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Who can give better head young old and smalltits
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[b] An Honorable Union by Will Buster This story is an experiment. The English Norman period is one of my favorites and I hope I've captured the spirit of the times. Let me know if you like my depiction of this courtly age. I have other novels that deal with this long past world. So feel free to send comments and by all means vote. W.B. ******** "I thought it would be a good idea for you to meet your betrothed." Young Brian Fitzgibbon raised his eyebrows ever so slightly as his curiosity was invoked by his father's comment.

Brian had been wondering what all the fuss was about, the servants busy at refurbishing the great hall and all the rest. "It took some doing my young cockerel, but I've been able to negotiate an alliance between our family and Lord Gilbert by acquiring his young daughter Eleanor." Brian sipped from the strong Acquatanian wine that his father kept importing year after year.

"That's impressive father. For a mere baron to obtain the daughter of an Earl is quite an accomplishment." Reginald Fitzgibbon gave his son a critical look.

He never was quite sure whether this precocious son of his was praising him or making secret fun of him. "Well you'll meet her soon enough. The Fitzgibbon's will be visiting us very soon and we mean to conclude the contracts when they get here." "What if I don't like her?" "Oh you'll like her all right!" A hint of anger mom and sun sex storys hot out from Reginald's deceptively quiet voice.

"I've gone through a lot of trouble and money to get this alliance arranged and by God; you'll do your duty by her by Christ!" "Good my lord father but what if she's so ugly I won't be able to perform?" Reginald noticed the mischievous twinkle in his son's remarkable deep blue eyes.

They were dark bordering on indigo and his lustrous golden hair flowed down to his broad shoulders. He looked almost like a Viking of old with his sturdy physique and glowing hair.

"Well you'll just have to take her in the dark and pretend you're doing some handsome laundress or tavern wench I would imagine. You've got to sire an heir when the time comes and that's flat." Brian gave his father a long appraising look. Reginald was just past forty and to Brian's discomfiture his father looked unexpectedly older with prematurely graying hair and beard. Lines creased the old warrior's face as if some antique sculptor had run amuck.

Those pale blue eyes which had seen battle in the Holy Land stared back at Brian as if to say, "Don't sweat it youngster, you'll get old someday to and I'll bet you don't handle it as well as I do." Brian glanced down at his almost empty plate. Only the remains of some chicken bones were left to testify to Brian's veracious appetite.

Reginald's boy grinned back. "Hopefully this Gilbert wench won't be flat." "I don't care if she's as straight as a board and a shrew into the bargain, you'll wed her, bed her and ……" Reginald's instructions were interrupted by a sallow faced servant who was visibly trembling as he appeared as if by magic beside the master's table.

"My lord! They've arrived!" "Who sirra!" Reginald's soldierly voice rang out sharp and clear. And Reginald would brook no insolence or delay. "My lord Sir William Gilbert and attendants approach!" "Well don't just stand there! Have Sir Ebony teanna trump plays with a bigcock in her mouth meet them at the gate and bring them here! Do it now!" ******* Brian watched the guests as they entered the hall. Lady Gilbert was prominent with her glittering blue gown and white veil.

Lord Gilbert wore his armor tastefully accented by a richly made red cloak and the holy cross emblazoned on his shield. There were still some troubles with ruffians and low outlaws in the shire which is why Lord Gilbert was accompanied by thirty very sturdy men at arms.

Reginald rose to greet these distinguished visitors. "Did you have a good journey my lord Gilbert?" Gilbert took Reginald's hand and gave it a short, brusque shake. "Twas passing pleasant for June Sir Reginald. Lady Leticia gave me little peace until she'd been given an opportunity to see where our precious Eleanor would be spending her new life." "I trust all is to your satisfaction Lady Leticia?" Reginald was attempting to be diplomatic with this grand lady but inwardly he fumed.

His castle was one of the best in the region and his rents more than sufficient even for the Earl's brat. Why then did this haughty lady need to actually see his estates for herself? Did she think that his holdings were more myth than reality? "It seemeth adequate Sir Reginald." The older Xnxx mom and son sex com almost lost it. Lady Leticia had the most condescending voice and manner he'd ever heard.

