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Sexy woman gets drilled by pawn keeper at the pawnshop brunette blowjob
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I got my proofs in the mail on Friday when I usually go to spend the weekend with my father along with my brothers. These were the proofs of the pictures that I had taken for the layout of the magazine that I posed for, a collage girl's issue. I got a letter with it saying I would get a couple of the magazine next week. I asked my mom if she wanted to see the pictures or if she wanted to wait for the done layout, she said she would wait.

I had told my father I would show him the pictures if he wanted to see them, to show that they were tastefully done. My mother said my father would probably like to see them and just told me to aussie lesbian chloe b paula a good weekend when my brothers' and I left later that day.

I waited until after dinner when my brother's went out with some friends to ask my father if he wanted to see the pictures. "Hey dad, I got the pictures of my photo shoot. Would you like to see them?" My father hesitated for a bit. "Are they tasteful pictures Tiffany?" "Yes daddy." "I don't know Tiffany. I am not too keen on looking at naked pictures of my nineteen year old daughter." "Look dad, I will leave them here in the envelope on the counter.

Just don't let Hunter and Ryan see them; ok?" I went to tell me what to do and i follow you my master watch TV in the family room for a while as my father cleaned up the kitchen. About an hour or so went by and went back into the kitchen to get something to drink. It had slipped my mind about the pictures until I noticed that the envelope was gone. I knew my father must have taken it so out of curiosity I decided to go see if I could find my dad just to see if he looked at them and if he approved of them.

I went through the entire house and could not find my father. I went into the master bedroom twice before I noticed that light was on in the walk-in closet but yet the door was shut. I could see the light under the crack of the door. I heard a weird noise coming from inside so I didn't knock at first, I just listened. It sounded like my father talking but I could not make out what he was saying. I thought about knocking or calling out his name but I just decided to slide open the door a crack to look inside.

I slid the door open just enough so I could look in with one eye. The first thing I saw was my father kneeling on a bathroom towel naked! The next thing I saw were my pictures spread out on the floor in front of him.

Lastly, I saw my father jacking himself off. I don't know why I didn't say nor do anything. I guess because I got such a thrill out of watching Hunter jacking himself off now I wanted to watch my father. I smiled to myself and thought, 'I guess my father approves of my pictures." I just bbw big boob big tits and listened to my father enjoying my pictures and his incestuous thoughts.

I guess I should describe myself and compare myself to my mom. My mom, Katie, is about 5' 1", long blonde hair, petite figure and 36C tits. I am 5'5", 112 pounds, a 24" waist, 35" hips, long sandy blonde hair with very nice 34D tits. By listening to my father I could tell he really loved my large tits. "Oh my…I never realized how big your tits are Tiffany! Shit I would love to suck on those! I can imagine every guy at collage probably wants stick his cock between those tits and then fuck the shit out of them.

I would love to see them covered with cum. Fuck you are my daughter and these thoughts are so wrong but you are so hot." I listened to my dad say this to my pictures as kept stroking his cock.

Little did he know that his hot daughter was listening. My dads' cock was a bit on the small side when compared to my brothers', Hunter, and Ryans' cocks. I couldn't wait to see my father cumming.

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As I watched my father jacking off I slid a hand down into my shorts. My pussy was soaking wet; my clit was very hard so I began to finger myself. I whispered softly "Daddy, you are making my pussy so wet. My nipples are hard too. Would you like to suck on your daughters' tits? That's it daddy keep stroking your hard prick to my pictures.

Show you daughter how much she turns you on and cum for her. Shoot your hot, sticky white cum all over her." I bit my lower lip trying in and out with cassandra captain stabbin keep myself from moaning out loud.

I wondered what my father would think if he saw me playing with myself or even if he heard what I said; then I thought 'I bet he would like it!' My father was stroking his cock faster and faster, the sweat was rolling down his back, he was breathing hard, in other words, and he was close to getting off. "Oh god this is so wrong…Tiffany is my daughter…I will never do this again. Oh shit she is so sexy, such a beautiful body…I can't help myself…oh fuck…I'm gonna cum.

Fuck, Tiffany your pictures…you're gonna make your father sexxy girls sex in gym My dad let out several grunts and then a loud moan, "Uh…uh…uh…aaahhh fuck yeesssssssss!" I watched the cum start to spurt out of my father's cock.

He didn't cum with a big surge of cum like my brother Hunter. He came with numerous spurts but with very good velocity redhead hottie anal toys her tanned nurse to mention he had great aim. I watched my dad milk his prick and shoot his cum load all over several of my pictures! Spurt after spurt after spurt after spurt of cum landed on each of my pictures.

My father would hold his cock towards the picture, stroke his cock and fire off a couple of spurts on cum. "Oh yeah Tiffany…oh fuck my daughter looks so good with cum all over her body! Oh fuck yeah…fuck Tiffany! You are going to make your father cum more!" When my father had stopped cumming all over my pictures it was my turn.

I leaned up against the wall as I dug my fingers deep into my pussy. I grabbed my shirt, pulled it up to my mouth and put as much of it into it as I could to muffle my mewing cry of pleasure as I came.

I dropped down to the floor onto my knee's burying my face into the carpet as I kept fucking my pussy with my fingers. Soon my own orgasm was over. Luckily my father was still in the closet. While on my knee's I peered into the closet to see what my father was doing. My dad was surveying his cum fest that he pasted all over my pictures. Suddenly he let out an 'oh shit'. He didn't think if I would want the picture back or not. He quickly grabbed one closest to him and frantically wiped it off on the towel.

I could see him breathe a sigh of relief when he was able to wipe the cum off; they were laminated. He cleaned all of his jizm off of my pictures.

He put them back into the envelope and then cleaned up his towel. I quickly got up and went back downstairs. After about ten minutes or so my father came back downstairs, I acted like nothing went on. When my father entered the room I turned around to face him. "Hey dad, I saw the envelope is gone." "Oh…ah yeah Tiffany I took it." "Did you look at them?" "Yes honey I looked at them." I thought I would have some fun with my father now.

"Well what did you think? Did you like them?" "Yes they were nice, tasteful." "Aw, that means you didn't like them." "I said they were nice sweetheart." "But dad, nice means you didn't like them." "Tiffany, trust me, I liked them." "Really daddy?

Did you think I looked beautiful, hot, sexy?" "Yes dear, you looked really beautiful. You're my daughter so I can't really say you looked hot and sexy." "Aw come on dad, you're a guy. If I wasn't your daughter, just another young, collage girl you saw naked like that what would you say?" My father hesitated for awhile then he finally said yes that I did look hot and sexy.

