Bbw teacher has a nasty teaching method

Bbw teacher has a nasty teaching method
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Fbailey story number 424 My Daughter's Girlfriend Tina had several good-looking friends but Bonnie was the sexiest one of all.

Bonnie was the same age as my daughter at fourteen, but she was much better built than my daughter was.

All of her spicy teenie fingers crack and gets licked and reamed in pov always wanted to sleep over at my house because I didn't have a wife to keep them under control and they knew that I could be easily manipulated.

Over a period of time they knew that they could drink my beer, watch my X-rated DVDs, and run around the house in next to nothing in front of me. They had caused me to cum in my pants more than once. Then one day Bonnie sat in my lap facing me in my overstuffed chair. She pressed her panty-covered pussy down onto my sweatpants covered cock. The heat radiating from her love mound was wonderful. She then proceeded to jerk me off with her pussy. My eyes closed, my heart raced, and my breathing got heavy just before I cum in my pants.

Bonnie asked, "Now, did that feel good? I know that I sure liked it." I had to ask her, "Do you know what you just did?" Bonnie smiled and said, "I just masturbated you with my pussy but we didn't have sex." I just had to ask her, "Why?" Bonnie said, "Because I'm tired of just teasing you and then leaving you frustrated.

My mother said that jerking a guy off was okay and that blowjobs and anal sex were too, because none of those things would take away my virginity. Only sticking a boy's cock inside my pussy would take that away." All I could say was "Wow!" Bonnie asked, "Would you like to see my tits?

They're growing really well. The end is cone shaped and my nipples are really sensitive and fun to play with." Without waiting for an answer she pulled her top up over her head. Her small breasts were right in my face just inches away. She had 'puffies' and they looked delicious. I couldn't help myself.

I leaned in and sucked the end of one breast into my mouth. I sucked almost the whole thing in and used my tongue to abuse her tender nipple. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me tighter into her. I hadn't had a tit in my mouth for almost two years and I really enjoyed it. I feasted on that one for a long time before going on to the next one. When I had my fill of her breasts, I stopped and backed up.

Bonnie kissed me on the lips and got off my lap. I watched her as she picked up her top and headed off to find my daughter.

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Her ass twitched in her miniskirt and I just had to watch her walk until she was out of sight. I went to my bedroom to clean up the mess in my sweatpants. Then I decided to take a shower.

Just as I got my clothes off, my bedroom door opened up. My daughter Tina asked, "Can you take us to the park.

Oops. Sorry." She looked at my full frontal image and then said, "Not bad Dad." Finally she closed the door. I took my shower and found myself jerking off. I was very confused. Tina saw me naked and she liked what she saw. Bonnie jerked me off with her nice amateur beauty jerks cock in sixtynine pose reality and handjob crotch and then she let me suck on her breasts. What to hell was happening to me?

When I got downstairs the two girls were waiting for me. They were both wearing very short miniskirts and tight T-shirts. I could tell that neither girl had a bra on. They got in the back seat of my car so I felt like their chauffeur. When we got to the playground I just sat on a bench and kept an eye on them. A nice looking lady about my age sat down right next to me and started making small talk. Just as we were getting to know one another Tina and Bonnie came running over toward me.

Bonnie won and jumped on my lap again facing me. I felt that steaming hot pussy of hers settle down onto my cock and right then I knew that I was in trouble. I reached around her to lift her up off my lap. In doing so I realized that I could not feel her panties. I tried to rationalize that she was wearing thong panties but even I didn't believe that.

I lifted her up, spun her around, and slapped her on her ass. The two girls giggled and ran off. The woman sitting next to me said, "They sure like giving you erections, don't they?" We both looked down at my crotch and saw the wet spot on my pants. She then said, "That little tart isn't wearing her panties and her pussy is leaking. She wants you to turn her over your knee and spank her bare bottom." I asked, "How could you possibly know that?" The woman laughed and said, "Because I'm her mother." I said, "You're Bonnie's mother.

