Sunny leon sex storys downlod

Sunny leon sex storys downlod
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Jessica's Birthday Party Story: #1 Copyright ©2004 Written: October 31 2004 A story By: KaosAngel Proofed By: TDM Please send any comments about this story to([email protected]) ********************************************************************* Jessica awoke to the smell of bacon being cooked by her mother in the kitchen and realized it must be morning.

Thoughts of the night before still running through her head, the things that were said and the parts that were felt and used to there fullest. Jessica is a slim athletic blonde with creamy white skin and beautiful blue eyes. At just barely 110 pounds there was not much fat on her. Today is Jessica's birthday. Having just turned 18, her mom had a great party planed and had invited the whole family and most of the neighbors to attend Jessica's party The night before, the party plans had been worked out and a celebration orgy took place in which Jessica's mother and father both enjoyed sharing their daughter.

Having realized it was morning, Jessica jumped from her bed and ran downstairs to the kitchen, still naked and dripping her father's seed deposited inside her from the goings on the night before. With the type of party they had planed, it was decided that this was the way she would stay until it was party time.

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As they sat at the kitchen table munching bits of bacon, they discussed the day ahead and what would need to be done. Jessica would help her mother in the kitchen, preparing vegetables and stuffing while her mother got to work making the barbeque sauce.

Since dad would be doing the cooking, he went out to setup the pit.

Once the vegetables were cut, the stuffing made and the fire pit started, it was about 10:00 AM. The guests would be arriving at Noon. With nothing left to do, it was decided that Jessica would be placed on the table on her knees, with her hands tied behind her back, held tight by her father while her mother slid the spit through her. The spit was a 12 foot long rod, made of hollow carbon graphite steel, with air holes for easy breathing, allowing a meat-girl to last for some time while cooking over the coals.

Calling her husband in from the backyard, it was now time to spit Jessica she would need several hours to cook to be ready by 7:00PM for her Birthday Dinner. Jessica turned her back to her mother while she prepared the bindings that would hold her arms behind her back and secure her hands together.

With that done her father helped her on to the table and down to her knees. Her father then grabbed a tit with one hand to use as a brace to steady her while keeping his other arm wrapped tightly around her waist, keeping her from moving. Jessica's mother then took a large cheat pawg wife dirty talk fucks bbc while hubby films which looked like a giant needle about 2 feet long (it was a large version of Ron Popeel's flavor injector designed to insert stuffing into your meat-girl) she pulled out the plunger and filled it with the stuffing that Jessica had just prepared.

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Once the stuffing was inside the injector, the plunger was placed back in and the hollow point was placed into Jessica's anus.

It took a lot of pressure to push the stuffing inside of Jessica's anus, and when it was all in, she looked to be about 9 months pregnant. With the stuffing in place, Jessica's mother moved in behind her. Spit in hand she guided the sharp tip into Jessica's cunt, and pushed the first 12 inches inside her. Jessica complained about how cold the spit was, and her father joked that she would heat it up fast once over the fire.

Much laughter ensued. With little to no resistance offered by Jessica, her mother took this as a sign the young girl was ready to receive her last lover, and began pushing the spit through her cervix and into her uterus, then past her stomach. With Jessica squirming around from the intense pain of the spitting process, it was very hard to hold on to her. Father was struggling to keep her still. The spit stopped its journey halfway through Jessica's chest, just under her heart.

Her mother stopped to give her a second to get used to the feeling of being so full, and to hopefully add to the young girls' enjoyment. After the short rest Jessica's mother once again began sliding the spit through Jessica, until she could feel it at the base of her throat. She took this moment to say her euro sluts get gaped 215 tube porn goodbyes and to thank her mother and father for making her birthday wish come true. With that, said Jessica's mother pushed the spit through her throat and she watched as the bloody tip appeared in front of her, having just come out of her mouth.

Still alive and breathing fine, it was agreed the spitting was successful. Jessica, still standing on her knees, was a little shaken up with the shock of what was done having just hit her, while her mother slid on the anal spit a much smaller version of his big brother at just 12 inches long and 1 inch wide this was mainly to keep Jessica from sliding around on the spit while she rotated and would also serve to hold the stuffing in place.

With the anal spit in place it was then slid deep in to Jessica's anus. Jessica's father, still holding her tight, not to keep her from squirming, (since the pain was now just a dull ache) he was keeping her in place while her mother began tying her feet to the spit. Once that was done it was off to the pit. At just a little past 11:00AM there was plenty of time to have her basted and on to cook before the guest would arrive.

By the time they did arrive, Jessica would just be starting to turn a beet red. She would be placed 6 feet above the fire to begin cooking slowly, and to give Jessica the most enjoyment.

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Once Jessica began to show signs of life fading away, she would be lowered to 3 feet, where she would really start to cook. The hour passed and the guests arrived to see the beet red form of there beautiful birthday girl rotating over the coals, covered in a thick, tasty barbeque sauce.

Jessica's blistering body was still alive, but she was fading away slowly. Too slowly. It was decided by her father, that she needed to cook faster, and without waiting for her to fade anymore, he lowered her to the 3 foot marker while she still had enough life left in her to feel the sting of the flame as she danced and jerked on the spit while her father, mother and the rest of the guests laughed and all proceeded to strip and have an orgy in her honor.