I noticed my fathers' eyes kept lustfully focusing on my tits. I knew he was trying to picture them without my shirt on. I jumped up off the couch and skipped over to my dad. I did this purposely for my father's enjoyment. I wasn't wearing a bra so my skipping over to him made my large 34D tit's bounce up and down nicely.

I wrapped my arms around my fathers' neck and I gave him a nice kiss on the cheek, pressing my tits hard against his chest. "Thank you daddy, that was so nice of you. I am so happy you approved of them and enjoyed looking at them." My father just smiled nervously at me, knowing that he just jacked off to his own daughter. The rest of the day was spent normally, my father went and did some errands, I went laid out on the deck getting some sun.

My father came back home after a couple of hours; my brothers weren't due home for another hour. While I was laying out, I had thought about my father jacking off to me and I thought about what kind of fun I could have with him. Several things came to mind Charming centerfold is showing off her gaped spread quim in close up spreading and pleasing would just have to see what I ended up doing.

My dad came out on to the deck, I knew that he was lustfully looking at me laying there in my bikini. "Hey daddy, you back already?" "Yeah Tiff. I thought I would start to make dinner here in a bit." I could tell my father was conjuring up dirty pictures by the bulge that was developing in his shorts. "Hey daddy can I shower your bathroom? It is so much bigger and nicer than the other one?" My father looked confused as to why I would ask him to use his shower.

He had no idea what I was planning but I had a feeling my father's lust filled thoughts would take over and he would not be making dinner for long. "Um, sure Tiffany. I don't care." I got up hottie chick jenna j foxx large massive dick inside her pussy stretched, letting my father get a good look at my hard, tan body.

As I walked by I gave him quick kiss on the cheek, "Thanks dad." I went upstairs and went into my fathers' bathroom. I got undressed and turned on the water. I left the door to the bathroom about a foot or so open. I had found that you could stand outside of the bathroom, which was in the master bedroom and by looking into the bathroom mirrors over the sink you can clearly see the shower and who is in it.

I put a small mirror on my clothes on the floor in a position where I could see it from the shower and I could see if my father was standing just outside the door watching me. The shower doors distort the body of the person in the shower but of course I just left one open.

I had a feeling my dad would come upstairs and I wanted to give him a very nice show. I wanted my father to get a good look at his daughters' real naked body, not a picture of it. It didn't take my father long to come upstairs to see if he could sneak a peak of me naked, his nice hot daughter. I slid open the door next to the showerhead just an inch and glanced down at my mirror, yup my father was standing there almost in the doorway.

I looked up at the mirrors over the sinks and saw him. He either didn't think I could see him or he didn't care. I assumed he didn't know. I know it was driving him crazy that all he could see was my distorted figure through the frosted doors but his view would soon change. I moved back away from the showerhead, the door at the other end of the shower was the one I had wide open.

Now it was time to give my dad a nice look at my body. My wet body glistened under the bathroom lights. I took the bar of soap and slowly ran it over my body. First I did my back, spending some time running it over my tight ass. I slid it between my ass cheeks.

I turned around with my ass facing toward the mirrors. I knew my father could see the thin tan line I had going across my waist. As I turned around I glanced down at my mirror. The first thing I noticed gorgeous and busty mom fucks young guy in the dressing room my father backed up a bit, I guess he was afraid I might see him in the mirrors over the sinks.

I could see that my dad had undone his shorts, they were down around his ankles. He had his cock in his hand and my father was slowly stroking his nice hardening prick. My nipples went erect and I lightly licked my lips with my tongue. I thought I would toy around with my dad a bit more.

I stepped behind the frosted door and lathered up my wash cloth. I could only guess that my father was hoping I would step back into that open area where he could see me.

I didn't disappoint him. I stepped back and quickly put my right leg up on the edge of the shower, covering up my pussy.for now. I bent over enough that my arms were hiding most of my tits from view as I slowly ran the wash cloth up and down my right leg. Then I switched legs; I took my right leg off of the edge of the shower, turned facing fully towards the mirror and then put my left leg up.

I was bent fully over my dad only got a quick glance at my racing stripe shaved pussy. However I am sure he wasn't disappointed with his view of my 34D tits gently bouncing around as rubbed down my other sexy leg. Of course in this position I could clearly look at my mirror on the ground and watch my father. He was stroking his cock much faster than what he was doing before, not to mention I could see him licking his lips.

I knew he was wishing he could suck on my tits. I smiled as my whole body flushed with my own lustful thoughts. I stepped back behind the door to wash off my legs and to lather up my wash cloth.

I stepped back into the open, standing up. I let my father get a good long look at my body. I know he got a great look at my nice large tits, my red areola highlighting my big nipples. I could imagine my father's eyes running down my body, taking in the very small patch of untanned skin, just covering my pussy patch of hair.

I know he was taking in the view of his daughter's tight pussy lips. I wonder if he was thinking about how I must taste or what it would be like to slid his nice hard cock right into his daughter's teenage pussy; then giving me a good hard fuck. I seductively ran the wash cloth over my stomach, slowly running it up to my tits. I took a lot of time rubbing my tits with the wash cloth.

It really began to turn me on, the soft cloth on my nipples felt so good, the more I rubbed them the curvy ebony babe fucks her bf on her moms couch it turned me on.

I ran the wash cloth back down to my pussy. I began to lightly rub my pussy with the cloth. I let out a loud mew of pleasure, an unexpected one. I was really getting horny putting on this show for my father, knowing he was just outside the door pleasuring himself to his daughters' body. This was becoming more than I could bear and I was overcome with this wave of lustful horniness.

I pressed myself up against the corner of the shower farthest away from the shower spray allowing my dad to have a great frontal view of me. I dropped the wash cloth and closed my eyes.

I slid a couple of fingers deep into my incredibly wet pussy hitting my G spot and moaning loudly as I did. With my other hand I ran my fingertips gently over my tits, lightly circling my areola, ending up at my erect, sensitive nipples. I tugged on my nipples for a bit as I finger fucked myself into a lustful bliss. I grabbed my tits, massaging them before I held one up to my mouth. I stuck my tongue out flicking my nipple around with it, I loved the sensation so much I placed my lips around my nipple and began to suck on my own tit.

I could picture my father now wildly stroking his cock. I knew he never thought he would get to watch his daughter finger fucking herself to orgasm. I spread my legs further apart, bracing myself better and giving my father a great view of his daughters pussy lips wrapped around her own fingers.

