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Sunny leone hot sexy girls
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Pinning a woman against a wall is my favorite position, nothing delivers intensity, passion or caters to raw sexual nature quite like wall sex. Being pressed against a wall by a lover because the shared arousal can no longer be denied leading to a fierce, aggressive sense of urgency to this position making it undeniably hot.

No wonder this steamy position is a top favorite for men and women. Those primal feelings of possession and domination that are triggered during wall sex are what many men and women find most erotic. Men love the feeling of power that comes from pinning the woman against a wall and completely controlling the pace, depth of his thrust and angle of penetration; whereas women relish the sense of vulnerability, confinement and being dominated that comes from being wedged between the hard surface of a wall and a man.

Another reason women find sex against the wall so appealing is that it provides exceptional clitoral stimulation. In this position, her pelvic region is lower than the man's, directly aligning her clitoris against his pubic bone. With the man deep inside her, she can easily rub her clitoral region against him to create a delicious friction. Anna is friend's with Shelly, she is 25 never married frustrated with dating men her age.

Shelly suggested she spend a evening with me. Shelly explained she had the same frustrations until she met me and had sex with me. She explained rough primal sex with me has made her a complete woman reaching sexual pinnacles and having massive orgasms that she had never experienced with men her age.

After this conversation with Shelly, Anna invited me to her place for the afternoon. The doorbell rings; its abrupt crack travels like a jolt down her spine and floods her pussy with tingling wet pleasure.

She walks towards the door and she feels the first layer shrouding the undertones of our first meeting being peeled away. Acknowledging to sex storys with boobs watch on dsi without plugin that she is looking forward to this encounter; admitting that her mind screamed the word " pussy," with thoughts of me, of what my touch might entail causing the tingling down there. This in itself is a violation. Or perhaps a revelation; for more.

The more that is now about to be uncloaked. Anna feels a that of an artist. Revealing to the world at large my art; a sculpture cloaked with a white cloth; the folds of it shrouding the eroticism of the couple locked in a furtive embrace, with identical looks of passionate rapture barely concealed in their closed eyes and open mouths. It is scandalous; a 25 year old never married woman anticipating private time with a man thirty years older.

The eroticism of the situation when we first met lexi belle we didnt think she had it in her to swallow jizz palpable. The impersonal eyes devouring the personal ecstasy of a possible lover, and the pride of the sculptor who stands there uncloaking the moment with a flourish; owning the moment and its eroticism, owning each and every reaction.

The inescapable is that which courses through her slowly, at last, she opens the door. I stand there looking at her. One look at her face and I know something is different; even ominously so. She has never shared so much with man before. My innocuous touches made her feel safe, barely whispered sighs, looking at me in silence. It freaked her out; the thought of having a connection with a older man. She had never shared her thoughts and inner most desires with any man before.

She never thought she could share her vulnerabilities before, but she can with me. Perhaps, that is why she feels relaxed.

Anna yet another layer is peeled off.getting her closer to what might be the more of a possible relationship. I know this.for with that one look at her face, with the subtle contracting of her facial muscles.her eyes narrowing, her face lifting, her gaze intent upon me.I know too that she wants to cross that line.

The questions have been asked. There's no going back now. I hold her by her hand. The hot crackling energy rippling in between our palms no longer surprising her.

It's especially true when I telegraph that I'm going to do it. That I show her, tell her, that it's coming so that she can put up the best fight she has in her. So when her eyes narrow and her breath quickens and her muscles are bristling very hot babe riding that hard powerhouse all that extra strength and I sweep it away?

Push you down into the position I want her in like she has no strength? That way she knows that I own her. She can call it whatever she likes and she can pretend it didn't happen, whatever it takes to soothe her, make her whole.

Make her want it again. But we both know the truth when I do it. As strong as she gets, as smart as she is and as dedicated to the fight as she can be—the moment I want to take her, I can. So keep struggling, grunting, narrowing her eyes at me.

I want that, too. I want to gaze into her fire with my perfect calm and demonstrate again that she is being taken. That she cannot clasp her legs together tight enough that I can't pry them apart. That she can't push her arms against mine to move them as I do.

She will be mine after today. Her head relaxed, bending slightly to the side.

My hot breath lingering along the soft curve of her neck. Searching lips scorching the delicate skin and melting into its softness. Her eyes are closed and lost in the moment, opening slowly.

She stared through their lust-filled glaze into the afternoon sky. She noticed that the sun is barely visible, offering only a small glimmer of light to see by. Music can be heard radiating through the wall behind her. It's sultry beat influenced her response. I press her firmly against the wall, to restrain her from too much movement. My need for dominance became evident. Her roaming hands are allowed a brief moment of exploration before I grab her wrists, pinning them above her head.

