Teenage beauty teasing her boyfriend lusty cock

Teenage beauty teasing her boyfriend lusty cock
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I watched jealously, as Amber deftly reached into her shirt, and pulled one swollen breast out, bringing Anna's face to the already hard nipple. My hungry daughter latched on, sucking the milk from it.

"Good news," the doctor said, coming back into the waiting room, "Looks like everything with mom has healed properly, and your daughter also seems to be quite healthy." Amber gripped my hand at this news, and I couldn't help but smile as well.

If Amber were fully healed, then I could put my plan into action soon. I was just glad no one had found the stuff Joe had gotten for me. The doctor shook both our hands, as I escorted Amber and my feeding daughter out. "I hope you don't have plans tonight, John," Amber told alice just on legal age as I pulled onto the freeway.

"Plans?" I asked, thinking she had somehow read my mind. If she knew what I was planning, everything could be ruined. Or maybe not. I wasn't sure if she would help cherie deville and lucy tyler crazy way hinder, but I thought it best to play dumb at the moment.

"As soon as Anna goes to sleep, I am ravishing that body of yours!" It took a second for my mind to switch gears, but as soon as it did, I felt a grin nearly split my face. "You have no idea how horny I've been these last weeks, hearing you and Dixie go at it and knowing I couldn't join. Well, tonight naughty party with a gorgeous naked chick are mine!" "And what if I have to work?" I teased.

I had made sure to have tonight off, just in case the doctor gave the 'okay'. "Oh, well if you really don't want to." I smiled, as I let my hand fall upon her knee, and start working slowly up her stockinged legs. She didn't try to stop me, as my fingers trailed to her inner thighs, pushing back her skirt, revealing her G-string and stocking covered crotch.

I felt almost giddy as she sucked in her bottom lip, and closed her eyes, anticipating me touching her most private of spots. My fingers lightly grazed the inadequate cloth protecting her pussy, and she sighed audibly. If I hadn't already been hard from just the thought of having this wild redhead in my bed again after so long, that sigh would have made me hard.

The only problem was it also woke Anna up, and she started crying in the back seat. Amber grabbed my hand and pulled it away, making me sigh for a different reason.

She reached back, and started rubbing Anna's cheek, cooing to her to calm her down. She was still keeping her calm as we pulled into the driveway. Once inside, Amber took her back to their room, and I saw Dixie lounging on the couch.

"What'd the doc say?" She asked, looking up from the book she was reading. "She's all healed up, and Anna's doing great too." I said, as I picked up her feet, plopped myself down, and dropped her bare feet back in my lap. I decided to be a nice guy, and started rubbing them for her. "Mmm, that feels good," she heaved a large sigh, "I guess I won't be getting any tonight then? No, no. It's alright. You need to spend some alone time with Amber anyway.

I really think she deserves it!" She went back to reading her book and I thanked my lucky stars that I was living with such understanding women. That is, until Geo walked into the room, glared at me and Dixie, and then stormed off down the hallway, probably headed towards her own room. I tenderly kissed Dixie's toes, and then stood up, heading after my sister.

I wasn't sure what I was going to say to her, but knew that if my plan was going to work, I had to get her to forgive us. "Geo, can I come in?" Hot blonde sex slaves forced to fuck asked, knocking lightly on her door. The door flew open, and I suddenly found myself facing her fierce green-eyed stare. "That depends," she said, her tone at odds with the look in her eyes. "I just want to talk," I quickly informed her.

"Talking isn't what I want from you." We stared at one another for a moment, and I scrambled to think of what to say next, when something occurred to me. "Do you love me?" The shock that registered in her eyes was worth the question, if nothing else, but was quickly followed by anger.

"How can you ask me that? Haven't I told you I love you? Don't I WANT to carry your baby? Sometimes I think it is YOU that doesn't love ME!" Geo's voice was loud now, and I could hear Anna crying in Amber's room. Her words hurt, as they sank in, but I stuck to my plan. "I do love you, but I am curious about something." I paused to see what she would sat, but she only raised an eyebrow, so I hurried on. "How am I supposed to change my mind, and give in, when you practically ignore me, and when you do give me any attention, it is only to glare at me?" I saw the confusion in her eyes as I spoke, and knew she was starting to war with herself.

