Cuckold husband convinces wife for interracial sex

Cuckold husband convinces wife for interracial sex
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It was just another normal day at Jesuit High School. I went to class. Hung out with friends. All that stuff. First, before I get started, let me tell you about me. My name is Tony Nariksan. I am a sophomore at J-High. Being a 15 year old male, I have a rather active relationship with the 'dark' side of the Internet and a healthy relationship with my pecker.

Standing at just over six feet, I can see over most people's heads. My blond hair is getting long, but in the summer time I shave it, thus the nick name, 'The White Supremacist.' My blue eyes fit the profile wonderfully, also the full German heritage doesn't help.

Under the hood I sport a 7 inch long, rock solid dick. Nothing to be ashamed of. Now that you know me, back to the story. Our bell schedule depends on the day. Today was Tuesday. Being Tuesday sultry teen stretches narrow twat and gets deflorated schedule went: 2, 7, 4, Lunch, 5, 6. Confusing, right? It was the start of seventh period. French. One of my most favorite classes. Class just started. *BEEP* the intercom notified us it was time to listen.

"Will the following students please report to the school office, Melange Gavin, Tony Nariksan," I panicked, being called to the office was not a good thing, "Shannon O'Mara, Ana-Sophia, Mackenzie Berthaur, and Natalie Walsh." As if in a trance, I got up, and walked out of the room.

My brain raced to think what I could have done wrong as to merit a visit to the Vice Principal. Coming up with nothing made me all the more worried.

I was the last to arrive in the office.

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Mr. Hogan the VP was there waiting. "Hello everyone." He cheerfully greeted us he looked ready to give a long speech, "Jesuit is a place for learning. We cover every subject imaginable." I didn't see where this was going. "We pride ourselves in being the best of the best. Now you may say, 'We don't cover EVERY subject' but J-High actually does. Every three years we have openings in a class that only a few people know about. It is only open to sophomores and will replace 2 of your current classes.

On paper you will still have those classes. Based on your other classes you will score similarly in the two you will miss. Your third and seventh periods will be replaced. On Mondays, you will also miss your fourth period because you do not have 7th on Monday." "So just what IS this class?" Ana-Sophia asked next to me.

Ana was Brazilian, she had amazing tits. That was the first feature curves guarantee sex for a playgirl hardcore blowjob saw. Easily D cups. She wasn't too tall, five seven, dark brown eyes and hair to match.

Her skin was darker. She had a little weight around the mid-section, but her amazing upper body made up for that. "I'm getting there Ana." Mr. Hogan wasn't angry at this interruption, just calm, normally he would have been angry, this was strange. "In this class you will study the human body. You have been nominated by a senior to take their place.

But, I talk to much. This class is more about the physical. Now, please sign these forms. They state that if you mention anything about this class to anyone else we have to right to expel you.

We like to keep this very hush-hush." We all signed our names. "Your teacher will be Mr. Skipper." "Hello everyone. If you will follow me." Mr.

Skipper led us out of the office. He was a younger teacher, very athletic, foot ball coach I think. As we walked past the buildings Melange whispered to me: "Do you know what this is?" "Uh. No." Melange was also very good looking. Her tits, just as big as Ana's were more appealing. She played soccer, so was very fit. She was shorter though, only about five, five. She was of Eastern decent, her skin a light olive tone, her flowing black her and eyes to match.

"I've heard rumors about something like this." "And?" I asked. "Well, if what I've heard is true, this is supposed to be a class about sex." "What?" I had actually heard the same rumors, but they were very sketch, i played along like i didn't know what she was talking about. I wanted to gauge her reaction about sex. "Yeah. That's all I've heard. The seniors nominate sophomores to fill their places in the class.

The seniors have to pick someone from the opposite gender, there is supposed to be this whole ritual and stuff, like a secret society kinda thing." My thoughts instantly flashed to senior Kelly Crowley. She was smoking hot. I didn't know her well, but we became friends when I was struggling one day at cross country, she ran with me for a while, just talking. She was the only female senior I knew. Mr. Skipper led us to the only elevator in the school. It was for teacher's with heavy stuff and disabled students who couldn't take the stairs.

We all piled in. I had never seen the inside other than when people got off. "This elevator takes you down to our classroom. When this hall was built, plans for an earthquake shelter were included, so this building is actually three stories tall. You have to scan your thumb print to get in." Pressing his thumb on a small obscure strip started the elevator.

From the outside of the fucking old mamas hairy wet juicy pussy, you could only see 2 stories. We never even got the hint their might be more of the building underground. Melange and Ana were the only two people here I knew. All the other had been in one of my classes I'm sure, but I only knew their names.

*DING* The elevator stopped. When the doors slid open we were greeted with a small gray room. On the opposite side of the room was a pair of sliding stainless steel doors. As we approached, they opened. This next room was better. It included bean bags on risers in a U formation around a white board on the wall.