He gripped the pummel of his sword and gritted his teeth behind locked lips for a moment retaining his control with a will of steel.

A few moments later he finally re-found his voice. "I am gratified milady." His bow was almost mocking but only Brian noticed. Leticia continued in her condescending manner. "I suppose we must introduce you to our daughter.

Eleanor please step forward and pay your respects to Sir Reginald Fitzgibbon and his son Brian, it is Brian isn't it?" Leticia's eyes never left Reginald. It was as if Brian was of no real importance. He was just the boy meant to bed Eleanor. Brian watched the interchanged with concealed amusement. He knew his father would be seething for Brian knew right well that his father could not abide any woman who acted like she was queen of the realm regardless of her rank or reputation.

HE noticed his father's knuckles growing white as his grip brave young beauty screwed by old rod the pummel intensified.

A mere slip of a girl seemed to appear out of nowhere. She curtsied in front of her host at the same time Brian rose to greet his new bride. Brian tried to hide the shock that flashed over his whitening face but he wasn't experienced enough too fully succeed. The girl couldn't have been more than twelve if that. She was short and petite and looked more like some village brat than a nobleman's daughter.

Only the elegant clothes she wore proclaimed her lofty status. For a brief moment he held her small, warm hand and bowed over it before stepping back. He noticed that she'd noticed his dismay. Eleanor shut her inquisitive eyes for a brief moment before returning her gaze to the floor.

The bashful daughter finally spoke. "I thank you good my lord Reginald for so graciously giving us welcome and hospitality in your humble abode. We are grateful for your pains." There was no affectation in Eleanor's words. To be sure she'd been coached as to what to say but her gentle voice and quiet manner did the young wench credit.

Reginald was not in the least bit amused by someone calling his castle a humble abode but he was sure that it wasn't entirely her own words that he'd just heard.

His answer was friendly enough. "I'm honored to grant you all that my humble abode, as you put it, may offer such august personages as your noble selves. Please find it in your great hearts to forgive our rustic simplicity but we live far from London and our court manners are perhaps slightly behind these perilous and tumultuous times." Brian smirked inwardly. When his father laid it on that thick, Reginald Fitzgibbon was definitely upset. But he wasn't exactly thrilled either.

He couldn't possibly marry this tiny creature that looked at him with apprehensive blue green eyes. He couldn't even tell what her hair color was because of the green silk scarf that hid her virginal tresses. His fingers absently gripped a wish bone as he contemplated his marital fate.

****** "You can't' be serious father! I can't marry that child! Christ in heaven! She's barely out of the cradle!" "You will and you'll be civil about it!" "But she's a child, a brat! Christ she's probably not even bleeding yet!" Reginald grabbed his son's leather jerkin just below the neck. "You are probably right. She is a bit young, I warrant you. But by God's bloody wounds, you'll do your duty and marry her forthwith. I've spent two years setting this up and by bleeding Christ you won't fuck this up!

Am I getting through to you son? Do I make myself perfectly clear?" "But I won't be able to bed her for years!" "So what? Besides I've heard about some of the wenches you've been cavorting with and they weren't much older than our little wall flower. I should think you can be kind to her while you wait for her to grow up! And it won't take years! " Their slut is begging to get fucked super hard met.

Sir Reginald's hand wrapped tightly around the young lord ling's collar making it more and more difficult to breathe. Brian decided it might be prudent to be a little more agreeable considering that his father had already absorbed several subtle insults this day. Besides and more to the point, he was rapidly losing the sustenance of God's sweet air. "All right father, I will obey you.

I know you went through a lot to arrange this match and her dowry is impressive. I know your heart was in the right place and for that I thank you." The powerful hand released Brian and he fell back into the hard wood chair that he'd just been practically lifted from.

Reginald knew his son too well and he gave his handsome son a long appraising look. "What's in that fertile mind of yours?" "A year or two is a long time father." "Then dip your wick where you please but be sure that Lady Eleanor must be properly comforted when the time arrives and above all else, BE YE KIND TO HER! However we must have evidence of consummation before the Gilberts depart, is that understood?" Brian grimaced as he nodded.

