Beauty with nice rack dances for the camera

Beauty with nice rack dances for the camera
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Anna Marie's phone rings after you've collected the days mail. You don't recognize the number but your curiosity starts to stir. "Hello?" "Ms. Marie. I'm Mr. LeBeau. You've been making several inquires about wanting to do a interview on me?" The line goes silent. Your heart begins to race as your grip your mail tightly. "If you are interested, dinner at my place tomorrow night. Does eight sound OK?" She clears her throat as a small boost of confidence rushes through you "sounds perfect Mr.

LeBeau. But I don't—" He cuts her off abruptly. "I'll have a car pick you at 6. And please come dressed for dinner Ms. Marie." "But wait, how did you—" the line goes dead.

You sigh softly as you lean back against a metal post in your walkway with a smile on your face. The thought of what should she wear has her rushing upstairs picking out an outfit. She didn't want anything too revealing. She picks out an black tank blouse, with a black skirt that just barely just goes above the knees. Hours past, she's laying in bed reading from her tablet, wearing a black tank top with pink PJs. She's reading an updated erotic novel she had been waiting to read.

As her eyes scans through the novel she becomes aroused, but tries to fight the feeling of giving in and masturbating. Her body shifts to get more comfortable, the urge making itself known a lot more. Her legs gently rub together, her hand trails down the top hem of her shirt; and caressing her nipple, letting a small moan escape from her lips. At that moment, the thought Mr. LeBeau appeared in her mind as she let her hand glide down her pjs, and down her panties.

Another moan escapes her lips as she begins teasing herself, rubbing her recently shaved pussy lips as she bit down on her lips more. Her hand moved further down, letting a finger find the opening of her pussypushing slowly as a gasp had escaped her mouth followed by another moan. Longer than the previous one. Had been a while since she fuck teaching xx story mom had a !an touch her, and she was thinking about this man she nothing about just do that.

Her finger moved in and out of her slowly, her breathing becomes panting as she pulls her PJs and panties off, kicking them off to the side. She added another finger inside her, slowly fucking herself becoming more aroused and her moans moaning becoming more intense. she stopped for a moment to open her side drawer to grab a vibrator seven inches in length and almost two inches wide. she had turned it on, began running the length against her pussy to get it lubricated before pushing it in.

she moaned arching her body, turning it on, and spreading her legs a bit. Her moans began to get louder as she worked the toy in blonde driver and anal mom fist hd threesome with the stepmom out of her, her free hand started to grip the sheets as she fucked herself, working the toy in and out of her faster.

her legs started to almost close on themselves as she was close to cummimg, she pulled the toy out and rubbed HSR clit furiously until she squirted on the bed with a loud moan. she laid there panting hard with a smile on her face "oh fuck I needed that." she said reaching to turn her light off and going to bed with only her tank top on. "i wonder what he'all be like." she yawned thinking to herself before drifting to sleep.

Anna woke up to her alarm, she groaned as she reached for her phone to shut it off. she walked to her bathroom, which was connected to her room, and very spacious, and not caring to put her PJs on as she turned on the bathwater to start her shower. she sighed to herself wondering if she should wear a matching set of gloves since her powers were to copy the ability and memories of a person she had touched.

Anna looked at herself in matching black and light pink lace bra and panties. she looked at then clothes she had picked out for teen jaye summers sucks and rides fathers buddy as she sighed deeply looking at a black slip on dress she had bought for her friends wedding. she picked up the dress from the hangar and removed it before trying it on. she began to model herself in the mirror tossing around her shoulder length auburn and white streaked hair ad sighed about putting her hair up.

she let out smother sigh and a smiled leaving it as is as she heard a car pull up to her drive way and made her way outside. The driver greeted her standing at the rear passenger side door. "Miss Anna Marie? I'm Jean, Mr. LeBeau's assistant. he said for you to wear this pendant at all times." he said pulling out a black necklace case, that revealed a purple pendant encased in a silver housing. Anna picked it up to admire it. "I cant--" "Mr. LeBeau was very specific that you wear it and he will explain everything when you arrive." Jean said before opening the door for her waiting for her to get in.

Anna put the pendant around her neck without another word before she hopped in admiring the leather interior as Jean had closed the door behind her. she watched Jean enter the car from the drivers side door and started the car pulling out carefully making his way to the small mansion on the outskirts of town. Less than an hour later they had arrived, driving around the front entrance and stopping st the door. Jean was the first one out of the car, then made his way to Anna's door to let her out.

"Welcome to LeBeau Estate." Jean said watching her get out of the car. he took a quick moment to glace her body and he grinned before closing the door and leading her inside. "Now Miss Maire, you were expected to stay cthe night. Arrangements have been made for you to sleep in a room, you may help yourself to the kitchen, however if you do not wish to stay, say so now, so I can inform Mr. LeBeau right now." "I'll stay the night.

just didn't think it would be so.sudden." she hesitantly replied with a small sigh. "Very well." he said as Remy walked out of the kitchen area wiping his hands on a towel that hung from his pocket.

"Miss Marie I presume?" he asked with a think southern accent that had a small hint of french in it.

"I'm Remy Lebeau. a pleasure to finally meet my admirer ma'cherie." he said taking her hand and kissed it. Anna jumped away from him but was in total shock that hr powers didn't affect him at all. "Jean, you are dismissed for the day." he said to Jean who started to leave. "I should of.I mean why didn't I." when looked confused and saw his red eyes. "your like me? another mutant?" "Ma'petite, I like the term 'gifted' instead. That pendant you are wearing has been made by two other gifted friends of mine.

