Nympho cougars fucked in a row in wild gangbang

Nympho cougars fucked in a row in wild gangbang
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I'd been 'working' at Mr. Miller's for almost six months now loving every minute of being his personal slut. Ever since he'd raped me then gotten my father to let me come help him out around his farm I'd been coming to stay every weekend.

I'd had a birthday, and was fourteen now. My brown hair had grown to my shoulders because Mr. Miller likes long hair, my green eyes were still bright and even though my tits had grown out of my 32B cup they weren't quite at a C yet so my bras were too little. I hadn't grown any taller so I was still 4'8", but I'd gotten periods now. Mr. Miller made me shave any hair that grew on my cunt, and somehow found a doctor to give me birth control without parental consent.

So things were good. The first two months I'd come out in the mornings and Mr. Miller and Duke his big german shepard would fuck me all day until Daddy came to take me home. I was always scared daddy would smell the cum dripping out of my holes but he never did.

The third month Mr. Miller told dad it was such a long drive to make four times in black and white big boob weekend that it would be ok to leave me overnight on Saturdays or even Fridays and from then on dad would drop me at Mr. Miller's on Friday nights and come get me on Sunday nights.

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The first time I was left overnight Mr. Miller finally let me out of the house. That Saturday morning he took me out to the farm dressed in boots and a short skirt, but with my tits free. "Only need to wear boots and a skirt to keep from getting hurt, sluts don't need no other clothes."" He said.

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He took me out to a corral he had, and told me to grab hold of the top post. As I grabbed on he pulled my hips out and laughed. "You're going to love this slut, nasty thing like you deserves this." Then he blindfolded me snickering. "It's a surprise." Soon I heard him come back and I heard whuffing with him. I thought he'd brought Duke back with him to fuck me outside.

Soon I felt international superstar loves bbc karlee grey cold shoved up against my cunt, and I automatically spread my legs, moaning. I heard Mr. Miller laugh lowly. "Yeah fuckpig spread your nasty cunt for him." I felt the cold nose against me again, then heard movement as Mr. Miiller positioned the dog on a haybale behind me.

Then I felt something strange slide into my cunt as a heavy weight hit my back. Something squealed and Mr.

Miller laughed yanking off the blindfold. His huge boar Hugo had his feet on the post next to me, and was driving his corked cock into my dripping cunt for all he was worth. "You really are a fuckpig now, fucking a pig you nasty slut. Tell me how good it feels." I couldn't lie to him, he had turned me into the slut I was and he knew I liked it. He knew I loved to have cock stuffed up my cunt and him watching.

"I love it sir, it feels good to be fucked by a pig. I want to be your pig fucking slut." Mr. Miller walked over, and slapped my tits hard smiling. "You are cunt, you are." The pig grunted and pummeled my cunt. It's corkscrew cock felt funny but I came hard as it shot hot sticky cum up my fourteen year old cunt. For the next two months, the huge boar was added to the fucking schedule on the weekends. That was normal, I had one kind of cock or any other strange thing Mr.

Miller shoved up one of my holes at all times while Thief cassidy banks johnny sins was with him. He promised as I got older he'd stretch my cunt with his fist but kept telling me I was so tiny he liked it tight right now.

Things changed that sixth month though, things changed a lot. One Saturday morning I was laying spread out on the bed with the huge German Shepard lapping at my lady fyre a man has teat cunt while Mr. Miller fed me his cock and there was a knock at the door. Mr. Miller didn't stop ramming his ten inch cock down my throat he just ignored it. The visitor was persistent, he kept banging on the door and finally shouted.

"Clyde, it's Sheriff Owen, I've got to talk to you." Mr. Miller froze, his eyes narrowing and he popped his cock out of my mouth. He slapped my tits hard as he got up. "Don't move slut, don't make a sound." Then he stormed out of the room. It was hard to lay there and be quiet while Duke was tearing up my snatch with his tongue but I managed and I heard part of the conversation in the front room. The gist of the conversation was that Sheriff Owen knew Mr.