Another door was on the far side, but we weren't shown there just yet. "Take a seat." Mr. Skipper ordered. We each choose a bean bag and plopped down. As if on queue the doors we had just come through opened. The seniors walked in. Each senior found their nominee. I was correct in thinking my senior was Kelly. "Hey Ryan." She whispered. "Hey." I greeted her. "Alright, here's how it's gona work. If you agree to be part of this then you will stay here. If you want, you're free to leave, remember, you can't tell anybody." She was just point blank, no crap.

Very to the point. "Uh." Was my intelligent response, was I really hesitating to answer this question? I glanced to Melange, we caught each other's eye. She nodded. I did the same. Kelly caught this. "Nice girl. Looks like you too are going to have fun. I'll take that as a yes then?" My brain was still processing.

Kelly just jumped ahead. "Uh. yeah, sure." I finally responded. "Alright. Ina few minutes here we're gona take off. You'll get to know each other a bit more intimately. If you get my drift." She smiled. I weakly nodded. "Good. Tomorrow I'll be back and we will make you a part of this class." She patted her pussy. I think my eyes popped out of futurama porn fry and leela having sex head.

"Yeah. I'm gona miss this class." She sighed to herself. "Trust me. It is a BLAST." Slowly all the other seniors drifted to the front of the room. I noticed the room was a comfortable temperature, unlike the rest of the building. The walls were a homey red color. There were lamps about the place. From somewhere the scent of candles drifted around the room. Melange caught my eye again. She looked excited.

I smiled having a similar feeling. Mr. Skipper cleared his throat. We all looked to him.

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The seniors walked out of the room, like a well rehearsed play. "Alright, it looked like everyone has chosen to stay. This class is about jumping in to material. So. You all have probably gotten that thought that this class may require a different dress code." There were some giggles at this as he implied nudity.

"So. As I'm sure your seniors have told you, please strip down." People hesitated, Mr.

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Skipper sighed. "This happens every time, it's ok." He reassured us. "Let's start slow. How about shirts? Let's get rid of those." Hesitantly, we all looked around, I choose to break the ice, I pulled my gray polo over my head.

I may be 6 foot 110 pounds, but those pounds are nothing but solid muscle. I heard some quiet gasps, marveling at my abs as they ripped as I sat back down. Melange caught my eye. She stood, I held my breath. Pulling off her shirt, her breasts were revealed. Looking back at me Nasty milf is worthwhile at fucking hardcore blowjob smiled at her.

She looked relieved. They were the size of grapefruits, I just couldn't take me eyes off them. Her stomach was toned and flat. Her olive skin really did it for me, it was a major turn on. Mackenzie and Shannon stood. Their physical features were also very pronounced, the two of them looked like twins. Mackenzie had a bit of a belly, but her gorgeous tits made up for that. Shannon was very proud to be out in the open. Natalie had her arms over her chest, trying to hide herself.

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Ana just sat there like it was no big deal. "Ok. Being the first day, you are all nervous. But no one is going to laugh or make fun of you. How about taking off your pants now?" I was suddenly aware of the large object in my pants. Suddenly I was embarrassed. Once again, Melange caught my eye. She seemed to see my embarrassment.

This time she broke the ice. Sliding her skinny jeans to the ground she revealed her toned legs. Let me say.

Oh. My. God. She was drop dead B. E. A. U. tiful. Other girls stood and followed suit. I felt all their eyes looking at me. Taking a deep breath, I too, removed my pants.

Again, I heard *Huh!* and 'Oh' but they were of surprise and not disappointment. I quickly sat down. Melange raised her eyebrows at me. I returned the expression. "I'm sure you all are educated in what people might do from this stage. To prevent further awkwardness, I am going to leave now.

But. You may not just sit here. Do what comes naturally." With those words Mr. Skipper left the room. After a few minutes of silence, I took a brave step: "So." "Yes?" Melange answered me. "Oh get on with it you two. You've been eyeing each other all day now." Shannon was rather blatant.

"Hm?" Melange pretended not to know what Shannon was talking about. "Just go over and kiss him or something." "That 'him' is in the room you know." I interjected. "And what? Have you all watch?" The two totally ignored me. "Sure. I have an idea. You go first. Then we can take turns." Shannon referred to sex.

"Do I get any say in the matter? I am a person too after all." Again I spoke up. "Oh hush. We are arguing over who is going to have sex with you first.

I'd be quiet if I were you." Shannon spoke directly to me. "Alright. But." A thought occurred to Melange. "You on the pill? Cause if you're not then you couldn't keep your promise." "Of course I am, i'm sure we all are." Shannon gestured to the group, they nodded in agreement.

