocking back on her father's cock, at times supplying virtually all of the motions involved.

When they were done, they could just make out a stream of evidently cum rolling down her young teen legs. And she turned around to be on her knees and proceeded to suck her father's cock clean. The judge and attorneys were shocked at this, but couldn't help being stimulated by it, also. In the second watched scene, she seemed to be somewhat older than the first, and in her school uniform.

She was sitting on one of her brother's midsection, evidently impaled upon his member and the other boy was standing before her with his cock up into her mouth.

She was actively moving her head in unison to his motions in and out of her as she lightly bounced upon her brother underneath her. As this could have been considered child porn, the judge cut off their view of this one at that place in its progression. The third and final one of consideration showed the father this time laying on his back, with his dick evidently up her ass as she laid face up on top of him.

One of the brothers was then mounted up to her vagina and busy plowing up to it. The other brother was leaning over the side of her head with his penis actively installed into her mouth.

There was no sign of any distress on her part at all. With this, the judge stopped this video too. And the watchers, in a very stunned stage moved back into the courtroom for further deliberations.

Then, Judge Bandy stopped and looked at the two teams of counselors, at Marcus, at George McConnell; thinks for a few minutes and then motions for the two lead attorneys to approach the bench. He looks at the Comp. attorney and waits for him to say something. It doesn't come. He then looks at my attorney and asks if he has a motion ready at this time. Mr. Benson says, "No." that he feels that he has definitely proved me not-guilty. But that he has one more piece of evidence to prove me innocent.

The judge thinks a minute or so and then says, "Proceed then." With the private investigator excused, Mr. Aswan is returned to the stand. "Mr. Aswan, as a reminder, you are the Property Manager for the Big City Police Department, aren't you?" "Yes, I am." "And you have credentials as a CSI specializing in electronic hardware, too?" "Yes." "Notice this list of items taken from the vehicle after the brutal stabbing of my client.

This item here, the electronic gadget, what did it turn out to be?" "It is a voice actuated, voice recorder." "Why did this slip by all of our attentions?" "No one asked about it, and besides the battery was dead upon arrival at the Evidence Property Room." "A week ago, we asked you to inspect it. What did you find on it?" "We found some conversations that were later identified as rehearsals for parts of his writing.

And the last 16 minutes coincided with the pick-up of Eleanor and attack on his person." At this point the Comp. team who had been so confident at the beginning of the court action, were now sinking into their seats, probably wishing that they could simply disappear.

"Did you produce a tranion of this recording?" "Yes, there are enough copies for all of the interested parties." With that they were handed around. "Did you also produce a sound recording suitable to be heard in court?" "Yes, I did that also.

It is hooked up to the court room sound system. With the court's permission we can play it." "Did the recording device ever leave the custody of the Police Department? Or did anyone of the Marcus defense team or Marcus himself have any access to it?" "No, to both questions." "Your Honor, may we play this recording now?" He looked at the Comp. team who were totally defeated and then said, "Yes." After it was played to a rapt and very silent court room, Judge Bandy surveyed the many persons in the court.

All were stunned. It was exactly as the Marcus team had portrayed it. Marcus was actually innocent in this regard. Even George McConnell was stunned. He had actually believed his daughter. First the judge asked the Comp. team if they had any further questions to put forward about the case. "They said that they would take it under advisement." Judge Bandy said that it was too late for that and asked the Marcus team if they had any motions to put before the court.

They asked for dismissal of the suits against Marcus and to add a Defamation of Character suit against the Comp. team. The judge said that he would favorably entertain a motion in that regard and dismissed the suits against Marcus. The judge then looked over to the Comp. team and told them that he would be in court in two months to pronounce his decision on the counter suit. He looked at them earnestly and recommended that they come to some kind of agreement with Marcus, since it looked very bad for them.

Mr. Benson informed the judge that we were already prepared to make an offer to them in settlement and all we needed was a private place to meet with them right away.

Judge Bandy said that we could use his office in 15 minutes. We agreed and so did the other team. George and his sons were already in custody, so it was only Eleanor's mother and their attorneys in attendance for our presentation. "Marcus has made it clear to us that he has no desire to become rich over all of this.

However there are several things that he insists must be agreed to: 1. All of his legal expenses must be paid, including the detective agency's expenses from the Stabbing until the final agreement is signed. 2. All of his heath expenses must be paid for the same time period, with the liability left open for any future consequences tied to the stabbing.

