Busty girlfriend gives blowjob and lifts upskirt to finger

Busty girlfriend gives blowjob and lifts upskirt to finger
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I thought I'd share my latest erotic experience. As background, my daughter just graduated from high school last spring and for one of her graduation presents we decided to go to a beach for a weekend in the sun last summer.

We looked on the internet for a fun beach. Padre Island looked promising, Daytona beach looked interesting, but when we read about Haulover beach, we decided that it would be fun to try it big black cock vz japan it would be a new experience&hellip.it is a nude beach.

We go around the house nude at times, so we discussed if we really wanted to go nude on a beach where others would see us. Neither of us had ever done it before but we were both excited about the idea. We decided to try it. We flew to Miami and stayed at the Daddy O Hotel. Recommend it. Turned out that several others going to Haulover beach were also staying there. One couple asked us if it was our first time and we told them yes it was. They smiled and asked if we wanted to eat dinner with them.

We did. They told us about going nude on the beach, that we needed beach towels on which to sit and other towels to use to cover up from the sun or if others got too nosy. We could rent lockers to store clothes or take large bags in which to store them and carry with us. We liked that idea best. What if we became nervous about being naked around others. Then we could put on our suits again and still swim and enjoy the beach. They said we could go with them the next morning if we wished.

We accepted. That night we sat up talking about being nervous. I think I was more than she. Warm ball cream collection for hot asian japanese and hardcore concluded that if either of us became nervous, that we both would get dressed in our swimming suits and go to another section of the beach where people were not naked.

My suit is a one piece with no back, high cut on the hips, and see through in the middle. My daughter has a yellow bikini that covers her parts, but barely. Anyway, the next morning we met our friends, couple in their 50s, and after breakfast, we changed into our swim suits and they drove us to the beach. We followed them to the nude section and without any hesitation, they took off their swim suits, stuffed them into their bags.

He smiled at us and said we could take our suits off there with them or go over to a somewhat secluded place tarra white hosted a lesbian threesome that masturbation and cumshot far off and take them off there.

We decided to do that. They went off to the beach after we all agreed to meet back at their car at noon, in case we wanted to leave. She was a pretty woman with short brown hair, a round face with brown eyes, about 5'3", nice looking legs and a small ass. She had a triangular patch of hair over her mound. If I look that good at 50+, I'll be happy. He was about 5'9", balding, a bit overweight, but not fat.

His manhood was average I guess since it was soft and only out a couple of inches but his balls must have hung two or three inches down between his legs. It was a warm morning. My daughter and I walked over to the secluded location recommended by the couple and we took off our suits and put them in the bag.

We spread out the beach towels, put on the suntan lotion, and laid back taking in the sun. We saw a few people walking down on the beach near the water but no one walked our way. After a half hour sunning, we decided to be brave and go take a swim. We got up, held hands and ran down to the water. In we ran. Of course it was cold at first but we got used to it. We were standing just over waist deep watching the others in the water and on the edge of it.

It was exciting to watch all the naked people walking and swimming and playing. There must have been hundreds and everyone was having a good time. We started comparing the men we saw. I hate to admit it but we started grading them 1-10.

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I had more higher numbers than my daughter. I guess it is that I can admire anyone from 18-60 and she preferred just the younger men. We swam and played and looked. Never saw so many penises. I love looking at penises. Started when I was eight and saw grandpa's. Eventually, a young couple swam busty blondie comes for enjoyment hardcore massage near us and we began conversing with them.

It was their first time also to go to a nude beach and they were enjoying it also. They not only like looking at the other nude people but they really enjoyed others looking at them, especially at her.

She was beautiful, blond, I guess 36D/23/36 with long hard nipples on puffy areolas and upturned breasts. She was clean shaven with a high mound and camel toe lips. He had a nice face and smile and his body was also clean shaven.

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His penis was hard the whole time, even in the water, and was about 6-1/2" curving to the right. He was circumcised with a bulbous head. His balls were drawn up close to his body. The water I suppose. I guess I should describe us as well. I am 5'6", slender, dirty blond, 33/24/34. I have a shaved landing strip. I am a widow, four years now. My daughter is 5'5", slender, brunette, 36/24/36.

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She is smooth shaven. Beautiful, even if I say so. Anyway, we wives hiring a man whore to play with big dick blowjob hardcore lesbian milf threesome and c decided to go back to our towels. They got theirs and came over to where we had ours. We told them why we had come and they told us that this was a late honeymoon for them.

He was still hard sitting there on their towel. I noticed my daughter taking looks at his penis, as I admit, I did too. It really did curve a lot. I guess his wife noticed because she reached over and grabbed it and said that his curve really made sex with him special. It rubbed her, really spreading her inside. We were getting hot, the sun, so we all put on some suntan lotion again. I did my daughter and she did me and they did each other. We watched as she lathered him, especially as she lathered his penis.

She took her time on it and his balls. My daughter and I just smiled and enjoyed the sight. He spend most of his time lathering her fabulous breasts and then her ass. Then we all laid down and talked about our lives. When we turned over, yes, he was still hard. It was sticking straight up with its curve. As we watched, his wife reached over and started stroking him. Then she must have realized we were there and she asked if it was ok with us and we said yes, of course.

So we watch her give him a slow hand job. Just as he was about to cum, she leaned over him and took him into her mouth, swallowing all of his cum. We watched with erotic excitement, each of us fingering ourselves. When she finished, she laid back and he got between her legs and ate her till she came. We continued to finger ourselves until we came also. It was now almost noon and we excused ourselves to go meet our friends at their car. When we arrived, they were there.

They asked if we had gotten nude and went swimming. We told them we did and had a great time. They said to put on our suits and we would all go eat lunch. We did. After lunch, we went naruto and shizune porn hentai and yaoi to the beach and this time we all got naked and we went with them down to the water and all went swimming together. We splashed and rode the waves and had a great time. We played tag in the water and pulled each other underwater.

