Hairy granny fucked on the pool table

Hairy granny fucked on the pool table
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The beginning of my gay sex life. Part one By Brianna It all started when I was 20s I order some adult videos from the ad I see in the magazine they had deal by three and get a bonus. The VHS tape sent me was one of she males. Now I have never seen anything like this before. After watching it I wondered what it would be like to wear women's lingerie.

As time passed I ordered more of these types of videos and really enjoyed them and I got more curious to see what it would be like to dress like that.

I found myself first class anal sex porn video scene Walmart one night looking at various lingerie panties and bras the stockings as I walk. but I couldn't get the courage up to look at them. Finally, I was at Walmart one night really late so I rushed to isle and quickly picked out some various items including a Gartner with thigh high stockings of bra and panties.

I quickly went to the self-checkout and paid for my items and bagged them all up quickly so no one would notice. I was so happy to see nobody had noticed what I was purchasing. So, when I got home I very quickly open the bag and took my new items I was so excited ripped off my clothes and started trying on my new clothes I couldn't believe how they felt something was just off when I looked in the mirror.

There was too much hair everywhere so off to Walmart I went again this time to a different store when I got there I went to the shaving isle see what kind of items were available for hair removal.

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I grabbed a tube of veet and couldn't help but notice the makeup isle so I browsed around and decided to get some bright red lipstick foundation blush and eye shadow. And forgot the mascara. While walking to my car I remembered so I dropped my items in the car and went back in for my mascara and couldn't help but buy some more panties and stockings. When I got home I raced inside ripping my clothes off and dumping my items on the bed I quickly applied the veet to everything from the neck down.

It tingled and was somewhat irritating but I waited the 12 min and trying not to notice the odder put off. Finally, my 12 min where up and jumped in the shower to my surprise my hair looked burnt as Item washed down the drain leaving me so smooth and hairless. It was suck a turn on and it maid me so horny next I put and the lingerie I bought I looked in the mirror and loved what I seen. I took some pictures. Next was the makeup I had to watch YouTube videos to get it right and I took more pictures.

I jumped on craigslist and checked out some of the adds. I love watching those shemale videos and all the cock they would suck now I never sucked cock before but it was always a turn to think about and dressed like this what else what be for other then serving myself up to another man. I debated on this for a couple weeks and then decided to remove any grown hairs and play dress up. I then got on my pc and to craigslist I went.

I posted a add saying I a newbie and never tried anything with a man before but am willing to try new things and added my photos I had taken.

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It only took a few min and I got a few emails one stood out from the others he was taller then me and looked like a normal guy except for his cock it was so big limp I couldn't imagen what it would be like hard but dam I wanted to find so replied with my phone number.

His call was quick and he asked me what I wanted to get into. I told him anything erotic he said good and gave his address. I threw on some sweat pants a t-shirt to cover my lingerie and raced over to his house. I got out of the car and knocked on his door as it opened I seen a naked man with a huge cock he quickly invited me in and offered me a drink nervous I drank it real fast and gave another he said this will help you relax I thought nothing of it we talked for and I couldn't keep eyes off his huge milf with big lovely titties hard fucked. Then I started feeling kind of high and really horney.

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He asked me if I wore the lingerie in the picture and I said yes I did. He them asked me to show him so without even thinking I ripped off my tshirts and pants standing there in my sexy outfit then I said wait and ran to the bathroom with my makeup I brought with and quickly put it on the best I could as he looked my he said good girl and told to come over here and suck his cock.

I didn't even pause before I new it I was on my knees staring at the biggest cock I had ever seen I made my cock hard just staring at it. I always new I had gay feelings so I watched those shemale videos way back when.Now here I was just like in those videos dressed in women's clothes kneeling in front of a monster cock.

I slowly grabbed it with my hand and pointed it up towards my mouth, it felt so heavy and soft. He told my to kiss his cock so I slowly gave it a kiss right on the head then again and again. I hesitated and he grabbed the back of my head sexy blonde has both her holes rammed forced it down on his cock. I opened wide for this giant intruder and was only able to gat half of it in and it was soft.

I slid my lips up and down the shaft as it grew harder and harder in my mouth I found it hard to keep my teeth off his cock. He pulled my head away and got it to get something. He came back with a set of tooth guards from a whitening kit and told me to put them in my mouth. I did as ordered and went back to sucking his cock he said the tooth guards actually felt really good squeezing a against his cock. I sucked and sucked for a long time. I didn't think he would xxx story mota land lmba land 3gb cum.

He finally pulled his cock away and told me to stand up and we went to a different room of his house. It contained all kinds off toys and weird stuff. He ordered me to lay on some weird table and lifted one of my legs up and over this a bar witch he then strapped my leg in place then he did the same thing to the other one.

Plus, a third lisa ann e sophie dee my waist I wasn't going anywhere. He reached down and rubbed my soft cock for a bit and pulled my panties aside bringing it into view next he grabbed some nipple clamps and pulled my bra down exposing my nipples he pulled and twisted and pulled some more making me wince in pain then he clamped them I wined a bit as the sensation passed to my head.

And while laying there on my back strapped onto this table he forced his cock in my mouth again. Here was tied down to a table wearing lingerie with my nipples clamped and a huge cock plowing mouth and at this angle he got an easy path to my thought witch made my gag with every thrust about 10 min went buy and without knowing why his cock went into my thought .

I was so shocked I started to panic but there nothing I could do he held his there for a few min then pulled out. He let me catch my breath then he started fucking my mouth again. After a few stroked in and out he plowed forward again pushing past my gag reflex and boom there it was again in my thought. He must have done this 20 times before it got easier to take.

With a surprise he pulled out and to the other end of the table. He then ordered me to reach down and spread my ass cheeks apart. Now I new why my hands where kept free.

Next he lubed up his hands put one on my cock and the other hand was pushing a finger in my ass. He asked me I liked sucking his cock and mother id like to fuck lovely babe turns herself on boldly yes its great. Then he said while pulling on my limp dick now im going to work on your ass. I questioned the hole ass I wasn't thinking about that while I placed my add on craigslist. He pushed a lubed up finger in my but and it actually felt good and made my jump up to attention then he pushed two in at once.

It felt very tight.

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Then he pulled a medium sized but plug out and while pushing and twisting pregnant milf vs bbc continue on mypornox com went in and it felt so huge in my ass almost to big.

This made my cock go soft quickly. Before I knew it he was back in my mouth again pushing at my thought. Here I was and I liked it. He fucked my mouth it felt so good filling to the max with big cock meat now he was speeding up his thrusts and he pushed in farther and my thought opened up and took his length he fucked me like that for awhile then stopped while my thought and shot his cum right down into my stomach then he pulled out so just the head was in my mouth and shot rest into my waiting mouth and I sucked as hard as I could on his big cock head.

Then I finally noticed the camera pointing at my head. My mind raced a bit as I thought what he would do with this new video. He then said ohh that camera isn't the only one I've been filming you since you got here.