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Female solo masturbation multiple orgasm by cdm masturbate brunette pussy s
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It's Spring Break!!! What A Wonderful Time. Parties, Beaches, Resorts, And Sex. Hey! It's Spring Break And My Family Is Going On Vacation! We're Heading To A Miami, Florida Beach Resort. My Parents Told Me That If I Wanted I Could Invite A Friend To Come With Us For The Week. So, Of Course, I Called Spencer. Spencer: Hello? Me: Hey Dude. Guess Where We're Going For Spring Break?

Spencer: Where? Me: MIAMI!!! Spencer: Miami!?! Wow. That's Awesome! Are You Guys Flying There? Me: Nope. Where Driving. It's About 7 Hours Away. We're Staying At A Resort. Spencer: You're So Lucky! Me: Wanna Hear The Best Part? Spencer: What? Me: Well. YOU GET TO COME! Spencer: What?!?! Me: tattoo stepsister wanks stepbrother off tube porn My Parents Said That If I Wanted To I Could Invite A Friend To Come With Us.

Spencer: That's Awesome! We're Not Going Anywhere For Spring Break So I'll Go Ask Right Away! Me: Ok, We're Leaving Tonight.

Go Ask. I Waited A Minute And He Came Back On The Phone In A Dissapointed Voice. Spencer: Are You Still There? Me: Yeah, What's Wrong? Spencer: It Sucks. I Have To Spend A Whole Week. (Happily) With Your Parents! Me: You Little Fucker! Messin' With Me Like That. So You Can Come? Spencer: My Parents Said It Was Fine. Me: Awesome! Spencer: Isn't It? Me: Start Packing And We'll Pick You Up On Our Way Out Of Town. Spencer: How Long Are We Going To Be At The Resort?

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Me: 4 Days. Spencer: Awesome. Ok I'll Be Ready. What Time Did You Say? Me: 7:30 Tonight. We're Renting A Hotel Around 1:30 A.m. And We'll Be In Miami Around 10:00 Saturday Morning. Spencer: Ok, See You Later. Wait! Did You Say Hotel?

Me: Yeah. I Had The Same Idea You Did. My Parents Say We Get Our Own Rooms At The Hotel AND The Resort. Spencer: (Sexy Voice) Very Nice. I'll See You Tonight. I Hung Up The Phone And Told My Mother About Spencer Coming. She Confirmed That It Was Fine And I Continued To Pack My Bags. About Two Hours Later, After We Loaded The Car With Our Stuff, My Mom Told Me To Call Spencer And Make Sure He Was Ready.

We Were Heading Out. I Couldn't Believe This Was Happening. My Family Never Goes Anywhere For Spring Break. And Now We're Going To Miami! Spencer Said That He Was Ready And We Got Into The Car. We Started Driving To His House And I Fantisized On The Way.

I Imagined Me And Spencer Having Sex On The Beach. It Was So Great. I Couldn't Wait For Us To Arrive. As We Continued Our Drive I Hooked Up The Entertainment I Brought For The 7 Hour Trip.

I Put The Portable Tv In Between The Front Seats Of Our Car So Me And Spencer Could Watch It. We Pulled Up To Spencer's House In No Time. Once He Got In I Could Tell That He Was Even More Exited Than I Stacey is getting a big black cock striptease and piercing. Spencer: Miami.

Wow. This Is Going To Be So Awesome. Me: I Know! I Mean Beaches, The Ocean, Resorts, Palm Trees, The Coffee Collored Cuban Honeys.

Spencer: (Laughs) I'm Not Interested In Them. He Put His Hand On Mine. We Made Small Talk On The Trip But Mostly We Just Slept And Watched Videos On The Tv. By The Time We Got To The Hotel, Me And Spencer Weren't Even Tired. But That Was A Good Thing For What We Had Planned. My Parents Gave Me The Room Key And Kissed Me Goodnight. Mom: We're Really Tired From The Drive So Don't Knock On Our Door. We're Going Right To Bed. Ok? Me: Ok, Mom. Is Our Room The One Next Door?

Mom: No, Yours Is On The 3rd Floor At The End of The Hall. Me: Ok, Goodnight. I Went Over To Spencer. Me: YES! Our Room Is Two Floors Up And No Where Near My Parents So They Won't Hear Us. Spencer: That's Good.

Me: Well, I'm Going To Take A Shower. Spencer: Ok, I'm Going To Go Get Some Coffee From The Lobby. Me: Ok, Bring It Up To The Room, We'll Drink It And Stay Up. I Went Up The Stairs. When I Went In The Room I Saw That There Was 2 Beds. I Wanted To Give Spencer A Little Hint Of St scarlett licked by her lesbian coach I Had Planned. Of Course, I Think He Already Knew But What The Hell?