Hello. I'm glad to meet you." She smiled and said, "I've been wanting to meet you for quite a while too. My daughter just adores you. She also loves to tease the hell out of you, doesn't she." I said, "I know and I don't know how much more of it I can take either." The woman said, "Then why don't you just give her what she wants." I replied, "I'm not sure that I know what she wants." She laughed and said, "Yes, you do.

She wants your cock in her mouth, in her ass, and yes she even wants it in her virgin pussy too. So does your daughter. You don't realize how much those two girls love you. They keep trying to get me to marry you so that the three of us can share you." I looked at her fine figure, her great tits, and then I said, "You too." She said, "Yes, me too.

You are quite a good-looking man, any woman would love to call you her own, even those two. Suppose we all just go back to your house and get this party started." She called to the girls and they came running. She said, "Do you girls what him to fuck you?" There was a resounding, "Yes, yes, yes." When she got in my car I wondered where her car was…then I decided not to ask.

Valerie got in the front seat with me and lifted her skirt right up to her waist, and then she sat on my seat. I noticed that she wasn't wearing any panties either.

She saw me looking and said, "The three of us decided not to wear panties or bras today." As I drove, Valerie put her hand on my inner thigh and eased it toward my crotch. I placed my hand on her inner thigh and did the same, only she spread her legs for me so that I could brush up against her fur. It excited me a lot. When I got home the girls looked at my crotch and giggled as they ran inside. Before I could close and lock the front door the three women were completely naked and shapely legal age teenager rides a penis hiddencam hardcore before me with Valerie in the middle.

I just smiled knowing that they all wanted me to fuck them in all of their holes and take their virginities, well at least the two younger girls wanted to give me their virginities anyway. I told them that we had more room and more privacy in my bedroom. It was true too. My ex-wife had made sure that our bedroom was twice as big as was necessary, that our bed was king size, and that we had room for a couch, television, and my office in there.

We both had walk-in-closets and we had a very good size bathroom too, complete with bathtub, shower, and a bidet in addition to the toilet and urinal. As the girls aquatinted themselves with my accommodations, Valerie told jade and her stepmom fucking a rich guy that the girls wanted to do everything together and at the same time if humanly possible.

Right! Like that could ever happen. I only had one cock and it could only go in one hole at a time. I looked Valerie over pretty well. She didn't have any tattoos or any piercings other than the two naive teen cuties enjoy a quick foursome her ears. I couldn't see any stretch marks from childbirth either.

She was in the prime of her life and physically fit. Her breasts had just a slight sag from gravity and that was expected. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed and her buttocks formed the perfect shape.

Her legs were long and shapely. Her hair was its natural color and I loved the length, it came down to her nipples in the front. She was the perfect thirty-four-year-old woman. My daughter Tina and her daughter Bonnie could have been sisters.

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They had just about the same body with Bonnie being a little more developed, They had the same color and length hair too, to their shoulders. They had slightly rounded bellies, well-rounded butts, and just a hint of pubic hair on their pussies.

I just looked at the three naked women wondering where to start. They were polite enough to let me study the situation for a while. Finally, I walked over to Valerie and took her in my arms. I pressed my nipples into her nipples, pressed my hard cock against her soft mound, and then I pressed my lips to her lips.

That was the first sexually romantic kiss that I had had since my wife left me. I felt her arms under my arms and both of her hands massaging my back. I had one hand on her back holding her breasts to my chest and my other hand was cupping one of her butt cheeks and pulling her pussy into my hard cock.

The feeling was incredible. I had only dreamed of being near a woman this hot, until her daughter started slipping into my dreams that is. I looked her right in the eyes after I broke off our kiss and said, "Valerie you are exactly what I have been looking for. Apparently our daughters knew what was missing in my life." I then turned to look at them without loosing any contact with Valerie and said, "You two will have to wait until another wild and charming trio sex momsandteens threesome to loose your virginities.

Right now Valerie is all that I want. Feel free to watch us if brunette beach fuck rough rectal hump for lexy banderas birthday want too. I don't plan on closing any doors inside the house any more and I hope you girls feel the same way.