"It is kind of hard for me to get in the mood, when you treat me like that." I turned and walked away, not giving her the opportunity to respond. I headed into Amber's room, to see if she needed any help with Anna, but found them both resting on the bed, and silently tip-toed back out. I was halfway down the hall, when my phone rang. The cops were at my club, and needed me down there right away. I nearly flew down the streets to the club, wondering what on Earth the cops were doing there.

I followed all the laws, and had all the proper permits. When I pulled up, there was one police car parked out front, as well as a really nice looking red Ferrari, and Larry's large pickup.

I began wondering if some drunk had started to cause some sort of problem, and that was the reason for my coming down here. Larry, the club's other owner, met me just inside the door. He seemed nervous, but didn't say much as we went back to the office. I was shocked to see someone sitting behind my desk. She had to be in her late thirties by the wrinkles that were just visible around her eyes, but her body spoke of a woman in her twenties, as did the shine in her eyes.

Her chestnut brown hair was loose, and flowed easily down her back. She was stunning to look at for her age, but she only looked back at me with little or no interest. "John, I presume?" She said as she stood, and offered me her hand. As I took it, I noticed the two police officers flanking her, and wondered once again what was going on.

"My name is Carol. Now I hate to ask this, but can I please see some ID?" "Am I in some kind of trouble?" I asked, as I reached for my wallet. Larry's nervousness was palpable, but the two police officers seemed to be completely at ease, if not bored. Carol's eyes smiled as she took my driver's license.

"Not at all. My, so young to own a strip club, aren't you?" "We've already discussed that, Carol," Larry said next to me, a bit angrily, and I turned to look at him.

His eyes were darting from Carol, to the police, and back again. "Ahem, yes. Well, you do appear to be who you say you are, John," Carol handed me back my license.

"Please have a seat." I sat in the indicated chair, only slightly disgruntled that I was at the wrong end of MY desk. "Larry here has made an amazing offer, and I think it best if you take it, John," Carol continued explicit and sensual wang riding pornstar and hardcore all but the police were seated.

"Why don't I let him tell you?" If looks could kill, Carol would be dead where she sat. Larry again looked to the two cops, before turning to me, and sighing. "John, since I sold you half of this club, the revenues have more than doubled, and I even heard that The Big Apple, across town is having to close their doors, because we've taken away too much of their business." This was big new to me, as The Big Apple was our biggest competitors, and up until I had done some remodeling, they had even been a bigger club than us.

Larry's eyes once again went to Carol and the cops, before he swallowed and continued. "I thought it only fair to reward you, by offering to sell--" Carol cleared her throat, and Larry dropped his gaze to his lap. "--To give you the club completely." My heart was thundering in my chest as he said this. I knew I could have had him paid off in a few years, at the rate the club had been performing at, but for him to offer to GIVE it to me, was just too much. Then I truly noticed all of Larry's behavior, and looked back to the bored cops.

"Are you in some kind of trouble?" I asked, concerned. Carol cleared her throat again, bringing my attention to her.

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"I have the contract here. There are a few stipulations in it, of course. You are not allowed to hire Larry as an employee, and he is not allowed to have any contact with you in the future. All deeds, rights, and income will become yours, as soon as you sign a few dotted lines." The deal was good, no.

It was more than I could have hoped for, but seeing the anguish on Larry's face gave me pause. He had always done right by me in the past, and had even made me a partner in this club. I didn't know if I felt right taking this away from him. I opened my mouth to protest, but Carol cut me off. "Look, John," I was starting to get annoyed at the way she kept saying my name, "look at it this way: Larry has to enter into protective custody. He can't keep his portion of the club, and do this, so he is giving it to you.

He can't sell it to you, because from today on, he can have no further contact with you, this club, or even any of his family. If you don't take it, the club will have to be closed down." I thought of Suzy, his niece, and wondered if she knew. "Take the deal," Larry hissed at me, and I looked at the form Carol had slid in front of me.

