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Closeups of her privates and some fucking
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As the footsteps drew close to the door, I stiffened leaning against my new bed. My eyes were focused on the door; noticing how no one was paying attention to me, busy greeting my cellmate with big smirks. Cruel laughter came from them as they exchanged whispers, occasionally looking back at me. I could tell what they were thinking, just by the looks on their faces. Turning, I stared at the wall, not wanting to see their jeering faces, the hints at my inevitable doom.

Not even as the jingling of chains ceased. Murmured greetings were at the door, they were releasing him to join me… "So where's my new punching bag?" the voice outside the door boomed, and I visibly jumped. Quickly, I grabbed the rung of the ladder to the bunk bed, climbed to the top bunk, hugging myself as I sat there. To my horror, the jail clothes feeling uncomfortable loose as I sat, shaking with fear. It felt as if I was naked, the way the cool air of the cell caressed my skin as I huddled close to the wall in terror at the sight, watching as he entered the cell.

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As tall as the door, with bulging muscles, and a shaved head, he cracked his knuckles as he looked about the cell for me. The sound sent chills through me, and I had to look away, listening to him step closer into the room. "He ain't here…?" the statement was grunted, and I noticed the confusion on his face. It seemed my cell mate was not that bright of a person. I could take advantage of that if I needed to.

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Though, I'm not cruel, it was something needed for survival. It meant escaping him would be easier than I thought. Hide and Seek was hopefully not his strong point.

I could hear the guards' chuckle at my cellmates words, making me shiver. "Oh, he's in there. Might be a skinny kid, but I doubt he's stupid enough to try and run out.

Especially not with us standing right here. And there's no escaping these cells, not in under a day at least. Try looking in small places." "Or on the bunk bed." The other suggested, poking his head in for a moment, eyes looking up to the top of the bed. Girlfriend teen fucked by her boyfriends hard penis smirk came to his lips as he noticed me looking fearfully down at him.

I was oblivious to the monsters location, too busy shaking in terror. Suddenly, a big hand reached up, and grabbed one of my legs, dragging me across the bed. I clung to it, screaming in fear as he tried to remove me from my hiding place. The hand was almost crushing my ankle, and I felt as if he were going to break my leg just to get me down. I am sure he would, if the officers were not there, watching us closely. He probably would with them still there any way. "Found 'im." My captor snickered behind me, "now leggo of the bed, kid." Another hand reached up to grab my chest, and how close his hand felt to my skin made me shudder with self pitying disgust.

The fabric made it feel as if he were caressing me like a teasing lover, not trying to drag me out of hiding so he could to me harm. A whimper escaped my lips as he growled behind me, "p-please. Just leave me alone…" The small plea did not help, as both hands grabbed my waist, and with another, sharper, tug I was in his strong arms, looking into his eyes.

Wiggling, I blushed uncontrollably, trying to get out of his arms and escape knowing the horny and wild fake penis playing pornstar and hardcore he had on me would leave painful bruises. I could already feel my ankle aching, and reached down to massage it, cheeks flaming up as he stared at me. The dark, mocha eyes bore into my skin, drawing flushes from embarrassment in places I had thought only my fianc?could draw a blush from.

Turning to look at the door, I noticed the guards were gone, having disappeared sometime during my struggle. Thusly, they were leaving me with the intelligence challenged man, who was giving me an odd look, which I could not explain. It was as if I was confusing him. Either that or he was having a difficult time thinking about something. "Wha's yer name, kid?" he asked me, and I looked back at him, cocking an eyebrow, confused myself now.

It answered his look, but why would the guards not tell him who his new cellmate was? "They didn't tell you?" The revelation startled me, slightly.

"Nope. Jest tol' me I'd have a new bunk mate." "David Lewis…" then the implications of his words hit me. "Wait…bunk mate? There are two beds here." I blinked, scowling as he laughed at me. "Yeah…but I prefer getting personal with my cell buddies." He buried his face in my neck this time, and I could not help the scream that came from me, as his hands began to wander my body.

"Names Rocky kid and we're going to become good friends." The purr made me shiver, tears coming from my eyes. I knew what his type of friendship would require. This was not what I was hoping for. Far from it. And as he began to slide fingers beneath my top, I choked out a sob, staring at the ceiling as his hands wandered. "Please…stop…" I swallowed, hands against his chest, trying to push him away. After being set on my feet, I was roughly shoved against a wall, legs kicked apart, and his hand moved down to stroke my ass.

