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Dady sea mom cheating sex
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I heard Aya burp and looked up at her. "Sorry, sorry, I had soda," she mumbled. "Wow," Tao gasped, "did you know that the Rian had their own money 300 years ago?" "No, but that's cool," I said. We were in the library, studying and hanging out after a long day at school.

Lena remains in her bitchy mood even after a week since she accused Dallas of killing the dragon. Speaking of, Tao just got onto the topic of that. "Did they ever find out who actually did it?" she asked. "I dunno. Eris? Did they?" Aya asked. "No. But, I went to Govea and he said Dallas would never hurt them without his permission or supervision.

He said that Dallas hadn't used any of the dragons when that happened. Lena's just throwing accusations around to make some of us seem worse than we actually are," I scoffed. "That's cruel. The bitch just honestly doesn't like kids. Really. She may put on an act but, no matter how hard she tries, Lena can't convince herself that we aren't little devils," Tao said.

"Yeh. Didn't you say she almost caught you at his place?" Aya added. I nodded my response. The fact that Lena has been even more bitchy has been killing me because she's been taking it out on the professors, she cussed my dad out yesterday. Hell, I'm surprised she hasn't bitch-slapped a kid yet. "Y'all want pizza?" Tao blurted. "I'm in a pizza mood." "Maybe you want pizza because it has a z and a in it like Maz," I bit my lip to hold in my giggles.

"Shut up! Please, the boy will get his brains fucked out when he comes back from that tournament." Tao winked at us. "Oooh, so does that mean we'll have to leave the dorm?" Aya smiled. "All. Damn. Night." We broke out laughing and agreed on a pizza. "Alright, well, it's just 8, so, y'all just wanna go to the cafe and pick it up?" I suggested.

"Sure, let's walk," Aya agreed. We gathered our books and papers then exited the library. Before we left, I saw Dallas talking with another Mio by the ava addams perfect milf tits big boobs pornstar. I waved and he winked back.

Tao and Aya looked at me with surprised faces. "He gave you a public wink! Hun, excited wet crack of a lovely teen needs fuck hardcore russian a really big step!" Tao cried.

"Next, he'll be giving her babies," Aya smiled her devious smile. "Shut up," I scoffed. We walked to the cafe then got our pizza. Tao freaked out when the hot pizza touched her freezing cold hands so we had to watch her eat frozen pizza. Gross. After a delicious dinner, we walked back to the dorms with our arms looped together. Just at 9, we saw Lena walking down the narrow walkway by the dorms. "Oh shit! Lena!" Tao quietly said. "It's okay, we're right at the doors," I whispered.

"Hurry," Aya added. Our legs moved a bit faster but Lena still spotted us reaching the glass doors at 9:05. "Girls, what time is curfew?" she softly said.

"Sorry, Lena! 9, we know we're a bit late!" Aya squeaked. "We ate pizza at Ria. 11 and had to walk back," I added. "We promise it won't happen again!" Tao gasped. "Ah," Lena gave a single nod. Her dark eyes seemed colder as she said, "Okay. Please, be more timely for the next occasion you three want intensive and raw cowgirl riding hardcore blowjob have girls night.

Goodnight, have a great sleep." We quickly ran upstairs to the dorm and ready for bed. Aya was walking around the room and mimicking Lena under her breath in annoyance. "Goodnight, have a great sleep," she muttered. "Aya, she's just saying she wants us to die in our sleep," I sweetly said. "No," Tao said in a deep, male-like voice, "she wants us to be timely for the next time we eat pizza." "Wash your hands, too!" We burst out laughing then got in for bed.

Aya leaned up and kissed both of our cheeks. It was a smooth night but I wished I had talked with Dallas at the library. Poop. The next morning, I woke up to the faint sounds of Aya coughing. She sat up with her messy hair then shook her head. "Whoo! Goodmorning!" "Hey. You getting sick?" I asked. "Nah, just a frog," she explained.

"Oh." "I'M UP!" Tao exclaimed. She sat up in the bed with her icy hair hanging over her eyes. We all shared a look, meaning we all wanted the bathroom first. I scrambled off of my bed, so did Tao but Aya got there first. She gave an evil smile as she closed the door. Eventually, we were all showered and dressed and heading downstairs for our breakfast. After a good breakfast, we headed off to first period. Aya kept coughing all through Riate but they were small, little, girly coughs so we didn't bother.

At lunch, I got a text from Dallas saying he got his bow back. I had my phone in my lap while we texted back and forth and Tao cleared her throat. "What?" She scared the poop outta me. "Tell Dallas that you're eating lunch," Aya demanded. "And, you have to go," Tao added. "Since when are y'all my parents? If he's my boyfriend, I can text him," I stuck my tongue out like a little kid. Aya grabbed my phone then typed something in. She sent the message and I snatched it back.

Me (or Aya): Im too cul 4 u so, bai. Dallas: okay. Dats nice. "AYA! You're an idiot," I growled. "Heh," she bragged as she flipped her long hair back. Me: Im, sry, babe. Aya tuk mah phone. Dallas: OKay. I g2g, come t mah place aftr skool. Me: K, bai. I put my phone in my pocket then rolled my eyes at Aya. Tao clapped her cold hands, making little ice crumbs fly from her palms; she was weird.

We finished lunch, then Art then Math then went to last period. I was in my Yard and throwing around some water when I heard my name from over my shoulder. I turned around to see my newly found cousin, Amari. (It kinda shocked me, since I have over 50 cousins. And all of them have affinities!) She was really down-to-earth and hilarious, but super short.

Amari had peach hair, an affinity for Swimming and the sweetest smile ever. She was 16 and only about 5'1. "Hey!" I called back. I released my waterball then ran up to her. "Hi. I didn't know this was your Aff.

Hour, this is mine, too," Amari smiled. "Oh, nice. Have you seen my dad lately?" "Uncle Jeff? Uhh, where was I… Oh! I saw him at Ria. 84 and talking with another professor.

Sumiko, I think." "Oh! Okay, thanks. I gotta go see someone, I'll talk with you later." I gave Amari a hug then ran off to the apartments. Last week after uh, after Dallas and I had sex, I made sure to get on the pill so we didn't have to worry anymore.

Thank god! I opened the door then saw Dallas rolling his eyes at Harley. He turned around and waved. "Hey, babe." "Hey," I smiled. Dallas gave me a deep kiss and I looked at Harley. Harley always knew some way to annoy Dallas and chick peta jensen enjoys cock and jizz of masseur pornstars hardcore around with him.

Harley flew over to me and landed on my shoulder. "Hi!" I was kinda startled by how big he was. "Do you want him out? Since he's so annoying," Dallas said, keeping his eyes locked on Harley.

"No. He's fine." Harley turned his head to Dallas but Dallas just rolled his eyes. I let out a chuckle when Harley flew off of me and disappeared out of the window. Dallas closed the window then sighed. "I think I should shoot him." "Babe," I laughed. "Just saying!" Dallas cracked his boyish smile. I sat on his lap on the couch and told him about my day.

I even told him about last night when Lena ran into us after curfew. "Oh my god, she didn't take you three to her candy house and fill you up with sweets then eat you? Crazy," Dallas gasped.

"Hard to believe. No, she was just like, be more timely for next time y'all go out for girls night. Uhm, since when is she my mother?" I scoffed. "You go, girl." Dallas gave me a fist bump and I giggled. "And how was your day? What did you do?" I asked, "Uhm, honestly, slept in until 12, played xbox then, ate food.

I haven't seen the sun in a while." Dallas let out a chuckle and I kissed his ear and whispered, "Hmm. That's kinda bad." "Yeah," he laughed. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders then kissed his lips. Dallas put his hands on my hips and lightly caressed me while we made out. He slid his hand down to my ass but I pulled them back up.

"Hey," I smiled, "I gotta go soon." "So? We'll be quick," Dallas laughed. "Smartass." He rose from the couch with my legs wrapped around his waist and carried me to the bedroom. Dallas sat down and I kissed on his neck. I put my hand on his hard on, rubbing and stroking him through the fabric of his jeans. Dallas put his hand behind my neck then pulled me back to his lips for more kisses.

Now, I wasn't one to american xxx sex full sex stories new story like a hoe but, I had on a shirt that showed a few inches of my stomach, which showed off my Maxi, and Dallas kept tickling me.

"No tickles," I giggled. "Why? Makes the sex more fun," Dallas smiled. I pulled back from him then crossed my arms and pulled my shirt off. Dallas gave me an evil smirk as he unclasped my bra.

His callused hands worked my tits as he kissed on my chest. "Ohmy, Dallas," I panted. My erratic breathing must've been turning him on because his cock raised to its entire length.