I fucked myself faster and faster, rubbing my thumb across my clit. I moaned and squirmed with pleasure in the shower. I was enjoying every moment of bliss I was giving to myself. Just as I was getting close to cumming I opened my eyes just a slit to see if I could see my dad.

I saw his hand wildly moving up and down his cock, then I heard him give a low grunt and I saw his cock erupt!

I couldn't tell at first but it looked like he shot his wad of cum all over the bathroom door and in his underwear. I could see he was holding them in his other hand just under his cock. Then I came, writhing up and down on the shower wall, I let out several pleasurable moans as I mewed, "Ohh I'm cumming.oooooooo yeeeessss!" I partly opened my eyes again and saw my father frantically wiping down the bathroom door, that's when I knew he blew his load all over it.

I could see he was watching me as he did this. So I decided I would do one last thing for my dad. I pulled my pussy juice drenched fingers out of my pussy and slid them into my mouth. Wow! I didn't realize just how good my pussy tastes! I saw my father stop wiping off the door and just looked at me in the mirror with the look on his face I could tell he was enjoying watching me suck my fingers clean of my pussy juice.

I went back to rinsing myself off, to give my father some time to finish cleaning up the bathroom door. When I saw he left, I then got out of the shower, very pleased with the dirty show I gave to my to dad. I went back into my room until dinnertime.

I noticed that my father had put the envelope with my pictures back in my room. I had to take them to look at them again, picturing my father cumming all over them.

I noticed, not much to my surprise, that he had kept one of the pictures. He must have thought I would not notice that one was missing and that he took it, to masturbate too.

It made me smile just thinking I turned my dad on that much. Pretty much the rest of the evening was uneventful. My brothers stayed home and I watched TV with them. I did notice our dad stayed upstairs in his room for most the evening. I would sneak upstairs every once in awhile to check on my dad, he seemed to be in his bathroom a lot. I knew he must have been jacking off big time to my picture now with a mental picture of me in the shower. Things did not pick up with my father and I until the next night.

We all did our own thing all day, so my father and I did not see too much of each other. I did notice my father was acting nervous around me but I could see the lustful look in his eyes. I did ask my father how much he had been dating recently, he said he hadn't been out with a woman in over six months.

I thought to myself, my poor dad he must be so horny! No wonder he was jacking off so much to my picture last night. It also gave me such very taboo thoughts, thoughts about how I could give my dad more pleasure. Little did I know that I would get the chance to pleasure my dad that night in a way he had not expected from his own daughter. It was around 10:00 at night. My brothers were locked in their rooms playing with their Playstation. My father said he was going to bed early. I waited a while and noticed that light was on in my fathers' room, he had it on low.

I put my ear up to the crack of the door and I could hear he had the TV on down real low. I began to wonder what he was doing in there of course all sorts of teenage lustful thought's came to my mind. I couldn't resist anymore; I quietly and very gently opened the bedroom door just a crack.

I looked in with one eye and I saw my dad lying naked on his bed. He had my picture in one hand and his hard prick in the other. I watched him looking from my picture to the TV and back to my picture again. I put my ear to the crack and suddenly I realized my dad was watching a porno movie! My body flushed with a tremendous amount of young passion knowing my dad was watching a porno movie, fantasying it was him and I fucking as he jacked off to my picture! I couldn't take this anymore, my poor horny dad, lusting after his daughter, hadn't been with a woman in months, I had to seduce him and give busty babe can handle two cocks telsev a sexual forbidden pleasure only a daughter could give.

I closed the door and went back into my bedroom. I put on my most erotic, sexy, skimpy outfit I could piece together.

I put on a pair of the fashion underwear, the 'little girl' underwear that barely covers anything. For a top I put on the shirt I usually wear, it is cut short; the shirt just covers my tits. If I raise my arms up, it pulls the shirt right up and whoever would get a nice look at my tits.

I looked at myself in the mirror and I looked hot! My nipples were already hard and could easily been seen through my shirt and I could just see the top part of my little pussy hair racing stripe.

There was no way my father could say no to me; he would probably cum just seeing me like this. I opened the door to check on my brothers, they were in their room so I quickly walked by their room back down to my fathers. I held the doorknob in my hand, I felt so dirty and horny as I thought about what I was about to do.

I opened the door and walked right in on my father stroking his cock. "Hey dad you still up?" I shut the door behind me, locking it as I did. My father freaked out; he quickly tossed my picture to the floor behind his night table, grabbing a pillow with his other hand to cover his cock. He was completely embarrassed as he fumbled to grab the DVD controller. I pretended like it was no big thing as I walked over to his bed.

When my father eyes saw what I was wearing the wild lust nearly blew them out of his sockets. My nice big tits bounced beautifully, the fabric brushing against my nipples only made them harder. "Oh god Tiffany.damn it knock first!" "Oh don't worry about dad, you are not the first brunette babe sucks off and gets nailed in the backroom reality blowjob to jack off to a porno movie.

Was that a picture in your hand?" "It was nothing Tiffany.oh god you shouldn't be here. You need to get out of here. I can't believe you caught me jacking off." I sat down next to my dad, ignoring him. "Relax dad. It's not like I don't know guys like to watch porno movies and jack off to them. So what are you watching." I grabbed the DVD controller out of his hand and pressed play to pick up where it left off.

My father tried to grab it out of my hand but he couldn't reach me with out loosing the pillow over his cock. I watched the movie for a bit before I spoke up again. "Hmm dad, this is a good one. Look at that guy fucking the hell out of the woman. She looks like she is 19 or 20. Did you have some picture in your hand when I came in?" My father was so flustered, he had no idea what to do or say, he couldn't get up, so I had him where I wanted him.

"Tiffany you better get out of here. What if your brothers walked in on us." "Oh don't worry dad, my bedroom door is shut and I locked your door when I came in." We watched the movie for another minute or two.

My nipples were getting very erect watching the movie, I know with the glow of the TV my father could see that through my shirt. "You can go back to jacking yourself off if you want. I don't mind, I wanna sit here and watch this movie." "No way Tiffany! I am your father.I can' shouldn't even be in here watching this with me." I thought to myself for a moment and then spoke up to my dad.

I turned around to face my dad; my nipples were sticking out, nice and visible to my dad. "Daddy, can I jack you off?" My fathers' jaw dropped! "No way Tiffany! Shit, you are my daughter! That is incest!" "Dad, I thought incest would be if a brother and sister or daughter and father fucked and the girl got pregnant." My father just laid there for a moment, he didn't say anything.

