Cute asian sits on large sex toy

Cute asian sits on large sex toy
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I looked up at the lowering sun and smiled. Every friday I would hike into the forrest to a hidden, desolate cabin. There I would wait for my friends, Sarah and Simah. The three of us always played stupid games and told naughty jokes until dawn.

The cabin was barely visable from my perch on the downside of the hill. Judging by the laughter echoeing around me, I assumed my freinds had already arrived. Beads of sweat slid between my 34C breast, slowly soaking my barley-there tank top. My shorts were riding up my ass so I hurried my pace. Sarah greeted me at the door with a smile and devilish gleam in her blue eyes. She spun on her heel and flounced away, letting her ass swish side to side.

I admired the view briefly before shutting the door and following after her into the great room. Watch I saw shocked me. Simah was scantily clad in only a red lacy thong and matching bra. Her clothes were strewn about the room. She stood when she saw Sarah and I enter the room. She was very thin, bordering on anorexic but somehow it worked for her. Her skin was a light brown and her eyes portrayed her Persian decent and her lips were pouty.

Huge cock shemale fucking girl strange rush coursed through my body making me shudder. "Hi, Maddy," She said slowly, watchign me carefully. "Why are you half naked?" I asked, flustered. Sarah grinned and answered for her. "Did you forget?

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Today is Simah's 16th birthday, she wants presents from us," Sarah explained, still smiling. I shifted on my feet, strangely nervous yet excited. "I didn't bring anything," I mumbled, already knowing thats not what she meant by 'presents'. "You brought yourself and that's good enough." Simah eclaimed, giggling. Sarah walked up to me adn licked a bead of sweat off my chest. I opened my mouth to protest but all that came out was a muffled groan as her tongue dipped underneath my shirt and flicked across my nipple.

I staggered away, shocked.

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Sarah rolled her eyes. I'd know them both for three years now. I knew Simah was a lesbian so this type of thing didn't surprise me, but Sarah was a straight arrow, catholic girl.

With a boyfriend. "Don't be uptight," Sarah teased approaching Simah and tugging her blue t-shirt of, leaving her ina pair of tight jeans and a blue bra that barely contained her 38DD breasts. A small roll of fat hung subtly over the waistband of her jeans but Simah didn't seem to notice it as they kiss deeply.

I watched, mesmorized and their tongues met and they moan and pulled urgently on each other. I wasn't innocent by any means but I had never seen two girls go at each other like these two.

Simah unclasped Sarah's bra adn threw it on the floor at my feet. Sarah tugged her jeans and underwear off, exposing her landing strip design on her mound. My mouth went dry as Simah lowered Sarah onto the couch adn spread her legs wide. Her pink slit was totally visible and I felt my leg get weak and warmth pool on my underwear. Simah knelt next to her and lowered her face to Sarah's opening. Her head blocked my view so i moved closer, much to Sarah's amusment.

Simah's tongue flicked out and brushed over Sarah's clit. Sarah grunted in response and unconsiously wove her fingers in Simah's hair to pull her closer. By the time Sarah came on Simah's face i had unbuttoned my shorts and cute little rachel roxxx was hard up for cash a finger in myself, trying to stimulate my lust.

Sarah's eyes drifted closed happily when Simah pulled away.

I shut my eyes and rubbed my clit with my thumb, unaware of Simah stripping the rest of the way adn tugging on my tank top. I only noticed i was nude from the waist up when a cold breeze hardened my nipples. Her hand closed over my breast and a fresh waves of spasms raked across my body.

She pulled my hand out of my shorts and sucked on my glistening finger. I hurriedly yanked my shorts off and my underwear. She led me silently over to the wooden island in the kitchen of the cabin. My stomach clench with anticipation. I hopped up onto the table adn layed back adn she climbed ontop of me so we were in 69 position. Her moist slit was inches from my mouth and my heart raced. I had always been strangely attracted to her. Simah's finger pushed in me abrubtly and i opened my mouth in shock.

She used the opportunity to lower herself onto my parted lips. My tongue pushed its way into her and she maoned. Her tongue stimulated my clit adn she added another finger to my penetration. I shuddered and spread her vagina apart with my fingers and sucked on her.

She was so wet and her fingers were working magic inside me. I hadn't felt this way when kelly starr juicy skyy black massive black asses interracial finger my seelf at night so i was completely beyond thought.

I didnt even notice when Sarah wandered ove rnad sucked and licked my nipples, adding to my pleasure.

Simah's guttaral noises made me was to make her scream so i jammed three fingers into her. She nipped at my clit in response i couldn't help but sum on her.

She slurped it up and i added a fourth finger in her and wiggled it around. She cummed on my face and Sarah was quick to lick it off my lips.

I kissed her and felt Simah's cum juice swirling around our mouths. Simah shifted to where she was sitting on the counter with legs spread eagle and a satisfied smile on her face. Sarah pulled away and ran out of the room And i mimicked Simah's pose, smirking as her eyes were filled with new lust. Sarah re-entered carrying a large gym back. Before i could question busty hottie gets her hairy pussy rammed she pulled out a purple dildo with bumps on the edges.

It was two sided and i knew immediatly what was going on. She slid against Simah's plump slit. She bit her lip seductively and closed her eyes. Sarah grinned and slid it into her with out much friction and turned to face me.

I smiled nervously and she rolled her eyes. "Grow up Maddy," She teased lightly before rubbing the hard plastic dildo against my clit, i released a whoosh of air and she took the moment to insert it in me before i knew what was happening. I felt so full and the tip of the vibrator touch my cervix. Simah moved closer do our legs were scissored and reached down to flip a switch.

The sudden vibration made my eyes open wide and a small scream escaped from my throat. I silently thanked God I wasnt a virgin and began jerking my hips against it. Simah did the same and occasionally the lips of our vagina's would touch as we tried to take in as much of the vibrator as physically possible. Sarah only added to the sensation by sitting on a chair next to us and fingering herself. Waves of pleasure raked across my body.

I reached up a tweaked one of my nipples as stars danced around my head. I clenched my eyes shut tightly when the virbrator turned a little in me, totally knowcking my senses out of me.

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"Fuck me, ohh," I moaned hanging my head back. "That's right baby, we'll fuck you good, yeahhh" Simah whispered hoarsely. We pounded quickly against each other until sticky juice exploded from us is squirts. I panted and turned the vibrator off quickly. I pulled it out and stood, only to have my legs give out. I landed hard on my knees.

They gigled and began making out behind me. I was so embarrased. I just came in front of my only friends and exposed myself to them. I stood unsteadily and got dressed. I watched them go at a new round with the vibrator. My body ached from all the sensations that now lay quietly beneath my skin.

"Where are you going?" Simah asked in the middle of a pant as she moved on the vibrator, trying to create more pleasure. I blushed and looked down. "Home, i c-c-can't do this with you guys, happy birthday," I muttered turning to leave. "You know, tonight when you lay in bed fingering yourself until you scream you'll be thinking of us. You'll imagine us running our hands across yours breasts adn you wish it was our reluctant mature wife suprise threesome inside you," Sarah groaned in a huff.

I bit my lip and ran into the forrest. That night i lay beneath the covers and clenched my pillow in my hands, forcing myself not to touch myself.

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My mother's loud moans echoed through my house as her newest boytoy fucked her brains out. My mind wandered to what Sarah and Simah must be doing and the thought made me wet and horny.

"Fuck," I hissed, releasing the pillow and sliding my hands down my stomach to my hot pussy. As i fingered myself, I didn't think of my friends or of my parents. I simply thought of banging Johnny Depp and imagined his aching cock pound into me over and over. Such a good delusion.