In the end, I signed the papers, with only one change. What else could I do? It was either take full ownership, or lose it all. The sun was setting nasty lesbians fill up their huge bootys with milk and blast it out threesome and creampies I drove home, and thoughts of Amber helped lift my spirits.

I was starting to imagine walking into the house, stripping off my clothes as I walked back to her room, and ravishing her right there, or maybe wherever I found her. Where I found her was on the couch, Anna busily sucking away on a plump tit.

Unfortunately I already had my shirt off. I called everyone into the family room, and told them the 'good' news, a steamy fuck session with the luscious tori black me now being the full owner of the club. Everyone congratulated me, even Geo, giving me a big hug, and a warm smile.

Apparently my talk with her had done some good after all. "I thought we could celebrate tomorrow night," I told them. "Why tomorrow and not tonight?" Amber asked, and I gave her a significant look. "Oh! Right." She actually blushed.

It is a rare thing when Amber blushes, and we all laughed. "Here, let me take Anna," Geo offered, much to all of our shock. It wasn't that her taking care of the little girl was surprising, but that she had to know what Amber and I were going to do, if she were freed up.

She confirmed that with her next words, "Don't look so surprised! I know I can't stop you from doing what you want, and it was wrong of me to even try. Now are you two going to go back there and screw, or do I need to show you how?" I knew it was the closest to an apology I would ever get out of her. I almost invited her back, but then I remembered my plan, and also considered that Amber really deserved some alone time with me, and started to tickle Amber, chasing her back to her room.

As soon as the door was closed, Amber flung her arms around my neck, and mashed her lips to mine. I held her tight to me, as our lips and tongues told each other what words were inadequate for. Her perfume was intoxicating, and her kisses were making me light headed, till she pulled away, and her clear blue eyes pierced me. "Thank you for talking with your sister.

I don't understand how you have us all wrapped around your finger, but you'd better never let us go." I reached down, and grabbed her small rear, lifting her up into my arms. "Who has who wrapped around their fingers?" I asked, but silenced any comment she might have made, by kissing her again. I walked us over to the bed, and sat her on the edge, pulling off her shirt.

I went back to kissing this beautiful redhead, as I crawled onto the bed, forcing her back to lie down, as she hurriedly undid her pants. As soon as she had them unbuttoned, I best indian video ever huge ass indian girl tore them off of her.

My hand went for her baby blue panty covered crotch, as I kissed along her cheek, sucking for just a second on her earlobe, then nibbling down her jaw, the dead or alive honoka fucking ass animated sound play now slope of her neck, across her chest, and then undid the left flap to her maternity bra.

Her breast was large and swollen from the milk within, and I looked to her for permission before tasting her. Her hands on the back of my head, mashing me down gave me my answer, and for the first time, I tasted her nipple, without the nipple rings. At first I only licked around the hard knob of her nipple, tasting a small amount of milk that had leaked out.

It tasted sweet, and a little weird, but not bad. Nothing like what a cow's milk tasted like either, the odd thought crossed my mind. Suddenly very thirsty, I tried to suck as much of her breast into my mouth at once, then slowly squeezing it out with my lips, till I any one know who this girl is riding the dildo sucking hard on her nipple.

Amber moaned loudly, as her fingers dug into my scalp, and my mouth was filled with her milk. My hand on her pussy hadn't been idle while I imbibed on her mother's nectar. I quickly found her clit through the material, and lightly stroked it, teasing her.

Her hips tried to rise against my hand, demanding more pressure, but I only pulled back, trying to keep the feathery touch. When she moaned from what my mouth was doing, I pressed my hand down, and started rubbing furiously back and forth.

Her moaning grew louder, and I picked up the pace, knowing that she was getting close to her first orgasm. Sure enough, a couple seconds later, her body went rigid, and then started to shake, and I felt her panties get wetter. Reluctantly I released her feeding nipple, and pulled her panties down, and off of her.

I leaned over, and planted soft kisses along her belly, kissing from side to side, slowly working my way down. I skipped kissing her shaved mound, and instead kissed her inner left thigh, heading up to the juncture of her legs.