"I am still your father! I should punish you for even saying that." "Oh come on dad. It's just a fucking hand job. Would you rather lay there and stroke your own cock or have a young woman's hand stroking it for once. I don't care; I thought I would be nice and offer. Its not like we are fucking or you are forcing me to do it." I could see my dad really thinking about it, and then he spoke up. "Are you serious Tiffany? You would really want to jack me off?" "Sure dad. What older man wouldn't want a young, hot collage co-ed jacking them off?" I gave him a wicked smile.

My father then slowly took he pillow away, letting his hard; pre-cum drenched cock pop up like a flagpole. I wrapped my hand around his cock, "Ooh, you cock is so sticky.

I guess you really like this movie." I dad let out a moan of pleasure as I slowly began to stroke his cock. "Ok dad, just lay back, watch your movie and enjoy." I turned around and slowly stroked my dad's cock as I watched the movie. At first my dad did not make any noise but after a bit he finally felt relaxed enough to start moaning and then telling me how good it felt. " feels good. I can't believe we are doing this.oh god this feels wrong but it feels so good." "Ssh dad, just enjoy the movie and the handjob from your daughter." I switched to my hand that was farther away from my dad.

It made me turn a bit more to face him and as I increased my stroking, my tits began to bounce up and down a bit more. I knew my father was watching my hand and my tits more than the movie. My dad lasted an average amount of time before he was moaning harder. "Are you getting close to cumming dad?" "Oh.fuck.yes.Tiffany. oh god you are gonna make me cum." I turned around to face my dad and I began to wildly stroke his cock. I looked at him and smiled. He kept glancing down to my hand from the TV looking embarrassed.

"Don't worry daddy. You can watch me jack you off. I know you wanna watch yourself cum in my hand." My hands were becoming covered with my fathers' pre cum, hot and sticky just as I like it. My father squirmed around a bit, moaning and just saying over and over he was going to cum. "Do it dad, don't hold back. I will clean you up, just cum dad. I want you to cum." My father let out a loud grunt.

"Oh it cums. I'm gonna cum!" My father erupted in my hand; I angled his cock a bit and placed my free hand under his cum geyser. Spurt after spurt of his hot jizm erupted from his prick head and landed in my hand. My father coated both of my hands pretty good with his sticky wad.

He looked so happy watching his daughter's hand milk his cock empty of his cum. After he finished I told him to lie there and I was going into the bathroom to wash up. I walked to his bathroom, playing with his cum in my hands. My dads cum felt so good in my hand and all over my fingers.

I turned the water and began to wash off my hands. But I stopped, leaving the water on and put my cum covered hand to my lips. I just had to taste my fathers wad. I licked a bit and swallowed it down; he tasted so hot and salty. I took another lick then another. Before Teen gets ran duddys brother rey has a dirty tiny secret he thinks he got away with knew it I was licking gobs of his cum off my hands, letting it sit on my tongue before I allowed it to slip down my throat.

Suddenly I looked in the bathroom mirror and saw my dad standing in the doorway! His eyes were bugged out, I am sure he never thought sexy teen babes get fucked together by a hard dick would see his daughter swallowing cum, especially his own!

I got embarrassed turned around. "Oh sorry dad, I didn't know you were there." I giggled a bit as I swallowed the gob of cum I had on my tongue. "I couldn't resist tasting it." My father just smiled for a moment as I wiped some cum off of my lips. "I. just.I just wanted to thank you Tiffany. for um.for jacking me off." I smiled at my dad; "You are welcome.

I hope you liked it." "I liked it a are really good at hand jobs.I was wondering if.if you . do it." I cut my father off, "You want me to jack you off again?" "Yes tiffany.would you.please." I wrapped my arms around my dad, his hardening cock pressed against my stomach.

"Sure dad, give me a moment and I will be right out again." I washed my hands up, taking my time of course; I wanted to build up the anticipation for my dad. I went back out and he was lying back down on his bed, he turned the lights up a bit.

His prick was sticking straight up, just waiting for me to grab hold of it again. sexy chick porn with gal getting fuck satisfaction put a new DVD in, just something different." "Whatever you want to watch dad as I get you off. I don't mind watching something new." I gave my father a smile and sat down next to him. My father started up the porno movie as I wrapped my fingers around my fathers' cock.

My dad let out a moan after a few minutes, "Mmm, Tiffany you are so good at giving handjob's. I would never have dreamed my daughter was so good at it." I turned around to face my dad; I smiled at him as I continued to stroke his cock, my tits bounced up and down a bit.

I could see my father watching my large tits with a look that I had seen so many times from all of my high school male friends.

"Thank you dad. I love to make guys cum." My father's jaw dropped when I said that! I just giggled and turned around to keep watching the movie.

After a little while longer, my fingers becoming sticky again with my dads' pre-cum coating them I noticed something about the movie we were watching. It finally hit me that the movie was nothing but blowjob's and oral cum shots! Then it hit me; my father wanted me to give him a blowjob!

I guess catching me licking up his cum from my hand gave him the idea that I would take our forbiden encounter a bit farther and I would suck his prick. I smiled to myself and thought, 'he is right. I'll give him a blowjob that only a hot, teenage daughter can give her father.' But of course I would have to have some fun with him first.

'Oh my god dad! You want me to suck your cock!" I suddenly said to him. I stopped stroking my fathers cock as I turned around to face him. He got very embarrassed and tried to deny it. "Tiffany.what do you mean. didn't sunny leone xxx sexsey storys anything.

I didn't tell you to give me a blow job." I stood up at the edge of the bed, "I may be a hot, sexy collage co-ed but I am not fucking stupid dad. Look at this movie, it is nothing but cock sucking and cumshots! You are fucking hoping I will get horny and drop to my knees and suck you off!" "

I didn't mean that.I" "Oh just admit dad. It's what you want. You saw me swallowing your cum in the bathroom so now you think I will give you a blowjob. Right?" My dad looked so uncomfortable but he finally said yes. I put my hands on my hips, exposing almost half of my large tits to my dad, I saw his eyes go to my tits as his cock oozed some pre-cum.

"Don't look at my tits dad, I know you have been staring at them." I pulled up shirt showing them off to my dad then pulled my shirt back down.

"There dad, did you get a good enough look. Oh they are 34D, a nice big mouth watering size. So what the hell did you think? You would pop this movie in, I would drop to my knee's, you would sit up here on the edge of you bed and I would happily slide your throbbing, pre-cum drooling prick into my mouth?" My dad was completely confused, he did not expect me to flash my tits at him, he was not expecting this 'ass chewing threesomes big dick from ass at the by roby bianchi I was giving him.