"You have your will of me father." "You bet your sweet ass I do, now pay proper court to the young lady and for heavens sake if you must dally with some worthless wench be discrete!" ******* Eleanor was alone in a richly furnished chamber. It seemed like everything in her young life were either assigned or arranged.

Her clothes were selected for her. She was not allowed to pick out her own servants. Eleanor sometimes looked in awe at her mother who was beautiful, self assured, commanding and even regal. Leticia ruled the servants even more surely than her father and that was saying something. She respected father and feared her mother. If only she could find favor with that young God like boy they called Brian.

His hair was breathtakingly beautiful as it hung like a golden halo over his handsome face. And what was she? A mere child! It almost brought tears to her soft eyes. Eleanor looked into her small mirror to examine her face. She sighed in disgust. The brown hair hung limp to her slim shoulders.

Her lips were thin and pursed. Even when she smiled her mouth looked far too small. Her nose was a bit too long and her turquoise eyes too far apart. Her face still looked nubile and girlish, just like it had looked for the past two years. Her parents had told her that she was to be married to that lovely boy with the shimmering yellow/gold hair and those penetrating deep blue eyes. He hadn't smiled much but when he had the effect on her was intense. His smile was radiance itself like a warm sunrise opening new vistas in her confined world.

There was little doubt in her mind that she would be able to love this boy but what did that mean? She had more questions than answers and she knew next to nothing about sex or anything connected with it. It was like a deep dark secret that no one would discuss with her.

Oh she'd picked up a few things from the serving wenches by listening carefully but it was all so vague and even sinister. It had something to do with night and there might be pain and some discomfort.

Her priest had told her that it was the wife's duty to submit and obey her husband but she could not imagine Leticia submitting or obeying anybody including her illustrious father. If Leticia did conform it was a well guarded secret. She watched as her tongue licked her lips in the silvery reflection of the metallic mirror she held in her trembling little hand.

How could she possibly become a bride? What was she expected to do? She threw the mirror onto the bed and sighed. Although she was rich and privileged there were times she wished she could be some village wench, free of rules and ceremony and useless restraints.

It would be so pleasant to meet a man of her own choice and not have some noble boy dumped upon her. But Brian was actually beautiful to her.

If she had to be sacrificed on the marriage altar she was sure she could have done far worse than the young Fitzgibbon. Christ she could have been stuck with the older Fitzgibbon and that would have been horrifying with all his gray hair, evil looking glances and threatening voice.

Eleanor shuddered to think of that old warrior grabbing her in the dark. Her reverie was broken by a serving maid who'd been brought along to assist Eleanor with her dressing and maintenance. Her name was Alice. "Tis time to get dressed for the binding lass." Eleanor was used to this wench. Alice was ten years older than her and apparently was no stranger to the ways of males.

However every time Eleanor asked this servant for specific information, the wench was evasive. Eleanor concluded that Alice had been given orders to avoid the subject. Alice was thoroughly familiar with Eleanor's girlish body. The tiny tits were still in what she would have called the pre bud stage.

They were small almost like a boy's chest with only a hint of early female development. The hair that protected Eleanor's crotch was soft and a lighter brown than her flowing brown tresses. The girl's little pink crack looked inviting enough although Alice knew that her mistress hadn't started bleeding yet.

So for now Alice carefully selected the proper under garments for her precious charge. "Are you clean down there?" Alice asked as she looked close at Eleanor's little slit. Eleanor let just a trace of irritation slip during her reply. "Of course Alice! I know what a wash basin and cloth are for by now!" "Your mother wants to make sure you make a good impression my lady. Have you applied the perfume?" Eleanor deftly opened a little flask resting on the night stand and gently applied some under her arms, on her flat belly and on her tender holes.

Alice smiled in a very knowing way as she watched her mistress prepare herself. "I'm sure you will make a fine impression on Sir Brian my lady.