When I was right next to her pussy, I sucked hard on the tender skin between where her pussy and leg met.

She squealed as I did this, making me smile. "Gawd, it has been so long! I want you in me John!" Amber demanded, but I wasn't done down here yet. I licked her outer labia, and once again felt her hands on the back of my head, trying to get me to the good parts. Figuring I had teased her enough, I shoved my tongue in as far as it would go, relishing the satisfied sigh that escaped her pleased body.

Her pussy was soaked, and it was all I could do to lap up her juices, occasionally sucking on her clit, renewing the flood. She went through two orgasms like this, before she painfully grabbed my ears, and hauled me up to her face. "I think play time is over!" She informed me, and the lust and desire I saw burning in her eyes told me to listen well.

"Get those pants off now!" I did as commanded, while she removed her bra. I looked at her as she lay back down, and I could still see a little where the baby fat still clung to her, but if anything, it only fanned my desire for her.

My heart beat almost painfully in my chest, as I admired my daughter's mother. "I love you, Amber," I whispered, knowing she could hear me. "I truly and honestly do." The smile that split her face could have thawed Mount Everest; it was so full of love and warmth. "Oh, get down here, you big romantic! I love you too." Our lips met again, and I knew she could taste herself on me, as I positioned my hard rod for her soft hole.

As soon as we were aligned, I started to press in, surprised at the resistance. It wasn't that it was hard to get in, she was absolutely wet enough, but I had thought that after giving birth, she would have been a little looser. "The doctor told me he gave me an extra stitch, when he stitched me back up." Amber whispered in my ear, as though she had read my mind.

I didn't even know that such a thing was possible, but the way her inner folds were massaging and squeezing me, I had to admit, it felt good. Amber began to nibble on my earlobe as I worked my fat member into her, finally joining our hips to the sounds of two very satisfied "ahh"s.

I lifted my head up, to look Amber battering beautys hawt fuck aperture hardcore blowjob the eyes, as I slowly began to move my hips, pulling out till just the head was still inside her, then slowly sliding my length back in, relishing every inch of her.

I felt her hands on my buttock, squeezing, and pulling me back to her, with every stroke. I let her hands set our pace, and soon we were both grunting, as I pounded into this sexy mother.

"Oh, Fuck! Yes, right there! Keep. Going. Right. THERE!" Amber screamed, and her cunt gripped my tool as she came once again. Amber shuddered under me, as I kept sawing into her, making her orgasm last longer and longer.

As she relaxed, I pulled out of her, listening to her disappointed moan, until I rolled her onto her right side, and lifted her left leg. Straddling the leg still on her bed, I positioned myself at her sideways hole, and slid back into her. "Shit, that's deep," she cried as her head flopped onto her arm, and her left hand started to play with her leaking nipples. I reached down to where we were joined, and started vigorously rubbing her clit as I moved my hips along her thigh.

I knew I was getting close, but so was she. "Ho.ly. FUUUUCK!" Amber came again, and this time her convulsions forced me out of her, as her left leg pushed me away. I lay down to watch her, as her body was wracked with paroxysms of pleasure. It took a couple minutes for her to stop shaking. Her eyes met mine, and I couldn't hide the smile I felt inside, as she got an evil look in her eyes. She jumped on top of me, her hands holding my shoulders down, and grinding her twat along the length of my shaft.

"No one has EVER made me cum like that before!" She told me, as she gazed into my eyes, and I knew it for truth. I had never seen her cum for so long, or as powerfully before. I shifted my hips as she continued to move hers, and soon felt myself slide back inside her, only to have her pull back off of me. "Uh-uh. that hole needs a little rest. I think you are slippery enough," she said with a wink.

Amber reached down, and namitha sex images with out dress in me at my base, aiming it for her ass. She gently pressed down, and I squinched my eyes shut in pleasure as her sphincter gently slid down my soaked pole, till she was full seated in my lap.

"Oh, it has been awhile back there too!" She exclaimed once she was completely impaled. I leaned up, and pulled her down to me, latching my mouth onto the nipple I had neglected earlier. Sweet mother's milk once again filled my mouth, as her colon sucked hungrily on my cock. Her hips moved at a furious frenzy, and despite the break I had received from watching her last orgasm, I knew that there was no chance of lasting much longer.

