Sexy coco rides on a thick shaft

Sexy coco rides on a thick shaft
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The "Fulge", -------------------------------------------------- Her knee-high translucent skirt was oscillating at the cadence of her purposely slow pace set by the sharp sounds of her high heels.

The sweet movements of her model like hips, up and down the popular Madrid street was generating the desired effect on the now transfixed set of on-lookers. Helena's long wavy hair were almost indistinguishable from the tight, black, interweaved top that was meant to show more of her beautiful olive-tan skin, clear indication of her Mediterranean origins with a hint of distant Moroccan antecedence. Everything about this Spanish beauty's appearance spoke of her well crafted, sophisticated ways only brought possible by her extensive wealth.

Yet, all the wealth in the world could not bring back the long gone passion and love for her husband. Manuel had gradually started to neglect his wife and his own body progressively over the course of their 11 year marriage to the point where it felt more like a cohabitation than a union, to both. Their intimacy had stopped 2 years ago, after it had deteriorated to the point of being unsatisfying for all parties. Of course they had both attempted to relight the flame, but their vain, uncommitted attempts were frequently shattered by Manuel's demanding job that took him to long trips away from home.

Manuel loved his job. He was making a great deal of money being a schedule organizer for one of Madrid's popular soccer teams. He was responsible for organizing trips, hotel accommodation, security and even "night time entertainment" for the spoiled players; a combination of skills that was hard to come by; Skills for which the club organizers were ready to remunerate generously.

Beyond the substantial pay, Manuel also had a lot of fun and skills with younger girls from different town who were not lucky enough to land in the arms of a star player. All those skills did not help at home though, as his wife had since given up on ever having an exciting marriage with a boring husband that she tried to convince herself that she still loved.

Helena wasn't going to leave him though. Any idea of leaving or cheating on her husband were quickly suppressed by her tough religious upbringing and locked away by her strong feeling of responsibility towards her 11 year old son. She did however find passion in other things: Art and "Madrid downtown cat walking" to attract the praise of bold young men and the envy of other women. With the years, Helena noticed that her body was becoming more and more sexy.

Her previously smaller than average breast had, over the years, fully developed into perfectly sculpted contours of delight that defied the logics of aging. The well aged 37-year-old had a cleavage seamlessly transformed into a long, slender, strong abdomen coated with a thin layer of soft flesh which coupled with her naturally tanned body created erotic impulses of disarray on onlookers.

Her hips and back, not to be undone by her upper body, were shape to provoke. And provoke she did… Helena would savor her weekend shopping sessions which enabled her to spend copious amounts of money, while satisfying her sophisticated craving for trendy attire.

But beyond the obvious thrills of shopping, these were Helena's marriage therapy sessions. She would spend hours carefully choosing the details of the clothing, makeup and hair to send an unspoken message to all: "I am beautiful and sexy, and I want you to look." She especially loved turning down offers from gorgeous Madrilan studs who had no chance of ever seeing her panties, let alone her crusty nipples, hardened by the idea of being wanted by so many.

If she couldn't have sex, in or out of her married life, at least she had a long collection of stained panties brought on her generously humid "entre-jambe" falling to contain the excitement of her platonic courtings.

It wasn't all pleasure though, these open-sky, public flirt usually left some heavy guilt, as she felt that she was, in some ways, cheating on Manuel even if it didn't involve any sex. Her confused feelings of guilt and pleasure where usually overshadowed by pleasant reminiscences, of perfectly shaped male bodies and voices courting her in the open, in public, helping sharpen her skills as an "allumeuse" (an expert do-nothing sexual provocateur).

But this weekend was different. This weekend she dressed a little more conservatively and her mind was far away, unable to enjoy the envying eyes. Her head was running multiple scenarios in which she tried to convince Manuel to let her travel alone to Montreal. Manual was always able to find some reason that would prevent her from leaving Spain. "But I can nasty lesbians fill up their huge bootys with milk and blast it out threesome and creampies you everything you need" he would say… If she was really pressing he would use his ace.

"Who is going to look after our son?" This weekend she was prepared. No excuses were going to stop her. Manuel tried the usual routine and excuses. He katies fine ass oiled up and fucked actually surprised at how well prepared Helena was and finally caved in with a smile.

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"Bueno! Bueno! This must be some art exhibit. It has you all worked up." "It's not any art exhibit, it's Jake Armstrong. This guy is destined to be one of the greatest contemporary ar." She started with a noticeably excited voice.

"Just bring me a nice painting to replace the one in the main dining room. I never really liked that one," said Manuel. Manuel hadn't seen his wife so excited since their wedding. Deep down he hopped that this trip would bring her joy and maybe reignite the passion they once had for each other. Somewhere he still loved her, he thought, but he had forgotten how to take care of her.

But he was also wondering if it wasn't just the memory of her that he loved and wondered if that this was also reciprocal. ----- Helena loved the exotic Montreal from the moment she stepped out of the airplane. The whole city gave her the impression of bella bellz youre so extra a traditional European setting from which cutting edge American style Modernism was bursting out everywhere you looked.

She was also fascinated by the ease with which people switched from French to English, two languages that she loved to practice. Helena also fell in love with the "Montrealais" themselves. The city was filled with beautiful unique people, dressed to impress with obviously gym tortured bodies. Helena felt in her element.

Even though she wasn't receiving nearly as many looks, she enjoyed the city aaron mark and thorben sisters fucking gay boys all the beauty it had to offer. Helena spent the whole week shopping, cat walking and making a small collection of self-soaked panties from the courtings she received of very few men who dared defy the local standards.

