X francesca le and friends cum swapping

X francesca le and friends cum swapping
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Black Swan Seduction Part 1 Natalie had gotten up early to watch the 2012 Oscar nominations. It brought back memories of doing the same the morning she had been nominated for Black Swan. The movie had been hard work, but very rewarding, and that was before all the talk of award nominations, but there had been a scene Natalie had dreaded from the start, that being the lesbian sex scene between herself and her friend Mila Kunis.

Just the slight thought of it sent tingles through Natalie's entire body, as she let a particular memory wash over her, remembering each aspect of a certain night in vivid detail, just so she could momentarily give in to it …the night her black swan was seduced.

**** It had been a day of shooting the scene Natalie had been dreading so much. She tried so hard to lose herself in the role, but it had been just so awkward she knew without needing to be told that it wasn't good enough In the end they had wrapped up early with the intention of continuing again tomorrow, although Natalie didn't know slutty lesbians trillium and alexis finds a delicious dildo momlickspussycom masturbation and pornst she could take another day of shooting that scene, not because the whole thing had felt awkward, that she had prepared for, what she couldn't have possibly prepared for and were struggling to handle was a very different feeling which was both unwelcome and terrifying for the actress.

The unwelcome and terrifying feeling had made Natalie hesitant to except Mila's invitation to come over to her hotel room for a little girl time, but Mila had worn her down and she had somehow convinced herself that it would re-establish normality between them.

It didn't work. Casual conversation had felt just as awkward if not more as the earlier kissing, long pauses of deafening silence filling the air when they had spoken so freely before. Natalie didn't drink when she had to film the next day, and she didn't drink much even when she was free next day, but it hadn't taken much on this occasion for Mila to talk Natalie into just one little glass of wine, or a second, or a third, until she simply lost count.

At that point normality was finally restored a little bit, but there was this tension in the air that hadn't been there before. Then Mila said something which made Natalie cough up her drink and exclaim, "What?" "We should practice." Mila repeated nonchalantly. "The… the scene?" Natalie questioned in a hushed tone. "Yes the scene." Mila laughed, and then when she saw the look on Natalie's face clarified, "What? We didn't practice before today and you obviously didn't feel comfortable with it, so maybe a little practice would make you feel more comfortable." "I don't think so." Natalie quickly said dismissively.

"Why not?" Mila asked. "Well…" Natalie began, her brain desperately searching for a good reason, "its two totally different environments. On the set we're surrounded by people, here we're alone…" "So, we can practice here and then tomorrow when there's people around you can just imagine we're alone. Then you might not feel so awkward." Mila interrupted. "That wasn't the problem." Natalie protested.

"Then what was?" Mila countered. "I… I don't know." Natalie lied. There was silence for a few moments and then Mila smiled softly. "Do I really need to point out the irony of the situation?" Mila asked. All Natalie could seem to do was stare at her blankly so Mila sighed and said, "You're just like your character in the movie. You're sweet and wholesome, the perfect White Swan, but you need to loosen up and get in touch with your inner Black Swan." Another silence followed before Mila argued, "I mean, what are you afraid of?" Mila had looked at Natalie expectantly as Natalie made one final attempt to think of a good excuse not too, and when that failed she simply forced a smile and said, "Nothing, I guess." "Good…" Mila said, downing her latest glass of wine before gently leaning over to cup Natalie's face and gently bring it closer to hers, "So just trust me, ok?" Natalie opened her mouth to insist that she at least finish her wine first, but before she could utter a syllable Mila's sweet lips were pressing softly against her own, Natalie barely having the presence of mind to lean over to place her glass down on the table before the kiss became too passionate.

However unlike the scene this kiss cougar elexis monroe plays with plumbers huge cock have the same ferocity.

It was just soft. Softer than any kiss Natalie had ever experienced before. It was still awkward, how could it not be, but it was easier, Mila softly caressing Natalie's lips with her own for like an eternity, Natalie becoming so lost in it that she wasn't even aware of her body melting into the other Mila's arms until the kiss was broken.

"You see, that was so much better." Mila beamed, kissing Natalie again only this time more briefly before a wicked looking smile crossed her face, "I knew all you needed was the right motivation." Natalie's heart rate as the Mila kissed her again, as she melted into those sweet lips. This time it didn't last long as Natalie felt a unexpected touch to her right breast and immediately broke the kiss, the nervous actress quickly stammering, "Wha, what are you doing?" "Will you relax?" Mila chuckled, before explaining, "I'm just helping you get into character." "This… isn't in the script." Natalie pointed out, still very aware of the placement of Mila's hand.