One strong hand is all it took to keep her immobile from the waist up. My free hand is searching for access beyond the flimsy material that concealed her aroused flesh.

She squirms against me with false need to break free. It excites me more.

Her hips writhing against the swelling monster bulge trapped within my pants. My mouth hungered for the soft skin heaving shamelessly from the boundary of her garment.

Breathlessly I mumbled, " My God you taste so good " My grip on her wrists loosened. " Your scent is intoxicating." Lightly applied White Musk wafted in the air, mixing with the aroma of imminent sex.

The fragrance lured us into recklessness. My need for control is abandoned as my hand released its hold on her wrists. Enticed by the forbidden chance that I may deflower her, our arousal heightened.

The darkness of the night and shadows cast by nearby buildings masking our encounter. Despite knowing this, I knew our intensifying moans of lust gave us away. Her freed hands pull me closer.

Anna can't help but grope my hard monster cock through the fabric. The temptation to satisfy her curiosity drew her in.

She teases me deliberately. Fuck teaching xx story mom backed away slightly, hesitating a moment in enjoyment.

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Sensations coursing through my body, which left me in a needful state. My hands are pressed hard against the roughness of the wall to steady myself. " Mmmm Your so hard." Anna announced. Gazing deeply into my eyes, she taunted me with the devilish grin that spread across her face. " Is all that for me?" She asked in a breathless whisper. Playing into the game I had begun, I answered, " Damn right it is." Then I pushed her hard into the wall and said between clenched teeth, " You're mine for the night, Anna?" She moved away from me, but I went after her and just when she thought she would get away, I caught hold of the back of her dress and with brute strength tore it from her back.

I spun her around and slammed her against the wall again. Stunned, she stood there motionless as I pinned her arms above her head. " Oh GOD John," She groaned. " Shut up!" Terrified and not understanding why I'm talking to her like that, she stood there as I lifted her dress up, and with my foot pushing against her, forcing her to spread her legs apart.

I undid my trousers freeing myself, and roughly stroking my cock until covered in a thin, sticky film. Holding my hard cock, I pull her white lace panties aside and shove my hard, hot cock into her small, tight opening. For a moment, a look of surprise flickers across my face and I stop. I looked down questioningly into her wide eyes and then with a smirk, deliberately tore through her tightness and mercilessly thrust into her until I spasm and spew my cum inside her.

" Oh my god, oh my god," She kept repeating while I held her there against the wall continuing to slam into her until my cock softened and I withdrew. I release her wrists, my thick cum mixed with blood slowly dripping out of her, becoming cool and sticky between her bruised thighs. I look down at her and said, " The next time, Anna, I will mount you like a bitch in heat." With my trousers undone and my penis still fully exposed, I walk over and sat down in one of the big overstuffed footjob is about to end up with jizz. Pouring a brandy, I sat there watching her.

Slowly I got up and towering over her, my mouth covered hers hungrily. My kiss is demanding at first then softens. My lips slowly part from hers, neither of us wanting the kiss to end. " That was a sample of what is to'll love every inch of it." I concluded in a low growl.

Anna didn't let on, but she never had a man take her like that and never doubted the pleasure she will enjoy. The talk with Shelly had prepared her for the big juggs ladies get pounded by hard man meat in a room hardcore and big tits rough primal intimacy. The flames of desire is burning fiercely now.

Which ultimately has stripped away any restraint she might of possessed. The control I needed to obtain has been obtained. Now we stood in the hall groping each other with wild abandonment. My hand slipped under her skirt forcing her legs further apart. I search for the pleasure that is within her. I smile confidently, as my fingers slip beyond the silk panties still concealing her wet pussy. The look on my face told her such an eager response hadn't been foreseen. I'm pleased with myself.

Slowly, I begin to slide my fingers in and out of her wetness. I tease her clit intentionally between each thrust. My intention is to drive her crazy it is working. She held on tightly grinding her hips against me like a bitch in heat. Each wave of pleasure is more intense than the one before, as her orgasm drew nearer. " Ohhhh God Yessssss!" stumbled out of footjob is about to end up with jizz mouth.

The uncontrollable spasms of release has descended upon her. Anna rode each wave of passion until it begins to subside. I slip my fingers from her pussy and brought them closer to my face. With both fingers completely immersed in my mouth I begin to suck her juices from them.

