Swingers play game that definetly gets them all fucked

Swingers play game that definetly gets them all fucked
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Her name was Chelsea With dark brown hair that was just past her shoulder and emerald, brown hazel eyes. She was about 5/8 and had nice curves, her breast were a full D-cup. Chelsea had been traveling for eight years ever since she was ten which is the age at which most children leave to go on their journey with their Pokemon. Chelsea lived in Johto in a small town called New Bark town. Her mother and father were good friends of Professor Elm and she would go and play at his son Ethan all the time.

Before she left for her journey Chelsea would always nag the Professor about getting her a Pokemon.

Soon Professor Elm presented her with a Pokemon egg squealing happily she accepted it. Soon the egg hatched to a curious little Pokemon called Charmander who instantly attached itself to Chelsea.

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The young girl looked at her new Pokemon took him to the Professor. She asked what it was and the professor explained that a friend who lived in Kanto gave him the egg. He also told her what it was a Charmander, a fire type Pokemon who can be a challenge to raise and that he was trusting the child with it.

Now eight years later Chelsea and her beloved Charizard still together traveling the land. They recently arrived in Kanto and were headed to Professor Oak's home, she had learned it was he who sent Professor Elm her Pokemon and wanted to thank him. Charizard walked behind Chelsea as they walked down a beaten path on a beautiful sunny day.

They kept walking and in about an hour the clouds turned a dreary grey. She looked up at the clouds as they blotted out the sunshine. "Hey Charizard we need to find shelter before it starts to rain" Chelsea said looking back at her companion. Charizard huffed in agreement and walked up to her up and shot up into the air, flying up high.

Chelsea wasn't scared as Charizard strong arms held her close to him, she laid her head against his chest and looked down below them. Soon she caught sight of a small house and told Charizard to land there. As soon as they landed the rain started to fall and quickly the pair entered the house. It started to pour down rained as Chelsea looked about the home, It was abandoned. She could tell by the light layer of dust on every surface and unable to help herself Chelsea looked around.

She found fresh bottles of water and many cups of instant ramen. The electric still work and so did the water she found after testing the lights and kitchen faucet. She opened a door that was to a bedroom, the room was quite large with a very large bed. Chelsea motioned to Charizard to show him the room. "Don't you think we could both fit in the bed?" She asked and Charizard gave a shrug of his shoulders. Later that night she made some food and the two ate in silence and the rain thundered outside.

Charizard shuddered slightly and moved his tail closer to his body, Chelsea knew he was scared of thunder ever since he was a Charmander. She smiled and climbed into his lap cuddling close to him. He put his arms around her holding Chelsea close and laid his head on i will fuck you for my chores stepbrother stepsister spreading of hers.

After they finished eating Chelsea cleaned up and the pair walked to the master bedroom. First they tested to see if they both could fit in the bed, the bed was so large they could fit her Flaffy on here to.

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Chelsea got up and started to undress as she slipped off her shirt she felt eye's staring at her. " Oh! Sorry" Chelsea said as she saw Charizard was watching her. "I'll just go change in the bathroom" She grabbed her things and was walking out of the room when she felt something grab her hand.

Chelsea looked back and Charizard was holding her hand looking away and she could have sworn he was blushing. She walked back to him looking at him with concern and placed a hand on his cheek.

Sex gerls and old man looked back and at Chelsea and Charizard picked her up and laid back on the bed. "Hey Charizard what's wrong? Is it the rain scaring you?" she asked.

He didn't reply as his snout pressed against her throat and his tong licked slowly up Chelsea's neck. "Ch- Charizard wh- what are you d- doing?" She asked blushing bright red Charizard kissed and lick at her throat more tasting her. Chelsea blushing but she could feel herself being aroused by this.

His hand moved to her bra and was tugging at it as he teased her with his mouth. Chelsea sat up looking down at her Pokemon not knowing what to do. But Charizard put one of his claws in her bra and pulled down making her breasts spill out. "Ah!" Chelsea said and before she could cover them Charizard was squeezing them and his claw lightly playing with her nipple. She moaned and arched against his hand, and soon took off her bra so he could have full access to them.

Chelsea had dreamed about doing things with Charizard but never thought it would actually happen, not like this. Charizard growled and stroked her pale flesh.

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Chelsea leaned over and began to kiss at Charizard's neck were the pulse was. This seem to excite her Pokemon as he pushed the girl body back so that something hard pressed against her shorts. Chelsea looked back and saw a large red cock that was glistening already with precum. Chelsea blushed and looked back at Charizard looked intensely into her eyes. She got up and took off her shorts and underwear exposing her tender pussy to him.

He helped his master straddle him and he pushed her back as his hard cock pressed against her pussy. Chelsea gasped as he pushed more and Charizard's cock started to press into her.

His cock was so large that it stretched her pussy wide around the tip of the hard flesh.

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"Ah Charizard! Are you going to fit?" She asked as she moaned when he slipped further into her. Charizard grunted and started to thrust up into her tight little hole which forced his cock beep within her. Chelsea screamed as his large cock tore through her hymen and sank in. He started to push her trembling body up and down on his cock turning the pain to pleasure. Once Chelsea recovered from the pain she started to move her body up and down forcing his cock deeper. Charizard was growling with pleasure and Chelsea moaning with each thrust of their bodies.

His large cock huge black boobs babe kayla interracial hardcore her cervix causing her to cry out in pain and he slowed his thrust careful to not to hurt Chelsea.

With her tight pussy squeezing her Charizard could feel himself getting close to spilling his seed into her. With a few more thrust Charizard growled loudly and spilled himself into Chelsea's womb.

"Oh! God!" She cried out as she fell his hot seed fill her and spill out when she was to full to hold anymore. Charizard huffed and breathed heavily and he helped Chelsea slide his cock out of her. She laid down next to him and looked up at her mate. Tiredly they cuddle and the girl yawned as she pulled the covers up around her body. "I love you" Chelsea said as she was slowly dosing off. "I love you to" Said a deep growling voice that seem to slip into her mind.

"What? Who said that?" She asked as she shot up and looked around the room, but there was no one but Chelsea and Charizard. "I did" Said the voice again and Chelsea looked at Charizard. "You?" "Yes" Chelsea didn't know what to think of this, her Charizard whom she just had sex with can now talk to her.

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He pulled her close to her and kissed her forehead. "Sleep now Chelsea, we'll talk in the morning" Charizard said and laid his head down over hers and a little bit later the tiredness took over her body and she fell asleep.