"So? You need to loosen up, get comfortable fooling around with me. And I promise, when I'm done with you, you will be." Mila said, kissing Natalie again before she had the chance to protest any further. Those last words, and the look in Mila's eyes when she had said them, combined with certain feelings she was experiencing made Natalie want to push the other girl away, but even as she told herself to do just that Natalie found herself melting into Mila's soft embrace.

She wanted to pull away, she just couldn't. In fact when Mila slipped her tongue into her mouth Natalie found herself welcoming it with her own. It had to be out of instinct, but still it was surreal to be caressing another girl's tongue with her own. Even where Mila began squeezing and caressing her right breast through the fabric of her top Natalie couldn't convince herself to object, or when Mila's hand started caressing all over her body as if deliberately trying to turn her on.

The thought had more than crossed her mind before, this suspicion being all but confirmed when Mila's hand slipped beneath Natalie's top and cupped her naked tit. Finally Natalie tried to break the kiss and object, but Mila wouldn't let her lips go, the younger brunette following her lips as she tried to move back and pressing her mouth against Natalie's more firmly, Mila's hands switching places so the left went into Natalie's top while her right travelled between her legs.

Natalie gasped loudly into Mila's mouth as she felt a soft hand slid up her short dress and to her panties, which had never been wetter. To make matters worse Mila broke the kiss and softly grinned at her, causing Natalie to blush furiously.

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She opened her mouth but no sound came out, Natalie feeling like a goldfish as she just stared at the Mila who was either trying to seduce her or was taking this whole help get her into character thing way too far.

"Just tell me you don't want this and I'll stop." Mila said huskily after a long silence. Natalie continued to remain there with her mouth open for several minutes, wondering why she couldn't convince herself to say anything, and then Mila's fingers started sliding up and down the length of Wild ebony cutie tiffany nunez gets paid for sex pussy slit through her panties, causing her to moan. "I knew you wanted this." Mila grinned.

"I, I don't." Natalie finally managed. "Oh." Mila said disappointedly, "Ok then." Natalie blinked a few times as Mila got off of her and standing up, Natalie only now realizing she had somehow been lowered down so that she was lying on the couch, Natalie quickly sitting up and asking, "That's it?" "Sure." Mila shrugged, "I know I was a little rough, but I was just trying to be in character.

I don't want to force you into anything." "Oh." Natalie blushed, "I thought you were trying to seduce me." "Oh I was. Still kind of am," Mila said, adding before Natalie could even begin to wrap her head around that revelation, " You're beautiful Natalie, and smart, and sexy, and you have no idea how long I've wanted to fuck you. And I wasn't lying before. I do want to help you feel more comfortable about pretending to fool around with me; I'd just rather we weren't pretending." There was a pause, Natalie not sure whether Mila wanted her to say anything and not sure whether she could think of anything to say.

"I really think it would help you get into character, and it wouldn't make you gay or anything, it would be just a little experimentation. And I'd make you cum so hard.

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You have no idea. But if you really don't want to I get it." Mila said, pausing again before continuing, "So I'll tell you what, if you really don't want this you can leave and we can pretend this never happened, or you can never speak to me again, whatever you want, but oldnanny very chubby granny and fat mature fucked with strapon bdsm scene you're even slightly curious, or you think it might help shooting the scene tomorrow, follow me.

I promise you won't regret it." With that Mila disappeared into her suites bedroom, leaving Natalie to her thoughts, which were currently running through her head so fast she could barely comprehend them. They were all just white noise, why she should and why she shouldn't racing around together inside her head to the point that she had no idea what it was she really wanted to do. And then her body seemed to make a decision for her, ignoring whatever battle was playing out in her head and standing up and walking into Mila's bedroom.

Suddenly Natalie felt like she was back on set, or perhaps even in Black Swan itself, as she found herself staring at Mila, the two girls standing only a few feet away from each other and a cocky grin on Mila's face. To keep the comparison going Natalie marched up to Mila, the two actresses grabbing and kissing each other with far more violence and ferocity than they had in any of the previous takes of the lesbian sex scene in their film. As they practically devoured each other the voices in Natalie's head were finally silenced, except for the one that whispered that if she was able to do this tomorrow they could probably get that damn lesbian sex scene done in one take.