My eyes closed as she watches me inhale the sweet scent black girls watch me flash desire. Satisfied I had devoured every lingering trace, she hears me command, " Get on your knees now." My voice remained firm. She knelt willingly before me on the floor in the hall. I unbuttoned my jeans and lowered the zipper until it wouldn't go any further. She noticed that I was having difficulty sliding my jeans down over my hard cock.

It had become so swollen with arousal again. She sees pre-cum glistening at the tip. It is enticing her to take a taste to lick it clean. Then beg for her to suck my hardness for more. My cock twitching in anticipation, beckoning her to fulfill its need.

She admired my thickness for only a moment, before she feels my hand cup the back of her head. Urging her forward. My fingers entangled within her hair to anchor my grasp. " Suck me." I ordered in a low growl. She lowered her mouth over my length until she isn't able to take anymore. Her lips hugged my cock tightly, as she begins her slow torturous descent. " Mmmm, Yeah that's it baby." Her mouth slides hungrily up and down my cock.

The rhythm accelerated, as she became more comfortable with my size. She became obsessed with the task at hand, sucking me harder and faster. She wanted to hear me beg for release to lose control. My grasp on her head tightened, as I held her still to receive my thrusts. She fondled my balls with her free hand, raking her nails lightly along the taut skin.

I slowed my frantic pace to keep from releasing too soon. Both of her hands slides around to cup my ass. She caressed the soft flesh invitingly, which almost sent me over the edge. My thrusting stopped abruptly. " Stop " I begged, " I'm not ready yet." She moans in disapproval, as her arian joy in drivers cock fills passengers pussy slipped from the end of my cock.

I kneel down on my knees, she turns around leaning forward onto her hands. I reach under both her hips and pull her ass high up in the air once again. I grab her panties with both hands and pull at them. There is a loud tearing sound and her face grimaced with pain as I ripped her panties to shreds as I tore them off of her ass. They are two white globes hovering in front on me.

She looks over her shoulder at me with a mixed look of anticipation and fear as I move my cock towards her hot wet pink slit and put it in just a fraction of an inch and move it up and down her slit. She gasps, " OMG!" then I hear a soft moan "ooohhhh! oooohhhh!" escape her lips.

I then move it up to her puckered asshole. I rub it across her sphincter muscle and feel it tighten. I decide on feeling her warm pussy again. Her having sucked my cock, it is now wet a full 9 inches long and ready to penetrate her tight pussy again.

I line up the head of my cock against her tight opening. I thrust my pelvis forward pushing the head of my cock forward entering her about half an inch. Her mouth opens, but no sound is coming out. I took a deep breath, grasp her hips tight and start pulling her back onto me as I slowly enter her from behind. My cock is well lubricated from her saliva and her pussy is just as well lubricated from her recent orgasm.

It feels like I'm cutting through hot butter as I slice into her tight passage. She is gripping me tightly with her vaginal muscles and it feels like a velvet glove as I continue to slice into her.

She starts exhaling deeply as if she is releasing pressure. I see her lips pucker as she blew out. I feel every ridge of my cock slowly sliding into her tight pussy. Her pussy is so tight, she lets out a deep moan " OOOOOHHHHH!

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AAAAAHHHHH!" as my cock slides in about six inches, " ohhhhhhh". She looked back over her shoulder again and I looked directly into her eyes as I slid my hands up her spine and firmly grabbed both of her shoulders, pulled her hard against me, and pushed in the final 4 inchs and bottomed out in her pussy hitting her cervix.

I heard her moaning a deep long soulful moan " oooooohhhhhh! oooooooohhhhhhh! aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!" as I pushed in deep and held it there with my hairy balls laying against her little bud of a clitoris.

"ooooooooooooo" turned to grunts "ugh, ugh, ugh" as I ground against her womb.

I pulled out only leaving the head of my cock in her, then slammed all the way back in. I did this over and over again. She just looked back at me with her mouth and eyes wide open gasping each time I slammed into her unprotected pussy. I continued this for the next five minutes. I grasped her wrists and pulled her arms behind her back as I slammed her forward forcing her knees forward and forcing her to spread her ass cheeks even further. Grinding my cock in as deep as possible scraping against the opening of her cervix.


She is on her hands and knees with my right hand holding on tight to her small waist, while my left hand pulled her back by her hair. I'm thrusting into her tight unused pussy, slamming harder and harder.

The excitement of cumming inside her unprotected pussy drives me to the edge and my cock starts to grow even harder and bigger. I'm smacking her cervix, hitting the entrance to her womb! That is when she starts turning her head from xnxx mom son 1980 movie to side moaning " no, no, no, oh God no" " no,no,no,no,no,oh please, no" and I feel her muscles starting to twitch and tighten and spasm around my hard cock.

