Lucy rides cock and gets pissed on

Lucy rides cock and gets pissed on
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"Thanks Mike. This saves me a ton of money staying here tonight" Emily said as she set her bag down on the floor and her purse on the coffee table in the living room. "I love traveling, but the costs can add up. It's nice I have trusted friends I can crash sexy cute teen angry boybosss have no problem kicking their girlpartners out of the car to help defray those costs a bit. My orignal host for tonight flaked out on me and I was going to have to get a room for the night." Mike looked down at Emily and smiled.

She was quite a bit shorter than him by almost a foot and a half. She had long red hair and was curvy as a country road, but you couldn't tell by the extremely conservative way she was dressed. She had on an black ankle length skirt, a black long sleeved t-shirt, and a loose red beaded tunic over that that went to about her knees. Her hair was up and covered with a couple of scarves wound around her head. There were no hiding those big green eyes or those full pink lips though.

Mike cleared his throat and shook his head a tiny bit. "Always happy to help a friend. Say, would you like a drink? I just picked up an excellent bottle of bourbon." Emily settled into a corner of the sectional couch and looked up and said, "Sure. That sounds very good about now. Make busty blondie comes for enjoyment hardcore massage a single, neat, with a water back." His eyebrows shot up in surprise.

Mike smiled again and said "As my lady requests." He then went off to the kitchen to get drinks for the two of them. He got two glasses of ice water and two glasses with that fine bourbon in them and put that all on a tray to carry back to the living room. Mike was surprised somewhat. This drink order was not matching the impression of a ultra conservative lady that Emily was seeming to portray. Maybe there was more to her than he knew? Nah, Emily had always been as straight laced as they came.

That drink would probably be the only one she would accept that night. Mike carried the drinks out to the living room where Emily was looking quite cozy on the corner of the couch. So cozy in fact, it appeared she was asleep. "Well damn" he thought as he set the drinks down on the coffee table.

"Oh well, she's had a long day. I'll let her rest while I sip my drink and maybe watch some TV." As he reached for the TV remote that was on the coffee table, he brushed against her purse and it fell over.

Mike went to set it back up right when an item tumbled out that surprised and greatly shocked him. It was a very large 10 inch long, very life like, purple dildo. His jaw about hit the floor. He looked over at a very conservative Emily and then back down at the dildo. Could this possibly belong to her? If it did it certainly put his friend in a new light in his mind. Mike picked up the dildo to put it back into her purse. When he looked into her purse, he got another surprise.

There were about six condoms and a bottle of lube. Mike replaced everything in the purse and regarded Emily in awe for a moment or two.

He couldn't deny she was a good looking woman. But she always had appeared to be so conservative. Never dressed provocatively at all. He had never had an improper thought about her. Till now that was. As he thought about why a woman would have a dildo and lube, his cock twitched in his jeans. He looked down at Emily again and thought, "I think I'm going to have some fun tonight if I play my cards right." He loudly cleared his throat and Emily woke with a start.

Mike sat on the edge of the couch and handed her a glass of bourbon. "I see you wake there sleeping beauty. I didn't want you to miss trying this bourbon." Emily smiled, those pink lips parting slightly in almost seductive fashion, and said, "Thanks, it's been a long day." She swirled her glass, breathed in the scent of the bourbon, and then raised the glass to her lips and took a nice big sip.

"Ahhhh" she said as she shut her eyes and had a look of total enjoyment on her face. "That's nice." And then she took another sip and set down her glass. "You know," said Mike, "You can take off that headscarf and let your hair down around me." She looked at him with an amused expression and said "You know I won't do that.

Modesty and all you know." She picked up her bourbon again and finished it off while she stretched out some on the couch. Mike's pants were getting somewhat uncomfortably tight at this point. "Should I?" he thought. "She'll never let me see what's under all that conservative garb. But then again, is she really all that conservative? She has lube and a dildo in her purse just a few feet away and she just downed some fine bourbon.

There is more to this woman than it seems." With that, Mike made up his mind that he was going to unwrap Emily one way or another. He moved over closer to her on the couch and turned on the television. Emily curled up next to him with her head resting on his shoulder comfortably. After a few minutes he let one of his hands rest lightly on her knee. She didn't seem to object, so he began to lightly rub her knee moving up to her thigh.

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Emily reached over and gently pushed his hand back to her knee. He moved his hand up to her thigh again. She again reached down and moved his hand. His cock twitched. She was doing this on purpose, teasing him, he thought.

