Couch x latina club girl shows off on cam

Couch x latina club girl shows off on cam
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Deployment This is just for me to clear my mind and conscience. For two weeks we have been getting the trailer that we will be living in ready for occupation, it has been ten years so you can imagine what we found. The floors had to be replaced ,plumbing redone and the heat and ac were patched up as well as they could be. So my two boys and I moved from a four bed, two and a half bath house to a two bed one bath 40 year old mobile home, while my husband is off to Afghanistan for 10 months.

The boys have been wonderful helping me get everything moved in and stored away. We have had to make a lot of sacrifices in the privacy dept. 1.

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To get my bed into the tiny bedroom the door had to be removed and we couldn't put it back because my queen size bed is too big. 2. The boys have to share a bed because their room is smaller than mine and you can't shut that door ether.

3. Our couch was too big for the living room so all we could fit was the love seat and one chair. 4. The a/c can't keep up so it's hot in the house. There is a shed in the back that the boys claimed to put their Bow flex and my elliptical trainer init has power so we put a TV and a fan in there.

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All I have to drive is my husband's 4 wheel drive 4 door diesel, god I hate that truck. So today I went to town to get rat traps at the hardware store when I got in the truck it wouldn't start so I got a ride home after I called my husband's friend to fix the truck and give me a ride home . I got out at the mail box got the mail and walked to the trailer; I looked around for the boys and found them in the shed.

They didn't hear me walk up and when I looked in there were my twin boys having sex on who would not cum for those titties work out bench.

I couldn't move I just stood there and watched Gerard behind Gerald and doing him the thing that I noticed the most was Gerald was rock hard and really getting into it then it happened he came, he came a lot and never touched himself that broke my trance and I snuck back to the house and sat on the love seat in the living room.

What am I going to do? What am I going to tell their father? Are they gay or just horny? Why did I just watch and not stop them. They came back inside about 30 minutes later, I looked at them all sweaty just in their sweatpants I could tell they didn't have underwear on and I told them to go take a shower and get ready for dinner.

I said nothing just replayed what I saw in my mind over and over. They watched a video and I got online to yahoo video chat with their father, he could tell something was bothering me so I asked him how he would feel if our sons turned out to be gay? He just replied you caught them didn't you?

I said yes he said he had caught them twice at the old house and asked me how I felt about it; I said I didn't know yet. Then he said not to worry when they found a girl they will be fine, I had my doubts.

Later that night I heard them in their room the bed was making noise so I got up and walked to the kitchen and passed their room and looked in and all I saw was one body laying face down OMG they are doing it again.

I got a beer out of the fridge sat at the table and thought to myself, what to do, finished it and while I was walking up the hall I took my tee shirt and wiped my face off right in front of their door as I walked by exposing my butt to them, why did I do that right there I don't know but when I got to my bed I heard them talking about me.

It has gotten really hot the last few days so I have started just wearing a tee shirt and nothing else inside and outside we live in the country so nobody can see I went out to the shed and put in a tape.

yes tape the TV out there has a built-in VHS so I put in Legend's of the fall and started watching it when I got a little bothered so I started to twist a little while I was going I was starting to feel really good so I took one hand off the bar and put it between my legs, that is when I got the feeling that I was being watched I turned around and nothing I put both hands on the bar and watched about half of the movie then went inside to get dinner ready which is real easy now because all the boys want to eat now is tuna or sometimes baked chicken not the good kind just baked no skin.

As I got off the machine I was sweaty all over so I took off my tee shirt and dried off with a towel that was left behind normally I would be mad but when I smelled it, it got me going all over again, so I put my shirt back on and went into the house the boys were nowhere to be found so I went to go shower while I was in the shower I masturbated and came so hard I was thinking of being watched in the shed.

When I got out of the shower Gerard was standing in the door with Gerald right behind him I looked around and asked how long they had been there and the both said" not long" at the same time, I hate it when they do that.

I went into my room and got one of my husband's blanca puta alta verapaz guatemala san cristobal verapaz army PT shirts and put it on and walked out into the kitchen to naughty japanese cutie gets smothered with cum another tuna dinner ,there are only so many ways to make this stuff but that's all they will eat but I must say it's paying off they do look good.

As I was in the kitchen I would look around to see them juvenile playgirl deepthroats old shaft oldvsyoung hardcore at me, even once they had their hands in their laps sitting in the love seat I knew what they were doing.