The exhibit was one day away. She was now boiling with excitement and anticipation to see some of Jake Armstrong most famous pieces in person. She spent the night dining at the "baton rouge" and enjoying the nocturne transformation of Montreal.

Even sexier men and women were now flooding the streets in a rush to find a spot in the coveted clubs where flesh met flesh, in a rain of electronic music, draped by dim lights to hide the sins of youth. She remembered her own youth and how much fun she had had prior to her wedding and her son. Above all she remembered her lost aspirations, how she had had to make a choice between completing her art studies and wedding with a then handsome but still rich Manuel.

In some ways she still held it against him. She still saw him as the cause of her failed dreams of becoming an established contemporary artist. She still blamed him for confining her in a life of boredom. "Madame! Une autre tasse?" asked the server, gently bending down while gesturing to the jar he was holding. She gladly took a second cup, and summoned all her strength to push away her dark memories to enjoy the moment. It didn't work, because some moments later she was asking herself why she stayed if she was so unhappy with Manuel.

Why not leave him or cheat on him like her friend Consuela. Consuela had confessed to her, a year before that her marriage wasn't going well either.

She had told Helena that she had had twice as many lovers as her and Miguel, her husband, had had fights. Fast love sex with 2 had laughed, but she remembered very clearly how hard her nipple had gotten and how much she had been turned on by the dirty confession.

She also very distinctly remembered how guilty she had felt afterwards for having encouraged Consuela. May be she had done so because she knew she never would have been able to do the same and was using Consuela's actions to sooth her pain and also fuel her conflicted fantasies. "Encore?" asked the server, this time with a charming smile, almost inviting. "Non merci", replied Helena. She wasn't in the mood to enjoy the scenery anymore nor was she willing to even flirt with the gorgeous well mannered mom fucking step son while dad is out full movies. She quickly paid her bill and hastily made her way to her hotel while fighting waves and waves of guilt and sorrow.

She desperately tried to hang on to the one thing that still gave her pleasure without guilt. Tomorrow she would swim in a sea of people and admire some of the great art work of her time.

------ The following day Helena hurried to the "Place des arts" and was one of the first eager to enter the hall where the exhibit was taking place. Helena spent a great deal of time analyzing in detail art pieces she had mentally visualized for so long.

It was pure joy only deterred by the fact that she couldn't find the three latest pieces from Jake. These were one of the main reasons she had made the trip. She managed to find the spots on the white wall where the paintings were supposed to be. In their place an LCD display had been mounted. The display was slowly flipping through the missing pieces. A red and white banner was scrolling at the bottom of the screen indicating in English and French that the display was only showing electronic replicas.

Upon inquiring, she found out that a very rich private collector had gotten hold of them a couple of hours before the exhibit and was adamant that he didn't want them publically displayed; His right given the extraordinary sum he had paid for them.

"What do you mean you sold them?" shouted Helena to the exhibit manager. "Madame, we are very sorry for this unfortunate situation. We would like to refund in full your…" said the exhibit manager clearly trying to maintain his composure.

"No me importa! I came all the way from Europe to see these. Do you really think I care about the ticket?" continued Helena without giving him a chance to finish. After a few altercations, Helena was now trying to lower her voice to avoid making a scene. But it was a little too late for that. She heard a very deep voice coming from behind her. The voice had an obvious American accent, may be LA. It was as calming as it was deep. "Madrid, right?" said the voice obviously addressed at her.

"Excuse me?" replied Helena while turning around to face her interlocutor. "I thought I recognized the accent. You are from Madrid right?" repeated the voice. It is hard to describe the quick succession of emotions that traversed Helena when she realized that Jake Armstrong was tattooed guy bangs a girl on the couch her.

She recalled feeling surprised, happy, amazed, ashamed, thrilled and somewhat excited. Above all Helena now felt stupid for starting a scene which meant that she was in disapproval and that Jake represented the center of that disapproval now that he had joined the conversation; a consequence she had not intended. The last thing she wanted to do was to make Mr. Armstrong to feel uncomfortable by being on the receiving side of a rant. "I am very sorry Mr." Helena said hastily in a shaking, barely audible voice."I didn't mean to offend.

I just…" Helena could not finish her phrase as she needed all strength to hide the multiple symptoms of extreme stress she was experiencing.

The website pictures and videos of Jake Armstrong failed to make obvious his handsome, imposing physique. He was dressed in a tight upper body synthetic material that outlined his muscular thorax, hinting of equally developed abs hidden by a stylish vest that seemed to be there to annoy would-be-admirers.

His strong jaws and purposely grown three-day beard and short hair came in perfect contrast with the 31 year-old, sweet brown eyes. His charming yet masculine smile radiated an unusual confidence and calm accentuated by his lush flattened-heart shaped lips. Helena saw his lips move for a while but couldn't make out what he was saying.

She wasn't sure if it was the shaking of her legs or the view of this expectedly beautiful man that was messing with her senses.

"I didn't mean to startle you," said Jake trying to calm his visibly shaken interlocutor."Let me try that again. My name is Jake Armstrong. I am the one responsible for this mess and I feel I owe you an apology." That was it… Helena knew that this conversation wasn't going to last much longer. Already she could feel the moisture developing beneath her tight skirt. She had had similar feelings before in the streets of Madrid, but this time it had a totally different dimension and intensity to it.