Nullifies you abilites until you take it off." Remy explained more as he offered his hand. Anna sighed as she took his hand reluctantly and smiled nervously.

"I've had my eye on you for some time. longer than you've had yours on mine." he said leading her to the dining room. "I wanted you be the first to try out this here prototype. Your ability to drain and mimic ones ability is one to be admired, however I can undersrand your need to touch.feel.without the use of gloves. which I was surprised you weren't wearing." he said "I wasn't planning on touching you to be honest.

I was just here to learn a bit about you since your known to be a bit of a recluse except when your at your office." she said in her own southern drawl. "Mr LeBeau I do declare." she said with a smile seeing the small spread at the table. Two plates sat on the table facing each other by five feet in a long table. After an hour of sitting, eating and talking; Remy leaned back in his seat looking at Anna with a cocky smirk "How long has it been if you don't mind me asking?" Anna blushed a bit.

"How long as what been?" she asked back "Since you've last had sex of course " Anna almost choked on her wine and sighed. "My 16th birthday.I lost my virginity to my ex and I almost killed him making love to me." she said after a small sigh. It took him several weeks for him to recover in the hospital from the coma I had put him in.

Remy sat back some more as her glared at her "stand and take off your dress and lingerie." he said watching the shock on her face. "I want to see what I'm investing in." Anna was dumbfounded, yet a small part of her became excited. she stood slowly, hesitantly removing her dress, letting it drop at her feet stepping from it, not removing her heals, while she modeled for him; turning around posing a little.

she couldn't help but deny this wasn't the turning her on. it had been ages since she had another man stare at her body. she stood à34 dd, her body soft and toned, as she leaned back on the table a bit parting her legs only for a small view of her pussy.

"Touch yourself." Remy ordered. he saw just how how much of a submissive nature she had; watching her lick two fingers placing them on her clit. Anna let a moan slip from her lips as she arched her back only a little as lara introduces her man to a little shemale action began running her clit.

she bit down on her lips closing her eyes seeing Remy's bulge from his pants fro! his own arousal of watching her a series of moans and squeals escape her lips, opening her legs wider to show him her completely shaved pussy às struggling to keep her legs open.

Anna rubbed her clit harder look at Remy who was just sitting there watching on. she threw her head back arching her body a bit, moaning louder until she came hard panting looking up at Remy who stood in front of her. "I know you've been inquiring about me from other executives. now I like to see more what you can do.

undress me." he ordered watching her slowly walk towards him before carefully ripping off his dress shirt. she looked him to his eyes, never breaking contact as she helped remove his shirt. she then got on her knees and undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants using her teeth to unzip his pants, seeing he wasn't hearing underwear at all, staring down his eight inch cock before looking back up at him. she pulled his pants down, watched him step out of them, admiring his body.

well toned, muscular, and had a number of tattoos. Anna grabbed his cock with both hands and twisted her hands, moving them back and forth, before taking the first few inches of him in her mouth. it had been a while but it didn't stop her from using her tongue piercing as her hands rested at her side. Remy groaned in pleasure grabbing the back of her head carefully fucking her mouth. she moaned around him still looking up at him as she remained doing for a couple more minutes before he grabbed up to help her on the table.

he leaned down to kiss her deeply as he rubbed himself against her. "Est-ce que tu le veux? Do you want this?" he moaned softly in her ear as she moaned back. "Take me.please.

fuck me hard and make me yours." she moaned feeling him left her left leg onto his shoulder and slowly pushing into her and began fucking her hard. Anna moaned as she fondled herself looking up at her as he grunted as she enjoyed his entire length pushing in and out her as she tried to control her muscles.

Remy leaned down to suck and nibble on her hard nipples as she reached up wrapping a arm around his neck. he pulled away as skinny chick striptease and play with sextoy started to pick Anna up, letting her wrap her other arm around his neck carefully as he began to pick her up, wrapping his arms around his legs, and thrusting in and out of her hard and deep.

They're bodies slapping against each other loud as he pounded into her. She moaned and arched a bit as Remy slutty riley renee gets her pussy banged and filled with cum in to kiss her deeply, feeling her clench around him as she came, with her juices dripping down his shaft.

Remy pulled away, carefully pulling away and setting her down on to her feet, as Anna kneeled to take him into her mouth to suck him, using two hands to twist gently as she bobbed her head. Remy groaned, looking down at Anna, feeling his cock throbbing and seeing her hungry eyes. He placed his hand behind her head as she purposely began to gag on his cock. Remy grinned as he groaned grabbing the back of her head as she continued ss their eyes locked.Both of them lost in list as Remy groaned, Anna removing one hand while she used the other girlfriend teen fucked by her boyfriends hard penis slowly stroke him as he came in her mouth.

She swallowed before pulling away panting; slowly stroking him as she smiled. "Why Mr. LeBeau, I do declare." she said in her best southern accent. Remy chuckled as he helped her up. "I do declare myself ma'cherie," he said in his own accent smiling down at her. There's a bathroom in my office. Let's go get cleaned up." he said smiling as they went to wash off. Later that night, Anna sat on Remy's kitchen counter wearing one if his dress shirts and her panties.

It was there Remy began to list off the terms of their relationship. Anna listened on but had her own thoughts about what he wanted. Anna looked over the contract carefully as she chatsworth mzansi school girls porn blacks she looked up at Remy every so often. "To start off, I'm not a fan of electrical play, choking, or knives," she paused with a deep sigh.

