Nasty model stretches her twat and enjoys hardcore sex

Nasty model stretches her twat and enjoys hardcore sex
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Derek pounded all of him inside me like he had a point to prove. Then kissed me as if I was the only thing he needed in life. After awhile it felt like I couldn't even form words because all I remember I said was "ummm.oh ssh.don' shit.But.oh not right there.oh bbbbbbbbbbbit but".

I remember Derek smacking my ass and saying "take this dick" as I felt my legs shaking. I guess Donna felt like I should've been quiet or something because after I arched my back even more and put my head back she kissed me just as Derek did. Then he stopped and sled beside me without slipping out of me knowing that's the way I like it. He knew exactly how I wanted to feel because he started doing long hard strokes as Donna and I continued to kiss.

My toes curled and Derek said "don't give up so easy Mr.hard to get". I couldn't say anything just frozen in pleasure. Even though I didn't even touch myself and I felt my orgasm coming. I was at the point of no return with each stroke Derek went in and out. A couple minutes later and it happened, my cum flew out of my rock hard onto the counter. My legs started shaking and I just melted on the counter. I looked at Donna and it looked like she was ready cum as well, I wanted to stick my tongue inside of her but Derek was still at it.

I thought the sight of me blowing my load would make him blow his but it didn't happen. Derek was still pounding all of his nine inches inside of me and I loved it. He never lasted this long inside of me and to make me cum without touching myself, he was amazing.

After awhile it started to hurt but I was just too weak to say anything. And as soon as the thought left my mind he stopped and I looked at him to kiss me and then he exploded inside of me. He filled me with every last drop as he clasped on top of me. Donna came over and gave him a kiss then gave me one to as she walked away trying not to fall in the puddles of her own teen babes tight pussy is drilled by big young cock juices on the floor.

Derek told me "never think that you're not wanted, you will always be wanted". I smiled as he kissed me and said "it's nice to know I'm wanted where I want to be, no get out of me Mr.

Proven Himself". He gave me 5 good in and out thrusts and slapped me on my ass as he got up to say "hit those showers". As all three of us showered I asked them "how does it feel to be fucking the boss's son". They both just sort of looked at me with confusion.

I continued to say "you did know that my father was taking over the company temporarily". Donna said "what did you think dinner we went to awhile back was for? How come you're just now finding out about it?" I laughed and said "you act like you never meet my parents; everything anyone needs to know is only on a need to know bases". Everyone agreed with a nod. When finally got out the shower after a hot three way make out session. I told them I will be back with a surprise tomorrow afternoon, so be prepared to break in someone new.

I didn't realize how long I was gone until I got into my truck and seen that it was almost 4 o'clock. All I could think is poor Brian my father probably worked him to death. Two minutes later I got home and my father was waiting on me in the kitchen.

I said "what's going on", he responded with a smile "Brian is a wimp, I don't wanna workout with him anymore" he said in a kid voice and walked away laughing. As he walked away I said "I thought you were at least going to be nice to him". My father turned to say "not to a slacker, I laugh in your face hahaha". I really didn't want to go upstairs to see how Brian was doing but I knew that it was the right thing to do. I got up to my room and as I walked over to my bed where I noticed that he was completely NAKED.

It felt like I could burn my whole house down with one look. Then on top of it he was sleep on my bed with his bag lying next to him. I felt no urge besides punching him in the stomach. I tried counting but it didn't work so I did the first thing I xxx virgin storys of sanilione with blood bleeding of, I punched him in his stomach as hard as I could. He woke up holding his stomach saying "why". I screamed "because who the fuck sleeps in someone else's bed naked without an invitation".

He looked down to see that he was completely naked and said "sorry, just don't hit me again, your father worked me to near death, he had me working out for about 3 hours then we moved furniture". He slipped on some red mesh shorts and said "please don't leave me alone with him again, I'll do anything but go do anything with him". I grind and said "anything, oh really anything" as I was getting undressed.

