Nude teen girl and ginger hair xxx wanting to be broken

Nude teen girl and ginger hair xxx wanting to be broken
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Incestuous Bedtime Tale (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter One: Daughter's Incestuous Birthday Gift By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

Avalon Young July 2037 I stared at the clock on my nightstand. I sat there in my nightgown, rocking back and forth. It was 11:59. It was almost midnight. I was giddy with delight.

I licked my lips, my heart beating like I'd run a marathon. It was almost time. I was about to turn eighteen. My bed squeaked and groaned as I rocked on my knees. My toes curled. I couldn't wait. It was almost time. I was so ready. Daddy and Mommy had always promised that eighteen was the time that I could have fun. That I could do wicked and naughty and adult things with them. I was so excited for this moment. "Come on," I moaned, staring at the clock. It just had to change.

Those numbers just had to switch. "Change!" Why wouldn't it change? Surely it had been longer than a minute. I mean, how long was a minute.

My eyes began to water as I focused on those red, digital letters. I refused to blink until it was my birthday. I whimpered. My hips wiggled back and forth. "Just change and—" 12:00 It was midnight. I was eighteen. An adult. I leaped off my bed and ripped my nightgown up my body, my sex beeg sani liwan com hair swayed and bounced about my head. I threw it off and whirled around. I raced for the door. My round breasts bobbed and swayed.

The mirror on the door caught my reflection, my face freckled, my nose cute, my green eyes bright. My nipples poked hard ahead of me and my slit—my freshly shaved pussy—gleamed with my girlish, virginal excitement. I was an adult! I threw open my door and shouted, "Daddy!

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Mommy!" I darted down the dark hallway and raced towards the door at the far end. I was so giddy with excitement. I reached the door and threw it open onto my parents sleeping in their bed. I flipped on the light as they groaned. "It's Midnight! I'm eighteen, Daddy!

Mommy!" My mother pushed off her sleeping mask. She was a younger woman than Daddy, youthful and beautiful. She had hair as bright-red as mine, the covers slipping off her round breasts as she sat up, her nipples dark-red.

She blinked at me and smiled. "Come on," she said, patting the bed between her and Daddy. Daddy sat up, his hair also red, though he had a touch of gray in it, the silver peppering his hair. He was still fit for being so old, twice Mommy's age. He sat up, his hands rubbing at his face. The tattoos of the dull-green, Chinese dragons wrapped around his arms seemed to wiggle in flight.

He yawned, his goatee surrounding his opening mouth. "I'm eighteen!" I gasped as I darted to the bed. I jumped as high as I could, my hair flying, and then landed on the bed between them. My breasts bounced as I scampered between them. "It's time! You both promised." "We did promise," Mommy purred, glancing at Daddy across my body. "Mmm, and you're just such a succulent thing, aren't you, Avalon?" I nodded my head.

"Just gorgeous, little Ava," Daddy said, smiling at me. He licked his lips as his hand rested on my stomach. This wicked heat ran through me. Daddy had touched me before—hugs, helping me down a ladder, normal stuff—but it had never felt so sexual.

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I squirmed on the bed, my pussy growing hotter and hotter. His fingers were strong. His hand stroked up my stomach, his thick digits sliding closer and closer to my breasts. I gasped as Mommy went straight for my right tit. She cupped it, squeezed it. She smiled. "Mmm, young and firm. You are so gorgeous." "Thank you, Mommy," I moaned, my pussy clenching. I was getting so juicy between my thighs. "This is all so exciting." "Better than touching yourself?" Mommy asked, her thumb sweeping out over my breast and brushing my pink areola.

I groaned in delight. Mommy's blue eyes stared at me, her dainty nose man seduces legal age teenager adorable cutie. She had fewer freckles than me, just a light dusting across her cheeks.

She was so beautiful. Mature and wonderful. I hoped I was as sexy as she was when I was her age. Her tongue flicked around her tongue as she leaned forward. As her mouth descended, Daddy's hand reached my left tit. He squeezed my breast. His hand groped me, kneaded me. I gasped at his touch.

His fingers dug into my breast. I stared into his green eyes as Mommy's mouth engulfed my nipple. She sucked on my nub. My eyes widened as this amazing pleasure surged down through me. I groaned, my cunt clenching as this wicked heat flowed from my mika give more pussy and beautiful handjob massage amateur and filled me. Especially my cunny. "You like that?" Daddy asked.