So I will burn in hell but I bent over and gave them a show for a second or two while I was getting a pan from the box in the floor. We ate in silence I watched a workout DVD with the boys for a while then got online with my husband we talked a while I was in the kitchen with my back to the boys I heard something going on back there then my husband just broke out laughing I turn around to see both of my boys with their shorts around their ankles rotating their hips around to make their dicks go round and round I got up to chase them out of there ,when I came back my husband asked me where were my pants and panties I told him it was so hot that I was just wearing a tee-shirts most of the time now.

He asked if he needed to get his friend to look at the a/c I told him we are doing ok it will cool off soonhe then asked if I was sure I said yes the he said okay have it your way and asked me to stand up and turn aroundwhen I did I put my hands behind my head and turned around ,he said that was nice but he had to go. I woke up late this morning and Gerald was in the door looking at me my sheet was kicked off and my butt shining in the morning sun I looked at him and he just turned and walked down the hall I went to pee and heard them in the front room talking about something.

I came down the hall and I didn't notice it before but they were both in their underwear and Gerard's had a big wet spot in the front I hoped that I didn't stare to long but when I looked again I knew he caught me he had started growing larger so I went to the kitchen to make coffee. I overheard them talking about doing a morning workout before it gets to hot. I said don't you want to eat first and both said no and went outside my coffee finished and I looked out towards the shed and it was empty.

Where did they go? I went outside and I could hear something so I went behind the shed and Gerard was on his knee sucking Gerald's dick and they turned to see me and stopped I said that I was sorry and left. Why did I go back there? I knew what they would be doing that was so mean of me. I went back inside felt so bad my teasing backfired I thought if they saw a woman that they would maybe try to find one but all I did was scare them now what do I do.

I turned around to see them both coming in the door I told them I was so sorry and started to cry Gerard came and hugged me and said that they were going to stop and not ever do it again I could tell by the look on Gerald's face that Gerard had not told him of his decision. I said it was my fault and they could do whatever they wanted. Then I said I needed to stop walking around like I do and that I needed to get dressed.

They both said NO!

At the same time and if dad said he was good with it, all is fine I asked when did they talk to their father about this? Gerard said before he left he told them. All I could think was that bastard. I emailed him and asked just what he had told the boys that he was okay with. Alittle later he said that he told them that they needed to take care of their mother any way they could and the ask if I was still on the pill.

Fucking old mamas hairy wet juicy pussy just stared at the screen. I am so slow it took me a few minutes to figure out what he had just said. I replied back with one word.

WHAT? He replied: you're playing with yourself on the elliptical in the shower and twice a night before you go to sleep you do what you think is right.

All I could think right then was those little shits are telling him everything that goes on around here. I just got up and went to my bed turned on the fan and just lay there at some point I went to sleep. I had my back to the door when I woke up I could hear the boys in the door took me a second to figure out what they were doingthey were playing with themselves or each other. I couldn't tell that without looking then I heard a grunt and felt something warm on my foot and they got out of there fast I heard Gerard to Gerald say what you were thinking you shot off on her bed did she wake up ?

Gerald said he didn't think so I could feel it running down my foot I came right then and there I could feel them coming down the hall so I slipped my hand between my legs and left it there. I could hear a gasp when they got to the door. I moved my hand then I ground my hips on it I heard them get closer I heard them start play with themselves again and one of them whisper what if she wakes up?

If there was a reply I couldn't hear it. They were getting faster then I felt some fluid ease out of me onto my hand I heard another grunt and felt it hit my leg and butt that's all I could take I blonde girl with big fatty ass want a big black cock of her best friend and started to roll over and the ninjas were gone when I opened my eyes. I got up careful not to smear off any of the goo on me and walked to the kitchen, there were my two little angles sitting in the living room as if nothing had gone on and me with a mess between my legs and their stuff running down my butt and leg.

When I turned around they looked like they had seen a ghost. A few weeks later we had to go to my dad's to get some fall and winter things we had stored in his basement I sent the boys to get their stuff while I visited with dad. Then I went down to get my things when I noticed that one of my boxes was opened it was the one from my closet it had some pictures of me in not so motherly situations and two video tapes they were all gone but my purple sex toy was right on top.

I put that in my purse got my stuff and went upstairs. The boys and dad were talking when I got to the top of the stairs then it got quite I came in and all three sat there in uncomfortable silence. I told them that we needed to go kissed dad and went home we got in late and the boys couldn't wait to go to the shed and work out I said that we had to unpack all the stuff we had brought back, they did it in record time then went to work out, they were out there about 15 minutes when I decided to look in on them so I peeked out the window in the kitchen and saw that they had the tape my husband made of me when I was a lot younger ,it was shot after shot of him Cumming on my face and boobs and butt over and over ,about two hours of it really boring if you ask me, that's when it hit me the second tape I really need to get that one back, it is a tape of when he came back from his first deployment he was drinking with some friends and he was showing off how all he had to do was grab me on the back of the neck and I went limp and you could do anything with me I got passed around the room like that there was no sex but I didn't want them to see that.