I Pushed One Of The Beds Into The Other To Make One Big King Sized Bed. I Looked At The Tv Guide And Saw That There Was A Porno On 512. It Wasn't Pay-Per-View So I Turned It On And It Was A Gay One. I'm So Lucky. I Left The Tv On And Went Into The Bathroom. I Stripped Off My Shirt And Pants. I Slowly Took Off My Green Boxers And I Put Them On The Outside Door Knob To Give Spencer A Hint That I Wanted Him To Join Me.

I Turned On The Water And Got In The Shower. I Took The Head Off The Shower And Put It In The Crack Of My Ass. The Water Shot Up My Ass.

I Had To Get It Nice And Clean So Spencer's Cock Went It Nicely. I Heard The Bathroom Knob Twist And I Saw An Outline Of Spencer Through The Glass. Me: Hey. He Opened The Glass To See Me Standing Wet And Naked.

Spencer: He-e-e-y. I Gave Him A Little Grin. I Then Looked Down To See A 6 Inch, Rock Hard Cock. Me: Well, Look Who Came Out To Play. Spencer: I Saw The Beds And Porn And Got A Little Exited.

Me: Well. We Could Do What We Had In Mind In Here. I Don't Like The Idea Of Sex In A Hotel Bed. Spencer: I'm Fine With That. We'll Have Real Fun At The Resort. I Got On My Knees And Grabbed His Cock With My Hand. Me: And This Isn't Real Fun? I Stuck The Head Of His Cock On My Lips And Gave It Some Gentle Licks. He Moaned. I Opened My Mouth Wide And Swallowed His Cock To His Pubic Hair. I Took Out His Cock The Full Way And Went All The Way Back Down About 10 Times.

(It Rocks To Have No Gag Reflex!!!!) Then I Gently Sucked On His Balls. I Licked All Around His Sac And On The Bottom Of His Shaft. I Then Bobbed My Head Fast On His Cock With My Lips Rolled In.

I Bit Down A Little While Doing This To Massage His Cock With My Lips While I Sucked. Spencer: Ohhhh. I'm Gonna Cum. I Shoved His Cock All The Way Down My Throat And Let Him Blow His Load. 4 Squirts Shot Out Of His Cock.

I Swallowed All Of It. I Picked Up A Bottle Of Shampoo That Was Next To Me And Rubbed It All Over His Cock And My Ass. There Were 2 Stools In The Shower That Were Connected To The Wall. You Could Sit Down On These. I Bent Over And Put My Arms And Head On The Stool For Support. He Caught What I Was Doing And Put His Cock In My Crack.

Only A Little At First. He Inched In. Spencer: Man, You've Gotten Tight! I Was In To Much Ecstasy To Reply. He Got All The Way In And Then Pulled All The Way Out. He Began To Fuck My Ass With Full Force. His Cock Went In And Out Of My Ass And It Felt So Good! He Wrapped His Arms Around Me So He Could Hold On For Support. While He Slammed Into My Ass I Slammed Back Into His Cock.

The Hot Water Just Made It All The Better. I Loved Getting Fucked Like A Dirty Whore. I Turned And Saw Spencer's Body Going Back And Forth And I Felt His Cock Filling My Ass, Touching My Prostate. I Was Moaning Like Crazy And Obviously This Caused Him More Pleasure Than If I Wasn't Because Once Again He Said "I'm Cumming!". Me: Cum In My Ass. Go All The Way In He Did As Told And Shoved His Cock All The Way In.

About 5 Streams Flawless attractive babe likes to ride pecker Hot, Steamy Cum Shot Out Of His Cock Into My Ass.

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It Felt So Good. I Made Him Turn Around And I Soaped Up My Cock. I Started Slamming Into His Ass With No Hesitance. He Was Screaming In Pain And I Heard Someone Bang On The Wall. Obviously We Were Disturbing The People Next Door. I Was Annoyed That They Had Interupted Us So I Made Spencer Stand Up On The Wall Of The Shower That Was Facing The Direction Of The Room Next Door.

As I Fucked Him He Slammed Into The Wall. This Really Pissed Off The Neighbors Because I Heard One Say Something Like "Fucking Assholes." That's Just What I Was Doing Too. I Was Fucking Spencer's Asshole Hard And Fast. Spencer's Hand Went Under His Legs And Inbetween Mine. He Started Pulling And Rubbing My Balls.