The fact that the sexiest art world 'homme du jour', Jake Armstrong, was now starting to apologize in such a nice way was more that she could handle. The quick succession of emotions culminating with a conversation with the drop-dead handsome Jake in front of the entire art gallery was enough to create a havoc of a flood generated by an equally rapid succession of incontrollable pulses and quakes from her womb to her vagina lips and legs.

She literally had to start a strange dance and adopt indescribable stances to hide the soft silvery stream starting to make its way down her bare inner thighs soon to be visible by all if nothing was done.

She had to bite her teeth together with full might to prevent would-be moans from being heard by the growing crowd of people now gathered. Jake's lips were still moving. She was sure he was saying something else but she could only grasp fragments of it during the brief moments of respite that her now fully raging orgasm would allow. "…bad. But I can assure you that I will try my best to compensate this …" said Jake before being interrupted by the sound of sharp high heels on the hard floor.

"Lo siento…" shouted Helena as she turned around and started to flee the scene. Helena was running as fast as her dress shoes would allow. She had to push a couple of onlookers to free herself from the circle that had hastily gathered around to watch the loud scene. As she made her way through the last line of the circle where the taller men had gathered to watch, the few men that were closest to her were hit with the sweet musky distinctive odor, collateral damage of her ongoing down climax that she had hoped she could hide by running away to the bathroom; obviously too late… Once in the cubicle of the clean, new age restroom, Helena had to set her stretched-out hands on the back wall, standing and stretching her legs so they wouldn't shake as much.

She had to wait while the last waves of the aftershock shook her body and trembled her legs like the released string of a perfectly curved bow. She extended the length of her climax by feverishly massaging her vagina, creating rapid sloppy sounds as her hands pulsated against the viscous liquid coating the now swollen member. She didn't hold back this time on the moans.

If any other broad was in the ladies, Helena was sure she would associate these sounds to natural bathroom sounds; although these were a little too loud. She had to be conservative with the small amount of paper towel left to clean herself up with gracious movements from the knees up. She laughed at herself for a while at her little girl reaction caused by the surprise conversation with the celebrity.

She was also concerned that Jake was going to think little of her for her strange behavior. That didn't matter much to her though. She was reliving in her mind what had just happened.

She had heard of women climaxing before without any physical contact, but she attributed them all to urban legends until now. Her flirt sessions in Madrid were now going to have a hard time this bitch takes it deep in her asshole with Jakes effect on her. Gradually she could also feel the guilt slowly rising up and that is the last feel she wanted to feel at that moment; guilt towards an unloving husband that had neglected for so long; guilt from her religious morals and family responsibility.

For the second time in that night Helena was running, pounding the hard floor with her Prada Gucci shoes, this time running away from her own self. ------ When she stopped running she was on the balcony of the Place des art. The fresh air and the star sparkled sky were a welcomed relieve.

The urban Montreal sounds are loud enough to drown any sorrows in an uncoordinated cacophony of good looking people and cars. It took Helena a few moments to notice that she wasn't alone in the balcony. A tall, mid aged man in uniform was calmly enjoying busty blondie comes for enjoyment hardcore massage cigarette. "Usually smokers would go breathless from running a flight of stairs that fast especially in high heels" said the man with slight sideways twitch hinting of a camouflaged smile.

"I am not a smoker" replied Helena. "I am just having a bad day". "Sorry to hear that. Maybe I can help." Here was that twitch again."Cigarette?" "No thank you." "Trust me," insisted the man with a more convincing voice."If you are having a bad day this cigarette will help." Paying more attention, Helena noticed that what she thought was a cigarette was actually a joint.

The man had another sideway smirk that he made no effort to disguise this time. "The name is Richard by the way" he said as he started moving closer to Helena. He extended his arm to offer the joint. Helena took the joint and took a couple of breath before answering. "I am Helena." "That's a beautiful name; uncommon for a Spanish girl." "Is my accent so obvious?" asked Helena in between puffs.

"Not as obvious as your beauty." Helena smiled at the direct attempt. Maybe it was the joint starting to lower her flirting standards. "You are not too bad yourself. But I am married," said Helena. She had used that technique many times to separate out the boys from the men that really wanted her. If they passed, she would find herself being turned on by the fact that a man would want her so much that he was ready to disregard her marital status.

"That's what the other women told me too. Until…" continued Richard without completing his sentence. Helena was both shocked at his boldness but was also really enjoying his confidence. The joint-greased conversation now had a life of its own that Helena was more than willing to play along to. "I see," continued Helena. "And did you live up to their expectation?" "And then some…" "Sorry.

What does 'and then some' mean?" "Long story; Let's just say I don't disappoint." Richard leaned forward on the balcony and Helena could now make out his perfectly combed hair beneath his driver hat. Thin strips of gray hair were running down along his scalp just above his ear, which ironically make him more handsome. His pal skin and thin body contrasted with his large blue eyes that had a permanent bad boy look. As Richard got even closer to Helena and he stopped a couple of steps away from her to lean on the balcony gesturing her to pass along the joint.

She gladly obliged and handed over the borrowed hallucinogenic. Richard's outfit was strikingly ornate, clean and well ironed hinting that he may have been a driver for one of the rich visitors of the exhibition.

"Stop staring at me," asked Richard in a soft voice without turning towards her. "No, I am not. I am…" "Don't lie; I can feel your eyes checking me out." "You really aren't shy are you?" "Well if I was, you wouldn't like would you?" "How do you know if I like you." said Helena while trying to control the tone of her voice to not give away any signs of her obvious growing excitement. Richard did not answer.

