High school gharl sar xxx

High school gharl sar xxx
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About the author My name is Alex. I'm 18 and English. This is a story which isn't (yet!) true, and it's been a fantasy of mine for quite some time, I've just never got the courage to do it. My name is Alex. I'm 16 and I live in England. I'm 6", about 60kg, well built, short dark hair, blue eyes, and a 6 inch cock. I have a pretty good life. I do well in school, have a girlfriend whom I love a lot, I am pretty confident generally and have no trouble with girls.

Sex with my girlfriend is good. Not great, just good. It's not that I don't enjoy it, it's just. something else. Lately I've been noticing other guys. Not in a big way, just when I'm down at the gym, or swimming. I just brushed it off, as a phase, but it's sticking. Now, I'm not homophobic doxy gets fucked from behind indoors homemade and hardcore anything but I didn't want to be homosexual.

I wanted to have a wife, a family, so this was all rather worrying. I put the bad thoughts out of my mind if it feels good, why not?

So, it's a typical thursday afternoon. My dad's working abroad and my mum's taking my sister to some college thing. No one will be home for a few hours.

I decided it was time for a little 'me' time. Sit down in my computer chair and unzip myself, pull down my boxers, and start to massage my dick. Quickly I'm erect and rubbing myself with a slow steady pace. I open up any old porn site and start jerking like crazy. The porn is the same old stuff, so I decide to try something new. I find the first gay chat room I can and start talking to other horny guys.

Some hot looking guy called '8inches' starts talking. We exchange pics, and some other details. Then we get down to busines. He's saying what he wants to do, caress my nipples, and finger my ass. I'm sweating heavily and grunting as I tug at my manhood. He's still typing arousing messages and I quickly climax, grunting loudly. "that was so hot! i just cummed so hard thinking of you" I type to him. "i just cummed too.

ur so hot." he replies. We continue talking and he mentions location. It turns out he lives near london, about a stop on the train from me. I swear I jumped a foot. My cock grew hard again! "you wanna meet up sumtime?" he asks. My heart was beating a mile a minute. My cock was so hard something had to be done. I couldn't miss this opportunity! "id love to" I shakily replied. I was scared as hell. We discussed details, locations, then he showed me himself on his webcam.

I was convinced by his wonderful, perfect, 8 inch cock. His pubes were trimmed neatly, not too long, not too short. It was a good 8 inches long, maybe 9, and 1-2 inches wide. I wanted it in my mouth so bad. We started masturbating together again, and I was fingering my asshole. I soon climaxed and got dressed. Ran out of the house with a bit of money on me, and a mobile, up to the train station.

Bought my ticket, and boarded the train. I was finding it difficult to conceal my arousal. I was so scared at the same time. I was in a carriage alone so I was caressing myself through my jeans, still nervous as hell. When the train stopped I jumped off, and met with 8inches.

He said his name was Adam, but I didn't care. Some brief hello's. "You want to do it in my car?" he asked. I was shaking like hell. Nervous but excited and horny as anything too! "Yes" I whispered. He put his arm on my shoulder to comfort me, and I felt better for it. This was a nice guy. He got in the drivers seat and me in the passenger seat. We decided to move the train to the back of the car park. It was winter so it was already dark at 5pm.

No one would notice. While we were moving, he put his hand on my crotch and gently massaged my rock-hard manhood through my jeans. I was still shaking. He unzipped me with one hand while driving with the other, and moaning slightly.

His cock was bulging in his tracksuit. Just the sight wiped all my timid feelings. I wanted to have his cock. I placed my hands on it through the jeans and the car stopped. We were in a secluded corner of the car park, near some trees and behind the toilets. I pulled down his trousers and boxers, his cock jumped out at me.

It was beautiful. Perfectly sculpted, every vein was perfect. I leaned over and he placed his head gently on the back of my head and he moaned as I flicked my tongue nasty blonde whore fucked in the ass the head of his cock. It tasted of nothing really, not what I expected at all. I teased his cock some more with my tongue before plunging my head down on it.

It almost choked me the first time, but we settled into a rhythm. It felt awesome, having this mans cock deep into my mouth. I moved my head up and down faster and he started moaning.

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"Ohhh yes!! Ohhh!!". He cummed. It was unexpected, the sweet liquid squirted into the back of my throat.

I had never tried it before. It was sweet and salty at the same time. I gulped it down greedily, but it was too much. It dribbled out of my mouth and down to his cock, onto his perfect balls. He moaned with pleasure. It was all nicely lubricated, I slid my hands up and down his shaft. He leant over to my groin and pulled of my boxers. He started sucking my cock. It was the greatest feeling ever. He was experienced, and so much better then my girlfriend. I couldn't last and quickly climaxed.

He swallowed all my come and put his hand under my shirt and started rubbing my nipples. I never knew what the feeling was like, it was so good. I was erect again, and he started rubbing my cock with his other hand. "I want ma kendra lust and stepdaughter get banged Alex. Let me fuck your ass". He said it with such passion I almost cummed with the thought of it, although it scared me somewhat.

We moved into the back of the car, and I bent over on the back seat.

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He unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down with my boxers. I was scared as hell by this point. "Please be gentle" I pleaded. "Don't worry". He pulled a tube of something from under his seat and squirted it on my asshole, and he started rubbing it around.

He plunged his well lubricated finger into my asshole and gyrated it. It was so sexy. In goes another finger, and another one. He had 4 fingers into me. It was hurting a little but it felt good at the same time. School teacher and sir xxxx rubbed my chest a little, through my shirt.

I was so aroused and just wanted him to get on with it. He rubbed up and down his cock with the lube and then massaged it over the head. He grabbed my hips with his strong hands and pulled me onto his cock. It hurt like hell. His four fingers had done nothing to prepare me in comparison to his huge cock.

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He slowly went in and out. I groaned. "Don't worry.

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It gets better" he pleaded. I started to ease up my ass hole a little. He moved into a steady rhythm. I was bracing myself on the car door with one hand and rubbing myself with the other.

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I horny babe solo pussy masturbation on cam moaning. It was the best feeling ever. A huge cock up my ass. It was perfect. He pulled his cock fully out, then plunged it back in. He did this a few times. "Oh god!" I exhaled heavily. It felt so fucking good. I was bucking to meet his hips. We were both sweating so hard.

Finally he cummed, all inside me. His warm juices were flowing around inside my ass. It was so sexy! He pulled his cock out ans started licking around my ass.

I was so stimulated. He was licking the cum off of my own ass! I quickly climaxed for the fourth time of the day. He put my jeans back on lovingly. I got out of the car. We hugged, both too exhausted for anything remotely sexual. I walked back to the station. His warm cum sloshing inside my ass. I could feel it dribbling down my leg, and I was getting hard again. I clutched his phone number in my pocket and continued walking home. I hope one day I'll meet with him again.

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