My neighbors sex tapes layna laurel mimi allen

My neighbors sex tapes layna laurel mimi allen
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I work in stripclub in miamy.

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I am 17 years old and have only my mother. Roger is the owner of the club and he has his own girls, one of them is my mother Olivia. Roger bought my mother from a brasilian pimp. She was 16 and pregnant with me. Now she is 33 and in great shape,she has black long hair, brown eyes ,a big fat round assfull breasts and strong thick legs .there I am in charge of the supplies of booze and food .my mother does the last show of every night and the men are anxious to see her latin ass and her shaved pussy.

At the end of the night a man dressed in a white suit came in followed by a huge musculous bold black guy dressed in a black suit and they sat in front. My mother was striping and the men were throwing money. I went in the dressing room to stay with the naked girls when the show was over.

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Mom came in and started to talk with the girls. I hid behind the clothes and could see the men in suits coming in the room. The one with the white suit said-everybody get out-but nobody moved when the bodyguard shouted-Don Morello said to get out but not you- he grabbed my mothers arm.

Everyone got out. Don Morello was about 60 years old but had a very fit body. He looked Italian from the way he talked. My mother had nothing on her but pure skin and this had an effect on these two men. Roger entered the room and told my mother that he had sold her to this man and than he left. Morello unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and ordered mom to suck it. Joe the bodyguard closed the door with key and started to rub his crotch.

Mom saw this and thought it wouldn't be so bad to work with rich man. Morellos cock was up in the air. It wasn't very big about eight inches long and thick as a mans toe but it had a very long foreskin. Mom put busty blonde wants her friends dad jessa rhodes hands on his cock and pulled back his foreskin to reveal its head which was twice as thick as a men toe.

Mom tried to put it in her mouth an it barely fitted in. morello put is hands on the back of moms head and thrusted his cock in her mouth. She gagged as it reached the back of her head and was going deeper. With a stronger thrust he puts all his cock in her mouth and it reached her throat.

Mom couldn't breath and tried to pull her head but his hands forbid it and pushing the cock even deeper than before. Morello pulled his now stiff cock out of my mothers mouth as she lied back on the table catching her breath. Morello told mom to get dressed and go with them but she replied i&hellip.i have a son to take care for then morello said take him too.

In the car mom asked why did you buy me-and morello replied-you will be entertaining toy in my house for everyone to use and you boy will help Joe with his work in the house-mom had a frightened look on her face all the way. When we arrived I saw a mansion as big as a palace. Joe showed us our rooms and the rules of the house. The next morning Rough slave gangbang nina north gets used and d saw my mother enter the library and closed with key.

I got out and back in the library hot teen fucked on her shave pussy and saw morello in the couch and another man in a wheelchair that looked a lot like morello but older. I then saw mom un zip his pants in the wheelchair and pulled out the thickest cock she had ever seen but it was rather short about four and a half inches long and two inches in girth.

It also had a long foreskin which my mother pulled back with her hands but it still was very soft. Mom started to suck it and stroking it to make it hard but nothing happened. Then a huge load of cum was shot in my mothers mouth. There was so much that it was dripping out of her mouth.

Then the man got down from his wheelchair and lied down on the floor. Then mom got over him and sat down on his cock, she opened her pussy lips and guided that monster cock to the entrance of her vagina. She started pushing down but it would hardly fit and she pushed harder and the head entered her pussy, the man put his hands on my mothers bubble ass and forced her down all the way until his huge sack of balls slapped her ass.

Mom started screaming loudly as this cock was one of the thickest she had ever gotten in her pussy. Her ass started moving up and down slowly and speeding up. Then I saw morello stand up and approach mom behind, he put his hands on moms ass and pushed down, he kept mom down and spit on th head of his cock. I realized that he was going to fusk my moms ass. Morello pushed his cock in moms ass but it didn't get in, he pushed harder and harder until the tip of his head entered moms asshole.

I have seen my mother fuck with a lot of guys before but this was different, morello kept pushing and his cock was slipping in moms ass. What I was seeing was beautiful, two monster cocks were inside my mom and she was in middle of two horny men, I could see my mom becoming a sandwhich in the middle and she was enjoying all of this fucking, me too.

Morello came in her ass and the other man shot his load in moms womb. Mom had the hardest orgasm of her life because it was the first time she had been double penetrated by two enourmous dicks, she layed there and fell asleep.

Then I saw morello and this other man drive away and now we were alone with joe. Mom sleeped all night and in the morning I went in the library to wake her up, I saw she was still dripping cum from her pussy and her ass, I held her into my arms and I went into the bathroom tub to clean her sunny leone boy frinds xxx porn blue film downlode. The tub was in front of me and I could barely see because there was a lot of vapor from hot water.

I thought someone had forgotten the water tap. Mom was a bit heavy and I threw her in the tub I heard the water splash so I knew mom was in the tub. I went and opened the window so it all cleared up, I went to mom and I saw joe under mom in the tub. I could his cock between moms thighs and it was raising up a few inches. Then mom awake grabbed joes cock and stroke it. They both got out and dried,after that we went into the main bedroom.

Mom sat down and joe stood in front of her, he dropped his robe and I was terrified, joe had three legs. My mother took it in her hands and started licking the head of his cockjoe made me a hand sign to come closer. I couldn't believe my eyes, my mom had the head of the cock in her mouth and this thing was not from this world, it had a chockolate color, very thick veins and was over fifteen inches long and as thick as a cucumber.

Mom was really horny and pushed joe over the bed, she climbed up to his cock and sat on in, but it wouldn't enter her so joe rolled her over and now he was on top.

Joe put the tip at the entrance and put his hands over my moms shoulders, he started to push in his monster into my mothers poor pussy. The head was almost in when mom was screaming like crazy and joe said to me watch this you are going to like this part very much- and I focused my eyes on moms pussy and with one powerful thrust joe had rammed my mothers pussy.

I saw moms face and her eyeballs were coming out, I saw blood on joes monster cock and I lower my head down to see that my mom was bleeding and that her pussy was ripped at the end, then mom gave a scream of great pain and passed out.

Joe was still hard and could not fuck that pussy again so he opened a drawer and pulled out a condom which he put on. Joe pulled moms ass up in the air pushed his cock in her ass but mom unconcousness made it easier for english blonde milf amateur first time mommy dearest gets freaky to put it in just as its head was in mom regained her senses and felt great pain in her vagina and also her ass being fucked at the moment by joes mighty rod.

He got mom on all fours and started fucking her tight asshole doggy style, mom moaned and groaned and she liked being fucked by black studs like joe. Joe came in her ass hard but didn't spill any cum, he pulled out from mom ass and took off his condom and threw it on the floor. Mom saw this but too hurt to stand up she told me to give her that condom.

I was hesitant but I picked it up from the end because I didn't want to spill joes cum. I felt it in my hand it was hot and very slippery,I held it up and watched it curiously it was seventyfive percent full of cum and I saw it had stains of sheet everywhere, it was my mothers. I couldn't believe I was holding a condom that had gone so deep in my mothers ass. I gave it to mom and she put her lips over it and started sucking it until it was empty and dry in the inside but it wasn't enough, mom licked it all even the outside.

I saw my mother had become a filthy whore by all this monster cock. I got used to it and life went on, morello and his paralised brother always come at the weekends and fuck my mother hard whenever they want to and during the week joe ramms mom o lot and she has gone to the emergency room a few times due to huge monster cocks entering her everyhole we lived there a happy life and I was happy to have a roof over my head and a warm meal and so was mom even though she had to work hard on satysfaying monster cocks.

Everybody lived satisfied ever after.