Teen harlot little candy has all her holes drilled

Teen harlot little candy has all her holes drilled
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As I told in very beginning of this book I had at least three very near miss when came losing my virginity. If you also remember I told you I lost my virginity in very UnOrthodox way or at least I think so. This build to that story Well enough of that lets jump right into the story shall we The Kiss w/Christine F Well at this point Jackie and I are still engaged to be married.

We had been actively searching for another Goldern opportunity to present itself. But we hadn't be able to find that perfect opportunity. With caused my sexually frustration to be push to even farther into the extreme category. Deauxma gets her huge fake milk tits fucked those Jackie and I were constantly have some of most hard core phone sex at once or twice a day.

But it wasn't the same.

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It helped curve the frustration don't get me wrong I enjoyed our daily phone sex .But damn it here I was quickly closing in on my eighteen birthday and I was still a fucking Virgin. Bet you would be frustrated to. If all guys in your class were getting all ass they wanted with their girlfriend. Since all most everyone in grade had started driving or had girlfriend who did. Up to now I had been 100% faithful to my Fiancée Jackie. That wasn't until I met this 14 year old girl named Christina F.

Christine was about five foot 4 and I'm guessing she weighed somewhere near 160 or 170.

Dark straggly brown hair with usually she had put up in a ponytail and brown eyes I taking an swing in dark here guys. Her breast were at least an 36dd or 40dd maybe even bigger.

Even those she didn't Quite fit the characteristics I like in a woman. Her personality made up for what she lacked and to be honest that all it really mattered. I really couldn't tell you what caused Christine and myself to hit off like we did. I mean one she was only fourteen years old.

But she acted an lot older than she was Very mature for her age.

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She quickly became a very close friend of my sister and my. I found us talking on the phone almost as much as I did with my fiancée Jackie. But with Jackie and I going different school. With Jackie going to Salem schools and I when to an Roanoke county school known Roanoke county career center.

We didn't get see each other as much as Christine F and I. Well some how over next few month some feelings between Christine F and myself started to formed.One day when we both were leaving the cafeteria to head towards our first period class for some weird reason I give into temptation and and graph a hold of Christina F by the sleeve of her black leather jacket we as turned out into stairs will that lead us up to from cafeteria to first floor of school.

She has shocked look on her face as I asked her " I really don't know why I want to watchme 247 real life cam story tony bedrom this. she cut me off middle sentence " what do you want to do Scott?" she said with slight seductive tone of voice as she ran her finger over my chest. I known what I want do was wrong on so many ground one she was fourteen years old and second I was engaged to Jackie.

But over last few months I had grown to really wanting us be more than friends. " well what do want to do Scott and whatever it you had better do quickly" she told me. I was totally afraid at that moment because I didn't know what she would if I try to kiss her. The worse thing was she would slap me hard across the face. So I took deep breath and let it out slowly and said to her " this many sound totally corny but I have been fighting the urge to kiss you for some time now" there I had said it.

Now that I told her that i wanted to kiss her. That Must have been an total shock to her. I was trying my best to read her body language.

But has nerve as I was standing there just waiting to see she what she was going do or say. I swear it felt like time was standing still. Sweat has start form on palms of hands and on my forehead and my poor heart was beating an mile an second. Then without a word spoken Christina F throw her arm around my shoulders and bend in towards me. When our lips contacted that first time it felted magical and both our lips parted and both our tongues alaura eden and ashley blue are two of the hottest and dirtiest girls the other mouth even if would just few seconds it felt so nice to have an woman tongue in my mouth once again.

I didn't want it end ! But as soon as started it was over. I felt her tongue withdraw from mouth and her lips lifted off my and she took step back just looking at with her big brown eyes .I took deep breath and just stood there slowly blinking my eyes because I really didn't think she would have kissed me let alone French kissed me.

I look at her said " I guess that was a yes to me kissing you" this when we both noticed we really need get our ass moving or we both going be late for class. On the way up the stairs she said "I really don't know what came over me down there Scott.

you have girlfriend. but I also have been fighting that same urge. ( she look up at clock on wall ) shit we talk more about this later ok" has she rushed off the down the hall way to her class. " Ok see you later" i said has I also rush off in opposite Direction to my class.

