Threesome with cute asian pet villein japanese and hardcore

Threesome with cute asian pet villein japanese and hardcore
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He rolled over to look at his daughter as she slept. Her hands were positioned over her head on the pillow, elbows bent. Her mouth was open slightly as her breath flowed in and out. The sheet covered only one of her small breasts, the other bared and swollen.

His glance moved down over her body. Her right leg lay straight while her left was bent slightly at the knee and to the left. He could see the outline of her cleft beneath the sheet. Her knew the smells, tastes and slick heat her cleft held. His baby was made for fucking. Bringing his eyes back to her face, he scrutinized the damage last night's sex had left. There was red whisker burn on her chin and under her jaw. She had wanted kissing and he couldn't have denied her.

There were hickeys on her neck and throat. He had discovered that sucking hard on her neck made her pant and buck underneath him. He knew there were similar marks high on the inside of one thigh.

And there were faint teeth marks on her breast. He had noticed her hiss when his teeth grazed the slight swell of flesh under her nipple. He bit gently once, and asked, "Do you like that?" "Yes. Please don't stop, Daddy." And he didn't. He took quick inventory of his own body, noticing the outline of her teeth on his shoulder and scratches on his arms and back. She had bitten him as he broke through her hymen and plunged into her tight wetness.

His breath caught at the memory of his cock reaching the tip of her cervix. Her body had welcomed his intrusion, even as the shock of what they had done temporarily froze their movements as they lay tightly joined together. Hardly missing a beat, she had started moving her hips up and down, initiating the fucking that followed. He had fucked his daughter: the point of no return. It had been only a week since their first overt sexual touch.

Once tapped, her sexual appetite was not to be denied. Because of her size and development, he had planned to wait for a year or so to start fucking, but she had all but begged to be filled by him. Shawna had bucked and pushed his throbbing erection into her cunt, and had orgasmed from his frenzied thrusts. When he had softened and come out of her, he felt warm fluid gush out of her newly opened pussy. In the darkness of the room, he had been afraid that he had torn more than her hymen, but when he explored her with his fingers, he moms in control naughty america relieved to find that the gush had been a mixture of the cum that he had shot into her and her own abundant juices.

There had been very little blood. As he had felt her vaginal walls, he discovered that Shawna's pussy was very much like her mother's. His erect penis was just short of 6" long and was slender. His wife's cunt was small, and accommodated him perfectly. He felt goose flesh on his arms, and his cock grew hard as he realized that they had bred a daughter perfectly suited to him sexually. His plans for the day involved more fucking and exploring, but first he needed food, a piss and a shower.

He took his hard-on into the bathroom. When he got out of the shower, he wrapped a towel around his waist and ventured into the kitchen for some coffee, strawberries and cheese. He noticed that Shawna had gone into the hall bathroom, and could hear the familiar sounds of her taking a bath.

His daughter had left the bathroom door ajar, an open invitation. "How about some food?" he asked as he walked into the room with their breakfast tray. Shawna looked up from washing, smiled and blushed slightly. She nodded. He sat down on the edge of the bathtub and held a large strawberry to her college teen babes enjoyed foursome sex on speedboat. She giggled and took a bite. "Yummy. Thanks, Daddy." He proceeded to feed her and himself in turns as she lathered and rinsed her body.

He interspersed bites with little kisses and laughter. They talked about everyday things. Finally she asked for a towel. Instead of handing her one, he held one out and opened it for her to walk into.

She stood still as he dried her off. He leaned down and kissed a nipple, and then went farther down and kissed her mound. She had just a hint of pubic hair, and his tongue couldn't resist dipping into her visible cleft for a brief moment. "My beautiful girl," he said softly. She blushed again, and looked away.

"Yeah, right," she said sarcastically. "I know I'm not that pretty." "This will never do," he thought. He took her hand and led her, dried and still naked, into the bedroom he and his wife shared. One wall by their bed was made up of mirror-covered closets. He guided Shawna to stand in front of a mirror panel as he positioned himself behind her. He pulled the towel off his waist so she could feel his hard cock at her back, then fanned her long, blond hair over her shoulders.

"Look, baby. This is what I see." He ran his hands over her shoulders, arms, small breasts, waist and then over her hips and tummy to cup her mound. He left her side for a moment to slide a reading chair in front of the mirror. He sat down and drew her down to sit in front of him facing the mirror. "Open your legs, baby", he whispered in her ear. "That's it," as she complied. He reached both arms around her, so the fingers of both hands could open the lips of her cunt.

"See how beautiful you are?" he said as he revealed her. The soft pink lips of her vulva were becoming engorged with growing sexual need.

As his fingers held her wide open and her gaze locked on her cunt's reflection, her breathing deepened in her chest. Her hardening clitoris lifted out of it's hood.

He dipped the fingers of one hand into her slippery opening, and then moved them back up over her thirsty, erect clit.

"Daddy," she breathed. She watched the response of her pussy in the mirror. Her hips rocked back and forth on his hand and fingers. "You feel beautiful too, Baby. So sexy and hot and juicy! Feel, Honey." He took her hand and guided it to her swollen cunt.

Her hand under his, he moved their fingers over the contours of her sex and the wanton wetness that poured out of her. As she ran her hand over her clit, he plunged two of his fingers into her. "Umph," she grunted at his entrance.

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"Feel what I'm doing to you." he told her. She moved her hand to his fingers as they moved in and out of her. Her index finger joined his in their probing. He pulled out of her cunt and painted one nipple with her wetness.

He bent down to lick it off. He dipped his finger into again, then brought it to his lips while she watched. He kissed her. "Taste, yourself, Baby. So good." She kissed him back, opening her mouth to his tongue. He put his fingers into her again and held them to her lips. She sucked her cunt juices off them, then put her own slick fingers in her mouth for more.

