Blonde driver and anal mom fist hd threesome with the stepmom

Blonde driver and anal mom fist hd threesome with the stepmom
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Mummy's true passion- part six We had asked the concierge to reserve a table for two this evening. So we left the lobby in our brand new hot clothes at 9 pm. The taxi waited for us and brought us to the "chez mourise". It seemed that we did some French day this day. Mom looked hot like hell in her black and red dress and the open high heeled sandals showed her French toe nails perfectly.

As we crossed some gigantic mirror in the lobby on our way we held a moment and watched us in it. I must say we were a brilliant couple. A hot mother and her sweet son. Mum hugged hot busty czech babe gets screwed in abandoned place eurobabe and bigtits and let her fingers circle around my cock.

I felt her breasts and het iced nipples through my jacket and touch my chest. Then mum kisses me on the cheek. "Look what a nice couple we are, baby" she said. As her lips met my cheek I stack out my tongue and licked her ear. The shiny silver ear ring made a certain sound as my I licked over it. Finally we managed to get away from the sexy couple in the mirror and got in the cap. "Good evening" the driver said. "Get us to mourise" mum said and I watched her red lips moving.

The driver pressed the pedal and the cap rolled off to the restaurant. Mum and I sat in the back and had wrapped our arms around each other.

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She had crossdr her legs in a sexy way and I watched her little, heeled foot making circles in the air and was totally fascinated by the beauty of hers. I let my eyes follow the line of her light brown tight legs.

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I snuggled my sexy mum with my view. I tasted her dress's short border. I enjoyed watching my mum sitting there. She didn't need to do anything than being there to excite me.

My look flew over the sexy cuts on her body sides. Although I knew she wasn't wearing anything but this dress and her shoes the cuts made me wonder. I enlightened the tanned skin that showed in the semi soft light in the real private handy story german squirting. I watched the shadows of the night stroking her super hot figure. My eyes reached her breasts. The dress let them look just perfect.

Suddenly mum moved a little and my hand which lay on her backside fell down. It got caught by the backside end of mums dress. With a seem of accident my fingers found their way into the dress and mum managed to lean a little to my side so there was a small space to move my fingers. "Baby, you are so hot" mummy said. Smoothly I moved my fingers down mom's backside and upon the soft skin of her ass.

I managed to massage her asscheeks. She started kissing me and licked my ear. I didn't take long and we both were inflamed for each other again.

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It seemed to me that with mum it didn't matter where we were or who was watching or how strange the things we did were. We were in fact true lovers. Meanwhile my middle finger caught the little piece before you slide inside the coin slit itself.

I moved and massaged mum's lower back right there in that New York cap. Then finally mum said: "will you stop playing around and finally finger fuck mummy's ass?" And hell, she didn't need to tell my twice. I made wide circles around mum's anus until I felt her inner muscles relaxing. Then I tightened the circle line until I pointed right on her back entrance.

Then I made my final move forward and forced my finger into my mother's sweet, tight asshole. I saw her biting her lover lip and her eyes widen. Obviously it must have hurt but she liked it. And I liked it. I liked the idea that I was just finger fucking my mummy's asshole in public- well in fact it was only mum, I and the taxi driver but we were driving though Manhattan and there you really are never alone on the streets.

So my exhibitionistic fetish side got satisfied. I think mum had some side like that too, because the more I moved my finger and the deeper I entered into her, the heavier she breathed.

I let my eyes again follow the silhouette of her body. I realized that between her legs a glittering wetness had developed. For a moment I thought I could see some tiny drops roll down on mum's leg's inside. "Move it deeper, baby. Mummy likes feeling her big boy's finger in her asshole" she whispered.

I did as I was asked and forced my finger deeper in mum's hot asshole. I could feel the heat coming from her lower body.

I smelled the bitter sweet odor of mum's pussy juice filling the thick air of the cap. I saw her biting her lip and fighting the wish to scream. Without hesitation I massaged mum's inner ass harder as I saw how close she was. "You're doing so good honey.

That's it make mummy cum. Oh please my big boy. I'm so close&hellip." She moaned as she kissed my lips with all her passion. Then, finally as if it was the silence before the storm, I felt mum's anus muscles contracting around my finger. It was a perfect moment between mum and me. We forgot the world around us and looked each other deep in the eyes.

Then this split of a second which had seemed to be a lifetime faded away like the spring sun melts the last snow. And like sexy pretty girl enjoys deep ass gangbang snow becomes a flying river in spring mum let herself fall down and a gigantic wave seemed to crush over her shaking body and a fat fountain of her sweet and bitter juice of passion exploded from her pussy and covered the seat of the taxi.

Mummy had forced herself not to scream. And it took a few moments till I saw the exhaustion fading from her eyes till only a light but certain shadow of satisfaction was left.

"Do you have any idea how long I hadn't had an anal orgasm before that baby?" mum asked. I had no idea for sure but I felt happy that she was happy and lucky that she was lucky and proud that my mum was that hot woman who didn't have any regrets of having a mind blowing orgasm in a taxi on New York's streets.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mum and I entered the restaurant. We had tried our best to vanish the mark mum's explosion had left on the dress. If you didn't know it was there you wouldn't see it. So we were ok with the situation. Mum asked the waiter to get us to our table.