The bell had just started to sound just near seconds upon me crossing the threshold of door to my classroom. Later that night after spending a few hours on phone with Jackie doing our normal daily phone routine. She had go for the night. But all I could think about Christine F so decide to call her. We stayed on Phone the rest of night talking about what happen earlier in day she asked me " what made you want to kiss me Scott you have girlfriend?" I had think about for moment so I would give her the honest truth " well Christina I know what we did this morning could most likely result in Jackie leaving me if she ever found out about it.

( Christine F broken in middle sentence) " well than why did you want kiss me if you know that could happen not like I'm going tell her or anything" she said. I took deep breath in let it out " I don't get see Jackie as much I wish I could.

One because of her damn grandma being an stick in mud and when ever we do manage to see each.we can't never do anything.

I really been missing that intimate contact." As soon I said it.I knew I had said to much and immediately I set out trying to figure a way unsay what I just did. But as that old saying goes word once spoken can't be brunette hottie is a nasty gang sucker or some shit.

" Scott can I be honest with you?" She said over phone " sure Christina F" I reply to her " I don't regret what we did this morning and neither should you!" She said which caught me off guard slightly. I said to her " what you mean( clearing my throat) Why would I regret something I started?" "'Well because you were acting very weird the rest of tushy bosses wife karla kush first time anal like you were regretting kissing me" " that not why i was acting the way I fat redhead big tits pussy licking gold shover Christine F" I replied " then what was it then if it wasn't that Scott?" She said sliping mom end son pron I going be totally honest with you Christina if that ok with you ?" "Ok" She reply I took deep breath and let it out trying gather my thoughts so I didn't sound like total moron.

" I'm starting to have some major feeling for you and some of my thoughts aren't the kind of thoughts I should be having about you?" " why that Scott" she said I known she knew what kind of thoughts that I was having and she could tell just from sound of my voice that I was wrestling with it " well Christina if I acted on those thoughts and your mom found out about it land me in prison for very long time for doing something like that with girl of your age." Christine just bursted out loud laughing and said " Scott I haven't been a Virgin for many years now and I have screwed many men older than you so you really don't have anything to worried about there." Just hearing that made my dick started to sniff and I was suddenly aware that I was starting to get turn on pretty quickly.

For some odd reason or another I wanted to have phone sex with her. The more I thought about it the hard I got realizing if she was sitting on my bed at that moment I would most likely wouldn't be Virgin any longer. I guess she could tell I was get turn on. I guess my breathing give it away " Scott would you like to have phone sex with me?" My eyes Darted back and forward quickly and said to myself was she reading my mind.

" umm sure I would Christine. How do you do it ?" I said again I said to myself fucking moron what stupid ass question to ask in time like this. I could hear her laughter her ass over " the same way you and Jackie do Scott but I'm way more descriptive when I have phone sex with someone, I explain everything I doing to the person that way it feel like we actually are having sex .would like do it Scott I promise you won't regret it?

"Sure thing now do you actually touch yourself or just role play it ?" I ask her " oh course I actually touch myself and surely hope you do to.? She replied " so do I started or you want started" I asked " I'll started if that ok with you because I have get you out of your clothes." She said " ok that fine with me" I replied " I have the perfect scenario in mind for this" she said "oh really" I said " sure do and your going love it" she said in Excited tone of voice are you ready ?" She said " sure am let's get it on" I announced "now you had best not take anything off until I get to if you understand me" she said " why ?" I asked "well it add to the realism silly" she said *( the following is the account of the phone sex Christina and I had) Christine :" Ok your drop off at my house one bright sunny Sunday afternoon by your parent and your parents are convinced that my parents are home so they drop you off without an second thought.

I see you walking up to my front walk and so I rush to meet you at the door. I already have door wide open for you to come in. Once inside I wasted not seconds in getting you up the stairs and into my darkened bed room. Once we both inside my room I reach back push door closed behind us our lips contact both of our lips part allowing for our tongues wrestle around each other mouths as we quickly make our way over to the bed both once at edge of my bed I the break seal our lips had made we both withdraw our tongues each other's mouth.I push you down on bed and climb on top of you.

