Tight teen dildo orgasm the worst part is now that ive broken the law of chastity i

Tight teen dildo orgasm the worst part is now that ive broken the law of chastity i
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I'm 15 baliegh is 14 and joey is 13.

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one night baliegh came over and asked me if we could have a 3someand i said sure honey that would be nice. i had had a few experiences with another man but not with a guy and a girl together. so ii said lets gat joey to come overhe is my favorite guy. when joey got here i could already see the bulge in his pants.

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he is not as big as i am though. he is 5 inches and im 7 inches.

he starts to take off his clothes because me and baleigh are already naked and horny. he lays down on his back while baliegh gets on him back to his stomach and slides it in her ass. as she lays there i get on her and shove mine into her pussy she moans loudly and we all start to fuck her.

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after a while when she is ready to blow joey fills her ass with hot cum. as she comes to an orgaasim i fill her pussy up with my cum.

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we all get out of her and i start to suck joeys cock while baliegh sucks mine. when he blows in me i blow in her.

joey lays on his back but with his cute butt in the air.

baliegh sits on him with her pussy in his face while i enter him in his cute ass. as i fuck him as hard as i can baliegh bounces up and down on his face.i see his cock just sitting the so i start to jack him off.

as we all cum we switch the postions to where he is fucking my ass and jacking me off while i at baliegh out it always feels so good to have his little cock in my ass. i can never forget that night as long as i live and to this day i still have sex with both of them every night.

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