"Tiffany.I don't know.I am so sorry.I best indian video ever huge ass indian girl know what to say." "How about answering my fucking question! You just expected me to suck your cock, right?" "I might.I know it is wrong, it is so wrong you are my daughter. I don't know what I was thinking." "Well I do dad.

Get up and sit here!" I pointed to the edge of the bed. My father slowly sat up and slid down to the edge of the bed, sitting there looking at me very nervously. "Tiffany…what are you going to do?" "Shut up dad, I can't believe you had such a thought! I can't believe you actually thought of your daughter sucking your cock. As far as what I am I going to do, I can answer that stupid question of yours right now." I pushed my father's legs apart and slowly got down on my knees.

"Isn't this what you wanted, to see me on my knees in front of your hard cock?" I grabbed my dad's pre-cum covered prick, stroked it a couple of times, slowly moving my head closer to my dad's prick.

"I know this is what you wanted too!" I opened my mouth, I stuck my wet tongue out placing my fathers prick on it; before he could say anything I slid his prick into my mouth, wrapping my lips tightly around his throbbing cock.

I slid my fathers cock into my mouth slowly, letting him enjoy this sight, I sucked hard as his prick went all the way into my mouth and I very slowly slid it out. I smiled at my father, "Now isn't that what you wanted daddy?" My father just smiled, his eyes opened wide at the sight of pre-cum and saliva hanging from the end of his prick attached to my lips; his own daughters lips.

I began to lick the underside of my fathers' prick, lapping up all his pre-cum oozing out of his piss slit. "I have a couple of question's for you daddy.

Did you want me to give you a blowjob just so you could have a blowjob or did you want me to give you a blowjob because I am your daughter? Did you want to watch your own daughter wrap her lips around your cock, her fathers cock, and suck on it or did you just want to watch a woman do it. Did you just want to cum in a hot, teenage co-eds mouth or did you want fill your daughters' mouth with your cum load?

Which is it daddy, cause I am a hot woman or because you have deep, dark taboo thoughts about me?" "I wanted a blowjob from you Tiffany.

I can't believe how hot my own daughter grew up to be. I know it is so wrong but I want you to suck my cock. I want my own daughter to make me cum. Will you do that for me?" "Under one condition daddy, turn off the porno movie.

I want you to only look at me. I want your eyes on your cock going in and out of my mouth. The only noise I want you to hear is the slurping noise I make while I suck your cock." My father grabbed the TV controller and turned it off. I opened my mouth and began to give my own father the best blowjob he has ever had. I kept his cock in my mouth most of the time, I savored the taste of my father's pre-cum all over my tongue.

I sucked and licked his entire prick as I did; I kept looking up into my father's eyes. I wanted to see the desire in his eyes and I wanted him to see it in mine. My dad kept looking down at me, at first he was quiet then he slowly began to moan and groan, allowing his passion to come to the surface. After a few minutes he got comfortable with speaking dirty words of encouragement to me.

"Oh god Tiffany, that feels so fucking good! Fuck you are a great cocksucker, just like you are great at giving handjobs! Fuck I can't believe my own daughter is giving me great head! Please don't stop Tiffany, please make me cum!" I sucked my father's cock with one intention in mind, to make him cum as quickly as possible. I worked my lips and tongue all over my dad's prick.

Our saliva and pre-cum mixed into a sticky salty combo that covered my father's cock and balls. My dad began to brush my blonde hair away from my face and off of my forehead so he could get a better look at my lips around his fatherly prick. I could tell he wanted to put them on my head and fuck his own daughters' mouth but he was afraid.

I reached up, grabbed his hands and placed them on my head, I let his prick slide out of my mouth so I could tell him it was ok, in my own way. "Do you wanna fuck my mouth? Huh daddy? Do you wanna hold my head and fuck your daughters mouth with your nice hard cock?" My busty babe kitty caprice enjoys being plowed hard and fast didn't say anything; he just held onto my head and began to rock his hips back and fourth thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth.

I made loud slurping noises with his cock, I moaned with pleasure as well as I sucked on my dad's cock and as he fucked my face. He didn't last more than six or seven minutes; I was surprised my father lasted that long before he let his cum load go.

I guess he wanted to enjoy getting a blowjob from his daughter for as long as he could. His pace increased so I increased my pace as well. The sweat was rolling down my father's body; he was breathing heavy, moaning louder and louder. My pussy was incredibly wet, I wanted to get myself off the worse way but I couldn't.

Teen slut emma ryder and busty milf veronica avluv share cum young old and pornstars I took out my sexual frustration on my father's prick, sucking and licking it like there was no tomorrow. My father let go of my head; his cock began to stiffen in my mouth.

"Oh god Tiffany…I'm gonna cum. I gonna cum Tiffany! You are gonna make me cum!" I slid my dads cock out of my mouth for a second, stroking it wildly, "Do it daddy! Cum in my mouth! Cum in your daughter's mouth!" I slid his cock back in and with two more strokes of my tongue my fathers' cock exploded with cum! His cock burst, cum instantly sprayed all over the inside of mouth and down my throat. I swallowed quickly as I used my lips and tongue to milk my fathers cum stick.

He sent a couple larger cum explosions off in my mouth before he collapsed back on to the bed. He was breathing so heavily, just moaning out "Oh god that was so good. Tiffany…I that was the best cum I have had!

Oh fuck you are great at blowjob's!" I sucked my dad's cock dry then my lips let it go. I stood up in front of my dad and gave a stretch, yawning away. I purposely did this so that my shirt would raise all the way up over my tits, giving my dad another show.

I licked my lips and swallowed the very last drops of my father's cum wad. "I am glad you liked my blowjob daddy. I'm really tired so I'm gonna go to bed now. I took a couple of sleeping pills a little while ago and they are starting to kick in.

I could sleep through anything, so if I don't get up early tomorrow just let me sleep; I really need the rest." I turned around, unlocked the bedroom door and quietly went back to my room. I of course lied about the sleeping pills. I wanted to see if I made my father so horny that he would pay me a visit in a bit; I needed to get off badly and I was hoping my father would help me. I laid on my bed, the light off, as I pretended to be asleep.

Almost half and hour went by, I started to think my dad was not going to come into my room. Then I heard my doorknob turn and someone enter my bedroom. "Psst, Tiffany are you asleep?" I didn't say anything, I knew my father wanted to have some pleasure with me but with me being asleep, I didn't care as long as I got off.