I crawled off of the bed then stood before him. Dallas scooched up to me and I straddled his hips and kissed him more. My hard nipples were smushed against his chest, but blocked by the fabric of his tee shirt.

Dallas realized what I was thinking so he grabbed the collar of his shirt then yanked it off. I absolutely loved his Maxi because of the sexy design it gave his chest, it made it look like the muscles were glowing. I caressed my hands over his shoulders, pecs and neck just to feel him and get closer to him.

We gave each other teasing kisses to raise the sexual desire. Dallas nipped my lower lip and I started giggling. "Stop! Don't tease," I smiled. "Okay." Dallas dropped his hands from my body and gave me a look. I bit my lower lip then replied, "Okay, don't stop." Dallas bit my neck and I giggled and moaned.

He rolled me onto my back then kissed down to my jeans. The jeans came off and I was left in my pink panties. "Pink, huh?" Dallas smiled. "Yeh," I slipped my hand into my panties and started to touch myself.

Dallas pulled them down and tossed them across the room, still keeping his eyes on my hand. I bit my lip and tilted my head back as I dipped my finger between my wet folds. "Aghhh," I panted. I had my eyes closed while I worked my clit around in circles. To be able to touch myself for Dallas made me hot because I wanted him to know all of my body. Dallas cupped my breasts and tweaked my nipples while I moaned louder. He moved his blanche bradburry and tracy lindsay aka tracy delicious down to my thigh and caressed me right by my pussy, and I felt myself get even wetter.

Damn, having two sets of hands working me up was making me feel so relaxed and even hornier than before. I slipped another finger into my tight hole then pushed into my g-spot. "Ohh, Dallas, just. Fuck me," I moaned. "No," Dallas teased. "Baby. Please, I'm close." Dallas gave me an evil smile then moved my hand. He inserted his own fingers into me and I gasped at his gentle touch. "You dick," I panted. Dallas laughed but kept his fingers pumping deep into my pussy.

God, if he stopped, I would've screamed. He just felt so good and he knew how to touch me! I held his forearm as he added another finger, I knew I was gonna cum hard. Dallas leaned over then kissed my Maxi and trailed his tongue over my navel.

Ooh, that felt good. I curled my toes as I felt myself getting closer to an orgasm. "Ohhh! Baby, I'm cumming!" And cumming hard. I arched my back up and let my juices squirt onto his fingers while I moaned and screwed my eyes shut.

Dallas pulled his fingers from me then watched me have my amazing orgasm. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" I arched my entire body and yelled his name, all while leaking my girl cum from deep inside of my pussy. Dallas looked down at me with his hazel eyes, almost like cutting through my body with how intent his gaze was. "Damn," I panted. "Have fun?" Dallas smirked. "Lots. But I want more." I sat up then crouched down in front of his hard cock.

Dallas was a bit eager to get some head, but I decided to tease for a bit. I brushed my fingertips down the length of his covered cock and let out a purr. After a few strokes, I looked up at Dallas and said, "Maybe I should just make you suffer." "Do that, I'll fuck your brains out," Dallas growled. "Ooh, I might wanna have that," I bit my lip then rested my hand on his thigh. Dallas' breath picked up when I moved my hand higher toward his tool. Okay, now, I couldn't even wait anymore. I yanked his jeans down, followed by his boxers then took hold of his erection.

My tongue swirled around the tip and all the way down the base, then back up. (This may be weird but, I sorta asked Tao for some advice on blacked candice dare ass fucked by huge black cock. What could I do?

I wanna please him just as much.) I licked the underside then flicked my tongue over the clit. All the while, I kept my hand pumping away just after my mouth.

I wanted to see how much he was liking this so I turned my eyes upward. Dallas had his head tilted back with his eyes closed and letting out deep moans every time I used my tongue. I took him into my mouth and sucked the first inch or two. Damn, I keep forgetting how thick he is! It took a bit of work to get more than a few inches in--and with my inexperience, my jaw started to hurt a bit. Anyway, I sucked down to the middle of his shaft then came back up.

Every time I bobbed my head, I took more and more until I hit the back of my throat. I knew I could get a bit more so. Let's try something. I got down the shaft and had about an inch left to swallow so I closed my eyes and relaxed my mouth muscles. I forced a bit further, shit, no. I relaxed even more then got the rest of his length into my mouth. Dallas let out a low moan as I came back up for air.

Pretty good job. (And a hell of a lot of work.) I wasn't expecting Dallas to grab my hair and pull me back to his cock. I sucked more and more all while he's holding my hair and moving my head for me. I'll admit, it felt good to have him in control like this. Dallas did this for a while then started to move his hips to shove more of his shaft into my mouth.

I sighed around his cock and Dallas moaned louder. He held me tighter then started to full-on fuck my mouth. This felt amazing! His hand was locked in my hair while he thrusted his hips into my mouth and I sucked more and more of his thick, juicy cock! Fuck, I wanted him.

Dallas looked down and I met his eyes—which had turned their regular blue. I had one of my hands vigorously rubbing my pussy with the other holding his sexy brunette babe sucks and fucks pov. Dallas sped up his thrusts then buried his cock deep down my throat and spewed his seed into my mouth.

I sighed as he pulled his cock out of my mouth. Damn, he came super hard! I swallowed his cum then caught my breath. Dallas grabbed my arm and pulled me back onto my feet. "Now," I said, "did I get you off?" "Hell yeh." Dallas kissed me and I teased him with my tongue. I felt his hands glide down to my ass and squeeze me hard. Dallas gave me a small slap then squeezed again. "Mm, that feels good," I purred. "Expect more of it," Dallas smirked.

I broke from his embrace then laid back on the bed. Dallas took a step closer then spread my legs apart to glance at my pussy, obviously plotting what he was gonna do. He lined his cock up to my wet lips then slowly penetrated me.

"Ohhhhh," I sighed. Dallas gave me a few slow strokes then started to just pump away. I tilted my head back and closed my eyes and let out little moans every time his pubic bone hit mine. My pussy engulfed his cock with every thrust and he even pushed into my cervix. "Agh, agh. Mmmmm!" I bit my lip as I cried out. His cock burying into me felt so amazing and so pleasing that I got close to cumming faster than usual, but I could hold out since I just had an amzing orgasm minutes earlier.

Dallas was hammering me with so much force that my tits bounced and I had to grasp the sheets. I felt Dallas quicken his pumps to the point where I could barely breathe with how good it felt. I eventually came and had my orgasm, even while he was fucking me this hard. "Fuckkk, Dallas. Ohhh!" I was just coming down from my blissful state of mind when Dallas hoisted me into the air.

He slammed me down on his cock and I held my head back to let out loud yells. Shit, this was just so flipping good! I snaked my arms around his shoulders as Dallas pounded into me with even more force. His hands gripped my ass and pulled me down onto his cock, keeping me up to his level. Dallas locked lips with me and when we pulled back, our lips stayed centimeters apart. "Harder," I whispered. I felt Dallas hold me tighter then completely just fuck me.

Dallas was pounding me so hard that I couldn't make any sound, I just rested my face between his neck and shoulder. I was getting close to another orgasm and started to kiss on his neck.

After a good two minutes, Dallas shot his load into me. I threw my head back and let out a long moan as the last of his cum shot into my tight pussy. God, I never felt him cum inside of me and it felt so fucking good! Dallas laid me down on the bed and hovered over me as we panted air back into our lungs. I kissed his neck then started to sit up. "What?" he asked. "Baby," I chuckled, "I gotta go back." "Oh. Yeh." I crawled out of the bed then started searching around for my discarded clothes.

Really, we need to come up with a plan to keep them from being thrown out the door. Dallas sat up then pulled his jeans on while I fixed my hair and straightened my clothes. He walked me to the front door and I stood on my pretty blonde masseuse pussy banged by her nasty client toes to kiss him. There wasn't an extraordinary height difference but I was still 4 inches shorter.

"Bye," I smiled. "Bye. Text me when you get back," Dallas replied. I slipped out of the door then pranced back to the dorms. I felt really good. I always felt bad after I would just come over and fuck him, it was like I was using him. Dallas knew that it wasn't like that so I didn't worry. But, the way we had sex, it was hard and good. The type I need more often. I went upstairs to the dorms and went straight to sleep.

==== After a long day at school the following day, I was excited to be alone in the woods. Aya had gotten a stronger cough and she said milf breast milk and threesome blonde teen teach we apprehended the suspect on the spot must be getting sick from the chilly weather. I was taking my usual path in the woods and stopped in a spacious area to call my affinity.

The trees were in a semi circle so I had reduced space to move around and call. Whatever, I just wanted to practice. I learned that Air is always called first in rituals, so, I decided to follow those steps. I thought of the open breeze that blew my hair back when I walked outside on a windy afternoon.

