Brunette asian tasting and rubbing fat cock

Brunette asian tasting and rubbing fat cock
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I was watching my sister in her room on the floor, naked, finger herself. This was the first time I have ever seen another girl play with herself. It made me real hot. I bursted in and said, "Can I eat you, please?" "No, you are my sister. Get the fuck out." My sister,Tera, said. So I walked out of her room and went to my room. I grabbed my handcuff, I keep them under my bed so if I ever do get a boyfriend, I can use them on him.

I walked back into my sister's room. I grab her by her hair, drug her to her bed, and threw her on her on top of her bed. I pounced on her and handcuffed her hands to the bed post. Our parents were out for a week, so this was a good time to practice being a lesbain. I started by sucking on her tits. We are both 18. She had 31C tits. I liked them so much I started to play with one of them.

She is yelling "No." I decided to bite her left tit while playing with her right tit. She screamed. I moved down to her pussy and started licking it. I stuck my tounge in her tight, virgin pussy. When i got to the virgin barrier, i pushed my tongue even harder until it broke. She screamed and I licked up the blood and cum. She was moaning and was begging me to continue. I removed my tongue and stuck a finger in her.

She was tight. She was moaning and grinding her pussy up against my fingers. I stuck another finger in and then another in until I had my entire hand inside. She screamed very load. I remove my hand and start smacking her pussy.

I did that for about 3 minutes. Tera is screaming, "Areil, please stop. That fucking hurts." I said, sexy pretty girl enjoys deep ass gangbang up, bitch or I will do something that will hurt worse." She ignored me and keep screaming.

So I went into my room again and grabbed a 10 in. long and 3 in. wide dildo. I went back into her room, showed it to her, and forcefully shoved it into her cunt. I pushed it in and out until she squirted and covered me and the dildo in her cum. I make her lick it clean while I licked her pussy clean of cum, inside and out. After I was done licking her pussy clean and she was done licking the dildo clean, I moved my hand back to her pussy lips and inserted my hand in to her again.

This time while I fisted her, I put my pussy on her mouth. I made her eat me. I told her that is she did not eat me, I would shoved the dildo in her ass. I made her eat me until her face was covered in my cum. I fell off of her and I laid on the floor, catching my breath. Next day, I went up to my sister's room and feed her since she was still handcuff.

I fell asleep on her floor after that powerful orgasm. I called a couple of friends and told them about my sister being handcuff to the bed. I told them they can have her. Only two men came over to the house. I asked them if they wanted her first or me. They both said her first. I also asked them if they wanted her untied.

They said yes. I untied her. "I will only keep you untied if you do as these two men tell you to do." I told Tera. Two guys, Alex and Paul, decided to fucked Tera. Alex started on her mom and son doing sex eatting her pussy while Paul fucked Tera in the ass.

She quickly orgasmed. Alex then put his dick in her mouth and told her to suck or she will get beaten until she is unconsious. While she sucks Alex's dick, Paul spreads her legs and put his 8 in meat in her pussy.

Alex shot his load down her throut.

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She swallowed it all and sucked on it for more. Paul still was working on her pussy with his cock. Alex come to me, pushed me down and placed his cock on my slit and rubbed it on my mound to get it wet before entering me with his 8 in. I wailed. Then I wailed even loader when he broke my virgin barrier.

He fucked me hard and long. Paul finally cum in Tera's cunt. He removed his cock and made her suck it. I orgasmed. It brought Alex over the edge and he cummed in my starving jessica moore talks to the camera before. He pulled out of me, turned me over, lubricated his cock with my juices, and then stuck his cock in my ass.

I yelled so load that Paul removed his cock out of Tera's mouth and put it in my just to make me shut up. I sucked his cock while Alex fuck my ass. I found out that day that anul sex hurts and I do not like it. Alex cummed in my ass.

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Tera came over to me and ate my pussy. Alex went from my ass to her pussy. Paul shot his load. I swallowed it. He fell over. I screamed and cummed all over my sisters face. Paul stood up and moved around to the back of me. He put his cock inside of my pussy. Tera licked his cock and my pussy. Tera orgasmed, but Alex continued to fuck her.

Paul fuck me until I yelled," I am about to cum." He pulled out of me and I squirted all over him and Tera. He licked Tera clean. He went to Tera and anuled her. I put one of my tits in Tera's mouth. I played with the other tit. Tera rubbed two finger over my slit. Then she penetrated me with he fingers. I cummed all over he fingers. I licked her finger clean. Alex and Paul both cummed inside of Tera. They both decided it was late. They left our house. I ate the cum out of my sisters pussy.

We went into the 69 position. While we ate each other, I fingered her ass. She sex swellow my com com my clit and finger fucked me. We orgasmed together. I yelled," I need to pee." She said," Well do in my mouth." I let loose and pissed in my sister's mouth.

She drank it all. Some ran down her face. I got off of her and went up to her mouth and we frenched. I tasted piss and kiss my sister. I then moved my mouth to her tit and diddled her tit.

She stuck two finger in my pussy. She used her other hand to play with my one of my tits. She orgasmed, and about three minutes later I orgasmed. We went up stair to rest. I wonder when we will do this again.