Isn't he an attractive lad?" Eleanor was getting on her undergarments with Alice's practiced assistance. "That he is. But I think I'm too young." "Nonsense! I've heard of girls becoming married as young as ten and betrothals can happen even earlier than that as you well know. Besides you have a very enticing looking little love hole and I'm sure when you present that to your new lord he will take you to wife completely and very quickly." Eleanor flushed crimson because she knew exactly what part of her anatomy the servant was referring to.

She'd just applied perfume liberally to her crotch to mask any unpleasant odor that might emanate from that region of her young body. Eventually Eleanor was garbed in a gorgeous gown of pink and rose colors, tastefully mixed and matched to accent her youthful beauty. Alice held the mirror for her so she could assess her appearance from every possible angle. "You are like a fairy princess my dear. You'll conquer him with a smile." Alice crooned as if she were teacher pussy worship behind student with her own daughter.

Eleanor gave her a sharp look with an eyebrow strategically raised. "We shall see Alice." ******* Brian knew he'd have to be on his best behavior when the ceremony took place later that very day. It was still morning and he decided to engage in a little philandering before he had to impress the high and mighty.

It must be acknowledged that Brian Fitzgibbon was no stranger to the wanton lusts of young serving wenches, laundresses, tavern sluts and peasant drudges.

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His cock was ruled by the tingles of urgent pussy motions and little sucking mouths for every feminine style and description. It wasn't just the craving for these exciting adventures into lusty pleasures that drove him however. It was an insatiable curiosity that overshadowed those powerful carnal appetites. Often he'd mentally asked himself, "Does a pretty lass with brown hair fuck better than one who has fair hair?

Is a red headed wench more playful than the others? Is a laundress more experienced than a peasant wench? How long does it take to train a new whore to suck a cock and get it down her throat until his balls and hair rub her tender lips? He already knew that he preferred wenches with big tits and wide hips.

However, he certainly didn't turn down a willing slender lass as long as she performed amorous acts with gusto and eagerness. He'd recently discovered Mary. She'd been picked up by the local tavern as a laundress and all purpose wench. Mary was a busty brunette with placid brown eyes, long unshaven legs and an almost total lack of hearing. Somehow she'd learned to read lips to some extent but her language such as it was, was limited to grunts, groans and unintelligible sounds for the most part.

The unfortunate creature had come down with some illness early in childhood and she only had a faint remembrance of what spoken words actually were. Only the loudest of noises could gain her attention because she was almost completely deaf. Brian was eager to try out this wench, because she was deaf.

Would she fuck like other wenches? Would she be able to suck his cock with skill or was the vixen still a virgin at least when it came to sucking off a real man? There was only one way to find out. When he got to the tavern he found Mary cleaning the tables and he touched her on the arm and then pointed outside to the stables.

He then stuck his thumb at himself and then at her and again pointed to the stable. She smiled and nodded. She understood. She was to go with him to the stable. She pointed to a bucket in the corner and Brian shook his head. A few moments later they were outside only a few feet from the entrance to where the horses were kept. It wasn't easy to get her into huge cock guy bangs tiny voice spinner hayloft.

Not that the wench was unwilling but how could you make the young servant know that you wanted her to go to the hayloft? Eventually with hand gestures and over pronunciation of some very simple words like "Come with me." He enticed the wench to enter the stable with him and soon he got her into the loft. She stood there watching him with a pleasant grin on her face. She had a pretty good idea what was coming but of course she could say nothing.

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It wasn't the first time that a man had taken a brief fancy to her. She hadn't had very many men of course. Most were turned off by her deafness and shunned her as if she were some inferior thing. But once and awhile a man would be drunk enough or desperate enough to pull her up to his room and ravish her powerfully muscled groin. If nothing else Mary was strong and a very lusty lover once someone got inside her. She'd never been done by a nobleman before and this beautiful blonde lord was wasting no time getting the hay matted into a crude bed.

Brian didn't particularly like the texture of hay on his skin. It made him itch and God knew what sort of nasty insects might lurk within those musty piles. For this reason he left his shirt on and undid his britches only enough to reveal his already hard penis. He grabbed Mary and gave her a very aggressive kiss as he stripped her simple clothing off her. As soon as Mary felt his tongue jam into her open mouth she grabbed his rigid prick with her hand and jerked it hard and quick.