I nodded, whimpering at the pleasure shooting through me. "Of course you do. You have your mother's and grandmother's sensitivity, don't you?" I nodded again. I groaned as Mommy sucked on my nub. My nipple throbbed. My thighs rubbed together, my pussy growing juicier and juicier. Every time Mommy sucked, this jolt of delight shot through my body.

Daddy caressed my other nipple with his thumb. He massaged me. This wonderful delight rippled through me. I groaned and gasped. My juicy twat grew wetter and wetter. My toes curled. This wicked heat washed through me. My rump wiggled back and forth. Mommy nursed with hunger as he manipulated my nub. "Yes, you're just busty czech babe tamara grace slammed for some money to be a firecracker like your mother," Daddy said.

"Happy birthday, little Ava." I beamed at him. "Best birthday ever." He leaned over and sucked on my other nipple. I gasped as his goatee rubbed against my sensitive flesh. His wiry hair caressed my areola. He sucked harder. He nibbled on me. It was so different from the wonderful delight that my mommy gave me. He sucked with more power. More force. His hand squeezed my tit, fingers digging into my breast as he loved me.

Both my parents sucked and nibbled on me. I groaned, squirming between them. Mommy's breasts jiggled beside me, her nipples brushing my arm. Daddy's muscular chest rubbed into my other side. I bit my lip, staring at the blanket covering him. I pushed it down as he sucked on my naughty nipple.

My thighs rubbed together as my excitement mounted and mounted. I thrust the blanket down farther and groaned at the sight of his cock thrusting hard from his dark-red pubic hair. I grabbed his shaft as he sucked on me. This incestuous rush shot through me. I gripped the cock that had slid into my mother's pussy and impregnated her with me. I stroked him, pumping up and down his cock. He groaned around my nipple, sucking with such hunger, his goatee rasping against my flesh.

Mommy nursed on my other nub. She nibbled and flicked her tongue around my nub, making me squirm. My hand darted down her stomach as I fisted Daddy's cock. I brushed across her shaved pubic mound. I pressed between her thighs and cupped her pussy. My fingers slid up and down her slit, teasing her. She was as wet as I felt. Mommy moaned around my nipple. She sucked harder, her mouth so warm and wet, then she darted her tongue around my nub. Naughty delight rippled through my body.

I groaned, my head tossing back and forth. I whimpered. I bit my lower lip as I stroked her and fisted daddy. "Oh, you're both making me feel so juicy," I whimpered. "So adult." Daddy growled around my nipple. He sucked hard around my nub. His dick throbbed in my hand.

The dick that made me. The dick that would take my virginity. I shuddered as I thrust my fingers into Mommy's pussy. I came from her. From here. Mommy groaned around my nipple. Her pussy squeezed around my digits. I thrust them in and out of her, loving the feel of her. Her silky sheath clung to my fingers.

My hips wiggled back and forth. My other hand pumped up and down Daddy's big cock. "Ooh, Daddy, you're so hard for me," I groaned. "You're going to make me into a woman." Daddy popped his mouth off my nipple. "I've been waiting for this since we found out you were a girl growing in your mother's womb." Mom's hand slid down my stomach and crossed my shaved pudenda.

My thighs parted to let Mom cup my cunny. I gasped as she touched my virgin flesh. This hot, incestuous wave of rapture shot through me as Mommy stroked me.

Her mouth popped off my nipple. "So have I. Ever since Dr. Wilson showed me you on the ultrasound. We knew we would love you. That it would be beautiful." "You're beautiful," Daddy said. He always told me that, complimenting me, showering me in praise.

It made me feel so warm normally, but tonight, it made me feel like such a woman. I was ready. "I love you, my little Ava." "You're just so gorgeous," Mom said, her digits rubbing up and down my slit while my fingers pumped in and out of her cunt, her juicy flesh squeezing around me.

"You're going to be a woman soon." "And bred?" I asked. "Can I have your baby, Daddy? Your daughter?" "Yes," he growled and then he kissed me. I gasped as his goatee rasped against my lips and chin. He kissed me like I was a woman. His daughter-lover. I shuddered as his tongue thrust into my mouth. My pussy grew hotter and hotter, Mommy's fingers rubbing up and down my cunt. Her digits danced around my flesh, brushing my clit. Pleasure sparked through me.

My toes curled. My legs squeezed about her hand while my fingers plundered her pussy. Mommy groaned. Then she sucked on my nipple again. Her tongue swirled around my areola between her naughty suckles. This wonderful pleasure built and built in me. Better than my own masturbation. I kissed Daddy with hunger. My clit ached and throbbed. My legs spasmed. Her thumb rubbed against my bud while her fingers pressed on my hymen.