"nipple clamps can stay, nothing involving suffocation of ANY kind," she paused but wanted to be sure she got her point across looking at Remy with a nod back, "I am a little nervous about the anal prospect. Other than that I don't have any other issues." Anna said placing the contract to the side followed by a sigh.

"you are welcome to come and go from my home as you choose. The aim is you are free to go without me chasing after you.despite I probably want to anyways." he said with a small chuckle. " as far as everything else, I can understand if you don't enjoy anything we're doing however, we will revisit anal another time.

doesn't have to be right away." he said looking at her nervous smile. "Do we have a deal?" "I do have one other request. I wish to have a job to work under you in your company." Remy chuckled and sighed "you do drive a hard bargain.

Very well, from the hours from 8a.m. to 5p.m. During this time we will continue our relationship, but afterwards, it will continue here at the house." "Very well." Anna said scooting off the counter. She sighed as left him in the kitchen, to go get dressed back into her dress. She reached down to llightly rub her clit, letting a moan escape her mouth. She had enjoyed being ravaged by Remy, her first man in years since she gained her abilities. She also remember reading a part of the contract: "For any reason you, the subservient, is dismissed for any reason, you forfeit all rights to the suppression bracelet, and you watchme 247 real life cam story tony bedrom be asked to leave this manor immediately.

" Anna sighed as finished getting her dress on and returned to the front door where she was greeted both Jean and Remy.

"Hope you don't mind, but you do have a early day tomorrow. Jean will see to it you get home safely. And there is one more thing." Anna stopped as she turned to face Remy as she had gotten halfway to the doorway. "If for any reason you are disobedient, I will punish you. And the punishment will ensue of a paddling.

Remember, our relationship is to help use explore our deepest darkest desires. Do not make me regret this." he said getting off the counter, walking past Anna, and walked upstairs to his bedroom to rest for the night. Anna sighed as she met Jean outside who smiled while he opened the door for her as she got in to be driven home; and continue her trip down the rabbit hole in her new adventure.

Anna sat in her behind her desk in Remy's office. Her body was shifting cougar elexis monroe plays with plumbers huge cock as she was getting looks from her co-worker, Jenny; who was looking so often uncomfortably at Anna, shifting her body and biting down her lips to hold back a moan.

Unbeknownst to Jenny, Anna had a remote vibe inside her pussy that Remy had been changing the settings to every so often as she did all she could to keep herself from cumming.

"I''ll be right back" Jenny said grabbing her coffee mug as she rushed from her seat trying his cock can actually make me cum look at Anna much.

Anna sighed as she reached inside her skirt and removed the vibe, slamming it onto the desk with recompose herself before putting it away in her purse. She got up from her desk and walked into Remy's office.

"I'm sorry Mr. LeBeau, but I can't keep this up. It's weirding out Jenny, not to mention I've also been getting looks from others as well.

Remy threw a file that he was reading in his hand onto the table in front of him and looked at Anna.

"Lock the door and come here." he said in an authoritarian tone. He watched Anna lock the door behind her as she turned to look at him. He crooked his finger, summoning her to him, revealing a small paddle in hand.

"Lift your skirt." "I'm being punished?" "Yes, now do as your told." "For what?" she asked looking at him. Remy sighed as he pushed her onto the table. He lifted her skirt to expose her bare ass; a it taken back that he hadn't worn panties. He held her by her lower back, gripped the paddle firmly, and hit her ass hard; the impact of the paddle caused her to scream out as she gripped the sides of the table.

"One!" Smack "Two!" Smack Anna had counted to 10 before Remy let go of her and allowed her to pull her skirt down. "At least you don't have to be told to count out when I have to spank your ass. Now get back to work." he said turning to his chair to sit down; picking up the file folder he was reading from. Anna went home later in the day, changing into her PJ's before she put her bottoms on, she saw how red her ass was.

She smirked, biting her lower lip not hearing her friend Kitty walk in. If she ever used a door in her life. "Oh my god Anna, why is your ass red?" "Don't worry about it Kitty. It's just--" Kitty cut her off as she was out for blood. "Don't tell me don't worry about it and it's nothing." she said seeing Anna smirk. "And what happens if I enjoy being spanked?" she placed a hand on her hips shifting her body. "And what have I've asked you about entering my home Kitty?" "Not to use my powers to walk through the doors or the walls." Kitty said with a deep sigh.

"look I only came by because I have a spare ticket for the Summer festival this weekend. 3 Doors Down, Puddle of Mudd, Staind, and Papa Roach are playing this weekend." Kitty finished looking super excited.

"Sure, but please." "No using my powers to sneak into your house because you don't know how to answer your cell phone." "Oh shit!," she said reaching for her purse to grab her phone, "sorry it was on vibrate." she said hugging her as Kitty pushed her off of her. "Your powers remember? Don't want you to." "Already taken care of. And I didn't take a ounce of your powers half pint." "But how?" "My little secret." She said with a smile as sat on her bed.

***** Anna was feeling more like a sexual deviant. Here she was heading down a path towards new life with an new opportunity.and being sexually dominated, that no one in their right mind would of suspected just by looking at her.

Here she was a proper southern girl who knew very little about the lifestyle fellows fuck one beautiful girlie pornstar and hardcore had started to embrace.

It was her own little Pandora's box of pleasure and it was a secret that she and Remy shared; unless they were a telepath. Anna walked into the office, opening one of the doors that led to her work area. Her co-worker, Emma, greeted her as she walked by; brushed her hair and smirked. "Good morning sweetheart." "Good morning." Anna said smiling back walking past Emma.

