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Hot teen fucked by her bf on web camera
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I grabbed her medium length brown hair forcing her to take my throbbing cock in her mouth. Wrapping her plump red lips on the tip of my shaft, I slid my cock into her mouth. I wouldn't let her touch it and made her keep her hands away by pulling her hair when she got close. The warm moist suction on my dick felt heavenly as I didn't let go of the bitch's hair. I pumped my rod in and out of her mouth, increasing the speed as I approached my orgasm. Her beautiful green eyes looked up at me as my cock slid in and out of her mouth.

In the background I saw her high heals and stocking covered legs on the floor behind her.

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I felt the pressure build and soon I was squirting my load into Jess's mouth. She squirmed and tried to pull away but I wouldn't have it. She gagged and wiggled but I pulled her hair tight. I knew I was hurting her but I wanted the suction on my dick until it was milked dry. I went limp in her mouth and let go of her hair. To my surprise, she didn't get up running out of my apartment but reached for my cock to lick up the last drops of my cum. I think that was when I fell in love with this plump beauty.

Yes, she was overweight but I like them that way. She stood at about 5'8" and her curvy body had just the right proportions. She had a little extra padding but that only added to her beauty. Also, she was confident and very sophisticated woman. She got back on her feet and I pulled her sexy chick porn with gal getting fuck satisfaction me to engage in passionate kiss. I tasted my juices in her mouth which only added to the excitement.

I guided her toward the bedroom and I followed her there. Watching her walk started to turn me on again. Looking at her beautiful big ass wrapped in the tight short red skirt, the shapely black stocking covered legs, and the 3" high paki desi xxx sex stories storys, just made my lust for her increase.

Oh, how I wanted to throw her on the bed and just fuck the daylights out of her. Oh, in due time, not trying to get ahead of myself. As soon as we got in the bedroom, we met again in a deep kiss and when we came up for air, we found ourselves on the bed. We were on our sides and Jess's leg was wrapped around me.

I was holding her silk panty covered ass pulling it closer to my rock hard cock. I pulled her up to remove her sweater and threw it onto the floor. It must have landed on my cat from the meow and her hustle to leave the room in fear.

I grabbed her black bra covered tits. They were gorgeous and they filled my hands. I squeezed and played with her breasts and she moaned in pleasure. I teased her with my fingers and rubbed circles around the nipples.

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She was panting in pleasure as I was turning her into my whore. I removed her bra exposing the soft warm flesh of her bosom. I squeezed and played with her tits and drew circles around her nipples with my fingers.

Pushing her onto her back, she spread her legs allowing me to lay in between. We humped each other through our cloths like we were fucking.

In fact, she begged me to fuck her and fuck her hard but again I wanted to make love to her slow and sensual. It is best with a woman to do it slow and make them anticipate your every touch. I leaned over and kissed her on her right breast. She begged for more as I kissed each of her breasts. I moved closer and closer to the nipple until I finally got there.

She moaned in pleasure as I kissed the hardened nipple. I opened my mouth and sucking as hard as I could I suck the nipple of her super slim teen riding pov breast. I felt her squirm under me as she must have been feeling some pretty great pleasure.

I moved away and looked at the hard red center to her beautiful left mound. Not wanting the right one to be jealous, I did the same with the left one. Again I felt her wiggle under me and she moaned and told me how she wants more. I pulled away again to look at the creation of my work. Her swollen nipples looked so good that I had to bend over for more.

Before I did, Jessica pulled off my shirt and threw it on the floor. I then sucked her one tit while squeezing and playing with the other. She was enjoying the pleasure but was also begging for more.

I knew I had to give her more, a lot more. I arose onto my knees. I pushed Jessica's skirt up her wide hips and reached for her panties. I grabbed the elastic band and pulled them down as she lifted her ass off the bed. I smelled the sweet aroma of her snatch and I moved closer. I bent over and kissed her inner thighs and all around her trimmed pussy. I made my way to the slit and with one long lick, I traveled the entire length. She was wet and the wetness tasted so good.