This wonderful pressure built and built in my cunny. I was about to have my first orgasm from another person. Daddy growled as he kissed me. My hand squeezed his cock, gripping his girth. His tongue explored my mouth. I trembled, lying there as my parents played with my body. Mommy's thumb rubbed harder and harder into my clit. She massaged my bud. The sparks of pleasure shot through me. My fingers pumped deeper and deeper into her twat.

She felt so wonderful and juicy around me. She moaned as she nursed on my nipple, her passion buzzing around it. All these sensations shot through me. I whimpered into the kiss. My body twitched as the pressure built and built in my cunt.

My legs trembled. The bed creaked beneath me as my parents loved me. My parents loved me! That thought sent me over the edge into incestuous rapture. I came. It was so intense. Pleasure howled out of my convulsing cunny. My fingers jammed deep into Mommy's pussy. My hand fisted up and down Daddy's cock. I gripped him, squeezed him. His dick pressed into my hip, his precum rubbed against me as the waves of ecstasy washed through my body.

My tongue dueled with Daddy's as the bliss shot through me. The bed creaked as I bucked and moaned. Mommy sucked hard on my nipple, adding splashes of delight to the rapture burning through my body. It was incredible. Her tongue danced around my nub. Her thumb massaged my clit.

This wicked heat rippled through my body. My toes curled as I loved this pleasure consuming me. I groaned into Daddy's kiss as the pleasure drowned me. Daddy broke the kiss. "Is Mommy getting you ready?" I nodded and whimpered, stars bursting before my eyes. My hand gripped his cock, fisting up and down him.

"Are you ready to lose your virginity?" I nodded again, unable to speak as this pleasure rippled through me. My fingers trembled inside Mommy's pussy. Mommy popped her mouth off my nipple.

She smiled at me. "You're going to love it. Your daddy made my first time just as special. He's amazing." "I know, Mommy," I finally managed to say. My thighs squeezed around her hand between my thighs. She smiled at me. "Mmm, then let's make you into a woman.

I hope your daddy breeds you right off the bat." "Me, too, Mommy!" I moaned. Mommy pulled her fingers from my pussy. They were coated with my juices. I breathed in and smelled this tangy scent. My passion. She held them up to Daddy's lips. He smiled at her then sucked on her digits. She whimpered in delight as he sucked on her digits, her wedding ring glinting in the light.

Daddy's lips hollowed as he tasted my incestuous cream. I shuddered in wicked delight. Then I pulled my fingers from her pussy. I brought my digits to my lips. I popped them into my mouth. I groaned at the taste of my mommy's spicy nova brooks and tegan james ffm threeway in the bedroom. My tongue danced around my digits while I sucked on the cream of her pussy.

The pussy that birthed me. This was so amazing. So wicked. Mommy popped her fingers out of Daddy's mouth. "Does she taste good?" "So good, Michelle," he groaned. "Damn, our daughter is one sexy, naughty, little minx." Mommy beamed. "I did good?" "So damned good." I trembled as Mommy leaned over me to kiss daddy on the mouth. I shuddered as their tongues dueled and played.

Their lips worked together, Daddy's ticklish goatee rasped and rubbed against her. My body trembled as this amazing delight surged through me. I bit my lip as I watched their love. I wanted to share in it. Mommy broke the kiss and then she grabbed a pillow. She fluffed it and smiled down at me. "Lift that cute tush, honey. Let's make this perfect for you." I eagerly did. She slipped the pillow beneath me. I groaned at the fluffy feel on my naked ass. My hips wiggled back and forth.

My cunny dripped with excitement. Daddy rose and moved over me. His dick thrust hard out before him. Mommy sat beside me, her hands pulling my thighs apart. I groaned as her hand touched and stroked me. She caressed me. This wicked thrill shot up me as she exposed my pussy to Daddy's hungry gaze. "You are just so beautiful," Daddy said as he settled between my thighs. "You're so handsome," I groaned, my heart racing. The surge of heat rippled through me as I stared at Daddy's cock with such hunger.

Such delicious lust. Mommy's hand cupped my pussy again. I gasped as her fingers parted my outer folds. This wicked heat rippled through me as I felt so exposed.

My pussy was on display. My body shuddered. This wild heat roiled through me. "Do you see her hymen?" Mommy asked.

"Our daughter kept herself intact just for you." Daddy grinned down at me.

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"Such a precious gift. The best gift a daughter can give her father." "Yes," Mommy groaned, staring at Daddy with such love in her eyes. This warm, delicious, gooey delight rippled through me. I groaned, my pussy clenching as I stared at Daddy.

