One stiff rod for two stacked stunners big tits and cumshot

One stiff rod for two stacked stunners big tits and cumshot
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Kate Smith was an average woman leading a perfectly happy average life. She was an attractive looking 36 year old mother of a 16 year old son and two twin daughters, aged 14. Time had been gentle to her, as her 5'6'' frame remained petite and her face clear of most wrinkles.

Her hair was as thick and dark as when she was a young girl, and her eyes were a piercing green. Kate's husband, Jeff Smith, had generously paid for a "breast rejuvenation" at 35 that made her 32C chest more perky and beautiful than when she was her daughters' age.

Jeff was a police officer and Kate a bank manager. Their schedules sometimes conflicted, but they maintained a healthy sexual relationship. Although they regularly made love a few times per week, Kate had grown bored with her husband. The problem was neither quantity nor quality.

The sex itself was quite good, but it was so safe and predictable. She missed the adventure and excitement of her college days. Kate met Jeff in their senior year of college, prior to which she had engaged in a great deal of sexual experimentation.

In the three years before they began dating, she found herself in numerous beds. She tried sex with another girl, a professor, even multiple men at once. Yet in her 17 years of marriage with Jeff, she had never cheated. Once she became pregnant immediately after the wedding, she thought her sexual exploration period was over. Kate got the itch for something new and exotic from the internet. She read forum boards about infidelity and chatted online via webcam with strange men whenever her family wasn't home, but it was difficult to push herself over the cheating edge.

There were many men at her bank who flirted with her, but they were really no different than her husband. 30s or 40s, college educated, handsome but boring.

That changed when she met Buck. Buck was a 5'11'' black man, around 160 pounds. He was nearly illiterate and on the last leg of his application for a janitorial position. When he came into Kate's office for the final interview, the thought of breaking that eternal taboo finally pushed her over the edge.

"I'm here for the janitor interview?" "Yes, please sit," Kate responded. "What sort of experience do you have in the field?" "Well I got my BA in custodial arts from Dartmouth and my masters in cleaning innovation from Yale. Naw I'm just playin,' I don't have any experience but I can pick things up quick. I worked in an auto body shop but they're laying everybody off and nobody is sunny leone fucking xxx sex stories story 2019 Kate giggled.

She played with her hair in a flirtatious way. "Please tell me about a time you had to be a team leader." "Well in school, I was the captain of my basketball team.

We won in our district but lost at states." "Ok…Tell me what you would do around a large sum of money. What if you were cleaning the vault and for whatever reason knew nobody was watching the security cameras?" "I wouldn't steal any money.

I'm an honest guy." "Good," Kate replied, deciding to become daring. "Tell me what you would do with a very horny boss who needs her pussy stuffed by a big black cock." Buck was suddenly much more interested in the conversation.

"Woah, I didn't expect that. I guess I'd have to bust the bitch out." He gave Kate a nice smirk. Kate got up and closed the blinds to her office. "Let me see it then." "Whatever you say, boss." He got up and unbuttoned his pants, sliding them down to his knees. Kate was entranced by Buck's thick ten inch cock. "So you want to do this now." "No, not in the office. I tell you what, the final portion of your interview will take place at the motel on 4th street.

Here is my number, text me the room number at 5 when I get off work. I will reimburse you for the room and your time." She scribbled her cell number on a piece of paper and handed it to Buck. "Ya know, if you fuck me right you can get two steady jobs out of this." Buck left Kate's office with a big smile on his face. "See you later baby." Kate was nervous but unbelievably excited as the day wound down. A few minutes after five, as the bank was closing, she received a text.

"Room 210. Get here now slut!" Her pussy throbbed and her panties were soaked as she walked to her car. She drove the three miles to the run down motel, making a short stop along the way.

All rooms faced outdoors, so she walked up the stairs with a large bag and paused in front of 210. Kate didn't know what to do. Should she knock or just walk away? "Whatever happens, happens," she told herself. She knocked twice and the door quickly opened, revealing a dark, dreary room filled only with the glow of the television.

She stepped inside and set the bag down on the bed. "I rented us a movie on PayPerView, thought it seemed about right. It's called 'White sluts, black cocks.'" Indeed, on the television screen a young white girl was surrounded by five large black cocks, sucking them each in turn.

"What's in the bag?" "Some things we're going to need," replied Kate. She removed four sets of handcuffs, a sexy outfit, blindfold, ball gag, whip, and collar with chain attached. "I'm going to be your slave tonight. Just consider it my contribution to reparations. I'm going into the bathroom to get changed, be back in a minute." Kate's heart was pounding as she carried the bag into the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

"This is what you've always wanted, right?" She questioned herself. "I need this excitement." She undressed quickly and efficiently and stood naked in front of the mirror. Kate placed her hands on her perky, hard nipples and slowly slid them down her flat stomach to her quivering, shaved pussy lips. She unpackaged the outfit and began to put it on.

First the thigh-length stockings, then the short skirt without panties, and finally the delicate, see-through bra. "I need this now." She exited the bathroom. Buck was lying on the bed watching the television pornography, rubbing his hardening cock overtop his jeans. "Damn girl, you look good." "Thank you, Buck. Here are the rules for tonight: You are my master and I am your slave. I will do anything to serve you.