It Felt Sooooooo Good. I Had To Cum For Him. I Pushed My 7 Inches Of Cut Cock In His Ass And Let Out 9 Streams Of Creamy, Steamy, Milky Cum. He Let Out A Long, Satisfied, Pleasurable Moan. Spencer: That Was Awesome. Me: Yeah. Spencer: Let's Go To Bed. Me: (Sarcasticly) But I Didn't Wash My Hair. Spencer: Come On.

We Got Out Of The Shower, Dried Off, And Climed Into Bed. We Were Worn Out From The Sex So We Almost Instantly Fell Asleep. Ring.Ring.Ring. Me: (Grogilly) Hello? Hotel Management: We've Recieved Many Complaints Of Noises Coming From Your Room. Also, This Is Your Wake Up Call. Me: (Sarcasticly) Yeah Thanks. Only I Didn't Order One. I Slammed The Phone Back On The Reciever And Looked Over My Shoulder.

Spencer's Blankets Had Fallen Off His Body Exposing Him. He'd Been Sleeping In The Nude. Me: Spencer? Harmony rose unravels suckhole for face pumping harmony rose (Grogilly) Yeah?

Me: Did The Phone Wake You Up? Spencer: (Grogilly) No. Me: Well We Gotta Get Up. I Think My Parents Ordered Us A Wake Up Call. We Both Crawled Out Of The Bed And Went Into The Bathroom. We Climbed Into The Shower And Spencer Started Giving Me A Blowjob. I Told Him That I'm Never In The Mood In The Morning And We Continued Our Shower. Once We Were Dressed We Went Down To My Parent's Room And Saw That They Too Were Ready To Hit The Road. We Went Outside Of The Hotel And Climed Into The Car And Traveled For About An Hour To Miami.

We Finnaly Knew We Were There Because We Saw A Bunch Of Tanned Girls Wearing Skimpy Bikinis In The Middle Of The Street. Me: Sweet! What Are We Going To Do First? Mom: Well We're Going To Get Checked In At The Resort, Go Eat, And Give Ya'll The Car. We're Going To Go To A Casino Next To The Resort And You Guys Can Go To The Beach Or Something. Me: Okay, That Sounds Alright. My Parents And I Asian hidden camera sex in hotel room adultsmartlinksorg The Car And Put Our Stuff Into The Resort Rooms.

Soon After That My Parents Have Me The Car Keys And Kissed Me Goodbye. They Headed Off To The Casino. I Turned To Spencer. Me: What Do You Want To Do? Horny sluts have fun with some toys (Sexy Voice) Nude Beach?

Me: Oh My God! I Didn't Even Think Of That! Spencer: How Could You Not?? Me: Let's Go. We Looked In The Directory For A Nude Beach And Saw That There Were 4 Of Them. We Drove Off The Beach. We Talked On The Way But In 10 Minutes We Reached The Nude Beach. We Saw That There Were Alot Of People There. That Kind Of Put A Damper On Our Plans For Sex On The Beach. We Got Out Of Our Car And Started Stripping Off Our Clothes. Spencer Took Off His Shirt And Pants Fast But Slowed Up On His Boxers.

His Cock Was Limp. I Stripped My Clothes And Exposed My Also Limp Cock. Me: So Are You Going Swimming? Spencer: Nah, I'm Probably Gonna Tan. Me: Me Too. Let's Find Some Chairs. We Walked Onto The White Sand Beach And Saw A Row Of Blue And White Lawn Chairs.

There Were A Few People Sitting Down, Mostly Women. We Took A Seat On The End And Started Rubbing Tanning Lotion All Over Each Other's Body. It Felt So Good When He Got To My Cock. He Gave Me A Sort Of Handjob Using The Lotion As Lubricant. Although, That Didn't Keep Me Hard Long. We Continued Tanning And Saw Some Really Hot Guys. There Was One Really Muceled Up Guy With A, What Had To Be, 9 Inch Cock On Him. I Saw Another Guy Who Looked Like He Was 17 With A Huge Cock. The 17 Year Old Walked In Front Of Me And Stared Down At My Cock.

He Was Either Gay Or Comparing Our Sizes. He Stuck His Tounge Out To Expose A Tounge Ring. I Started Thinking Of Him Giving Me A Blowjob And What It Would Feel Like With His Tounge Ring. My Cock Was Getting Hard. In A Few Seconds It Was Diamond Hard, Full 7 Inches. Guy: Look At That. Did I Do That To You? Me: Maybe. Guy: Are You Gay Or Somin'? Me: Maybe. Guy: How Old Are You? Me: 15. Guy: Little Young To Be Out Hurr' Don't Cha' Think?