She walked to her desk while Emma went back to work on some files she was going over. She saw a small present with a red bow sitting on the middle of her desk, as she walked around, pulled her seat and sat down. On it was a note attached to it: "My house tomorrow 12pm. Go immediately upstairs. Wear a loose fitting dress. No underwear." She began to undo the bow, and open the box in front of her. Inside was a set of glass anal plugs. He was really pushing to help her get over her fear of anal.

The following day, she arrived at his house and opened the front door. It was alana rains sucks dick and dicked hardcore reality start of her first full weekend with Remy. She'd be lying if she didn't get off on not knowing what awaited her.

She was already aroused at her own curiosity. The anticipation for her was like foreplay without touching or human contact. The ultimate mind fuck. She wondered not seeing Jean or Remy downstairs as she made her way to the lower steps.

She placed her purse on her should ascending up the stairs, slowly making her way up around the curve, she glanced at the pictures that hung on the walls, the plant that sat at the top of the steps.

As she made her way up, she continued to walk towards the end of the hallway; her heels echoing on the hardwood floor making her way to the large bathroom in front of her.

She walks in to the bathroom, mom and daughter with son xxxstory her purse down and seen a bath had been made in the tub. She places her hand in to feel it's still warm to the touch as Remy walks in, wearing a T-shirt and sweatpants, and smiles at her.

"Hi." Anna turns to smile back. "Hi." she stands up as he turns her around in front of her. His hands reaches to pull her dress up to teen pussies screwed debra dee fantina ivy lily joy katherine compilation and pornstars undressing her.

She had started to get lost in his touch. His gentle nature that masked such intense power. She felt safe instantly wrapped in his arms. Remy helped her into the tub as he started to undress shortly afterwards and joined her, sitting behind her grabbing a loofah, and began bathing her.

She still had some concerns over the gift he had left her. She spoke up and continued to relax in her bathing. "What should I do with the plugs you left me?" "They'll help prepare you." "For?" "Anal." He derived great pleasure from her honesty and innocence. "Look nothing in this relationship happens without you being ok with it.

You know that." He continued to convince her to change her stance on the matter. "But what if I'm never ok with it?" "Don't worry. You'll be begging me for anal before you know it." It didn't seem to compute to Anna.

Begging for something she may or may not want to try. But she didn't want to overthink things. She had wanted to relish in this moment. With him spoiling her. It was the perfect balance of pleasure and pain. And it was intoxicating.

They laughed as they continued to bathe as he wrapped his arm around her chest, pushing her breasts up from underneath as he placed the loofah on the side of the tub and kissed her neck. "Sit up on the edge edge and lean back against the counter." he asked moving to the other end of the tub as she did as she was asked.

She opened her legs placing them on the edge of the tub, exposing her freshly shaved pussy to him as he crawled over to her and grinned. He started to lick her clit pushing a single finger inside her pussy. She moaned softly as she enjoyed him teasing her a little as Remy continued to eat her pussy, pushing a second finger inside her as he pushed in and out of her deeply.

Remy moved his head away as she moaned louder busty blondie comes for enjoyment hardcore massage Anna's body writhed at the touch; loosing herself in his pleasure. Remy moved his head back to her clit and began licking and sucking on it more, as she started to scream out louder, carefully trying not to touch him as she started to cum hard on his tongue and on his fingers.

The next few weeks served as a mini-boot camp for sexual deviants they both solidified their relationship. Anna had wondered his manor. Curious to know what his bedroom looked like, she opened the door to peek in, but unknown to her, he was behind her and grabbed her wrist. "My bedroom is offlimits. When your here, you sleep in one of the guest bedrooms." His manor had a total of ten bedrooms including his.

Later in the day, they were in the courtyard as Remy was helping her put on her corset. "You wear what I tell you to when I tell you to. No resistance. Our weekends begin at Noon every other Saturday.

Enter the house and kneel at the front door until you are instructed to do otherwise. Do not get up, no matter how long you are forced to wait. I control your orgasms.

Which means absolutely no masturbation, especially when you are at your home alone. No touching my face. Ever. You call me Mr. LeBeau and nothing else." She arrived into his study later on in the evening with a cup of coffee while Remy was typing up some paperwork.

Anna wore a braless ruffled bra that exposed her breasts. And matching collar with black laced panties. "Your coffee Mr. LeBeau." she said placing the cup down on his desk as she turned to leave. "You make me happy." Remy said looking at her ass. Anna smiled as she took joy in this. As each week progressed, so did their individual sunny leon sex storys downlod to each other. Anna had the box of plugs Remy had given her as she pulled the smallest one from the box.

She glanced it over before pulling her panties off, lying in bed, and slowly pushed it into her ass carefully. Discovering the pleasure of pain; she knelt with her wrists handcuff bound to the steel railing of the stairs, and several clothespins on her breasts.

Remy took a flogger, hitting her breasts hard, watching the clothespins fly off if he had hit her the right way; listening to her scream out in pain, but also in pleasure.

Both of their arousal grew as she discovered new things. Other time Remy had Anna lay still on the kitchen table, wearing black sheer corset, with matching garter and heels. She was blindfolded as he slowly poured fresh honey into her mouth, licking her lips clean as no other word was said until they were done.

Another instance she grabbed a meduim sized pinoy bold movies 80s george estregan, licking and sucking on it until it was completely covered and wet.

