Babe moans loudly as she plays her pussy

Babe moans loudly as she plays her pussy
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Courtney is a 25 year old college student, winner of a cooking show and a former stripper in a gentleman's club. She got a phone call from her former boss at the gentleman's club, asking her to come by. There was a special request for her to perform for a special client. " What kind of man requests a lap dance? Why is he at the strip joint, she was a former dancer at? if he is so wealthy?

Why is he Philidelphia? Rich people don't let their interests walk away, they pursue them and conquer. " You're playing with fire Amethyst. Let today be your last day." her best friend told her. Courtney is curious and intriged by the request. She received another call asking her to go to the Malone tower, She ended the call. Walking over to the Malone Tower pondering her best friend's advice.

Courtney walks into my office to find me sitting behind my desk looking over business proposals. " Glad you accepted my invitation," I commented, " Now close the door." Courtney stood in the doorway frozen.

I rose from behind the desk moving over to the door, closing it myself. " Would you care to have a seat while we have a discussion." Courtney moves over towards the conference table to get away from my forceful presence. I follow her over to the table sitting directly across from her. He threw an envelope on the table between them. " Winning the cooking show means a large amount of money," I stated. Courtney stares at me as I slide an envelope across the table to her.

She opened it to find a contract and check. " I think you're smart enough to interpret the dressing well with dolly leigh and riley nixon is a must pornstars and hardcore yourself," I said. I turn a sardonic smile on Courtney. " Signing the contract means you accept my company to represent you in any business deals," I said. Courtney looks into my green eyes, feeling a sliver of apprehension racing down her spine.

Who has eyes that color, she wonders to herself losing track of the conversation. It really is a nice color. I noted the distant look that has crossed her face, deciding to wait it out and see how long it will take her to respond.

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I take pity on her repeating my question. " Do you want to sign the contract accepting my company as your representative?" " Yes," Courtney snaps. I offer a smile. " Good. Then I'm sure you understand, you will be working with me." " Excuse me," Courtney interjected with attitude and less respect.

" I read the contract thoroughly and no where did it say that I would be working with you." " Yes, you recall correctly," I agreed. " But it went on to say in the very next paragraph that you may be working with the CEO, you will work closely with the CEO of Malone Industries." " So," Courtney queried, not understanding my point. There are no other representatives in my marketing company she could be assigned to. " So," I started, taking my time delivering my unpleasant news, " Malone Industries has their hand in many pies.

There is many businesses in this city that is connected to or in fluenced by Malone Industries, therefore, I will over see all business proposals and deals." Courtney recalled the clause as soon as I mentioned it. She ignored the clause as being of no importance to her.

Courtney bristled at being trapped. " Well then Busty amateur cate in tight blue spandex guess I have no choice," she agreed, " But let me make myself clear in saying I by no means intend to enter into any relationship with you aside from our professional one," Courtney vowed.

" I would expect no less from you," I replied, " But let me also make myself clear," I started with menacingly. " I will pursue you for my own personal ends outside of our work environment and there is nothing you can do to keep that from happening." " Well, good luck to you," Courtney sneered, " Because I'll be leaving from here to go directly to my other job, so I doubt you'll have ample opportunity to pursue me as you assume." " You will quit that other job," I demanded.

" I will not," Courtney refused. " You may have say over what happens here, but you have no authority over what I do when I leave here." I chuckle in the face of her fury.

" That's where you're wrong, Courtney. Section 4 watchme 247 real life cam story tony bedrom your contract indicates that you will not engage in any behaviors outside of your work hours that will reflect poorly on your public image, which is in direct connection with Malone Industries." Courtney feels her anger rise to new levels as she listens to me.

" So it is okay for you to parade around in the gossip columns with a thousand different lovelies on your arm, and have the tabloids speculate that you sleep with every one of them? That does not violate the good public image clause," Courtney railed. " Certainly not," I replied, the very picture of calm in the face of her agitation.

" It makes me enigmatic, and therefore newsworthy, resulting in Malone Industries being newsworthy. It's good PR. However, as the CEO of this organization, I am not under contract." " Yes, but " Courtney began. I ruthlessly cut her off. " I am not discussing this further with you," I replied coldly. " Quit that job by the end of the week, or I will sue you for breech of contract, and if I have to drag your name through the mud to get you where I want you, then I will do so." I stood up moving to exit the office.

Courtney stops me, trailing me to the door grabbing arm, as I move to open the door. " You have a hell of a nerve threatening me with your callous ways," Courtney threw out, determined to make some sort of stand, to show me that I couldn't mistreat her. I turn towards Courtney grabbing the hand she had dared to touch me with, pulling it behind her back along with the other one. " Only touch me, when your touch is motivated by lust, when you want me naked driving into your sweet flesh," I instructed.

Courtney froze under my hands, afraid of the turn the conversation has taken. The breathe stuck in her throat at our close contact. Courtney put up a token effort to pull back. " Don't waste your time," I growl. " Now that I have you in my arms, I would hardly be so foolish as to let you go without retracting some sort of payment for my efforts.

I won't rush you into sex, although we will have sex, I will taste your passion," I inform her, brushing my hand over the curve of her hip. Courtney jerks beneath my caress, helplessly moving closer to me.

" What's this," I question, surprised, as my hand discovers she isn't wearing panties. " Interesting that you're not wearing panties." " Because I was requested not to wear panties, you basta." I cut off her insult with my mouth. Deriving pleasure from forceable kissing her.

I trace the crease of Courtney's lips. Courtney moans helplessly, enjoying the benefit of my cultivated skill and my dark passion. I pull back, wanting to see Courtney's response, to see if she is as lost to her desire as she seems.

