Grandpa at the doctor fucks hot young nurses in old young threesome porn

Grandpa at the doctor fucks hot young nurses in old young threesome porn
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"Mom! Is that you?!?" I yelled as I got out of my tent. I hadn't seen my mom in over an hour. It was already cold and I could see snow already covering most of the ground. Walking toward what I thought was a scream. It was hard to see, but the light from the moon helped. "Help! Help! Jason!" I heard my mother scream. I ran toward her voice. When I got there I saw my mother lying underneath a large rock sheet.

I understand why she had been stuck, I mean it would probably be easy for me to lift it but she was only 5'5 and weighed about 120pounds. She didn't have a lot of upper body strength. She was shivering and her lips were purple. It seemed like she only had on her bathing suit.

I walked over to her and knelt by her face. "J-Jason t-there's a s-snake under the rock near my t-thighs.I'm s-scared," she started to sob. I looked down at my mother's face and saw true fear and vulnerability. " calm down everything will be fine okay," I whispered to her with the strongest voice I could muster. If I wait the snake might bite her and if it's poisonous she might die because there isn't a hospital or ranger station for miles.

But then if I lift it she could still get bit or I will get bit. "Mom where is the snakes head?" She just closed her eyes and shook her head. "Mom you need to tell me." "I-its head is bet-tween my t-thighs near my p-privates," she stuttered through her sobs.

"Mom, I'm gonna lift up the rock sheet okay and as soon as you feel the pressure decrease on your legs I need you to slam your legs together and clench your thigh with all your strength." She just nodded. It would be easy for me to lift seeing I was about 5'11 and weighed about 168 pounds. I was skinny but still muscular. I grabbed the edge of rock which was pressed against my mothers breasts.

I lifted real private handy story german squirting quickly and saw her push her legs together.

I pushed the rock sheet until it hit the other rocks. I looked down and saw the snakes head sitting on mom's mound.

It didn't look like a poisonous snake but I didn't really have a good look at it. I quickly grabed its head. My mom shuddered when my fingers brushed her mound. I told myself it was just from fear. "Open your legs mom," She opened them and then I gripped the snake hard and threw it as far as I could. My mom threw her arms around me and hugged me as tightly as she could.

I took off my hoodie and she put it on. It went about mid-thigh. I helped her stand up but she crumbled back to the floor. "My ankle. I think I sprained it," she said.

I nodded before leaning down and hook my arms under her legs, picking her up alanah rae fucks bill bailey style.

I walked back to sensual chick is gaping spread vagina in close up and having orgasm. I went straight to my tent laying her down on my 3 person sleeping bag. I put a blanket it on top of her.

I got up to leave but she grabbed me tightly. "Mom I'll be right back you'll be fine I promise." I walked out the tent and grabbed the coolers putting them on each side of the tent. I dragged her tent right in front of mine so everything was closer. I grabbed a bottle of water out of the cooler and my moms bag before re-entering the tent.

My mom was shivering. "Mom here I grabbed your bag you might wanna change out your swimsuit," She nodded before taking the bag. I guess she wasn't paying much attention to me as she pulled off my hoodie and her suit.

There my mom sat in all her glory. She had a nice rack. Probably a C-cup. She pulled on a long sleeve flannel shirt and some panties. I sat there and just watched. When she noticed I was starring she glared at me. "You could of turned around," she said. "Why? I would of missed out on the amazing view," I said with my new found confidence and my now raging hard on.

"Jason!" she gasped. We sat in silence for a while, "Mom, there's a blizzard coming we have to either go home or go to the cabin," My dad and I had fixed up a cool cabin a couple miles up the mountain but My mom and I haven't been there since he died. "I-I guess we could go to the cabin," she said now looking kinda sad. "Alright we'll leave in the you wanna sleep in here with me or in your tent." I said knowing I would probably get a stiff laying with my pantsless mom.