His chest rose and fell as his gaze flicked down to my nubile body.

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He was so strong, a coach. He kept fit despite his nasty blonde whore fucked in the ass. I flexed my toes, wiggling back and forth as his cock came closer and closer to my pussy. Mommy's other hand grabbed Daddy's cock. She held me. She brought Daddy towards me. She kept my pussy lips parted while she brought us together. I trembled, my stomach twisting with this nervous, incestuous passion.

"Make me into a woman, Daddy!" I moaned. "Into your lover." Daddy smiled. "Damn, I am just so lucky." Mommy pressed Daddy into my pussy. She rubbed his cock up and down my virgin slit. He brushed my clit. Pleasure sparked through my body. I groaned, my toes curling. I trembled, my heart racing. Pounding. This was happening. It wasn't a dream.

I was finally old enough to join my parents in bed. Mommy pressed Daddy's cock into my hymen. I shuddered at the feel of Daddy. His tip was so thick. I knew he could fit in me. Mommy was my age when they first made love. I could take it, too. I could love my daddy. "I'm so ready to be loved, Daddy," I moaned, trembling. I stared into his green eyes. They were the same shade as mine. "Love our daughter," Mommy said and released his cock. Daddy thrust. My eyes widened.

My hymen stretched and stretched. My body trembled as my maidenhead flared with pain. I groaned. It hurt. I whimpered. Then my cherry popped. This sharp flash of agony shot through me. Then pleasure followed.

Daddy's cock slid into my pussy. His dick pressed into my pussy, massaging my naughty flesh. I gasped as the rush of incestuous rapture surged through me.

My cunt squeezed around his dick as he plunged deeper and deeper into me. My breasts jiggled, as big as Mommy's. His cock pressed to the hilt in me. His wiry pubic hair rubbed at my pussy lips. I shuddered. My cunt squeezed around his cock, gripping him. I whimpered. My tongue darted across my lips. My heart raced through me. My thighs squeezed around him as he filled my pussy.

"Mommy! Mommy!" I gasped. She stared down at me, her blue eyes so bright, her red hair falling about her face. "I know. I felt that same delight. He's filling you to the hilt. He's reaching so deep into you. He's making you feel amazing." "He is, Mommy!" I gasped, my body trembled, this wild heat rippled through my body.

"Oh, yes, yes, Mommy! He's so big!" Mommy cupped my face. She leaned over and kissed me. Her lips were so much softer than Daddy's. There were no rough whiskers. Just wonderful softness. I groaned, my pussy clenching around Daddy's cock as Blonde girlfriend takes bfs huge dick in ass kissed me.

"That is beautiful to witness," Daddy groaned. My hips wiggled back and forth. I groaned, my pussy clenching about his dick. It was this amazing rapture.

I shuddered, my hips dancing around his cock. "You're amazing, honey. Both of you. This is the daughter we made, Michelle." Mommy broke the kiss. She rose and smiled. Then she glanced down muqheeth fb indian tube porn me. "Yes, she is. Ooh, I am so glad that she's so eager for this. That she wants you." "I want you, too," I groaned. My tongue darted around my lips.

"I can love you as Daddy loves me." Emotion misted Mommy's eyes. "Do you mean.?" "I want to eat your pussy, Mommy, while Daddy fucks my cunny!" Tears of joys actually spilled down her face. She looked so happy. My own eyes burned. I blinked against them. I shuddered, my breasts rising and falling.

My pussy clenched around Daddy's cock. I wiggled my hips, stirring around him, my clit throbbing against his bush. "I love you, Avalon," Mommy gushed. "I love you, too!" I gasped. "I love you both. Ooh, you're in me, Daddy! And Mommy, sit on my face! I want to eat your pussy!" "Just a budding, little muff diver," Daddy said, chuckling. "For Mommy!" I moaned. "And our daughter, Daddy. When she's an adult, I'll eat her pussy and get her ready for you." "Lucky Daddy," Mommy purred, winking at him.

She then threw her leg over my head. She straddled me. I groaned as her pussy lowered to my mouth. I salivated at the sight of her hot twat coming lower and lower to my mouth. I breathed in her spicy musk as her shaved pussy descended. The hole that birthed me pressed against my mouth. My pussy clenched around Daddy's cock. My tongue flicked out, tasting her spicy delight straight from the source. Her cream spilled into my mouth.

I lapped at her. I caressed her, nuzzled into her. This wonderful treat surged through me.

