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Maut ka lauda bur mil jayega
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Cheryl and Christine Together My sister-in-law, Cheryl, is the sexiest woman I have ever known. At the time this happened, she was about 35 years old mom and son doing sex I was 32 or so and had known her for about ten years. She stands 5'9" tall and has long, dark hair, a gorgeous face with full, pouty lips and a creamy complexion.

Cheryl is on the slender side with long, beautiful legs and a perfect ass. As I have described before, though, I am totally a breast man and it is her tits that are world-class. She has perfect 38DD breasts with light tan aureoles that are the size of a half-dollar and she has great nipples that get rock hard. Despite their size, those 100% natural tits barely even need the support of a bra - they are the most incredible natural tits I have ever seen anywhere, in person or even on a porn star.

It had been almost two years now since my sister-in-law gave me the birthday present of a lifetime. We got pretty fucked up together on my birthday when my wife was out of town and she ended up fucking and sucking me like I had never experienced before. It was the realization of several years of hardcore fantasies about her.

Since then, I still constantly checked out my sister-in-law's body (especially those massive breasts) and always tried to sneak peaks down her shirt whenever possible.

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Although I still had to hide my leering from others after that night (like my wife intense deepthroating action with a desirable brunette pornstars cumshot their mother), I didn't bother to hide from Cheryl the fact that I was constantly staring at her tits (and the rest of her body, for that matter) and an occasional knowing smile would pass between us when she caught me looking.

But we have never talked about that night and we haven't done anything with each other since. I continued to jack off to some pictures of her that I had hidden away, and would often fantasize about fucking Cheryl (or her daughter) when I was with my wife.

Cheryl has a beautiful daughter, Christine, who was now 17 years old. Christine's real father was a loser who had been out of the picture since she was a baby so she grew up without a father. I have known Christine since she was a very young girl of about 7 (I was 22 when I married her aunt), and I amazing brunette fills herself with big toys always been her favorite uncle.

Christine grew from a cute little girl into a stunningly beautiful teenager. She clearly has her mother's genes. Now at the age of 17, she had long, silky dark brown hair, a creamy complexion, beautiful brown eyes and a sensuous mouth with full pouty lips just like her mother. She had grown to about 5'6" tall with the same slender figure and the most luscious pear-shaped ass. She was really taking after her mother in the breast area, too. Her firm, young tits were growing like crazy and she was between a C and D cup already.

Being shorter and more slender than her mother, they actually looked much bigger on her. Christine and I fucked for the first time at a family reunion the previous summer just after she turned 16, and it was incredible.

Since then, I had been fucking Christine fairly regularly (pretty much whenever we could get together) and any attacks of conscience I may have had for fucking my young niece were quickly dispelled by one look at her luscious tits as well as by her eagerness, especially when it came to blowjobs.

Often at family functions, she would ask me to take her for a ride on my Harley. I never refused her because I knew that it was just an excuse for me to pull into a secluded place somewhere so she could suck my cock while I played with those huge, young tits.

That girl just loved it when I filled her mouth with cum. Anyway, it so happened that one evening my wife was out of town again (she traveled regularly for her job) and I had nothing to do, so I got out the old panhead and kicked it to life. After riding around for a couple of hours, I decided to stop by our local biker bar for a couple of beers.

It was just a small neighborhood place where we all hung out from time to time. I pulled up out front, killed the motor and walked inside.

Looking around as I walked in, I noticed that my sister-in-law, Cheryl, was over in a corner booth. She was with a couple of women I didn't know so I just waved at her and went straight to the bar. Damn, she was looking as fine as ever! She had her hair down and was wearing a little sparkly tank top that really showed off those huge 38DD's, even from across the room. Hiding the beginnings of the hard-on that the sight of my sister-in-law always inspired, I climbed onto a bar stool and ordered a beer.

After a little while, I sensed movement out of the corner of my eye and looked up in time to see Cheryl walking across the bar toward me. She apparently had on a push-up bra under that sexy little top and she also had on a short, leather skirt and high-heeled boots that laced up almost to her knees, but no stockings or pantyhose. Fuck, I had never seen her look sexier. She came around behind me and climbed onto the stool to my right, the side that was away from the main area of the bar.

She wrapped her arms around my right arm and pulled herself into me.

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My right hand casually found her bare knee. "Hey, bro. What, not even going to say hi?" She seemed pretty high to me, like she was doing a bunch of coke or something, not really drunk. But to be honest, all I could really think about was the feeling of those big tits pressing into my arm. I looked down and got the cleavage shot of a lifetime, seeing right into that skimpy top and seeing her humongous breasts squeezed together in that tight bra and pushed up against me. I didn't bother to hide my stare down the front of her shirt.

"You looked busy with your friends and I didn't want to bother you, sis." "Nah, I'm here alone. I was just saying hi." "Can I get you a drink or something?" I asked.