My face was pressed against the bricks, hands quickly held behind my as panteras incesto2 em nome dpai e da filha xstoryscom, keeping me from moving, with only one of his. The other tugged down my pants, stroking my bare, pale ass lustily. "It's going to be so much fun taking this virgin ass of yours." Rocky grunted into my ear, laughing as I cried, trying to pull away from him. Fingers slid into view, and I listened shakily as he ordered me to lick them.

A blush coating my features, I turned to look at him, finding him looking at me seriously. "If you don' wan' it to be painful, suck the fuckin' fingers." I looked down, obeying in shame as the sausage size appendages slid into my mouth, wetting them with my tongue. They tasted salty with sweat, and a bit dirty. Behind me, my arms were released, and ordered to rest on the wall, the hand moving to my hips, stroking them.

A hand slapped my ass when I did not move quick enough, drawing a squeal from me. Quickly, I placed them on the wall, and once in place, I could feel something against my ass.

I was unable to help the whimper that escaped me once realizing I had been freed to his benefit to continue the humiliating torture. Cold tears of sadness dripped down my cheeks as I let the fingers fall from my lips with a pop, sobbing quietly. "Please…let me go…" the soft plea was barely above a whisper, as I winced, feeling one of the soaked fingers slide into me, filling up my anus cruelly.

A scream tried to break free from me as the second was shoved in roughly, leaving me pressed against the wall, cloth, and stone rubbing against my sensitive nipples wantonly.

To my amazement, my cock and nipples were hard, though it might have been the result of my girlfriends embarrassing sexual teasing in the past. My blush deepened next, feeling the prisoner grope my crotch, a snicker escaping him. "Yer body says yeh like it, kid." Was the purr in my ear, the hot breath sliding around to my front, filling my nostrils with the scent of cigarettes as the fingers made scissoring motions within me, between sliding in and out. I could not resist wiggling at the treatment, looking away at the humiliation as it began to feel pleasurable.

The feeling was amazingly good, and I had to bite my lip as the man found my prostate, stroking it teasingly as my back arched, the wonderful feeling coursing through me. Despite what I wanted, I rocked my hips back against the fingers, listening shamefully to the chuckles from my attacker, small sounds flowing from my lips.

"By the end of the week, I'll have you begging for my cock, boy." At that, the fingers slid out, replaced by his thick cock at my hole.

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Closing my eyes, I sobbed quietly, while resigning to lying against the wall. The pain of being filled by the thick length, taken unwillingly by this brute was terrifying. It felt as if I were being split in half by his dick, stretching beyond my limit. But, as I could not protest, all I could do was stand there and take it like the whore he was going to turn me into.

I could only hope he would not put me in a state of begging for it, like he threatened. Anal sex wasn't that good was it? I could not mull on it, as my nails clawed the wall, letting out a small grunt of pain as he impaled me fully. Warm, thick blood was trickling down my thigh, telling me that some of the skin was torn within me.

I could not help but cry even more at this, realizing he truly was tearing me apart. We had only just met, and already I knew that the relationship would be strained. Rocky would probably want to do this every night to train me to be his new 'bitch'.

And while I did not want to be some jail guy's 'fuck toy', I was in no situation to argue. I am just some skinny, weak, high class white boy, who tried to kill his girlfriend for her money to them.

No one would believe me, and on the food chain in here, where rules of society were non-existent, I was a rabbit, and they were all hungry lions. It was likely that I was the only frail guy around to pick on. The others were probably either dead, finished their sentence, built up in the gym, or belonged to someone else. It was that, or Rocky did not like to share. No matter what, it left me as the new prey to the hunters.

Slowly, he began to slide in and out of me, the thick slab of meet moving, stroking my sore insides. I was in such a state of shock; I did not make a sound. Not even as he slapped my ass in anger, nipping at my shoulder. My head rested limply on the wall, taking the agonizing torture lightly, detaching myself from the current events. Finding my happy place was not that hard. I would be happier anywhere other than where I currently was.

But as he found the sweet spot within me, stroking it teasingly with his cock, I broke. Moans of pleasure poured from my lips at the new found delight, making my cheeks turn read with shame. It was beginning to feel good, the previously agonizing treatment. The groans, moans, and sighs of ecstasy coming from my lips sounded alien to me. I was beginning to sound like the whore Rocky threatened I would become.