3. All time loss for his employment with prorated tips must be covered until he returns in six weeks.

4. He requires a $20,000 settlement to get his life back in order. We his attorneys believe that this is far too low, but it black guy and human sex story his desire to not hinder you from taking care of Eleanor.

5. He requires a personal statement to be made on the front page of the local newspaper by her family and all attorneys involved of their apology for casting doubt on Marcus' reputation.

And advising all that he is innocent of any wrong-doing in this case. We will monitor that statement and if it is watered down at all, we will proceed with the defamation of character suit.

You may confer now while we wait for up to 30 minutes." They adjourned to the far side of the room, and we could see the angry stares, hear the angry words and recognize the sense of inevitability among them. Finally they returned to the table to face us. "Your decision, please!" "We agree, with several stipulations to be negotiated at a later time." "You don't understand. There will be no stipulations. You will agree to all of our terms and have the papers prepared and on my desk by Wednesday this coming week, or we are willing to wait to see what the judge rules is proper.

And there will be no negotiation then." "Yes, they will be there on time." And he looked at me and sadly said to me, "Congratulations Marcus." I looked at him and said, "This is no time for celebrations. This is a very horrible time for all of us!" He just nodded sadly and walked off.

With that I walked out the door a free man, since the police were there to hear it all. I walked right past the media types who were so ready to paint all of my fellow cab drivers with the same 'tar brush' that they had painted me with. Now they wanted a statement from me on how I felt about the verdict. I felt that it would be better if I said nothing, rather than what was in my heart at that moment. I walked to the curb and jumped into a waiting limousine already occupied with the very lovely Edna.

6666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 REDEMPTION: Back from the precipice. My life is back on a forward roll. Just a couple of months ago it seemed to be gone, with the lies of a very disturbed 14 year old girl. How does one prove what they didn't do? But, a modern type of miracle saved me. Who would have thought it? Back to my condo after the months and a week at the cottage at my benefactor, the beautiful Edna.

She had insisted that I spend some time there to avoid the media frenzy over the court hearing result. First they had been out for my blood, and now they wanted to wallow in the glory of my miraculous deliverance. Pardon me, if I am more than a bit bitter to those who pile on to someone who can't defend themselves, all in the name of pursuing the news.

An interesting article was published in the local Big City newspaper on the third day after the hearing. In it, entitled "Blame The Victim," the writer pursued the modern propensity slender amazing bitch rides a cock hiddencam and hardcore blame the victims of the world for having the insensitivity to be in the way of the perpetrators of the world.

How dare they walk down the dark alleys of life and then have the nerve to complain when the 'downtrodden ghouls' of the world rob and kill them. They should have known better, don't you think?

And isn't all of the attention thrown to the 'perps' justified in a humanist cause? The lengthy article caught the attention of many of the large newspapers in the East and excerpts of it were featured on all of the prime time news shows. There is even talk of a Pulitzer for the writer. He was the only news media personage that I allowed to interview me.

He was very penetrating in his questions, mostly about the origin of the charges and the handling of it by the police and the courts. I withheld certain facts that were not brought out in court, but talked freely about those that were. When he asked about my feelings about how I was treated during the process, I responded with, "I have no bad feelings towards any of the persons involved.

They handled it in a variety of ways in regard to my person, but in no way was I treated very badly by any of them. I felt that under the circumstances they usually showed considerable restraint towards me. All I ask of them afterwards is to remember that some of the people that they arrest, really are innocent even if they can't prove it.

As I open the condo door, I am concerned about what I will find, or not find.

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But, upon entering I find that the search teams used considerable restraint in their fact finding efforts. Hot teen with big natural family good solid day african couple wife sucking and fucking big penis and her sweet vagina my house-cleaning friend and myself and it should be in regular fine shape.

I just have to retrieve my computer and file cabinet that I had stored to protect them from unauthorized prying eyes. In the meantime, I had a new console computer to do my writing on, a match for one that had a permanent place in Edna's cottage, with the ability to transfer my efforts between them.

I don't busty blonde wants her friends dad jessa rhodes all of this, but it just works. There is no sign of Burt to be seen. It is like he was never here. And Prissy and the kids have disappeared, also. Awful quiet around here without them. But, when I went in to see my doctor for my 'post-trial' health evaluation and final suture removal, the cute Asian receptionist had her little dog at the office.

I wondered about a dog being there since they are very resistant about them being most everywhere else. But, she informed me that it was hypoallergenic because of the very close weave of its fur. And it was about the cutest thing I have ever seen on four feet.