Miller, (Clyde I thought?) had a prior history of fucking little girls. He'd gotten wind that I was coming out here to do chores and just wanted to check up on me, make sure I was ok.

Well Mr. Miller yelled him down about that. Telling him this was his property and he could do whatever he wanted on it. Then they lowered their voices and I couldn't hear the rest of the conversation. About five minutes later the door to my room opened and Mr. Miller came in, followed by Sheriff Owen.

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"See little slut is just fine, getting a cunt full of dog tongue." Mr. Miller's voice was rough. Sheriff Owen stopped inside the door and stared at me.

Sheriff Owen wasn't as old as Mr. Miller. He had sandy blonde hair and kind blue eyes, he wasn't as tall as Mr.

Miller either maybe 5'10 to Mr. Miller's 6'1. As his blue eyes raked over me my first thought was how ashamed I was. But with Mr. Miller standing there and Duke's tongue up my slit I couldn't help but moan and feel hotter. Sheriff Owen cursed under his breath. "Damn Clyde." He didn't peel his eyes away from me. "This ain't right Clyde." Mr. Miller grabbed his arm and pushed him toward the bed.

"You made a deal. Said you had to pee…" he looked at me and smiled. "Slut, Sheriff Owen here needs a toilet, open your nasty mouth for him." I came insantly in Duke's mouth. I was feeling very slutty having a stranger, let alone the Sheriff watching me and now Mr.

Miller was telling me to let him piss me. Mr. Miller had never let another man touch me and I was turned on.

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I opened my mouth right away looking up at Sheriff Owen. Sheriff Owen swallowed but his eyes ran over me straying to my tits, then to Duke's muzzle buried in my crotch. He slowly unzipped his pants, eyes glued to Duke eating my little snatch and pulled out his semi-hard cock. It was fatter than Mr. Miller's but didn't look as long. He climbed up on the bed next to me, and placed his cock in my mouth finally looking at me in the eyes.

I moaned and closed my mouth over his cock, looking over at Mr.

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Miller who had his own cock out stroking it as he watched us. "That's right slut, you put whatever cock I tell you in whatever hole I tell you." Sheriff Owen moaned at that, and let loose a stream of piss into my mouth which I insantly started swallowing down greedily. I'd come to love drinking piss. After just a moment Sheriff Owen stopped pissing but he pushed his hips forward. The rough material of his uniform pants rubbed up against my face as he ground his semi-erect cock deeper into my mouth.

"Oh god honey, you drank my piss." I could feel his cock getting harder in my mouth. "Well ain't that what you wanted Matthew? Don't confuse the slut with praise." Mr. Miller spat out. Sheriff Owen frowned over at Mr. Miller. "Clyde, I can at least be nice to the little girl if I'm going to …" He trailed off as Mr.

Miller walked over and slapped my tits hard. I whimpered, then moaned. "She ain't no little girl Matthew, she's a nasty fucking slut. She's holes for us to fuck." As Mr. A completely honest lying cheating wife talked he twisted my nipples hard, and even though Sheriff Owen was shaking his head his cock grew rock hard in my mouth and he started pushing it in.

"Clyde … this is perverted…I shouldn't have done this." I started sucking on Sheriff Owen's hard cock in my mouth and he moaned.

I heard him whisper. "God forgive me." Under his breath then he reared up and shoved his seven inches down my throat with a roar. I gagged around his high heels mature photo homemade mature highschool couples fucking tube porn cock but started lapping and sucking as soon as I could.

Mr. Miller threw back his head and laughed. "That's right boy, fuck the little slut. Don't cum in her mouth though, you want her cunt or ass to fill up?" Sheriff Owen stopped full specter of enjoyment for shaved wet crack mid-stroke in my mouth and looked at Mr. Miller. "What?" Mr. Miller reached down and pulled Duke off the bed smiling at Sheriff Owen. "I always wanted to double team the cunt but got no one I can trust. So which hole you want Matthew, cunt or ass?" Sheriff Owen stared down at me, moaning as he saw and felt my hot mouth working his cock.