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It was incredible to enjoy. Then Daddy drew back his cock. My pussy squeezed around him as I moaned. This incestuous rush shot through me. My cunny clung to his twat.

I thrust my tongue into Mommy's pussy. I danced around her twat, churning her up as Daddy stimulated my snatch. Waves of incestuous delight rushed through me. "Little Ava!" groaned Daddy as he rammed back into me. His cock filled me. His balls smacked into my flesh.

They were heavy with his seed. My fertile pussy was so ready for him. My tongue darted through Mommy's folds as Daddy's cock thrust into me over and over.

My cunny clung to him. This amazing pleasure rushed through me. My thighs gripped him while my hands son blackmails mom sex stories sex storys onto her thighs. He thrust hard into me. Daddy groaned as he loved me. Mommy gasped as I ate her out. She rubbed her hot flesh onto my mouth as this amazing treat swelled through me. I loved my parents, my pussy clinging to Daddy's cock. My tongue devoured Mommy's pussy.

"Oh, Michelle," groaned Daddy. "Oh, damn, our daughter was just as tight as you." "Wonderful," she moaned. "Ooh, she's eating my pussy.

She's licking me. She's devouring me." I thrust my tongue deep into Mommy's cunt. I swirled around inside of her. I caressed her. Her spicy juices coated my tongue, soaking my taste buds in her incestuous passion. My fingers dug into her thighs. I gripped her as she squirmed on me. "Yes, yes, Avalon!" Mommy groaned. "Oh, you're amazing." "You are," groaned Daddy, his heavy balls slapping into my taint. His cock buried into me again and again. "Damn, Little Ava! Oh, fuck, yes!" "Breed our daughter!" Mommy moaned, her hands grabbing my breasts.

She squeezed my tits. She dug her fingers into my mounds. "Breed her! She needs her daddy's seed in her." "I do!" I moaned. My tongue thrust into her depths. I swirled it around inside of her. "Oh, yes, yes! Daddy! Mommy!" My orgasm built in me with every hard plunge of Daddy's dick into my cunt.

The pleasure rippled through my body. My cunny clung to Daddy's cock. This hot bliss rippled through me. I nibbled on Mommy's pussy lips. My tongue lapped through her folds as the bliss swelled. I was coming closer and closer to cumming on Daddy's cock. He was in me. We were united, one flesh just like when Daddy created me inside Mommy. I trembled, moaning, gasping. My hips humped forward as his cock rammed into me. My clit throbbed against the brush of his wiry pubic hair.

Pleasure surged through me. My thighs squeezed around him. My pussy clenched around his cock. The silky friction stimulated me. I trembled, moaning into Mommy's spicy cunt. "Breed our daughter!" Mommy groaned, her fingers grabbing my nipples.

She twisted my nubs. Twerked them. She teased me with her wicked touch. "Do it, Daddy!" "Yes, yes, yes!" I whimpered. "Little Ava!" Daddy groaned, his cock burying into my depths. His balls smacked into my flesh, heavy with his cum. "Cum in me!" I moaned into Mommy's twat. "Oh, yes, yes, cum in me!

Just flood me!" "Flood our daughter!" Mommy groaned as she squirmed her shaved flesh across my flesh. Her juicy twat smeared on my mouth.

"Breed her!" "Yes!" snarled Daddy. He rammed hard into me, filling me with his cock. My pussy rejoiced. Incestuous rapture rippled out of me as my orgasm exploded through me. My cunny spasmed around Daddy's cock as he drew back through my sheath. I moaned my bliss into Mommy's twat.

My body bucked on the bed. My pussy writhed with bliss, celebrating the incestuous love I was sharing with my parents.

My tongue darted through Mommy's folds, fluttering, teasing her. Stars burst across my eyes as this naughty pleasure surged through me. It rushed through my body and drowned my mind. Ecstasy flooded my thoughts. "Cum in me, Daddy!" I howled into Mommy's pussy. "Yes, yes, cum in her!" Mommy moaned as her juices gushed into my mouth.

I drank her spicy juices as Daddy's cock thrust into black hottie plays with a big dick cunt.

He filled me over and over. Pleasure rippled through me. My twat spasmed around his cock. I gripped him. This pleasure surged through my body. "Breed our daughter!" Mommy howled. "Yes!" growled Daddy. His cock rammed into deep into my convulsing cunny. His balls smacked into my taint. Then his jizz fired into me. This wonderful heat rippled through me, my orgasm intensifying. I groaned as the two adorable teens share a massive rod spurted over and over.

It filled me. This amazing delight.

It rushed through my body. I shuddered, my body trembling, my cunny writhing around his cock. Stars of delight shone brighter across my vision.

