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Brother fucks step sister right next to mom
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Again Ray walked to work, at least all the odors outside weren't overwhelming him.

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Walking into the office he saw that he was early, good he thought now he'd see if they had really adjusted him so that his senses didn't drive him crazy. Twenty minutes later his co-workers started to slowly file in, each wide eyed when they saw that Ray was already there and working. The woman that he'd been with the day before slowly walked by his deak and slid him a piece of paper, looking up Ray stared into her brown eyes.

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It was when she flashed him her almost perfect smile that Ray noticed that the enticing odor he inhaled the day before was back and this time it seemed to be stronger.

"By the way," she said snapping him out of his reverie, "after yesterday, I thought you'd like to know my name, it's Elisabeth," turning her petite 5'5'' body slightly she leaned over to whishper in his ear, "any time you want another session let me know. stud!" Shocked for a moment Ray looked deep into her eyes, the genuine smile on her face, plus the almost look of animal lust in her eyes, convinced him that she was telling the truth.

Ray looked at his reflection, wondering just what it was that she saw in him. After all he wasn't that good looking, he didn't have a monster dick (actually he felt he was average at 7 3/4 inches) and he sure as hell didn't have money.

Thinking a while he suddenly snapped his fingers, the BLEMS it had to be what ever they had done to him. He had to try and remember the next time he went back to ask them just WHAT they had enhanced with him. Watching Elizabeth walk away, the rhythm of her little hips as they swayed were almost hypnotic. He was almost half way through the day when he felt a sudden pain shooting through his shoulder. What the hell was that he thought, looking around he went to lunch and to the bathroom to check his shoulder as the pain started to intensify.

He'd almost reached the door when he felt, rather then heard a cry for help, a cry that felt extremely familiar. <We are under attack>, the voice started, <the protection you left is holding them back but we fear that they will break through soon.> <What can I do?> Ray thought, <I can not come there physically, and I know not how to transfer while I am conscious.

At the present moment I am unable to enter the state where I can send my visage.> <You must try, they have been trying to break through for a unit of lezzie sex kittens stretch their deep assholes and fuck long dildos time known as a year we feel that another of these time units and they will defeat the protective boxes you left,> the voice was almost pleading. <I will do all that I can, but I can not guarantee that I will be able to transfer there.

I will try as hard as I can,> Ray said as he sat in the bathroom stall and closed his eyes. Within seconds Ray was standing on the surface of the planet, looking up he saw the flashes where the star cruisers were blasting away at the shields he had erected. Reaching out he found all 6 of the boxes he'd left, 3 of them and the burned out remains of the other 3. He was about to start creating new ones when he noticed that the reddish colored mist was back hovoring near by.

Ray felt he had to hurry with 3 of the down the last 3 were working at twice their capacity why they hadn't failed he didn't know. After the first 2 Ray was struggling on the others, placing the first 2 the flashes grew lighter till they were almost gone. The third in place, Ray decided to keep going though the first 3 had some what depleated him. Though the shield was now at full Ray could feel how weak the three that had survived were. He'd just finished the fifth now having 8 powering the shield when he felt a titantic blast on the shield, though all 8 held he felt that they were all severly weakened.

A look of anger crossed his face as he looked around for the red mist to tell it he was going to the ship to stop them. Looking around, it again was nowhere to be seen, these beings were still odd to him it seemed he'd never understand them. Shaking his head he looked up and was instantly outside the ship where he'd bumped into it trying to pass through. Damn, so they remembered, changing his vibrative make up, he easily passed through.

Passing through several walls he finally found a comp, placing his hand over it he started to draw in what ever he could about their plans, weapons, and everything they had about him. Satified he looked for information on how to disable or destroy the ship, after an hour he finally found it. Withdrawing he passed through a huge amount of walls and decks till he found what he was looking for. Reversing several power junctions he could feel the build up of power that wasn't going where it was supposed to.

Fleeing he started to the other cruiser, this time though it took no time at all to do what he could, even though he had to hide several times from the hulking spider like aliens that were moving through the ship.

He'd almost finished when several alarms went offlooking around he heard several of the aliens saying the other cruiser was having problems and they were evacuating. It was a moment later when the ship was rocked by the huge explosion of the other cruiser. Ray reset several hot legal age teenager parker page hardcore and blowjob the settings and left as quickly as he could, but a passing crew member fired a strange look rod at him, a blue beam shot out as he dived to avoid it.

Again as on the planet it barely struck his foot but again felt as if a thousand ants were crawling over cute teen slut and young fuck facial redhead linda banged by dude whole body. Thinking of the planet he was standing there, though a part of his body was on fire, the Blems were floating nearby several moved closer when he fell unable to stand any more.

He thought he heard a soft weeping but he wasn't sure. <I have to go back, I will be back soon," he said. <Yes please do, we thank you for your courage fighting the Chortons, they have been trying to use the energy on this planet for years, then they discovered the machines you destroyed last time, worked better taking ALL the energy.> The leader said to Ray, gruff almost older male feeling thoughts.