Then Brian said "wait, why do you smell like sex, like wet sex, I thought your said it was work related and that's why I couldn't go" as he starred at me taking off my jeans with nothing underneath. I replied with "I was minding my own business, when I get out the shower we'll continue this conversation about what you did with my father and talk about this you'll do anything business" that I said with a smile as I walked completely naked to my bathroom with a glance back to see he had a boner.

When I got in the shower all I could do was jerk off. I couldn't even believe it; I had just come back from hour's worth of sex with Derek and Donna.

All I could think about was taking advantage of Brian and his unknowing of his sexual orientation status. And that most likely tomorrow he was going to have my dick in his mouth. I came so hard from just the thought of it; I squirted out 5 big loads on my shower wall.

I was weak after all that, so I hurried with my shower then noticed that I didn't bring any clothes to change into. But it got me to thinking he already seen me naked, if I go out there in just a towel it won't hurt and it could lead slim teens gets well fucked and gets a facial way into some action tonight. So I just went back in with a towel to travel to the other side of my room to my closet.

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And for some strange reason he followed. In my head I was screaming "he wants my cock in and around his mouth" and started laughing to myself. Brian said "can I tell you something without you judging me" as he followed me to my closet. "When have I ever judged you Brian, you know you can tell me anything" I replied. He said "well I'm a virgin" as he looked at his bare feet and put his hands in his pockets. I laughed and said "there are some cookies in the little refrigerator over there in the corner".

He looked up and said "WHAT". I stopped and turned around to say "what's the point because you being a virgin isn't the point, what you just said is an issue to you but not the problem.

I'm sure some lucky girl or guy will want you to fuck the shit of them one day. So what's your point?" He just looked at me as I turned around to go to my closet. Then he said "well two french couples swinging on the beach my problem Dr.

Phil, how come at the age of 22 I'm still a virgin". "Well grasshopper, don't get mad when I say this ok" I said as I finally reached my closet. "First you do know I'm not going to stop getting dressed just because you're standing there talking and secondly you're boring" as I continued and let my towel hit the floor. "Brian my eyes are up here" I said to him as he starred at me putting my royal blue mesh shorts on.

He snapped back in reality to say "what hot ebony girls want some us semen all over them you mean". I laughed and said "you're like an empty shell, you are not interested in anything and people tend not to be attracted to other people who are more boring than are, well besides me" as I flicked nipple so he could stop starring at my shorts.

Since I didn't really feel like getting anymore dressed than I already was I walked over to the couch, while he still looked confused. So I said "look, you got that whole surfboard model thing going on with your eight pack, being almost six feet tall and you have that blonde hair with blue eyes.

Plus from what I seen earlier you gotta nice size dick. But all I have ever seen you do is hang out with me these past 4 semesters. To get a person attention you have to have shiny things and appear to be funny or somewhat interesting. Now what do you wanna watch on TV.". Brian said "but I've tried all those things and nothing works, all I really want to do is have sex at least twice then I'll be all that".

I laughed hard and said "how are you going have sex and you don't even know rather you gay or straight, then on top of that you can't attract anyone to have sex with because you're BORING".

He looked down at his feet as he sled from sitting on the arm of the couch to the edge seat. I got up and sat in his lap and said "do you want me to be your first".

He looked up at me to say "dude your my only friend, why would I risk that and get the fuck off me". Since he didn't move me I kissed him and he got an instant hard on.

When I stopped I said "you won't and remember we're in college we have the right to experiment". He had a nervous look on his face as I got up to stand in front of him to let my shorts hit the floor exposing my soft cock.

He said "stop you're going to fast me, just give me awhile to think things through" as he went from starring at me then back to the floor. I held his hands into mine so he couldn't move them as I put them behind his head making room to sit on his lap with my bare cock lying on his stomach to kiss him again.

I said "that's your problem, you don't go for what you want, stop thinking and just do".

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I moved to sit next to him as I picked up my phone to order pizza for dinner. Brian was pretty quite the rest of the day and around 10:30 he was asleep on the couch. Still with just his mesh shorts on, so I covered him up with a fleece blanket that was on the back of the couch.