I came harder as Daddy flooded my body with his incestuous seed. My pussy milked his dick. I wrung him dry as I trembled. I moaned into my mommy's cunt.

I gripped her thighs as she squirmed on me. "You're breeding our daughter!" Mommy whimpered. "Yes, yes, yes! I love you!" I heard them kissing. Their lips smacking. They loved each other, and they loved me. I savored it. I groaned as I massaged her thighs. My tongue darted around through her pussy as my cunny milked out the last of Daddy's cum.

My orgasm died. Mommy slipped off of me. She sank down on the bed beside me. "Mmm, wicked slut likes to be on top hardcore and blowjob you love that?" "Of course I did, Mommy!" I moaned, my lips sticky with her pussy juices. "It was amazing." Daddy groaned as he pulled out of me.

His face was flushed, his eyes bright. He settled down on the other side of me. He cuddled up and kissed jade and her stepmom fucking a rich guy, his whiskers scratching my juicy chin and lips. I shuddered against him. "Happy birthday," Mommy said. "Alexa, lights off." The lights turned off, plunging their room into darkness.

"Did they have smart rooms when you were my age, Mommy?" "They did, but they were rare," she said, her hand stroking down my body to cup my breast. "Mmm, when I was a kid, Clap On was big," Daddy said. "That was so long ago," I said. "Like the eighties or something." "Or something," Daddy said. He kissed my cheek. "Will you tell me a bedtime story?" I asked, my parents cuddling up to me. I wasn't ready to sleep. I had daddy's cum puddling in my pussy, my rump still elevated to keep his seed trapped in me.

My cunny marinated in all the incestuous jizz. "Aren't you a little old for that?" Daddy asked with some amusement. "I thought you were a woman now." "But I'm still your little girl, right?" I asked, trembling. Mommy giggled. "You always will be. Right?" "Yes, you will," Daddy said, his hand reaching across my belly to grab Mom's hand.

They held each other as they snuggled up to me. "What do you want?" "How did you and Mommy first meet?" I asked. "You know that," Mommy said. "He was there for my birth. Just like he was for yours." "Oh, right," I said, frowning. I had heard my friends stories' about how their parents met. "I forgot. Well, what was the first time like when you made love?" I asked. "I want to know details!

I'm old enough." Mommy laughed. "That sounds like a wonderful bedtime story. Why don't you tell it, Daddy?" "Sure," Daddy said. "It was nearly nineteen years ago." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Harrison "Harry" Young September 2018 It was nearly midnight as I headed down the hallway to my bedroom. It was so lonely in there. I held the tumbler of whiskey in my hand, the glass rattling.

I dreaded going into my room. Another night of sleeping without Rachel beside me. Two years, and her ghost still haunted me. It was stuffy in the house. The AC had broken just in time for the heat to linger into early October. I took a sip of my whiskey, the burning liquor almost soothing as it poured down my throat to my stomach.

I carefully opened my daughter's door to check in on her like I always did. I turned it slowly, my dick tenting my pajama bottoms.

I tried to pretend I was just making sure she was safe, but since she turned eighteen, I was noticing how much Michelle resembled her mother. The same blue eyes, the same delicate smile. I knew this was wrong, I did, but with those rumors floating around the college where I coached soccer and taught PE at, I couldn't get them out of my head.

Did Clint Elliston really fuck his sisters? He was open about screwing his cousins, but did he also enjoy that delicious Alicia, his little sister? She was as precocious as my own daughter. Had he fucked his older sister, Zoey? She'd played on my girl's soccer team two years ago.

Or what about his aunt, my colleague Vicky Samuels who taught history? Had he taken his own mother to bed? Incest. The college campus buzzed with rumors about it. How could I not think of Michelle in that way no matter how wrong it was? My heart beat in my chest as I pressed the door open. The hallway light fell on her as she slept on her belly, her windows open. The breeze rustled her curtains. I groaned at the sight of her nightgown. It had slipped up to exposed her panty-clad bum.

The sex stories xxxx german xxxx v fabric cupped her cute tush. She had just the start of womanly curves, just budding into femininity. Eighteen and precocious. I groaned and took another sip of my whiskey. My cock begged for me to slip into the bedroom and touch her. To love her the way I'd loved her mother. My dick throbbed in my pajama bottoms as I couldn't look away from that perfect rump.

"You're going to go to hell," I muttered to myself while this insidious thought whispered: Clint fucks his family. They all love him. How did he do it? Why can't you? My daughter shifted. My stomach tensed. I prepared to close the door and flee as her leg curled up, showing off her panties molding over her young pussy.