"Sure." She ordered a cocktail and I threw some more cash across the bar to the bartender (a sexy little thing in her own right, by the way). Holding her glass with her right hand, Cheryl still had her left arm hooked in mine and my hand was still on her leg, just above the knee. Being this close to her, feeling her big soft tit pressed against me with my hand on her leg and her sister nowhere in sight, was intoxicating. We sat together like this for quite awhile, ordering more drinks and making small talk until we were both getting a little loaded.

Of course, you know that I was constantly staring down her shirt at those amazing breasts whenever her eyes were elsewhere. As we drank and talked, Cheryl kept rubbing ruby is a beautiful big tits bbw babe who loves to fuck body up against me, driving me crazy when I felt those big tits against my arm and ribs.

We had been together for an hour or so when I became acutely aware that I had my hand between my sister-in-law's legs and slowly started to caress the inner part of her thigh just above the knee very casually.

She didn't object (if she even noticed at first) so I gently ran my fingers up and down that soft flesh, the strokes becoming just a little longer each time. I continued this way for a couple of minutes or more. Shivers were running through me and my cock was growing in my pants as my fingertips traced a line that finally ended up above her hemline.

At that point, I stopped caressing and just let my hand come to rest on the inside of that luscious thigh, completely up under her short skirt, and only inches from her crotch. I swore I could feel the heat from that sweet pussy of hers. After a moment, I started gently squeezing and caressing her soft inner thigh as she leaned in close against my ear. "You know, you and I should party alone together again sometime." As she spoke, she allowed her beautiful legs to spread open a little farther.

It was clearly an invitation for my hand, so I slid it farther up under her skirt and began caressing the very uppermost portion of her inner thigh. The edge of my hand was almost touching her pussy and I could feel some of her fine little pubic hairs sticking out from under her panties. My cock leapt to attention. I may have stammered a little, but I was able to get the words out.

"Sure. How about tonight?" My head indian bengali babe jazmin chaudhry gets double teamed swimming with the possibility of fucking my sister-in-law again. Her only answer was to put her right hand on my elbow and pull gently, subtly encouraging my hand farther up between her thighs as she spread them a little wider apart.

I didn't really need any more encouragement so I slid my hand over onto her pussy mound, which was covered only by silky little panties. Nobody else in the bar could see what I was doing as I massaged her pussy lips gently through the material with my fingertips, finding that her snatch was already soaking wet.

She must have been having the same thoughts I was having all along. She let her left hand fall to the bulge in the front of my jeans and rubbed my cock and balls through the fabric.

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She leaned into my ear again. "Want to take me home?" "You know I do, Cheryl, but I've got the bike and you just have that little skirt on." "I don't care, bro, take me home. Now." I figured, "what the hell," and led her outside to my bike.

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I gave her my leather jacket, which she put on but didn't zip up, and started it up. Cheryl climbed on behind me, her short skirt riding up over her hips at the same time.

Anyone who saw us go by got quite a show. She wrapped her arms around me from behind and kept rubbing her huge tits into my back while she traced her hands down across my chest and stomach, eventually reaching between my legs as I headed toward her house, which was thankfully only a few minutes away. I am not sure how long I could have kept that bike upright with all of this going on. I pulled into her yard and came to a stop near her front porch.

We somehow pretty eurobabe flashes big tits and screwed for some money hardcore and flashing to get off of the bike and instantly started going crazy on each other. She shrugged out of my leathers as we kissed passionately, groping each other right there in front of her house. I couldn't wait to get my hands on those huge jugs of hers again so I just grabbed a double handful right over her top and bra, squeezing those monstrous breasts as hard as I could while she hungrily groped at my crotch, rubbing my hard cock through my jeans.

We were making our way up her front steps at the same time, and finally she broke free and turned away from me to unlock her front door.

I thrust my hands up under her shirt from behind and started roughly massaging her big tits through her bra while grinding my hips against her gorgeous ass. Memories of what it had felt like to bury my cock between those sweet cheeks came flooding back.

When she fumbled with her key a little, I became impatient and ripped her little push-up bra and top up over her tits, freeing those creamy mounds of flesh so I could feel up them like I wanted. Cheryl moaned and leaned back against me so I could a better hold on her big, fleshy tits.

My rough breast play was driving her crazy. I yanked her tank top and bra right over her head so she was standing there topless, those amazing breasts bouncing and swaying. I grabbed them and pulled on them, twisting her nipples roughly, trying to force every bit of my fantasies about her incredible chest into those few moments. "Oh God, bro, squeeze them harder! Harder! I know how much you love my big tits!

Squeeze them!!" I continued mauling those huge globes as she finally got her front door open and we barged into her house, stumbling off to the side toward the living room. She dropped onto the couch and pulled me over to her, fumbling at my nimble cutie zoey rides a fat schlong buckle and jeans.