Courtney is pressed closely against me of her own violation begging for more, but her eyes are spitting daggers. " You bastard," she finally manages to throw at me. " I'm a bastard because you were late and didn't think to go buy any more panties," I taunted questioningly. " Or is it that you wanted me to have easy access to this sweet flesh," I full movie bdsm halle von is in town on vacation with her boycrony, punctuating my words with another wildly impassioned caress, letting my fingers drift up under her skirt.

I push two fingers deeply into Courtney, gratified when she moves against my caress begging for deeper stimulation. I obliged, adding a third finger, forcing them deeper inside her waiting, pouting flesh. " Tell me you need this," I invited. " I can't," Courtney protests.

" It would be a lie," she denied me, moving against my amorous touch. " What do you need hot teen adria rae loves sucking jessy jones huge cock I ask in frustration.

" Do you need to have the eyes of a million men who are willing to pay for kicks upon you? Is that why you worked at a strip club?" " Don't you dare belittle what I choose to do with my time," She rebelled, pressing her hands against my chest to put some space between them. " You don't know anything about me." " And you won't tell me anything, so where does that leave us," I ask, firing my response with the deadly accuracy of a sniper.

Therein lay the problem. She is locked up as tight as a clam, and I can't pry any information from her. " Tell me what you're afraid of," I encouraged. " Trust me," I entreated. Courtney tries harder to push herself free, but the lower half of her body has a mind of its own and is still pressing demandingly against me. Courtney groans in the back of her throat at her weakness. She can't seem to make her flesh obey her and separate from the source of its pleasure.

She really only had one other option to end the current line of questioning. Besides, it is no hardship as badly as she wanted it. Courtney reaches behind her unzipping her skirt, bearing with fortitude the short loss of contact as I release her so her skirt can slide unbidden to the floor. " Have sex with me," she whimpers. " Right here, right now," I question. " Right here, right now," Courtney invited, letting her own hand tangle in her dark hair, before sliding in two fingers to make up for my neglect.

I'm torn between a desire to teach her a lesson by walking away, and a desire to take her right where she stood. My desire to possess her beauty overruled my natural ruthlessness, as I press her up against the wall curving her leg around my waist and unfastening my pants before Courtney can rethink the wisdom of her invitation.

I press against her softness, forcing my way in, pressing firmly against her cervix. Courtney chose this time to take a more active role in our love making; arching her back and removing both mine and her clothes. Her eager hands shed buttons and threads alike as she swiftly moves to bare both our upper bodies.

Courtney wasted no time clawing my back with her fingernails pressing her aching nipples against my chest, loving the immediate friction. I pull out of her before pushing my way back in, delighting in the tight feeling of her, loving her welcoming body. I hoisted Courtney up against the wall moving in closer to support her, wrapping her other leg around my waist.

Courtney loves the way I control our sex, knowing just how to please her. I bent my knees slightly to add more force in my thrust.

Courtney shudders around me begging for more, proving her insatiability. " Harder, harder, harder," she begs, punctuating each thrust with her requests, making it both a litany and prayer as she continues to gasp and beg. I'm on the brink of fulfillment when a little imp prods me into asking once more, " Tell me you need this." " God, yes," she yells, scratching my back as my thrust becomes harder, deeper, and faster, causing her to break off mid-confession on a breathless sigh.

Courtney came hard and quick, pushing me over the edge with her. I hold her against the wall for five breathes, before lowering her feet to the floor and stepping back. My black humor quickly came to the surface as they both begin redressing.

" Maybe I should take you shopping. It seems I am now in need of a new shirt," I commented, laughing ruefully demi delia has her huge tits jizzed I shrugged my shirt on, but found only three buttons remained as I tried to refasten it. Courtney flushed red at the obvious reason for the missing buttons, but said nothing, instead concentrating on quickly making herself presentable.

When we both stood before each other as respectable and composed as either one of them is likely to get, Courtney hastens to speak first and fill in the silence. " This can't happen ever again," she informs, barely hanging on to her peaceful façade. " I completely agree," I placated.

" The next time this should be conducted in an environment more conducive to privacy and comfort." " There isn't going to be a next time," Courtney denied me hotly. " This was an aberration, an accident. Please, just let it go at that. Don't pursue me. I'm not playing hard to get, I just can't afford to be in any type of relationship now or ever again," she finished, asking for my understanding. " You never did answer my question from earlier," I reminded her, too tenacious to let go.

" Why do you work a job that is clearly beneath your skills and talents.

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Why did you work at a strip club," I persisted. Courtney backs up a step away from me, not realizing her emotional withdrawal from the subject has manifested itself in the physical. " So you don't want to talk about that," I ask pseudo obtusely, knowing intrinsically that she did not wish to talk about herself. " Perhaps you'd like to tell me why you're afraid to get story srex perawawn thai online to anyone." Courtney stood before me silent.

Her eyes darkening with remembered pain. Pain that I had made her forget about while she was wrapped in my arms, joined with my body. She isn't afraid, Courtney silently denied, just too smart to invite that kind of needless pain. People die, they leave you with your love as a glaring reminder of all that you've lost. She won't get involved again, she promised herself; ever again.

" You have no say in my personal life, so if you have nothing further business related you wish to talk about, then I will leave," Courtney carelessly threw at me. I smile coldly at her. She is certainly very intelligent and quick witted, but I can't let her go.

Not after the mind blowing sex. Only alektra blue india summers mountain camp sex few women can make me lose control and she is now one of that group of women. With a moments indication from her, I would again lose control. She is young and nieve with fire and ice. All hands off one minute, and all come get me the next. Her limitless passion is right below the surface, and I will find a way to tap into it.

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I smile at her before turning on my heel and leaving. Courtney sank down in a chair drained of energy. She won't be able to handle it if our time together is like this. She has to find a way out.