She gave it to Remy who had pulled her panties to the side and slowly pushed the plug into her tight ass. She groaned and winced in pain as he placed it inside her. Once done, he placed her panties back to the way they were and lowered her skirt. Remy continued to test Anna's limits and personal boundaries.

He had her standing in front of a railing wrists tied. Her breasts and crotch area tied in bondage rope. Remy took a flogger and began hitting her ass and lower back as she moaned and winced as she took the hitting. He started to hit her lower legs until she began to breathing began to get more erratic but she was in bliss. Anna enjoyed the deviance.

And relished in the tenderness. And before she knew it, Anna wanted nothing more to give him everything he desired. Remy was right. She was begging for it. And slowly her walls began to crumble. The closer and more connected they became. And eventually everything became easy. Like they were freefalling. Anna had walked into Remy's office, watching him concentrate on writing into a small black book.

She was wearing a long black loose dress, matching panties, and black heals. She walked over to the end of the desk and smiled. "I'm ready." Remy stopped writing, fiddling his pen on his book; looking up at her with uncertainty. He placed the pen on the book, shoving it to the side, and pushed his chair back looking at her more, before standing up and walked up to her.

He got closer to her as he wrapped his arm around her to grab her neck, moving her neck to the side kissing her neck a little. He pulled away moving to stand behind her brushing his head against hers, their hands brushing against each other. Moving his hand to a pocket in her dress, rubbing against her crotch as she moaned softly, leaning her head against his shoulder. Remy withdrawls his hand, the feeling of being teased excited her but knew she was going to be in store for more.

He bends her forward so shes bending over his desk, pushes up her dress up to her hips and pulled her panties just below her ass. Remy's hand cupping her ass with his pinky finger rubbing against her slit, till his shifted his hand letting his ring finger, then his index rub against her clit a bit roughly.

Anna moaned as she arched her body a bit, allowing Remy to kiss her neck more until he knelt down; pulling her panties down more. Remy kissed her slowly down as he started to push his tongue inside her, slowly moving it down to her clit as she remained bent forward.

He pulls away briefly as she spreads her ass cheeks more and goes back in to move his tongue in and out of her pussy.

Anna's breathing turns into intense panting as he continues to tease her a little before licking up to her puckered hole. He pushed his tongue as didn't stop licking her ass hearing her moan more. Anna was beginning to loose herself in complete pleasure as he moans got a bit louder, feeling Remy open her ass cheeks more, and licking her asshole more to get her ready for his cock in her ass.

Remy pulls away placing one hand on her ass, letting his thumb press against her ass, while he began to undo his belt. Anna looked back at Remy feeling the one hand remove itself from her body while she looked back feeling his hard cock on her as cheek, his pants already removed, and Xxx sel tt story sex stories 2019 unbuttoning his shirt.

Anna looked back at him with anticipation rubbing her ass as her hand moved rubbing her pussy before moving her hand. Remy started to push more of her dress up her body, exposing the rest of her lower back. He leaned down to kiss down her spine, while his hand rubbed at he wet pussy; his fingers poking and prodding at her ass. Anna let out soft moans as Remy continued to poke and prod at her ass, wanting to take her as she was, but knew he needed to get her prepared more.

Remy kneeled down as he continued to lick her ass. His tongue in her ass as he took a thumb to her clit, rubbing it tenderly but broke away before kissing up her body, grabbing her neck gently and rubbed her ass. "please give it to me." Anna softly begged as she moaned softly at Remy's teasing. "Please give it to me.please.oh god please."she continued to beg as Remy started to remove the rest of her dress and kissed her neck more.

His hands roamed up her body as he started to pull and pinch at her nipples. "You want my cock in your ass?" Remy sexy cougar melissa lynn gets impaled and creamed into her ear. "Yes please." Anna moaned softly as she felt Remy rubbing her clit more as she rubbed her body against his a bit before bending back down against the desk. Anna moved a leg up on the desk as Remy licked both her pussy and ass more, slapping her ass as she looked back at him with a seductive smile.

Her body shaking as she felt Remy licking her ass more as she started to grow impatient but knew what Remy was doing. "Come on.please give it to me." she begged more in a soft moan. Anna bit her lower lip more as she more as Remy continued to focus ore on her ass and pussy, slapping her ass more as she began to loose herself to the pleasure more. "Give it to me please!" she continued to moan as his tongue moved down to her clit to tease her one last time as he stood grabbing his cock to push his cock slowly into her ass.

Anna felt the head of his cock there as she looked back at him panting. She moved her body away a bit teasing him back to make him think she was hesitating. Anna began to take several deep breaths as Remy pushed the head of his cock inside her, slowly pulling out, geneva gets her pussy fucked by lps cock adding more of it slowly. Anna moaned and whimpered as started to fuck her slowly as she started to enjoy her first anal fucking.

Anna reached back to rub his chest a little before he grabbed her wrist and placed it on her back, feeling Anna arch her body to take him deeper as he started to increase his pace in his fucking. Remy pulled out of her slowly before pushing back inside her, enjoying her lusty and wild oral spell pornstar hardcore and panting.

Anna let out a long moan as she felt him fuck her rougher, her body arching again, to not only to accommodate his size but to take more of him deeper inside her ass.

"Oh thank you." escaped Anna's mouth softly as Remy drilled her ass. Anna let out shrieks of pleasure as he started to get a little rougher feeling in bliss.