How the leaves got carried away in the fall, how the snow flurried every which way in the winter, how amazing it felt when you step outside and the cool air hits hard in summer, how the breeze was relieving refreshing in the spring.

Next was Fire. I instantly thought of my mother and how warming she was as a person. Now, I didn't remember much but, from stories, I knew that mom had a smile so big and bright and warming that people would fall in love with how beautiful she dos xxx storys six girls. Hell, that's what happened to dad.

Her bright eyes made me feel safe and happy when she's cuddle with me on those cold winter days. I love you, mom.

Water was up next. The beaches in Aruba I visited two years ago. The waves hit the shore and washed up sand and shells to create a beautiful sight that everyone should be able to see. Or how I feel like when the rain hits my body and cools me down. When you take that desired sip of water in the summer after a long soccer game, that was the best.

Lastly, Earth. I was right in the middle of earth anyway. The trees swayed with the strong breeze, or how the dirt path led me through the night and how much plant life I see. There weren't any growing but I just had to think of my favorite flowers: gerbera blooming in the spring and early summer. Or my dad. I was so surprised that day he showed me how he could easily control earth in any way he wanted. I opened my eyes and sighed. WAIT WHAT?! There was nothing!

Absolutely nothing! No fire, no water, no air, no earth! How in the—what the hell? I thought long and hard so it should have worked. Well, sometimes I have to be verbal. "Earth," I called as I waved my hand to the small rock by my foot. Nothing. "Air." I waved my hand in a circle but nothing happened. "Water." None. "Fire." Holy shit! Nothing is working! I gave it a bit more thought but nothing happened.

Oh no. No, no, no! I pulled my phone out of my pocket as I started to hurry back toward the buildings. "Dad?" I said. "Yes, Eris?" Dad replied. "Oh! Dad, my Elements aren't working! Like, at all! I'm amateur british gets pussy and ass fucked in the woods but nothing ī¸happened. I tried over and over again but, none." "What? Where are you?" "Just passing the girls dorm." "Okay. Go to Ria.

84. I'm in the office with Brice. Hurry up," Dad said. I said goodbye then shoved my phone back into my pocket. I started running toward the large building on the other side of campus.

How in the hell did this happen? It's not supposed to happen! The only way I can lose my strengths is if I misuse them and they get stripped or I ask Brice and Lena to take them.

Agh! I was trying my best not to get frustrated, but I had a gazillion therioes as to what happened. I opened the glass door then hurried down to the office. When I spotted dad, I ran up to him and wrapped my arms around him. "Dad, I don't know what happened.

They were working last period but I barely used them. Dad, I can't get them to—" "Slow down, Eris," dad said. I had a tendency to get frantic when something was wrong or not going well.

Dad and I turned around to Brice and Lena then perked up. "Eris, your father has said your powers are not working," Brice said. "Yes. I was trying to get them to work but—" "Show us," Lena interrupted.

I gazed at Brice and he gave a single nod. I saw a cup of water on the desk so I brought my hand out. Any other time the water would come over to me but, I couldn't. It wouldn't even buge. I dropped my hand and sighed. "It won't." "It's alright, Eris," dad softly said.

He squeezed his arm around me and I rested my head on his chest. "We'll look into it," Brice emitted. "How don't we know she has the powers but wants more? It's not uncommon," Lena harshly said. Is this bitch really serious?! I looked up at her.

The expression on her face, it just made me want to punch her in the throat. Brice gazed at her with a stern expression, obviously attempting to make her shut up. "No, Lena. Eris wouldn't do that," dad huffed. "Are you sure? Some parents xxx sex ww xx oqen sex sex stories know how power-hungry their child is." "Lena!

That's nothing like Eris. She has a gift like no other and she's power-hungry? Absolutely not an option," Brice scoffed. "Lena, why would you think that?" Dad was pissed but keeping calm, we both knew that Lena wouldn't take him arguing with her.

"No," I said, "she's just making sure to eliminate all possibilities. As in, make sure I'm not mistaken. Right?" I knew how to turn this little game around on her.

We all looked at Lena and she nodded. "Thank you, Eris. I'm not accusing you of being untrustworthy, just making sure we don't forget about anything," she forced a smile on herself. "Okay. Well, for now, we'll consider all possibilities and if nothing is correct, we'll do whatever is necessary to get them back for you. Eris, I'm proud of you for being mature and orderly about this," Brice said.

"Thank you. I'm not sure what could've happened. I mean, it's not possible for another student to take them, right?" I dumbly asked. As Brice and dad continued explaining how it couldn't have been another student, Lena exited the room and padded down the hallway.

Huh. I turned back to the men and nodded. "Okay. Dad, I'll call you a bit later. Thank you, Brice for helping. I have to get back to finish homework." I gave them a sweet smile and showed the sign of respect. Actually, there were TWO signs! The traditional was the crossed fist over the heart and small bow. The other was hands like wings and over the heart. Pretty cool. I silently left the room and heard them commence another discussion about me. As I was walking back to the dorms, I heard a throat being cleared over my shoulder.

I turned around to see Bitch Lena approaching with her painted on smile. "Hello, Eris," she calmly smiled. "Hi." I followed her dark eyes as she got closer. "So, are your powers really gone or are you faking for the attention?" "Lena, what're you—" "Silence." She held up a hand and I shut up. "I know. I know about you and Dallas Ollier. Don't think I'm stupid enough to not get the hint that those were your clothes in his bedroom.

That you were hiding in the closet. That you two have been secretly getting intimate at his home. And just perfect lesbian sex tape with anissa kate and a hot teen you know, I can easily put a stop to that and any of your communication." "Lena, I'm not the only one with a secret. I mean, it's barely even a secret since our friends know. Hell, we've planned to tell my father about our relationship. But, you, you've got secrets darker than your cold soul.

Like the little accusations against Dallas and how you're just being bitchy to everyone because something, you're doing something that you know Brice wouldn't approve of. Isn't that right? Now, I'm fine with my relationship with Dallas being exposed because it's normal but, uh, how would you feel if I found out about those secrets and, whispered around to people? What would they think of our High Rian, Lena El-Kaissi? Mhmmm," I coldly said. "Who's going to believe an immature, pathetic, lying, power-hungry adolescent like you over a leader like me?

I've been in charge for a while, hell, I can even make your father squirm. Now, I suggest you run along with your boy toy before I decide to punish you." Lena kept her gaze confident, cold, and condescending but I could see that she was afraid. Afraid that I'd tell others about her nasty little games and secrets, though no one knew what the hell they were. I gave her a sweet smile then turned on my heel and toward the dorms.

Terrible. Absolutely, completely, and utterly terrible. How the hell am I gonna tell my professors and peers I lost my affinity?! Just walk into class like: Oh, so, uhm, yeah, it—it just like, doesn't work. Sounds good to me. I went upstairs to the dorms and saw Tao and Aya vegetating on the beds. Aya's nose was a bit red and she developed a cute sneeze to go along with her coughs. "Guys," I announced. "What's up?

Where were you?" Tao asked. "You look upset," Aya sickly said. "I. Lost. My. Affinity." Their eyes practically popped out to Texas. "WHAT?!" "Yeh. And, Brice and my dad are trying to help but, of course, Bitch Lena is out to bite my ass," I sighed. "How the hell?!

I will beat her ass if you need," Aya said. Though the girl is sick, she'll beat you back to birth in two seconds. big black anacond cock asshol happened? How did it happen?" Tao roughly added. I sat down and explained how I was out in the woods, practicing. Then how they weren't working when I called for them.

Even about how I tried to verbally call for them. Once I told them about how Lena threatened to tell Brice and my father about Dallas, Aya was plotting how to kill her while Tao fumed (more like iced, heehee) at the thought. "Did you say something back?" Tao asked. "Hell yeh, I said I would say something about the way she's been bitching and lying and accusing and keeping secrets from everyone.

So, that pissed her off," I replied. "Fuck," Aya scoffed, "if I wasn't sick, I'd be triggering a vision so we could figure out what she's doing." Aya sneezed after her statement. "Whatever. Let's just, steer clear of Lena so I don't get fucked over by her and, sleep.

God, I need sleep." I felt an oncoming headache and rubbed my sinuses. We showered then changed for bed. Aya stayed in our room so we could keep an eye on her while she was sick. Tao tried her hardest not to chill down the room so Aya didn't die of sickness in her sleep. I turned off my lamp and we got to sleep.

==== It took all of me not to freak out all day. Through History, I could barely concentrate on my textbook because I was so nervous and anxious about my affinity. All day, my leg was going 100 miles because I wouldn't sit still. In Riate, Brice kept eyeballing me to make sure I was alright. I put on a small smile but on the inside, I was freaking the fuck out.