In seconds she was rubbing it on her already moist crack and swelling clit. She moaned a little and then her now beautiful girl likes being fucked on webcams body was practically throttled to the piled hay. Her rump and back stung from the needle sharp barbs of dried grass that was her temporary bed. In a moment he'd mounted the dumb vixen. The hot bitch pulled his cock into her pussy, grinding his impaling dick with a willingness and power that surprised Brian.

He'd expected her to either be a virgin or tentative but instead she was aggressive, hot and definitely knowledgeable. He spoke even though he knew she would not be able to hear him.

"Why you wicked little slut! You know just how to fuck after all! Well now you're going to get it all you damned whore!" He pounded deep into her. His hands were full of her soft, plush breasts and his mouth recaptured that tongue twisting, salivating mouth of hers. The fiery bitch lunged up both from the passion of sex and the itch that was becoming unquenchable on her backside.

The hay kept pricking and torturing her because his advance was so powerful. As the rutting continued, he slowed down for a few moments to get his britches totally off and then it was back in action as he buried his manhood deep, fast and hard. It was kind of strange to Brian not to hear whimpers and screams coming from his deaf trick but then he realized she probably didn't know how.

All he was hearing from her were the impacts of their smacking flesh and some unusual grunts from his new doxy. It was passing strange to do this slut.

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It was almost like doing a female animal. There were no tender endearments from the wench as he pounded his meat into her. All that was happening was that Mary's cunt was doing some very naughty things to his driving dick and it felt real nice to say the least.

The smell of the hay finally got to him. He felt a tickling in his throat and nose. Suddenly he sneezed and the violence of it almost forced his dick out of Mary's wriggling fuck hole.

He struggled to regain his rhythm and then a second and third sneeze pushed him out of the mute tramp. The hay was too irritating between the itchy contact and the combination of dust and straw fragments in the air. Brian was almost gagging from the particles that entered his mouth and nose.

After several long moments of coughing he finally got back cute teen gets her sweet pussy hammered Mary and as his thrusting got serious once again, Mary began thrashing and twisting as she reached a wild climax. Her movements were so wild that some of the hay drifted down, partly covering the coupling pair.

"God damned fucking hay! Fuck me quick you nasty whore!" Mary kept churning with that wicked fuck hole that was wrapped tightly around his thick shaft, forcing him to bulge and ache for release.

With a howl of both anger and delight, he yanked out his prick and sent jolts of his warm seed over the wench's belly. Mary smiled at him as his wet tribute to her splattered all over her stomach and tits. Brian grimaced. Sex could get very messy, especially when he took pains to make sure the slut didn't get pregnant. His father had told him to be discrete. It would never do for this whore to show up at the castle and with the help of the tavern knoxville tennessee blonde fucked drunk in hotel accuse him of impregnating this deaf bitch.

After all who would take care of a child that this tavern slut might bring into the world? He got his britches back on but his skin still itched from random remnants of hay that clung to the insides of his clothes. An old piece of blanket was sufficient to wipe Mary's soiled belly. Brian motioned to her to get her clothes back on. In minutes he'd left the stable that stank of horse dung and other unpleasant odors.

Quickly Brian quitted the classless village that practically leaned against his father's castle as if depending on that great stone structure for its very support. ****** "Meg! Get me a bath! In my quarters!" The dark haired serving wench gave him a quick, "Yes milord!" and ran to do his bidding. A half hour later two strong men carried buckets of steaming water to pour into Brian's bath.

It was a stone hollow that had been carved in the floor in one of the lower levels below the solar. Brian doffed his clothes and got gratefully into the water. "Send Meg to me!" The water was very chatsworth mzansi school girls porn blacks and comforting. At last the itch from the hay was thoroughly extinguished from his sensitive skin. The young nobleman lay back enjoying the sheer luxury of the warm water's lulling caress.

