Babes timo hardy and kira queen bring the

Babes timo hardy and kira queen bring the
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It was a Friday, after work and I was feeling stressed and wound up. I needed relief and I needed it now. All day I've been pinned up in one meeting after another. My muscles were sore from the week of brutal workouts in the local Bally Total Fitness on Cobb Parkway. I'm Muscular, NFL running back build, medium complexion black man with a shaved head and goatee.

I stand 5'9'' 220 lbs, heterosexual with a fetish of a woman's ass and ass play. I'm not into the dominate thing as I know many women desire that in sexual play, but giving brutal pain on a woman does not turn me on. In fact, I sympathize when a woman is in pain. Anyhow several weeks ago I was in my company car, it was 2001, heading to meet with some field employees in the Cheshire Bridge Rd area.

As I drove down the street I noticed a sign that said "Sauna, Stress Relief". My 7'' dick immediately twitched, but I couldn't stop, so I made a mental note to come back. That time is now. As I rounded my car around the driveway into this place back parking area, I knew what could happen inside.

I would pay a door fee, go to a private room, get naked and negotiate a fee for sex. Well, it kind of went that way, but exceeded my expectations what was to come.

After I parked, I was a little nervous thinking that this had to be illegal for what I wanted. My gratis fickanzeigen lilly lil fickanzeigen more on bukkake-tube m tube porn was a little flaccid from my nerves, but that didn't stop me. I climbed the stairs outside to the second floor. After ringing the bell a small older Asian lady answered the door.

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She invites me inside barely speaking English. For some reason I felt more comfortable because of her language barrier, maybe she wouldn't really know what I wanted, but who was I kidding this is what she does.

Once inside things picked up pace, from the corner of my eye through a hallway a small younger Asian woman came walking in fast. She was about 20 to 25 years old, small and petite weighing about 100 lbs.

Small perky tits, black hair that was so shinny and standing at 5'4''. She too spoke broken English. She reached out for my right hand and led me down that same dimly lit hallway into a dimly lit room.

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There was some soft R&B music playing on a small boom box on a table as I scanned the room. I noticed a massage table in the middle against a wall and another table at the foot end against a wall as well, it had lotions, towels and rubbing alcohol neatly arranged. She told me to undress naked. After I did shyly, she sat with me on the couch against the wall at the head of the massage table, making sure not to break contact with me. I had to concentrate so that my dick wouldn't shoot up, because it seemed like a doctor's visit and kind of odd that I'm in this room naked with a stranger.

She reached across my lap to touch my left arm while brushing my semi hard on in my crotch. She spoke, it was beautiful to hear her voice, so smooth and sensual that my heart started to race. Her loosely clad gave me an eye full to see her small nipples touching the soft fabric. I finally figured out what she was saying through my drunken lustful haze that was to pay her this amount or that amount or simply $200.00 for everything.

I reached in my pocket and paid the full two hundred in cash. My dick at that time was sticking straight up and I was so embarrassed that I tried to cover it with folded arms after I gave her the money, she glance down and smiled.

She patted it, acknowledging that it will be relieved later as she stood to her feet. She left the room with the money and returned about 5 minutes later, not saying a word she reached out and for my hand. After standing she wrapped a large towel around my waist and led me down the same hallway with her perky little ass in front of me, but this time we turned left into another room.

It was a wet room, a shower room per say with a leather table in the middle. On the floor was a small bucket with a water hose and on the wall was a gloved sponge. She motioned for me to lie on the table facing up. Then she turned on the water, while my eyes were closed I could hear her making water in the little bucket. Surprise, I felt a large sum of warm water all over me from the hose and then her hand inside the gloved sponge following.

I could smell the sweet lather of soap she was using and relaxed as she bathed me down. She went up to my face and scrubbed my neck, shoulders, chest, stomach and around my inner thighs. My dick swelled up so hard, she caught me off guard when she lifted my dick and stroked it with the sponge glove.

I pulsated, arched my hips up as she continued to stroke it. Then she let loose and went to my balls, she caressed and lightly squeezed them as she moved her hand ferrari blaque fucked by monster dick redzilla reality amateur under them.

That felt so good to my surprise that I opened my legs. She must have detected my pleasure spot and concentrated on that area. She used the glove to wipe over my asshole with my legs spread open, I could have came right then and there but she broke contact there and moved down my legs to my feet.

After finishing with my lower half, she helped me roll over on my stomach. Now I was face down, she went right to work, aggressive she was. She started at the back of my neck down my back to my ass. Then she lightly cleaned over my ass cheeks and went down the back of my thighs to my feet again.

Next to went back up to my ass and went to work there. She scrubbed and I couldn't help but to open my legs again, this time she parted my ass with both hands and blew across my asshole. Oh my, that gave me the chills. She then teased me and laughed a little as she touched my asshole lightly. I think she brunette alexis deen trades big ass to shawn for cash kinky and I silently begged her to do more. She must have read my mind because then she used the water hose and aimed it directly into my asshole as she used the gloved sponge in the other hand to clean it.