He instead winked at her with another of his smirks. Helena felt that she had met her match in terms of flirting. Although Richard wasn't giving her a platonic orgasm without touching her, he was never the less making her already soaked panties be subjected to another failure in liquids containment.

Without asking, Helena snatched the joint from Richard's hand and smoked the last puffs. She then threw the left over to the floor with sensual provocative motions, she bent down, facing away from him and killed the last flames of the joint in a posture that exposed her thighs and a bit of her wet panty-covered crouch to the attentive Limo driver.

She turned around just in time to see Richards lustful waist high glance set upon her, crowned by a full blown smile. Richard's smile was not the only thing that was full blown as Helena sexy woman gets drilled by pawn keeper at the pawnshop brunette blowjob noticed an impressive and very sizable bulge that was still growing and distorting his stylish pants.

"So who is staring now," asked Helena, pulling herself up very slowly while turning to face him. This gave Richard an opportunity to look at her half exposed superb hand size cleavage.

"Well on my account you are still staring," replied Richard. "And I am sure you are not teen uses all her holes to dp and enjoys it at my belt. " Richard was now back to his cocky sideways smile which helped him establish the impression that he had regained the upper hand in the conversation.

"I think we both looked," continued Helena not wanting to oiled blondie gets cum hole rammed hardcore massage things to the point of no return.

Or maybe it was too late for that. "I really need to go back and take part in the rest of the exhibition." "Well, it was a pleasure to smoke and talk with you Helena." "Yo también." "You are going to have to help me with that Spanish stuff." Helena smiled at him as she headed back down stairs.

She was soon back in the familiar humming of murmurs discussing Jake's pieces. She wandered from piece to piece without paying much attention. Her interest for art had somewhat dissipated after the recent events.

Her thoughts were bouncing all over the place remembering details of her last two conversations. One short, one long. One powerful, the other a flirter's dream. One orgasmic, the other kinky and equally enjoyable.

--------------------------------- She spent the last two hours of the exhibition lost in her recent memories. She was still day dreaming when a voice she recognized spoke from behind her again. This times Jake made sure to tone down his voice so as not to startle her. "Hi again! I am really sorry for before." "It's Ok. I am the one who is sorry for running away. I guess I was too ashamed for making a scene." "That's OK", reassured Jake.

"I would have made a scene too if I had crossed the Atlantic for an exhibition only to find that the best pieces were missing." "Thank you Mr.

Armstrong. That is…" "Oh please, call me Jake." "Thank you … Jake," said Helena, savoring the opportunity to call him by his first name."That is really reassuring. But I still made a fool of myself." "Absolutely not. Mrs.?" inquired Jake. "Call me Helena" "Helena. That is a beautiful name." Helena smiled at the compliment, but quickly convinced herself that Jake was just trying to be nice.

He probably said that to all the women he met. "Thank you." "Look Helena, let me make up for my rude introduction before." "You really don't have to Mr. Armstrong. Jake." "I insist. I know offering to pay you back would be like an insult. I would never forgive myself if I didn't at least mend things with such a gracious lady as you." "You really don't have to. But if it will make you feel better, then I wouldn't feel so bad about what happened." "Deal then and I think I have just the thing for that.

I am currently close to finishing a set of pieces that no one has seen yet. I would love it if you could come to my place and I showed them to you. You could give me your opinion on those too. If you are OK with that." "I would love to," replied Helena, trying not to sound not too eager.

What could be better than to check out new unseen art pieces from Jake himself? Not to mention that she would be spending some more time with him. "Great then. The exhibit is almost over so let me call my car and we can be on our way soon." Heading out of the exhibit Helena was more than happy to draw the envious eyes of the few women left as she was being led away by Jake Armstrong. She especially delighted in seeing two forty something equally sophisticated MILFs murmuring to each other while directing looks of anger and jealousy at her.

The expensive black Limousine pulled in front of them. The driver got out, putting his hat back on before heading to the passenger sides to open the doors. Helena immediately recognized Richard. He approached the couple, opened the door and offered his hand to Helena. He quickly winked at her and displayed his brightest victory smile. Helena got in the car and turned towards the opened door just in time to see Jake give Richard a friendly push with his for arm which had the effect of widening Richard's already surreal smile.

"I see you have already met Richard my driver," said Jake while sitting down and grabbing a bottle of wine. Helena blushed realizing that she had been caught staring at Richard."Yes I did. We talked a bit on the balcony as I was taking some air. You seem to be very friendly with him." "Friendly?" said Richard voice through the interphone of the Limo."This poor guy wouldn't know how to have fun it wasn't for me." Jake quickly jumped in to give more context to his comment.

"Richard is an old, old friend. We go back … what? … Six year?" "Seven years," corrected Richard while lowering the tinted glass that usually separated the passengers from the driver."Ever since that Bitch left me and took all I had." "Richard!

Be Nice," said Jake hastily. "Why don't you drive us to the house?" Turning to Helena, Jake started speaking softly to her."I hope he is not bothering you. He kind of has a 'way' with women." "Not at all; He is actually very nice," said Helena unable to hide her smile. Jake smiled, recognizing a familiar expression of women that had dealt with Richard.

Helena immediately recognized that her last sentenced may have been misinterpreted and may have caused Jake to lose interest in her. She did not want that to happen as she felt very attracted to Jake to. In her haste to correct her wrong deed, she quickly said the first thing that came to her mind. "I think you are very nice too…" Jake just smiled back at her seeing the sincerity in her statement.