I started to kiss the side of your neck as i reach down with my free hand start removing your shirt from your body and once your shirt is free from your body i tossed your into floor by the bed. ok what your doing"she said ME: "while your kissing the side of my neck I reach down with my hand and slip my right hand up into your ahh anal sex porn girl slowly moving my hands up your belly and I hear you let out slight moan as your busy kissing the exposed flesh of my neck.

As your doing this my hand finally has made to your chest (out of character) are you wearing an bar?" Christine:(old of character) " No never do when I'm home" as she is moaning Me: "as my fingers touch the bare flesh of your breast I figure out that your not were an bar.

So I reach up and take your ahold of right breast with my hand slowly. Ok only seconds later are my fingers are rubbing over your Rapidly hardening nips I can feel the muscles of your breast contracting from my touch and you rate of your breaths starting to get deeper as I switched to your left breast doing same to it but even slower than the right. I can see your back starting to Arch. I so want rip your shirt off your body and suckle on your harden inflamed nips. What you doing?" Christine: " my nips are starting to burn and are aching from the scheer hardness of them.

They are demanding to feel the scorching heat of your breath engulfing upon them and my are begging aloud to have your lips and wet tongue pressed down on them oooooooo aahhhhhh mmmm. I can already feel my pantie are starting to get wet. I move my way down your hairy chest and run my steamy wet tongue over your chest and your nips as my other hand is already undoing your belt to your belts.

But at that very moment the the walks around in public with a butt plug stuck in her ass of my nips become me to much for me to bear and I roll over onto my back and demand that you remove my shirt from my body at once and have your way with my very inflamed breast and nips I can't take any more mmmmm ooohhh oooooo haaaa my nipples feel like they on fire quickly remove my fucking shirt Scott.

I want feel your tongue as you suck my inflamed nipples now! Me: " I quickly reach down and graph ahold of the Bottom of your shirt with hand and look at you tell you Sit up in bed so I slip your shirt quickly up and over your head.once I had removed your shirt from body letting your hungry breast to fall free I then quickly toss your shirt over into floor by my shirt. I take quick moment take in the view of your inflamed swollen nipples on your 45DD breast both of you nipples were seemly calling out to me begging for me take them in my mouth is that what you're wanting Christina?

Christine: " with not a word and reach up and grab a hold of your head and bring your mouth down to meet my very painful inflamed swollen nipples basically burying your mouth over my Right nipples and the Scorching heat from your breath that escapes from the corner of your mouth as suck on nipple hit the very sensitive exposed skin of my breast causing me to once again arch my back again. Let out thunderous moan as I reach up grab ahold of your hair force your mouth over to my intensively burning and throbbing left nipple and while you doing that I reaching down with free hand undoing your shorts and sliding my fingers as far into your pants as possible.

But I can only reach so far from this position. I want to run my hand though your pubic hair and feel your massive dick in my and or better yet in my mouth.

Me: " hearing you said that make my dick twitch slight and my desire to have my massive dick firmly bury in You scouring moist mouth is building by the second. But first i have finish taking care of you Christina. after spending several min attending to your inflamed nipples and smothering both your breast with thick slobber I slowly make my way down from your breast and on to your belly.

Blowing my Seering hot breath all long you belly as I kiss every inch of it not wanting to leave single inch untouched. From sound she was making on phone I imagined her slightly bucking her hip and moaning very loudly and possibly even throwing her head back at the moment i wasn't big tits teen masturbating on pornwatch part on hornyandhotmilfscom sure she was already finger her self I surely hope because I had got to her pussy yet but i was about to.

I know everything I been describing to really must have made very wet because I was fully aroused. ( out of character) "hey your not fingering yourselves are you because I'm not there yet" I said Christine (out of character) No but I'm wet has hell so hurry hell up! (OFC for now on mean out of character)(BIC) mean back in character) Me: (OFC) hey your the one who said you want it to be Very descriptive" Christine (OFC): I know I know when going be my turn?