She sensually played with it as I moaned on the table, to my surprise, arian joy in drivers cock fills passengers pussy gently eased a finger in the hole. I could feel her fingertip pushing inside past the resistance past my rectum. Then she went in further and worked her finger in and out for about two minutes.

She put one hand under my balls and caressed my dick while she was doing this. It felt so good of what she was doing. I lifted my ass up to meet her finger plunging in and out softly while my hard dick was pulsating in her left hand.

I looked back and saw the glove on the floor, she was fingering me with bare fingers with a look of lust on her face. She was enjoying this as much as I was. She slowly pulled her finger out and I felt the release of pressure inside my stomach, but now I needed more. That felt so good that I was totally drunk in lust. She stood me up, dried me off and led me back down the hallway and into another room, a steam room.

I stayed there for about five minutes until she came and got me, and then back into the original room with the massage bed. After lying down on the table face down, she proceeded to massage me like never before.

Head to toe she kneaded on my muscles and then she jumped up on the table and stepped on my back.

She walked on it and boy did it feel good. Once done with that, she jumped off and rolled me over on my back. There she did some more massaging, and then she stopped at my balls. Looked up at me and caressed them so sweetly. My dick went full again and hard, sticking up she leaned over and blew on it. It twitched and pulsated and then with one motion, she impaled her mouth on my dick, taking the whole thing in with one motion.

She paused while the shaft was in her mouth, I felt her tongue swirling around the head of my shaft. I was so tensed in ecstasy, that I lifted my hips up to meet her lips even more. Once I did that, she started to suck on it like crazy, now more intense. She went nuts, sucking and slurping like in a porn movie, hell I almost came but she stopped. I was in sweat and sexual convulsions. I didn't notice, but while she was doing this she was undressing herself. I have a fetish for anal stimulation on a woman, I had no idea that I too would have liked it so much on myself.

Once I came back down to earth, I realized that my finger was up her asshole as she was bent over sucking me. I pulled it out as she rolled a condom down my dick. While she was positioning herself to get on the table, I slowly lifted my hand to my nose to discreetly smell her scent on my finger. When I jack barkwith barkwiths cam skype tube porn her female funk, my dick got so hard to impossibility, I love the smell of a woman's ass when she's sexually in heat.

Now, she makes it on the table, straddle my dick while aiming it to her pussy. I can see that she had little black, slick hair on her pussy. She got within inches of inserting my dick in her pussy and stopped. She looked at me with that sensual smile for a moment, turned around to face my feet. Now I can see the luscious crack of her asshole for the first time. It was dark, with no hair and perfect.

She got into position again and got within an inch of sliding it inside, she looked back at me. At that moment, I reached out with both hands and spread her ass cheeks so I can get a look of her asshole and pussy. It was so wet, I could see dribbles of wetness on the bottom of her small lips. That was a picture perfect look from my angle, I wish I could have been able to fold up and lick her asshole while she held in this position.

But then, she squatted and slides my dick up into her pussy. It felt like paradise. Her pussy was so tight as hot sexy french babe in hardcore anal threesome with hung studs moved around then up and down. She reached down and cupped my balls, and then she went down further and rubbed my asshole with her other hand. She gently circled my hole with her fingers and that shot me back into bliss.

She turned her face to me to make sure I could see her put a finger in her mouth to wet it. She was locked into position with her eyes focusing on mine, as though she was looking into my soul. The way she looked at me, had me hypnotized and focused on that finger. She moved her hand down slowly making sure I would stay focused on it until out of my view to my asshole again. She kept looking at me as she slid a finger inside as though to witness the explosion on my facial expression.

I gave her that, I gasped and opened my mouth with lust as she pushed her finger into me. Now, she ground her pussy on my dick as she slid it in and out and moving it around. I had my legs open as busty blonde sucks bbc interracial and pornstars as I could as she did this.

My cum was building so intense now, I could feel the pressure of it all inside my balls. Then, she looked at me intensely as she pushed that finger deep inside me with one move and I exploded. I remember spurting and convulsing into her pussy so hard that I could have passed out.

After she let my sexual high come down, she removed herself from my deflating dick to grab a towel and alcohol. Wiping my cum from my dick, and with every touch I pulsated from the sensitivity around my head.

She kissed me on the lips and kept her touch on me as I rolled off the table. I dressed as she did, once I got to my jeans, she walked over to me and said, and next time it will be more special. I got excited again and asked her what she meant by that.

She then turned me around, dropped to her knees as she bent me over, pulled my jeans down to reveal my ass again. She spread my ass cheeks and rammed her tongue up my hole. She gave it about four plunges and pulled away and back up to her knees. I was still bent over a little breathing hard with ass out while she was standing there giggling with a smile on her face.

I came back to soberness and she said next time she wants to do me&hellip.for free. She admitted in broken English of her fetish for anal stimulation as much as mine. I came back…………………&hellip.