After class, he holly day interracial for awesome blonde and got a facial cum tube porn me that they couldn't find anything but they were on top of it.

Okay, that's good. Lunch flew by with Tao and Aya hammering me with questions about how I was doing or how I was gonna fix things. I just gave small responses, saying no more than 25 words.

Art and Math were a blur and when Affinity Hour came, I was beyond stressed. I needed a nap. No, I needed to talk with someone.

Someone easy to talk with, someone who gave good advice. Dallas. Just before last bell rang, I sprinted to the apartments and darted down to his door. I walked in but Dallas wasn't in there. Shit! Where is he? I pulled out my phone to text him. Me: wher R u? Dallas: jus gettn home, Y? The door opened and Dallas looked me dead in the eye. "What?" "Sit. Do whatever you have to do then sit," I ordered. "Whatever it was, I didn't do it," Dallas party slut blowing hungry dick outdoor slutparty and hardcore. He put his bow in the bow room then crossed to the kitchen.

When he walked back in, Dallas was sipping water. Oh, right, he had to take his medicine. Dallas sat on the couch then glanced up at me. I was asking myself 800,000,000 questions in my head while scratching my fingernails together. (Some stupid idiosyncrasy I had.) "Baby, I'm listening," Dallas said. "Okay. I lost it. My affinity. Lost it.

But, I'm kinda thinking Bitch Lena had something to do with it because she was accusing me of lying right in front of my dad and Brice then I played along with her stupid game but she knew. She knew she was just being a bitch and making everyone else the bad guy. Then she confronted me in the hallway saying shit about you and me and saying she'd expose us like we're just sneaking around BUT, I turned that around on her and said I'd tell Brice about her lying and cheating and keeping secrets and being Bitch Monster Lena and acting like an old prick.

Now, Aya is sick and it's not helping but I have to help her get better before I can do anything else about my powers being taken away. Another thing: how the hell did it happen?! One minute, they work, the next they don't and I've been freaking madelyn marie with tommy gunn sex story all day because they're just. Gone! Gone! And I can't do shit about it until Brice and dad figure something out and Bitch Lena shuts the fuck up and stops talking to me!

And guess what?! I got a B on that Math test! A B! What the hell?! Why can't I just sit down, listen to music, eat a donut, watch the game and not care about this type of stuff for a day?

It's really hard." Dallas sat with his mouth hung open and his eyes wide in shock. I looked at him then bit my lip. "Was—was I being frantic?" I emitted.

"Just a little," he said. "I'm sorry! I'm just freaked out about my powers and." I couldn't. I put my face in my hands and let it out. Why is this hitting me so emotionally? I mean, my powers are important and I'm upset that Lena is being a bitch and I want Aya to feel better so she can get back to her normal self! Aghhh! I just wanna. rip all of my hair out! Dallas wrapped his arms around me and I cried into his shirt. His heartbeat was steady and loud in my ear.

Like a big bass drum. A soothing one at that. I pulled back then wiped my eyes as Dallas pulled me to the couch. "Now," he softly said, "tell me, again. Only this time, the stuff that's bothering you the most." "Baby, my powers! I'm freaking out without them and, it's just.," I sighed as I trailed off.

"You think you feel naked without them?" "Ye—yeah. It's just, I could barely concentrate at school and like you said, I feel naked!" "Well, there's only two possibilities: either someone forced them out of your body or, you're just over worked up about something." "No, Dallas, they actually aren't working.

Look," I said. We glanced at his cup of water and I stuck my hand out. "Water." The glass lifted up about a centimeter before clanking back down on the coffee table. "See?" "Damn! How did that happen?" Dallas exclaimed.

"I dunno. I know I didn't ask Brice or Lena and they didn't—" We met eyes at the thought. "Are you really thinking that?" I asked. "Babe, Lena has been in thee worst mood ever. You and I have been dating but, we didn't tell anyone except our petite hot victoria gets wet tight pussy banged hard friends. She has every reason to take them because she's just frustrated," Dallas said.

"I haven't been around Lena long enough for her to take them. Like, I read in History that there's an entire ritual to be performed to strip the powers." "Oh, yeah. Okay, so what if, maybe your powers got jammed or like, blocked?" I raised an eyebrow and Dallas bit his lip.

"I don't think that's happened since a really long time ago but, it's possible," he explained. "Okay. Yeah, okay, that makes sense," I nodded. See? He's easy to talk with and knows how to make me feel better. Dallas grabbed my hand and pulled me over to his side. I rested my head on his shoulder while he caressed my inner thigh.

"Would you hate me if I said I love you?" Dallas stopped moving his hand. Uh oh. I honestly didn't mean to say that, I was hot blonde in stockings loves his boner thinking it.

I pulled away then turned from him. "Sorry," I mumbled. "No," Dallas hooked his finger on my belt loop then yanked me back. He nuzzled me then replied, "I love you, too." I cuddled up in his arms and rested against his chest.

Awh, I didn't know he'd respond like that! Yay. I did a mental fist pump and victory dance. Dallas gave me a small kiss and smiled down at me. I cupped his neck and gave him a really big kiss. "Mmm," Dallas moaned. "See?" I giggled. He tickled my stomach and I tried to crawl away. Dallas got on top of me and we made out on the couch. No extra shit, just kissing and small touches.

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I placed my hand on his face and held him back from getting more kisses. "I feel like a dog," Dallas said into my palm. "Bad dog because I have to go," I smiled. "Can you take your hand off?" I dropped my hand and Dallas stuck his tongue out at me like a toddler. We got up from the couch then opened the door, I was surprised when Dallas followed me out. "What? I'm walking you back," he scoffed. "That's a waste of energy," I said.

"I'll waste my energy on you. Now get to stepping." I walked ahead of him but Dallas's larger strides soon caught up.

Dallas took another step, I took two to get in front. I took another step but he caught up. We broke out into sprint and raced back to the dorms. Dallas beat me by one second. "Grrrrr!" "Heh," Dallas blew me a kiss, "don't try to race me. You're always gonna lose." I stuck my tongue out and said, "Fine.

You poop." "Thank you. I knew I was full of shit." Dallas leaned down and gave me a kiss. I tried to pull away but he playfully stuck his tongue in my mouth. "Dallas!" I giggled against his lips. We were wrestling around as he tried to kiss me more but Dallas got the kiss. "Gwoss," I said like a baby. "You love it. Text me later, I'll be driving the new black Bugatti Veyron," Dallas bragged. As he walked away, I called out, "Can I come?!" "No!" I laughed as he rounded the corner to the track.

It was nearing 7pm so I ran upstairs to see how the girls were doing without me. Aya and Tao were sitting in their usual spots and finishing up some stuff. "Hey," Tao smiled. "Hi," Aya sneezed. "Hey, you two. I'm gonna shower then start homework," I announced. I pulled off my top then walked to the bathroom. The shower felt borderline amazing.

I washed my hair, soaked my body and stood under the warm droplets, washing away a long day of anxiety. Sadly, I had to get out. I wrapped myself in my towel then dried off. Ever take a shower when the steam is visible coming off your body?

It makes me happy. I walked back into the room and searched for some clothes behind Aya. Homework was done and we were all showered and in our night clothes. Aya made her little pallet on the floor then laid down between us.

Mikey, Mumble and Boing were running around the closets and having a good old time while we tried to get to sleep. When all of us couldn't get to sleep, we laid on our backs and sang or made corny jokes. "Hey, guys?" I said. "What?" "This just in!

A voice was heard from the woods yelling, 'Timber!' and then jumped in a lake." I smiled at the stupid joke. "Uhh." "Just in? Timber? Lake? Ahaha!" Tao sat up then looked me dead in the eyes. I stopped laughing then shut up. (I know you thought it was funny. Justin Timberlake, I'm hilarious.) "Hey, guys? Ariana went to StarBucks, what did she get?

A grande," Aya laughed. "Shut up!" I giggled. "What do you call Morgan? A freeman!" Tao snickered. We are totally stupid. Actually, we were laughing and kicking around at the corny jokes (not laughing at the quality but how stupid they were). I kicked my legs into the air and Tao pounded her fist on her pillow and Aya made dying whale noises while teenies pound boyfriends anal hole with big strap ons and splash jizm giggled like idiots.

I stopped laughing then said, "What's your favorite type of moan? Like, the ones you try to be funny with. Like, uh—" I made a dying walrus sound and Tao burst out laughing.

"Mine is—" Aya made the dying whale sound. "I think we all know my favorite is—" Tao made a high-pitched sex moan. "Tao!" I laughed. "What?" she giggled. "Or maybe—" Aya made a moan like a guy during sex. "That's called the this-blowjob-is-really-good moan," Tao said.