I want get that cock of yours in my mouth" Me:(0FC) I just been waiting for say you wanted a turn so go at it but do you want my load in your mouth And your pussy?" Christine(OFC) I want it both holes and before you ask I alway swollen Me:(OFC) enough talking about it get to it than." Christine: (BIC) " wave after wave of your scorching hot breath fans out over my exposed flesh making it jump as make your way closer and closer to my shorts.

By now my panties are completely drainage with my juices from my pussy from just feeling of breath hitting my bare skin so I roll us over in bed and look down at you and say " I want that massive throbbing moist dick I see bulging from your short in my mouth and I want to you spew your steamy load in my mouth and I want feel the heat of your cum as runs down back of my throat" I push your firmly down on matters with both hand and pull your ass to every edge of the bed.I lower myself to my knee before you and undo the top button of your shorts and don't even bother unzipping them.pull them down with single pull.

Once they are off you I toss them over in pile with our short. I look down in wonder of the massive bulge that your dick has made in your boxers and with my teeth I take hold of them and pull down and as do I see you dick Spring free from your boxers and make my mouth water so once got your boxer off and toss over with rest of our clothes (0FC your are removing your clothes as i do right me: (OFC): Yes I have. What you have left on?" Christine (OFC): my short and my extremely soaking panties why?

Me:(0FC) well I'm just going have fix that now am I? Christine (OFC): uh no your not going eat. Me: (BIC) " lens forward and grab you by the hair and lifting you by your hair back into the bed and roll you over onto your back our lips contact once more as slide our tongues deep each mouth. At that very moment I'm reaching with my free hand undoing your belt and zipper to your short and once I have them undone I break the seal that our mouth had and pull my face away move quickly down the length of your body running my hot tongue over length of your body until reach your shorts.

I made quick work of your short slipping over thighs and down over your legs and toss them over with rest of our clothes then I used my hand part your thighs removing your saturated panties from you thighs exposing the radiating heat from your cunt I can see your juice flowing from your pussy canal and over your highly inflamed lips. I look down at as tossed your saturate wet panties over with rest of our clothing in floor.

I move my head between your thighs and blow Stream after stream of my scorching hot breath over your inflamed lips causing more and more of your cunt juice to pour out of your canal and by now it pouring over your lips and getting on your bed " I had better take care of that with sheepish grin on my face Now shouldn't I" as I flick my tongue over your inflamed lips causing you throw your head back in massive moan as your scorching cunt juice flow into my mouth and down my throat wave after wave.

It steadily increases has you near your orgasm (your turn) Christine: " with every flick off your tongue against my inflamed lips i buck my hips wildly and moan out had toss my bead back " you fucking bastard I want you first Oooooooo don't you fucking stop that feelings so fucking Good" my body start to Trimble as you slip the tip of your massive scorching tongue deep into my canal and begin to fuck me with I can feel my body tensing up and the muscles in my pussy canal tighten around your tongue as I near my orgasm" Me: " has your muscles in cunt tight around my tongue I blow another wave of my scorching hot breath over your extremely inflamed pussy lips and your body to Tension up and start to Quick has you yell out " oh fuck I'm about to cum don't stop ahhhhhhhh" " Im ready let blow when your ready"I say looking up you second later I felt the muscles your canal begin spasming rapidly then I heard a sound of raging water rushing into your canal and muscles in cunt that hold my tongue firm in place loose as massive stream of your a scorching juices explodes forward from your canal and I lucky was able withdraw my tongue and Imagine myself opening my mouth letting your scorching stream of juices shoot into my mouth and flowing downing the back of my throat and into my belly.

Christine: "my turn!" "I bend forward a grab ahold of your head lifting up from between my thighs bring you level to my face and begin to lick the my excess juices from your face once finish our lip interlock and our tongues wrestle around in each other mouth for a few minutes. As our tongues are wrestling in each other's mouths I slide my hand and firmly take a hold of the shaft of your dick with left hand start to stroke your rather stiff and pulsating shaft slow upward and downward repeatedly at steady pace.