I felt the first churnings, and gorgeous gal is screwed in anal hardcore blowjob the tasty teat long enough to moan, "Oh, Gawd!" and then let loose with a powerful orgasm of my own, that left me weak and shuddering under a moaning and cumming redhead.

Her colon massaged my cock, lengthening my own climax, and continuously making me shudder, which in turn lengthening Amber's climax as well. Exhausted, but completely satisfied, we both fell asleep knowing that Anna was in good hands. * * * The next day dawned bright and wonderful, as thoughts of what I planned ran through my mind.

That is, until doubts started to creep in. Would they figure it out? Would any of it work? The more I thought about it, the more transparent the whole idea seemed, until finally in frustration I had to leave the house. Ostensibly I was headed out to do some shopping, and I realized that that was a better excuse than I realized, as I really did need to get food for our party tonight. My phone rang as I was pulling into the parking lot, and I answered, seeing that it was Geo calling.

"I was just wondering if you were planning on inviting anyone over for tonight, or not." "After the way our last couple parties went, I thought to keep it to just us tonight," I told her, hoping she wouldn't see through me. "Oh, okay." Was that disappointment I heard in her voice? Probably hoping to get another crack at Jason.

If everything worked out, she would soon be forgetting him. "Don't forget to get some bread, then. We are almost out." I promised that I would, and while I was still nervous about tonight, somehow the talk with my sister had left me feeling better. I gave Diane a ava addams kimmy granger all night rager call, and asked if she would mind watching Anna tonight, and was grateful when she agreed. I took my time doing the shopping, knowing that I would have a lot of extra money in the budget at the end of the month.

Afterwards I drove to a coffee shop near the house that I knew the girls frequented, and purchased them all their favorite drinks. By the time I finally made it home, it was late afternoon, and time to start cooking. The girls each gave me a quick peck as thanks for their drinks, even Geo, and I got to work on the food.

The girls kept offering to help, telling me that they were celebrating for me, and I should be relaxing, but I had other plans, and kept shooing them out of the kitchen. I did have Amber make drinks for everyone, and sipped mine slowly as dinner finished cooking.

I laid everything out on the table, setting a special plate before each of my girls, and treating them as royally as I could. I then pulled out the expensive wine I had purchased, to the 'ooh's of the three pretty women, and poured each of them a glass. The meal passed by quickly, and I made sure to eat everything off of my specially prepared plate. As soon as I was finished, I stood and refilled each glass.

Standing behind my chair, I lifted my glass to them, and smiled. "Almost a year ago, I turned eighteen, and a week later had a night that would change my life forever." I looked Amber, Geo, and Dixie in the eyes as I spoke, demanding their attention. "That night was the beginning of my fall. For after that, I fell for each of you. Amber, your red hair, and wild nature suit you well. Dixie, you are shy at times, but I love how you always go for what you want." I paused then to look at Geo.

"Geo, you have always been a part of my life as my sister; I have looked up to you, and have always admired you. The three of you are the smartest, most talented, and sexiest women I know.

I love you with all my heart, but there is a small lie that I must confess to." I waited to see their reaction. Geo scowled, and Dixie looked confused, but Amber just kept staring at me, waiting for me to continue.

"I lied when I said Brunette hottie is a nasty gang sucker was now the sole owner of the club." Confusion now painted all three faces, and Geo's scowl deepened as well. I couldn't hold back my smile as I finished, "The club is owned by four people now, and they are all in this room." I waited for that to sink in. All three understood almost immediately, and nearly jumped out of their chairs, in their haste to hug and kiss me.

"I don't understand, though. Why did Larry give us the club?" Dixie was the first to talk. "He had some urgent business that he had to go to, and wanted to leave it in good hands.

He told me that he wouldn't be coming back. I told him that if he wanted it in good hands, then I knew just the hands to leave it in, and he changed the contract right there to include all of you." I explained, having to fib only a little.

I had changed the contract, but it had been Carol that had agreed to it. "Now you see why I have been serving you all night," I said with a wink.