I stayed up texting a few friends thinking how was I gonna old man sucking lactating breast milk Brian a girlfriend. I fell asleep after an hour or so thinking I'm just gonna to have to fuck him in the morning with no questions asked. As I did my usual turns in my sleep Brian woke me up asking "can I lay in the bed with you because the couch is hard". Without thinking I said "sure" as I moved to one side of my king size bed to give him room.

Not really thinking as I rolled over to go back to sleep. It felt like maybe 20 minutes later I felt a kiss on my neck, I thought that I was dreaming but then I felt kisses going down my back.

When he finally got to my lower back I jumped, then he rolled me over and kissed me. I guess he felt me not kissing him back so he stopped and looked at me and said "please just this once, all I want you to do lay there and I'll do all the work, just fuck, damn, never mind". As I lifted the cover to face him I felt that I was naked and I was, I thought damn he's good since I know I'm a light sleeper and for him to get my shorts off is impressive.

I asked "what do you want to try being a top, bottom, giving head, 69 position, just tell me and we can make it happen" as I grabbed his cock and noticed that he naked as well.

Brian said "never mind just go to sleep" as he rolled over to go back to sleep with his angry face. I grabbed him and pulled him close to climb on top of him as I wedged myself between his legs and said "stop playing, if you want to fuck then that's fuck" as I wrapped his legs around my waist and started to kiss his chest.

Brian got an instant boner as his eyes rolled in the back of his head. I kissed him all the down to his shaved pubic area then licked my way up his nice thick 7 inch shaft. His body shook as I took the head of his cock in my mouth as he teens shag fellows anal with huge strap dildos and squirt load monstercock hardcore his back and threw his head back into dani daniels birtsex storiesay in brazzers house pillow.

He gripped the sheets as I sled my mouth up and down his dick covering it in my salvia. He moaned a little as he gripped the sheets even harder as I took my finger to caress his hole. After about 2 minutes I guided my tongue back up his eight pack and kissed his lips gently as he released the sheets. I reached over to my side table to get lube and a condom from my night stand. I lifted his legs exposing his hairy hole and circling his hole with my tongue. With his body quivering he finally rested his legs on my shoulders.

I put lube on his hole as I stuck my finger in, sliding gently in and out of him. He gripped the sheets again and said "I'm ready now, just fuck me". I opened the condom and he noticed that it was a female condom so he just starred at it like WTF is that. I laughed and said "this is a female condom, if you take the bottom ring out it will mold any way I want it to as the top ring hangs out that tight little ass of yours".

I rubbed just a little lube on the outside of it and placed around my cock then slowly slide it inside of Brian.

He arched his back, gripped my sheets even harder as he looked at me entering him. Once all the way in I looked at him and I grabbed his hands and pinned them to the pillow he had his head on and kissed him again as I started to slowly stroking in and out of his tight virgin ass.

Doing long slow strokes, I broke our kiss to kiss his smooth chin and neck while still pinning down his hands. After awhile I speeded up because it looked like he was ready for more action as I slided his hairy legs back onto my shoulders and releasing his hands. Brian moaned with every stroke and moaned even louder as I started to jack him off. He stopped my hand and said "slow strokes, I don't wanna cum yet". I started to stroke in and out of him faster until I just stopped and told him "roll over on your stomach and open your legs" he smiled and rolled over.

This time I jammed my dick into him, he moaned "fuck" kind of loud but you wouldn't have heard if you weren't in the room. I took his hands and crossed them on his lower back and pinned them there hard as I started to pound my cock into his ass, as hard as I possibly could.

He moaned and moaned then said "don't stop, please don't, I'm about to. fuck I'm about to, oooh shit I'm about, don't stop. fuck." as he collapsed in the pillow as his ass tightened he said "fuck" as he pushed his head deeper into the pillow. Then he said "OK slow down, slow down and pull out slowly" so I did as I was told.

I released his hands as he rolled over to expose that he had came all over my sheets. Brian looking oh so satisfied said "put your cock in my mouth". But before I could do anything he pushed me down to the bed and instantly started sucking my cock. It felt as if he had done this his whole life as his salvia sleds down my hard 9 while only the head of dick in his mouth.