He noticed how her lips would tighten to the sides, giving a glimpse of her small white teeth. Jake also noticed her exceptional gorge, where an ornate pendant was being tortured by the proximity of her tender freckle-less upper breasts. The pendant along with the valley of flesh created by her squeezed bosoms gave onlookers the impression of looking at the source of fertility.

The closed confines of the back of the limo engendered the perfect entrapment that forced Jake take full intoxicating inhales of her angelic body aroma. "I mean you are both nice," said quickly Helena, trying to contain the damage.

Richard burst out in laughter from his front seat."You hear that Jacky, she can't make up her mind as to who she likes best. But I think she knows I am cuter." Helena was now in a full blown blush. Her barely visible change of cheeks color beneath her natural tan gave her a look of her former teenage self.

Jake, ever attentive to his guest, noticed that she was starting to feel uncomfortable again and offered a glass of wine as a distraction. The rest of the drive to Jake's rented mansion in the high end residential area of Hot nympho sucks cocks and gets banged was as joyful for the trio.

Richard and Jake were the perfect combination to keep a woman entertained. What the one didn't have the other complemented. Their strong friendship also made teen masseuse gets fucked by older client after massage easier.

Helena found herself relaxing as time passed. Occasionally, she would feel the heaviness and discomfort brought on by her thoughts of her husband, Manuel. But his own past deed, the way he had neglected her for so long and the pure pleasure she was having with her two new found friends kept any potential guilt away. ---------- When they arrived at the door of the house Richard said his goodbyes to Helena.

He gave her a last bad boy wink before getting back in the car and driving away. Helena and Jake then made their way to the mansion. Jake sat her down comfortably on his sofa with some wine and excused himself.

He came back a few minutes later holding two new paintings. Helena also noticed that Jake got into more comfortable cloths. She could see better his incredible muscular body. It was difficult for her to pay attention to the new unfinished pieces that he was showing. When he was done, he sat down with her in the sofa sipping a glass of wine and tending to her every need.

Helena hadn't felt so comfortable next to a man for a very long time. She didn't want this moment to end. She had gone from being that stupid woman that was making a scene in the exhibit to having great conversations with a very down to earth and kind art world celebrity. She turned to look at Jake. She wanted to take a good at a man she wished she could have as her man. His soft lips were forming kind words that she no longer cared about.

He stopped mid sentence and realized that Helena was no longer listening.

She saw him turn with an inquisitive look as if he was about to ask her if she wanted more wine or to see another hard fuck and a lot of facial his unfinished pieces. Helena was at that point drowning in the warmth of Jake's glaze.

She made the first move, unconsciously or maybe so. She put her left hand on Jake's thigh and used her right hand to draw his head closer to hers. "Helena, you don't have to. I really appreci…" They kissed, or rather, she kissed him.

He then took a paused, looked deep into her eyes and placed his sensuous lips on hers. Their tender kiss grew in passion as their touching lips became enlacing tongues. Helena could feel every part of her body responding the make out session. Then Jake stopped again. He looked at her straight in the eyes with the same expression he had right before kissing her. "What is it? What did I do wrong," inquired Helena almost panting. "Oh, you did nothing wrong you are perfect Helena.

It's just that I become a totally different person when…" "It's Ok. I want it." "You don't understand Helena. I have a …" "Shush," she interrupted putting her fingers on his lips, more caressing than anything.

"Helena I have special ta…" Helena interrupted him again with the same gesture. "I want you Jake. I know you are a nice person. But I want you to take me. Do with me what you want…" With that Jake seemed to have been reassured. He gently caressed her cheek with the inside of his hand. He then gave her a light kiss. What followed both surprised Helena and excited her to the brim. Jake stood up and pulled Helena up with her. While kissing her he placed his hands on her neck then traced his strong fingers down until he found the fabric of her dress.

With a strong thug, he ripped apart her dress and soft bra, exposing her naked breast and soaked panties. He quickly followed this move by a tender kiss and started rubbing Helena's wet black panties, spreading her lustful odor in the room. Jake continued to rub Helena's pussy though the panties and softly caressing her nipples and neck with his other hand.

Helena was moaning with increasing vigor. Her orgasm was quickly building up as her rapid breathing stopped leaving her open mouth waiting for an eternity for the exhale that would a climatic scream. Right then Jake stopped. He took a step back and looked at her. Helena opened her eyes. She saw Jake standing a step away from her with a serious look and his arms crossed.

He seemed to be admiring her, just like a painter would look at one of his most precious pieces. In her near climatic state Helena was losing her mind. She was no longer able to think straight. She was yearning for him to bless her with his touch; the final touches that would bring the bliss. Seeing that Jake still wasn't moving she shouted at him. "Please take me now!" "What do you want me to do to you?" "Anything you want. Everything you want.

Please take me now." She pleaded. Yet still Jake didn't move. Nor did he say anything. He continued to admire the effects of his caresses on Helena.

Like a junkie in need of a fix, her fingers were repeatedly stretching and coming together in a fist. Her pupils were now fully dilated in anticipation of the rush that she was yearning for. Her mouth was still open to enable the air to keep up with her heavy breathing generating occasional moans and pants. Finally, she couldn't take it anymore she threw her entire body towards him, wanting to grind her sensitive wet panty covered female hood onto his athletic body until ecstasy ensued.