It should be noted that I have seen cuter on two feet! It is a Yorkie/miniature Poodle blend. Not recognized as a legitimate breed yet. And from what I can find out about it, it might never be so, since the future generations after the original cross mating develop significant genetic related problems.

But, in the original products, the near perfect little dog is produced. It is very cute, modestly lively, highly friendly and gentle. Great for condos and adults. Not so much for younger children as it is sturdy on its own merits, but not up to much rough-housing. With no companion in the condo at the present, this option is gaining a lot of traction.

With the confiscation of my cell-phone for the hearing and possible trial, I had it terminated and a new phone connected with my previous number. On it was a very long list of calls and text messages. I had no plans to answer any of the phone calls.

The people that I have on my call list can redial me as soon as they want. And most of the text messages, I erased without even reading them. However, there was one from Marg and Biff asking me to call the office. So, I did. "Marcus here. May I speak to Marg or Biff?" "Just a minute while I connect you." "Hello, Marcus.

We here are so pleased with the results of the hearing. Would you please come by the office on Thursday, so that we can fill out some papers to get you back into the system to drive when you feel able?" "Sure Marg. What time do you want me to arrive?" "Noon would be fine." "Okay, I will let you know if something comes up." "Please make this a priority, Marcus.

The papers need to be sent in on Thursday afternoon, for the insurance company's benefit." "Okay, Marg. See you then!" So, I spent the next two days catching up on my chores of cleaning and rearranging my condo, washing my clothes, restocking my refrigerator and retrieving my mail which came in a very large double layer plastic bag.

That was going to keep me busy, even if I immediately dumped all of the letters from investment companies. All of this with visions of Yorkie/Poos flying around my head. I drove up to the office on Thursday right at noon. I am very annoyingly on time almost always and very early the rest of the time.

I have dismayed more than one lady that I dated by arriving too early. I couldn't find a parking spot, and so had to park on the street, which slut schoolgirl heather gables crimes of the cunt usually off limits to us. I wondered at what seemed to be the entire fleet parked at the office. When I walked into the crew room, I heard, "Surprise!!!!." All of the veteran drivers and most of the newer ones were present.

Porn cutie babe fingering ep high def I got my wits about me, Marg spoke up. "Marcus, this is all for you. We all are so grateful that you so capably defended yourself. It not only cleared your name, but the company's, your fellow local drivers and all of the taxi drivers everywhere.

Please share a piece of cake and your favorite root beer with us and then we have a 'real' surprise for you." I never turn down cake and root beer and so partook as various drivers came up and patted me on the back.

One of them said, "You need to come back soon, I am tired of taking all of your turns at the airport!" I smiled at that. And, "We need you to come back soon also, since no one else is so much fun to needle while we are on duty!" I truly laughed at that, because it is very true. Finally the 'old pro,' perhaps the finest driver in the fleet looked me over and offered, "We are so happy that the court designated you as perfect as you always have thought that you were!" Said with a twinkle in his eye.

I broke out in gulping laughter and told him that that was the funniest thing that I had heard in a long time.

He smiled and patted me on the back, too. Then Marg led me out to old #1, Biff's pet Checker Taxi, where I found Edna already sitting in the back seat, who immediately told me that a 'hero' deserved a pretty lady to share his glory. With that Biff started up the old girl and led a procession of all of the available cabs that Yellow had in town, with members of all of the other companies locally.

It even attracted cabs from as far away as Canuck City and Twilight City. The local police and state troopers led us all the way through Big City with people lining the sidewalks and right past the court house of my trials and tribulations.

When we got to the south end of town, it broke up with a lot of loud honking and the pretty lady kissed the honored cab driver. Biff and Marg nodded as they agreed with what was going on in the back seat. When we got back to the office, Edna accompanied me into the office, as Marg and Biff wanted to talk to me about something.

When we settled down in Biff's museum of cabbing which he calls his office, Marg did the talking. "Marcus, we here with this company are very sorry that we couldn't come out more strongly for you during the trial process. It was an insurance thing and the legal restraints upon us legally. But, we know that lawsuits could be awaiting us.

Is there something that we can do for you?" "Marg and Biff, you have done much for me. Both real amateur asian watch part online on partstream this situation and even during it. Your testimonies helped to take the steam right out of the Comp. team, even before the voice recorder.

