Busty milf businesswoman in stockings fucked doggystyle

Busty milf businesswoman in stockings fucked doggystyle
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Hi, I am Eric and am 17 yrs old 5ft11'tall and weigh 148pds and am currently doing my high school at Baton Rouge, Louisiana .And now about my hot slutty mom, Rachel a brunette she is 40 yrs old 5ft8' and weighs 132pds and has an amazing body, even now. She was not so good at school and wanted to be a film star and did some Lingerie modeling in her early days before she fucked a co-worker and got pregnant with me. She only discovered me late so there was no chance for an abortion and she had to have me.

So the modeling agency had to relieve her and once she had me and got fitter they said they had no current vacancy.

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After trying out various agencies and she also went to acting classes but she just found out she needed a job to keep her going. So she started working as a secretary in firms before she saved enough to go to L.A.

to purse her dream. When I was 4yrs old she left me with her mother and went to Los Angeles where married a rich coot who was 54yrs old once she found out her dreaming wasn't going to come true. And divorced him 8yrs later and nearly ripped him off and took the money and went around Europe where she lost all her loot to coke, booze and con men.

And she has now returned to our home here where I live with my grandma. I had seen her occasionally when she I used to visit her and her old man for Thanksgiving and Christmas. But 4yrs after the divorce I am seeing her for the first time as I came from school she was in the couch in our hallway drinking beer. She still looked hot but a little tired and worn out. I heard all this from my grandma, who said that she was here to stay and live with us. She asked me how I was and how was my life and really did feel awkward as I never really felt the mommy connection with her as I mostly grew up with my grandma.

She said she was going to find a job but was mostly watching TV or going out with her old high school friend Julie to bars and getting drunk. Our relationship was very silent as we didn't have anything to talk about and didn't really bond we just stayed out of each others way I going to school and once I came home sat in my room and stayed with my pc whereas she went to her job as a bartender in the local bar and came home sat in the hall watching TV and I even had my dinner in my room as it was lame in the dining room with her.

My grandma was still working and paid for my school and my grandpa's pension paid our bills. Curvy milf nikki capone gets bonked by hung painter pornstars and big tits this November evening on this eventful Friday as I came home after partying with my friends our front door was locked and it was only 8pm but I used my key and got into the house.

The house was silent and I realized my grandma had gone to visit here sister in Texas for the weekend. I went up and knocked slightly on my moms doors but she was not there as the room was open. I thought she must be out too and went to open my door and as I opened the door slightly I sopehe leone sex stories xxz story my PC was running and someone was watching a hardcore pornography a guy was eating a girls pussy and I opened a little further to see my mom sitting there her legs spread wide one hand rubbing her clit and the other hand holding a bottle of vodka.

My cock slammed to attention just watching the scene. My mom's long legs were spread open and she was masturbating, I didn't know what to do so just stood there and watched her go.

The guy was now fucking the girl doggy style and just then the wind from my window made the door creak and my mom turned around and saw me standing there. "What the fuck?" she said and tried to get up but I don't know how this happened but I just barged in and pushed her back on the chair and used my hand to rub and fuck her already wet pussy. She was like "what the hell, I am your mom?" but I just caught both her hands and arrested them using my right hand behind her back while I used my big tits british chick pov hand to fuck her hole.

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Hairy babe with small tits loves to ride tried to fight me at first but was drunk and was already wet and she started enjoying what I was doing to her.

I rubbed her pussy hard then just inserted my pinky finger in her pussy she pushed hard against my finger. It was sweet torture as it was what she wanted but not enough and then I put my index finger in her and moved it around the pussy finding all places and then I put both my index and middle finger and fucked her with my hands and she started moaning and her sticky juices were flowing though my hand and dripping on the floor.

Suddenly I had a strong urge to taste it and so released her hands and put my face on her pussy. She whooshed and her free hands urged my face deep into the pussy. First I started licking around and feeling her out and licking off the oozing juices and she was pushing my head harder and I put my tongue in and licked her pussy like a dog.

Her juices were sweet and sour and sticky like sticky lemonade with less water and some salt and sugar. As I was fucking her hot pussy with my tongue she was moaning harder so I got up as I didn't want her to cum yet and took her t-shirt off she was wearing no bra and her 32 inch titties mocked at me.

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I haven't seen such big tittes so close up and there were stiff and her brown nipples were protruding out as if to blast off. So I started sucking one as I pinched and teased the other. I nearly bit off her left nipple as sucked on it and her breathing got stiffer and her chest and nipples were erect and I sucked on it further making funny noises as I changed my mouth from one tit to another.

Then I took my mouth off and kissed her deeply on her mouth as my hands played with her tits and pussy. We kissed again and again and then she was suddenly unzipping my pants and my pants were down. She broke our kiss as she was running here hands along my stiff runner thighs.

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She slowly pulled off my jockey and my 8 inch dick popped out and she was awed. She ran her hand along my dick and played with my tip and stared tugging my dick back and forth till it was completely erect. Just when I thought it couldn't get bigger as her lips kissed my tip my dick got stiffer.

She played with her tongue on the pink head of my cock and started sucking it. I was getting real high and frenzy that I caught her head and pushed it on my dicks entire length till nearly my pubic hair was in her nose and she suddenly was fighting to get some air. But I held her still and my cock could feel her inner tongue and I just shaked it a little and could feel her saliva accumulating as she chocked on my cock and tears were coming off her eyes and I let her go to get some air and she backed out immediately.

My cock was full of her sticky spit and it was just dribbling down her chin on her tits all the way down to her stomach. I lifted my cock and made her suck on my balls, she licked them like an ice cream first and she took them both in her mouth and horny asian masturbating watch more of her at ulacamcom on them too, she seemed to like it.

My dick was now full of saliva and she got up drank some vodka and sucked on my dick. It felt like menthol cold and hot on the skin and she rinsed and cleaned my dick off. I was more than ready and wanted to fuck her so pushed her on my bed and spred her legs and I put my tip in and took it she was holding on the bed sheet nearly tearing them and I slowly put my dick in her pussy she was moving towards me and when I pushed its entire length suddenly into her she cried out and grabbed me towards her and I started fucking her slowly at first then harder she was asking me to ram her and crying out loudly.

The vodka in my cock was working and making her pussy to sweat inside and release more juices. Just as I thought I was nearing my tempo I pulled back and started kissing her neck, chin kinky teen pounded good while handcuffed in many poses pornstars and brunette boobies and hugged her closely.

Then I turned her around on all fours,"Do you wanna fuck me doggy" I asked and she was begging"yes, yes, yessss." So I started fucking her from behind my cock just moved into all untouched places and she was withering, moaning and crying out. I pulled her long hair back and rode her like a champion and then as she started to crush my cock by bringing her legs close together I moved my hands to her boobies and pinched her nipples hard and pulled them out. She cried out and came at last her pussy was rocking and those tremors caused my cock to swell and I blasted my shot and we both crashed on the bed.

Shot after shot my semen sputtered in her vagina and we both were withering in the bed.

So, after it died out I took my cock out to see it slimy and sticky with cum and her pussy juices and I turned my mom over and opened up her pussy and asked her to push my cum out and I opened it wide and my sticky white thick cum came out and started flowing out into the bed. My mom was smiling at me asked me to get the vodka and I took my penis and asked her to clean it up first and she opened her mouth as I put my now flaccid penis and she licked it up and washed it with her saliva and swallowed it.

Then I got out the bed and took the vodka drank some and gave some to her. She smiled and took it from me