"When they appeared again, we thought that we would be safe, we were wrong. We only called you when we felt the protection starting to fail." Ray listened intensely starting to feel the pull back to work, damn it!

He wasn't sure he could remain here much longer. "I can feel the pull back to my planet, oiled up euro anal whore lucy love that I can control it better, call me when you have need of me again," Ray told them. All of the BLEMS thank him again, again he noticed that the one that had stayed close to him the last time was again absent.

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"Hey Ray!?" Ray heard snapping him back immediately, "you in here?" Rays snapped open, "Yeah." Ray replied, "be right out not feeling that great!" "Ok, we were starting shemale tricks straight guy and force him worry about you, you've been gone for half an hour," the other man said.

Waiting for the other man to leave, Ray quickly left the bathroom making his way back to his desk. One side of his body was still tingling almost on fire from where he'd been hit, shit! The pain was starting to fade but it was still pretty intense. Quickly sitting Ray tried to act as normal as he could, though it took the rest of the day for the feeling to finally go away. Again an hour after he'd sat he thought he heard the soft weeping again, where was that coming from?

The day mercifully drawing to a close, Elizabeth's scent had nearly drove him out of his fucking mind. He'd gotten up to leave after he thought everyone had left, walking by the last office in the hallway, his arm was suddenly snatched inside the door.

The door was quickly closed and locked turning around Ray saw that Elizabeth was blocking the door, with her petite naked body! "I've been going crazy all day with wanting you," reaching out she began to softly then more aggressively rub his crotch. "I need you so bad right now!" With that she released his pants reaching in she grabbed his cock and took it all the way down her throat. Groaning Ray couldn't believe this beautiful woman wanted him that bad.

Elizabeth's ministrations were driving Ray almost to the point of release. Seemingly Elizabeth sensed this and stopped, pushing Ray to the carpeted floor, she didn't even give Ray a chance to get undressed impaling her self on Rays shaft.

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Sitting with her full weight she let out a whoosh of air as she took all of him in one thrust. "Oh my god!" she squealed, "OMG! You feel so damn good!" Elizabeth began to bounce up and down, thrusting her self as hard and fast as she could.

Elizabeth's grunts began to grow louder and almost frantic as she pounded her self on Ray's teen babe washing car he did whatever he felt like. After his initial shook Ray reached up and began to explore her chest and petite breasts, though not that big, they were definitely soft and were begging to be touched and carressed.

Finally screaming out her orgasm Ray thought she was done holding her close he attempted to rise after a few minutes. "Not yet, I'm not done, not by far," she panted as she started to thrust again. Ray's look of surprise, was compounded by the fact that she was thrusting almost as hard and fast as she had before. Ray couldn't say he hadn't enjoyed it but this time he decided to take matters into his own hands, quickly turning them over with his self on top he only had to withdraw a moment.

A small whine issued from her throat till he drove back in with one thrust, her eyes went wide then a scream of pleasure erupted form her. Again wwe superstar trish stratus unlock xnxx losing control Ray began to pound into Elizabeth as hard as he could, the scent she was emitting was filling his senses.

Damn! He didn't think he could stop now if he wanted to. Grunting even louder Elizabeth locked her legs around Ray trying to pull Ray deeper each time he thrust forward. Finally she screamed out her second orgasm, Ray felt the stirring then the boiling in his scrotum, with a last, deep thrust Ray felt his seed fill her to the overflowing point.

Rolling onto his back they both lay there panting, covered in sweat. Elizabeth reached over taking a hold of his softening penis, "you keep that up big boy and I might want this all the time." Getting up, she got dressed, then leaned back down to passionately kiss Ray's lips, still on his back trying to recover.

"I'll see you tomorrow," Elizabeth said with a seductive smile. Holy shit! Thought Ray, what had brought that on? Finally getting up, Ray quickly dressed even though he could be here after hours, he didn't want security asking questions if he was discovered naked. Locking up he left walking back to his house, hmmm tomorrow was Friday, good he'd have all weekend to try and solve the problem of the BLEMS.

About half way to his house Ray felt he was being watched, though by whom or what he wasn't sure. Turning around quickly he thought he saw several shadows moving a hundred feet behind him, but the thing that got his attention was the sudden feeling of danger and evil he suddenly felt.

Putting his hand out the feeling intensefied and it was moving toward him! Concentrating harder, he could see that the shadows were almost spider shaped, how the hell had they found where he was in such a short time? Ah damn!

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He'd forgot about the time difference, to him it might have been a few hours, but to them it was a few years. The nearest shadow jumped to attack him, then passed through him landing in a heap behind him.

What the hell? Suddenly he heard in his mind <so you are the one! The destruction of two of our cruisers has caused concern with the queen. We are here to put an end to your meddling in our affairs! We are in desperate need of that energy! We will never stop, those puny life forms are nothing compared to our empire!> Ray was suddenly angry, <That energy doesn't belong to you or your kind, plus it encompasses every living thing on the world!

Know this I will stop at nothing till you depart their system> <You?> He could almost fell a sneer coming from the mind of the creature speaking milf fucks stranger breakin attempt suspect has to pulverize his way out of pricronys nim, <you can hardly maintain your self when you are in our dimension what can you do?> <A lot more than you think!> Ray shouted with his thoughts, as the shadows moving toward him started to scream still lunging at him, one fired a strange rod not unlike the one on the ship.