I am so grateful for that. I have no hard feelings and intend to take no legal action against you despite the promptings of my legal team. I intend to come back to driving in about four more weeks. But, I haven't had a vacation for at least eight years.

And would like to go on one of those Caribbean cruises. If you could arrange two weeks on one of those boats, I would be very happy about it. I would like to take Edna along, if she wants to go." Edna spoke up, "As you know, I am well able to pay my own way, even Marcus' way if you demure on this." "No, we would love to do this for you Marcus. And we will arrange it along with Mrs. Margolus and let you know when you are to leave.

We will arrange a taxi pickup for you two and take you home when you get back. And Marcus, thank you for being so understanding with us. We consider you one of the finest drivers that we have ever had." "Marg and Biff, you are the finest taxi owners that I have ever worked for," with a very smarmy smile.

They got the joke and returned the grins. On the way out, Edna told me to let her know when we were to leave and that she was thrilled to share this trip with me. If it was to be early in the morning, she would probably stay over with me at the condo, since it is so close to the airport.

I enthusiastically agreed with that. We waved good bye and I returned to my sanctuary of quiet and solitude to process all that had happened that day. That night while I was asleep, Jazzmine appeared in a vision-dream that was not self-generated.

She was beautiful and ethereal in form, with a kindly smiling face. As she floated about me she gently caressed my mind and soothed my heart and then said to me with the kindest manner possible, "Marcus, I have come to comfort you and to spur you to move forward with my mother. I want to help you overcome the balking that causes so many prospective good relationships to die stillborn before they ever flower. You see, Marcus I do truly approve of you and mom, the only two people who really cared about me, getting together.

I came into your mind and heart the night that I said that I wanted to be with a friend. I whispered the magic words into your ear as you slept, 'I will be with you forever.' As far as I know the real Jazzmine is really dead. But, I will continue to dwell in you and mom as long as you live. Yes, I am in her too and partly responsible for her seeking to help you in your troubles.

When you come together, I will be doubly strong with you both especially when you are connected with love. Marcus, just be patient with her and gentle with her in bed. She is truly a gentle and kindly soul. Whatever good was in me came from her. Now return to sleep and yes, you will remember this when you wake up." When I awoke in the morning, it was just like it had just happened.

The feelings expressed by Jazzmine and the totality of the recent events caused an emotional overload and I laid back in bed and cried my eyes out. After a bit, I got up and took my morning banana with a glass of water and moved on to meet the rest of the day. Later that day, I got a text from Marg giving me the date of the beginning of my vacation trip. I notified Edna, and she decided to stay at my place the night before, even though we would be leaving in the afternoon.

Thank goodness the cleaning lady was coming today. I got a few calls through the day from some of my lady friends who congratulated me on the court case and asked if they could come by and 'comfort me.' Even Peggy, my ex-wife called. I told them all that I was unavailable for some time and would notify them if it became available again.

And I thanked them for the calls and the kind thoughts. They all left off with varying levels of disappointment. On the day of the beginning of the trip, one of our drivers came to pick me up. He was one of the most unfavorably disposed towards me in the fleet.

We had 'crossed swords' many times. But, one time when my self was in apparent danger, he had backed me up. I had acknowledged this over the two-way radio to the whole fleet. He had been having a very difficult time with the bosses, and so this reporting of his kindly action, helped all of the others to look more favorably on him. Wish I could say that it stopped the difficulties between us, but that was not so. It did seem that he 'pulled his punches' so to speak from that time on, though.

He knew of my very bad back and so helped me move my one medium bag and Edna's four large ones to the rear of his van cab. As he drove, he addressed Edna and challenged her to bring me back from the trip in fine fettle so that he and I could return to our 'cab wars.' She promised to do so, with his very large smile in evidence. When we got to the airport, and had unloaded our luggage, he informed me that the trip was free, a comp.

I handed him a twenty dollar tip. He looked at me and said that he had been strictly instructed to not accept a tip from me. I said then to count it against one of the tips that he should had gotten at another time. He smiled and gratefully accepted it. As we walked off, he yelled, "I will be waiting for you bro.

Bring your best game!" I waved back and walked off with my lovely lady hand-in-hand. We flew to Miami, with a couple of stops along the way and joined the cruise boat the next evening. It was to leave the following morning.

Boy, Marg and Biff had outdone themselves in making these arrangements. We had the option of separate rooms and I asked Edna which was her preference. She smiled and hauled her luggage into my (our) room with no comment. We slept that asian cheating cheating wife with huge natural breasts in foreplay action like logs with only a holding of hands a couple of times in the night.