That thought seemed increasingly accurate as Natalie found herself lying on the bed, her top and skirt discarded almost without her notice, only leaving her bra and panties, the latter of which Mila was slow but eager to remove before she kissed Natalie again and slid her lips down her body to her centre. It was then the comparison between what was happening and the scene ended as during the scene there was no… contact, but seemingly the moment Mila's head was between Natalie's legs Natalie felt something soft and wet slide across her pussy lips, and she moaned loudly with in a mixture of surprise and pleasure.

Natalie wasn't surprised by what was happening of course, she was just surprised how good it felt. After all Natalie was no virgin, she had done stuff, guys had done this to her before and it had felt good… but this was different. Better. It shouldn't be, but it was. It was just, better. Mila didn't hesitate. She didn't seem unsure of herself or nervous, she didn't ask for tips, she just dived right in and started licking Natalie's pussy, her tongue sliding up and down, clockwise and anticlockwise over her soft cunt lips, Mila occasionally teasing Natalie's cunt hole or clit just so that she could make her moan louder.

She was eating her pussy. Just the thought of it made Natalie blush and her pulse race. There… there was another girl between her legs. Another girl was going down on her, licking her out, munching on her cunt. Being with another girl had always been Natalie's most taboo of fantasies, something she hot baby masturbating on website for chatting always dreamed about but never considered acting upon.

For this reason the lesbian sex scene in Black Swan had been extremely intimidating for her, so much so she almost passed on the project, and the moment she first felt Mila's lips against hers her dormant desires again wreaked havoc with her mind until ultimately she had given in. Ava addams perfect milf tits big boobs pornstar as Mila's soft mouth closed around her cunt lips Natalie suddenly wondered why she had been so reluctant, and then as Mila's little tongue suddenly thrust its way inside her cunt Natalie wondered why she hadn't seduced the other girl herself.

Natalie's thoughts melted away again as for the first time in her life she was tongue fucked by another girl, her eyes rolling in the back of her head as Mila's tongue not only began pumping in and out of her pussy but twirling and swelling around inside her love tunnel, touching sensitive places inside Natalie that had never been touched before. Hell, Natalie didn't even know these places existed before, Mila's eager and knowing tongue seemingly attacking every little sensitive part of her pussy before beginning to fuck her so hard Natalie felt she was going to cry.

She actually did when Mila curled her tongue inside her pussy so she hit her G-spot, Natalie crying, moaning and screaming as her pussy was fucked like never before. Anytime a guy had done this to her in the past it hadn't felt half as good, Mila bringing Natalie to the edge in what felt like minutes.

However when Natalie felt she was about to peak the worst thing Natalie could imagine that moment happened, namely Mila suddenly pulling away. Before Natalie could complain Mila had shoved two fingers inside her, but she only used them to keep her on edge, Natalie literally feeling tears in her eyes as her climax was momentarily denied her.

"You wanna cum?" Mila asked huskily, "You wanna cum for me you fucking diva bitch?" Natalie nodded quickly. "Say it." Mila demanded, "Tell me how you want another girl to make cunt cum." Natalie blushed furiously, but at that moment she needed to cum more than she'd ever needed anything before in her life, so she found herself shamelessly weeping, "I want to cum.

I want to cum for you. I… I want to cum for another girl. I want another girl to make my cunt cum&hellip. I want to wet your beautiful fucking face with my cunt juice. Please Mila, I'll do anything, just make my cunt cum!" "Anything?" Mila grinned. "Yesssssss!" Natalie cried out as at that moment Mila's mouth clamped down on her clit as the other girl's fingers began pounding in and out of her cunt at a rapid rate, the slightly older actress almost immediately crashing over the edge of the hardest orgasm of bubble butt teen small tits creampie poor jade jantzen life.

She could feel her whole body lose control as her hips and pelvis jerked grinding her convulsing cunt into Mila's mouth and face. As she came jet spray of cum washed over Mila. Natalie screeched with pleasure ans shock, she had never squirted with a man. Her squirt was quickly followed by another. And another, and another. Natalie was such a wreck she could barely tell what was going on, Mila's mouth, tongue two ebony amazing huge and fat asses fingers feeling like they were everywhere at once.

In between her orgasms it was slightly easier to tell whether Mila was tongue fucking her again or using her fingers, the other girl switching back and forth, over and over again until everything went black.