He slowly came forward, calling out my name checking to see if I was made to jerk off during confession by sister taylor. When he was satisfied he came next to my bed; I could hear him slip off his underwear as he pulled back my covers.

My dad got into my bed; his hands ran over my stomach making a beeline right for my big tits. This was really becoming kinky since the lights were off and my dad thought I was sleeping. I could only hope that I could go the distance without making too much noise of pleasure. My father slid his hands under my little shirt and began to wildly fondle my tits.

My nipples went instantly erect which only made my father grope me more, pinching my nipples. I glanced over at the clock beside my bed; my dad played with my tits for almost ten minutes before he finally pulled my shirt up over them. He adjusted himself so as not to put too much weight on me, for fear of waking me up. Suddenly I felt his mouth encircle my large nipples and areola, he sucked hard.

His tongue lustfully played with my nipple. He went from tit to tit, sucking on them and then wildly licking my nipples. I let out a small mew of pleasure, my father stopped for a moment but his dark passion for me had kicked in and he only stopped for a moment.

He squeezed my tits and he licked and sucked on them for another ten minutes.

I wanted to scream out with pleasure but I had to lie there, biting my lower lip the entire time. Then my father slid a hand down my body under my mini underpants; his fingers went right for my soaking wet pussy.

He rubbed my clit as he inserted his fingers into my pussy. I nearly came on his hand right then and there. My father spoke softly to himself as he finger fucked me, his own daughter and lustfully sucked on my big tits. "Oh god…this is so wrong. Fuck my daughter is so hot, I can't believe she sucked my cock. I gotta suck her tits. Shit, I can't believe how tight and wet Tiffany's pussy is. Fuck guys are gonna love fucking my daughter!" My father began to finger my pussy as one hand fondle my large right tit and his mouth and tongue licked and sucked on my nice left tit.

I was in an passionate state of bliss, the only problem is that I wanted to let out a loud moan but I couldn't say anything, I had to pretend I was still asleep. I did let out a few mews of pleasure and I did squirm around every time my dad's fingers hit my G-spot.

Suddenly my dad straddled my leg, pressing his hard cock against my thigh. I could feel the pre-cum oozing out of his piss slit; his cock was throbbing against my leg. I thought I my father was just finding a more comfortable position to finger me, I was so wrong! My dad began to fuck my leg like a dog! I was shocked at first, then it made me even hornier than what I was, I couldn't believe I was making my father so horny, he had so much lust that he was fucking his own daughters leg.

I loved it; listening to him groan as fucked my thigh, fingered my pussy, fondled my tits, licked my nipples and sucked on my tits. His hot, sticky pre-cum felt so good on my thigh. Then what really surprised me was how quickly my father got off.

It only took him a couple of minutes before he blew his load all over my leg. Shit was he horny! I heard him groan and grunt over the sounds my wet pussy was making as his fingers plunged in and out of it. His lustful sucking noises were also very loud.

I heard him say, "Oh fuck.of fuck Tiffany.Oh yeah!" Then I felt his cock spit out its load of sticky hot jizm. I could feel my dad's cock pumping his cum load out all over my thigh.

Spurt after sticky spurt of cum covered my upper thigh. I couldn't hold back any longer and my pussy let go with a gush of pussy juice all over my dad's fingers as I wiggled around with delight.

I had to actually bite slim teens gets well fucked and gets a facial lower lips to keep myself from screaming out in pleasure. After we both finished cumming, my father said in a low tone, 'Oh shit!' He got off the bed and grabbed his underwear. He then quickly wiped his cum load off of my thigh.

I guess he didn't want any evidence of what his lust for me had drove him to do. I thought my father was done or that he would not 'push' his luck any further, nope he wanted more. My dad got back on my bed, straddling my legs. I felt his hands grab my mini panties and he slowly pulled them off of me.

He gently spread my legs then I felt him lay down on the bed. Suddenly I felt his hot breath between my legs. "Oh god, I gotta taste my daughter's pussy. I can't help it, I know she has to taste good." My father ran his hands up and down my inner thighs, then I felt the tip of his tongue on my clit, then it traced it's way down my pussy slit. My father lapped up my pussy juice, just like a dog drinking from a water bowl. I heard him say 'oh man!

Shit you taste great tiffany. I can't believe how great my daughter tastes!" Then he buried his face in my pussy; he rammed his tongue between my soaking wet pussy lips, deep into my hot pussy. My dad greedily licked and sucked on my pussy as he ran his finger over my clit. I knew he just wanted to make me cum as quickly as possible and I was not going to let my dad down.

I mewed a bit, squirmed every now and then as my father very expertly licked my pussy. I don't if it was he was just that good or if it was the fact that I was his daughter and his lust derived from his incestuous thoughts made him better, I didn't care, I loved how good my dad was eating me out. I didn't last long; there was no way I could hold back with the attack my father was doing on my pussy with his tongue.

I let go a nice orgasmic gush of sweet pussy juice all over my dad's tongue and face. As wiggled from my orgasm, my father kept wildly licking and sucking on my clit and pussy, which only made me keep cumming which seemed like forever. I felt my father get up on his knees, he straddled my lower body, I then felt him pull my shirt up over my tits with one hand.

It took me a moment or two figure out that he was kneeling over me jacking off! I lay there listening to the noise his hand made stroking his pre-cum and cum covered cock.

I only wished the light was on so I could watch my own father jacking off over me. He moaned as his breathing became heavier and faster. "Oh yeah, oh fuck.fuck you are so hot Tiffany. Fuck I can't believe how horny my own daughter makes me. Fuck I could cum all over her all day." Suddenly he stopped and got off the bed, I wondered what he was doing but I didn't have to wait too long to get the answer to that question.

He left the room, came back and put a towel over my lamp; I knew that when he turned the lamp on very low. I opened my eyes just a crack hot busty webcam teen sucks big dildo I watched my dad get back on the bed and he straddled me again.

Then entire time he was still stroking his cock. "I hope the light doesn't wake my daughter. I just gotta see my cum all over my daughters body." What sucked was that I couldn't watch my father straddling my body jacking off. Soon I heard him start grunting, "oh fuck.I'm gonna cum!" I opened one eye just a small bit, just in time to see my father's cock erupt in his hand.

He spewed cum all over me! I watched the gleeful, sex hunger look on his face as he moved his cock around with his hand shooting gobs of cum over me. My dad came on my stomach, shooting a gob of cum into my belly button, and then he sent another couple of gobs up stomach.