This must have been the first step to my new life in jail. Being a black man's 'bitch' until I was free of the barred windows, stone walls, and thin clothes; away from men who treated me like a low class woman. I could hear small laughs coming from the big brute as I rocked my hips back to meet his thrusts. One of my hands went down to stroke my aching length; moved back as he took it, replacing it with his own hand.

The man's giant fingers caressed my need with surprising gentleness, while his other occupied itself with my nipples, drawing a wanton moan from my lips. I was left with my hands on the wall, feeling already like a jail yard whore within my first hour of being here. "Scream my name, bitch." The demand was grunted in my ear, lips running along my neck, sucking on the skin.

They claimed me as his and his alone by marking their territory. I have seen this before many times, especially with young men and women. Beautiful vinyl pawner sucks dick for good cash brunette blowjob away with embarrassment, I refused to speak. I would lower myself to moaning like a simple slut for him, but begging?

Crying his name? That was something lovers did. I was already ashamed enough about him taking my anal virginity; but let him take what little of my pride was left too? No! Though, I was considering it as he pulled out, dragging me away from the wall by my hair roughly. Small cries were held tight in my throat as he sat on the bunk bed, forcing me to bend with him. Suddenly, I was thrown over his lap, ass in the air, legs flailing.

"R-Rocky?" I sat up as far as I could, twisting around my head and upper torso to look into the angry brown eyes. "Yeh didn' do as told, bitch." Was the grunted reply from him, as my pants were shoved from my thighs down to my ankles, then pulled off completely. Whimpers of fear came from me as he looked me over, one big hand stroking my trembling thighs. As I slapped it, I cried out in pain, feeling the stinging sensation go through me.

He continued on with this, punishing me for not obeying him during our fucking. "Why weren' you lissenin' to me?" He stopped his spanking for a moment to let me answer. Trembling, I replied quickly, "b-because it's my first time with a guy…I'm a virgin when it comes to that…" Looking away with self pity and disgust, I added, "I feel enough like a whore…I don't want to become one fully." I received a particularly sharp smack on the big tits sluts doing hard shaft in the sex bus for that remark, making me squirm and whine.

"No madder wha' babe, yer goin' ta become my bitch." He snickered, going back to spanking my already sore ass. I would not be able to walk right for days at this rate!

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"B-but I have a fianc? This is cheating!" I cried, punching at his thigh to the best of my ability. He only seemed to get more aroused at my feeble attempt at struggling though. Rocky's hardness was pressing insistently against my stomach, almost begging for my ass as he rocked his hips, a small hum of approval coming from him.

I was lifted, and seated on the man's lap, facing him with a bright blush on my cheeks at our new position. Along with embarrassed by how both our arousals were standing between us, gently brushing against one another, seeking attention. "I got mah own girl back 'ome to, kid." The man snorted, groping my ass with his large palms.

"Doesn' mean we can' still do this." He pulled me closer, burying his face in my neck as he moved his thick member between my ass cheeks, pressing against my tender hole again. I whimpered as he began to push in again, mouth working my neck almost comfortingly as he pushed my shirt up, pinching my delicate nipples roughly. Groaning low in my throat, I held onto his wrist as he thrust his throbbing cock deep into me. Back arching with the tingling pain, I closed my eyes as he sucked on my collarbone, twisting, and tugging at my now aching nipples.

Quietly I moaned his name as he rocked into me, eyes fluttering closed as I listened for anyone outside. If I was going to give into his demands, I wanted to know he would be the only one that would hear me. "Nnnngh, Rocky…" I panted as he flopped back on the bed, leaving me there, sitting on his cock, bouncing up and down desperately. He gave me a cruel, teasing look, thrusting up into me a few times out of encouragement. My hands splayed on his muscular chest, the shirt being the only thing keeping me from touching his naked chest.

His smile sent chills up my mum f son with his daughter as he grabbed my thighs, moving slowly within me. "C'mon babe, scream fer me." Biting my lip, I shook my head, changing my mind. I could not help whining softly as he stopped his movement, missing the slight pleasure the forced sex brought upon me.

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Dark eyes glared at me, not liking my defiance by the looks of it, as blunt nails dug into my thighs, drawing a small cry of pain from me. Whining a little, I tried to move up and down on his cock, needing to have this over as soon as possible, but he held me still. His eyes bore into mine with determination. We sat there, staring at one another; him determined to break my dignity, and me determined to hold what little of myself I had left. Even while whimpering, and making small moans of begging, I held to my last shred of pride.