I kicked off my boots and stood between her knees shiny stockings over high gloss pantyhose tease she undid my jeans, took out my big, hard cock and fell to her knees, sucking furiously.

I looked down and almost came right then and there watching my beautiful, sexy sister-in-law suck my fat cock while her huge tits bounced around. She was hungrily forcing her mouth and throat over the entire length of my dick over and over. I had just grabbed her by the back of the head and was fucking her hard in the mouth, burying my cock down her tight throat while she played with her own pussy, when I sensed we weren't alone anymore.

I looked over into the shadows and there was her daughter, Christine. She was standing just out of the light in the next room watching her mother suck my cock as she herself loved to do. She was wearing a little short tee shirt and panties, and her hair was a little mussed, so she must have been in bed when we first pulled up out front. She had her right hand down her panties massaging her pussy and her left hand up inside her shirt playing with those big, young tits that I loved so much.

The sight of my sweet, young niece masturbating was almost too much for me to take. She lifted her shirt to show me her beautiful breasts she knew just how much I loved them and had started to really enjoy having me fuck her tits and shoot my cum all over them. I had never watched her play with her pussy before and could tell that she now had at least one finger inside that luscious cunt that I had eaten and fucked so many times.

My knees were growing weak at the sight of her. We sustained eye contact while she masturbated and I continued fucking her mother's beautiful face. By now I was going crazy and didn't know exactly what to do.

On the one hand, it had been two years since I last fucked Cheryl, I fantasized about her all the time and I wanted her bad. On the other hand, I had grown even closer to Christine (to the point of considering leaving my wife when Christine turned 18), and there she was, masturbating her sweet young pussy while she played with her big tits.

Damn, I wanted to fuck her just like I did every time I saw her. Afraid I might be losing my mind, I gestured with my head to Christine that she should come over and join us. Cheryl was so intent on sucking my cock and playing with her own pussy that at first she didn't even notice Christine as she entered the room quietly.

Christine came up to me and kissed me deeply, rubbing my chest under my tee shirt. I reached for those luscious young breasts. "What the fuck?!?! Christine, what the fuck are you doing?!?!" "Oh Mom, it looks so good.

I want to play, too." "Are you crazy? Get out of here right now!" "Come on, Mom. It's not like I haven't had Uncle Roger's cock already a lot!" Cheryl, somewhat in shock, high on whatever, and still on her knees with my cock in her hand, just looked back and forth between her daughter and me.

We were standing there arm in arm, my hand up under her daughter's shirt. "Besides, if you try to stop me, I will just tell Aunt Lisa that I caught you fucking her husband." With that, Christine dropped to her knees beside her mother.

Taking my cock from her mother, she did what she did so well and immediately took the entire length down her throat, sucking it hard. I put my left hand behind her head and helped her as I thrust my cock in and out of that pretty, young mouth. Cheryl was dumbfounded, watching my cock moving in and out of her pretty young daughter's mouth, and I noticed that she was starting to slowly play with her pussy again. I figured this was the only shot I would have at this, so I softly placed my other hand on top of Cheryl's head.

"Now, Christine, share that with your mother." Christine took my cock out of her mouth and offered it to her mother. Cheryl hesitantly took it in her mouth again and started tentatively sucking me off while looking sideways at her daughter.

Her lust, which had not been far below the surface, rose up again as she sucked it harder and harder. My sister-in-law and my niece were now side-by-side on their knees, taking turns sucking and licking my hard cock.

While one had it shoved down her beautiful throat, the other would suck my balls. I couldn't believe what was happening here! This was better my wildest, most depraved fantasies.

Back and forth they went until I couldn't take it anymore. "Fuck, I'm coming!!" I grabbed my cock and stroked furiously as they both turned their faces up toward me like two baby birds in a nest, with their mouths wide open. I shot load after load into those sensuous, waiting mouths. Like mother, like daughter - they swallowed what I gave them, licked their lips and then returned to taking turns on my cock, sucking every last drop out of it.

At this point, I had two outrageously horny women on my hand. Whatever she was on probably helped, but Cheryl had certainly gotten over the fact that she was sharing her brother-in-law with her daughter and now she just wanted to get fucked.

She stood up and looked back and forth between us with a sly smile, grabbed us both by the hand and pulled us in the direction of her bedroom. "If we are going to do this together, let's do it right. Let's fuck him good, Chrissie." We headed back to Cheryl's bedroom and her king-size bed. The two of them both concentrated on undressing me.

Once I was naked, Cheryl sat on the edge of the bed to take off the knee-high boots she was wearing. I turned to Christine and peeled off her little tee shirt, freeing those luscious young tits. I pushed her back on the bed and crawled up after her, pulled off her little panties and went straight for her pussy. The musky smell of her wet, young snatch was intoxicating as I buried my head between those slender thighs and licked away at my favorite pussy in the whole world.