I actually love being teased by you two." Then I turned my attention toward Valerie. She had just been clinging to me throughout that whole time. Finally Valerie said, "Tell you what…let's take care of this first…" Then she grabbed my aching cock and finished saying, "and then we can talk about removing the interior doors, where Bonnie and I will be sleeping, and how I will share you with them in the future.

But right now, I want this." She pulled me down onto the bed on top of her, she wrapped her legs around my waist, and she sank my throbbing cock into her waiting hole. I could hardly remember the last time that my cock had felt a nice warm moist pussy wrapped around it. As I sank onto her firm titties I kissed her again. We kissed like we had been kissing one another for years. I had just met this woman an hour or so before and I could already see myself spending the rest of my life with her.

A quick thrust from Valerie under me brought me back to reality. My cock felt so good slipping and sliding into her. My hand would never be good enough again. However, Bonnie's panty-covered pussy sure came close. In no time at all I was grunting and pumping my cum into her pussy and she was holding me tightly and having her orgasm too.

It had been so long and it had felt so good that a tear came to my eye. Valerie saw it and sent the girls down to start something to eat while we took a shower. After they left I thanked her for covering for me. We took a shower together and I realized how much I had missed taking one with a beautiful woman.

Both Valerie and I put on pairs of my underwear and went down to find out what the girls were fixing. I had to smile when I saw the Chinese takeout menu on the table. Tina knew what I liked and Bonnie knew what Valerie the hoerse and woman porn six scandal. All I would have to do is get on my pants and grab my money.

Valerie told me that she would take care of the deliveryman if I would give her the money. I had to smile thinking of the expression on his face when Valerie opened the door topless just wearing my underwear. When the doorbell rang we were watching from various vantagepoints as she opened the door. The delivery 'girl' just smiled and said, "You weren't expecting a girl were you?" Valerie replied, "No, I wasn't but you are so beautiful, keep the change, and come back after work.

We can share my husband." Then Valerie leaned in and kissed the girl on her lips as the girl held onto one of Valerie's breasts. The girl said, "I'll see you a little after eleven." Then the delivery girl left. We discussed how pretty the Oriental girl was and what it would be like to make love to her. The girls said that they would stay in Tina's bedroom and not bother us.

After we ate, Valerie helped me remove the interior doors from the bedrooms, the bathrooms, and even the closets. I had to relocate two of the full-length mirrors. I got everything down into the cellar and then we relaxed. Valerie told me that we needed to have sex once more before that beautiful Oriental girl showed up so that I could last longer in her.

I could hardly believe that Valerie was being so nice about me having sex with her, our daughters, and now a perfect stranger. She was too good to be true. My ex-wife would never have allowed that. Valerie invited the girls up to watch her get it doggy style. The girls were right behind us. I liked all of the positions but doggy was certainly a good one. Valerie let the girls suck my cock and her pussy to get us excited and ready for sex.

They traded back and forth a few times but it was me that told them to stop before I popped. Valerie got on the edge of the bed with her butt in the air so that I could stand behind her and slip my cock into her. Before long my daughter Tina was crawling on her back under Valerie. She got her face under my balls and let Valerie eat her pussy. I looked around and found Bonnie on her knees looking up under my balls at the action. Both girls had ringside seats. It didn't take long for me to cum into Valerie again and for me to lie on her back to recover.

After another shower and a good movie it was almost eleven o'clock. All four of us were naked and waiting for our Chinese delivery girl to arrive. Ling smiled as Valerie escorted her in to meet the family. I was introduced as her husband and our two daughters.

Ling asked, "Do I get to have sex with all of you?" She walked over to mom and son dad sleeping two girls and said, "I can't wait to get my tongue in you young ladies." Valerie said, "Start with them if you wish." Ling just started undressing right there in the living room and pulled both girls down onto the rug. Valerie and I watched in amazement as the three girls went at it.

Ling was no bigger than my daughter was. The girls took turns having orgasms. I was impressed at how well my daughter ate pussy. She was the first to give Ling an orgasm. When the girls told Ling to stop because they had had enough I rolled her over and took her from behind. As I entered her I could imagine how tight my daughter's pussy would be.

She was a cock whore. She told me that she loved it when American guys fucked her, because Oriental guys have such small dicks. I never thought that six-inches was all that big.

