Twistys keira kelly starring at burgundy cr

Twistys keira kelly starring at burgundy cr
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NOTE: As you may know I am usually against doing any part two stories. However I had two very polite requests from readers so I though it over and decided to give it a try. Please don't expect me to do this very often though. Also a very nice British reader wanted me to know that the things that they use to hold up their trousers are called "Braces." Sometimes I feel that I almost need a British/American dictionary.

It is actually very interesting how two English speaking countries can talk so differently. I would have given them credit for their comments but I did not ask their permission to do so…sorry. Even though I call this story "Suspenders Two" it is a stand-alone story.

You DO NOT have to find "Suspenders" unless you really want too. Suspenders Two When I woke up Sunday morning I could hardly believe wild sex in a nonstop manner hardcore massage my sister Ace had done to me the day before. Her real name is Candace and she is fourteen years old. She had walked into my bedroom wearing just her new white shorts that were skin-tight.

I could clearly see the outline of her pussy lips. She also had a pair of wide red suspenders on that covered her nipples and areolas perfectly. Then she slipped her suspenders off and let me suck on her nipples. While helping mom do the dinner dishes she sprayed me and I sprayed her until her shirt was totally wet and transparent. Mom took me to her bedroom to get out of our wet clothes and invited Ace to join us. So I got to fuck my sister in mom's bed while dad was watching television and mom was watching us.

We both lost our virginities. I did not get to fuck mom but she couldn't believe that I gave my sister an orgasm. It seems that dad had never done that for mom.

Wow! So as I lay there in bed thinking about last night, Ace opened my bedroom door and came in to see if I was awake yet. She was just wearing a long T-shirt and she looked radiant. She leaned beautiful shemale mariana lins takes dicks in her ass and gave me a very nice kiss on the lips and then told me that, that morning was the first time that she hadn't woken up horny and had to play with herself.

That's when I realized that I didn't have my usual morning erection either. Then I watched as Ace went out my door and headed toward the bathroom.

Soon mom too came into my bedroom to see if I was awake. Mom was wearing a very pretty and very transparent pink negligée. She looked so beautiful that I started to get an erection. She also gave me a very nice kiss on my lips. However she told me that she had woken up horny as hell that morning.

When she heard Ace leave the bathroom she headed straight for it at a pretty good pace. Mom had to go! As I lay there in bed I decided that I had better get up before the girls came back in again. When I got down to the kitchen dad was already cooking the bacon.

Dad always cooked the Sunday breakfast, it was a tradition in our house, just like dad does all of the cooking outside the house on the barbecue grill and mom does all of the other cooking inside the house. Shortly mom and Ace came downstairs to join us. They both patted me on my ass when dad wasn't looking. Ace even got right behind dad and lifted her top to show me her bare tits. Mom saw what Ace had done and didn't want to be left out so she too flashed me her bare tits. Dad had fixed us bacon and eggs, sausage and sunny leone fuck spank bang sex stories story, and toast and hot chocolate for breakfast.

After we ate Dad announced that there were three good sports events on television and that he would be camped out in the living room for most of the day. So what else is new? I went up to my room to play video games while mom and Ace did up the dishes. About an hour later mom burst into my bedroom, looked at my computer monitor, and then said, "Ah ha! I caught you. I knew you check out the sex sites on the Internet." Then as I turned around and took one look at mom I started drooling.

Mom was standing just inside my bedroom and she was dressed just like Ace had been the day before. She was just wearing her new white shorts and Ace's red suspenders and nothing else at all. Those red suspenders were positioned perfectly on her nipples so that even her areolas were covered up. Mom had nice long tanned legs too. Those tight white shorts were skin-tight and allowed me to see her puffy pussy outlined in her shorts. Mom's breasts were rather firm and even the suspenders couldn't smash them flat.

Finally mom said to me, "Well are you going to say something or are you just going to sit there and drool?" I closed my mouth and I wiped my chin on the back of my sleeve. Then I said to her, "You look beautiful Mom." Mom said, "So you really do like this outfit don't you?" I answered, "Oh yes!

Definitely!" As I stared at her I was trying to compare my mother to all of the naked women that I had just been looking at on the Internet. There really was no comparison.

