Son and mom massge sex

Son and mom massge sex
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My name is Drew. I am a big fan of young female artist. There was this one new artist, her name was Stabitha. She had to be one of the most attractive and talented females in the business.

She was about 18, she was about 5'4", had a very nice set of tits, and a perfectly firm ass that was to die for. Everytime I watched her perform on tv I got an erection. I started having dreams of taking that young woman and making her my personal sex doll. As the dreams got more vivid over time, my desperation became more and more serious.

After a month of fantasizing, I knew I had to have her. I began following Satbitha on twitter. She posted where ever she was going to be and I made sure I was at every concert. I took notice to just how she left her concerts after the shows. She always left through the back enterance when all the fans left. I started to plan exactly how I would get her und wieder spritzen tube porn what I would do with her once I had her.

Stabitha had done a concert in my area to help raise money for stem cell research. As usual I went to that concert. However this time around I had more planned than that. My car was parked a few blocks away from the concert hall and it was full of things I would need for this evening. Rope, belts, a knife, an axe, and so much more.

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I had a very dark fantasy in mind for Stabitha. When the concert ended and Stabitha left the usual way I was already in the alley where the back enterance was. I had been drinking during the concert, but not drunk. I cracked the empty beer bottle over her head, causing her to fall to the floor, passed out. I let out a groan looking at her body.

She already had me hard. I picked up the 18 year old, and carried her to my car. I tied her up with the rope and stuffed a sock in her mouth to keep her quiet if she woke up. I started to drive back to my home. Stabitha woke up when we reached my house. I made sure no one was watching before I dragged her out my car, along with my sack of goodies in store for her. I dragged her into my basement and untied her. She started thrashing against me, trying to fight me away from her and that's when I took out my knife.

She froze. "Keep still and quiet and I won't kill girl in stockings satisfies a hard dick I told her. Obviously that was a lie but she didn't have to know that She was crying and she looked beautiful crying. I started cutting off her clothes and looked at her.

Her pussy was nice and shaved, perfectly tight and pink. "You're a virgin aren't you?" I asked her. She nodded and I smirked. That made this all the more enjoyable.

I pulled off my belt and started beating her with the belt. Her ass shoke with every hit and the welts formed fast. I let out a groan as I hit her ass, stomach, chest, and back with the belt. She fell to the floor crying and trembling. I undid my pants and took out my cock, smirking.

"Open your mouth." I told her. She shook her head. "N.N.No unusual czech sweetie stretches her spread slit to the unusual no." She begged. I kicked her hard in her stomach hard and yanked her hair. "You should have done it when I told you to." I forced my cock into her mouth.

The feel of this mouth was amazing. It felt like my cock was being wrapped around a warm silky blanket. I thrusted my cock deep down her throat, watching her eyes widen and hearing her gag. I started fucking her face harder and she threw up around my cock. I let out a chuckle and I kept going. I loved watching this little virgin throw up.

She vomited over 4 times and looked like she was going to pass out. I pulled my cock out her mouth and slammed her face in the pile of vomit she caused. I started wiping her face in the vomit like a rag. After a few minutes I pulled her face up. She had vomit dripping off her face and nose, covering her eyes. "Please sir let me go. Please." She begged. I shook my head and threw her down on the floor before grabbing her anckle.

I pulled her closer to me. "Your pussy is so tight. I might not fit in there just yet." I said. I dragged her over to my bag and pulled out a power drill. "How about we give this thing first shot at your virginity?" I asked with a cruel laugh. Stabitha let out a scream.

"NO PLEASE! SOMEONE HELP ME!" She cried. I just laughed at her. "You don't think I made my basement sound proof?" I asked.

I pulled in the drill and placed the tip at her pussy hole. I smirked before turning it on and drilling into her pussy. She let out a blood curling scream as I did so. Blood started flowing from her pussy, ripping her lips and hymen. She was in utter shock by the time I was done with the drilling.

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The blood on the floor only made me harder if that was possible. I lifted her lower half and started thrusting into her bloody pussy. It felt amazing, using the blood as the lube. I busted a load inside of her and watched her tremble.

She looked like she saw a mass murder. I flipped her over and used her blood to lube up her ass. She started screaming in pain as I fucked that too. I chuckled and cummed deep inside her asshole. Then I looked at her. "Wow you're such a good fuck." I told her. She looked half dead.

She was barely able to move. I grabbed my knife and walked up behind her.

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Grabbing her by the hair I smiled. "Thanks for the fuck." I told her before slitting her throat. I dropped her and watched her body convulse, blood spirting from her neck. She stopped moving a few minutes later. Looking at her dead corpse I groaned my cock was hard again. I grabbed the ax out my bag and brought it down on her neck, severing her head. I shoved my cock in the open mouth of Stabitha's head and started to fuck it.

I shot my biggest load of cum in her mouth and watched it drip out from her neck hole. I looked at her body and then the head. Picking up my ax again I hacked her body to pieces, before washing out the head and her pussy and asshole. I put all the limbs in a bag and took them upstairs, throwing them in a pot and boiling them. I washed my hards and cleaned up my basement and tools while I waited for my dinner to cook.

When I was finished cleaning, the limbs finished cooking. I sat to the table, with Stabitha's head as my center piece and I ate the limbs right infront of her glassy, lifeless eyes. I buried the bones in my back yard and then put her head in the freezer. I adorable gals for one ramrod interracial hardcore to my room and laid down, feeling a weird mixture of adranaline and lust.

I wanted to do it again. And I will. Trust and believe I will.