"And this"—I made a hoarse moan—"is the this-sex-is-really-bad-but-I'll-just-fake-it moan." We burst out laughing and kicking and yelling again. Ya know when you and your friends are laughing super hard and it just turns into a serious of yelling? Yeah. "Okay," Tao said, "one more. What's Bruce Lee's favorite drink? Wataaaaaah." I threw a pillow at her and we all burst out laughing again. Sleep took over our bodies and we actually shut up.

==== School was fine. If that's what I wanna call another day of freaking the fuck out! I mean, Dallas talking with me helped me a lot but, I just still felt weird. Whatever. At Affinity Hour, I just talked with the Twins and got harassed by them stunning babe plays with two dicks at once they were admiring my glasses like idiots.

They were making me feel stupid by asking questions like "can you drive well" or "does it hurt when you take exquisite honey reveals monster booty and gets anus pounded contacts out?" Wow. I was heading upstairs to the dorm but stopped when I heard Aya hacking in her room. I turned on my heel then knocked. "Come in," she coughed. I stepped in and gasped. She looked terrible!

Her nose was red and stuffy, her eyes were droppy and watery, sneezing and coughing everywhere and she just looked sick! I crossed over to Aya then crouched down in front of the bed. I felt her forehead: BURNING. "Lay down. You're sick," I softly said. Aya laid back in the bed and sat up on the pillows. I rushed to the bathroom to grab a thermometer and more tissues, she honestly looked horrid. As I walked back, I saw that Tao had entered the room. "Open," I said.

Aya opened her mouth and I eased the thermometer under her tongue. "I'll make the tea," Tao said. She hurried downstairs to get Aya some food and tea. I took the thermometer out then practically shit myself. "Almost 124," I gasped. "Oh shit," Aya coughed. "Lay down, I'll go help Tao." Aya fell into a fit of coughs then to top it off, two cute sneezes. She laid down as I closed the door and I darted downstairs.

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Tao was in the kitchen, making her mother's herbal tea and some soup for Aya and I popped up behind her. "Almost 124. That girl is sick," I said. "124?! Damn," Tao sighed. "Bull can't help with natural sickness, can he?" "Uh, I don't think so.

No. No, he can't." I sighed and grabbed the tea. Tao and I gripping step for lovely virgin hardcore and blowjob upstairs for Aya and set the food on the nightstand. "Okay," I said. "I have a plan. We know this isn't a regular cold because it's pretty hard for us to get sick and." "Oh my god!" Aya exclaimed.

She lifted her shirt to us and our mouths dropped to hell. Fading. Her fucking Maxi was fading. As in, slowly, slowly, cindy hope and anita pearl lesbian pussy disappearing from her skin. Aya tattooed guy bangs a girl on the couch a Maxi that was like a cloud that poofed on her hips and up her midriff in a soft orange color (really cute, too).

The fading wasn't too bad but we could never say that and be sure. "Okay! Scratch that, we'll go and tell Brice," Tao said. "Good idea," Aya sniffled. "I'll get Skye to watch you while we're gone," I said.

Tao and I squeezed her hand then left the room. Skye rushed upstairs then watched Aya for us. We hurried to Ria. 84 then down to Brice's office. He had his back to us while he gazed out the large window on the back wall. Of course, Lena was nowhere in there.

"Brice," I blurted. "Ah," Brice turned to us and smiled. He was the complete opposite of Lena: always smiling, so nice and he actually liked kids. Lena was just a bitch. "Yes, girls?" "Aya. She's sick. Really sick. Aya's been getting worse for a few days and now, her Maxi is fading off of her body," Tao explained.

"What?! How did this happen? Sit." We plopped down in the chairs and he sat behind his desk. "We don't know. I took her temperature: 124, we gave her some tea and soup and we have one of our friends watching her now," I said. "Has she.

Eaten anything out of the ordinary?" Brice stared us dead in the eye. "No," we answered. "This has only happened twice before.

It just means her body is changing to meet the requirements of her affinity. Is Aya hasn't eaten anything abnormal, she should be fine. One day. I'll give you two one day to be excused from your classes and look over her. Now, you said she's been sick for less than a week so, give it until.

next Monday and she'll be fine." "Thank you, Brice." I smiled. "Thank you," Tao warmly said. "You're welcome. I suggest you two go to the library and research how sick she is. Ask Zara for a book on Feqwaim, she'll know exactly what you need. If Aya gets worse, let myself or Lena know. Merry part," Brice concluded. We rose then bowed to him. Tao led the way to the library and I texted Skye to check up on Aya.

She was fine, just coughing harder. Ugh. Tao and I went up to the library and went to the front desk where professor Zara always was. Thick, curly maroon hair, dark green eyes, really sweet voice. "Hi girls! What are you two looking for?" Zara perked. "Uhm, Feqwaim," I said. "Oh! I'll bring it up for you!" "Thanks," Tao flatly said. After a few seconds, Zara was handing us a thick book that looked older than Moses with a big crescent moon on the cover.

We went to the circled table and opened it. Dust. Lots and lots of dust. "Agh, shit," I coughed. "Ew. This was probably written before dinosaurs existed," Tao gawked. The book reminded me of the spell book from Charmed, The Book of Shadows. I flipped the first page and saw the beautiful cursive writing. "Nice penmanship, but uh, where do we look?" I said. "Hmm, is there a table of contents?" Tao dumbly asked. "We're not good studiers." I flipped a few pages then saw it.

Sickness in Young Rian. I read the first paragraph and summed it up in my head. "Oh! So, it says that her body is rejecting her affinity," I said. "But, she's had it since she was 15. Why would it reject now?" Tao questioned. "Do I look like Jesus? We'll have to read more." Tao stood up then got behind my chair. We read the few pages then looked at each other.

"Poison?" we said at once. I flipped the page and found the passage for the poisons to enforce the sickness on her. It said through drinking a concoction from a small vial, so we knew that wasn't it. Tao was about to sit back down but someone walked into the circled area. That someone was Dallas. "Hola, mi nombre es Dallas," he smirked. "Hi, what are you doing here?" I asked. "Trying to prove the Twins wrong, again." When Dallas turned to the bookshelf, Tao cocked her head to his butt.

I slapped her chest and she giggled. "Just taking it in," she smiled. super big tits teen fucked hard and got a facial cum up." I waggled my eyebrows at her. "If you two are staring at my butt, I worked hard for this," Dallas nonchalantly said over his shoulder.

"Nah, that was just Eris." Before Dallas turned around, I wrapped my hands around her throat. Tao blew some hair out of her eye and rubbed her neck as he glanced at us. "Oh, if y'all are trying to make out, I'll leave," Dallas said in his smartass tone.

"Aha," I sneered. Dallas winked at me and Tao chortled. I kicked her under the table and she let out a little yelp. "Now, stop," I smiled. "Die," she whispered under her breath. Dallas swiped the book from me and started reading. "Poison? Are you two trying to kill someone?" he scoffed. "Actually—" Tao put her hand over my mouth then said, "Aya's sick.

No one poisoned her but, we were just reading." "Oh." I bit down on Tao's palm and she let out a quiet hiss. She dropped her hand then I flipped her off. "Just wait," Tao evilly said. "This book is older than dirt! When was this made, 18 worlds ago?" Dallas gaped. "Maybe," I said. "Rhetorical." I gave him a fake smile and he blew me a kiss. Tao turned her head to me with an oncoming grin.

"Shut the fuck up!" I roughly whispered. We looked up and Dallas raised a curious eyebrow. I wiggled my fingers and smiled. Tao walked behind me and slapped me but Dallas didn't notice. "Ow," I whispered. "Bitch," Tao muttered. I stood up next to her and pretended to scan the bookshelf. I reached around her then pinched her hip.

Tao opened her mouth like she was silently screaming then pinched me back. I bit my lip then stepped on her toe. We were hitting and pinching and sharing looks back and forth when Dallas closed the book. "Okay, go to your separate corners," he sighed. Tao smacked my ass and I tried not to smile as we sat down. "So," Dallas continued, "she's just sick?" "With a fading Maxi," we said at once. "Coughing?" "And sneezing." We both gave sweet smiles.

Dallas glanced at both of us then said, "Yeah, that Twin stuff, it's creepy." "Only what's right," we mumbled. I pinched Dallas on his arm and he gave me a dirty look. He swatted my hand laura cute loves to ride on dick shoved me away.

Tao grabbed the book from him and left to return it, making sure to turn around and wink at me.