He reached between their bodies to finger her from underneath. They watched his fingers in the mirror as they curved into her. Hidden from view, his thumb massaged her wet anus. "Nice, huh?" he asked. "Nice," she breathed, nodding. He kneaded her small breasts with his free hand, gently pinching her nipples to hardness.

He squeezed the fullness of one tit, increasing the pressure until she hissed and bit her bottom lip. At the same time, she pushed herself down hard on his fingers. "Like that," she murmured.

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He had suspected she liked a little roughness. Now he knew for sure. He squeezed again, releasing at the second her breath caught and she pressed down. He could play at this forever.

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Shawna's breaths had turned to gasps as her body trembled and struggled in frustration. "I need. I need." she breathed. He lifted her up towards his lap, moved himself under her and drove his cock into her eager cunt. They both watched their fucking in the mirror. Her legs were splayed open, feet resting on his thighs as he worked into her.

Her inhibitions were gone, as was his fear of hurting her. She was tight around his cock, but her slick juices eased the way. "You feel so good, Honey. You're so good." he told her.

"This is going to be over too quickly," he realized. He slowed his movements and moved her off him. He moved the chair at an angle to the mirror, sat her back down, kissed her mouth and whispered, "Suck me, honey." He stood in front of her, his cock standing up and away from his body. A large drop of pre-cum was falling from his slit. Moaning, Shawna captured it with her tongue and took it into her mouth to swallow. She licked his cock and balls to savor the taste of her own juices before she took him into her stretched-open mouth.

She sucked the head of his cock and was rewarded with more pre-cum. Then she slowly eased her way down his shaft. It took several tries, but she was finally able to feel him at the back of her throat. She put her hands on his hips to pull herself to him.

As she started to gag, she pulled back, then sucked and licked his head until kotora mafune appears in her debut movie flashes her labia through wet panties amazing bubble butt felt ready to suck him down again.

She loved the feel of her daddy's cock in her throat. Watching what she did to him in the mirror as he felt her mouth on him almost undid him. He could tell she was enjoying it. She was sitting on the edge of the chair with her legs open wide,and he could see her dripping sex as she blew him.

When she came up for air, he pushed her back into the chair and fastened his mouth to her cunt. As he sucked her clit, he drove two fingers into her. "Feels so good, Daddy," she moaned as her head thrashed from side to side.

He replaced his fingers with his tongue and then moved lower to rim her. Her hole was wet and slick from her dripping cunt. He inched his tongue through the heavy muscle and into her ass.

She held her legs to her chest to open herself to his greedy probing. Rimming was hot. He was rock hard and his balls were heavy and tight with his need for release.

He rose up and kissed her. She hesitated only a second before she licked into his mouth to share the taste of that other part of her. He drew her into a tight embrace, gently dry humping against her. "I need to fuck you, Baby," he managed. She hurried to the bed, knelt down and got into an "ass up" position.

"Please, Daddy. Please. I need you inside me." Getting behind her, he thumbed down his erection and pushed into her hot pussy.

He thrust into her hard and fast as his daughter ground her hips back on him with abandon. He heard her calling, "Daddy. Oh. Fuck me. Fuck me." As he pushed into her, he could feel her juices and his pre-cum dripping onto the mattress.

"Fuck! You're so hot and wet, honey. You like me fucking you? Is this what you want?" "It feels so good.

Please don't stop. I love to feel you inside me." Finally, he turned her on her back, got between her legs and pounded himself into her, piston-like over and over. She cried out and held her raised hips into his onslaught, her cunt clenching and contracting in an intense orgasm. "I'm cumming. I'm cumming." she continued mindlessly. He slowed for a few minutes, and then continued his frantic rutting.

"Yeah. Make me cum again. I'm going to cum again," she milf blonde sucks and fucks a big black dick for interracial fun. As he felt her cunt squeeze him, his own climax rocked his body. He shot jet after jet of cum into her as he continued to thrust until he was completely spent.

He felt shaky as he lay down beside her and gathered her to him. She was still trying to catch her breath. "That was.," she started. "Fucking amazing," he panted.

They spent the rest of the day naked, playing together, feeling and tasting each others' bodies. He brought her off again with his mouth.

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That evening they were sitting on the couch in the T.V. room where it had all begun. She had her head on his lap and he was rubbing her back. She lifted her head suddenly. "I need practice," she said.

She took his cock into her mouth, and coaxing it to harden, took him into her throat. She was getting good at this. He pulled her into a kiss. Straddling him, Shawna lowered herself onto his cock and sighed. She put her arms around her daddy and settled onto his cock and into his kiss. She moved her hips in a circular motion, and he could feel the neck of her cervix rubbing the head of his erection.

This was her show. He rested his head on the back of the couch and let her run it. She reached down to rub her clitoris. "Cum for me," he whispered. Her movements became larger and harder as she ground herself onto him. She came with a cry czech first time anal beauti he felt her spasms squeeze him, her chest heaving with her efforts to catch her breath. He resisted the urge to cum with her. He didn't think he could keep up with her if he came every time he was inside her.

He massaged her back and shoulders as she came to herself again. "Like watching you cum," he said as she rested her head on his chest. "I love it, Daddy," she blurted out. "I think about it all the time. I want you touching me and fucking me all the time. Even before we started actually doing anything, I thought about it; about you doing things to me and me doing things to you. Now I want it even more.

"I'm here, Baby. I want you too." He assured her. He wondered idly if he had seduced his daughter or if it had been the other way around. It didn't matter, he guessed. The larger question was how long he would be able to keep his daughter satisfied.