My only request is that I get an orgasm. Is this ok?" "Yeah, sounds perfect." Buck took a commanding tone, "Now get over here, bitch." This is exactly what Kate wanted. She needed to be treated like garbage; used and abused by some big man. "Yes master." She approached the bed while Buck got to his feet.

He gave her a hard kiss and shoved her on her knees. He placed two hands on the back of her head and pressed her face against his hard cock. She could feel all ten inches bulging through the denim. Buck unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down, along with his roleplay sex in leather and fishnet stockings, exposing his hard cock to Kate for the second time that day.

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"Swallow it." It was big. Kate was hesitant: maybe it was too big. Nevertheless, she tried and got her first taste of this big black cock.

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She opened her mouth as wide as she could and took in the entire head of his cock. Precum from the opening traced across her tongue to the back of her throat. She swallowed as much as she could, but it wasn't more than five inches. Buck noticed she was struggling.

"That's ok baby, I'm gonna teach you a trick how to take big cock like this." Buck's powerful hands stood her up and laid her across the bed on her back, her head overhanging the side.

"Open wide, bitch." With both hands on her sexy firm breasts, he slid his cock down her mouth and into her throat. "Mmmmm…" Kate mumbled. She started to panic but quickly regained control. "He is my master and I must submit," Kate thought.

She fought her gag reflex because she had no other choice and timed her breathing in between the large cock sliding down her throat. Each time his balls smashed against her face, she began to like it more and more. Within a few minutes, she had her right hand under her short pink skirt, grinding her fingers against her clit, squirming around in ecstasy. Buck lifted the skirt and removed her hand, replacing it with his hot girl on girl tube porn. He kept up a steady rhythm, fucking her mouth and stimulating her clit at the same time.

Kate felt like she was ready to explode. She tapped Buck and he momentarily stopped the throat pounding. "Please fuck me, master." Both her mouth and pussy was begging for a hard cock. in and out with cassandra captain stabbin baby, whatever you say." Buck lifted her up and turned her over.

Kate's face was mashed into the pillow and her ass was lifted high into the air. He secured the horny mother of three's hands to the headboard with a pair of handcuffs and then blindfolded her. Kate spread her legs wide and her pussy throbbed with anticipation. Buck spit a generous amount onto Kate's well-exposed asshole and plunged one finger inside. "No, not there…" Kate moaned. She was alarmed at the thought of her anal cavity trying to accept that huge black cock.

"Oops, sorry. I almost forgot." Buck placed the ball gag securing in her mouth, fastening it underneath her long dark hair. Kate squealed in pain as Buck spit again and then slid his large head into her forbidden skinny petite blonde small tits and piercing. He pressed hard and was forced to spit again as he rammed his cock, inch by inch, into her ass.

Kate tried to stay calm but her face betrayed her pain. She bit down hard on the gag and squeezed the bars of the headboard with a white-knuckled grip. Luckily for Kate, Buck was a generous master and slowly worked his cock inside of her. He worked up a good rhythm until Kate became comfortable. Her face remained pressed against the pillow as he pounded her ass. When he finally withdrew, Kate's hole was gaped wide open. Buck removed the gag and asked, "How did that feel?" "Like I just took the biggest shit of my life." They laughed together.

"Now will you please give me what I came here for, master?" "Sure baby, I think you earned it." Buck unfastened the handcuffs and flipped Kate over on the bed, removing the blindfold. He lay on top of her, guiding his ten inch cock towards the hole that had passed her husband's three children. Dripping wet, there was no need for lubrication as he plunged all ten inches inside of her.

Kate was filled with many intense feelings as her pussy accepting Buck's generous cock: pain, pleasure, submission, femininity, and countless more. She wrapped her arms and legs around her lover as he began to thrust. Each time she felt the tip of his ten inch cock plunge deep inside of her, Kate elicited a scream of both pain and pleasure. It hurt, but it felt so good at the same time. She couldn't form a coherent thought or action; the woman had turned into an animal. She held on tightly as she violently thrust her hips forward towards Buck's shaft.

His large body enveloped her. "Wait wait wait," she pleaded as Kate felt a surge run though her body. Buck paused with his thick cock still inside her.

Kate slid her hand down her pelvis to her clit, working two fingers in a quick circular motion. It was all so new, so intense.

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Kate screamed as her pussy exploded with a rush of fluid that flowed out around Buck's cock. "Thank you, master." "I'm not done yet." Buck continued the pounding, harder and faster this time. "I'm gonna cum." "Oh yeah," the cock-whore responded, "cum all over my face." "I don't think so, slut." Kate felt the first wave hit her cervix as Buck moaned in pleasure.

"Wait, I'm not on birth control. Stop." Buck continued thrusting, pumping more of his semen inside of Kate. "Please…" It felt too amazing to argue and she just resigned herself to whatever would happen. "Thank you, master." "That's right, bitch. I own you now, you're my property." They showered together and cleaned themselves up.

Kate gave Buck the bag of toys for safe-keeping. Before leaving the room, Kate said, "well Buck, I guess you've got the job. See you at work tomorrow." To be continued…