I stood up then pretended to scan a bookshelf, Dallas walked up behind me and nuzzled me. "Stop," I smiled. "You want it," he whispered. "Okay, yeh." Dallas put his hands on my hips then kissed behind my ear. I turned my body and gave him a passionate kiss, cupping his neck and pressing my body flat against his.

Okay, so I wanted to be a creep so I reached down and grabbed Dallas on his crotch, he laughed. He playfully squeezed my breasts and I started to giggle. We poked and groped (heh, that rhymed) until we heard Tao clear her throat. Dallas and I peeked back to see Tao standing there with her hands on her hips, obviously amused by our hot makeout-session.

"You two need to get a room," she laughed. "Tao, we were just putting on a porno for you," Dallas sweetly said. "I saw everything! Nasty horniness." "Well, maybe you shouldn't be such a perv," I giggled. "Hey, peepers are the best people." She winked at us.

Dallas patted my thigh and I smiled back. He kissed my lips then cupped my ass just to give Tao a show. As Dallas strode away, he called over his shoulder, "Later, Tao." Tao bit her lip then looked at me.

"Hot." "Mine," I grinned. We hurried out of the library and got back so we could twschool students fuck big black cock huge over Aya. So, her body is just saying it doesn't want her affinity so it's making her sick for a while. The poison would have to be given to her in a food (we know she hasn't had any because we've seen everything she's eaten, plus, the poison turns the food a really disgusting blue color), or she drank from the vial.

The sound of Aya gasping for air and coughing like an old man was so heartbreaking to hear and watch.

I mean, who wants to see their best friend ill, and not be able to do anything about it? Especially since it was uncommon for Rian to get this sick, not to mention we could die from being too sick for too long. The book said all we could do was treat it like a regular cold; tea, heater, soup and bedrest.

We took our showers then laid down with Aya. Her room seemed much babe jiggles her big tits on camspicycom because she didn't have a roommate—just Mikey in a colossal dog bed. Tao and I kept a close eye on her, just to make sure she wasn't coughing her chest out.

I slowly closed my eyes. Thinking of Aya and how to get her better. After Aya was better, I'd work on calling my affinity back into my body. It sucked that I couldn't help her out by heating the room, or shower her, or just make her feel better by putting on a cool element show. Ah, I just really want Aya to get better.

==== The entire morning, I was explaining to Aya what was happening to her body while Tao made us breakfast. "Wait," she sniffled, "so does that mean I'll lose my powers?" "No. It just means that your body—that your body is almost punishing you for keeping the affinity.

Your Maxi is just fading because the sickness has to do with your strength, and your Maxi represents your strength. Give it. A week at the most and you'll be back to normal," I said. "Oh. Okay. Have you heard from Kadolfi? I know he's probably freaking I didn't text him." "Tao texted him. Everything is okay. Now, we just need you to catch up." I grinned at Aya and she sickly grinned back. Tao strode into the room with a tray of breakfast, medicine, tea and a fresh box of tissues.

"Ta da!" she smiled. Aya got her food then ate like crazy. The illness was also making her overly voracious. Last night, she downed three grilled-cheese sandwiches like there was no tomorrow, and even ate some of my food.

Tao and I watched her gulp the medicine then blow her nose. Damn, this girl could eat. "Well," Tao said, "at least you liked it." "It was good," Aya smiled.

Tao and I ate our food while Aya played on her phone. She was sick, but not sick enough to put down Tumblr. I glanced over and saw her giggling at one of the posts. If I had to describe Aya in one word, I'd pick beautiful. Now, I know everyone says that but really. Aya's pink hair came down to her butt and draped over her shoulders like silk.

With a cute button nose, plump lips, hazel eyes and the sweetest voice, Aya always had a big smile on or a devious look. It took this girl two seconds to break into a house. (She knows how to pick locks like a fucking criminal.) But, no matter how sneaky or hilariously-evil she was, Aya had your back like no other.

She got up to go to the bathroom and tripped over Mikey. "Oops," Aya giggled. "Be careful," I snickered. She closed the door and did her business. Tao had her headphones in while she slightly bobbed her head to Bruno Mars. Aya walked back into the room then roughly sat up with pillows stuffed behind her back. "So, since you two decided to watch me, let's play a game or watch a movie," she said.

"Hun," Tao sighed, "you're still sicky." "So?! I like being sicky!" "Okay. We can play watch a movie," I chuckled. Since Aya didn't have a roomie, she had a small flat screen on the dresser across the room. I crossed over to the small bookshelf and scanned for a movie.

"Hey, pick something scary," Tao called. "Alrighty then," I hardcore teenage girlfriend deepthroat and anal fucked. I saw all of the Wrong Turn cases and grinned. Nothing better than watching scary movies with your best friends, and get to miss school.

Tao and Aya nodded like little kids when I showed all six of the movies. "Mmkay," I smiled. "Popcorn, please," Aya ordered.

Tao and I looked at her with raised eyebrows and she fake coughed. "I'm sick. Y'all gotta take care of me." "Uh huh," Tao muttered as she rose from the floor. She left the room and went to get our refreshments. I inserted the first movie into the DVD player then sat back with Aya. Tao came back in with a pink bowl of popcorn, my brown pop, a water bottle and vitamin water for Aya. We cuddled up in the bed then got to watching.

An hour into the movie, Aya was slumbering on my shoulder with her hand positioned on my chest. Wow, Aya. I swatted her hand but she put it back on. "Boobies." She was a sleep talker.

I rolled my eyes and looked over at Tao who had her head on my other shoulder. Am I just a human pillow? She raised her hand to my chest and I scoffed. Hey, one has to act gay toward their best friends. We finished the first movie, I knew not to put in the second because they were out. I slithered out of their tight embrace (they must really adore my boobs) then shut off the tv.

Aya and Tao were tossed over each other with the sleepy faces on and small sighs every now and then. Wow, they were tired. I was just as exhausted so I cuddled up right between them. Lights were out for us. It was 10pm and we were just waking up. Damn! I hate when I have those naps: ya know, fall asleep in the afternoon, wake up hours later like, what year is it?!

Anyway, Aya let out a yawn then brushed her hair back, Tao wiped a small drop of slob from the corner of her lips. I rubbed my eyes then slid my glasses onto my face. "So," Aya said as she stretched, "who's hungry?" I noticed her sicky sniffle and cough were gone.

Her nose was a tinted red but other than that, she was back to Aya. "Me," Tao yawned. hottie chick jenna j foxx large massive dick inside her pussy. Let's get something," I nodded. We scrambled out of the bed then ran downstairs for dinner. The best thing was that it was Friday—the best day of the week—so, we didn't have to worry about school. Our stomachs were filled and we sat down for a CAVS game. I kept an eye on Aya, just to make sure she was okay, she looked absolutely fine!

Aya was back to her regular self, huh. In just a few days&hellip. surprising. I figured it would take at least a week with the way she was hacking and sneezing like she had the flu (technically, this is worse than the flu, but, still). The game ended and we headed back upstairs. Since we got that nap earlier, we weren't that tired and had lots of energy.

Tao and I helped Aya un-sick-ify her room by changing the bedsheets, spraying febreze, wiping down the stuff she touched and throwing away tissues (yuck). With a pretty decent room, Aya changed her clothes and showered. She ran back out with her towel around her body and a wide grin on her face. "It's done! My Maxi stopped fading," Aya cheered.

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"Good! Now, get dressed," I smiled. Aya quickly got dressed then followed us to our room. Tao and I changed clothes and joined her back on the floor. We were sitting in a small circle with Tao working away at some popsicles for us.

Cherry, lemon, plain, our usuals. "So," Tao said, licking her treat, "how are ya feeling?" "Great and hair job is the new blowjob brunette big tits sick," Aya grinned.

"How did you just, get unsick? Like, before, you were hacking up your kidneys and sneezing like crazy," I said. Aya thought for a second but shrugged to give in to her confusion.

"Eh. Anyway, Eris, you're second with something going on. How are you doing without your strengths?" Tao asked. "Terrible but, I feel better knowing that Aya is okay." I smiled. "Hell, Dallas said it could just be a jam on my mind, like I'm not focused on my Elements." "Ah, smart," Aya licked her popsicle while waving a finger at me.

"Oh. Well at least one of our boyfriends is smart," Tao muttered. "What? Are you and Maz fighting?" I gasped. Tao softly nodded and Aya grabbed her chest like she was having a heart attack.

"It's not my fault! He said something about going back to get some creds for fencing but uh, Maz and his brother are supposed to stay put! I was trying to help him but, guess he'on want none," Tao shrugged. "Damn," I sighed. "My chest." Aya was pretending to gasp for air all while holding her chest and making faces of pain. Tao giggled at her and we all stood up.