But Jake had other plans. As Helena got within distance of him in her desperate hurdle, he caught her by the wrists. He lifted both her hands on the back of her head. Helena tried to struggle to free herself and jump onto him but he was too strong. She only succeeded in gesticulating wildly and adding to the discomfort of her pose induced by her captor.

This had the result of making her even wetter. The wetness between her bare legs only covered in the middle by water waterboarded panty now useless in its primary function. Jake pushed down on his left hand that was hold Helena's wrists and with the other he started to take off her underwear. "Poor thing. It must have been building moisture all night. I think it is time to take it off," Said Jake."That will make a good souvenir." "Claro que no!

I will keep it." "Why is that?" "I keep them all. I have a collection. This one is going to take first place." "You Spanish Whore!" Helena delighted at hearing those words from the man that was such a sweetheart to her just a few minutes ago. At that point Helena had lost all control on her thought let alone her body.

She moaned in pleasure in response and could feel her excitement reaching new levels. Always attentive to her every condition Jake noticed that the dirty talk did not deter her, but in fact turn her on. With her panties now off he had a good view of Helena in her kneeling position. With his free hand he undid his pants to let lose his titanium hardened member. Helena only had the time to usher the beginning of a gasp of amazement before being forced down on his beautiful sizeable member.

As more and more interminable inches of Jake's penis were being forced down into her throat Helena started to moan in ecstasy, bringing her closer to an orgasm that she had been waiting for so long.

Jake was now penetrating her soft lips contoured mouth with force and fondling with her right breast, occasionally pinching her hard nipples. What ensued was pure art. The inner separation of Helena's spread opened legs started to leak droplets of female cum on the floor. Jake took notice that he could no longer prevent her from cumming anymore. He saw the diamond like bits of liquid making their way down from her pussy, sure signs of starting climax. Excited by the scene he started to lose control a little bit and started to thrust even harder in Helena's throat by pushing down on her head and hands still held steady by his strong left hand.

The increased speed and strength of the penetrations added to her own pleasure, while the idea of being degraded in such way by a famous man who was at the same time so turned on by her was enough to take her orgasm to the level of a squirting climax. A long stream of pussy juice gushed with power from Helena's pussy, spraying Jakes right leg.

At that point Jake let go on the grip that he had on her hands and head. She fell to the ground gasping for air and convulsing with repeated bursts of squirt spraying on the expensive vinyl floor. "You beautiful whore," shouted Jake. Helena answered to those words by shaking more violently on the floor and shouting in between breaths "Mas! I want more…" "I knew you were going to say that." Jake smiled and gestured towards the kitchen door.

Richard appeared from other room. He hottie gets cake and two dicks at bday already naked and had his victorious smirk on. "Richard told me about the interesting conversation you had on the balcony.

So I hope this is alright." She lifted herself up from the floor and gave Jake a worried look. She then turned to the new naked slender body contrasting with the large protuberance that stood tall from its center. Helena could not understand why the sight of those two naked men with their big tit teen amateur hairy desert rose aka prostitute manhood was creating such sensations of excitement in her instead of feelings of fear and guilt; Wholly surrendering to her new found feelings, she felt welcomed tumults and trepidations that she was taking in strides as this artist was slowly deconstructing the moral barrier of the now frail and abiding perfect skin goddess.

She thought of her penetration-less orgasm induced by the sensation of feeling Jake inside her mouth well beyond the frontiers marked by her soft lips.

She could not comprehend how she had ended up in this situation, but one thing was certain; Helena thoroughly enjoyed it all. She was in pure ecstasy in anticipation of what was to come. The exciting, the uncharted… Helena uttered more desperate pleas in her native tongue as sexual fog messed around with her logic, preventing her from thinking straight.

"Mas. Quiero, Mas…" "You heard the lady Richard. We don't want to keep our guess waiting do we?" With a kinky grim, Richard came ever closer to Helena who was now perv old mister fucking his next door young girl her knees.

With his right hand he held the base of his pleasure tool and started teasing gorgeous and busty mom fucks young guy in the dressing room. He would bring his cock very close to her lips only to purposely move it sideways at the last second causing Helena to repeatedly kiss and lick his sensual penis all over its length.

The tip of Richard would rub her chicks, nose and forehead causing her to moan even louder as the masculine odors hit her with full force in synch with soft unintended caresses of Richard's testicles on her chin and lips.

Jake took advantage of the distraction offered by Richard to move in behind Helena. He lifted her ass up, as she stood her legs spread ever so slightly apart hoping that what would come would relieve her growing renewed tingling.

Richard took the opportunity of the change in angle to upgrade his provocations and slowly inserted himself in her drooling open mouth, inch by inch. Jake got on his knees and took a moment to enjoy the view and the sweet perfume emanating from Helena vagina and ass hole secretions. He then dove deep and started to taste, lick, devour and sip her whole pussy and the surrounding regions.

Helena's moans, muffled by the muscular insertion used as a gag, were becoming more frequent and loud. Richard pulled out, leaving her to gasp for air. She started to cry sending clear signals of another coming orgasm.

Her panting was now becoming louder than the sloppy sounds of Jake's lewd cunnilingus, alternating between her flooding pussy and loosening sphincter. Jake noticed the change in the pitch of her voice, indicative of the imminence that would bring his victim to the single passage peak and as she was ready to be sent over the edge. He stopped a couple of lick short of giving her what she wanted and pulled back again. Helena released Richard's cock from her tightening lips and tongue to turn around in a hurry to look at Jake.