He leaned forward and jerked the majority of his load all over my tits. His hot, sticky cum splattered on my tits, my nipples and nearly covered my areola. Cum gobs dribbled down my 34D tits, down between my tits, down the sides of my body. My father did not notice that some of his cum got on my shirt.

After he finished blowing his sticky white cum wad over me, he stayed there for a minute or two surveying the sight of my body with his cum all over it. I am sure he was happier with this sight then pretending to cum over me and having to cum over my pictures.

"Oh shit, I gotta clean this up!" He quickly grabbed the towel and wiped all of his cum off of me, missing the cum in my belly button and the now cum stain on my shirt.

He quickly turned the light off and then left my room, his deep dark taboo fantasy was done for the night. The next morning I changed my clothes, I didn't want my brothers seeing what I was wearing. My father was in his bedroom, so I went in to see him with my mini top in my hand. "Hey dad I got something to show you." My dad turned around as I unfolded my shirt. I held it up to him, the cum stains all over the front were visible. "I guess when I gave you a blow job last night I let some of your cum dribble out of my mouth." I turned it around so I could look at my shirt.

"Wow! I didn't think you came that much in my mouth last night but I guess you did. I guess having your daughter suck your cock made you extremely horny." I looked at my father; he looked a bit embarrassed and a bit pale. I knew he was afraid I would find out he pleasured himself when I was 'asleep'.

"Are you ok daddy? You don't look good. Are you having second thoughts about last night when I gave you a nice blow job?" moom and son xxx move ok Tiffany.

What we did was wrong, it was incest. But deep down I really loved it! I still can't get over how great you are at giving head. My own daughter giving the best blow jobs I have ever had." I smiled at him; "I enjoy giving head. It was really fun sucking your cock." I moved close to him and ran my hand on his hard cock.

"You looked so happy with me sucking your cock. I know you loved seeing your cock in your daughters mouth, especially when you came in it." I looked at my shirt again then I spoke up to my father; "I guess the next time I give you a blow job I should probably do it topless so I don't get any cum on my shirt." My father looked surprised but very happy that I said I would suck his cock again and that I slutty helena valentine takes a hot outdoor sex for cash do it topless.

I could see my fathers cock go fully erect with the thought of my sucking him off again. I looked down at his hard prick and smiled at him. I thought I would tease him a bit. "If Hunter and Ryan weren't up, I would pull your sweat pants down, take my top off, drop to my knee's and suck your nice prick until you came. I want you to go into your bathroom, take the naked picture you kept of me (I winked at him) and I want you to jack yourself off to me." I smiled at my dad, turned around and as I got to the door I turned around to look at my dad again.

He had gotten my picture out and was heading to his bathroom. "Have fun jacking off to my picture daddy." I shut his bedroom door, went down stairs to make breakfast for everyone. Unfortunately nothing happened the rest of the day or evening between my father and I, much to our lustful displeasure. The next day was when we go back to our moms' house.

There s nothing more exciting than hard student fuck with the cock hun brothers, Hunter and Ryan, were very anxious all morning to get back home. They kept bugging me about taking the car and going home, they asked our dad if he could drop me off later and he said yes. This seemed to make my brother's very happy and they almost ran out of the house to the car and drove off very quickly.

Neither my dad nor I could understand this but we both had deep desires on our minds. For a while I waited for my father to come upstairs to my room to ask for another blowjob but he didn't. I went back downstairs, I noticed my father was acting a little nervous; I guess he was trying to decide if he should have his daughter suck his cock again or not.

"Hey daddy, I'm gonna take a shower and I guess afterwards you can take me home if you want." "Um, ok Tiffany." I went back upstairs to my bathroom, a bit confused as to why my dad didn't want another great cock sucking from me. Happily my father came upstairs and knocked on the door. "Tiffany, can I come in?" I opened the door my clothes were still on. "Yes daddy, do you want something?" I could see his hard prick straining to bust out of his shorts.

"Tiffany…um…I was wondering if before you go…if you could…you know…do what you did two nights ago?" "You want me to suck your cock? Is that what you are asking daddy?" "Yes Tiffany. Would you?" I turned around, grabbed my bath towel and spread it out on the floor.

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I dropped down to my knees in front of my father, undid his shorts and let them fall to the floor. My fathers' prick popped right up, pre cum slowly oozing out of his piss slit. I grabbed his cock and licked up all the pre cum off of the head of his cock. My father let out a nice loud moan.

"Just think daddy, now we can be as loud as we want khloe capri and alexis fawx ffm threeway in shower room the boys aren't here." I gave his cock a few more licks before I stopped. I stood up, my father looked puzzled. "I just remembered daddy that I said I would give you the next blowjob without any top on. You don't mind do you?" "No Tiffany, I would love to see your tits." I grabbed the bottom of my shirt and slowly pulled it up over my head, my tits bounced around in front of my father.

"Do you like my tits daddy?" "Yes Tiffany. They are gorgeous." "Do you care if I take my shorts off as well? You have seen me naked before." "If you want to Tiffany, I don't mind." I bent over just enough, allowing my 34D tits to sway; I glanced up and saw my fathers cock drooling even more of his tasty pre cum.

"Ok daddy now I am ready to give you great blowjob. Are you ready?" "One thing Tiffany before you start. Do you mind if I jack off into your mouth and maybe over your tits when I am ready to cum?" "Of course not daddy; you just sexy teen girl keeps moaning hardcore blowjob me when you are ready to cum and I will lay back, open my mouth, stick my tongue and you can blow your load wherever you want.

Besides, I would love to watch you jacking off to me." I grabbed my dads cock at the base. I stuck my tongue out and ran his wet, pre cum covered prick head all over my tongue savoring his flavor. My father looked down at me, moaning out loudly. I ran my lips up and down his shaft several times before I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and slid it all the way into my mouth. "Oh shit Tiffany! Fuck that feels so good! That's it!

Suck it, suck my fucking cock!" I went to work on my fathers cock, sliding his cock in and out of mouth as fast as I could. I sucked hard, running my tongue all over his prick. My father moaned, running his hands through my hair as my head bobbed up and down on his nice shaft.

After a few minutes I slid his prick out of my mouth, I licked the head of his cock as I spoke to him. "So daddy, how is this blow job?" "Fucking great Tiffany. I can't believe my daughter is such a great cock sucker!" "Do you like having me suck your cock?

Do you like seeing your daughter on her knees with your nice hard prick deep in her mouth?" "Fuck yes! I am gonna like it better when I cum in your nice mouth." I went back to sucking on my dads' cock with my vigor. I wanted to make my dad cum, I wanted to see candy sweet vyxen receives an anal pounding tube porn standing over me, stroking his cock, blowing his load all over me.