He heard the sound of the door close and Meg stood near the edge of his roman style tub looking down at him with a mischievous smile on her pretty, heart shaped face. "Is there something I can do for you my lord?" "Get in here and help me bathe and relax wench!" Brian's smile sent shivers up and down Meg's spine. She wished she were a woman of quality so she could become this noble boy's wife.

But she had to resign herself to being his full service whore on occasion. Her groin burned with jealousy when she thought of the other wenches he'd been dallying with but all she could do at this point was obey her lord's commands. Meg slipped off her simple shift. Her well formed breast stuck out with already stiff nipples. Her legs were long and could have tempted any man to explore, control and ravish this winsome trollop. She'd had a pretty good idea what he'd wanted when he'd given her that significant glance of his as he'd order the bath.

In fact her cunt already glistened with anticipation. This lusty Brian could make her see stars in broad daylight. Now completely naked she slipped into the tub and vigorously rubbed the hard soap over Brian's lovely, youthful body.

It didn't take long for his hands to explore her large, conforming breasts and glide into her love slit.

Soon she was atop him, riding his dick with quick, practiced strokes. Her mouth sucked on his own while her tits were clutched and squeezed by his anxious fingers.

Meg loved being Brian's harlot. The hot wench eagerly engulfed his large, thick manhood, moaning and crying out softly has her body was pillaged more surely than a sacked town.

Her writhing pussy wrapped very tightly around that pulsing shaft and she frantically fucked it until she felt him suddenly jerk hard and spray her insides with his sticky seed. The warmth of the water, blended beautifully with the warmth that filled her blazing cunt. "Would you like more love my good lord? You please me well." Her voice was husky with emotion and longing. Her smoldering eyes bespoke of deep passions that were still simmering beneath her drenched bare skin.

He held Meg close, considering her offer. Then he shook his head. "I must needs prepare myself for the wedding betwixt myself and Lady Eleanor this day." Meg frowned with both irritation and disappointment. "But my lord she be but a child!

How can they expect&hellip." Brian stopped her expostulation by placing a damp finger to her pouting mouth. "Hush dear Meg. I have little choice in the matter and it is not your place to question such things.

I suspect it will be some time before this marriage becomes consummated in any case. So help me get properly dressed and if you are a good little wench, I'll visit your bed later this week. " Meg swished her long hair in a quick movement as she got out of the tub.

Culioneros las culona mas rica en porno alexis texas was still unhappy about the briefness of this tryst but she was just the serving wench after all. She dried herself off quickly and got her shift back on and then assisted the master to dry and get his robe back on before retiring to his room to prepare for the wedding. ********** They were all there, his father, the Gilbert's and attending servants from both families.

They'd gathered in the family chapel located on the east wing of the keep. A brown robed priest stood at the alter waiting for Lenore and Brian to approach. During the singing and chanting of the mass, Brian couldn't help looking at his soon to be bride. He still marveled at how small she was. Even now, he still didn't know her hair color as it was now concealed in a veil and head dress.

Her little shape was covered in a rose, pink damask and silk gown that any lady of quality would have envied. These Norman nobles preferred Gaudy colors instead of the austerity of white.

It was their way of proclaiming their wealth and influence and it seemed they never missed an opportunity to advertise their cultural dominance, especially to each other. Eleanor also stole glances at her soon to be husband. He looked strong, handsome and his perfectly combed, yellow hair was magnificent. He looked like a young God to her. He was perfect of limb, deportment and appearance. The pampered daughter wished she teen smoking our stud pulls out his stiff stone and lives up to the poke man go legacy older so she might take him like a true wife should.

Alice had finally told her a few things that she'd blushed to hear and now she was being beckoned to approach the altar by the smiling priest. There were still a few ink stains on Brian's fingers from signing the parchments that confirmed the union between the Gilberts and the Fitzgibbon's on this twentieth day of June in the year of our lord 1168.

Now he stood in front of father Anselm about to plunge into marriage. His father's stern words still rang in his ears. "I've spoken to Gilbert and we both want you to consummate this marriage as soon as possible so just do your duty to the little vixen, show off the stain on the sheets on the morrow and everyone can go young jerks old tube porn with certainty." Brian had been shocked. How could he take this little, helpless kitten of a girl?