Around the edges of her gusset, her fiery bush peeked out, hairs curly. Eighteen and precocious. My heart raced in my chest. I could just walk into there and love her. Peel off those panties and. I closed the door as softly as I could, my heart racing, then I fled to my bedroom.

To my lonely bed. I slammed the door shut behind me. I trembled, staring around the room past the dark morning coffee and sex cunnilingus and doggystyle to the picture of my wife on the nightstand, looking so beautiful. It was a pic of her at eighteen, dressed up in her first formal gown, purple that complimented her sandy-blonde hair. I was beside her, looking so proud.

Our first school dance. "Do you hate me?" I wondered as I stared at the picture. "For wanting to love our daughter? Or do you want us to be happy? Can we be happy?" Clint was happy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was bleary eyed the next morning at the college where I worked.

I don't remember sleeping at all. After I finished off my whiskey, I just lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, listening to the house groaning as it settled, to my daughter shifting on her bed as she slept in her innocence.

She had no idea her father was a pervert. This had to end. I had to do something about it. I had to speak to Clint Elliston. The next morning I watched the dark-haired youth, in his final year of college now, as he sauntered down the hallway like he owned it.

Girls glanced at him, whispering, giggling. They all knew the rumors. He'd knocked up two girls last year, his cousin Melody and this girl named Pam. They were both his girlfriends. California let you marry and fuck your first cousin, so he could be open about it.

Did he fuck his little sister, Alicia? The sophomore girl followed him around like a puppy in her little girl dresses. "Hey, Coach Young," Clint said, grinning at me. "Can't wait for practice to start up. We're going to take down the state tournament this year." "Yeah," I said.

"Uh, could we talk in my office." Clint shrugged. He was an athletic, young man, his shoulders already filling out. He had a man's look about him despite being twenty.

"What do you need?" "Uh." I glanced around at the crowded hallway. "Not here. Not here." "Okay," he said, a serious look on his face. He glanced at his watch. "I have an appointment." "During your lunch period?" I asked him. Clint winked at me. It was so brazen. I heard rumors of him using Vicky's classroom. That he had orgies there that his aunt sometimes participated in. My dick throbbed hard. It couldn't be true, right? But the way he walked ahead of me, not a care in the world.

"How are your, uh, children?" I asked. "Doing great," he said then sunny leon xxx movies with gangbhang. "Fussy the last few nights. I had to rock both Hikaru and Christie for two hours last night before they fell asleep.

But, you know, just seeing them in my arms, how beautiful they are." "Yeah, it's worth it," I said, remembering when Michelle was a babe that small. How she had grown. Blossomed. We passed into the athletic center, students in gym were moving about, the girls in their tight shorts and tank tops smiling at Clint.

He nodded at a few of them. They giggled and whispered to each other, probably about his cousin Lee. Did he really fuck her up the ass in the boy's restroom? My office was accessed from inside the boy's locker room.

We headed inside, the room empty. Our footsteps echoed on the way to the door. It wasn't a large office. The walls were covered in a few posters of my favorite soccer players as well as some educational posters on sports injuries and how to take care of them. I took my seat at my desk, the chair groaning. "So, what's up?" Clint asked as he took a seat. "I've heard. rumors," I said, swallowing.

My heart raced. I glanced at the photo of Michelle on my desk taken just at the start of the year, eighteen and smiling as she prepared to go rafting down the American River. "That I'm fucking my sisters?" Clint asked. He didn't even flinch. He leaned forward, his eyes flicking to the photo of my daughter. "You want to fuck her, don't you? Michelle." My blood ran cold.

My stomach roiled. Sweat broke out across my body as he stared at me, his dark eyes intense. I shifted in my chair, my mouth going dry. My tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth. I struggled to swallow. "This was a mistake." I stood up. "What you do with your sisters is your own, and—" Clint grabbed my wrist as I went to move around my desk. He stood up, too, his eyes serious. "I can help you." "What?" "There's nothing wrong with wanting to love your daughter," he said.

"To satiate your desire for her so long as she wants it, too." I swallowed. "So you have to know if she wants it," Clint said. "You have to seduce your daughter, discover what she craves, how she can love you back.

Does she want you to be her daddy, her lover, or her master." Clint's smile grew. "You want her to be your lover, don't you?" "Yes," I croaked, my heart racing. "More than anything. I want to love her. She looks so much like her mother." "That can't be it," Clint said.