Me: No. Guy: So, Staring At My Cock Gets You Hard, Huh? Me: No. Your Tounge Ring Got Me Hard. Guy: Why's That? Think I Might Give A Minor A Blow Or Somin'? Spencer: No That's My Job Now Fuck Off, Bitch. Guy: Oh-Hoo-Hoo. What Do We Got Hurr'? Is This Your Boyfriend Or Somin'? Me: Yeah. Now Fuck Off Like He Told You. The Guy Walked Off. Spencer: Dude Are We Gonna Have Sex Out Here? Me: I Don't Think That's Legal. Spencer: I'll Be Back. Me: Where Are You Going?

Spencer: I Gotta Take A Piss. Me: Me Too. We Walked To The Bathroom And Went Into Two Stalls Opposite Of Each Other. I Took Out My Still-Hard Cock And I Heard Spencer Say Something. Me: What? I Turned And Looked At The Stall Wall. It Was Graphitied. "Fuck You!" "Suck My Dick" Stuff Like That Was On The Wall. "For A Fun Time, Look Down." Was Also On There.

I Looked Down To See Spencer's Finger Sticking Through A Gloryhole. Me: Oh My God. Spencer: We Didn't Have A Chance Out There So, Wanna? Me: and mia li xxx lea lexis Yeah. Who First? Spencer Stuck His Cock Through The Hole. Spencer: Me. I Bent Down Low And Licked On The Head Of His Cock. I Then Stuck About Half Of His Cock In My Mouth And Sucked As Hard As I Could. He Moaned.

I Realesed The Suction On His Cock And I Started Bobbing My Head Back And Forth. I Started To Deep Throat His Cock. I'd Go All The Way Down On His Cock And Pull Back All The Way Off. He Was Moaning Like Crazy. I Pulled Off All The Way And Started Licking The Head Of His Cock Insanely.

Spencer: Oh. My. God. That. Feels. So. Good. I Started Deep Throating His Cock Again And His Cock Was Spasming All The Way Down. I Started Bobbing My Head Up And Down At Very Fast Speeds. I Felt His Cock Spasm. Spencer: I'm Gonna Cum Hard. I Went All The Way Down On His Cock. He Did As He Said He Was Going To Do And Cummed Hard. About 7 Streams Of White Cream Shot Out Of His Cock And All The Way Down My Throat And Into My Stomach. It Tasted So Good. Me: Turn Around And Put Your Ass In Front Of The Hole.

Spencer: No! Me: Why Not?! Spencer: Because, You Might Hurt Your Cock By Scraping It On The Side Of The Hole. Me: Then What Do You Suppose We Do? Spencer: Watch. He Left His Stall And Came Into Mine. He Then Bent Over The Toilet And Held His Ass In The Air. Spencer: There's Some Lube In My Pants. I Reached Under The Stall And Pulled His Pants Into My Stall. I Reached Into His Pocket And Brought Out The Lube.

I Squirted Quite A Bit On My Cock On His Ass, Then I Put The Head Of My Cock In The Crack Of His Ass. Spencer: Go Fast, I'm Still Stretched From Last Night. I Did As Told And He Was Right. I Stretched Out His Ass Last night When I Fucked Him In The Shower. I Put All 7 Inches Of My Rock Hard Cock In His Ass. I Fucked Him Hard. I Went All The Way In And Pulled All The Way Out.

I Put My Hand Between His Legs And Massaged His Balls While I Fucked Him. He Bent Over A Little Further So It Was Easier For Me To Fuck Him. I Started Fucking Him HARD. I Went Crazy On His Ass. I Went In And Out Of His Ass At Speeds Me And Him Never Went Before.

It Felt So Good. His Ass Was Compressing My Cock, Sort Of Massaging It While It Penetrated His Ass. I Was In Pure Ectasy. I Pulled Out Of His Ass All The Way And Got On My Knees. I Started Licking His Ass And Balls.

Spencer: What The Hell?? Fuck Me! Me: I Will In A Minute. After His Ass Was Nice And Wet With My Saliva I Started Fucking Him Again. I Penetrated His Ass Hard And Fast.

I Was Cumming Within Minutes. I Didn't Even Warn Him. About 6 Streams Of Cum Came Out Of My Cock And Into His Ass. That's How It Was For The Rest Of The Week At The Resort. I Had A Hell Of A Time And So Did Spencer.