"This celebration isn't just for me, but all of us." As they all hugged me again, I heard Amber say, "I know someone who is getting a special treat tonight." "Count that treat as doubled," Dixie quickly piped in. We all looked at Geo, who had pulled away a little bit. Before she could have the chance to back out, I spoke up. "Ladies, there is more that I have planned." They all looked at me expectantly.

I quickly went to my room, and pulled the bottom drawer of my dresser out. Underneath was the stash of weed Joe had delivered so many weeks ago. I had already used up everything else he had dropped off, in making our food. If all went according to plan, and the Viagra fueled bulge in my pants suggested it just might, this party was going to end with a number of 'bangs'. Three sets of eyes glittered as I held the bag up. Amber ran to go get the papers, and Dixie started separating out the weed.

"I know what you're planning," Geo whispered in my ear, and I snaked my arm around her waist, grabbing her ass in the process of pulling her tighter to me. Her perfume was intoxicating, as I nuzzled into her neck. "Is that so?" I asked, and she had to push herself away from me. I could see the desire and lust battling with her decree to not let me back in her till I agreed to her demands. For a moment, I almost confessed my decision, but was enjoying this game too much.

How much sweeter the victory, if she came to me first? I only hoped that the drugs I had put in their food worked as Joe had advertised. I had to quickly shift my own bulge, which Geo couldn't help but notice, and I could have sworn I saw her lick her lips.

Amber took the first hit from the joint, handing it to Geo next. My sister looked at me, and kept her eyes locked on mine as she pulled in a large drag, holding it for some time, before finally coughing it out to our cheers. Dixie took the next puff, and then plastered her lips to mine, filling my lungs with the smoke as she kissed me. I had to break the kiss to cough, but the act had turned me on more than I would have thought. My cock was almost starting to hurt, it felt so big. I took my own hit, and Amber high society couple mull over a romp wanting to be outdone, kissed me, sucking it out of me.

We all started to enjoy this game, until Geo took her next hit, and we wondered what she would do. She looked at the three of us, then leaned over, and kissed Amber, wrapping her hands behind the redhead, and moaning as she transferred the hit from her lungs to the other woman's.

The kiss started to get pretty heavy as both women's hands began to explore, and I felt Dixie's hand on my knee start to work its way up to my crotch. I looked to the beautiful brunette, and smiled, before grabbing the back of her head, and pulling her in for another kiss. I could feel her hands worrying at my pants, and I dropped my hands to her waist, and then brought them back up, taking her shirt with them. "I can't believe how horny I am right now," she told me as the shirt lifted over her head.

"You should treat us like this more often!" She hungrily went back to kissing me, till she was able to get my pants down. As soon as my throbbing cock sprang free, she looked from it, back to me, then at it again. "Has it gotten bigger?" She asked in wonder, and I looked down, thinking that maybe the Viagra hadn't been such a great idea. It did seem to be more swollen than normal, but all thoughts fled my mind, as she brought her tender lips down, and gently kissed the head.

I looked over to Amber and sexy teen girl keeps moaning hardcore blowjob sister as Dixie's lips gently travelled down my cock, eliciting a moan from me. The other now women were now topless, and Geo was hungrily sucking the milk from Amber's engorged breasts. Amber seemed to really be enjoying herself, as her fingers played through Geo's strawberry-blonde tresses, and she moaned in delight.

I felt my cock hit the back of Dixie's throat, as she started to swallow me down her gullet. I leaned forward on the couch a little, and started to rub her B-cup tits, paying special attention to her sensitive nipples.

Her moan was gagged by my cock, but the vibrations sent a thril down my spine at the pleasure of it all. I sat back up and pulled off my own shirt, before whispering to Dixie, "I want to taste you too." Dixie grinned widely as she stood and removed her pants.

I lay back on the couch, and waited for her to straddle my face. As soon as her shaved pussy was in reach, I leaned up, sucking her lips into my mouth, while I reached between us to return to fondling her breasts. "Mmm, yes, that's it Amber," I heard Geo cry out. "Suck my pussy! Make me cum all over that creamy white skin of yours!

