Plastic surgeon tricks innocent teen into fucking him

Plastic surgeon tricks innocent teen into fucking him
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For years I had fantasized about watching my wife suck another man's cock. I know I am not alone amongst men in having this fantasy based on many of the stories that I have read over the years on the internet and other various venues. I have even mentioned it to my wife more than once. At times, usually when we are fucking, I have brought it up and she has nude beach films publiic sex she would do it.

I think we both knew that she was just saying this a part of the moment and neither of us thought it would ever advance beyond that. I was wrong.

The four of us, my wife, me and Jake and his wife had been friends for about 3 years. We met Jake when he and his wife Christine moved in 3 doors down from us. They like us were Harley riders.

I have a Road King, my wife has a Sportster, and Jake and his wife both road Heritage Classics. Jake and Christine are an attractive couple and on top of that they are a lot of fun to ride with and hang out with. During the riding season we would often take off early on a Saturday morning for a ride and end up back at either our house or theirs for steaks on the grill. About six months ago Christine took a job that required her to travel a lot and we ended up on more than one Saturday ride being a threesome riding rather than two couples.

I for one missed Christine as she was a beautiful woman with a playful sense of humor. This did not stop the steaks on a grill after ride activities but because we felt guilty about Jake feeding two of us we ended up at our house more often than not for dinner and drinks after riding. It was after one such ride that my fantasy was realized. I knew from private conversations with Jake that he found my wife very attractive and during the occasional candid moment he would mention he would "do her in a minute" if we weren't such good friends.

I of course would always respond that if I had the chance I would be all over Chris. We would both laugh and get back to whatever it was we were doing.

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I never told him that my wife had admitted to me more than once that she found the idea of having sex with Jake one that was appealing to her! I decided that I would not stand in their way if they ever wanted to let it happen. I told my wife one night after an especially nasty night of fucking and sucking that if she ever wanted to suck Jake off she had my blessing so to speak. She laughed at me and said you have talked about this for years and to be honest this is the first time I'm thinking of doing it.

Go for it I said and kissed her deeply. We'll see she said and rolled over to go to sleep. That being said let me get back to last Saturday night. We had had a wonderful ride that day and the three of us, Christine was on the road for the fourth weekend in a row, pulled into our driveway about 6:00 that night.

I headed to the patio to get the grill started and my wife and Jake headed to the kitchen to get the steaks and potatoes ready and to pour some drinks for us. We had a wonderful meal that night and it was now about 9:30. The sun had set and it was a gloriously warm evening. The thereof us sat around our fire-pit and were enjoying drinks and conversation that at times turned what one could consider a bit sexual in nature. Jake mentioned that it was getting close to going home time for him.

My wife said do you really have to go I'm having such a nice time being the only woman in the company of two handsome men. Jake laughed and said I'm sure you are but I'm the odd man out here so I think Hot year old sweetheart hardcore and massage just go home and jerk-off and go to sleep.

We all laughed for a moment then my wife stunned us both my saying why don't you let me take care of your need to cum I'd love to suck your cock right here and right now. I looked first at my wife, she winked at me, and then at Jake who had a look that on his face that seemed to say are you all right with this?

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I looked back at my wife and said I'm ok with that idea. She stood up walked over to were Jake was sitting and reached out to him.

He took her hand and stood up and she kissed him deeply and passionately. I just sat there watching. I watched as my wife reached down between Jake's legs and started to rub his cock through his jeans. I watched as Jake grabbed my wife's tits through her blouse. I watched when my wife unzipped Jake's jeans and pulled his hard cock out and started to stroke it right there on our patio. I watched as Jake opened my wife's blouse pushing her bra up over her tits and then began to kiss and suck her firm nipples.

As Jake sucked on my wife's tits she looked at me and asked if I wanted to get into the action as well. I stood up and walked over to them and kissed her deeply as Jake continued to suck and kiss free xxx teen 18 pornsex stories tits. She continued to stroke Jake's cock as we kissed. When I pulled away from her kiss she said I want you to fuck me from behind while I suck Jake off.

You ok with this Jake she asked? Jake lifted his head from her chest and said I'll do whatever you guys want to do.

Good, she said. Now someone help me out of the jeans and boots. I got down on my knees and started to untie her boots as Jake undid her belt and buttons on her 501 jeans. She lifted first one than the other foot so that I could slide her boots off then Jake started to slowly lower her jeans and panties at the same time. My wife then took off her blouse and bra and was standing in front of us completely naked.

I wasn't worried about neighbors seeing us as our patio is very secluded and the nearest neighbor to our west was out or town on vacation. I think my wife knew this. My wife looked at us and said why am I the only one naked? We both said nothing. Instead we both kicked off our boots and almost raced to get naked as well. In moments the three of us were naked.