Remy pulled out of her ass wanting her to lay down on her side just a bit onto her back as he grabbed her and kissed Anna deeply, reaching down to tease her clit as she moaned into his mouth. Anna placed her leg on to his shoulder once she had laid back onto her side a bit. Remy held onto his cock, letting head press against her puckered hole, and slowly push into Anna. She looked up at him as he slowly began to fuck her.

Anna continued to let out whimpers, small squeals and moans as she being fucked. Her body felt like it was in overload as her nails dragged against the desk as Remy slowly increased his pace. Remy's hands began to fondle her breasts roughly before his hands went back down to her hips. He then grabbed her panties, wrapped them around her wrists letting her wrap her arms around his neck and her placed her other leg on his shoulder as he fucked her deeper an rougher; their bodies slapping together as he stopped pushing all the way inside her and picked her up kissing her deeply, and sat down at the head chair with her ontop.

Anna didn't remove her wrists from around Remy's neck as she began bouncing herself up and down on his cock, moaning and whimpering more as Remy began to suck and nibble on her tits.

Remy let out a soft groan as Anna's nails clawed at the leather seat, enjoying more of his cock in her ass. They both fucked like that for several more minutes before he pushed her off him, bending her back over the desk and pushing into her ass, pounding her harder than she was used to in her ass.

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Anna's moans began to be more intense as she tried to hold onto the sides of the desk as he fucked her more rougher and deeper.

Anna started to cum as she her moans paused for a moment before she screamed out in pleasure. Remy wasn't too far behind as he groaned several times himself before pulling out, stroking his cock, and came all over her ass. Anna laid bent over on the table contently with a smile on her face looking back at her lover. Anna came home later that evening. Her friend Kitty and her fiance Pitor, aka That chap is good at pussy licking. They we're both recently engaged and they had been using Anna's house to go over wedding dresses for the bridemades.

They couldn't come to an agreement knowing Anna didn't like deal with other peoples weddings. Anna walked by as Pitor glanced at her wrists and waited for her to leave the kitchen.

"Did you see her arms?" Pitor placed his phone down leaning over to Kitty. "No." "She had like, rope burns all over her wrists." "Rope burns?" "Like restraint marks? I read about it in GQ. Something about BSDM relationships. It's where they tie people up, beat them?" "What?" Kitty gasped "Yeah, it's like this whole underground world of freaky, bizzaro, underground sex." "Oh my god, you know the other day when I came into visit, she had bruises on her ass.

She tried to pretend like it was nothing. Pitor grinned and chuckled. "Anna's a closet freak." he said picking up his phone going onto Facebook. "Should I say something to her?" Kitty asked looking at her fiance. "To be honest I wouldn't even worry about it. You can't reason freaks." Kitty began to get upset as she slapped him hard. "If Professor Xavier heard you say that, for all the times we've been persecuted for our own mutant abilities, he'd be ashamed of what you just said.

Kitty stormed from the kitchen upset with Pitor following her, unbeknownst to them; Anna had heard everything. Once in her bedroom, Anna stood naked in front of the mirror. She looked at body to look at the bruises. Judgment had reared it's ugly head. And right when her guard was fully down, it suddenly popped right back up.

The only solace she had ever known was with Mr. LeBeau. And as he always done before, Anna had hoped to provide her some much needed clarity. She had been sitting on the side of Remy's work desk thoughts of falling in love with him started to pop into her head as he typed some paperwork into his computer. Her wrists were tied to black bondage rope as she sat there In deep thought.

"I think i'm falling in love with you." Remy paused as he looked over to Anna. "What makes you say that?" he questioned her. "I just get this feeling whenever I'm with you. Like I'm finally at peace. Safe." "I'm glad to hear that." he paused looking conflicted.

"That's a.rare thing to feel." he started to push away from his seat and stood up as he debated what to do with her.

"It's just the times I'm not with you that have me worried." Remy looked back down at her. "What do you mean?" "I mean we're not like, normal people. You know like people that go out on dates and hold hands and fall asleep together. Do you really think people will accept us with ball gags and duct tape like they already haven't accepted us for being mutants?" "Let me ask you ma'cherie: do you really care what other people think?" "I'm just trying to understand because I don't have no real reference point." Oldnanny very chubby granny and fat mature fucked with strapon bdsm scene was more than frustrated as he started to undo her rope.

"W-what are you doing?" Anna had struck a nerve. One that would prove beyond repair. "I want you out of this house." he said dragging her to the stairs by the arm roughly. "What?! Please Mr. LeBeau why are you doing this?! He stopped as he looked at her and his voice was more raised. "You are not cut out for this! I don't want you to hate yourself because you are incapable of ending this!" "No please, I am cut out for this Mr.

LeBeau! No please!" Anna continued to resist as they got halfway down the stairs. "Please can't I simply question and wonder?" "Questioning seldomly leads anywhere good Anna. I've been down this road girl and let me tell you where it ends! You will lie awake at night sexy babe rides toy pov what we have to what other people have and you'll convince yourself that there's something wrong with you.

Just because we're different. We are already different from other people being mutants. And you can't handle that!" he grabbed her again once they had gotten to the bottom of the stairs as she continue to struggle "I'm doing this for your own benefit not mine." "No please Mr. LeBeau! Please! I'm sorry!" she continued pleading as Remy pushed her near the door way. "You are not normal Anna. Your gonna have to figure out a way to deal with that." Anna felt guilty for making him doubt her commitment.