After a few more minutes my father was getting closer to the conclusion. "Oh yeah Tiffany, keep on sucking. I am so fucking close to cumming. Oh yeah.don't stop! Don't stop sucking your daddy's cock. Oh fuck here it comes, oh yeah I'm gonna cum! Lean back and open your pretty mouth Tiffany." My father pulled his cock out of my mouth; a huge strand of pre cum and saliva went from my mouth to his prick head. Some pre cum dripped down on to my tits. I watched my father grab his cock and then he began to wildly, lustfully, stroke his cock.

I leaned back, opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out as well as I held my 34D tits together. "Do it daddy! Cum in my mouth! Give me all your hot, sticky cum daddy. Make your daughter swallow all of your sticky salty jizm." My father leaned forward, straddling my body. He placed his prick head just into my open mouth, "Here I cum tiffany! Take it, take it all!" I watched his cock erupt with a stream of hot, white, sticky cum spurting out of his piss slit, into my mouth.

Then another large spurt landed on my tongue. I swallowed as much of his load as I could. My father shot another wad of his spunk on my lips and chin, as I opened my mouth again some the cum ran into my mouth.

Then he aimed his cock lower, stroked his prick and sent another cum stream on to my tits. Then he pressed his cock into my mouth sending a couple more spurts of his hot cum deep down my throat.

I sucked my father dry as he looked down at me moaning, "That's it Tiffany, suck my cock dry, suck all the cum out of your father's cock." I licked his cum off of my lips and used my fingers to wipe off my dads cum off of my chin. My father watched me with a growing sex hunger in his eyes, I could see him looking at the cum he left on my tits.

I stood up and looked at my dad, "Daddy do you wanna hold my tits up to my mouth so I can lick your cum off?" My father instantly grabbed my tits, fondling them quite a lot, he held them up to my mouth and I slowly, lustfully licked his cum load off of them. My dad enjoyed every moment of that; holding his daughters' tits and watching her lick his cum off of them. Before my father could say anything I thought I would give him a chance for an unexpected treat.

"You know daddy I have been thinking. This isn't fair; I have sucked your cock twice now. Will you go down on me, lick my pussy and make me cum?" My father got a huge lustful smile on his face, "I would love to lick your nice sweet pussy." "Good, lay down on the towel, I wanna sit your face and look down at you licking my pussy." I had never seen my dad move that fast, he was down on the towel in flash.

I straddled his head slowly lowering my pussy down onto his waiting mouth. I know my father could clearly see how wet I was already. He drove his tongue deep into my pussy and began to lap up and suck up all my pussy juice. I let out a loud moan. My father expertly began to give my pussy a tongue lashing like I had never experienced before. He ran his tongue in and out of my pussy, up and down my wet pussy lips, playing a lot with my nice little hard clit.

He ran his hands up and down my thighs, then all over my ass as he enjoyed my sweetness. "Do you like my pussy?" he nodded his head up and down. "Do you like your daughters sweet pussy?" I raised up and my father spoke out, "You taste so fucking good. I could lick your pussy all day. I can't believe how good my daughters pussy tastes, fuck I want you to cum all over my face." I sat back down on his face and to both of our pleasant surprise; I came within a few more licks.

I ground my pussy onto my dads' mouth and tongue. I bucked my hips back and forth on chin and tongue. After I recovered from my orgasm, I still sat on my dads' face. "Oh that was so good daddy. No one has licked my pussy that good. Will you do it again?" My father nodded yes and went right back to driving his tongue into my hot slit.

As he dug his tongue into my pussy I looked down at my dad. "Daddy, you can play with my tits if you want to." His hands went right to them; he began to fondle my tits, before he found that playing with nipples really drove me wild.

I screamed out loudly with all of my deep pent-up passion. I kept moaning and screaming for my father not to stop. I reached back to grab his cock, it was hard and drooling pre cum. "Oh daddy.why.oh fuck that is so good.why do guys like to fuck women's tits?" this took my father off guard.

I raised up so he could talk. He kept playing with tits as he answered my question. "Guys love to fuck big tits because it feels so good, it is different than a pussy. It is so dirty and kinky blowing your load over and in-between a woman's tits. Not to mention we hope that when we cum, we blow our wad into her mouth and that the woman will swallow it, then give us a blow job." I pressed my pussy back onto my dad mouth and tongue. After a couple more minutes, I could feel my orgasm getting closer.

"Daddy, if you make me cum again, you can fuck my tits." My father instantly began to lick and suck on my clit and pussy even more; I took that to mean he wanted to. Soon I was grinding my pussy on to my fathers' face again as I released another wave of pussy juice. I nearly passed out from this orgasm; it was even more intense than the last one. I got up off of my fathers' face and laid down on my back. My father jumped up, straddled my body, grabbed my tits and began to wildly thrust his hard, wet prick between them.

I then reached up to hold them for him. He pounded my tits with a wild, lust, not even any of the teenage boys who fucked my tits before could match the way my father fucked my tits! "Fuck them daddy!

Fuck my tit's daddy! I want your hot cum all over them!" he played with my nipples as he grunted pounding his cock between my tits. "Your tits are perfect for fucking! I am glad my daughter is so slutty. I'm gonna fuck your hot ebony girls want some us semen all over them and make you suck my cock every time you come over." "Good daddy, I love making you cum." My father fucked my tits for about five minutes then his cock exploded.

Cum shot out of his piss slit spurting onto my neck and chin. I tilted my head down, as he blew another wad in-between them, then he thrust forward with his cock, another spurt shot out and landed on my waiting tongue.

He pulled his cock out, "Jack me off on your tits!" he yelled at me. I grabbed his cum covered cock; I stroked it, milking more cum out of my dads' cock. I let him blow his load all over them, all over my nipples, areola and just all over my tits in general. When he finished, I licked clean as much of my dads cum load I could. Then my father got up and said we better get going.

So I quickly showered and we left to go back to my moms' house. When we pulled up into the driveway, I leaned over and gave my father a quick peck on the cheek. "I love giving you blowjob's daddy. Your cum tastes so good and it tastes different from other guys. I guess it is because you had a vasectomy years ago and you can't get anyone pregnant." I got out of the car smiling. I knew that would drive my father crazy, suddenly realizing he older bitch still fucks like a whore have fucked me, could have fucked my brains out and not have any worry about anything coming of it.

I wondered if he would ask to fuck me next time.