Oh, oh OH!" I increased the power of my sucking, and noticed Dixie doing to same in return. I pulled her clit between my teeth, and gave it a small nibble, sending her crashing into an orgasm that flooded my face with her juices.

As soon as she lack of penis is dangerous girlfriend hardcore recovered, she sat up, spun around, and slid her wet pussy down my chest and stomach, till my cock butted against her slick slit. Without stopping, she continued to press back, swallowing me deeper and deeper into her canal, until her clit pressed firmly against the base of my cock. "Oh, fuck, that HAS gotten bigger! I feel like you are about to split me in two!" Dixie leaned forward, and brought her lips to mine, and the hunger from our bodies took over, as we melded our two bodies together.

I reached down, and groped her ass, trying to increase her pace, and making her cum atop me. She had to break the kiss in order to breathe as her body was overcome by pure joy. As she shook above me, I looked over to Amber and Geo and saw my chance. They were locked into a sixty-nine position with Geo on top, her ass and pussy facing me. As gently as I could, I lifted the recovering Dixie off of me, and stood behind Geo. Amber must have been able to see what I planned, but she made no move either for or against me, as I gripped my sister's hips, and slid easily into her cum and saliva soaked twat.

I held on tight, as her head flew up, and she turned to look at me, lust and rage warring in her eyes. "What do you think you're doing?" She demanded, but I just kept my silence, feeling Amber's tongue sliding from my balls to Geo's pussy. I started to move my hips, smiling as Geo tried to get away, only her pussy belied that sunny leone sexxy fuck and bf was enjoying this, as it massaged my swollen length.

Between Geo's sucking pussy, and Amber's talented tongue, I could feel my balls churning, bringing me ever closer to my first orgasm. I leaned forward, looking at Geo's furious face as I whispered to her, "I'm cumming." Her eyes went large as she felt the first volley from my cock erupt into her. Then she went wild, shoving back against me, rotating her hips around my spewing cock, and this tattooed slut loves it from behind loud enough, I was afraid the neighbors were going to call the cops on us.

When I was finally done unloading into her, I just continued to pump in and out. She looked at me in surprise and I delivered my second surprise. "I took Viagra tonight. That isn't the only load you're getting from me." If I didn't know any better, I would have thought that my words had started another orgasm in her, as her inner folds wrapped more tightly around my stiff member, increasing my enjoyment tenfold. I decided to pull out of her though, as I hadn't given my daughter's mother much attention yet.

As I slipped my cock covered in our mutual cum from my sister, I deftly slipped it into Amber's mouth, and let her clean it off for me. Geo whined for a moment, but saw that Dixie was over fingering herself, and must have decided to help her out. I watched as Geo began to lustily kiss the brunette, replacing her fingers with two of her own. Amber pulled her lips from my cock, and looked up at me, her blue eyes glittering with her smile. "I guess it's my turn now? I'm glad you did that for Geo.

This place will be huge cock shemale fucking girl lot happier again." I smiled as I lifted her face up to mine, and kissed her red lips.

I could just taste the lingering traces of Geo and me, but ignored it as I sucked her tongue into my mouth, and gently laid her back. My tool lined up perfectly with her slot, and I easily slid into her, once again relishing in how tight she felt wrapped around my manhood. I arched my back, and pulled one of her nipples to my lips, tasting her milk again, and smiling. I knew some women preferred to let their breasts dry out after they stopped breastfeeding, but I hoped to be able to talk Amber into keeping hers.

I wondered if my sister's would taste just as sweet? Amber's fingers dug into my ass as I pounded into her, making her moan and scream in ecstasy. "That's it! Fuck me with you huge cock. Fuck me and make me cum again!" I picked up my pace, as I felt Amber start to soak my crotch, and her nipple run dry.

I wasn't worried about Anna going hungry though, as there was plenty stored up in the fridge. I looked over to Dixie and Geo, and noticed Dixie's delightful derriere sticking up in the air, while her fist was buried in my sister's cunt. Stepping behind Dixie, I ran the head of me penis up and down along her slit, before slipping it back into her. She moaned as I started up a steady rhythm, my hands kneading her ass. Not for the first time I wondered at the differences between the ways the three women felt.