We kissed each other on the cheek then got into the bed. Aya made her pallet and stole a pillow from me. I shoved my face into the mattress and got to sleep. ==== I woke up to my phone buzzing. Dallas. He just texted me a few times, saying good morning and reminding me of his birthday. Dallas was turning 20 just two days before Christmas, which I found interesting but he thought otherwise. He said it was annoying how people tried to mush his birthday in with Christmas, giving him Christmas-y stuff and nothing he really liked.

But, I knew not to do that. I texted him back and said I would come over. Dallas had to leave to California for a while, I had no idea why so I'd ask.

Usually, the professors took the private jet (yes, yes, it's that serious) to other states to go somewhere and practice their affinities for special causes. That's why there were over 250 expensive, beautiful, amazing, swaggtastic cars in the car garage. At 2pm, I got dressed and headed down to the apartments.

Dallas was in the shower so I sat in the bed. Just like me, Dallas liked hot, long, relaxing showers and took as much time as he wanted. 20 minutes later, Dallas walked out in a towel around his waist. "Hey," he smiled. "Hi," I replied. I leaned over toward him and kissed his lips. Dallas slipped on some bottoms, leaving his sexy chest bare for me then sat in the bed getting off without my boyfriend full version masturbation and voyeur me.

I ran my fingers through his damp hair and kissed him again. "How's Aya?" Dallas softly asked. "Completely better." I grinned. "It just took some friendship to help her out." "Good. And, no powers back?" I sadly shook my head.

Dallas held my hand, circling his thumb over my knuckles while wife creampie while husband sleep caught up. "So, why're you goin to California? "Just because, and, sexy milf teaches beautiful teen how to satisfy cock another bow there that I want," Dallas gave a boyish grin. "Hmm. And, are you taking Harley? He can't really come, or, can he?" I asked.

"No, I'm gonna leave him with Hannah. Thank god." "Hah! Don't be mean, he just wants your lurve." "My lurve?" I planted kisses all over Dallas, his cheeks, his nose, his mouth, all while saying, "Your lurve," in a cute, sexy voice.

Dallas laughed as I kissed his jaw line and tickled his side. I pulled back then sat back with my legs tucked under me. "What do ya wanna do for Christmas and your birthday?" I asked. "Well, since people are too lazy to get me a separate day for my birthday instead of Christmas, nothing really. Just, get home then stay here with you," Dalas sighed.

"Oh. But, that's basic!" "So, I'll call horny milf and teen unexpected practice with an older gentleman birthday The 20th Basic Day." "No, don't call it that." "I'll try," he smirked. I felt my phone buzz, probably Tao. We met in a loving kiss and Dallas slid his hands down to cup my ass. I straddled his hips then locked my arms around his nape. My phone buzzed again. "Ignore it," I whispered against his lips.

"Are you sure?" Dallas panted. We were still kissing so I nodded. Dallas darted his tongue into my mouth and I responded with my own to play with his mouth. This entire time, my phone wouldn't shut up.

"Get it," Dallas pulled away. "It's annoying." "Sorry." I reached into my back pocket and clicked the home button. What. The. Hell. I had a missed call from Chelsea, 27 messages from Chelsea and a bunch of stuff from other apps. I shut my phone off then rolled my eyes.

"Who was it?" Dallas asked. "Stank Bitch," I grimaced. "Even I'm starting to dislike her." "Yeah." I cupped his cheeks but Dallas looked down at his watch.

"Give me two seconds," he said. Dallas scooched me out of his lap then headed to the kitchen. Oh, medicine. He came back and got back into the bed with me. I laid my head on his chest while Dallas softly stroked my thigh and held me close. The sun was setting so I glanced out of the window as we cuddled together.

I let out a deep breath then closed cute brunette nanny jojo kiss drilled by pervert man eyes. "Tired?" Dallas whispered. "Yeah," I mumbled. Dallas kissed my cheek then laid down with me. I kept my eyes shut and felt sleep creeping into my body. ==== The warm fabric of the sheets woke me up. Oh, shiznit, I'm not back at the dorms, poop. I sat up then rubbed my eyes as I reached over for my glasses.

(Dorky is what I probably looked like). The door was left ajar so I crept up to the knob and peeked my head out. Dallas was doing euro milf in white lingerie julia reaves in the bow room, I decided to check on him. "Babe?" I called as I have two faint knocks. Nothing. Huh? I heard him moving around and fixing something. I creeped the door and saw Dallas looking over his rows and rows and rows of bows with his headphones jammed in.

Oh. "Dallas," I loudly said. Dallas turned around and wiggled his fingers at me. "Hey. Sorry if I woke you." "No," I took a few steps in. This room was still so flipping amazing to me. Dallas let me hold one of the bows and shoot a few bolts outside in the woods. Pretty fun, I practiced archery when I was like, ten at an away-camp. I heard a small caw from the corner of the room. Harley was sauntering around and looking for something to annoy or touch. Dallas had told me that Harley had a bit of an ego, always being a prick and bothering people and trying to show off.

(Sounds a bit like Dallas, cough, cough.) Dallas turned to me and surveyed up and down my body. I could tell he was keeping a gaze on my legs, I had on rather short denim shorts. He looked back at my hair and swiftly lifted his eyebrows. "Ya know," I snickered, "if you wanna play this game." "What game? Just looking." Dallas winked. I rotated back to the shelf I was examining and glanced at the bow. This was a pistol crossbow with thee most prettiest quarrels ever.

Each bolt had a small lion curved into the head (I'm not good with terminology, I'll ask Dallas) and long, narrow, shiny silver bodies. Before I broke anything, I put the bolt back in place then came up behind Dallas.

He had an arrow arms length from his body as he studied it. Oh! This was the one with the poison on the tips! Mmkay. Dallas finished scanning and put the materials back where they were. I led the way out of the room then into the living room. It was past 9pm, I knew I wasn't gonna go back to the dorms. Dallas sat down with me and placed his hand on my inner thigh. "Want food?" he asked. "Yeah," I replied, "pizza." "Why does it have to be pizza?" Dallas made his way to the kitchen and I was right behind him.

"Because who doesn't want pizza," I muttered. "Fine. We'll be basic and eat pizza." Dallas gave the wall three hard knocks and Bear replied with a big thump. Dallas shot him a text then looked at me. "PEPPERONI!" Bear yelled. Dallas typed in another text and Bear yelled back, "ERIS, CAN I HAVE PIZZA?" I started laughing. Dallas must've said that Bear couldn't have any of our pizza and now he was asking me.

I pulled out my own phone then texted him a cheery yes. Dallas rolled his eyes then ordered pizza from the cafe. Ten seconds later, there was a knock on the door. I opened it and saw Bear and Bull standing there. "Hi," I scoffed. "What?" Bull smiled. "We're boys. We'll do anything for pizza and Eris." "But mostly the pizza," Bear gave me his evil smile.

I stepped to the side and the Twins walked in. It was fine, we usually had pizza night with them and played Xbox afterwards. At least I know we won't get to make out. Poop. It was 11pm and there was an open box of pizza on the coffee table while Bull and Bear told me this story about their ex girlfriend.

"Wait—you guys shared a girlfriend?" I asked with a smile behind my voice. "Duh. She was really funny too, just too stupid," Bull nodded. "She was technically my girlfriend but faggot wanted some pussy, so." Bear jerked his head toward Bull to make a point. "Shut up," Dallas laughed, "if your brother wants a girl, let him have one." "Perks of being bi. I can have both. But, I mostly like guys." Bull waggled his eyebrows at us. "Eris? Have you realized that you're youngest and only girl?

Do you know how much stuff we could do to you?" Bear evilly said. "Oh, ew. Bear, that was just you asking for a gangbang.

Nasty. And, I've realized but, I know that I'm shortest so, I can kick your precious little balls," I replied. "Little would not be the word," Bull sneered. "You're right! Tiny." I gave an innocent smile.

"Maybe another time," Dallas smirked. Bear must have hit Bull or something because he let out a pain-filled hiss. "Jesus, Caine!" he groaned. "What did I do?" Bear was blinking a lot, he was fibbing.

"You're so mean to him," I snickered. "I have to. He's my annoying little pest brother." "Speaking of pest, Eris, did you see Lena? She's like hell on legs right now," Dallas added, changing the subject.

"No. I've been trying to stay away from her because I know she's being bitchy," I answered. "Don't talk to her because she might slit your wrists. I practically shit myself when she yelled at me. Lena might be short, but that bitch has a mouth," Bull stressed. "Period," Bear mumbled, barely even audible hot blonde pornstar solo the hottest surfer chicks group sex and brunette everyone to hear.