She removed his belt, in the only hope she could salvage what he had lost. "Punish me." "No." Anna tried to move but he grabbed the belt out of her hand and pushed her up against the wall. "I want you to count out loud." he said hitting her ass with his belt. "Count!" "One" Whack.

"Two." Whack. "Three." Whack. "RED!!!" Remy stopped in disbelief. Red. Her safeword. Never before uttered, no echoed throughout the house. He watched her quickly put her heals on and grab her purse. Leaving leaving Remy in wonder if she'd return. Anna was broken. Coming to grips with the events that had unfolded was almost crippling.

She didn't run from Mr. LeBeau that night. She ran for herself, she ran from all the fears and judgments that had plagued her for her entire life. Both as a submissive and a mutant. She stood in the mirror of her bathroom removing the makeup from her face; especially the black mascara that had been running down her face since she left Remy's manor. She laid in bed with the lights on lost in thought. She had wanted to accept their relationship but the fear of the outside world had paralyzed sexy chick gets pleased with a dick. She had asked Kitty to come over to keep her company, as she felt someone climb into her bed.

"Anna, are you ok?" Kitty asked rubbing her arm a little in concern. She couldn't tell Kitty the truth. She'd could never understand it anyways. Nobody could.not even Anna herself. A couple days later she resigned from her job. Anna started packing everything she had at her desk into a box. She knew there was no way she could ever make heads or tails of the situation and without any distance.

And just as Remy promised, he didn't try to stop her. He approached her in the stairwell as he looked at her as he continued going up to his office. "Good luck to you Anna." "Goodbye Mr. LeBeau." Anna had been wondering if he would want the pendant he gave her back.

But didn't go back home made mom and daughter ask as she left the building. It had took a while, but finally she had found a new job, working for an female executive she had interviewed prior.

Her friend and mentor Ororo Monroe. And in her free time, she help Kitty and Pitor with their wedding. Trying to keep her mind off the heartache.

Spending a ridiculously amount of time planning her seating chart. And watching her wedding plans go from reasonable to full blown addiction. The thoughts Mr. LeBeau were always there. Lingering beneath the surface. It was a empty feeling she couldn't escape from. Whether it was in the company of others or completely alone. Anna was sitting on the edge of her bed with a anal plug in her hand as she thought of Remy. She placed it back in the side drawer wondering if she'll find happiness again before she went to sleep that night.

It was the day of Kitty and Pitor's wedding. Kitty stood in the mirror looking at herself as Anna smiled. "Your glowing." "Am I?" Kitty asked with a deep sigh. Anna nodded at her before looking down a bit depressed. "This is the best day of my life." "Look Kitty, I'm sorry I wasn't more supportive early on." "It's alright. A lot of people weren't." she said smiling. "Life is about being happy. And no one can define happiness for me but me." Kitty said not breaking her smile.

"Your absolutely right." After spending months, anguishing over everything that had come to pass, clarity somehow found her. Kitty had found the person she had wanted to share her life with. Why shoud Anna deny herself the same thing? Even if things were different from everyone else. Did she need the rest of the world validation? Or did she needed her own? "Do I make a beautiful bride?" Kitty asked looking into the mirror as Anna helped putting the finishing the final touches on her.

Anna nodded with a big smile. Watching Kitty take a deep breath. Anna knew there was no guarantee she could repair what was already broken, but, she had to at least try. Soon after the wedding, Anna walked into pretty cutie caresses large shlong pornstar and hardcore manor, placing her purse behind the table at the door, kneeling on the floor with her wrists behind her back.

She loved him. And she was safe there at his home. Safe inside a world where the power came from simply from letting go.

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She waited for hours for him to come get her. Remy had walked past the banister looking down at her kneeling. He didn't give in easily. She never expected him to. But she wasn't going to back down. She knew what she wanted, and if he had made her wait there for an entire year just to prove it she would of. There was no where else in the entire world she belonged; other than his home.

Fully surrendering to the only world that had ever made sense to her. Morning had come. Remy had walked down the stairs to find her sleeping, leaning against the table. He had carefully walked behind her and picked her up. Once she came to, Anna wrapped her arms around his neck, as he carried her to his bedroom. A place in his manor that was once offlimits to her.

He laid her down in the bed, hovering over her body as she looked up at him and her looking back down at him. "You've earned this." Remy said removing her heals from her feet. His hand roamed up her body as she turned to her stomach to allow him to undress her bridesmaid gown from her. He pulled the zipper down and started to remove the straps from her shoulders slowly peeling the dress off of her. She was wearing nothing but laced pink panties.

Her nipples were already hard as he sat behind her, leaning back against him, and allowed him to caress her breasts and kiss her neck. He stood up and kneeled at the side of the bed, as he started to peel her panties off of her exposing her already wet pussy. Anna had her arms laid out to the side and her legs opened. Remy had started to place cuffs on her wrists and ankles and securing them to straps that were under the bed. He walked into the closet to grab one more thing: A blindfold.

She lifted her head as he came back to her placing it over her head. She laid there as Remy selected something from his IPod.

He walked from the chair that was on the side of the bed and walked up to her. "I'm going to play you some music now. If any point you feel uncomfortable with something or want me to stop." "Safe word" Anna said as her breathing became more relaxed. "Good girl." Remy carefully placed the earbuds into her ears as Anna smiled up at him.

Remy let his hand roam across her body; only letting his fingertips brush against her skin from the lowest part of her neck, down to her breasts, and across her stomach. He moved further down to rub her lower waist.letting his fingers brush across her shaved pussy and her budding clit, and just gently teasing her inner thighs. Remy reached over to the side table, grabbing a candle and lit it.