Her lusty surrendered gaze was met by Jake's who was still holding her ass cheeks apart. He was smiling but that is not his smile that she noticed. Her attention was fixed on the disgraceful amount of pussy juice covering the lower part of his face and slowly dribbling down towards his chin and neck. She gasped and squirmed at the sight of the famous artist whose face had been made a complete mess by her generosity. She got even closer to her much awaited second orgasm that her torturer would not bring.

Jake gave a satisfied smiled and stood up. He walked toward Richard. He stood next to his friend and held Helena in the back of her head softly, kindly, sensually. He brought his lips closer to her and kissed her tenderly at first and the passionately, exchanging juices with her, mixing fluids in her mouth; the same mouth that had recently sucked Richard's dripping penis and his own cock. Both Richard and Helena got more excited at what had just happened.

Richard became even harder and more pre-cum juices started to slowly make their way down his now saliva covered cock. Helena became lost in the might of the feeling she was experiencing from being brought so close to climax for so long now.

"Please make me cum," she pleaded, almost crying. "You are not asking nicely," said confidently Jake breaking from the wet kiss still holding her head from the back and looking deep into her eyes. "Puja me!" Screamed Helena in desperation. Jake didn't flinch. He stood there stoic, admiring how Helena was now totally lost in lust.

She was throwing her arms forward trying to grab on to one of their cocks. He legs were moving like that of a woman that had held her urine in for too long and who needed desperate relief. But she now knew it wasn't urine she was holding back. Richard was now going crazy because the increasing naughtiness of the sexual scene. Unable to contain himself any longer he ran behind Helena placing his warm masculine hands on her hips. "Fuck you Jacky," he screamed, bending Helena down and spreading her legs open."Fuck you and your art craziness." "Oh yes, fuck me Richard!!!" screamed Helena.

Richard gladly obliged and plunged his heavy cock inside her scorching hot twat. They both gasp before they started panting wildly due to the frantic rate at which Richard was going in and out of her. Jake took another step back to admire the unfolding scene.

He took a small camera out of a nearby drawer and started filming the fall of this goddess to a status of whore. Richard's strong and frantic pace was pushing all the womanly juices that had been held captive in Helena's strong's pussy, causing repeated splashes to spray on all nearby legs. Helena slowly started to bend her whole body upwards and her panting suddenly stopped as if she was foregoing breathing and all other essential body functions to focus on her now inevitable orgasm.

"Hey Richard, " said Jake with a grim. "It's my turn to fuck her." Richard smiled and suspended the repeated spanking of his hips on Helena's ass cheek. In her bliss, Helena had not paid attention to the latest development. She did however feel the emptiness caused by the withdrawing cock. She opened her eyes and turned toward Richard. He was standing a couple of steps away from him, still in a full blown erection and a winded grim on his face.

"Come back right now. I want it." Scream Helena. "Not yet," continued Richard pointing to his long time friend. "I think Jake is waiting for you". Now turning towards the famous artist, Helena saw him sitting on the couch, gesturing for her to come. She ran to him, wanting to jump on his skyward pointing cock and ride it until satisfaction ensued.

Jake held her tight inches away his manhood and fixed her deeply. "Do you remember when I told you I had special sexual needs," He asked. "Yes, I will do anything you want," replied Helena in a honest and pleading voice. "I want to take you in the ass," Richard explained.

Helena did not even hesitate before agreeing to this lewd proposition that she had never tried before. Her level of excitement and lustful need was such that she would have done anything for him and she was ready to give him her anal virginity. She just wanted a man inside her. She just wanted to be released from the chains of sexual tension and excitement that she could no longer contain but that could only be delivered by her skin contrasted lovers.

Jake turned her around and exclusive mommy teaches how to blow her ass slowly onto his cock.

She let out a long gasp. When his big cock was 2/3 of the way in and after a short period of adjustment he started pumping. It was Richard's turn to admire the scene. He was stroking his cock gently with an amazed look on his face, watching his boss and friend fuck this previously prude Spanish girl up the ass. This time Helena was resolved not to give any signs of her approaching orgasm until it was too late. Jake started to lose control himself. The tender cheeks of his exhibit guess were squeezing the full length of his penis.

In his follies, induced by the fog of the raging anal sex, his mind came up with a last desperate effort to be artistic. He turned to Richard who was now franticly pumping his hand up and down his pre-cum leaking cock. "Richard," he called out in between breaths."I think we have tortured her enough. Why don't you lick her pussy and make her cum while I fuck her up the ass." As soon as she heard Jake's order, Helena let out a long moan of approval. She twisted her head towards Jake and started to kiss his juice covered mouth.

That's all the encouragement Richard needed. He quickly got on his knees and started to make his way towards her glistening pussy that was generously lubricating Jakes cock, facilitating the increasing penetration speed in the tightest of Helena's holes. Richard's mouth never made it to Helena's pussy. The mere idea of having a gorgeous man agree to such a big boobs czech babe railed in the woods for a few bucks act in order to give her pleasure was more than enough to send her over the edge.

That feeling was amplified when she saw that Richard was very willing to lick her defiled clit and was actually in a hurry to do so.

Richard's mouth was getting closer and closer to her special place with his eager tongue sticking out and his thin lips split apart. The closer he got, the more she could feel his breath, his heat and his arousal. Helena had reached the limit s of the sexual excitement anyone would have been expected to withstand without cumming. Jake's tongue was now within distance of performing the unspeakable. As the first wave of the climax hit, she felt that some muscles in her body began to have a mind of their own; some tightening and others loosening.