My mom was hot! Mom then closed the door behind her, locked it, and then stepped in closer to me.

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Mom hooked her thumbs in the red suspenders and stretched them straight out toward me showing me her nipples. I wasn't sure if she was going to release them and snap herself or not. Mom spread her hands, opened them up, and then the suspenders just flew off her shoulders and fell down to her sides. Soon mom was slipping her white shorts down to her ankles too. Standing there naked before me mom said, "I want you to give me an orgasm during sex. That is something that your father has never done for me before." I couldn't help myself, I reached out to cup her breasts and she let me.

I reached down to cup her pussy and she let me do that too. Then I slipped a finger into her pussy and found her clit.

As soon as I touched it mom jumped. Then like a woman possessed she stood me up, undressed me, and pushed me back onto my bed naked.

In seconds mom had her short hair teen dani desire hitchhikes and gets banged on my cock and her pussy in my face.

I grabbed her ass and pulled her toward my mouth, I slipped my tongue into mom's moist slit. I touched her clit with my tongue and she jumped again.

It was not very long at all and she was having an orgasm. Ace was right about mom's trimmed pussy and it's short hairs, I got one in my mouth. Ace's waxed pussy is so smooth. However I liked it both ways…now. I gave mom three more oral orgasms and I noticed that each time she stopped sucking me and that it took her a minute or two sunny leone teacher fucked with student get back at it again.

I was about ready to pop myself but I wasn't sure that I should cum in my mother's mouth. Why not! I knew that I would recover soon and that mom had requested that I give her an orgasm while fucking her so once again, why not. After another oral orgasm I cum in her mouth. Mom loved it. She sucked every drop out of me and moaned the whole time.

Once I was spent I went back to licking mom's pussy some more. I wanted to give her so many orgasms that she would never go back to Ace again after sex with dad, instead she would come to me so that I could fuck her. I knew that I wouldn't mind sloppy seconds with mom. As I continued to give my mother oral orgasms she managed to get me hard again.

It really wasn't much of a surprise to me but it sure impressed the hell out of her though. It seems that dad is good for one erection a day if she is lucky, but never two. I had news for mom I could get it up as least five or six times a day.

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After all I am a typical sixteen-year-old boy and at thirty-six mom can sure get me excited. I rolled mom over onto her back and then turned around to face her. She smiled up at me and then opened her legs to offer me her body. Ace had made herself my virgin sacrifice yesterday and mom sure wasn't any virgin but to me it was just the same. I was sure that mom did not make that offer to very many men but she was offering herself to me and I felt honored. I looked at her there all flushed and just as excited, as Ace had been the first time that I slipped my cock into her too.

I reached down with my hand and opened up her pussy lips with my fingers, mom smiled up at me. I moved in closer to her until my cock touched her skin. I heard mom take in a deep breath. Then I entered her but only an inch, mom started to coo.

I leaned forward slipping my cock up into her as I lay my chest on hers and kissed her. All I could think about was something that my dad always says about taking nine mounts to come out and a lifetime trying to get back in. At the time it was funny and he always meant it as a joke but he was absolutely right. Or was he entirely wrong? I had taken nine months to get mom caught me doing laundry lesbian love but only sixteen years to get back into the very hole that I had come out of.

I was sure that, that wasn't what dad had had in mind but I couldn't help but smile anyway. Mom noticed and asked me, "What are you smiling about?" I kissed her and kept up my steady pace as I said, "Oh just something dad said about taking nine months to get out…" Then mom finished it, "And a lifetime trying to get back in." I smiled and kissed her again as I said, "But it didn't take me a lifetime and I got back in the same hole that I came out of." Then I laughed.

Mom laughed too then her very first orgasm from a cock took her over. Mom shook and quivered, she moaned and she cooed, and then she bucked up at me at a very fast pace.

I matched her stroke for stoke. I kissed her knowing the wonderful feeling that I was giving her was something that she had never experienced before. She may not have been a virgin but I had just taken her where no man had ever taken her before. I had just rocked her world, I had just spoiled her forever, and she would never be satisfied letting my father fuck her again. She was all mine now body and soul.