So Mike took a hold of the skirt that was over her knee and very quickly pulled it up and touched her bare thigh. Emily tried to pull down her skirt and remove his hand, but Mike simply grabbed her thigh with his hand and said, "What are you objecting for?

I have sexy blonde has both her holes rammed feeling you are not nearly as conservative as you look." With a confused look she said "Mike, please, just move your hand. You are making me uncomfortable." Mike smiled wickedly and moved his hand UP her thigh. Emily was pressing her thighs together and stammering "Mike, really, you need to stop.

Please stop this." Mike looked her in the eyes and without saying a word, he smiled and shook his head no. "No Mike, no. Just stop and I'll forget this happened." Emily's pleading, along with the knowledge of what she had in her purse, was stimulating and arousing Mike. With his free hand he hauled her skirt up to her waist and saw black satin panties. They looked stunning against her pale skin. It was then that Emily started hitting his shoulders and chest with her fists.

"I said NO Mike!" she squeaked out. "Let me go so I can leave." With that, Mike swiftly sprang into action. He quickly moved so he was straddling her and he grabbed the scarves right off her head. Her red hair spilled down. She was almost frantic now, beating his chest. Mike grabbed her hands and pinned them both down. He looked her in the eyes. "I don't think you want me to stop.

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We are going to have lots of fun. I think you'll enjoy yourself sooner or later." Emily continued to squirm and attempt to free her arms. Mike took both of her tiny hands in one of his hands and reached for one of her scarves he had taken off of her head. He quickly tied her hands and forearms together, effectively immobilizing her arms. She continued to plead "No, don't do this Mike. Please, let me go. You don't want to do this!" "Oh little one, but I do want to do this.

And I will. And I really think that if you would just relax you would enjoy the things I want to do to you." "NEVER!" she spat out loudly. Mike just laughed and grabbed another scarf and gagged her with it so she was muffled.

"Now, I want to see more of those panties." He took her small body and flipped her over so her torso was slightly over the back of the couch with her arms pinned under her.

He yanked her skirt up over her ass and saw the most magnificent sight. She had black satin panties on alright, but they had the entire ass cut out of them. He could see her pale cheeks framed so pretty by the black of the satin. "Well well well. What have we here? These are not the panties of sexy milf cheats with her son s bestfriend no audio conservative woman." Emily struggled, her legs clamped together tightly, and muffled whimpers coming from her.

"Oh stop it," said Mike. "We both know you want this you bad little thing you." Mike then smacked those lovely ass cheeks several times, making Emily howl against her gag, until those cheeks glowed a nice pink color. His cock was absolutely throbbing in his pants as he saw what his handi work did to her skin. He then took one knee and roughly shoved it between her legs and separated her thighs. She continued to struggle and whimper as Mike reached down to grab her pussy through her panties.

He was not very gentle as rubbed her lady parts. "Mmmmm. I'm going to make that pussy purr. I guarantee that." He removed his hand and Emily heard him unzip his pants.

She felt him stand up and she began to struggle to get away and off the couch. Mike slapped her ass hard and said "Now don't be like that.

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I really don't want to be rough, but if you keep doing silly things like resisting me, I'll have to. " Emily sobbed into her gag, but stilled her body. He continued removing his pants, and the rest of his clothes, when he saw her resignation in the form of her fighting back ceasing and her sobs quieting.

There she was, bent over, skirt up to her waist, black panties with the ass cut out, ass cheeks glowing pink where he had struck them.

His cock was rock hard and he thought it was quite impressive looking. He grabbed both of Emily's ass cheeks and rubbed them roughly eliciting more whimpers out of her.

He grabbed the waist of her panties and yanked them down. Mikes cock throbbed at the sight of that cute perky ass and what he could see of that nicely trimmed pussy. He couldn't help himself and bent down to take in her scent and taste her. Because of the gag, he couldn't tell if she was moaning or protesting.

And he didn't care. At any rate he ran his tongue from her pink clit to her tight rosebud asshole and back again several times. He stuck his tongue in and out of her vaginal opening, tongue fucking her, enjoying her taste. He had an idea and reached for her purse. He took out the dildo and lube. He lubed up the dildo and placed it against her vagina and applied steady even pressure. Emily screamed a muffled "NO" against her gag. He had it half way in when he pulled it out and then pushed it back in going a little further.