He said it would be ready in a couple of minutes and that we could take drinks on the bar as long as we were waiting. "Surprisingly" I thought "going out for dinner in New York really is like it's shown in television." But anyway we couldn't do anything to speed up the process of getting a table so we did what was offered to us.

Mum ordered a cosmopolitan and I decided to take a Manhattan.

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We said cheers and drank on our lives and our love and whatever you drink on when you go out with your mum who you are sleeping with and who's sex slave you voluntarily are. Finally the waiter led us to the table. It was a small round one on the wall, aside from the center so we would be not disturbed. I liked the restaurant. Although it was doubtless expensive and had this certain French restaurant in the US charm it was in some way unique and silent.

I sat across from mum and as I had taken place after I had been helping her getting on the table she looked at me and gave me that sweet, little smile she had developed since we had brought our relationship to that level.

Mum took my hand and pressed it. I looked into her breathtaking eyes and knew that I would do anything for her she german teen gets fucked hardcore and blowjob ever ask me to do. I stroke mum's French nailed fingers and thought with joy of where my finger just had been.

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I let the whole scene replay in my head and thought about all the stuff young libertines real youporn homemade xvideos sex redtube dania teen porn and I had done though the last few hours.

As the sommelier arrived I choose a good wine. And I felt a little ripped from my thoughts. Mum studied the menu while I talked to the sommelier about the wine and which would fit best to our diner.

Finally a decision was made and he left us alone again. "You know what I wonder baby?" mum asked with a light tone of rawness in her voice. "No mum. I have no idea." I said and for some reason I lay special attention on the word mum as if to horny and wild fake penis playing pornstar and hardcore sure she was it for real and also to let the other guests know that this hot woman who held my hand was my mummy.

"As you might have noticed you really satisfied mummy like hell a few minutes ago. Don't you think that it might be your turn now, honey?" mum replied. "Although it's important to me to make you happy mum, I must say giving you that orgasm in that cap made me horny as hell" I said, "so what do you have in mind?" "You'll see baby&hellip." Mum said and now her voice had a secret and really sexy tone. Some time went by and we got our food. As mum started eating she said: "You know that you will eat yours and mine, don't you baby?" And I knew for sure.

Honestly I had looked forward the whole time to that. All the time I had been picturing mum shiting the great meal out again. And since I had eaten her first load this afternoon and really had enjoyed it I was looking forward to the next chance I would get.

I stared eating and the conversation broke a little down. Suddenly I felt something walking its way up between my legs. I watched mum but she didn't show at least one sigh that showed me it was her foot. I knew it for sure but the fact that she pretended not doing anything excited my even more.

I felt mum's high heeled beautiful foot crawling up my pants like a smooth snake. Then the movement ended and mums sole of her shoe pressed again my cock though the cotton.

She started making circles around my shaft and I felt her toes moving whenever she moved up. I didn't ever try to concentrate on my dinner. I knew it was senseless so I simply let myself fall into the situation. My cock grew fast and I felt my blood being pumped down there. There was absolutely nothing I could do about it.

And she knew it, too. Her sole massaged my cock till it was like a rock. The snakelike foot moved up to the zipper. And I don't have any idea how she made it but somehow mum managed to grab it with her toes and slide it down. That's a trick!

Unnecessary to explain that my cock immediately popped out and I was afraid it would hit the table. Then I felt mum moving her naked toes along my shaft. I felt the small scratches her toenails left on my penis. And I noticed the sole like cold iron following her skin and sliding to the top.

As she reached the top we lost the contact for splits of seconds then I felt the heel following and finally the small, tippy end of that sexy heel of mummy's new shoes reached my urethra entrance.

Mum seemed to know exactly what she was doing because it didn't hurt; it felt great as she massaged my cock top with her heel. Then, as my cock already started trembling, the shoe moved back down and mum managed to put my cock between the sole and her foot.

Then she wanked my penis in that warm and sexy slit. I bit my lower lip as I felt my load building up. This time I didn't try to hold it back, either. I simply let my cock do whatever it wanted.

I t took about three or four minutes until finally a load shot out. I knew that right now I was filling up mum's shoes and now that her face showed a silent sigh of joy I knew she liked it at least as much as I did. Somehow she got my cock packed back in.

She gave me a great smile and exposed her pearl like teeth. I must have looked kind of exhausted because mum said:"Don't you feel well, honey?" but we both knew I felt better than well. We finished our dinner and paid. As we got up to get back to the hotel I heard mum's shoe squeeze with each step she took. And a sweet smile appeared on her face whenever my cum was pressed up between her toes.

As we left the restaurant and entered the taxi mum said"Did you enjoy cumming on mummy's new shoes? I bet you did. But you will service mummy for what you dirty boy did." She twinkled to me and smiled at me again.

Then finally we were on our way back to the hotel room. And if there was one thing certain that this, that with my hot mum nothing ever could be certain.