The best part was that I wasn't ready to cum yet. I managed to give mom a second orgasm when I finally filled her pussy with my cum. Afterwards she just lay on the end of my bed and watched me as I surfed the Internet for dirty pictures but this time I was looking for incest, especially of mothers and their sons. That got mom's interest too.

I ran onto a pay site that looked really good. Mom told me to hold on and went to her bedroom for her pocketbook. When mom came back she handed me one of her credit cards to use to pay for the membership. As I browsed through the site mom got more and more excited. Mom in turn got me more and more excited too. Then it was back on top of her and going at it again. Mom couldn't believe that that was how sex was supposed sunny leone boy frinds xxx porn blue film downlode be.

She had lost out on a lot of great sex for all of those years but she had made up her mind that she wasn't going to loose out on it in the future. Once again I gave her two great orgasms before filling her hole for a second time.

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We then went back to the Internet site. We stumbled onto a request for members to submit their own pictures to the site. They were even offering a reward to those that did.

Mom got a gleam in her eye and said, "I would like to submit our pictures to that site. Would you?" I replied, "Sure! I'd really like that but who will take the pictures?" Mom smiled and said, "Ace of course.

She isn't doing anything at the moment. Beside you can take pictures of her and I too after all its still incest even between her and I." So mom bigtitted sub throats cock in maledom trio down to Ace's bedroom to get her. Mom explained everything to Ace and then we showed her some of the pictures on the web site that we had just joined. Ace was all for it. I got to take pictures of mom and Ace as they stood together, kissed passionately, and even as they smashed their pussies together.

Then they started to make love and I got some even better pictures of them together. When they finished I was hard again. That pleased mom to no end. Ace took the camera from me and started taking pictures of mom and I together.

We kissed, hugged, and fondled each other's bodies. Then mom put me on my back and climbed on top of me. That gave me a great view of her breasts. Mom was really getting into it and managed to give herself an orgasm before collapsing on my chest.

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I hadn't cum yet. I rolled mom off of me and was going to fuck her when she suggested that I fuck Ace instead while she took our pictures. Ace was all for that since she hadn't gotten fucked yet. She also knew very well that that had been mom's third time to have my cock in her that morning. Ace wanted to try it on top too, then mom had her get in the doggy position, then she placed her feet up on my shoulders, and even to put her feet up next to her head while I fucked her. Mom gave us both instructions and took lots of pictures.

Then after I filled my sister with my cum I transferred the pictures from my camera into my computer and then we sent them to the web site. It was past lunchtime so we got dressed and went down to the kitchen to start lunch. Dad was so involved in his sports game that he didn't even know that we were there until mom put a plate of food in his lap and handed him another cold beer. After we did the dishes we all went back up to my bedroom. There was a message on my computer. It read: Hello, thank you so much for your submission.

You guys are great. If you will continue to send me a hundred pictures a week I can pay you. Mom smiled at me and said that she would like to keep doing it if we didn't mind.

Ace and I smiled at each other and then we hugged mom. I was hard again and mom knew what that meant. I got to fuck mom in every position that mom had me fuck Ace in. By bedtime mom I had cum in mom five times and in Ace once. I had also given mom nine orgasms with my cock in her. She was thrilled beyond belief. Mom told Ace that she could sleep with me that night as long as we got up for school in the morning without a fight.

We both agreed. About all I stunning brunette teen getting off on toys do for Ace that night was to lick her hairless pussy for her and give her a bunch of orgasms.

She sucked my cock for me and I enjoyed it but I couldn't get hard again or cum.

That was the best feeling that I could have…I was completely satisfied. For a teenage boy that was the best feeling in the whole world. The next morning mom came in to wake us up. She told us that dad had made love to her after they had gone to bed and that for the very first time she hadn't needed to relieve herself afterwards.

From that day on the three of us took care of our sexual needs, we submitted lots of pictures to that web site, and mom put all of the money that we earned into a college fund for us. Dad never got suspicious of us. Without mom begging him for sex all of the time he was able to relax more too.

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Apparently it had been quite a chore for dad to keep his wife satisfied sexually. Once he even told me that he was relieved that she had finally gotten over her sexual peak. She used to wear him out. I smiled knowing exactly what he was talking about. After all I had two very horny women to keep satisfied.

I was certainly up to the task too. The End Suspenders Two 141