Mike kept doing this till he had that whole massive dildo inside of her. Her screams had settled back down to whimpers. He slowly pulled the dildo out of her and then slammed its entire length back into her pussy making her body lurch forward and making her scream into her gag once again.

Mike kept up doing this with is right hand while stroking his swollen cock with his left hand. Finally he took the dildo out and set it aside. Mike took out a condom and rolled it past the swollen mushroom head of his cock and down his shaft.

He smacked those pink ass cheeks a few times before positioning himself behind her with yorus d adventure hmv higher quality hentai cock head poised at that beautiful vaginal opening.

Emily was struggling, but Mike had a firm grip on her hips. With one firm stroke, Romi rain shows her excellent pole dance abilties and then she makes an extra i would die for buried his entire cock inside of her deliciously warm and tight pussy.

His cock head was right up against her cervix. He held her hips tight and savored the feeling of her pussy around him as she weakly screamed into her gag and tried to wiggle away. Her struggles combined with her warmth was incredibly stimulating and Mike began to viciously fuck that tight pussy as hard and as fast and as ruthlessly as he could. When he felt an orgasm rising he slowed down his rhythm and then stopped. Mike noticed Emily had stopped whimpering or struggling.

He liked the whimpering and the struggling and wanted her to fight again. He reached over and picked up the dildo he had fucked her with and the bottle of lube. Emily screamed as she felt cold lube being poured onto her tight little asshole. Mike laughed. He pulled out of her pussy and put one arm around her waist holding her as she attempted to get away from his attentions again. He spanked her hard and told her "Now settle down.

I don't want to hurt you, but if you struggle too much, this next part will hurt." He couldn't see it, but Emily's eyes widened and she moaned into her gag. But she stilled herself. With his arm still around her waist, he took the dildo and started pressing against her asshole. Gently, firmly. He really didn't want to hurt her, just viciously fuck her. He smiled as he heard a popping sound when the head of the dildo slipped inside of her ass. He used the dildo to slowly fuck her ass until he could work all of it up inside of her.

Emily was moaning against her gag. "I wonder if she's enjoying this?" he thought as he removed his arm from her waist.

She didn't struggle. Mike held the dildo in place as he reached down with his free hand and felt how wet that pussy was. He brought his fingers back up to his mouth and licked her juice off of them. "Oh fuck.that's nice". He was still holding the dildo in her gorgeous busty blonde vivian west masturbates before a cock arrives pornstars hardcore as he got back behind her. He entered her, feeling the dildo that was in her ass rubbing his cock with each stroke.

"Fuck yes, oh fuck yes" Mike moaned as he fucked her even tighter pussy. She was moaning into her gag. Mike leaned forward and yanked the gag out of her mouth. "What was that you dirty little girl? What do you have to say about being violated?" Emily was breathing raggedly by now but managed to say in a breathy voice, "Fuck this is good Mike. I'm in heaven over here. Fuck me, just fuck me hard then fuck me some more." Mike smiled. Role playing with Emily was fun.

He felt that familiar wave that meant he was going to cum soon. He fucked her fast and hard. Emily let out a guttural scream and her body shook with an orgasm. That was enough to push him over the edge. He grabbed her hips and emptied his balls while fully inside of her.

After he felt himself start to soften, he pulled out and rolled the condom off. Emily cleared her throat. Mike chuckled and removed the dildo that was in her ass. He then helped her to sit down and untied her. She flexed her arms a bit and downed the last of her bourbon. "Mike, that was fucking hot. I wasn't sure what you were going to do with that dildo, but damn that felt good." Emily smiled wickedly.

"I wasn't sure I'd like it, but being full like that is fucking incredible." Mike put his arm around Emily and said, "You know, I could arrange it so you could have your sweet little ass and pussy fucked by real cocks at the same time." "A threesome?" she asked. Her eyebrows shot up in surprise and she got a flushed excited look on her face.

"Or if you are feeling very adventurous, a foursome. Just think about it, mouth, pussy, ass. all filled by cocks fucking you at the same time.

Two or three men touching you, fucking you all at the same time." As he said it, Mike's cock twitched to life. Emily looked sweetly at him and said, "How soon could we do that?" The twitching in his cock became a full on raging boner. He grabbed her and laid her down on her back on the couch. "I'm going to fuck you again then I'll make some calls." To be continued.