It was monstrous! He might be addicted to female depravity but even he had some standards and it precluded him from sharing a girl before she was old enough to enjoy the encounter.

These thoughts raced through his mind as he presented Eleanor with his ring and took the vows. At the end of the ceremony he gave her a brief kiss, a mere touching of their lips and then the priest presented the new couple to the interested parties. "Again I say, let no man impeach or invade this holy union.

This be a solemn marriage sanctioned by holy mother church. If any man cause a rift between Eleanor and Brian let his soul forever be damned and cast into the outer darkness.

So be it!" Everyone in the chapel responded, "So be it!" ******** Eleanor lay naked on this strange bed that was her new husband's place of repose. She trembled with fear. Would he take her? Would he scorn her? What should she do? What should she aroused milf sucking teen cock with lust One of the serving wenches had encouraged her to completely disrobe and the young vixen had even told her that her new lord was very amorous and used to the luxurious ways of many women.

"You have a very fetching little love entrance my lady. You will enchant him even more than the other serving maids that he couples with. He will bring you great bliss, I warrant you." It was generally expected that a young noble be experienced in the ways of carnal pleasure so he would properly do his duty to sire children but even so she inwardly shrank from the idea that her new husband bedded others.

She found it hard to believe that young Brian apparently was reputed to have many lovers. Eleanor curled up in a defensive ball and waited for the moment she was now so afraid of. The door opened and then shut quietly. His voice was soft and kind. "Eleanor?" Her reply trembled with apprehension. "Yes my lord husband." He moved to the side of the bed and sat down. Light from flickering candles gave a faint illumination to the bed chamber. Brian saw his new young bride hiding under the covers.

"You need not be afraid, young one. Shall I tell you what I was ordered to do?" She sniffled but said nothing. He went on. "My father told me I was to take you by force if necessary and consummate the marriage forthwith. Now we both know it's too soon for you. Look at me Eleanor." She raised tear moistened eyes to him. "What are you trying to tell me my lord?" "First of all Eleanor you will call me Brian when we are alone.

You are my wife and not some serving wench or stranger. Perhaps there will be times out in public when formality dictate you call me my lord or my lord husband but I will let you know when those times are ripe. Do you understand?" "Yes Brian." She liked the sound of his name. It flowed off her tongue like some gentle stream. Again she whispered, "Brian, Brian, my lovely Brian." He leaned over and gently brushed her hair with a gentle hand.

"That's more like it young one. I was thinking about you and your predicament all through the reception this night and I decided to play a little trick on my father and all the rest of the lecherous cretins." His giggle became infectious and she chuckled a little in reply. She asked, "What trick Brian?" "Well I snuck out to the kitchen after everyone else was in a drunken stupor.

I picked up a little beaker and filled it with some pig's blood that they will make sausage from in the morning. So I'm going to dump this animal blood on our sheet and in the morning when the sheet is inspected everyone will think that you and I have made the holy beast on my bed.

In that way, you will be protected until such time as you are ready. What think you my new wife?" Her tears of fear turned to relief and joy. "Oh Brian, I'm sorry I can't love you now the way you deserve. I yearn to grow quickly." He was suddenly surprised by the warm, bare form that hugged him close. He was glad he was wearing his dressing gown and his lust had been previously satiated by the two wenches. "You best watch that love!

I am but flesh and blood after all." She giggled into his ear. "I heard about a few of the naughty things you've been doing with the other girls. When I grow older that will stop." "Why is that?" Brian asked his amusement mixed with just a hint of resentment. He didn't like being told there were limits to his world. "Because husband when I am ready, you won't need the other girls.

I will make you forget them. I will learn to love you Brian. I can't believe how kind you're being to me." He pulled back the covers and the feeble light revealed her immature beauty.

Her hair was chestnut brown and her small lips revealed a very fetching smile. He thought to himself this little beauty might be a wonderful bed partner if she were treated with kindness and patient gentleness. With that he opened the stopper and let the contents slowly redden the sheet nearest her person.