Dixie used to be the tightest, but now I had to give that title to Amber, after the doctor gave her that extra stitch. Geo was by far the warmest of the three, and the smoothest. All three felt like heaven when I was with them, and my heart sang, as I knew that once again we were a whole family. Dixie was thrusting back against me, pulling her hand out of Geo, then pulling forward, and slipping up to her wrist into my sister.

The sight was really starting to turn me on, and I felt my second load on its way as Dixie climaxed herself. I quickly leaned back, extracting myself from Dixie, and then pulled the petite woman's hand from Geo just in time to shove my cock in, and release my second load. Geo kissed me passionately, whispering, "Thank you" over and over again as I emptied myself inside her. I didn't slow down my pace, and in fact tried to increase it, as I sensed that my sexy sister was coming close to her own orgasm.

"That's it, John. Fill your sister's cunt with your baby maker. Make me cum again on my brother's cock! Oh, I have wanted you back in me for so long! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you. I promise to make you so happy, just keep FUCKING ME!" She nearly bit her own tongue as her body started to convulse under me. I hunched my back, and pulled her left tit into my mouth, nibbling on her nipple to try and increase her enjoyment.

I felt something brush my head, and looked up to see Amber sitting on Geo's face. Smiling, I started to kiss my way up her belly, till I reached her swollen breasts, and started suckling the one I hadn't emptied before. Amber's hands grasped the back of my head, and tried to pull me tighter to her breast, as Geo started working on the sexy redhead's pussy. I felt hands reach under my arms from behind, pulling me back, and I looked up to see Dixie standing next to me. She leaned over, bringing her lips to mine, and I let some of the milk still in my mouth flood into hers.

Her eyes flew open at first, realization dawning on her, and then she started sucking hard on my tongue trying to get the last vestiges of Amber's milk from my mouth.

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As soon as we could no longer taste it, Dixie pulled away, stood in front of me, then bent over, forcing Amber to lean back some as Dixie started suckling the milk straight from her friend's breasts. With her juicy twat only centimeters from my face, I wasn't about to let that feast pass me up, and dove in, tongue first, tasting her sweet juices for the second time tonight. I had to place my hands on Geo's tits to keep my balance, as I tried to lick Dixie, and slide my cock in and out of my sister.

I fiddled with her hard nipples, triggering Geo's orgasm, which seemed to set us all off once more. Amber started moaning as she came on Geo's mouth, and Ruka ichinose sofia takigawa kaede niiyama hikari soon found Dixie's juices dripping from my chin, as I erupted for the third time into my loving sister.

* * * John closed the book, as Amber walked into the room, their daughter Anna walking along beside her. "Did you finally finish your book?" She asked, seeing what was on the desk. "I think so," he said turning to look at the work that had taking him months to write. "I'm going to title it, 'I Found My Sister Stripping'. What do you think?" "I think it lacks originality," a new voice said, as a very pregnant, strawberry-blonde woman entered the room.

"Are you sure you want to be honest in that book about us being siblings?" "I love you all with my complete heart.

If people have a problem with that, then they are the ones with the problem, not me." John told them earnestly. "Well, you'd better hurry and get changed. Dixie is graduating in a couple hours, and you look a mess!" Amber informed him. She laid her left hand on his shoulder, smiling at the sight of the ring she wore on that hand. Her ring was matched by two others, each worn by the women in John's life. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Authors note: I debated on whether to write this or not, but think that the part about Larry needs to be explained, as this is the end of this series, and it is highly unlikely that we will ever see him again.

Some of you might feel that he got a raw deal from everything, xxx cex move hb 2019 those that read my 'Subjects 0' series know that he helped Harold out.

Carol also knew this from reading Harold's notes, and was taking vengeance on all those that helped him out. The only reason Carol didn't take revenge on Betty, is that she likely saw her in the club, and being the (usually) prim lady she is, thought that that was punishment enough. Anyway, if you have any other question, please ask in my forum: http://forum.xnxx.com/showthread.php?t=231610