Romanian cam babe finally getss buttplug up ass

Romanian cam babe finally getss buttplug up ass
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These are my stories about how I got started and hooked on sucking cock and loving sperm. It all started during a truth or dare game when I was 14. There was 6 guys & 2 girls (I know not good odds) anyway, it was my turn and I was dared to suck a cock for a minute. When asked which one I was told it had to be my best friend because he was 7-8" like myself and the others were still boy sized.

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I got down on my knees and gently grabbed his cock and said I'm ready. They said start and I opened my mouth and took it in. The smell wasn't bad and the taste was actually alluring so I wasn't thrown off by having to bob on it.

I actually caught myself licking his head and circling it on the top of the stroke.

When the minute was up I took one last long slow stroke up while looking at him eye to eye. As if saying I loved it, and I did. The next day my best friend (we will call him L) called me and wanted to talk. It was Saturday so his parents weren't home so I walked to his place. He asked me if I was ok with the dare and about the look in my eyes. I stumbled with my words a little and finally told him that I had really liked doing it and that was what the look was for.

He asked me if I would like to do it again during the game and without hesitation I said yes especially to you. He said prove it by sucking me now for 2min.

So I did and as I came up the last time I gave him that same look and fluttering of my tongue. Next week at the game (t or d) L dared me to suck all 5 of the other guys each for a min and him for 2. I didn't want to seem like I was in love so I grumbled and got on my knees in front of the first other boy. As I sucked him the taste was a little like L but he was half the size. It did feel good to feel the throbbing so I gladly kept going. I saved L for last because well save the best for last duh.

When I knelt down in front of him my back was to pretty much all the other boys and I mouthed the words thank you to him right before I sucked him one girl five man xxxx story.

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For those 2 min I was in dick heaven. He felt wonderful throbbing and warm and tasty and the precum was delicious. . and then time was up so I looked at him a kissed the tip and hoped to do it again soon. Chapter 2 first blast of cum About a month after the first time we were starting another T or D game. It was L, 4 other guys (including my brother) 3 girls, and myself.

I sat across from L because I was afraid that if I sat next to him I wouldn't be able to not suck him. After the regular truth busty fat babe spunked hardcore and blowjob dare stuff we got to the good stuff.

After getting everyone naked and making some girls eat each other a girl was dared to suck all of us guys for 2min each. After that I was dared to suck each guy for 5min each.

I was told that I would have to keep the cock in my mouth for the full 5min and if they came I would just have to hold onto it or swallow, if I swallowed I could stop sooner. I was both excited and nervous. Here I was going to be able to suck L's cock again but he might cum in my mouth. Well I decided to do like last time and did the smaller cocks first. I got down on my knees and started licking and sucking the first guy. He was about 4" busty looking good teen fucking her toys and 2" wide and cut.

Once again I was sucking him but this time I was licking and moving my tongue around like I was trying to get him to cum. After about 3min I felt him get a little bigger and then his cock pulsed and started spraying my mouth with cum.

Every time his cock pulsed I got another spurt. After 6 shots he stopped and I now had this salty cum on my tongue, it didn't taste too bad and I was on a sexual high so I stopped sucking pulled off his cock showed the cum then swallowed it. When everyone gasped my cock twitched. I went to the next guy (brother) and wasn't even thinking I just grabbed his cock and started sucking.

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He was about 5" x 2" and cut and I don't remember if he had a taste I just wanted more cum. I was really using my tongue on him. I wanted him to cum as fast as possible so I could taste it. After 2min I got what I wanted. His cock got bigger and then the pulse and spray.

I actually moaned on his cock while he was cuming in my mouth.

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Everyone heard it. Another guy said listen he's loving this. I didn't care I had another load of cum on my tongue. Again I showed everyone and swallowed. I did the same for the other 2 guys because I wanted L specificly his cock. Blanche bradburry and tracy lindsay aka tracy delicious I got in front of him I looked him in the eyes as I took him in my mouth and gave a moan.

I stopped long enough to tell him feed me and went back to giving him the best blowjob ever. With him I actually wasn't trying to hurry. I already loved having his big cock in my mouth so I did what I already knew and bobbed up and down flickering my tongue and licking everywhere. Someone said 1min to go and thats when I went into high gear. I was not about to suck him and not get his sperm. I got to bobbing faster and when I got to the tip I tried circling it with my tongue over and over.

He was getting that look to his face and said "I'm gonna cum" everyone stopped except the time keeper. He was calling off 20sec and I felt his cock get bigger and I knew the pulse was coming.

As the time keeper said 5sec L came. And boy did he cum. His cock pulsed and shot out this big shot of cum that seemed to cover my tongue with a thick layer. The time keeper said times up but L was still grunting and cuming in my mouth. I had to pull back to just his tip because he kept cuming.

I was so excited to have so much cum in my mouth my cock was drooling. I was in heaven. It tasted so good and felt wonderful. As he stopped I pulled away and showed everyone.

They all gasped when they saw how full my mouth was. I made a show of moving my tongue thru the delicious cum and closed my mouth and swallowed.

When the cum went down my throat it felt so good I moaned again and said omg that was good.

I leaned back to L and kissed his cock and said (loud enough for everyone to hear) thank you that was great. He said your welcome and you can suck me anytime. Chapter 3 loving cum Well after that day I was hooked. Not only on sucking cock but the ending.

I found that although I liked the feeling of a hard throbbing cock in my mouth, what I really loved was the feeling of that cock pulsing and spraying my mouth with cum, and feeling that cum slide down my throat.

When I met up with L after school the next day he asked me about the blowjob. When I told him exactly how I felt he asked me if I wanted to do it again. I enthusiastically told him that I would do it again and again as much as I could. I also told him brazenly that I would give him a bj whenever we could if he wanted to, to which he said "dude that was the best bj I have ever had and you are welcome to do it anytime we can." I asked him if he had time right then. He didn't answer me but pulled his cock out.

I dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth. As his cock entered my mouth I moaned because it felt soo good and tasted wonderful. He said we had an hour before anyone got home so I decided to go slow and make it last. I slowly went down as far as I could on his cock I stuck out my tongue and licked his shaft. As I went back up I flicked my tongue on his cock and when I got to the tip I circled his tip and licked the hole.

After doing that for about 2min I stopped and went after his beautiful full balls. As I was licking and sucking his balls I was slowly stroking him. I then went back to sucking him. Ay about 8min he said "dude I'm gonna blow so I stopped and thumped the under side of his head. That was enough to stop him and I went back to swallowing his meat. After another 5min I said feed me and started stroking him faster while sucking and licking his tip. I felt that wonderful feeling of him getting bigger and then he pulsed and sprayed my mouth with tasty sperm.

Again he kept cuming but this time he filled my mouth so much I had to swallow before he finished and yet he still filled my mouth a second time. I was so thrilled that I came in my pants. After that day I sucked him atleast twice a week and three when he high society couple mull over a romp T or D but thats another story.