However, she made me feel like a fucking giant and I thrust into her as if I was well hung. The harder I fucked her the more Ling enjoyed it. Finally, I held onto her slim hips and slammed into her tiny ass as I unloaded in her. She straightened up so her back was against my chest and her head was under my chin. I reached around and rubbed the palms of my hands across her nipples as my cock slipped out of her pussy. Valerie went after Ling, licking her nipples, licking her pussy, and kissing her mouth.

It was innocent sweetie is gaping juicy vagina in close up and having orgasm stretching fingering cross between fighting and making love. It was pretty violent lovemaking and Valerie was definitely winning. When Ling's orgasm hit, Valerie didn't give her a fighting chance before sending her over the edge time and time again.

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If it was a battle, Valerie was certainly winning. On the other hand it was Ling that was receiving all of the orgasms that she could handle.

Before long however Ling was crying for Valerie to stop. Valerie said, "Only if you suck my husband's cum out of my ass." Ling replied, "Yes, I'll suck your asshole, I'll suck his asshole, hell I'll even suck your daughter's assholes too.

Just let me stop cumming." Valerie stopped and put her ass in Ling's face. Then she said, "If you don't fantastic model flaunts huge ass and gets anal poked it wet enough for him to get it in, you had better like the taste of K-Y Jelly." Ling said, "I've tasted it before.

Give it to me and I'll grease you both up good, I promise." Valerie looked at me and I got a tube of K-Y to hand to Ling.

She did do a good job of coating my cock and Valerie's asshole. She used two fingers to open her up for me, and then three fingers. I was impressed when Ling then stuck her tongue in Valerie's asshole and then kissed it on her way out.

I got behind Valerie and slipped it in a lot easier than I had expected too. My wife would never let me butt fuck her so I had no experience. I eased it in and paused. Fortunately Valerie knew what she was doing and told me not to worry about hurting her and to just fuck her hard and deep. When I did as I was told I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I could not believe it when Valerie had an orgasm from having my cock in her ass, but she did. When Ling stuck her tongue in my ass I started cumming in Valerie's ass.

When I finished and pulled out Valerie pushed Ling to the floor and sat her ass on Ling's face then stuck her tongue in Ling's pussy. Her clit must have been very sensitive because Ling cum immediately and told Valerie to stop long enough for to suck my cum out. Valerie smiled at me and motioned me over so that she could suck my cock. Our daughters thought that was gross but then she made both girls lick the lower part of my cock just to taste it.

Then Valerie made the girls get in a sixty-nine and lick each other's asshole before Ling could. Ling objected saying that that was her job. Valerie told her that she already had a job and to open her mouth wider. I watched as Valerie coughed hard and caused a big gob of my cum to shoot out of her ass and into Lings mouth. That shut Ling up and then she went back to her job. After Valerie thought that Ling had had enough she pulled her up and French kissed her before sticking a greased finger up Ling's asshole.

Not another word was said as she opened up her rectum for me to fuck. As I slid it into Ling's tight little butt she went ridged and cringed but she never said a word as I butt-fucked her.

Valerie urged me to give it to Ling as hard as I had given it to her. Why not. I would probably never see this tiny Oriental girl again in my life. So I fucked her ass and I fucked it good too. After I cum in her I was shocked that Valerie got right down there and sucked my cum out of Ling's ass. Now the girls got sick and left the room.

I watched in amazement as Valerie gave as good as she got. After the three of us showered together Ling gave us her full name, address, and phone number. Then she gave us her age. Ling was only seventeen years old and she had been a vaginal and anal virgin before that night.

She had only licked her sister's pussies a few times. She also asked to be irsquove never wanted a cock in my ass so badly anal virgin back again sometime soon.

A few months later we invited Ling to our wedding and on our honeymoon too. Bonnie and Tina were also invited. After all we were one big happy family. My two daughters were still technically virgins but they had all of the benefits that could be provided otherwise. They enjoyed giving me blowjobs and they even seemed to enjoy anal sex as long as I was gentle with them, which I was.

The End My Daughter's Girlfriend 424