The boys came in around ten and I was watching a NCIS DVD, they came by and kissed me good night when Gerard put his hand on my neck and squeezed I went limp like a kitten he let go and left .Was that what I thought it was or did he just get lucky. The next morning they came to the kitchen and were very touchy hugging me then Gerard picked me up and spun me around that's it they know that's what my husband did in the video when he got done with me in the second video Gerard then pinched my neck and I went limp over the sink.

He got behind me and I could feel him ms fawx is thirsty for some fresh cock to fuck her horny pussy squirting pornstars my butt cheeks I couldn't do anything then Gerald walked in and he let me go.

They looked at each other then Gerard left. I looked at Gerald and he just smile at me. Well we went from too hot to too cold it seemed it a week so I started to wear clothes again but I still was wakening up in wet spots every once in a while we've had some windy weather and a tree fell down on a power line so what little heat we had is gone it only got down to 50 in the trailer but it was a damp cold went to the bone and the blankets we had were not enough so we all piled up in my bed.

All was fine for about 30 minutes it may have been 3 minutes I don't know but I rolled over to feel a hard one in my hand I jerked back into a hard one in my thigh OMG what have I gotten into but I was warm then I felt a cold hand on my neck and a hot poke on my butt then two cold hands on my breast I just started shaking and quivering the poke in my butt cheeks was a little harder and it slipped between my legs it slipped in a little too easy and that was it he was in I moaned and then Gerard let go of my neck and I could move but I didn't Gerald then got on his knees and rubbed his dick on my face I didn't open my mouth then he started rubbing himself and his balls were rubbing my nose and lips Gerard grunted and I could feel him let go then Gerald relieved himself I felt it on my cheek and then Gerard then said hey man friendly fire watch it.

Then they rolled over and went to sleep I just lay there and thought that wasn't so bad then I thought again what I had just let happen back and forth like that for what seemed to be hours. When I woke up the boys were gone the pillows were stained I got up and took a shower the power was back on did dishes and all the thing a mom does when she's alone in the house around 1 o'clock I got to thinking about last night then messenger chimed it was my husband so we chatted for a while and he knew something was up and asked I said nothing he asked again I told him about the power going out and the boys sleeping with me ,but not the sex ,then he asked did we do anything I went sheepish and like what do you mean he said you know I said they told you didn't they he said no but you just did LOL.

So you're alright with this I asked he said hell yea wished he could have watched it I looked at the cutie kristy black has her pussy licked and plowed and said well they will be home in hour you want to see what happens.

he said that he couldn't until Wednesday that he had to be on 24 hour duty in 30 I said ok I will have the camera on at 3 pm my time he kissed his hand and touched the camera and he was gone. For two days I would tease and mess with the boys and on Wednesday they came in and went to the table and picked up their energy drinks and came down the hall to find me sprawled out with my purple toy in my hand fake sleeping I opened my eyes and smiled at them and winked said come on and help mama they both got in bed with their clothes on I thought what the heck then started stripping off their pants and started playing with me this went on for a few minutes and then Gerald got up on his knees again and started toward my face again I told him if he wanted it sucked to find someone else he just looked at Gerard and he said he would in a min I came right then.

He then moved behind me and started poking in the behind a little too low for my liking then he pushed I screamed but it was in. I told them not to move and they froze I shuttered then Gerald touched my pussy and squeezed my breast twisting my nipple I have never in my life came that hard then it hit again and I came like a man it was like I had already had sex thick fluid came out of me and ran down my thigh Gerald then rolled me on top of Gerard and my fluids ran down my crack and made his entering me easier at that moment Gerald got on top of me and slid in they were working me out of rhythm as one was in the other was on his way out at this point I don't remember much but when I woke up they were in the kitchen eating and I had stuff all over me I turned on the screen and my husband wasn't there just an empty chair then he came in to view with a cup of coffee and asked how I felt I said wonderful but my mouth felt funny he said I guess so they both came in it then asked why I let them and have never let him I said I didn't I passed out he said it didn't look like I was passed out well I said I didn't do it and he asked well how does it feel I said not that bad when you get back I will let you …better?

He said YES and did one of those fist pull things