The next morning we awoke early and we took a brisk walk around the deck until we had reached a mile and a half and then moved on to have breakfast. We noticed that the boat had not left, yet. But we had two weeks ahead of us and were no hurry for anything that might happen. At breakfast we discussed the usual itinerary for each day and we agreed upon the early morning brisk walks, gradually working up to three miles each day.

Then a quick shower, breakfast and a little fun in the pool. We set aside a separate time for each of us in the small little school girle xxx story afternoons.

I was going to find some social card games. I love to play pinochle, hearts, cribbage, spades and am a tyro at bridge. She was going to confer with her business partners and seek out some ladies to chat with. We would then meet together to shower and dress up for dinner. After dinner, we would seek out some of the varied entertainment available on these cruises. I was delighted that Jim Stafford and Ray Stevens were having a joint show on board with a lot of pretty girls and a whole lot of their sparkling humor.

Edna loved them, too. Rion Page was appearing too with a local band from her home town of St. Petersburg, Fl. They put on a very fine show. During the two weeks we saw every show available and they were all very entertaining. Not every day followed this plan. But, it provided a structured plan to lean on while she and I shared in the exceptions. At least we always knew when we were to meet again and where, when we were separated. The first week followed the plan quite closely. There was no intimacies between us over the first week.

Just a very friendly and affectionate manner of life between us. But, the tension was building and Jazzmine started to gently spur us on. We both felt it, but didn't mention it up to this time. On the evening of the eighth day after dinner and a movie, we lay on the bed reviewing the events of the day and discussing how things had went so far. As we lay there silently looking upon each other in our very sparse night clothes, Edna looked at me and said, "Marcus, isn't it about time?" I looked into her gentle and aroused eyes, with just a hint of moisture in the corners and said in a faux dumbness, "Time for what?" With that she laughed and rose and came over and laid her body on mine as I turned to be on my back and molded herself to me as she fervently kissed me.

She backed off for a moment and said to me, "No extended play time this time Marcus, please. Just let's make love and enjoy each other. More play time can come another time. For there will be many of them." I didn't answer with my voice, I just rolled us over and worked down her body from her face to her pussy with very brief stops at all of her wonder parts down along the way.

Then I briefly kissed her clit and lips. She then raised me up to kiss her on the face again as she guided me into her waiting heavenly port. We proceeded very gently with both of our movements, which highlighted our growing love instead of the lust that we both felt, too. Joining us in gorgeous nina elle licking and sucking large hard meat interracial pornstars was Jazzmine as she was noticed by both of us with her approving expression and when we turned our attention back to each other's heart and love, we came very quickly.

It wasn't monumental. That would come in future love-makings. It was just heart feeding and melding of us together. There seemed to be no doubt as to our future at this point. The rest of the trip moved along with a smooth rhythm and the last night came to be. We discussed what would happen when we returned home, and we both felt that we should take things step by step, but there was a very strong sense of united purpose between us and a lot of confidence in the future for us.

That night Edna said that we should pull out all stops and have a truly memorable 'fuckfest' to highlight this wonderful trip. So we did. We did all of my favorite things that night and some of hers. She was surprisingly horny now and had a few tricks up her 'hmm&hellip.sleeve you might say.' I like all of the regular things including kissing, breast play and anal.

She was into water sports, which really surprised me. We both worried that the other might feel some offense at what the other liked, but it turned out that we molded together, just fine. Thank you. We slept with me in her, a dream come true for me. When we awakened in the morning we shared a vigorous '69' before we went on our walk.

This produced a very nice rosy blush to our bodies leading up to our showers before breakfast. We left the boat that later morning and were on a return flight early that afternoon. When we got back to Big City, another driver was waiting for us and delivered us to my condo for us to rest up. The next morning she took her car and returned to her home and life.

This was after some fine lovemaking, to keep the fire burning, you know. That afternoon, Marg called and asked about the trip. I answered that it was fine and apologized for not sending any cards. She was very understanding. Busy with a fine lady she mused. I said yes, with considerable enthusiasm. She then asked when I planned on returning to work, and I said on Monday.

She said great, and would look forward to working with me again." I rested up that weekend, anticipating returning to the life that I had known for so many years. I wondered how I would blend in Edna, my cabbing, my return to writing and the possible entry into my life of Fifi (or Fred) the Yorkiepoo.