"Alright." Melange concluded. And as if I suddenly existed Melange came over to me. Standing over me, she looked me in the eye. Slowly she reached back and unclasped her bra. From my peripherals I saw it fall, but didn't look down. She hooked her thumbs in her panties, pulling them off. As if I a trance I stood. Naked, she kissed me. Passionately. Her tongue searched my mouth and mine hers. I felt her back. Her skin was smooth like silk. Her hands reached curvy blondie luna star gets her holes stretched pornstars and hardcore and found my boxers.

Breaking the kiss, she helped them to the ground. She stood back in awe. My friend stood to attention at full strength. More gasps were heard. Deciding she was ready, we kissed again. Our naked bodies rubbing against one another. Her breath shortened. Opening our eyes we saw the lust in the other's eye.

Skipping the foreplay I was just interested in that box between those legs. I had all year to get to know each of these ladies VERY intimately. Falling back, I pulled her with me to the bean bag. Taking a quick peek around I found the other girls has stripped. All of them were clean shaven, which I liked.

I pulled Melange under me, changing places. Laying on the bean bag she opened her legs, smiling and patting her pussy. Taking this as a sign to continue, I rubbed my member against her lips. Her nipples and pubic area were darker than the rest of her skin. This had always been a turn on for me. Slowly, I transferred my weight forward. I slipped into her pussy. The sensation was overwhelming. She was tight and warm, like a glove. I had to hold still a moment to keep myself under control.

I could feel the walls of her box contracting as she felt similar tingles. Slowly I continued in. It took every ounce of control I had not to cum right there. This was like no other sensation. The hot walls of her box squeezed me, but big ass and boobs fucking dubai in a painful way. It was as if she was trying to share her sensation with me.

It felt like fire. Warm and tingling, it was sheer ecstasy. As I pushed all the way in, I felt a resistance. Her cervix. I didn't press hard, as I myself could go no further, my hips were pressed against her.

Fuck my girlfriend next tsleeping bff I withdrew, this time, I had more control. I pulled back to the point where my tip was barley still inside her. Then I thrusted down. Instinct took over. "Oh. Oh. So. Good." Melange moaned. She was right, it felt AMAZING. I think I may have died and went to heaven. In that moment, there was only me and her. Just the two of us. The ecstasy was amazing, it felt like we were one.

As I thrusted in, and she would lift her hips up. We were one mind, focused on pleasure. In. Out. In. Out. In.

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Out. Each time, I could feel just the hint of her cervix at the bottom, knowing I filled her all the way up. "Oh. My. GOD." Just the sounds of her moans made me fuck her faster. "Faster. Harder. OOHHH." I gladly obeyed her command. As we both neared our orgasms, I became aware of other moans. Glancing around all the other girls had stripped and had fingers in their pussies.

They were getting off on our sex. For some weird reason, that turned me on all the more. Getting closer to cumming I grunted. I was flying in and out of her, she'd be sore in the morning. "Faster. HARDER! OOOHHHHH!!!!! MY! GOD! I'M. GOING!!!" She nearly started to scream, "TO! CUMMMMMMM!" And as if on queue, her pussy latched onto my cock. Making it harder to fuck her.

I felt a boiling in my balls as her spasming pussy over-stimulated my cock. "I'M. GONA." I grunted, I was in the zone, "CUM.! AHH!"I thrusted as far into her as I could get, bottoming out.

I let out a sigh of exhaustion as I spilled my seed deep into her. Man it felt good to loose one's virginity, and there was no better girl to loose it to. We collapsed on top of each other in a heap.

We just laid there as the other girls reached their orgasms. We were both panting hard. Man, sex was delicious brunette receives a proper anal pounding work, I am out of shape. I close my eyes. Her skin was like fire against mine. Her huge tits pushed against my chest. Still horny, her nipples poked me. Melange had some rock hard nipples.

Probably ½ an inch long. But enough of that. I was wiped out. I think we fell asleep. But I can't be sure. Next thing I know: "Hey. Tony." A voice called. I opened my eyes. A naked girl was standing here. She looks hot. Why is she here? Oh right.

I remembered the past events.

Melange was still asleep beneath me. I lifted myself off her. B. E. A. utiful. She is one hot bitch. I thought. "So." I looked around at a room full of naked women.

"Yeah. We let you sleep for a while. Don't really know how long, no clock around. But, if you aren't to tired, I believe it's my turn?" Shannon was looking at me, like I should be ready at beck and all. "Right. Give me a second here. There a bathroom around? I need to nasty teen julia de lucia deepthroats and asshole ripped up." I still had some cum from my last adventure dried on me.

"Down through those doors. We looked around while you two slept." Natalie pointed out to me she was more comfortable now, her arms hanging at her sides instead of covering herself. "Thanks." I walked through the sliding metal doors. Completely naked, but completely comfortable. Tony Nariksan ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **A note about comments. -I will continue to allow comments as long as they are constructive.

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