Once lit, he started to let the candle hover above her body before placing it near her pussy. Anna let out several small whimpers as the heat from the candle started to warm her pussy. Remy walked away to grab a tray of ice cubes that had been sitting, slowly melting on the other side of the bed, placing the candle on back on the side table. He picked up a ice cube, and then let the cool water drip from her inner thigh to her clit, causing Anna let out several more pleasurable gasps as her body moved a little.

Remy moved the ice towards her lower and mid torso. Soft moans began to escape her mouth as the water dropped onto her nipples and lower neck. Once he was done, Remy used the single ice cube to extinguish the flame from the candle. He stirred it up a bit before slowly pouring it onto her body, letting the mixture of both pleasurable and pain and hot and cold overtake her body. She started to moan more as the wax from the candle started to be poured onto her nipples, while Remy had grabbed a second icecube and rubbed it across her body as Anna's moans started to sound like soft whimpering.

Remy let the icecube melt onto her body as he pulled away, cute brunette nanny jojo kiss drilled by pervert man near the foot of the bed undressing. He saw how wet she had become and wanted to taste the fruit of his labor. As he stepped out of his pants, he leaned forward, climbing into bed as he started to licking her clit slowly, hearing her more and her panting increase.

She tasted delicious. And he didn't stop there. He continued as her moans get more louder, as if she was trying to keep herself from moaning, but losing the battle to control the urge. This was unlike anything she had ever experienced from anyone. Both of her hearing and sight taken away was something that was not only new, but very pleasurable and exciting. Remy pulled away breifly, rubbing her clit a little before going back to devour on it like a hungry wolf, getting her ready once she was wet enough for him.

He moved up the bed and let the head of his cock prod her wet opening. He pushed the first three inches of his eight inch cock and slowly thrust his hips back and forth, making love to her; not fucking her. Remy had truly accepted to love Anna as a person and as his submissive. She was the only one he had be with that took to the subservient role well.

He continued at this pace look down at Anna who was moaning a bit more louder now. Her head arched back several times as she felt the right spot being hit, but whimpered when he wouldn't go as deep inside her. But she liked it. This was a start of a new beginning between both Anna and Remy. Remy started to increase his pace, and push a bit deeper into her as he looked down at her pushing in deep his entire length as she let out a louder moan, feeling her cum around him as he leaned down to kiss her deeply.

Remy pulled himself of her, and carefully laid underneath Anna, reaching down to push into her again but felt her lower herself down. Anna let out a whimpering moan as she moved her head to the side feeling Remy kiss her neck more. Anna moved her hips up and down; riding his cock to the best of her ability, as she moaned louder while she was already starting to build another orgasm.

Her hips moved more unable to fit the last couple of inches into her, feeling Remy's hand on torso while she came on his cock. Remy began to fuck her by moving his hips up and down; being able to take her deeper. Anna came again as his hand rested on her nipple. He knew this as he held her tightly fucking her harder and deeper, feeling Anna move her body a little as much as she could, while his other arm wrapped around her body to reach down to rub her already sensitive clit, feeling her cumming on his cock victoria sin sucking the skin off that bratwurst. Remy had pulled himself out of her, reaching into his dresser drawer to pull out a flogger looking down at her.

He started to hit Anna's breasts for several minutes. He watched her fists ball up and her toes curl as he continued his assault. Anna saw this as the punishment for euro milf in white lingerie julia reaves him, she whimpered and moaned more until Remy ceased.

He was breathing heavily before leaning down to remove the earbuds and blindfold. Anna looked up at him with a big smile as eyes started to adjust to the light.

Remy moved to undo her restraints on her wirsts as Anna looked on. Remy moved to kissed her deeply and Anna quickly returned the kiss, both of them acting like two long lost lovers knowing it had been months since they had last saw each other. But this wasn't going to last.

Remy helped undo her ankle restraints and flipped her down onto her hands and knees, placing the restraints on her wrists and ankles. Her ass was up enough for Remy to push into her pussy, hearing her moan loudly as he reached to grab a handful of Anna's hair. This time he was fucking her.

He wa fucking her hard and deep, reaching back to slap her ass hard as they fucked. Anna moaned arching her head back, trying her best not to moan into the pillow.

The room filled with her moans, his groans, and the sounds skinny teen lily rader is manhandled by angry bf pornstars and hardcore their bodies slapping into each other. Anna came one last time feeling Remy push in deep one last time before he pulled out, cumming on her ass and lower back.

Anna let out a content sigh as she looked back at Remy, who had leaned down to kiss her and undo her restraints again. They spent the rest of the day and night laying in each others arms. Some people think of romance as a bouquets of flowers on special occasions, or champagne with strawberries in the wee hours of the night; but for Anna, romance was the inner peace she gets when she completely surrendered her control completely to the person she loved.

Everybody has their own version of normal. Anna had finally learned to accept both her mutant powers, and her new found world into pleasure was hers. The beauty of finding someone that shared her same perversions. And created a different kind of normal. Anna was sitting in her back patio reading a book as her phone went off.

It was from Mr. LeBeau and it read: "My house, 2:30pm." Anna smiled as later that day she met Remy down stairs in only her bra and panties and high heals. He was sitting in a chair, in a button down shirt, slacks, and black socks. In his hand was a short paddle. She walked over to him, bent over without a order from him, and he started hitting her ass as she winced but with a smile on her face that she finally found her own happiness. The End.