The thickness within me was driving me insane, trying to send me over the edge. A slight tingle in my nipples, reminding me of the pleasure he had sent through me. My hard cock stood between us, bobbing angrily at the denial of attention that it and I were going through.

Combining all these things, I was about to go over the cliff and beg him for it. He could probably tell, though I doubted it, as he was not the brightest light bulb in the box. With these thoughts in my mind, I quickly looked away. Trying to get off him, I discovered he was holding tight to me, refusing to let me leave. I tugged on my legs, wincing as his nails dug in, pushing at his hands and chest. The cock within me pulsed, and his breathing grew ragged. Sick bastard was getting off on me fighting with him.

Punching at his chest in disgust, I cried out as he thrust up into me. It was so sudden I was left there, back arching, hands on his Pecs, gasping for air. Even while it was a bad idea, I could not help but glare down at him as he sneered, hands moving from my fresh off the bus teen runaway forced anal, to my hips.

Clenching my fists, I bent over; hair in my eyes as I rested so we were a few inches apart, trying to move my torso. Still, he would not allow me the pleasure. "Rocky…please…" I whined softly, looking away as I blushed. One big hand moved into my view, taking my chin and forcing me to look into the deep chocolate eyes. He was smirking at my shame, moving his hips torturously slow, drawing small gasped moans from me. If I were bigger I would have decked him out for being so nasty, though I should have expected as much from a convict.

"Rocky, please…don't make me embarrass myself." "No can do, kid." The chuckle sent a chill down my spine. "Won' do anythin' till yeh please meh. Now talk dirty to me bitch." With a laugh, he slapped one of my thighs, eliciting a cry from me, and leaving a stinging sensation in its wake.

I lowered my head, considering my next moved. I could see him watching me out of the corner of my eye, not taking his own off me. He was relentless in his insistence that I scream for him. No matter at the cost for me. Not unusual for me to come upon someone so selfish. Especially in this setting. Breathing deeply, I blushed, unable to believe what I was about to do next.

"Rocky…please…fuck me…" moaning hotly, I rocked my hips, gazing lustily into his eyes. As he began to move, I cried out, screaming his name, trying to satisfy his perverted needs. The length pounded into me, pulling groans from my lips.

"It feels so good…Rocky, please! Harder!" My face and body were burning with shame and pleasure, unable to comprehend what was jaye summers gets her virgin ass fucked by bfs huge dick pornstars fingering on.

He grasped my hips, pounding in with the full force built up by the time we had sat there. All the muscles he developed were working in unison to bring him off, and I did not care, so long as he was content, and would leave me alone once done.

I could sit alone, feeling like a disgusting piece of trash then, waiting for the next time he needed me. When he climaxed, I climbed off him, ignoring the confused looks he gave me. Quickly, I pulled up my pants, moving to the top bunk to be as far from him as possible; even if it was just a few feet above him. I had to pull away as he tried to reach up for me, curling up near the wall as the tears of shame flowed freely from my eyes.

The grunted words of disapproval fell unheard on my ears, as I stared at my hands, touching my lips slightly. I could not believe what I had done with that man, no matter how many times I thought about it.

How could I be swayed by the forbidden pleasure that Rocky was giving to me? The erection within my pants showed off how much the experience felt, and I wanted to desperately to touch it.

I could not though, as the only thoughts going through my mind were of my cellmate, and what he had put me through. A dark skinned head poked up over the railing of the bunk, followed by eyes that were staring at me intensely.

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"Wanna get somthin ta eat?" Shaking my head, I went back to my musings, kicking his insistent hands as they tried to grab my feet. I was not hungry, and would surely vomit up anything that I did swallow if I mother i would like to fuck gets tenacious fucking. "Fine, be that way, bitch…" he grunted, and went out of sight.

I watched his departure for a few more moments, before receding back into my mind. My ears were still listening for any entries though, after what had just happened to me. Someone else could notice that I had not left, and try to get me like Rocky did. My time here would be rough, I could tell already.

It was not all fights like how the movies and shows portrayed it. There were weak guys who were used, and abused, like myself. I would have to ask my new 'master' what happened to the others, why he had chosen me, a string bean of a human…pathetic. He could have picked something better. Maybe someone with more fight, and experience in them… Sobbing quietly, I hugged my knees to my chest, closing my eyes. These next few months, even years would be the worst…I might as well off myself when I have the chance.

Possibly pick a fight with one of the other guys, have him kill me off. It would not be considered suicide then, I would have died of a reasonable death then…