My wife walked over in front of Jake and crouched down and took his cock deep into her mouth. I watched and stroked my own hard cock as she did this. After a few minutes of giving Jake a good sucking she stood and walked over to me and repeated what she had just done for Jake. I was still in a bit of shock that she was doing this but loving every moment of it as I'm sure Jake was too. After sucking me to the brink of cumming in her mouth my wife stood up and said OK if we're going to do this then we need to do it now.

Jake she said you sit down here she said pointing to a deck chair. Jake did as he was told sitting in the chair, legs spread with his hard-on pointing skyward. Baby she said to me I'm going to suck Jake's dick until he shoots his teacher and student xxx hot english story you fuck me from behind as I'm doing that OK? You got it my love I said. My wife walked over to where Jake was sitting and bent over at the waist and took Jake's cock deep into her mouth again.

As she did this I walked up behind her and slid my dick deep into her very wet pussy. I could tell from how wet she was that she was incredibly turned-on by what was happening. Jake was in heaven. Or at least he looked like he was. His head was back and his eyes were closed and he just kept mumbling oh yes baby, oh yes.

My wife was sucking his cock with vigor and occasionally pulling her mouth from his dick to glance back at me and say fuck me baby fuck me while I suck this gorgeous cock. I was fucking her slowly at first as I was captivated by the sight of her sucking Jake's dick.

This was something I had only imagined for years and now it was happening and I liked it. I know this sounds weird to many but I liked watching my wife sucking his cock. I found it incredibly erotic, sexy, nasty, and I liked it.

I began to fuck her ava addams perfect milf tits big boobs pornstar and harder. I also began to tell her to suck that fucking cock. She pulled Jake's cock from her mouth looked up at Jake and asked are you going to shot off in my mouth Jake or would you rather cum all over my tits?

I had not expected this! Jake looked down at my wife then at me and said I'd love to cum all over your tits. My wife then looked back at me and asked how about you do you want to cum all over my tits too? I smiled at her and said yeah that would be fun. Then let's shift she said. I pulled my dick from her pussy and she stood up and told Jake to get up out of the chair.

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He did and she sat down at the end of the chair and started to play with her pussy. OK she said I'll alternate sucking your cocks and when you're ready to cum I want you both to shot off all over my tits.

Deal I said and Jake chimed in you got it. We stood in front of her and she reached out with and grabbed a dick with each hand. She pulled me towards her mouth and started to suck me off while stroking Jake's dick.

After a few minutes she then switched over to sucking Jake and jerking me off. This didn't last long. Soon Jake was moaning loudly and saying he was getting close to cumming. My wife pulled his dick from her mouth and said shoot you cum on my tits Jake; I want to feel you hot fucking cum all over my tits!

That's all it took for Jake. He let out a moan and began shooting cum all over her tits and stomach. My wife tossed her head back and moaned oh yes Jake shot it all over me. I have to admit it was a huge load that Jake shot all over her and I was soon at the brink myself. I asked my wife are you ready for my load and she said yes but I've changed my mind and want you high end whore jessica lincoln loves double dicking cum in my mouth!

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She then grabbed my cock and took it deep into her mouth and with very little sucking brought me to orgasm. I shot what felt like a very large load into her mouth. She swallowed most of it then pulled my cock from her mouth and looked at us and smiled letting cum drip from her mouth down her chin. She looked so fucking decadent and hot at the same moment that I couldn't help but lean down and kiss her cum covered lips. Jake looked like he was exhausted and had sat down in another chair.

He looked over at us, my wife now standing next to me with her arm around my waist cum running down her chest, and said you guys are the best. You're not so bad either Jake my wife said. Then she turned serious and said I hope this remains between us, I know it's too late to say this now but I would hate for what happened here tonight to affect my friendship with Christine. Jake smiled and said you don't have to worry about that Chris has more than once asked me if you the st cock in her pussy hardcore and blowjob would be open to the idea of swinging with us.

We have never done that but she really likes you guys a lot and has more than once told me that she would fuck either or both of you if the occasion arose. I looked at my wife and she just said maybe. I'm going to hop in the shower she said and walked over to Jake and gave him a big hug.

Jake looked at me and said I'm going home you two enjoy the rest of the night. As my wife walked into the house to go shower Jake put his clothes back on and asked if he could leave his bike in our garage tonight? I said of course and thank you. Oh man thank you your wife is crazy wonderful. I know I said with a smile, maybe Chris can return the favor some night.

He laughed and said I think we can work something out. He then shook my hand and walked home. I walked into the house and joined my wife in the shower. I kissed her deeply as the water cascaded over us and told her I loved her. I love you too and I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did. I did my love I did.

We went to bed and made love that night, mad passionate love and as I filled her with my cum I closed my eyes and in my mind's eye I could see Jake cumming all over her tits and I smiled.