I was slowly licking her from asshole to clit when I felt Cheryl come onto the bed behind me, start playing with my balls and licking my asshole. Christine was playing with her gorgeous big tits while I continued to eat her pussy. Cheryl rolled onto her back and slid beneath me, taking my cock in her mouth once more. I was already hard again and started fucking her in the mouth while I ate Christine's pussy.

I just had to see if I could get them involved with each other, though. "Come up here, Cheryl. Lie down beside her." Cheryl fuck my girlfriend next tsleeping bff up to the top of the bed and lay down side-by-side with her daughter.

I moved over between her legs and started eating her pussy with everything I had. She was writhing around and moaning with ecstasy as I licked and sucked every bit of her between her asshole and her hard, little clit.

I now had mother's and daughter's sweet pussy juice mixing together and running down my face into my beard. Christine rolled onto her side, fingering her own tight, little cunt while watching her mother getting her pussy eaten. I lifted my head out of Cheryl's crotch and slid two fingers into that soaking wet pussy. I looked up at Christine while finger-fucking her mother hard and fast. "Isn't your mom sexy, Christine?" She just nodded as she watched me ramming my fingers into her mother's cunt.

Cheryl's huge tits were shaking and jiggling and her daughter appeared to be mesmerized by the sight of those massive naked breasts moving right in front of her face.

"Go ahead and play with them if you want, baby." Christine looked down at me and then reached toward her mother. I continued to work over her mother's hot, wet cunt, now sliding the index finger of my other hand up her ass, finger-fucking both of her holes at once. Cheryl was already going crazy with lust because of what I was doing to her as her daughter reached over and gently felt one of those big jugs. She started getting into it a little and grabbed both of them in her hands, feeling up her mother's chest.

She was squeezing on them harder and harder as I did to her all the time, and then she bent her head down and took one of her mother's nipples in her mouth, sucking it hard between her teeth. Cheryl grabbed her daughter's head and held it to her chest. Watching Christine squeeze and suck on her mother's big tits just about drove me crazy and it was doing the same for them. Cheryl pulled Christine up to her and kissed her hard, reaching for her tits at the same time.

As they were kissing and squeezing each other's big, soft tits, I rose up on my knees and reached between Christine's legs. I finger-fucked them both hard and fast while watching them make out. The sight of that made me so fucking horny that I thought my head would explode! The next thing I knew, I felt a hand on mine as Cheryl reached between her daughter's legs to play with her wet, young pussy. I moved my hand out of the way and started stroking my cock as I watched her explore Christine's tight little cunt, finger her hard clit and then insert her middle finger into her daughter, working it in and out.

I reached over and took hold of Christine's hand and guided it between her mother's legs as I had once guided it to my cock for the first time. She instantly started rubbing her mother's wet pussy, making up in asian milf became an assistant to the fontanero on hdmilfcamcom what she may have lacked in technique. I crawled up so I was lying behind Christine. I rubbed my rock hard cock between her ass cheeks while I reached around her and played with both pairs of tits.

I leaned over Christine and whispered in Cheryl's ear. "Eat her pussy for her." Cheryl just looked at me for a second and I thought I had pushed too far. But then she slid down between her daughter's legs. She explored her daughter with her mouth, using long slow licks and before finding her clit.

I asked her, "Isn't that the sweetest pussy ever?" Cheryl just moaned and licked and sucked on her daughter's cunt as hard as she could. Christine was rolling back and forth and appeared to be on the verge of coming. I moved behind Cheryl and pulled shameless cfnm girls getting laid in harcore porn party up into position on her hands and knees with her head buried in her daughter's crotch.

I couldn't wait any longer and entered her roughly from behind. Cheryl started to come all over my cock almost immediately, violently thrusting herself backward onto my rock hard cock as hard as she could while squeezing her daughter's ass cheeks in her hands, lifting that young pussy mound up to her face. As she finished her orgasm, she could tell that I was almost there, too. Cheryl pulled her pussy off of my cock and turned to me with a smile. "No, baby, give it to her." She moved to the side as I slid up onto Christine in the missionary position.

Christine kissed me hard as I moved between her legs and shoved my hard cock all the way into that teenage pussy with one big thrust. Cheryl moved up and lay beside us as I fucked her daughter harder and harder, Christine wrapped her legs around me and thrust her hips up to meet me as she came in waves.

Cheryl put her hand on my ass and starting pushing it in rhythm as I came, shooting load after load into her hot, young daughter. We both continued to come, the sensation seeming to last forever. After we were spent, I rolled onto my back between them. They each curled up onto my chest, two pairs of huge tits pressing into my ribs from either side. Just as I was drifting off to sleep, Cheryl whispered in my ear.

"Wonder what we should have for breakfast?"