Both he and his wife grabbed me at once and I felt hands all over my body. I didn't know whose hands were covering my breasts but it was nice. My daughter jumped on his back and pulled him down. I lunged at his wife and our breasts pressed against each others, she lost her footing and we fell together underwater. We all came up laughing. I guess we played an hour or so with all of us getting more hands on. It was fun to watch her breasts bounce up and down as we played and I got hold of them several times.

She pulled my nipples several times. Once he got behind me and lifted me up out of the water his hands around my ass and his thumbs on my pussy.

Then he threw me into the water. He did this several times to my daughter. We all had a good time. We watched his wife go under water and swim over to him.

Taking a breath, she went down in front of him and although we did not see it, we know she was giving him a blow job. He was definitely smiling.

At the end of the day, we went back to the car. They dropped us off at the hotel. They had already made plans to meet another older couple for dinner and a movie. My daughter and I went to our room, changed, and went out to eat. When we returned to our room that evening, we talked about our day. Turns out the he had felt her up several times in the water while we were playing and she had grabbed his penis in return.

She said that it may have been small when it was soft but that it got really large when hard, not so much in length but in diameter. She couldn't get her hand all the way around it. She said she even leaned back on his chest with his penis between her legs, but he did not enter her. He also played with her breasts while she sat on his penis. I told her that I had felt it too and agreed about its thickness. Laying in bed talking about all this made us both horny and we solved that problem by masturbating together several times that night as we talked about our first day at a nude beach.

The second morning, we took a cab to the beach and returned to our secluded spot where we could sun bathe and watch the naked people on the beach.

Sometime near lunch a family walked by (father, mother, and son) and asked if we minded them sitting next to us. We said OK. They spread out their blankets and sat down. We started talking. Their son, my daughter's age, started getting a hardon and took his towel and covered himself. My daughter told him that it was OK and to take it off, she wanted to see it. He looked at his parents, they nodded yes, and he did. They told us that this was his first outing to a nude beach and he was a bit embarrassed.

No wonder my daughter wanted to see it. It must have been 10" long and it stuck straight up. We were both looking at it. He of course was looking at my daughter. His parents were unconcerned. They left to go swimming but the son stayed. The two kids started talking about their schools and where they were going to college and the courses they would take.

Then my daughter surprised me by asking if she could touch his penis. She said it was the biggest she had ever seen. He looked at me with a questioning look in his eye and I nodded yes. He scooted over next to her and she played with it like she had never seen a penis before. I could tell he was clubber confessions katie kay masturbation and pantyhose enjoying it.

Then she began stroking it. She said, "mom, do you mind". I said go ahead, do as you wish. I have to say that it was very erotic watching her jack him off. He leaned over and started nibbling on her breasts and nipples and fingering her pussy.

I was getting so horny that I was masturbating myself as I watched. I notice him watching me.

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So did my daughter. She told me to come over and stoke him too. I did and she massaged his balls. He was so hard and I had never stroked such a long cock. Both hands were around it and still the head plus was above them.

He began to moan and said he was about to cum. My daughter moved her hands to his shaft and finished him off. His cum must have shot three feet into the air and he shot about five loads of cum. That boy was in heaven then. When his parents returned, he was laying down and my daughter was putting suntan lotion all over him. Sure enough, he got hard again when she cover his cock and rubbed it into his balls.

Then he got up and started lathering my daughter. The man asked if I needed suntan lotion and I said yes and he began lathering me. It sure felt good. He first did my face and neck and then he covered my breasts.

It felt nice and my nipples hardened even more than they were. He noticed and rubbed them some more. His wife said, "she has enough oil there now". He then rubbed the lotion into my stomach and then he started on my legs, down the outside and up the inside until he was at my pussy. I opened my legs for him and he put lotion all over my pussy.

I looked at his wife and she was smiling. He then did the other leg the same way and more lotion on my pussy again, reaching between my legs and lathering my ass hole. I was enjoying it. He turned me around and did my back and ass, with a lot of time on the ass. The boy had done the same to my daughter, though she was laying down while I was standing. He spend extra time on her tits and pussy and ass also.

I could see that she was enjoying it too. He pussy lips were swollen and it looked like more than lotion was running down her ass. Then the mother said that it was her turn and she wanted all hands on her. She stood and I and her husband lathered xxx xxx big booty poran front side while my daughter and her son did her back side.

I did her top while he did her legs and pussy. He did her just as he had done me and I spent extra time on her breasts. And as me, her nipples grew hard and I pinched and pulled them as I put on the lotion.

I saw her husband insert a finger in her pussy and he masturbated her until her knees gave and she squatted on the towel. Then the three of us watch as he continued until she climaxed. He was hard himself by then and he got over her in a 69. It was making all of us horny too and the son was again hard.

We had him lay down and while my daughter straddled his chest and began sucking on his long cock, I sat on his face and let him lick me till I came. While she was sucking him and he licking me, I fingered my daughter and in awhile we were all coming together, including husband and wife.

Afterwards, we all went for another swim and then parted ways. You are wondering why we didn't have intercourse with all the other sex going on.

My daughter and I had talked earlier about how far we might want things to go. She was still a virgin and didn't want to lose it until she met the right man. We knew that the people we met on a beach were not going to be the right men. So we made a conscience decision before leaving that we would not have sex (intercourse). She, and of course I, had done all the other things before so we had no problem hot teen displays her ass in red lingerie doing those things.

I had decided that I would not have intercourse in her presence and I didn't. We will definitely go again, especially when she has found her man. Maybe I will have one too. I've got one in mind. Wish he were here with me now. Writing this has made me so horny.