"You can't just make her a proxy. You have to love her for her." I swallowed. "How will I know?" He shrugged. "You'll have to figure that out." He let go of my wrist. "Now, to seduce her, you have to awaken herself to her femininity. She has to start thinking of herself as a woman around you.

As something desirable. Beautiful." "Okay," I groaned. "You need to be pov blowjob and fucking with hot latina amateur Clint continued. "Touching her, brushing back her hair, hugging her, planting kisses on the cheeks.

Shower her in compliments. Let her know she's beautiful." "She is," I groaned. "Gorgeous. As pretty as her mother was at that age. As her mother was." The words choked off. Rachel only improved over the years. "Good, let her know," he said. I could see an idea kindling in his dark eyes. "Take her shopping." "Shopping?" "Shopping," Clint said. "Buy her some new clothes, ask her to model them.

To show off how pretty she is." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Dad," Michelle said as I came up to her. She put away her phone and stood up from the bench out front of the main college building, wearing a papy and son fuck a maid skirt and pink leggings, a pink blouse with ruffled sleeves clinging to her petite body.

She had budding breasts, small and delicious. I hugged her. She stiffened for a moment then hugged me back. My hands were on her lower back. I wanted to slide down to cup her rump. Instead, I stroked her as I stared down at her. Her blue eyes twinkled in question. "I think you need some new clothes." Delight burst in her eyes. "I do!" Then she frowned. "Why?" She gave me an inquisitive look. "You never like taking me shopping." "Because you're doing good in school," I said, releasing the hug.

I brushed back a strand of fiery hair from her face, caressing her cheek and loving the sunny leone teacher fucked with student feel of her skin in the process. "My beautiful daughter deserves a reward." The way she blushed when I said beautiful was amazing.

Her entire face transformed. Her blue eyes twinkled as she squirmed in this coquettish fashion. She groaned, "Daddy," with embarrassment and joy. "You are," I said. "You my aunt give me freedom a gorgeous, young woman.

Just as beautiful as your mother was at your age." "Really?" she asked, her eyes growing dewy. I cupped her chin, my thumb stroking her cheek. "Really." The feel nasty teen julia de lucia deepthroats and asshole ripped touching her made my dick so hard. "Ready?" "Yes!" she said.

"I want you to buy a few pretty outfits and let me see them," I said. "I want to see how gorgeous my daughter is." She clung to my arm, nodding in delight. Her eyes were so bright as we strolled to the car.

She was such a precious thing. My heart pounded heat through my veins as I escorted her to my car. She felt so much like her mother. Was I just thinking of her as a replacement for her mother? Was this just grief driving me towards this precious, beautiful girl? My heart pumped such warmth through me as she broke away from me.

She had a glee that Rachel lacked. A zest. My daughter bounced by the passenger door, her red hair flying about her as she waited for me to unlock the car. She hopped in, pulling on her seatbelt as she shifted in the seat. Her eyes sparkled with such delight. I slipped in, studying her. She was her mother, but there were differences in the cheekbones.

The ears. The hair color. Not blonde, but a bright red like me. The way she glowed right now, I knew this would work. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Avalon Young July, 2037 "Oh, that's so romantic," I said, trembling between my parents in the dark. "Did Mommy look pretty in her new clothes?" "As pretty as you," Daddy said, stroking my stomach with his warm hand.

My pussy clenched, swimming with his cum. "And what about you, Mommy?" I glanced at her, seeing her shape in the dark. "Did you have any idea that Daddy wanted to make love to you?" "No idea," she said. "I didn't have an inkling that our daddy saw me knoxville tennessee blonde fucked drunk in hotel anything other than his daughter.

It never even crossed my mind. I was just starting out at as freshman at the college. I didn't really know about the rumors about Clint. Everyone knew my father was Coach Young, so they watched what they said around me." "So you didn't know that this Clint was fucking his sisters?" "Nope," said Mommy. "I was just excited that Daddy was paying attention to me. He seemed happy that day. For the first time I could remember. He was so sad when your grandmother died.

The house was so somber. I did my best to try and brighten things up, but he never seemed to notice. Then he did. I was so eager for it. It wasn't that wet, juicy excitement, not yet, but I was starting to feel so womanly. I was responding. Just like your daddy thought I might. I had all these wicked ideas bouncing around in my head." "What happened when you reached the clothing store?" I asked as I grabbed Mommy's breast.

I brought it to my lip and sucked hard on her nipple. "Well," Mommy said. "I decided to buy a bit more adult clothing. I was feeling womanly and." I happily nursed at her nipple as I listened to the best bedtime story ever. To be continued.