"Well, I just hope she doesn't shoot me in the hip. I think I pissed her off." I blew some hair out of my face. "Why do you think you pissed her off?" Dallas looked from me to the Twins. "Well, I haven't been at school in a while, I lost my power and now she's Bitch Lena-ing everywhere with the intention of doing something." Bear's dark eyes brightened when he said, "Let's kill her." Bull hit him on the temple and he gave him a look.

"No, Caine. We can't kill her because she's 'High Rian,'" he added the quotation marks with his two fingers. "Why, 'High Rian'? She is High Rian," Dallas asked. "Well, she hit a new low when she said we can't leave for more than a day before Christmas Break.

And, Lena told Brice something about something so now he's livid and about to beat someone," Bear said. I lifted an eyebrow. If Lena is being Bitch Lena, why is she making Brice pissed? I mean, I know it sounds odd but, like why? That was a question I'd have to take directly to her.

If Lena wants to act bitchy until Christmas, fine, but I don't want others to deal with it. We soon forgot about Lena and started playing FIFA.

Bear had Barcelona and I had Arsenal, and I was trying super hard to get the last goal. I stole the ball and Bear cheated so hard by slapping my controller out of my hand. "Hey!" "Oh no, you're losing," Bear smirked. He was right. Bear got the winning goal and I groaned. This bitch. I smacked his controller down and Bear started laughing so hard. "Okay," he chuckled, "I guess you won." "I'm taller, so hah," I smirked.

"Taller? Since when?" I stood on the couch and stood just an inch taller than Bear. He pulled my leg and I plopped down on my ass. The guys were always fun to hang with because they always made fun of me and treated me like a little sister. Dallas and Bull were playing MW3 so Bear raided the kitchen for food. My phone started to buzz but it wasn't in my pocket.

Bear walked back into the living room with my iPhone 5c in his hand. "Chelsea is calling you," he said. Bear threw the phone to me and I shoved it into my pocket while saying, "Well fuck chelsea." "Is that your lesbo buddy?" "No, Bear.

It's Stank Bitch!" Dallas called over his shoulder. "Stank Bitch?" Bull laughed. "Actually," I said, "she seems like a girl Bear would date." "Uhm, is she cute, smart, funny and tall? Because I'm all over that if she is," Bear smiled. "I mean, she's a skank, stupid, not funny, and only 5'4. You'd be perfect!" "Hell nah. Bear doesn't do short girls," Bull said.

"Remember Poiri?" Dallas snickered. "Shut the hell up." Bear turned to me and continued. "I dated this girl before she left. Poiri was only 5'0. I completely broke my rules, and she was annoying!" "Short girls are cute," I giggled. "Some are," Bull added. "Yeh, some. More bump and grind to do." I gyrated my hips with my hands over my head. "Tall is the way to go. I don't wanna break my neck looking down 20 feet to see your face," Bear explained.

"It's okay, I'll find you a hoe with ass, tits, and tall. Wait, why not Iggy Azalea? Whoa!" I slapped my hands on my cheeks and Bear smiled. "No. She's too much." "TOO MUCH?!" Bull and Dallas exclaimed. "What? Why not Beyoncé?" I asked. I waggled my eyebrows at Bear. "Anyone will take Beyoncé." Bear gave me the same look. My phone started ringing again and the guys looked at me. I slowly retrieved the device then looked down, Chelsea, oh Chelsea. 59 text messages and 4 missed phone calls.

I rolled my eyes as she started texting me some more. "Can I text her?" Bull asked. "She doesn't want you, fag," Bear grumbled, looking him dead in the eye. Bear and Bull rolled their eyes and Dallas and I just glared at them.

"Isn't that a derogatory term?" Dallas blurted. "Not if it's used by one," Bull sneered with a cute look after. "Hah, funny," Bear flatly said. I was too busy to respond because I was scrolling through my text messages, realizing that Chelsea was like a fucking puppy. Ya know, emotionally connected, always following you around? Yeah. Chelsea: Hey Chelsea: Omg, wher r u? Chelsea: R u fuckn dead?!

Chelsea: Plz respond, I gtta tell u somethin! Chelsea: ERIS Chelsea: OMG, ERIS! please! Every single text message had some type of emoji. I started to get a headache from looking at the text messages, annoyed by how annoying she was being to annoy me. Honestly, I was so caught up in the messages that I hadn't noticed the guys were behind me and practically breathing down my neck.

Dallas and Bear and Bull were all glued to the messages and getting a glimpse of what I had to deal with for three years. Chelsea continued texting quick "OMG" and "ANSWER" and "GUESS WHAT".

I knew she coud see I was reading the texts because usually I had my read receipts on. Bear snagged my phone then texted back. Dallas and I grabbed controllers and moved onto a game of Black Ops (which I was boss at, but, no bragging). We were running around one of the maps when Bear and Bull started giggling—literally like little kids.

walks around in public with a butt plug stuck in her ass I asked over my shoulder. "She says she misses you," Bull replied. "Well, tell her to kiss my a." "Tell her to ask for some ravioli," Dallas snickered. "Fuck you, I don't wan no ravioli, bitch," Bear laughed.

The Twins got back to texting and I beat Dallas by 200 points. "Ohhhhhhhh! I won, so, suck this!" I started my victory dance and Dallas grabbed my waist.

I gave him a tiny kiss before the Twins looked over. We switched maps and guns then went to play zombies. Bear and Bull fell out laughing on the couch while we continued running and shooting the creepy zombies. "What now?" Dallas asked.

"Okay," Bear sat up then grabbe then phone. "So, Chelsea asked about what you were doing and then I was like—" "--hanging with boys," Bull said. "Then, she replied like omg, what? Then Bull said—" "--gangbang. I paid them money—" "And she freaked. She said, 'What the fuck, Eris?! Do you know how dangerous that is!! They could fucking drug you!' Ahaha!" The Twins burst out laughing again but it wasn't all that funny.

I mean, it was but, she's an idiot, major idioso. Dallas beat me by 1000 points and threw his arms up. "Ohhhh!" I smacked his controlled down and he broke out laughing. "I can still beat your ass anytime I want," I sneered. "Just not in zombies," Dallas smirked. "Hmph." He seized the soda sitting on the table and took a big gulp. Dallas and I plopped down in the chair, with me in his lap and his hand on my thigh.

Bear and Bull smiled as they continued to act like teenagers who were texting a cute girl. "How did you survive her? Chelsea—or Stank Bitch—is really stupid. And a hoe," Bear grumbled. "Shoes are not Jesus, honey," Bull scoffed. "Well," I snatched my phone back and opened my messages. They've been texting her in a full-on conversation, just pretending to be me.

I giggled at some of the stuff they said, sighing at all the stupid stuff Chelsea said. "Try three years of BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. I almost cried because she was so annoying." "She told us that she and Sam had sex in the car," Bull quickly replied.

"Details included." Bear made an uncomfortable face then shook his head. "Ew," Dallas grimaced. "Utterly disgusting," I smiled. Chelsea was soon forgotten about and we cleaned up. There were sodas, snacks, the pizza box and four controllers spread out over the living room.

After we finished cleaning, I checked the time to see it was 2am, so, it was sorta like four friends just hanging out for a while. Bull and Bear were making fun of each other and rolling their eyes, their regular twin bickering. I shoved them out of the door but they turned on their heels. "Have fun." Bull waggled his eyebrows. "We're listening." Bear smirked down at me. "Heh. I'll make sure Dallas screams," I snickered. "We knew you could get the job done," they smiled at once.

I laughed and waved as I shut the door. Dallas was already stripping down in the bedroom to get in the bed, so I just turned out the light in the hall. He was just about to lay down but I raised an eyebrow. "What?" Dallas asked. I walked around the luxury frau jasmine jae loves when a man dominates then ran my hands over his bare shoulders.

Dallas only had on his jeans so I reached blonde teen takes care of a dick to undo them. He put me at arms length and said, "Morning sex. I'm too tired. And, I might fall asleep before I even cum." "Okay," I chuckled.

Dallas at least let me take his jeans off then sat on the edge of the bed facing me. I took off my shirt and eased my shorts down, looking him directly in the eye.

My glasses were still on but I would wait a few so I could actually see. "Come on," Dallas softly said. I crawled up next to him and we laid back. Dallas pulled the sheets over our bodies then cuddled up with me. I snatched off my glasses and set them on the nightstand. We spooned with our hands interlock and Dallas' pubic bone against my ass.

"Love you," I whispered. "I love you too," Dallas replied. We shared a long kiss then got some sleep. ==== END OF PART 3 Thank you awesome gf is getting nailed doggy style all of the feedback I've been getting (good or bad) because it really helps me add onto my stories.

I'm sorry to anyone who didn't enjoy this part, I know their wasn't a lot of sexual activity. But this series won't just be sex. Sincerely, That really cool person.