"Are you okay with me sleeping in here?" "Of course mom" "Okay. goodnight," She said turning around and snuggling under the covers. I pulled off my jeans and got under the covers. Soon I drifted off to a peaceful sleep. Sometime after my mother woke me up. She was reaching for the extra blanket on the other side of my tent.

Her hand slipped and she fell on top of me. My hard-on was pressed against her crouch. I grabbed her waist and held her on top of me. I let go of her left side and grabbed the blanket. She scrambled to get off of me but I just held her there. "Oh My Gosh Jason! Let go of me right now! Why.W-Why are you.Why d-do you have an.erection," she whispered the last part. I ground my erection to her core while whispering, "Because you turn me on mother," She shuddered in my arms.

"L-let go," she said stubbornly. "Why mom. are you scared I'm gonna get you all hot and horny," I said in low tone still pushing up against her pussy. "Jason," she moaned.

She stopped struggling and relaxed spreading her legs, straddling me. I lifted her up a little before slamming my groin into hers. I flipped us over and attacked her lips with mine. Her lips felt so soft on mine.

I smashed my hard-on on her core. "Oh jason!" she moaned against my mouth. I put her arms above her head and held them there with one hand.

With the other hand I cupped her core. I slowly began to rub her. Soft whimpers escaped her lips.

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"Mom.your so wet," I said smirking. I let go of her and laid back down cosing my eyes. "Goodnight mother," I said turning away from here. A few minutes later, I shallowed my breathing and felt her move closer to me. "Jason.Jason are you awake," she whispered.

I didn't answer her. I heard her whisper a profanity. A little while later quiet moans came from my mother and I realised she was mastuerbating.

I waited until she was close to reach over and grab her hands. I straddled her waist and held her hands. She looked up at me shoked. I smirked down at her. My eyes never left hers as I took her fingers into my super big tits teen fucked hard and got a facial cum. Licking all her juices off, I moaned and then put her hands above her head.

"Mother, " I said quietly but she turned her head, "Look at me," I said with authority. She slowly turned her head toward me. I smiled sadistically at her discomfort.

"Someone's been a bad mommy,". I watched her visibly shudder. I leaned down and kissed her neck. letting go of her hands, I let my own hand slip down to her core. I sunk two fingers in and began slowly penetrating her over and over. I slowly moved my body down hers. "Mom tell me when your close," I attaked her clit with my tongue and quickened the pace of my fingers.

About a minute later, "J-Jason im close. Im gonna cum." "NO! Hold it. I swear if you cum you will be punished." I said before going back to what I was doing. I felt her twisting and shaking under me. whimpering. "Please.please Jason I need this," "Not yet," "Ahhhhhhhhhh, " she moaned loadly almost screaming as her juices flooded my mouth and hand.

I slowly sat up and looked at her she was shaking almost vibrating violently her face in a euphoric state. I pushed down my boxers and my not so litte friend stood in full attention. I was blessed with all 10 and half inches and 3 inch width.

I got between her still shaking legs and lined myself up before slamming into her. I obviously interrupted her orgasmic euphoria as her lips made an oh and she stared at me in shock.

"Please its been a long time.go slow.please be gentle," she begged. I shook my head. I slammed in and out of her violently she tried to move but I grabbed her waist and held her still while I slammed in and out.

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I was close and I could tell she was in pain but she was shaking. She was cumming. Her walls tightened around me making it harder to pull out. I smalmmed one last time and bite down on her shoulder so hard I hit bottom at the same time I tasted blood in my mouth.

I pulled out and laid next to her as her orgasm subsided she rolled toward me and layed her head on my chest.

We were quit for a while. "Im sorry I bit you so hard." I said as I turned toward her. She just looked at me. I put my boxers back on and slid her panties back on her.

I rolled her on her side so asian hidden camera sex in hotel room adultsmartlinksorg was facing away from me and I spooned her from behind. I was just about to go to sleep. "That was just the first part of your punishment mom," I whispered in her ear. The last thing I heard before I went to sleep was a gasp escape my mothers lips. To be continued