Extremely horny dude fucks his slutty woman

Extremely horny dude fucks his slutty woman
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A Reason to Hide Cheryl crept along a narrow stretch of alley where four men were waiting, beside an old abandoned car, talking loudly amongst themselves. She stopped short of their group and turned to run. One of them moved quicker than she could, her little legs kicked air as he lifted her over his shoulder.

The yellow and red dress she'd worn from school let the brisk autumn wind gust between her most intimate crevices. His heavily calloused hand drew the waist of her knickers down, exposing her hairless cunt. None of the men spotted this change, Aaron pocketed her panties before anyone realized what he'd done. They brought her into the cellar of a building everyone knew as the Bishop's Dungeon. It at one time was a Catholic Church, where many of the younger helpers were tortured, maimed, raped, beaten and killed.

Though this wasn't an everyday occurrence, eventually the parents in town caught on and set fire to the place. Their city didn't have enough funding to repair the place, so drifters began to inhabit it.

No one knew about the cellar until one night when Aaron and Jeff went snooping around after a night of drinking and discovered the secluded section of big tits nylon garter belt cells and heavy metal doors that led to some of the most rank and putrid smelling rooms either of them had had the displeasure of happening upon.

Today saw a girl named Cheryl being introduced to room number 3, where Aaron knew there were a few usable rigs and proceeded to strap her lithe body into the metal framework. She barely fought against him, her hands lightly slapped his arms and a tiny voice begged him to let her go. None of that mattered to him. It had been too long for any of them to let a chance like this slip away. She didn't want him to spread her ankles and knees wider but the rigging allowed him to do so. The other three guys stared in a zombie trance at her pale pink cunt and thought of the most sadistic ways to make this little bitch scream.

Aaron saw the whole scenario differently. Still, she needed to suffer for her mistake. He grabbed a broom handle and snapped it over his knee as he stood with a ragged determination in his eyes. Cheryl sobbed pathetically, her eyes peered down between her gaped legs and saw him kneel between them. A wet tongue caressed her asshole, fingers pried its restricted opening wider as he continued to orally molest her.

The slobbering sounds of Aaron eating her shitty brown hole intensified. The tip of the broom poked her dripping anus and probed deep, making her tiny frame writhe nervously. He watched her pussy clench and relax, involuntarily as it seemed, he knew secretly that she on some level enjoyed her abuse. Cheryl looked down at his erection and shook her head in denial. She never had intercourse, but her father liked to show her his cock when he washed her every night.

This was nothing like her fathers. Aaron's had double the length and three times the girth of her daddy's prick. Either way, she would do anything to not have her virginity taken. He stood by her face and held her nose shut. Eventually, she gasped for breath and opened up her mouth. His prick delved into her spasming throat, coating itself messily in saliva. She gagged on him and his shaft plunging her young throat like he was clearing a drain. Aaron's prick lined up with her parted lips and lined her neck straight up, with her head over the contraption's edge.

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He blocked her airway and abused her thyroids, raping the inside of her throat. Cheryl's eyes bulged but her attacker propertysex hot property manager fucks pissed off tenant let up.

When his cock withdrew, she choked and coughed, distracted by the pain and discomfort enough to forget where the tip of his cock was. The searing pain made her cunt burn, a fiery insistence traveled along her spine and into the farthest reaches of her hole. She wasn't lubed, but Andhra hairy puku sex storys repeated thrusts helped to coat her insides with the amassed saliva on his shaft.

The guys around them cheered and stroked their cocks, waiting for their turn with the curious little whore. Cheryl screamed, her cunt clenched tightly in an attempt to force him out.

He simply shoved himself rougher up her raw hole and reached under her splayed thighs. She shrieked as he massaged her puckered anus and motioned for another guy to lubricate it. "If you can get under there, have at it. I'm not moving 'til I'm done." The framework contorted her body so much so that her ass was aimed at the ceiling.

Aaron climbed on top of the rusted table and stroked himself deeper into Cheryl's raped cunt. Jeff lined his cock up with the girl's anus and stretched the tiny orifice wider using his cockhead.

She screamed again only to be quieted by a rather tall and built black man, Shaun, tattoos ran along both arms, his chest, and back, accented by scars and a few old stab wounds. He leered down at her immature face and shoved his meaty prick down her throat unapologetically.

She drooled all over it, her chest heaved under its new burden and the two men pumping away at her available holes. Cheryl learned to breathe around him because he didn't dare if she died.

She was just another fuck doll and was easily replacable, at least to him. Jeff grunted, his cock covered in shit wrecked her ass, fucking it wife with my boss for promotion a second pussy. He heard her screaming bloody murder as his hips strained due to the frantic pace with which he drilled her. Seven inches found their way up her poop chute and soon released thick ropes of cream sauce.

He backed away into the darkness of the room, only to be replaced by another man named Malik, another black man. She didn't see him arrive but knew he was going for her ass. The thick pipe he laid stretched her already damaged anus, probably tearing it for all any of them knew. He fucked her intestinal tract relentlessly, feeling a warmth trickle down his large chocolate covered tool. Red splotches dotted the floor beneath the men and left proof of their crime.

Shaun held the sides of her neck and crammed her throat full of meat. He spurted his caustic cream down the back of her throat and withdrew so she had to taste it. Cheryl sobbed unendingly, but that was short lived. Jeff soon came around to her face and gave her a taste of his shitty cock.

She kept her lips pursed tightly but he slapped her face until she relented. He held her nose and railed her mouth, listening to her struggle to breathe. Shaun laughed a baritone hefty guffaw and lifted her dress higher, above her flat chest.

She didn't think he'd be the least bit compassionate but his tongue certainly was. He licked her puffy nipples, sucking them to full hardness.

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Aaron watched them and drilled her sweet slit, his balls tightened up but somehow he needed to outlast the guys. If any of them fucked her pussy, they'd kill her. His cock was an average six inches and barely fit inside. Imagine one of several inches trying to force its way in. Malik slapped her little booty and withdrew, walking around to her face.

Jeff and Malik took turns making Cheryl choke on their cocks, demeaned her by laughing and both felt the urge to cum.

They held their cocks in their hands and pulled at them furiously. Jeff grunted and shot a wad across her squinted eyes, made her clean the tip off and disappeared into the darkness with Shaun.

Malik kept pulling, soon his cock erupted with spurts into her eyes, nose and in her open mouth. he too joined his two partners. Aaron was kind and considerate with Cheryl, as badly as she'd been abused. They cheered him on for having such stamina and each took turns burying their cocks in her ruined asshole, ensuring that she'd remember having her ass abused.

They all forced her to suck them clean of all the shit and blood while her eyes stung. The guys left the room and thanked Aaron for such a good time.

He took his top shirt off and wiped her eyes with it. His cock stopped thrusting. For a moment, there was silence in the room. He unstrapped her from the framework and sat her on his lap. "I'll call the ambulance. Stay with me." She groggily nodded out, her words became slurred as she repeated, "I'm dying.I can feel it." The sirens blared in the distance. Outside, the three guys Aaron knew of took off black man japniese girls nurse xx another alleyway across town in Shaun's Pontiac Bonneville.

He emerged on the streetside with Cheryl in his arms. She drifted in and out of consciousness on the way to the hospital. Aaron drove his own vehicle behind the ambulance and followed them. They gave her a plasma transfusion, hoping against hope that she might come around and shed a little light on her predicament. As they pulled up, a few nurses helped load her onto a stretcher.

She was brought into the ER immediately and Aaron stayed close behind. "And how are you related to the victim, sir?" "Aaron" "Okay Aaron. How are you-" "I'm her brother."