Over on my side and trying keep up with her as she describing what she doing to me being very thorough in her descriptions hate say it Jackie had got good in her sexual descriptions when we had phone sex but this took cake .even if everything was going was totally was a rendering of my imagination of what she was telling me over phone but damn it was so freaking realistic that it was just like my movie hot strippers in lingerie have some fun before my mind and yes I was jacking off damn any who where was we oh yeah note wasn't going include the BJ but couldn't see any way around it Christine: "I lower my self to right between your thighs I look up at you and say " damn boy you better pace girlfriend teen fucked by her boyfriends hard penis self I haven't even put in my mouth yet" "I run my steamy wet tongue over your exposed flesh of inner part of your thighs has push my head inward only stopping long enough see you throwing your head back moaning milliseconds later I slowly wrap my tongue around your nuts gently sucking on both of them I can feel your scorching body heat radiating off you and I can feel you slightly tense up while I massage your testicles with my mouth.

I can feel every muscle in shift of your dick spasm with my tongue as I run it up side " oh fuck don't you fucking stop that feel so good. Oh baby slip my pulsating dick in your mouth" you say I as run my tongue over very tip of your dick. My mouth opens and swollen you entire length in my mouth I start Bobbing my mouth up and down on your dick .your turn Me: " I throw back my head let out thunderous moans over and over has you bob your head up down on my dick I can feel the muscles of wet my tighten and loose repeatedly as of your muscles were milking my dick all suddenly the pressure begin to build slowly at first but increased with every pass.

Suddenly I start thrust my hip to match your pace noticing your not gagging i increase the speed of my thrust I can feel the muscles in my dick start rapidly tightening and spasming I know what was coming ( role play term that is real life has long way to go ) " that right you dirty little slut suck that cock I want feel the tip of dick hitting your tonsils.

oh God I'm about blow (OFC) I told her imaginary loads for her finish up the blow job part .I want get pounded hell out of her pussy. That what she was wanting to hear. I was saving real load for that(BIC) Christine: " that right call me your dirty little slut." With mouth full cock. You muscles in dick told me it only matter moments before you were going to erupted an massive load steamy cum in my mouth my muscles in my mouth tighten around your shift of dick with each thrust your hip your testicles bounce off my face.

Your body tensions up as stiff as board as you spew your massive load of scorching hot cum into my mouth slamming hard into the back of my throat and sliding down back of throat and into my belly same with second and third Stream of scorching cum my muscles squeezes with each stream finally after about min it slow to Trickle and I pull-up my mouth off your dick look up at you and as I wipe the last of your cum off my lips with my hand then run my tongue over them get last drops of cum of my hands I look up at you tell you " sure hope you still have some in tank this dirty little sluts pussy is getting jealous you had better treat me like your dirty little slut" Me: " I roll you over in bed and hike up your thighs making v line straight for your pussy once there I shove in my pulsating dick deep into your sloopy wetness deep and hard into pussy canal treating like dirty little slut you are with each thrust of my hip your head smacks in you wood head board as my muscles really begin tighten and spasm uncontrollably I feel my real massive load of streamy cum come rushing through my tubes moments later a massive amount streamy cum (imaginary remember) spews forward from tip dick slamming hard into canal of your cunt.

The fourth old amputee gets cock sucked and rode on by blonde cause my balls clap together and I collapse down on your chest totally exhausted not able to move muscles. We lay this way until my dick softly enough slip from your canal.

An hour later I have regained enough strength pull myself from between your now cum drainage thighs Christine: " that last one was real right? If so damn I gotten need fucking shower! To me that amount off me." Me: " Yeah that last I really blow my load at least three streams and my ball fucking hurt. shit !" Christine: "what ? Me: " it pass midnight and we have school and I have clean major mess see you in Morning at school I love you" Christine: " oh shit your right it 12:30' damn Scott ?

Me: " yes Christine ?" Christine: " I can't wait until really fuck would you like that and maybe I'll take that cherry if you Fiancés doesn't wise up good night (hang up the phone) What the fuck i did I just hear her right she want really fuck me and my cherry find in next chapter if she does