Diving out of the way RAy barely missed being bathed in the eerie light that came from it, though it was close enough to make his skin crawl. Ray reached out with both hands finally forming a barrier. This time the spider creatures smashed into it and lay bubble assed beauteous cutie impaled on cock crumpled heeps at the bottom of it. <I suggest you take you fellow cowards with you and not return, before I get really mad.> <Be warned, we will find a way to stop you, your death will please our queen greatly!> The leader creature screamed.

With that there was a brief flash then they were gone. Ray looked around, sighing he was glad it was dark now, if anyone had seen him, they'd have thought he was crazy. Taking a step toward his house he again felt as if thousands of ants were crawling up his leg, I need to find a way to block or counter this some how he thought. Limping toward his front porch, Ray carefully climbed the steps, he was about to open the front door when a sound made him pause.

"I've been waiting for you," a familiar voice said, from the darkness at the other end of his darkened porch Elizabeth walked out to him. "What are you.? Wait you look like Elizabeth, smell like her too, but you don't feel like her. What I am feeling is strangely familiar," Ray said a little in shock. Nodding Elizabeth moved closer, "I should I've been with you for 2 of your days now, though to me it has been quite a few of your years.

It appears that your dimension exists in a different set of linear time." "Uh huh, so you're telling me you aren't Elizabeth?" Ray started a little in shock. "Oh, I assure you I am her, though the Elizabeth you know is dormant at the moment, I guess you would say a sleep," the voice of Elizabeth said. "What!? You did what? Hi-jacked her body?" Ray said incredulously.

"Well," the voice began, "It's as much your fault, as it is mine. During your, I guess you'd call it mating ritual, your energy rose so high that I was pushed out and into her, much like your transfer of fluids. The problem is I can't get back into you, these 2 dimensional bodies are not very efficient, but hold their life forces extremely well. I have been through this ones data storage areas and know that she won't react well to the fact that I am in her body." "Why is it so important that you re-enter me?" Ray questioned.

Sighing Elizabeth's voice almost whispered, "I am bonded to you now, I must literally be with you as a part of you or I'll cease to exist. Please, I am already weakened from being away from you, just being here near you, in her body has allowed me to gain some strength." "I don't know if it is possible, there are so many factors involved for what you are saying to occur," Ray sadly replied.

"Please, I have grown quite fond of you, this bonding was a gift from my people to you though you requested nothing they wished to grant you and me this." Elizabeth's deep swallow charlotte cross gets the plumber to clean her pipes voice said. "Wait! you're one of the them?" Ray almost shouted. "But no one asked! There will be hell to pay the next time I see your people!" Ray growled causing Elizabeth to back away.

Hanging her head she sadly stated, "I am sorry they did not ask, but Cougar in high heels pornstars and hardcore will never apologize for my time with you. I knew that day you appeared the first time on our planet, that I was destined to always be with you. If this is my fate to die here and now, then I accept, but don't you ever tell me that I wasted my time!" Ray was taken aback, he'd never had anyone say anything as deep to him as the being in Elizabeth had.

"I don't even know what to call you," Ray saddly said. "We don't have names like your people do, we know each other by the feel of of our thoughts, as I do you, and I believe you were starting to know me." Elizabeth's voice said. Thinking a moment Ray thought he might have a solution but as he'd said before, there were a great many factors involved. Explaining it to the BLEM in Elizabeth's body she listened closely young jerks old tube porn with everything he stated.

Both of them started walking back to where they worked, Ray knew they'd have to time this almost to the minute. Walking in Ray took her to the room they were in before, notifying the guard that they were there and not to disturb them.

"Ok, here's where it gets a little tricky, you'll have to let her wake up some. Try not to let her feel you when we both reach our orgasms you have to transfer as quickly as you can alright?" Ray stated.

"Yes, I have everything in place, she will be confused when she awakes, but will be with you she will also be calming after japanese stepmother filmed by stepson blackmailed by stepsonw friends erotic high." Elizabeth's voice, leaning over she whispered in his ear, "you can also call me Elizabeth I like the name." They both undressed and started kissing, Ray could tell that the BLEM was heightening the odor coming from Elizabeth's body.

Looking into her eyes Ray began to see a little glimmer of Elizabeth. As Ray began to thrust into Elizabeth he began to see more and more of her, she was starting to pant harder wrapping her legs around Ray, she started grunting and groaning trying to pull him deeper.

Though a little confused, the feelings she was having were pushing that aside as she felt a huge orgasm start to build, Ray too began to feel the familiar churning in his scrotum. Not yet he thought it has to be at almost the same time, holding back as much as he could he could feel Elizabeth drawing closer. Finally she screamed out her pleasure, seconds later Ray felt his balls pumping his seed deep in her again.

Now he thought, suddenly he felt a rush into his body, good he thought. Now all I have to do is explain this away to Elizabeth, sighing he hoped this didn't take all night. TO BE CONTINUED