With a sudden shriek, a commendable amount of squirt was expelled from the depth of her wide spread pussy reinforced by the stiff pressure of the big shaft cock anally ravaging her. The first wave of climatic squirts took Richard completely by surprise. He didn't have time to think about it because Helena used her free hand to shove his head right where it feels good. She cried out and continued to squirt in Richard's mouth, preventing him from pulling away with grip of a desperation filled whore.

Helena cried softly, with her eye rolling up to the back of her head while riding Jake's thick cock old amputee gets cock sucked and rode on by blonde her ass and rubbing herself on Richard's soft lips. When Richard was finally set free, his whole face and torso had been covered with orgasmic blessings.

The sight was enough to send Jake over the edge. "I am cumming…" He cried out Helena jumped to her knees as if on cue and opened her mouth in anticipation of the reward.

Jake stood up to oblige. He had his hand on the base of his cock. He was looking is his throbbing glistening cock. He hesitated about giving her his cock which was now coated with pussy juice, saliva and unmistakable thin traces of ass juice giving the combination a deliciously dirty odor.

Seeing Jake hesitate, Helena took matters in her own hands. She wanted to satisfy him completely with complete disregard for any decency that may have held her back.

She wanted to satiate her two lovers. "Give it to me Jacky," she murmured.

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With that, she pushed his hand away and shoved the entire length of his cock deep inside her mouth. Jake felt like the kinkiness of the event made him lose his mind. Her lack of sexual restrain even in the face of the very sexy and filthy mixture on his cock made him lose all remnants of control he had on the situation as she sucked with passion.

Loads after loads of his cum added to the lewd mixture that Helena guzzled and gobbled with slurpy sounds and movements which caused Jake to deliver more shots than he would normally have. The prolonged provocation that Jake had made her endure had pushed Helena to new frontiers of her personality. The envy to cum had pushed her to seek any bit of pleasure she could have used to help her ever slowly growing orgasm. At the end of it, she was a changed woman, having done things she would never have even considered before.

Richard had been watching the last 30 seconds of the action with complete astonishment while unconsciously stroking at his huge cock that seem to be growing bigger and harder. Unable to hold his cum back anymore and bathed in a sensation of stupor and sexual bliss, he pulled Helena towards him, stood in front on her, dominant, with his cock right in front of her face.

Helena licked her lips in anticipation of the additional cum, scooping leftovers of Jake's load. Richard lost it. He tried to look away to avoid being tortured by the view of how sexy Helena had become with all the sperm and other fluid on her face. That didn't work. Xxx mia kalifa sex with gift felt the first wave wicked slut likes to be on top hardcore and blowjob cum mounting up his balls.

Richard could no longer think straight. His whole body was shaking while his gazed was fixed on the goddess whore. With a fluid swing, intended to disgrace her one more time, Richard slapped Helena hard with his free hand causing her head to spin a bit and some of her hair to sway and stick on her left chick and forehead due to the unidentifiable juices that were coating it. The sensation of that disgraceful slap sent Mom son xxxyoung girl young boy in a race for another climax.

She started rubbing her pussy feverishly in sync with Richard's pumping. Her lower lip separated from the upper and once again her characteristic moan could be heard as drops of the foul mixture started to drool out. Richard's grunts and cum spurts in her face, chin and neck took her to a third less powerful but enjoyable climax.

Having been completely drained by her previous two orgasms the Spanish beauty did not squirt but delighted in feeling her lower muscles pulsate as she took Richard deflating cock in her mouth.

"You are without a doubt the best fuck I have ever had," said Richard while Helena continued to milk him. "I think it will be hard to beat this." "Thanks you." Said Helena, dropping of exhaustion on the squirt wet sofa. "But I am sure you tell that to all the girls you sleep with." He came closer to her and gave her a light kiss on a dry part of her forehead and said in a honest tone. "I swear to you I don't." Richard and Helena both turned to Jake who was now sitting on one of the dining room chairs.

He was holding the camera in one hand and giving a thumb up with the other. He clicked on some button and set the device aside. He stood up headed to the kitchen and came back with 3 joints. "After party anyone?" --------------------------------- The trio enjoyed the rest of the night making small talk, jokes and smoking. Occasionally, one of them would make fun of the other, reminiscing some aspect of their prodigious threesome.

Strangely, Helena had not felt the onslaught of guilt she thought she would have. Maybe it was that she was too tired to feel guilty. Or maybe it was how those to handsome men were treating her amicably even after such a degrading fuck.

Jake, always the gentleman, kindly offered that Helena could use his bathroom. He even offered a set of jeans and oversized t-shirt to replace the dress he had ripped off.

He had wanted to keep the mercilessly soaked panty but Helena refused. He consoled himself with the kind words she said as she took the panty away from him. "Who knows? I might let you soak another one…" With that Helena turned away and headed toward the taxi that Richard had called earlier.

None of them was in a state to drive after all the alcohol and joints. She looked back one last time at her two lovers who were standing on the stairs of the mansion.

She felt her eyes get heavy with tears. It wasn't guilt this time. They were tears of joy. Joy of finally being free from the grips of her neglecting husband. Joy for having lived and experienced that would last her a lifetime and make the rest of her life worthwhile.

Joy for finding the courage to do so many things she had always wanted to. Joy of having fulfilled these two best friends to the fullest. Joy of having done in one night more "first times" than her entire marriage could have offered.

And a complete bliss for having let this famous, gentle black guy and his white bad boy chauffeur teach her what it is to be a woman.