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I needed more so I plunged my tongue into her hole. She moaned and groaned as I slid my tongue between her tight lips. Her juices flowed lubricating her tight hole and her clit. I had to do more so I concentrated on her swollen clit licking and sucking the hard knob.

She was enjoying every moment of it slut is begging to get fucked super hard begged me for more. Her orgasm was building and her hips pushed into my face to get more of my tongue in her pussy.

At the moment she was yelling that she was cumming, I plunged two of my fingers into her tight wet hole. She was tight and it seemed my fingers barley fit. She was yelling and bucking from the pleasure of her orgasm. I had to hold on and continue to suck her clit. One orgasm would subside and I would continue my magic to bring on another one. I lost count how many orgasms I gave her, but she was panting for more. My rock hard cock wanted out on my pants and into her hole.

I got up and stripped down. Kneeling between her beautiful plump spread legs, I rubbed my cock while watching her beauty. Her eyes gazed at my huge thick cock. I asked her did she want my cock. Of course she said yes, and begged for me to ram it up into her pussy. I moved closed sliding my cock up and down her slit lubricating the tip. I placed the tip at the entrance to her hole and asked what she wanted.

She moved her hips trying to get my dick in and begged for me to put it in her. I wanted her to ask for it. I wanted her to beg for my cock. I asked again. She then told me how she wanted my monster cock in between her legs.

She wanted it buried deep in her body. She told me how big, I was and how she has never seen a cock my size. I felt honored and had to give her my gratitude. Thrusting forward, my cock slid into her body. Oh, did it feel good.

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That big bitch was so hot and tight. She was well lubricated and I immediately started sliding my tool in and out of her tight hole. It felt good but I was getting tired doing all the work. I got up and ordered Jessica up as well. She started to complain because of the good feeling I just took away.

I slapped her across the face and told her to do what I say. She could have walked out right then and there but she must have still wanted my dick in between her legs. I slapped her again and told her that she was my whore and she will do what I say. I pushed her to the side and I laid down in the center of the bed with my cock aimed straight into the air.

She removed her skirt completely and stood on the bed. I told her to get down here and real college girl sucks and fingered at houseparty my huge cock.

Straddling my legs, she lowered herself down. She grabbed my cock with her right hand and guided it into her dripping wet hole. She slid down my shaft till it was all the way in and started to ride my cock.

Oh it felt good. I reached around and smacked her on the ass a few times which increased the speed of her movements. Every time she slowed down, I hit her ass. I was hitting her ass hard and later I saw how red it was. She didn't care and I think it must have added to her pleasure. I even told her that it sounds like she likes to be spanked.

She bounced up and down on my shaft bringing us each closer to orgasm. I reached up and squeezed her tits and nipples as hard as I could. She screamed in pain and pleasure as a I did but it increased big booty brunette rides cock hard maddy o reilly speed of our fast and furious fuck session.

I couldn't hold any longer. I felt my cock increase in size a moment before I exploded in the fat beauty riding me. That caused a chain reaction of me squeezing her nipples which must have caused her to have another orgasm. I felt her vagina walls squeezed my exploding cock which sent me into one of the best orgasm of my life.

We bucked and ground our bodies together in the explosive orgasm until my dick shrunk and slid out of her snatch. Jessica rolled onto the bed next to me. Exhausted we laid on the bed out of breath and all sweaty. She was the first to talk and complimented me on how good it was. I am not sure if she was telling the truth, but she told me for her being 31, that was the best sex of her life.

It was certainly good for me and I was extremely turned on by how she let me pull her hair and hit her. Is that what made it so good for her?

The truth was it was really good for me but I wanted more. I wanted to punish this bitch and have her scream in pain as I taught her to obey me. I was about to turn this woman into my ultimate slave but will I cross the line?

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What will she do the first time I tie her up and spank her ass with a riding crop? What will she do when I tie up tits and slap them to a bright red?