She gasps as her body starts to shudder. She is orgasming again! The walls of her pussy clamping down on my cock and squeezing me and her cervix opens, I use the opportunity to push through the opening of her cervix and into her womb. There is a loud popping noise as the head of my cock enters her womanhood! She screams " oh, oh, oh my God, what are you doing to meeeee!!!" She put her left hand up behind her head and grasped my hand that is pulling hottie lick cock enjoys it in anal hardcore and blowjob hair.

The thought of cumming inside her pussy, sent me into a frenzy as I grab her shoulders with all of my strength, smashing my hairy thighs against the back of her thighs and driving my cock another half inch into her cervix. " aaaahhhhh! Oh God, Oh God, Oh my God!

Please take it out, its too deep, I can't take it!" The head of my cock now inside of her womb is so engorged it feels like it is going to pop off sexy japanese girl gives great blow jobs explode. Her cervix is convulsing around the head of my cock feeling like it is a mouth sucking my cum out!

Then I feel my balls tighten. My cock grew thicker inside of her and starts jerking. She feels this too, her eyes grew wide with a look of panic of what she knew is coming. At that moment she remembers that she isn't on birth control! She is whimpering " no, no, please no." Her uterus is convulsing and her cervix is clamping down on the head of my cock! With a new look of panic on her face she screams, " NO, DON'T CUM INSIDE ME, I'm not on birth control!

PLEASE NO", don't get me pregnant." It seems like slow motion as I feel my sperm exploding into her open womb. Spurt after spurt of thick white cum fills her belly as I push in deep in her.

She just dude cant live without playing with wet vagina back over her shoulder and into my eyes with her beautiful tear filled eyes whispering now, " no, no, noooo, you didn't, you shouldn't have… " I held my rock hard cock deep inside her as her womb convulsed, sucked, and drained every drop of cum from me.

As I finished cumming inside of her I start to pull my cock out, there is a loud pop as her cervix reluctantly releases the head of my cock. She sighs and looks back at me. She knew now that I own her and her life will never be the same.

As my cock slides out of her a long string of thick sticky semen trails down her inner thigh. She collapses on the carpet in front of me, and just laid there. " Get up." I had something else in mind something she longed for. I push her against the wall, then she feels the head of my cock pressing against her from behind. I rub it up and down the length of her pussy until it is covered with her juices. My fingers slip in and out of her a couple of times. She feels me position the head of my cock against her opening once again and waiting for the initial thrust.

I grasp her hips firmly and thrust forward. My hard swollen cock driving through her tightness filling her and massaging her womanhood.

She winces at the discomfort, but surrenders to the fullness, she feels deep inside her. My cock, slick with cum, slides in easily. Until my groin rests against her ass cheeks. A groan of undeniable ecstasy escapes my lips. She mirrors my verbal approval with her own deep moan of appreciation.

Her hand involuntarily reaches for her exposed nipple. Rolling and pinching it between her fingers, she waits for the emptiness of my out stroke followed by another deep thrust into her depths.

Every nerve ending feeling alive with sexual tension. I continue teasing her, slowly pulling out then thrusting in deep. It isn't long before she insisted I stop the insatiable teasing.

" Fuck me damn it!" At her request, I begin driving my hard cock into her. I had every intention of continuing until I had nothing left to offer. My deep hard thrusts give new meaning to the saying, " Hurts so good." It isn't long before she is pushing against me in perfect unison.

She abandoned the need to touch herself, when she realized both hands would be needed to steady herself against my driving force. She held on tightly to the brick support, while her sanity slipped between the cracks of the wall. Our impending climax heightened. She is so close to another orgasm is approaching. Beginning in her toes and traveling throughout her body. The intensity seems to double once it reached her pussy.

She feels the spasms around my shaft. I can't hold back any longer. Thrusting into her one final time, I emptied my load into her again. I press against her exhausted allowing her orgasm to milk me dry. My spent member slips slowly from between her legs, as it is still very sensitive to touch. She turns toward me and begins to re-adjust her clothing.

A smile is on both our faces.

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She guesses she can assume confidently, that both of us are completely satisfied with the night's outcome. I fasten the button on my pants. " So, are you planning on going in?" I asked. I nodded towards the back door that people had been using all night. " Or would you prefer to go somewhere else?" That little devilish grin forming on her lips again, as she replied, " Somewhere else sounds like a lot more fun.

You coming?"