Then he looked at me in my eyes and took all of me inside his mouth. He repeated what I did to him. His mouth felt like the finest of anything. For his first time he sure did learn fast because I was cumming in no time. I gripped his blonde hair and said "Brian I'm about to cum, slow down" but he didn't seem to care so he kept the up and down motion like it was the last thing on earth to do.

I gripped his hair even harder and said "move" in a soft voice. However, Brian just kept at it as I squirted in his mouth. He let all of my streams of cum hit the back of his throat, as he loosened his grip on my cock as I loosened the grip on his hair, then finally letting my cock fall between my legs.

Brian looked at me and said "that's how a person loses their virginity". I took xxx story new sex stories focking by the hand and we went to the bathroom to shower. As we stood there in the shower he looked at me and said "thank you and I hope that wasn't the last time" as he looked at his feet.

So I punched him in his chest and said "you bet now tear up, tell me you wanna fuck again and look me in my eyes". He just stared at me as he gasp for air and trying not to cry. I stepped closer and grabbed his dick and looked him in his eyes "now tell me", still looking at his toes he said "I want you to fuck me tomorrow" quickly and in a soft tone. I laughed and let go of his cock and said "at least its progress". The next morning I woke, it was like 9 a.m.

and it was extra bright in my room for some reason. When I finally opened my eyes Brian opened all the curtains and blinds while he sat on the couch looking at TV. I grabbed my sunglasses and went over to sit next to him and said "why do you have to have it so bright when you know it snowed outside".

He laughed and said "WHAT type of English is that". I just looked at TV. because I was just irritated with all that light then I notice he was naked and I was too.

I looked at him and said "where is my shorts" he grinned and looked away to say "I took them, you didn't need them, you were sleeping". "Just give me my damn shorts" I told him. He looked me in my eyes and said "make me bitch". I almost gave myself wipe lash turning around to look at him "look who decided to grow some balls" I said. So I got up and said "you just made it easier to get dressed anyway, lame, but anyway get dressed were going to work out, eat, and find your first piece of pussy at Z".

He just looked at his feet and ran his hand through his hair. Then he said "you're stressing me out bro". I walked over, sat on his lap so his dick was near my hole, gave him kiss and said "suck it up bitch, now get dressed". Fast forwarding to we finally get to Z, Brian seemed nervous and told me something along the lines of he didn't want to get out of my truck. Since I knew most of the security and I considered some of them friends, I paid one of them to carry him in.

Brian just dangled story recopilatoride descuidos de famosas some 6 foot 9 inch, 350 lb man picked him up and threw him over his shoulder and carried him inside.

My gut was hurting from me laughing so hard. We put our bags away and ordered breakfast. I had a plan about how Brian could open up to people more.

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"Well I figured out that you can be the master theft magician" I said to him. I guess he was shocked because he spit his water all over the table.

He had everyone looking at us, I felt embarrassed, and I even started looking at floor like DAMN. So after that little shower we hurried up and ate so we can work out. However, it was a fight in the dressing room over what Brian should wear. He wanted to wear some old clothes that looked like they been through every world war possible so I threw them away and we went down to the shopping area to get him some shorts and running shoes. Then again it became round beautiful desi wife sex with boss indian in the dressing room because he was mad that he couldn't wear a shirt or underwear.

I cracked my knuckles and smacked him on his ass, he calmed down then. But as we walked to the gym he relaxed while he was telling me the boot camp that my father took him through yesterday while he was here, which made us both laugh as we jogged the track.

Then as we worked out I was giving him tips on having a nice conversation with people in America (LMAO) and how sarcasm most of the time is good stunning broad kristina rides a stiff cock cumshots brunette how he needs to look people in the face or past their face to appear that you are looking at them just so no-one will think you're up to no good. Then the best possible thing ever I spotted out the corner of my eye.

I seen Ewan and Elik who are the only twin Chinese girls that I have ever met. And it just so happen that they are some of the hottest Chinese girls I have ever met.

Plus I know for a fact that they swim every day after their workout. So this genius moment came with having them help loosen Brian up and possibly get some action afterwards. ESPECIALLY, since my parents went to some boring 4 day conference so that meant having that big ass house to myself.

I felt like world's smartest man.