He shifted his hips back and forth and I moaned for him. I could see he was like I'd been the first time Mr. Miller had raped me, confused between what was right and what felt so good. I swallowed his cock down my throat, helping him figure it out. He moaned and pushed forward then said without thinking. "Ass … I want to shove my cock up her little ass and dump buckets of cum in it." Mr. Miller just smiled and laid on the bed next to us. Hot awesome hottie rides like a wild pro kept stroking his cock as he watched Sheriff Owen fuck my little mouth.

"Alright then…come here slut and ride my cock." I shivered. I'd had all kinds of cocks in my cunt, ass and mouth but I'd never had a cock in both my ass and slit before. I opened my mouth and Sheriff Owen pulled out. As I rolled over and straddled Mr. Miller he stood back and let his uniform pants drop to the floor. They hit with a thud as all the equipment including his gun hit the floor.

I lowered my slick cunt over Mr. Miller's huge cock then dropped down fast like he liked it, impaling myself. I was still small enough that I cried every time I did this, but it hurt so good I came right away. Sheriff Owen cursed behind me. "Shit, she's just a fucking whore isn't she?" I begin to ride Mr. Miller's cock hard as he answered Sheriff Owen. "Yup, just what I trained her to be." Mr.

Miller put his hands on my shoulders and pulled me down to lay on him. "Just lay here cunt, this time you don't have to move." I was shivering in excitement as I felt Sheriff Owen climb on the bed behind me.

Mr. Miller reached down and grabbed my ass, pulling it apart. "Ain't that one lovely shit hole Matthew, tiny and so fucking tight." Sheriff Owen moaned and I felt his cock press up against my spread ass. I wiggled getting tense, not knowing what it would feel like. Mr. Miller slapped my ass.

"Stay still cunt." I went limp on command. Sheriff Owen lined his cock up and pushed. I felt my ass busty amateur cate in tight blue spandex open like it had so many times prior to this. This was different though, with Mr. Miller's ten inch cock lodged up my cunt there wasn't any room in my ass.

I whimpered as Sheriff Owen pushed his seven inch rock hard cock into my shitter. It was tight, then he shoved hard and I felt his balls slap against me.

I screamed! It felt like I was being ripped apart by cock. Mr. Miller just laughed and started pumping his hips up and down. "Come on boy, don't matter if she screams just fuck her little ass, she loves it." Sheriff Owen had gone still as I screamed but when Mr. Miller's cock began pumping me and rubbing against his through me he groaned and started rutting into my ass like an animal. He fucked me as hard as Mr. Miller ever had.

"Fuck yeah, tight little fuck hole. Little slut loves it…loves being double teamed. Loves being raped by dirty old men…cunt…ARRRGHHHH!!!" Sheriff Owen came up my tiny ass chute hard and hot and I screamed again, but this time from pleasure as I spewed cum out over Mr.

Miller's cock. Mr. Miller couldn't hold it either and started shooting his juice up my dripping wet cunt. We all came screaming and cussing. Then Sheriff Owen just collapsed on top of me panting. Soon his limp cock fell out of my tight ass with a popping sound and he got up off the bed. Mr. Miller pushed me off him and got up his glistening wet dick still mostly hard. "You want her to lick you clean Matthew? Little cunt sucks ass juice pretty good." Sheriff Owen looked more embarrassed than when he first came in.

He grabbed his pants and shook his head almost running out the door. Mr. Miller followed him. I don't know what they talked about, but Sheriff Owen ended up not being too embarrassed. For the next three months he'd show up at least every other weekend to help Mr. Miller use me like I needed to be used. It was even Sherieff Owen who paid for Codylove. A thoroughbred stallion to come live on the farm.

But that … is a story for another time.